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    Having read the article they can piss right off. They lost £6.3m last year and still gave £3.3m away overseas. Charity people seem to hit a particular level and start having delusions of divinity and look to see how they can save the whole world with their beneficent gifts. Only it's not their money they're using; it's money people have been giving to support their local lifeboat. Time for all lifeboat stations to go independent. There are plenty of comments from people cancelling their standing order donations. Good; starve the corrupt and deluded beast.
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    Paddy McCoy, an elderly Irish farmer, received a letter from the Department for Work & Pensions stating that they suspected he was not paying his employees the statutory minimum wage and they would send an inspector to interview them. On the appointed day, the inspector turned up. "Tell me about your staff," he asked Paddy. "Well," said Paddy, "there's the farm hand, I pay him €240 a week, and he has a free cottage. Then there's the housekeeper. She gets €190 a week, along with free board and lodging. There's also the half-wit. He works a 16 hour day, does 90% of the work, earns about €25 a week along with a bottle of whisky and, as a special treat, occasionally gets to sleep with my wife." "That's disgraceful" said the inspector, "I need to interview the half-wit." "That'll be me then," said Paddy!
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    Great Guy

    Is it coz I is black #1,987

    ^^ the white guy in the video was lucky to be able to walk at the end of it... Just imagine if ten white kids had given a black kid a beating? The media would have been hysterical with warnings about Trump and the right wing. This is why multiculturalism doesn't really work. People have more loyalty towards their own tribe. However we're meant to pretend that someone who got into the UK by hiding under a lorry is as British as someone whose family have been here a thousand years?
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    I had that in my new local where you can vape inside hence it's my new local my old one banned it.this woman said that might be bad for my health she was only walking past us to get to the toilet I replayed I'd be more concerned over your weight if I was you
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    It's been a while but just for the record I'd like to say again that the May deal will go thru, perhaps with a little bit of rewording but basically the same shit sandwich will be served up and devoured and by elected representatives at some point.
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    Tommy Robinson thread

