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    Immigrants are generally law abiding, motivated and hardworking, the fact that our own systems (borders, welfare) are complete shit can't be blamed on immigrants, however many come.
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    You know why women feel the need to have cosmetic surgery? Cause judgemental gits on the internet judge them for aging. Puckrik looks fine for her age, as does Ulrika. Dani Behr tries to stay young looking by going under the knife and gets slated for that aswell. Can't win.
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    Body language tells you everything in that shot of them together recently. Him still loving her and her...well recoiling in disgust. He's about to embark on a great period of his life though. He's aged very well and now can take the pick of pretty much any non-alcoholic lady he likes. Whereas she is going to trade down and down until she drinks herself to death or buys lots of cats.
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    Perfectly in-tact, kept away from oxidative damage by a rock solid airproof layer of jizz. Saved me having to pay to get it laminated. Only danger is if I drop it it'll shatter.
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    Bedrag Justesen


    Hillary Clinton came across really well on BBC The One Show last night. She stayed in the studio, clearly interested in the blind rickshaw driver, mental health issues, families dependent on food banks, and help for disabled children with disabilities. Hillary was genuine, sincere, and visibly concerned. I think she is really nice. We should listen to what Hillary says about the Russians. After all, if it wasn't for the Russians interfering in the 2016 US election she would be President not that big orange idiot. No wonder Hillary is cross with them.
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    Great Guy

    Part and parcel - violent attacks

    If only there had been a nearby youth centre this wouldn't have happened :( His attacker would have been having a game of ping pong before getting a can of coke and mars bar from the tuck shop.
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    Let's have an unpopular opinions thread. Specifically that means unpopular opinions on here, i.e. that goes against the general DOSBODS grain. Not wider society....! I sometimes read ChangeMyView on reddit which is surprisingly good - it's essentially a load of millennial SJWs posting their core beliefs or opinions and asking people to challenge them and explain to them, with examples, why they're wrong. Rules: 1. Hopefully no need for a **trigger warning** ?! If you don't agree then you should either try to change that person's view, or disregard, but not be abusive. 2. One post/idea/view per post. 3. If you "arent sure" if you should post it and have reservations about posting it, then this is the type of post that should be posted. I shall begin, as t'was my idea.... --- Hope for Heroes, and the people in wider society who loudly demand that we should "support our troops", are tossers. If someone wishes to join the army, they know the risks, and it is nobody's fault but their own if they end up with no legs, or worse. They should have realised that they've been exploited and hoodwinked by the government into a high-stakes scam where you've been used as fodder and the real risk is you lose your life. I don't "support our troops", I feel sorry for them and look down on them as victims. Plus, Help for Heroes is a repugnant charity that misuses funds, and most of the people I've come across who claim to "support our troops" (a meaningless jingoistic phrase) are lazy spongers, layabouts or general dregs of society (the type that Army advertising targets...) that wouldn't know an M16 if it shot them in the face.
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    Frank Hovis

    Going again - blocks view of life

    This is something that when I have raised it in RL, gets general blank looks and lack of comprehension. Not because my friends are thick, not at all as I always associate with clever people as they are more interesting, but because they don't understand why I would want to do this. Most people see life as a linear progression (school, college, work, retirement, maybe the odd gap year amongst that) but I have always viewed it as being a series of discrete blocks where you come to an end of one and then you jump to another. Each of these blocks has its merits and downsides. College was skint but rewarding; my peak job was rewarding in terms of achievement and also materially but was running me into the ground, current job is coming to an end and is fun but very much within my capabilites, I am "retiring" soon but I see this as jumping onto another block. In say five years time I might want to go back to college for a few years (which would be the third time), do a junior job which is new to me, or even go back to a job similar to my current one. They're all blocks so I pick the one I most want to jump onto at the time. This necessarily involves repetition or as I term it "going again". All the blocks have been between three and six and half years. Does anyone else view life throiugh this block filter or is it a linear prgression for everyone as has always been the case whenever I've raised this in RL? If you're baffled by this then I can tell you that you're in the very big majority!
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    That particular one had a life expectancy of about 10-12 minutes.
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    Great Guy

