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    I've been clapping all day, plan is to stop at 8pm until everyone else stops, and then I'll resume my clapping. Load of bollocks, if we're clapping like retarded seals for the NHS workers we should be doing the same for food shop workers and the many others who are still working to keep us safe and comfortable.
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    Anyone that had a 20% deposit before prices halved
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    Exactly, I feel a fool Because I always do the right thing, which is always the wrong thing. I saved for a rainy day, but they've fekked my savings I'm self-employed, I succeed or fail through my own ingeuity - except I dont because of other fuckers. Because I'm now sitting at home like a good boy losing work (work where I would meet nobody) simply because some stupid over zealous fucker has closed the access to the harbour so I can't go to sea, because they don't understand transmission or government guidelines. Simply because the NHS can't cope with all those who haven't looked after their health (smokers and the obese) or those whose life has been extended so far they are about to die of something. Aaaarghhhhh
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    Once In A Life Time - To Savour

    People have talked about no planes being the reason for the great weather.. while I’m not sure I believe that, it is worth looking up at the sky and seeing something you will probably never see again.. perfect, wall to wall, blue.. no clouds.. no aircraft tramlines.. nothing. Beautiful.
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    I'm getting fed up already. Not with the isolation - I could cope with that if I felt it was doing some good - but the fact that we've gone from a (relatively) free society to something like Soviet Russia in the 1960s almost overnight - food shortages, food queues, neighbours dobbing people in, nightly addresses from the Glorious Leader, the noble 'key workers' and the heroes of the revolution, Our Glorious NHS, impossibility of getting tradesmen, everything nationalised, restricted train travel, no travel abroad, impossibility of getting new clothes or electrical equipment etc etc etc. At least the Soviets had a decent military and attractive women!
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    I have an immigrant friend, white US so similar culture, but when discussing Brexit she could not come close to understanding how I felt about a country which my ancestors had lived in and built for 12,000 years. It's not just land, somewhere pleasant to live as it was for her. This is mine; it is part of who I am.
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    Using drones to spy on people on an isolated stroll in the quiet countryside. NOT ESSENTIAL
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    Frank Hovis

    Reasonable Members of Society

    These extreme conditions are very clearly showing up who is a reasonable member of society and who not. I regard the nation state as the highest level of societal ties that start with family and friends, then go up through town, county, home nation and the UK. I never saw the EU in this way so I always wanted out because there was no social contract or bargain. Legislation without representation is their MO. I doubt whether any more than a tiny minority see the UN in this way. What however has begun to fester within the UK is a large population for whom there is no social bargain. The state is merely a free cashpoint and to some extent so are the people of the UK when it comes to criminal activity. Within the reasonable people of course there is a wide range. I grudgingly accept the restrictions whereas others start shouting at their fellow citizens and one old dear on the radio this morning said she would thank God every day for the NHS. Yes, well. Then you have the people who aren't; best exemplified visually by that clip of East Ham high street where the only reason you would know anything was amiss was the huge queue for Iceland and the people fighting at the front of it. It can be summarised in one simple grouping: non-disabled benefits claimants. Whether they be white, black, of no religion or any. There's going to be lots of immigrants in there but there's also a lot of native Brits. These are the ones for whom there is a free lunch, for whom rights cone without responsibilities, and who have been tolerated for far too long. This present unusual state of affairs is throwing them into sharp relief.
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    In an interview with the Guardian, the Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood said older Muslim and Sikh people in the area were struggling to adhere to government guidelines about physical distancing because of their religious beliefs. ...and the fact they live parallel lives within the host country, can't speak the language, don't read or watch anything in English, don't talk to English people, don't associate with anyone outside their community. Diversity is strength though right?
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    Well, I dont think we needed the corona virus to illustrate to us how humanity is self destructing. You only need to look at the recent posts on this thread showing immigrants in Germany, France and Australia behaving in selfish and anti social ways to see how far we have sunk / they have dragged us down, and the trajectory that we seem to be locked into. Obviously none of us here knows each other personally, but from what Ive gleaned from your posts here, you come across as an intelligent, thoughtful, decent and caring person. Im sure if I met you personally, and had the chance, I would be your friend, and would help you out if you needed it.; he same goes for the vast majority of people here. Id rather have 1 or 2 internet friends like you and no one else than be forced to mingle with some of the scum whom we are forced to share our Earth with.
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    We’re in this mess and have gone through all the angst because China lied and covered up We should never forget that and we should never let China forget.
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    The lockdown - no driving