    TOMMY's OUT!
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    Indeed. We’ve had a referendum on leave vs remain. The result was clear and doesn’t need to be revisited. If they want another referendum the only question that needs to be asked is shit brino deal vs no deal. not that that will ever happen, not with the establishment we have.
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    Mail on Sunday running the headline that the RNLI spends £3.3m of donations abroad on things including aid for Tanzania, crèches in Bangladesh and burkinis for Africans. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7464961/How-3-3million-donations-RNLI-spent-abroad.html I used to bung them a few quid but stopped when I realised that they were picking up migrants in the channel and bringing them to England, didn’t realise that their abuse of funds had gone quite so far though. Not sure if there’s a link to the editorial on the webpage, but the paper version makes the point that they are just the latest in a long line of charities which have become obsessive with political correctness. I wonder if you’d find Soros’ influence if you dig deeply enough?
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    It is amazing that Labour think that their strategy is working, for me they are like a school bully throwing their weight around wanting a fight, Boris stands up to them and they shit themselves,when this happens in the playground and you lose face you are toast. The Remoaners seem to be copying the vote losing strategy of the US Democrats by using vexatious litigation and other legal mechanisms to subvert democracy.
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    Ian Duncan Smith exposes the bullshit that is Yellowhammer. All this shite about medicines being held up at port and the dickhead Common Purpose traitors who wrote the report didn't even bother to speak to the French port authorities. Still it was good for a weekend's propaganda - #DeathByBrexit. Lots of remaintards fell for it.
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    I've been suspicious of this notion that seems to be in the air that the only problem is the backstop. Surely there are a lot of problems with the withdrawal agreement itself. If all the focus is on the backstop these problems are being ignored. "The Backstop has been removed - hurrah! That was the only problem. Problem solved!" doesn't answer all the objections that were the reasons for the WA not being passed 3 times. Perhaps Boris' only way forward without resigning is to accept any glimmer of a deal, even though it's a crap one. Perhaps that was the plan from the beginning; perhaps he's being forced into it because his cunning plan isn't working. John Redwood's objections to the withdrawal agreement: https://facts4eu.org/news/2019_apr_redwood_questions_attorney_general [It's in the form of a request to the Attorny General for clarification about various WA clauses] "Dear Geoffrey Let me have another go at getting a reply from you concerning the way the Withdrawal Agreement stops us leaving the EU. Would you kindly confirm 1. If we sign this Treaty we will be locked into the EU and have to obey all its rules and pay all the bills it sends us for a period of at least 21 months, and probably for 45 months if we have not surrendered further to reach an exit agreement at the 21 month stage. This would mean remaining in the EU for at least five years from the decision to leave and probably for seven years. The EU would be able to legislate and spend against UK interests during this period, whilst we would have no vote or voice in the matter. 2. In order to “leave” in your terms at the five to seven year stage the UK will need to stay in the customs union and accept all single market rules and laws, unless the EU relented over the alleged Irish border issue. Three years on and the EU has given no ground on the made-up border issue, so why would they over the next two years? Isn’t the most likely outcome we would remain in the single market and customs union contrary to the government promise that leaving meant leaving them in its referendum literature ? 3. After the 45 month period fully in the EU, the UK still would face financial obligations under the Withdrawal Treaty. The bills will be decided by the EU and we will have to pay them. Any attempt to query them would be adjudicated by the EU’s own court! The longer we stay in the more the future bills are likely to be. The £39 bn figure is likely to be a considerable underestimate. 4. The Treaty creates a category of super citizen in the UK. EU nationals living in the UK when we “leave” the EU will have their access to benefits guaranteed in a way the rest of us do not for their entire lifetimes. So we will not be taking back control of our benefit system. I am also concerned about a number of Articles in the draft Treaty that expressly extend EU powers and jurisdiction for a further four to eight years beyond our departure date after the 21 to 45 month delay. Article 5 reintroduces the powers of the European Court and enforces “sincere co-operation ” on us as they do not want us impeding their plans for economic, monetary and political union. Article 31 imposes social security co-ordination on us. Article 39 gives special protection to EU citizens currently living in the UK from changes to social security for the whole of their lives, protection which the rest of us do not enjoy. Article 51 applies parts of the VAT regime for an additional 5 years after the long transition envisaged in the Treaty Articles 92-3 imposes the EU state aids regime on the UK for 4 years beyond transition Article 95 imposes binding decisions by EU quangos and bodies for 4 years beyond transition Article 99 requires us to pay for access to records to handle issues over indirect tax where the EU keeps powers for 4 years beyond transition Article 127 applies the whole panoply of EU law throughout transition, including the right to legislate any way they wish against our interests and enforce it on us via the ECJ Article 130 prevents us taking back control of our fish any time soon. Doubtless more of our fishing rights would be given away trying to get an exit deal. Article 135 allows them to send extra bills up to the end of 2028 Article 140 imposes on us financial liabilities up to December 2020 and carry over into 2021 Articles 144 and 150 prevent us getting back accumulated reserves and profits from our European Investment Fund and EIB shareholdings Article 143 imposes adverse conditions on us over pension and loan liabilities of the Union Article 155 requires to make continuing payments to Turkey under an EU programme after we have left Article 158 gives the European Court continuing power for 8 years after transition Article 164 makes a Joint Committee an effective legislator and government over us Article 174 requires any arbitration to be governed by ECJ judgements on the application of law in disputes The Protocol on Northern Ireland will require us to stay in the Customs Union with regulatory and legal alignment with the single market, or split off a separate place called UK (NI) which will be governed differently to the rest of the UK on an island of Ireland basis. There is much more I could object to. This is no Treaty to take back control, no Treaty for a newly independent nation. It does not quantify the financial liabilities, which are open-ended and could be much larger than the low field £39bn Treasury estimate. We have little power to abate the bills and no power to abort the bills. It would probably result even in failure to take back control of our fishing grounds. Mrs May needs to go back to the EU and explain why the UK people and Parliament have opposed this Treaty, and ask them to think again if they want an agreement before we leave. She needs to make it clear we now intend to leave without signing the Withdrawal Agreement prior to the European Parliamentary elections. Yours John Redwood"
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    Wight Flight

