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    Thought this might belong here. Apols if already posted.
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    We have some 'facts' now don't we - us folks on here being ahead of the game of a great many people here in the UK. Nothing proved in court yet but which we know from US Senate hearings, investigations by good journalists and the bravery of decent people to speak the truth. The hard evidence is apparently shortly to be released. Too many US politicians, lawyers and journalists are now openly saying that evidence for these things exist. 1. There is a fake Russian dossier that was paid for in order to stop Trump being elected. When he won that election the dossier story was changed to create fake news that he was in bed with Putin. 2. Texts exist proving that there was a plot to not only find Clinton innocent of any crimes but to use the offices of the FBI and DOJ to help influence her winning the election. To stop Trump at all costs. 3. When Trump won there is text evidence to show that people in the FBI and DOJ were conspiring to try and get him removed. To overturn the democratic vote of the American people. 4. Leaks indicate that FISA court warrants were gained using known false evidence from the fake dossier. This hard evidence is about to drop a bombshell this week or next. 5. There is a grand jury underway. Several people are, to all intents, allegedly singing like the proverbial canary. That is just a basic overview. How you can be a UK journalist and not be aware of any of this is beyond me unless you are either, IMPO, an idiot or so completely in awe of Obama/Clinton and hating Trump that you conscious mind simply refuses to see the evidence? Then you have all the other stuff that should pique the interest of true journalists. Why did Susan Rice send that email to herself in the last 5 minutes of Obama's presidency? What went on really in that conversation between Bill Clinton and Obama's Attorney-General on that runway in 2016? Why does a man so closely connected to Hilary Clinton have an art collection with so many images of partially clothed children? I see people who still rage against Trump because they believe the UK media hatred of him. I am seeing some Trump hating journalists now refuse to even discuss what is happening - I think the penny is slowly dropping with some and that their minds are going into some kind of shutdown.
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    New entry to the DOSBODS hall of fame... as I approach separation and while I'm not perfect I've often scratched my head as to why and where it all went horribly wrong with our marriage and EUREKA I've discovered the answer and it's another woman. Bastard I hear you say, you deserve getting shafted but no this woman is her friend from university (university drop-out), the very same woman who was with her at the very start and whom my mate fucked that fated night. She's been riding the cock carousel ever since, bouncing from relationship to relationship - a real bike. I've stumbled upon messages via an old tablet and she's been seeding this for years, making out I'm a waste of space when I've almost single handedly brought our children up and sacrificed my own career and ambitions but the absolute icing on the cake is that this hippy friend of hers via a premonition has said she will find happiness with a millionaire Irishman ten years her junior with no children. I'm so naive as I thought her friend liked me and we got on.
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    Let's turn it around. Monroe accuses Hopkins of throwing some bacon at a mosque, getting her mixed up with some EDL woman. Hopkins demands an apology and a £5000 donation to Britain First or the Rebel Media. Universal outrage and Twitter and Mumsnet explode due to the number of angry middle class leftists going on there to complain. I can understand that Hopkins could have apologised but I don't see why she should be compelled to pay money to a charity she obviously does not support; the money should have been paid to Monroe who could then do what she wanted with it - perhaps got some more tattoos. Compelling Hopkins to pay to a migrant charity was clearly an attempt to rub her nose in defeat.
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    99% of the output by Netflix is shite. There was a time when the So-Called BBC wasn't like that too. the So-Called BBC doesn't want to commission programmes that might cause offence or challenge people, which I don't understand because there's no way of (legally) opting out of paying for it, to show your disgust etc. They have a huge captive market of folk being forced to pay £150 a year or go to prison. If the So-Called BBC commissioned controversial programmes that offended the SJWs there would be nothing they could do about it. Instead it's all sterile multicultural tripe that nobody wants to watch.
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    Hollywood deserves a crash because of how poor their output is. Absolute fucking dross most of it; fortunes being spent on an output with no artistic merit. I live near two cinemas; a mainstream one and an independent one that shows arty/world cinema, and I rarely go to either the last few years as the mainstream one is mostly shite reboots/sequels and the independent one which used to be fantastic seems to have been infested with SJW content the last three years or so. And yes the last James Bond was shite; beyond the crapness of the movie I got the impression Daniel Craig was bored, sleepwalking through it for a payday. The endless superhero movies bore the arse off me too, Superman vs Batman vs Marvel vs oh fuck off... I get the impression Hollywood doesn't really have any stars any more. You know, proper stars. Who is today's Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson? Even the action hero's of old, with their 'limited range' the Arnie's and Stallone's, don't have anyone with the equivalent screen presence to fill their shoes. I saw the Rock's most recent movie, which was pretty much a rip off of Die Hard, and it was one of the most boring things I've ever seen. A mate wants to go see the new Predator movie but I hear that's shite too so I'm not even gonna bother. And they've fucked up Terminator too, repeatedly. The latest reboot, which had the best chance as it involves Linda Hamilton and James Cameron, is quite obviously an SJW girlpower propaganda piece from the early promotional photos. This is from the same people who actually knew how to present a strong female lead character (Sarah Conor in T2) rather than the insulting 'girlpower' shite that we have these days. I honestly believe if you gave a talented film maker/writer team one tenth of the budget of what the new Terminator movie will have, they could produce a better movie. Rant over.
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    Bent Archeology