    Personally I'm not liking this one bit. My wife told me police are getting on buses and asking people what they're doing. This is Britain and that's just not how we roll. Clapping for the NHS, are you fucking serious? Adverts talking about staying indoors to protect the NHS. Police asking people what they're doing an interfering with people going about innocent business. Wtf is all this about?
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    I keep swinging from hyped nothingburger, to this virus being deliberately seeded in major european cities. Did anyone see the tweet earlier about the car chase in Spain and the arrested occupants being virus patent holders? The bully boy stasi coppers on the Derbyshire moors, Beff Rigby, Prince Charles, Idris Wotnot, these are the distractions. Noise. Donald seems not to give a flying fuck that his economic boom has been torched inside a month. Seems totally sanguine. The government downgrading the threat in some sort of spurious box ticking exercise to enable cottage hospitals to treat the sick. The fella walking around NY outside a major A+E hospital, supposedly in the middle of a mass virus outbreak and 12 ambulances parked up doing fuck all... No panic no alarm..... WTF?? What the actual fuck is going on on this planet please.....?
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    So to recap It started when a Chinaman ate a bat at a wet market in Wuhan. Or a pangolin. Although it could be a bioweapon initiated by the Chinese, to crash the US economy. Or the Americans, to crash the Chinese economy. The death rate is around 3-5%. Or it could be 1%. Or 10%. In China around 3000 have perished. Or 20 million. The best way to tackle it is to isolate everyone and lockdown. Or to isolate the weak and carry on as usual. It could affect us months or years to come. Or it could be over by Easter. 1% of people have had it. Or 50% of people have had it.
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    I took my family out for officially sanctioned exercise time. We crossed roads that are usually death traps. We wandered under virtually silent skies (I live near Heathrow). We took our time and paid attention to the needs of others. We saw wildlife that is usually scared off by masses of people. We talked and walked and generally had a brilliant hour. Fucking awesome. But the whole world wants to rush back to the shit show it was before. I'm a man out of time.
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    Brighthouse are bust. YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52090976 The best news I've read this decade. Evil nasty cunts, and the world is a better place for the death of these vampires who feed on the poor and stupid. Good riddance to wicked fucking rubbish... XYY
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    You should be so lucky
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    How long til lockdown

    Small percentage of the population aren't listening apparently, but it obviously depends where you live: I've not seen a single person flouting it in my area; the only vehicles on the road are delivery drivers or tractors. Just went for a blissful evening bike ride through the oil seed rape fields, no cars at all on the country lanes, a handful of friendly folk all smiling and laughing, and felt for a moment almost as if I was in elysium. Can't tell you all how appreciative I am right now that I live in a remote/rural area - rather than being stuck in my tiny slavebox on some sink estate surrounded by migrants and bennie fiends flouting the rules and ready to kick off the moment they realise McDonalds isn't going to re-open in 2.5 weeks. I get to sit in my garden smugly with my morning coffee listening to the birds and the silence and feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Part of me hopes that the scummier parts of society continue to flout the rules, just to see what the state come up with to counter it. It won't be pretty, but it'll drag on the lockdown for longer, and I'm warming to that. Yes it'll finish my business off but I don't care, if it will fix society instead. Happy the man whose wish and care A few paternal acres bound, Content to breath his native air In his own ground.
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    The lockdown - no driving

    So now, apparently, the police are pulling people over and asking where they're going to check if the journey is essential. According to the police bod on the news we have to do this to protect the NHS. Bollocks, that's completely draconian. If I get pulled over I'll refuse to wind my window down because isolation and social distancing.
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    A huge number of high streets look like that now. I call them 'open air refugee camps' Only 10 years back, most looked totally different (ie, English, european)...does anyone actually stop and think 'This isnt normal. This isnt right' Third worlders, drug addicts, endless tat n crap shops. A majority of high streets now just look like utter dumps.
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    Been thinking about the logic here. Apparently we've turned into a police state because we need to free up the NHS for the coming wave. If I go out a psco will shout at me because I could "kill someone". Even when this is over, the NHS is always at breaking point. It's therefore our duty to reduce pressure on it. We know that the biggest strain is caused by avoidable type 2 diabetes, caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Therefore I will be doing my duty by going round outside and screaming at any overweight people through my Chinese made megaphone bought on Amazon: "Lose weight! Save lives! Protect our beloved NHS" If people want they can clap their appreciation at me.
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    I think the effects of govt policy response to COvid have been udnerestimated.I think the Westminster mob think they can jsut switch the consumer back on in 3 months but I think there are some generational lessons being learned by a lot of people under 40 who've never known a high unemployment labour market in the UK. AS we've discussed there are people who are out of work for the first time in their lives,with their company facing administration and all of a sudden that £400 am onth PCPcar looking like a millstone not a trophy. ANd that's before we do the credit card bills and foreign holidays. I think there's been a sea change in attitudes in jsut one week of lock down.It's dawned on a lot of conssumers how exposed they are. Life in the UK won't be the same in the AC(after Corona) world Fascinating insights SB,the science is way beyond me but I love it when people with deep industry knowledge share it freely.I'd love to respond with a question that made me look intelligent but I only understand the buy Shell bit.
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    Madeleine McCann’s mum begs people to stay indoors Oh, the f**king Irony of that one !!!!
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    New server (26/03/2020)

