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    • I had a nice moment this morning. I was walking into the office along the Thames in the beautiful sunshine, listening to the best happy hardcore that 1994 had to offer, feeling extremely cheerful. I got to Ludgate circus I must have been unconsciously dancing a little bit while waiting at the lights, because a pretty girl with a beaming smile stepped in front of me, really close, eye to eye and danced with me for about 15 seconds. The light turned green and the crowd moved on and we went our separate ways without a word, just a laugh and a wave. A moment of shared joy with a random stranger gave me a real lift. Probably be on the next season of some candid camera show, edited so I look like a twat. 
    • This. The problem is stopping it impacting on the productive sector. Comedy or not, why not give it a go? I do a bit of errr... outreach stuff (please don't hit me) for A Level science and maths students. And I teach business ethics when I do it. It's great seeing their spotty little faces light up when their mind gets blown. So not all things that aren't 'hard' maths or science are useless. I give them a list of topics to discuss and we get through 2-3 in 90 minutes, they do the talking, I just lob grenades in. Last one started with AI. My first question 'who would buy something from a robot?' garnered a universal response of 'no' from the class. Then I asked who used Amazon.... You get some really smart kids, gives me some faith. One of the other things I talk to them about is organisational structure. I like to get them leaving thinking it's a really bad idea to want a boss (which most of them do). What's become clear to me from doing this is that for most people at work the boss is a replacement of their parent.
    • Young males are desperate for adult male role models. Jordan Peterson is one of the few mature male role models available to the young male thinker. When the So-Called BBC etc. attack, you know he is winning
    • Fuck that's a brilliant idea. Sorry I didn't think of that actually. I'll love to run something, preferably legal, to skim a load of money from SJW types and Feminists.
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      • My fags have gaping arseholes
      • Van of Peace? Or Accident?
      • Emotional support hamster flushed at airport
      • Going to the loo in class
      • The Dr Shipman of Tits?
      • Eurocopter twin squirrel "millionaire killer"
      • Sydney seaplane crash victim was Open Britain campaigner
      • Efficient use of your black wheelie bin - getting the most out of it
      • OK, I can stop you at Cruz
      • Debt bomb, debt bomb, you're my debt bomb
      • Ah was pikey

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