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    M S E Refugee

    starving nurses

    I know in my local Hospital many of the Nurses could do with skipping a few meals.
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    Look, its the Middle East, its full of lunatics (Religious or not) let them get on with it. I am a pleb, living on an island, off the North of Europe in the Atlantic. I don't give a fuck, in fact, the sooner they kill each other the better. In WW1 my grandmother (now dead) lost all six of her brothers fighting for the twats who ran the country at the time. The record is well and truly broken, non of the electorate (other than some recent immigrants) is interested anymore.
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    the So-Called BBC in typical sour grapes mode explains that he lost Budapest and the youth vote. They helpfully add The result spells trouble ahead for civil society groups which campaign for human rights and against corruption, and for critical media. Because our country isn’t riddled with corrupt practices and our media are seekers of the truth
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    Everyone uses Henry don't they? They work, they're tough, you can get all the spares for them, they're British and they're only £100.
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    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-08/latest-humiliation-brussles-viktor-orban-wins-hungary-elections-landslide-victory In the latest embarrassment for Europe's establishment, the ostracized - by Brussels - Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán, who has waged a relentless vendetta against George Soros in the past year, just won a landslide victory in Hunary's parliamentary elections. Orban’s ruling Fidesz party has won a sweeping, landslide victory according to preliminary results with 69% of the votes counted. Fidesz with 49.5% of party-list votes, matching most pre-election opinion polls Formerly far-right Jobbik second with 20% of list votes, Socialists at 11.9% LMP and DK parties also poised to clear parliamentary threshold based on partial count In other words, Orbán's Fidesz party has secured an absolute majority, and may even reach as much as a two-thirds majority of 133 seats, enough to pursue a constitutional amendment, making life for George Soros in Hungary even more unbearable.'
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    Apparently Hungray's media has been accused of silencing opposition voices. So just like the So-Called BBC and the MSM in the U.K then.
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    In the main the youth vote in most European countries is going to lean left,it really means nothing,in my youth I was a member of the Labour party and now I absolutely despise them as an adult. You soon grow out of it when you start paying taxes unless you are in a job that is paid for by the taxpayer.
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    Great Guy

    starving nurses

    Someone talks to someone that had talked to someone... It's hardly the best source of information... In other news I talked to someone who talked to someone that is a staff nurse and they had bought a new BMW. A NEW BMW.
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    Odds on war with Russia?

    I think that the problematic bit would be the collecting in on the betting slip...
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    Town High Streets

    Indeed. There are two things I say to prospective parents: one is you have no idea the level of chronic sleep deprivation you are letting yourself in for. But the other more nuanced, and comes down to this. Such as when discussing with my younger brother about him and his wife’s spare bedrooms that would have to become nurseries if he had kids, and him whining about where would they put all their hobby stuff, and me pointing out that wouldn’t be a problem, because they wouldn’t have time for any of that stuff for about two decades post partum.
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    Unjustified faith in new technology

    good old henry for me
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    Tony Blair is available.
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    Coloured hair

    Great, I knew that if I waited long enough I would be in fashion. Must dig out my old de-mob suit.
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    Virgil Caine

    Odds on war with Russia?

    Geography means Britain and Russia struggle to find a place to fight as we share no borders. One is a maritime nation living on an island in the Atlantic while the other is essentially a land based power in Eurasia. You only have to look at the logistical difficulties involved in the Crimean war to see that it is likely to be a struggle. Therefore war is only likely via proxy or if we decide to send British troops to die alongside other Europeans in the snows before Moscow or on the Volga. The former set up is what happened in the novel 1984. Endless distant wars fought over the horizon whose main purpose was to justify the suppression of the native population. The target of the war drums with Russia is not Putin it is you and me.
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    Headlines in the papers are a complete embarrasment this morning how they trumpet the government line. I mean, what independant verification os there of what is supposedly going on, I wouldn't be surprised if ISIS or whoever were gassing their own kids for propaganda purposes. No wonder hardly anybody actually buys newspapers anymore.
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    starving nurses

    Quite I work in a hospital and it seems a high percentage of nurses and particularly young nurses are obese.
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    you are stokiescum and I claim muy five pounds
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    She was great in bed and unavailable the rest of the time? Sounds terrible mate...
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    A bit like lesbians, in reality they're nothing like the ones you see in videos.
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    Theres always a drill. So now they back engineer the nature of the "agent" to fit the fact that they didn't die.When initially it was fast acting, and the most deadly substance known to man. Bollox. Bollox. Bollox. How are all the plod that stood next to the front door in the immediate aftermath doing? I think its probably best that they dont say any more. Really. Its getting beyond a joke.
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    Hail the Tripod


    Polyamorists are a bit like nudists. You expect them to be young, hot and wild; but they’re always old, minging and unbelievably dull.
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    Rip Off Shite Britain

    According to the tv ads, "Boyf" would be knee deep in his own piss, trying to open a can of beans, so no help there in fact.
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    New political party

    You lot want power in your hands, you need the Swiss system or something close to it. These would be the sole aims of my fantasy UK party had I bought a few grands worth of Bitcoin a few years back, then the party would be disbanded after implementation :- 1. Bin the British plutocracy and the Royals and the Lords, Earls, Dukes and all of that bollocks. Confiscate no property but kill the system that supports it stone dead. Establish the electoral system that the Swiss have. Cantons with real local power, regular referendums, the lot. (80% of my tax goes to Geneva not Berne in case you doubt the canton's power) Control extremely carefully with heavy judicial penalties the flow of money into politics, it should all be state-funded. 2. Create a full constitution for the UK enshrining that electoral system, with a clause expressly permitting the people to engage in civil disobedience and armed struggle against any government who ignores the result of a popular referendum or attempts to change the electoral system without an 80% majority. 3. Create a citizen's army charged with defence (only) of the nation and the constitution including against internal threats. Re-establish military service to maintain this. 4. As part of the constitutional changes, make all forms of rentierism unprofitable via taxation, especially homes, and investment in innovation and business (UK only) the best form of storing wealth. Over time(doubtless after a few immature popular referendums for stupid things), this would make Britain great again and keep the elite in their place. They'd still wield enormous power, but not unchecked as now. People like Blair would have to emigrate or adapt.
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    Yes I've been wondering whether the recent demonization of Russia has been a prelude to a false flag nerve gas event so we're all primed to respond to a "Russia has done it again we must respond immediately" narrative.
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