    I have transferred everything to the new server. I need to tweak it a bit and clean up a few things, but it seems to be working. I was planning to do it next week but the site was really slow earlier so it forced my hand a bit.
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    J just as the title says, they are using this to gain control of us, don't let it happen...
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    No,they are injecting liquidity into the system by expanding their reserves so they can buy government paper increasing the money supply so the government can stop a young family in Glasgow from starving.Its called their job.The amount of gumph youl be reading on the net about the evil CBs is just that,rubbish.They are trying to do their jobs.There are arguments about how they do it of course,and who gains most,but those are not arguments for times like this.The CBs are the fire brigade and the house is on fire.The market is simply reacting to the fact they are starting to right size policy.Open ended QE was the key like i said over and over as the market fell. The economy doesnt turn first ,its not how macro works.First it is created,then it goes into the capital markets,then it feeds out into the economy The first page of this thread years ago,i said how they would deal with the end of this cycle.I said they would pump direct into the economy,and thats exactly what they are doing.They arent doing it in the way i expected,instead they are injecting by paying wages etc. 99.9% of people dont understand macro strategy.They see something in front of them and think they know.Its pretty much like sitting on a park bench reading all yesterdays papers in the bin,of no use for telling the future. People on this thread should of made a lot of money this last few weeks now,some stocks still down hard,but if they had started to buy in ladders across the spread of reflation stocks they should be well in front,on a market still down by a third. Im not looking at that,im working on pulling together how much liquidity is being put in,how much is being destroyed from debt destruction and working on the roadmap so i know roughly where we are. I wasnt buying BP at £2.24 (and £3.30 of course) because i thought oil was going up,i was buying because i knew the money supply was going to double,i did the numbers,put in the leg work,had confidence on my ability,and acted on it with discipline. I nearly walked away from this thread because i saw people saying im down x% the world is ending,its going to nothing.Thats all hyperbole stuff id expect in a children's playground and why most people stay poor.
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    You’ve guessed it, we need some more Eastern Europeans. No-one else in the UK, no-one at all, is under-occupied at the moment. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/fruit-veg-run-unless-britain-170530426.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly91ay55YWhvby5jb20v&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAK20phV3EV8B7fih1fnSceQA47_SiNouQczoEqptEgFtYdEQux_HR14ipNhxrs29IkLWlHrhXZD7nOrjK2GQu6_29Opx3yVd8buAfveSuBFa7jY0Y4I4uOg4FKfvuCKLhG2rQOb6AZ2C-BOuAVE3tKcxy-cqBFIKYfO-lHmVhEVl
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    Frank Hovis

    Cancel your TV licence now

    No threatening letters, no home visits, no prosecutions. All suspended for the period of lockdown. Hit 'em where it hurts: in the wallet. And even if you only save one month before lockdown is lifted then that's still £12 in your pocket rather than Gary Lineker's. And if everyone does it that's £360m out of the So-Called BBC's pocket. Get in! Come on, you have nothing better to do today and this saves you some money. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8169369/TV-licence-amnesty-Inspection-officers-stop-prosecutions-home-visits-lockdown.html
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    My dad's best mate just succumbed. Old dude with every underlying condition under the sun and kept alive by machines. Went for dialysis and tested positive, dead within 72 hours. A mercy really but I will raise a glass to a great man tonight.
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    Satch’s Weekend Virus News Update Ireland's Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said people will be 'cocooned' until April 12 in a bid to tackle coronavirus and has praised the country’s bottom up rather than top down approach to stopping the spread of the virus. He said ‘It is always a difficult choice, whether to be a bottom or a top.’ Dame Joan Collins and her husband Percy Gibson neither of whom has been able to contract the virus were forced to publish pictures of themselves cleaning their own home on Friday in a desperate attempt to get some publicity. Nicole Scherzinger, 41, has taken a different approach to her publicity drought and goes make-up free as she poses for loved-up selfies with boyfriend Thom Evans, 34. Sadly the stunt failed as no one recognised the old slapper without all her make-up. Idris Elba's doctor claims he and wife Sabrina will become immune to Covid-19 after testing positive to having the virus as he reveals they 'still feel OK with no changes'. The drama-queen actor says he is ‘feeling well after he started isolating over a week ago’ and hopes to get much more publicity over the next few weeks for ‘feeling well’. Boris Johnson is self isolating in number 10 as he fights the killer virus. Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn continues to be shunned by all and is so toxic he has been unable to catch the virus to generate any public sympathy and he continues to self promote how he is still right about everything and actually won the election. The two-minute NHS Love Clap will soon become a nightly event and participants will be monitored, non-participants will be warned and if they are persistent in their non-clapping they will be sanctioned or shot. And finally. The operation to find Madeleine McCann is set to receive another cash boost, on top of the £11 million already pledged. Detectives have requested extra money to continue their investigation into Portuguese beach holidays, according to The Sun.
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    Dave Beans