    Zimbabwe goosed

    How good would it be if we could even discuss if brown people were worse at running countries? As it is we've all got to pretend brown people are as good as white people and brown people only fail due to racism.
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    Part and parcel - violent attacks

    It's interesting alright, to see how they're being 'dispersed' on the quiet. Someone is trying to supplant the population and it's orchestrated. Someone gets paid to sit down and work out logistics, about how to stop 'clustering'. They're trying to pre-empt white flight?
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    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    I think we men owe the man that thought of this fantastic idea a pint. Can we make all shopping malls women only?
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    NHS - envy of the world

    I'm sorry to hear that Yes, it was sepsis due to a UTI (long-term catheter user) missed by the GP who thought it was back pain that caused the hospital confinement in February. He was walking fine before admission but was never got out of bed while in hospital despite family protestations to mobilise. Seven weeks later he couldn't go home because he couldn't walk any more so he was admitted to a nursing home (see stealth). The nursing home repeatedly misdignosed early symptoms of subsequent UTIs as dementia (he didn't have any significant dementia) and despite my telling them each and every time that a UTI was developing because of classic UTI mental behaviour patterns. Each and everytime my warnings were ignored by the home because the notoriously unreliable urine dipstick test was negative and the cranky behaviour was put down to 'dementia'; after all, how could I know better than the stuck-up, pompous and arrogant nurses and how could I breakthrough the nursing home's institutionalised policy of cover-up and denial? Only when father was seriously ill because the infection had become acute and he was delerious, and the dipstick test came back positive, would a Dr be called and antibiotics prescribed. The last UTI that I notified them as developing began with the usual and classic mental symptoms 5 weeks ago. The home did nothing for 4 days because the dipstick said 'no', even though we'd been through this cycle 3 times over the previous 5 months. The cycle was i) my alerting, 2) them denying, 3) them accepting, 4) them treating, but only by the time that father was seriously ill. This time the dipstick still didn't return positive after 4 days and so I finally persuaded them to get the Dr who sent a sample to the hospital; they got the Dr reluctantly to shut me up. The hospital diagnosed an acute UTI, which was no surprise to me. The Dr prescribed antibiotics and the hospital suggested changing the catheter as it was likely to be a residual source of infection. Three weeks later the home still hadn't changed the catheter because Father was uncooperative because of his dementia, which of course wasn't his dementia but rather delerious symptoms of the UTI. He died last Sunday. He was 94 and had no quality of life any more and so it was for the best. But his death was brought about IMO and it was no way to be treated when you are paying over 1k a month to be looked after. If you are old, avoid nursing the NHS and nursing homes as they could kill you; you are better to take your own life IMO. Dementia has come to the fore as the big illness that needs attention. But because of that, dementia is being misused as a label on everything relating to mental behaviour IMO when it isn't always the diagnosis. However, dementia is a convenient diagoisis for disinterested 'professionals' as it lets you do nothing because you can't do anything for dementia. The following short page on the Alzheimer’s Association website re undiagnosed UTIs makes interesting reading. https://alz.org/blog/alz/october_2011/sudden_change_in_behavior_urinary_tract_infection The reliability, or rather the unreliability, of urine dipstick tests https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4408713/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4408713/
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    If that doesn't lose them vote from the genuinely Welsh I don't know what will.
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    A lot of craft beer is shit.
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    In terms of troops there is a very hard sell to impressionable people of a young age who have to commit themselves for a long time. It isn't well paid and there can be horrendous consequences on the mind and body of the service man or woman. You don't have to regard every single one as a hero to be put on a pedestal but I do think that they have a case for special treatment above someone with a routine job that won't get them killed and they can leave at a month's notice if they don't like it any more. I won't try to blanket defend all military charities but I think there is a case for them as the government provision is inadequate.
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    A town called Fishlake

