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    There is much talk on social media about a Huffington Post article that apparently claims that the UK did not grant Christian Asia Bibi asylum out of fear of enraging the islamic population. If this is true then this is both disgusting and shocking. It is also a frightening example of how much power the muslim community has in the UK already.
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    That reads as imaginative fiction to conjure up the spectre of mass right wing terrorism that doesn't exist in order to divert from the mass islamic terrorism that does exist as is shown by the weekly attacks that take place.
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    Child management techniques

    what do you do with the empty boxes after the last child is on the fire ?
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    Banbury. Standard. Does the 'National Action Group' consist of these three knobheads or is it a wider threat? To be honest, I'm going to question the level of threat posed by people dumb enough to call their baby Adolf and stick pictures of themselves dressed as a KKK member on social media. We're clearly not talking international levels of sophisticated terrorism here. They just seem like a couple of deeply unpleasant neckbeards to me.
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    Exactly the type of person we should've offering asylum to, an actual refugee fleeing persecution, and a Christian too. Aside from all that, we should be flushing out anyone in the country who is a threat, and certainly not changing to appease them....
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    Ten things not mentioned in history classes that I think should be: i) The horror of Partition in India - rape and murder on a continental scale ii) The muslim invasions of India and deaths therein iii) Highland clearances iv) Inter-tribal warfare in Australia and America before the whites came v) Brutal suppression of workers in the USA 1950-1920 (including using army and live rounds against pro-worker right crowds) vi) The white slave trade run by the Arabs for over 500 years vii) The part of the slave trade that took blacks to the Middle East, and what happened to them viii) The extermination of the pre-Maori human population in New Zealand by the Maori when they arrived ix) Tesla x) How close the USA was in WW1 from staying neutral, due to strong german populations in the NE and NNE
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    The purpose of this site

    Is not one of the great things about this site, that we can have good discussion express opposing views and still all be friends. That ability is very rare in the world today
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    A solicitor called her, in the current environment, and told her she was being binned for a white bloke instead? Bullshit. There's more to this than that. No self-preserving legal firm is going to expose themselves to the fallout generated by that sort of action.
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    Trump's progress

    He should be respected for carrying on an American tradition of arriving late for any World War event.
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    Age Tax sounds like it's happening

    If it needs to be paid for it needs to be paid.. too bad there is no opt out though (such as if you look after your own parents). My biggest gripe, and it is one of self interest, is that my generation (people currently in their late thirties) seems to get screwed over at every turn by the generation above. We were the first to pay university tuition fees We missed out on all of the housing boom that was later propped up at great expense in favour of supporting the generation before. We are the first to lose child benefit We will now be the first to have the privilege of paying for the generation above’s care home costs at an additional eye watering 10% tax. If I was cynical I would wonder if it is the generation above us making all these decisions.. it always seems to work out pretty well for them..
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    They have to keep resurrecting the Right Wing/White Neo-Nazi myth to deflect attention away from all the Islamo-Nazis they have let into Germany. I'm afraid the body-count very much favours the Islamo-Nazis.
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    Stunley Andwin

    Attack in Melbourne

    I found this on /pol/
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    Irish border is non-negotiable..

    It's a fucking disgrace. How is this any better than keeping the 40 Billion and telling them all to fuck off?
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    I’m sure this could be sorted by taking a long hard look at benefits. Surely, if there is a labour shortage, there is no reason to pay people to sit around. This could save sap taxpayer a fortune.
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    It's heartwarming that we are importing such subhuman scum to serve the globalists' agenda. Poor bloody girl, poor bloody mother. In a dozen years they'll have their own little rape gang.
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    Frank Hovis

    ASK FRANK...!!!

    You wag @The XYY Man! Black Harrington, red tartan lining, slightly oversized so that you can move your arms freely in a ruck even with it zipped up.
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    Frank Hovis

    Age Tax sounds like it's happening

    This is a cracking graph to illustrate my point about working people getting steadily poorer following the onset of mass immigration in the late 90s. All values have been rebased to current rates to strip out inflationary effects. In 1963 an avergae salary was £12k and an average house £50k - remember that these are at today's prices - so you coudl buy a house for 4x average salary. In 1997 average salary £26k, avaerage house £110k - so still roughly 4x. in 2017 average salary was £27k, down from £30k ten years' before, and average house prices £212k, so 8x. And note how that average salary is falling. Whilst this looks like intergenerational wealth transfer, as in younger people buying houses off older people for much more than they paid for them, it isn't that at all in my opinion because in the main the older people are living in the house because they need somewhere to live. They can't sell it as you would a share; it gets sold when the owners dies or goes into a care home so the proceeds are not doing them much good then. They are no wealthier because of the house price rises as it's a non-speculative asset for most people. However the younger people are definitely worse off through this massive amount of house price inflation even if the older people are no better off. So who benefits from this massive rise and huge disconnect to earnings? Old people - no effect Young people - massively worse off Young people inheriting from old people - on a par with the old people so better off than their contemporaries Anyone who has used property as an investment rather than as their home - property speculators, land owners, BTL landlords - kerching! And Parliament is doing nothing to close the gap between wages and house prices. I wonder why? Planning reforms row: Tory party given £3.3 million in donations by property developers https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2035836/Tory-party-given-3-3-million-donations-property-developers.html
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    Treason May Assassination Attempt

    She's even fucken useless at getting assassinated, this woman cant do anything for the good of the country.
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    Frank Hovis

    Age Tax sounds like it's happening

    I have done a quick check at entitled to as what you get if you save nothing, don't work, have no pension. I put in aged 70, living in Islington, no savings, on UC, private scetor renting £200 a week. And this what you get: £376.70 per week, being: £163 Pension Guarantee Credit £200 rent (the figure I put in) £13.70 council tax support https://www.entitledto.co.uk/ So if you have zero years' contribution in state pension and have never worked a day in your life you still get £163 per week of pending money - which is only about a pound away from the full state pension with 35 years' contributions. The lesson here is either save a lot or save nothing.
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    Heart disease risk is not directly proportional to calories consumed. Meaningless.
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    Virgil Caine

    Remembrance Zealots

    My attitude to Remembrance is perhaps best summed up in the following poem . The point being that most big wars are fought by ordinary people not heroes and often they had no choice. Some were lucky and survived others were not. And needless to say the poem that essentially dismisses all the flummery around Remembrance Day is an act of Remembrance itself as it was written about the authors friend and comrade who died in World War II. LUCK Dennis McHarrie I suppose they'll say his last thoughts were of simple things, Of April back at home, and the late sun on his wings; Or that he murmured someone else's name As earth reclaimed him sheathed in flame. Oh God! Let's have no more of empty words, Lip service ornamenting death! The worms don't spare the hero; Nor can children feed upon resounding praises of his deed. 'He died who loved to live,' they'll say, 'Unselfishly so we might have today!' Like hell! He fought because he had to fight; He died that's all. It was his unlucky night.
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    Interesting story. Will have to investigate this. But it is also another good way to destroy the last lines of defence that Western nations have by basically destroying / pulling appart / imprisoning elite soldiers. In the past year or so our own SAS has been accused of various things from not having enough women, not being inclusive, etc, etc. My initial reaction on reading the headline here is what is the agenda?
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    Remembrance Zealots

    We should remember the dead of our wars. However we should also remember the waste with which the government threw away their lives, as is often the case. The betrayal of the ones who returned and even the conscription in death with the bodies being left behind abroad at a time when no one could afford to visit. To be honest I look at the world now and they died for nothing.