    The lockdown - no driving

    They're there sniffing about with random roadblocks and catching people using drones, who are walking in isolation with their dogs in beauty spots, but where were they for those in Telford or Rotherham?
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    I reckon if you took a perfectly healthy person, sedated them and plugged them into a ventilator, then about half of them would be dead in a week or so. Just saying.
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    The lockdown - no driving

    Haven't read the whole thread but just want to add my own anecdote. I went on foot for a little stroll to post a letter and pick up the free Metro from the station en route. I was met at the station by a policeman who told me this was not an essential journey. There was no-on else there and I would have had no contact with anyone except for him coming over to throw his weight about. What happened to the daily exercise? I walk as I hate running and don't have a bike. If we allow coppers a taste of power like this it will go to their heads and we can kiss our feedoms goodbye.
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    I'd rather clap my local checkout girls, not a fucking mask between them
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    I am gradually getting settled into a routine and learning to cope with confinement. I find that it helps to have a routine to stick to to maintain a sense of order and normality. I start the day with a shave, a dump and a shower, clean my teeth, wash my hands obsessively Boot up the PC, check my email Check to see if friends and relatives are online and where possible have a Skype chat If the spoons start talking early I tell them to shut up Check the Radio schedule online to see if there is anything interesting on. Check the webcams to see where the helicopters are Open the cutlery drawer because by now the cutlery is playing up, especially the spoons I lay out the knives, forks and spoons neatly in rows on the carpet and scream at the SPOONS TO FUCKING SHUT UP THEN I GET THE NAUGHTIEST SPOONS AND THROW THE BASTARDS OUT OF THE WINDOW
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    Social Unrest

    That's where you were going wrong! About 3 years ago, I started politely declining invitations to all sorts; weddings, big birthday parties, work xmas parties etc. Basically, anything that wasn't totally informal and didn't have more than about 10 - 15 people attending. I always make sure to say how appreciative I am of being invited, but I explain that I really feel uncomfortable at those events, I won't enjoy it, and it'll save them money by not having to pay for me, or they can invite someone else in my place who will enjoy it. Adopting this approach has been a huge relief for me. Before this, I would be dreading the event from the moment of receiving the invitation until after the event - a period of many months in most cases. It used to make my life miserable. Now, I have a tiny bit of stress when I decline the invitation, and that's it. I've suffered with this all my life - even as a kid, I dreaded having to go to other kids birthday parties, and with the exception of the weddings of two really close firends, I've always ended up sitting on my own outside the venue for two or three hours because I just couldn't stand the crowd anymore. I'm not a total introvert though. I'm fine in massive crowds at gigs and sporting events, and being in a group of up to about 10 is great, as it's still small enough to comprise of a single large conversation, and I'm perfectly happy meeting a couple of new people in such circumstances, but walking in to a room with 20 or more people I don't know is not my idea of fun.
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    Social Unrest

    It's gone a bit mental where I live. It's almost as if people have been waiting for the opportunity to be authoritarian fuckwits The harbour is closed. Was told I cant go to sea. I argued it's my livelihood. Succeded in that argument but it had to go to the harbour board for approval. That cost me 3 days at sea last week. I have now been told I can take my boat out but if I do I mustn't do any fishing WTF ? Seriously ? I walked through the deserted lanes of the village at the weekend and someone shouted out from their garden "You bastard". Every telegraph pole and notice board has an A3 sign saying "Covid 19, Stay Indoors, Keep Away, eldelry vulnerable people live in this village" It's actually quite threatening People have gone insane
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    China Backlash?