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    Yellowhammer is suggesting there would be civil unrest if we have a no deal Brexit. Bollocks. Remainers, by and large, are people that have something to lose. Even if, under a no deal Brexit, they faced losing half of it, they still wouldn't risk the other half. A large number of leavers, by contrast, have nothing to lose. If I was in charge, and had to pick which side to royally piss off, it would be a very simple decision.
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    The XYY Man

    Old Car Spotting

    Canny spotting day today up in South-East County Durham fellow spotters. Headed down to Horden to get a snap of the car I saw on Thursday that I thought was a 1960s Triumph. More about that one later. But just a few tens of yards before the drive it was parked on, I spotted this lovely road-legal 1994 Toyota Celica parked outside the old Independent Methodist Church. History suggests it's an import. It's a late model GT4 if I'm googling correctly - and since only 2500 were ever built, if that's what it is, then it's a canny spot. Over to the DOSBODS ''piston-heads'' for the details... After that I got the pictures of the 1960s ''Triumph'' - but I'm saving that until the end of this post. I was heading up to Peterlee to pick Mrs XYY up from work, when she texted and said she'd be half-an-hour late. So I had a drive around a few streets in Horden to see if I could spot owt. Best I spotted was this road-legal 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero. Not the rarest vehicle on the road, but at nearly 220000 miles on the clock, at least the diesel engine has been properly ''run-in''...! After a few fruitless miles of searching for old cars, I headed up to Peterlee. And just before Mrs XYY texted and said she was finished at work, I spotted this rather nice 1992 Rover 214 Cabriolet not too far away from where we both work. ''How Many Left'' suggests there's only 74 of these still on the road - less than the 1960s car that follows... And so finally to the 1960s ''Triumph''' that started my spotting Saturday. It's actually a road-legal 1964 Humber Hawk - and is about 5 months older than me, but around 9 months younger than Mrs XYY... And that's it for today spotters, hope you enjoyed the spots... XYY
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    M S E Refugee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Looks like he's converted
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    That was what I thought I voted for. Silly me
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    If a 1% reduction from asking is a crash, I might as well give up a buy a fucking tent
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    Did man walk on the moon? 🌒

    Who did they leave behind to pan the camera up?
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    Did man walk on the moon? 🌒

    Ok, there's only one thing you have to explain... All the scientists, all the people who worked on the mission in one way or another, all the guys in mission control that go mental when the landing happens. Actors? Or very good at keeping a secret?
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    The Minnesota starvation experiment of the 1950s had men restricted to 1500 calories of mostly vegan food root veggies, bread and macaroni. Basically they went mental. Depression, hysteria, self mutilation, social withdrawal, poor concentration, comprehension and judgment. I think the pushing of the vegan diet is part of the plan.
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    Jo thinks she knows how to get some MPs rather than no MPs Jo is following on the good Liberal Democrat tradition of saying anything just to win some votes, any votes, Jo remembers how popular it was to be against Tuition fees, Jo remembers that Liberal Democrats don't have to follow through on what they say, because thankfully, Jo will never have an opportunity to do so.
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    The moon is huge

    They're academic subjects now, - the moon and the sun. But t'was not always thus. For millions of years, they were the only show on earth. One 400 X bigger diameter than the other. But 400 X further away. What are the chances? Not a bit bigger... or a bit closer....or 1 of 3, or not on intersecting orbits...... Like EVERWHERE ELSE WE KNOW OF. Total and perfect solar eclipses are unique to the only place that has eyes and minds to appreciate them. Freaks me out.
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    One percent

    Things can only get shitter

    Who cares about world atrocities? Things in this country for ordinary people have got incrementally worse for the last 35 years. Fuck ‘em. Fuck them all.
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    £24k pa. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's not an "Intelligence Officer" that's an Office Clerk.
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    The end of marriage