    Got forced to watch an archaeology programme last night on the So-Called BBC "King Arthur's Britain", about the Dark Ages. Was amazed it was just a poor attempt at using complete conjecture to push their globalist hard-left open door immigration agenda. Apparently because they can't find any dark age skeletons in some village somewhere with cut marks (so no violent struggle) combined with the fact Britons ended up with 10% Anglo-Saxon DNA that means the native Britons lived happily side-by-side with their Anglo-Saxon invaders according to these wankers. The entire fucking programme was spent pushing this narrative everyone was just one big happy fucking family and the Britons were happy to share their resources, land, women...because i'm sure there was lots to go around back then... No mention the likely outcome is similar to the Norman invasion, that the Anglo-Saxons became the minority rulers after a brief violent struggle, enslaved the natives, raped the women etc how does killing everyone make remote sense to these dickhead archaeologists when you need people to send down the mines. Reminded me of the Nazi's used archaeology to try and prove they were the master race.
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    Most viewers are Trumped out. BBC is obsessed with Trump. Same with C4 News. Soon as BBC Newsnight starts with Elderly Maitlis, Uneven Davis, Krusty Wark detailing some dramatic Trump development most viewers change channel. C4 News Kylie Morris, Dani Isdale laying bare micro ins and outs of Trump administration talking about things we don't care about with people we've never heard of. Fixated on the USA, even telling us US weather advisories. We don't live in America. Nobody cares what you think about THEIR President.
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    And with every such story, another dozen people get red pilled as to how the elites and much of the media HATES them.
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    Alonso Quijano

    Islamification of Europe

    They are taking over because they see us as weak. That they hate us is palpable. It is not going to end well, is it?
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    The irony being if working class people really did still make music about life and current events in the UK, the So-Called BBC would refuse to platform them for being unPC.
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    What a crock of shit. Primitive humans ceding territory and their women peacefully, yeah right. Because all around us every day, all we see is examples of people's propensity for generosity, co-operation, love and all-round goodness, life is like a John Lennon song. More likely they pulled one or two people into pieces slowly in front of the others and said right, co-operate, or you're next.
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    We’ve said before on here (a whole thread I think) that if you want to stay healthy, keep away from doctors
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    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    35 years ago. Has she mentioned it since then? To anyone? Perhaps if this doesn't derail his nomination they can find someone he stole sweets from when they were in primary school together...
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    The big mental bride thread

    Just to point out the obvious that no guy cares about the size of the wedding, or even that it occurs at all particularly.
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    Sgt Hartman

    Interesting dog revenge attack

    I don't think the guy is in the wrong. A lot of people seem to forget that dogs are dogs and can be dangerous. If someone has a dog and they are unable to control it if it's causing harm, then the other person has every right to stop it, by any means necessary. IMO. That could just as easily be someones kid. It's about time we came back down to earth in regards to dogs. There's only one reason someone wants to own an animal like that.
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    possibly ... or they are just wankers
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    Cunning Plan

