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  2. Too busy talking about remoaning and drinking tea
  3. Jason Scotland played for a number of Scottish teams even though he was from Trinidad.
  4. Possibly upwards of 80% of the adult indigenous population are alcoholics in my real world experience where alcoholics = cannot go a month without taking alcohol. Most cannot go a week. but it’s socially acceptable so it’s not seen as such
  5. Also. If they (UKIP) are no longer MEP's then the So-Called BBC won't have to put them on the telly. That's another side of the debate totally removed. Why listen to Gerard Batten as he's not been elected to anything!
  6. Bit 1984 in the way in which he is using language to shape thinking and the narrative. Hope you told him to fuck off.
  7. The should get some migrants in to enrich the Scottish game
  8. A guy at work today said the only good thing about Brexit is exposing the racists. FFS
  9. Cambridge. Once had a university.
  10. See back a page or two. He is talking about exactly what i feared last night. There is a possible ruse to exclude and freeze out a UKIP swamped EU parliament.
  11. No. They are the simply the arms dealers and the dozy cunts of your equally stupid enemy. Nobody rational wants a war. Even if they possess a sun-tan, or lack a foreskin... XYY
  12. I'm starting to notice some Facebook posts from people who had nothing to say about the matter in 2016 who are now apparently hardcore remainers signing petitions and everything. There was a guy from we trade union on sky news yesterday saying he knew Corbyn and knew Corbyn would be happy for us to leave but he's just having to pander to the Blairites until he can get rid of them. Funny thing is the same morons spouting crap about remaining in the EU are the same ones posting pro-corbyn stuff.
  13. 6-7 cans of "driving lager" i.e. Fosters/Carling every night. I've done it for so long I can't sleep without a bit of a "beer buzz". Going out and getting smashed...I did it many years ago, I can't think of anything worse to do now.
  14. A new poll has appeared.
  15. I spent 6 months trying to sort out online - phone calls, letters, emails. Finally a couple of months ago someone at HMRC tells me I'm locked out of the system as I was registered in 2010 (just before I went to Saudi). That has supposedly sorted out but after the deadline for submitting by which time I had put in a manual Sent the appeal off yesterday recorded delivery - included my Dads death certificate from the Coroner. The tactic here is I give them something that they can then say - it was your fault but in the circumstances we will waiver the fine. Today the cunts from the Childcare service sent me an automatic txt saying please reconfirm your childcare account details. So I log on and go into the secure messages and there is a message saying - your child care will end because you are paying tax on a remittance basis (primal scream time) After I; Sent them a recorded Delivery letter copied to HMRC stating I am not paying tax on a remittance basis Having received a phone call from some cunt this week who said the remittance error had been resolved however they cant trace my wifes NI number even though she has a couple of letters from them quoting the number ( I double checked I had put the correct NI number in - I had)
  16. Were you talking to my builder today too?
  17. There's no civil war coming FFS. The whole muzzies thing is a smokescreen. Think about it, for hundreds/thousands of years when governments and tptb wanted a scapegoat they used the Jews, the unpleasantness of the 20th century has made that unpalatable and now magically without anybody being asked there are millions of noticeably different people being shipped in. Whilst at the same time corporate media creates this whole shitshow of love/hate for them. I don't know a lot about Muslims, or guns, and thank fuck I've never had to go to war. But I do know a fucking crock of shit when some cunts trying to sell me it.
  18. Zero Hedge is a bad goy, as is Chateau Heartiste, they must have forgotten to add CH to their list.
  19. Beware the closet Remoaner posing as a Brexiteer. They are easy to spot as they always use these idiotic arguments: 1. The double decker bus / NHS £350m was the only reason I voted to Leave 2. I didn't know what I was voting for - but bizarrely I would do now 3. All the Brexiteers have 'deserted' the government and done a runner! ROFL!
  20. Well that's a buy on CNA (Centrica) then. 120.15 Hasn't been that low for 20 years
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