    I only live 8 miles from Fishlake. We haven't had many dry days for the past 6 weeks , water has been stood in the fields , the dykes surrounding them full and then we had huge amounts of rain all day last thursday and friday with nowhere left for it to go , then the river went over the top. The area is totally flat for as far as the eye can see , the water doesn't drain away , it seeps very slowly. I've been pumping water out of my garden every day for 6 weeks , 40 buckets a day and it has made little difference , my grass hasn't been cut for months , my dahlias have rotted and everything is covered in moss. I love the north of england but the huge volumes of rain we seem to be getting over the past decade would be the only factor in making me think about moving further south.
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    I find it odd that everyone seems to think it’s desirable to have free trade with a despotic regime that keeps over 1 million people in concentration camps and harvests organs from prisoners. That’s before the commercial issue of blatantly flouting IP laws internally. Fuck tariffs, China should be subject to extreme sanctions. As should a number of other countries that “we” have been targeting as preferential trading and investment partners such as KSA.
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    Part and parcel - violent attacks

    Whoever is orchestrating the destruction of Sweden (for example) is motivated by sheer hatred and envy. Edit: Jews and Muslims? Why not both? It was both in Syria.
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    Islamification of Europe

    The stats for Peterborough are the ones I find incredible. Out of dozens of mayors, 3 muslim (all since 1996). Only 3 have been done for vote rigging/electoral fraud...and all 3 just happen to be the muslim ones. Its almost like its not just a tiny minority that are the problem, its all of them. Plaid want to have Wales become a refugee centre, and yet they cant even vet those in their own party with very open social media accounts.
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    Fuck sake if your gonna post some young Sarah Cox you might as well go for a best of. I remember as a 14 year old in pre-internet 90's blowing my load to stuff like this...
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    Anything our-lass or me mam cooks me tastes mighty fine. Proper roast with Bisto gravy when either of them is after something. And Peterlee Tandoori do a fucking wicked tikka chicken jalfrezi for the rare times when either of them sneaky bastards can't be bothered to feed me... XYY
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    Smart Meters - Scam Meters?

    "The more they know about you, the less freedom you have".
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    free broadband for all

    More free stuff for everyone! yay! Tax goes through the roof! Boooo! But... more free stuff for everyone! Yaaaaaay! Everybody paying tax fucks off Boooo..... But.... more free stuff for everyone! Yaaaayyy! Cap in hand to the IMF and a 3 day week and bodies on the streets cause the grave diggers are on strike Boooooo! But. More. Free. Stuff! Yaaaaaay. I'm struggling to see a downside, personally.
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    The koran which defines non followers as sub- humans to be taxed, converted or killed should be banned as ' hate speech'.
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    Don’t try this at home

    Well I had a mad idea yesterday and that’s buy a slow cooker well for a start I don’t have a normal one so I figured 13 quid why not should be a laugh if nothing else . People say you can throw anything in them so I took it literally even a dash of port helI I remember some chef geting drunk regularly on tv and puting wine in anything I’ve not followed a receipted I’ve just bunged everything in it I’ve got a couple of volunteers at work mind they are sectioned that will give anything a go ps maybe this should be in the make us laugh thread
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    Hail the Tripod


    So we’re not 45 minutes from doom? More importantly how is that cunt not in prison after being exposed lying to deliberately precipitate the deaths of thousands of people???
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    Happy Renting


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    He did the right thing. He would be six foot under if he'd played the big man. Those scrotes in the background would have piled in at the first sign of their main man getting his arse pummelled. I really do hope the attackers one day get a beating they never wake up from. The whole world can then rejoice.
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    I'm sure I heard on the radio this morning that a PR advisor of his had resigned 2 weeks ago after strongly recommending that he should not do the interview.
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    The XYY Man

    Just one policy..