    Retire in your forties

    Probably possible if you were to start 20 years ago. Total bollocks if you start now. I cannot see how a family of five can live in Farnham on £24k per annum. Just trying to give the young some hope, whereas it is actually just squeezing their gonads a little bit more. Especially since BTL seems to be part of the plan. Disgusting article rubbing the youngs' noses in how bad they have been fecked over.
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    That's my scuba diving holiday to Brazil scrubbed then.
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    Some heartening news from Hungary from the Mrs. Don't bother clicking the link as it is a wall of random letters which the locals insist is a language. http://magyarhirlap.hu/cikk/128597/Hetfoig_kell_bevallani_es_megfizetni_a_bevandorlasi_kulonadot Tomorrow is the last day for any foreign NGO working in Hungary to file their new tax returns and pay a 25% tax on money for "projects". This new windfall will be spent by the government on security and defence. Essentially Hungary is going to build a bigger wall and Soros is going to pay for it. I really am starting to think the ruling Fidesz party is now completely focused on trolling Soros/EU and is getting its political advice from 4chan. Hajra Magyarorszag!
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    how dead is your local

    I used to go to the pub most lunchtimes. Sometimes by myself, but mostly with one or two others from the office, and occasionally pretty much everybody would come. Then I'd usually stop for a quick one on the way home. I also had a thing every Thursday where I'd just stay out and meet some friends. We'd be out 'till the wee small hours. I'd be utterly fucked in the office most Fridays. Everybody used to just rip the piss out of me for it, but it was totally accepted as fine. Then you had the weekend .. The pub -- and drinking culture -- has been killed on purpose. It's against the rules in my current place to drink lunchtimes. A big group of us actually went to a pub for a lunchtime leaving do recently. Everybody had a burger and a Coke. I was the ONLY person who actually bought a pint, and then one of the younger guys said to me "what are you doing, you mentalist. You can't do that!" The fucking state of this country.
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    I would not confuse the military with the military industrial complex.
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    Bedrag Justesen

    Must have smartphone

    We have agencies that send coaches to bring workers here for fruit picking, food processing and various other minimum wage jobs. Often they are from Portugal but elsewhere too, Poland mainly, since the £1 has fallen against the Euro the workers are not so keen to come, and stay for shorter periods. Talk to them they will tell you it's not worth it so much now. Their Euro pay is little better than locals earning £s. It wasn't the case before. I've not heard anybody foreign blame BREXIT just the weaker £. Whether other places are the same as here, maybe so, but when factories, steel plants, collieries, shut the people just stay, and do 'black economy' stuff or drive taxis, do delivery work etc. Often they stay because they have dependent relatives or other family ties. In the US it's very different, when factories shut or plants close the people move to another town, or another state. People just seem much more ready to move around. Always have, whether it's cotton pickers being paid 50c a day in the fields of Arkansas leaving for the car plants of Detroit to earn 50c an hour in the 1920s or young people moving to California to work in Google now. They go where the money is. In Wales we expect the government to bring the money to us. Thank you public sector. The disconnect is DWP, the frontline staff that haven't had their functions replaced by call centres or internet are a fag paper away from claiming UC themselves. The daily grind of ruining other people's lives by sanctioning them to hit their targets, genuinely causes mental health problems, alcohol & drug abuse, and failed relationships. It must be the worst job in the world, knowing you are causing hardship to often the most vulnerable in society, the sick, disabled, challenged, and deprived. All for crap money and the promise of a gold plated pension looking less golden by the day. Meanwhile HMRC deals with the other end of the scale, the 'rich' with clever accountants minimising their bills. Running rings around them, using the loopholes that are built-in to the system for the very purpose of being used by clever accountants. Probably almost as depressing. We can pay benefits to refugees and asylum seekers travelling thousands of miles to reach Wales that have never paid in a penny. Ethel from Ponty has paid in for thirty years but she can fuck off if she won't travel two hours each way to work in Boots the chemist as a cleaner. Nothing for Ethel. Not in this game.
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    They are very good! Here's mine. I've called it "A bus in London"
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    Next door neighbours so was there a long history of conflict? IMPO, speaking generally, plenty of people appear to use these kind of dogs as pseudo-weapons to promote their aggression and self-perceived dominance in the food chain. I won't say more other than, if forced to take a side, it probably would be with the sword guy. I would like to know a lot more though.
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