    The Chinese government suppressed news about the virus early on and will likely do very little to stop something similar happening again. The result is going to be likely 100s of thousands of needless deatha and utter economic chaos for years to come. Are we really going to continue to trade with those fuckers as if nothing happened? Are we, for example, going to allow Huawei to own our telecoms infrastructure? Are we going to allow their citizens to study at UK institutions? Are we going to allow them to buy our companies? I mean, are we really?
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    What the hell do the NHS spend their(our) money on during the good times? With all the tiers of management why wasn't there a pandemic manager and forecasting team building an inventory, christ if my granny can have be a prepper why can't the NHS with infinite resources (money).. I write this because one of the mums on my WhatsApp group is a doctor on the frontline and she's just put a request out asking if we have anything that remotely resembles surgical scrubs even fancy dress plus the usual masks and also if anyone is any good with a sewing machine. This IMHO is futile and a stick plaster over the shit storm that is the NHS 🤬
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    Shame they didn’t take that approach to the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks over the last 15 years. Blow people up, we get bee tattoos, take a walk in the park, you deserve to be shot. Clown world.
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    Bozza's borked

    Is she a bit chesty?
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    Bozza's borked

    Country is locked down for something that miraculously only produces mild symptoms in anyone vaguely famous that can't be kept out the news
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    I reckon the virus is a genuine threat in that if it is allowed to let rip as debated in my thread quoted here, it will kill many people, millions even, though mainly old. But as Carl has said, it’s been seized upon as a means to move us a few steps nearer to the Matrix. So if people were less poncey, got on with their lives, cranked up the crematoria fires for a year or so, wept for those they lost (I could easily be one), kept the economy going and took advantage of the population drop to re-establish a more pleasant population/space/infrastructure density, well, I reckon my daughter would have a better chance in the future than she may in the future the bankers are creating now.
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    Carl Fimble

    The lockdown - no driving

    This excerpt from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn came to mind : "And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward." Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago We mustn't let this happen, especially since the threat is so massively overstated.
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    Walk on the Derbyshire moors 100 yards from next person. Droned and fined. All jump out on the pavement in south London to stand cheek by jowel whilst clapping the NHS. How wonderful.
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    Carl Fimble

    The lockdown - no driving

    What? I was gonna nip out tonight to deliver something to an empty flat, so in a car on my own, then in a flat on my own, then driving back on my own- surely to fuck that's ok. I need to keep working so we don't go hungry. This whole thing is getting more and more ludicrous. If those spastics in power had just shut the fucking borders we wouldn't have any of this pish to deal with, and we'd be one of the few economies left going.
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    The annoying thing is the advice is not clear, In fact it is contradictory. Getting exercise is explicitly specified as an “allowed essential”. So saying walking the dog or going walking are not essential doesn’t make sense. I guess they just went to the lakes with their drone expecting people to be having BBQs and grouping up.. then when they just found people doing normal, sensible stuff in compliance with social distancing guidelines they had to come up with something to try to justify the trip. Why not walk in the lakes if there’s no one else there? I think the police are forgetting the spirit/purpose of these laws.
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    If he gets re-elected after saying; Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a major city You can't catch Covid19 on the London underground We really are living in clown world.
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    19 On the first day of the Battle of the Somme in WW1 over 19,000 died, all young men. The average age of the US soldier in Vietnam was 19 and 58,220 men died. Total number who have died due to Covid-19 is now 19,000. Average age of the people who die from Covid-19 is around 70. I read somewhere it was 78 and they generally have some other pre-existing condition/s. Similar age profiles in both Italy and Spain. I also read somewhere that two out of three people with the virus and on ventilators in UK were obese (another pre-existing condition if you like). It seems that Covid-19 will kill you if you are old and have some other health issues but most people, even the old will survive. Yes some younger people will die I am sure and hopefully they (the young) will be given the best chance of survival by being put on a ventilator. I view Covid-19 as being the equivalent of the Great Storm / Wind of 1987 when loads of trees were blown over and other trees shed large branches blocking roads. I am sure some young healthy trees and branches were blown over and damaged but the vast majority were old. The wind compressed 10 years of tree damage into one night. The tree surgeons (the tree NHS if you like) were overwhelmed and the loss of trees shocked people (no I am not saying people are just trees) in the same way we are shocked by the number of old people suddenly dying and many part of the country being impassable and shutdown in both cases. I may be totally wrong in the above, but all the cruise ship passengers should be infected or dead and the figures from Italy and Spain point to essentially only the old being vulnerable (and Celebrities but they all catch it and have a horrid time, as posted on social media and then recover). As I have said before I believe that 10x the number of young people will die from 'the cure' by suicide and stress related illness due to job loss and financial worries than the total killed by the virus itself.
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