    The only policy on offer here is for us all to continue being fucked up the arse. Do not vote for any of these cunts, it only encourages them... XYY
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    Was popping in to a cafe for a quick coffee today at the same time as a woman I'd mentioned before who I had a thing for a while back and who had invited me for coffee in front of her boyfriend about a year back. So I invited her to have a coffee with me and we had a quick 20 minute coffee together. Pleasant enough, but it's interesting how you see someone in a more realistic light when you aren't blinded by some idealized version of them. All the conversational work was being done by me, she never asked me anything about me and my life. She just talked about herself - I dunno maybe that's what conversations with women are like anyway? I don't think she shares my sense of humor either. I'd still happily have sex with her of course, just not sure if I'd want to have her over for the weekend any more!
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    Shitting Holy Bricks

    Not sure if I should disclose this ... They're for sliding rebar into to make a faraday cage so you can take off the tinfoil hat while indoors.
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    Been there. At times I was practically a hermit. Would I change anything ? I don't know tbh. There were people I let go whom I still wonder if I did the right thing. I rationalise these thoughts by telling myself if I was that interested I would have done things differently. Typically unlike men, women will consistently, and openly, speak of their regret about losing 'The One That Got Away'. More often than not, a theme in these tales, is the woman ending the relationship, not the man. " I threw him away", they sigh. An element of Jim Bowen. " Come and see what you could have won. "
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    Islamification of Europe

    I spent a few days in Qatar and that was enough to tell me it's no holiday destination. Stifling dry heat and constantly seeking refuge in air conditioned buildings or tents. Castles built on sand too and I am confident that its neighbour Saudi Arabia will never be on the list so long as it's populated by people that consider fraternisation haram, anything but modest clothing haram and alcohol haram, basically all the ingredients that make a Westerners holiday enjoyable haram.
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    The GREAT BIG General election thread

    Nope. The idiot Cuntbin is an anti imperial cretin. Hes not some sandal wearing peacnik. Hes a grade A cunt arsehole. Any country he perceives as anti imperial - russia iran cuba whatever, hes pro, no matter what they do - torture murder.
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    Cash in your house, itv

    I keep saying to people that there's going to be a lot of siblings mightily disappointed and bitter when they discover the bank owns their parents house, and all they're getting is the 30 year old sofa and curtains. Only then will they question how their bus driver dad and administrative assistant mum afforded those luxury cruises and a new car every year. It will unfortunately cause a lot of heart ache for people who were gambling on inheritance giving them a retirement. This country is a total clusterfuck
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    Yes, Mrs Duffy who was only trying to tell brown how labour policies were detrimental to her personal life and the community she lived in.
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    Should blackmail mean a reduced sentence?

    I have to admit not actually understanding it at all. I understand violent/menacing rape. That's pretty evil. Then there's date rape and the like. No excuse at all. Then abusive relationships -- I can understand the conflict in staying to hold a family together, against the occasional violence. As society we need to provide structures to support these victims, etc. However -- I'm not sure how there can be 'rape' when the victim can readily walk away from the perp, but chooses to stay. Sure, there can be forgiveness, but the 'staying' (in young girlfriend context) speaks volumes (there's no need to forgive, which is a big ask for rape -- just don't see him again). For there to be a crime there surely has to be harm, and the harm in rape is mainly psychological (and is still very much harm), but if the response is to ignore it and (want to) stay with the guy where there's nothing stopping leaving -- well, you've got to wonder where the harm is. I find this an 'uncomfortable way to think' (particularly as he's 'guilty'), but can't help thinking it. [this isn't a blackmail thing -- I don't get that way of looking at it. Rape is a horrible crime and doesn't result in thinking about how you can use it to make the offender hang around more so that you can see their face and hear their voice every day.] As I say, it is 'uncomfortable' for me; I'd be very happy for someone with some expertise in the matter to educate me in how this is an relatively understandable outcome from this serious crime and that it still all makes sense (eg, something along the lines of a Stockholm syndrome).
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    Should blackmail mean a reduced sentence?

    I think only older female judges should preside over rape cases (so called) as in my experience older women are less gullible when it comes to doe eyed, butter wouldn't melt young women that have had their life ruined by being too drunk to consent but bizarrely not being too drunk to remember all the details.
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    Unpopular Opinions / ChangeMyView thread

    Randy Andy is a credit to the royal family and the whole of the UK His work with underprivileged young women should have particular praise 😀
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    Kurt Barlow

    Smart Meters - Scam Meters?

    I've joined the ranks of those highly suspicious of the smart meter roll out. Moved in to our new house in September with has smart meters for both Gas and electric - bloody difficult to read. Anyway the gas meter is giving all sorts of weird readings On Sunday I took a reading of 1131m3. I then compared this against the SM reading for when we completed on the purchase which was 202. This would mean we had used 10,000 kwh in 10 weeks. No fecking way. We didnt move in until end of september and used no gas as I was changing rad valves. I stuck 400mm of insulation in the loft =. The house is 80's build and fully double glazed. Its been pretty mild. The boiler is a 1990's band B with a 22KW output. Rang them Monday and at the end of a protracted phone they agreed the SM reading for the move in date was about 950 which I settled on. I did a reading thursday morning and the figure was 1346m3 That means in 5 days we have supposedly used 2330 kwh or 466 kwh a day - no fecking way - thats 15 quid a day of gas. I rang them up and said the meter is faulty. Told them the figures which they said sounded high. They said they could send an engineer out to remove the meter and get it tested but if it was not faulty charge me for the cost. 24 hours later I read the meter and we have used 9m3 which is 98 kwh which sounds a little high but within the realms of acceptability. Going to keep taking readings daily as I don't trust the fecker. Anyone else with similar experiences?
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    Bolton fire

    Down the rabbit hole is a whole world of who actually defines building regs, who tests product and how, and who checks and for whom. Nothing like property to illustrate how things really work in our glorious nation.
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    NHS - envy of the world

    The loony left think their is no problem that cannot be solved by simply shovelling more and more of other peoples' money at it.
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    I've got to agree with everything, except I'd substitute Middle Eastern with German (a bit like Frau Merkel is trying to do but in reverse). French cuisine really is utter shite, their bread and croissants being about all that is good. Yet the fuckers are convinced it is the best in the world. Odd that so many people unthinkingly agree. And although I agree Korean food is vile, I'm not aware of many people outside Korea who rate it as anything but, so perhaps not overrated? And the best of British really is amongst the best in the world. because we've not been afraid to take from the best in the world and make it our own.
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    There's that too, and it will never change as long as those in power have the belief that we have some sort of noblesse oblige to help all those downtrodden people we once sold into slavery and oppressed, rather than seeing them as a useful temporary resource to help our nation and eventually help build up theirs.
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    There's no single measure that will tell you definitely which stocks are good value. With New Gold, for example, they may seem cheap by both measures you mentioned, until you take a look at their FUBAR balance sheet. TEV/EBITDA is backward-looking by nature, so WDO looks expensive as its price partially includes future production from Kiena. First Majestic is super-duper expensive, no doubt about that, but I guess it's a premium you pay for owning one of very few intermediate miners that haven't delivered any nasty surprises recently. Personally I'm massively reducing atm and I might end up selling the whole lot. Fortuna Silver = China, thanks but no thanks. And so on. Might use it as a starting point but by no means a "be all - end all" kind of measure.
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    Sgt Hartman

    How cold is your house?

    My house is cold. This is entirely down to one of my little darlings using a heated towel rack as a ladder to climb into his bath despite being told ad nauseum, not to. Lo! He tore it off the fucking wall and, as it is connected to the pressurised central heating system, the results were minor flooding under the floorboards and a command of heretofore untapped levels of profanity. So our heating is off until I've fixed it and administered a sound beating to my eldest*. *Not really, but he's had his Nintendo switch removed for a week and has been told in no uncertain terms he's top of the shit-list until further notice. The tiny imbecile.
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    Gina Millers website so I am assuming you need to do the opposite of what is recommended.