    Well no surprise marriage rates are falling, what's in it for men? Divorce rape (pretty much all instigated by women), divorce rape, financial and emotional oblivion, battling to see your kids, getting screwed over left right and centre. The lie of feminism saying you can have it all - ride the cock carousel and have untould yards of Chad cock then suddenly become a born-again virgin and 'settle-down' for some beta- provider who you secretly will grow to despise as you're worth it and why can't you have Chad and Tyrone to give you the tingles like you did in your 20s ... see point above. Re. DV stats, well they are of course under-reported for female -> male DV. The official stats put male victims at least 25-30% of cases. Yet the whole system, funding and judicial system assumes the Deluth model (of male aggression only and female victim status) and is stacked against men. Some 'blind justice'. The rates of inter-personal DV is near equal when you look at the definitions of DV (controlling behaviour / verbal aggression etc. It's only when physical and violent aggression is looked at that the male:female ratio becomes 'unbalanced'). The rates of DV in same-sex relationships are pretty high. How's that for the big bad male patriarchy? Rape stats and convictions - in the wake of MeToo I think we are of course seeing a backlash. The mere 'feeling' you've been raped when in it's either blatantly false or regret sex has skewed the debate. I believe that the actual conviction rate of cases taken to trial , NOT ARRESTS OR ALLEGATIONS have remained pretty consistent for years. Yet the SJWs want to have it all - the mere allegation, sometimes from decades ago with no evidence is enough to demolish a persons life. Can you imagine actually being falsely accused of rape???? Can you imagine the shear mental hell that would you go through. I went through false DV allegations from my ex and that was bad enough. No wonder people top themselves under these situations. Anyone falsely accusing of DV / rape should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and pay financially for emotional and psychological damage.
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    Fucking hell, it’s like you haven’t read it at all: 1 - Be rich. 2 - Be tall and handsome. 3 - Be “already taken”. It’s not rocket science.
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    Sgt Hartman

    No more casting couch.

    Well fuck off then. Seriously, she doesn't want to go down the legal route but she's quite happy to punt her half-story to the tabloids with the usual....'Oooh, who could it be?' cliffhanger, so loved by those who are desperate to keep the spotlight on themselves without the trouble of, y'know, justice and legal stuff. And then to have the sheer brass sack to come out with this: THEN GO TO THE POLICE AND REPORT THEM OFFICIALLY YOU FUCKING DESPICABLE CARROT-DANGLING TWAT!!! Christ almighty!
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    Sgt Hartman

    The end of marriage

    You'd have to be something of a high-end retard to think this was actually the case. Despite what #metoo would prefer, you can't just expect someone to be sent down for ten years because you pointed the finger at them. That's why - thankfully - we have a judicial system to rely on rather than some hysterical fuckwits on twitter. It's not a perfect system by any means but if we went with the 'campaigners' alternative, you'd have probably have a load of 'potential rapist' concentration camps.
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    That happened on referendum day in a nearby village with a remainer who started the evening shouting about racists in the village pub and ended the night by banging on the door at 2am of someone who had dared to hang a St George's flag on their house. That ended with a scuffle in the street and they eventually had to call the police to remove him. Locals reported that the man seemed to be motivated by his agitation at the referendum result more than drink or mental illness. I think some remainers have very fixed ideas about how the world should be and just will not let it go under any circumstances, like that twat in the Count Dankula video in the other thread who keeps banging on 'you are a nazi' because that is what he believes in spite of never having seen any evidence to suggest that it is so.
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    Dave Bloke

    You can run, but you can't hide

    The French are going to start taxing ex-pats as if they still lived in France. So many French people have fucked off abroad with their pensions that it has blown a hole in the French government's finances. The French government is currently introducing legislation that would tax all French income at source at French rates, rather than the rate you might pay in your country of residence - this will hit pensioners who've escaped to Lisbon, Morocco or even Brussels (yes really, Brussels) hard.
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    Standard Mail pissboiler though I'm not sure who's interested in Stacey Dooley having a chat with them. 'Oh honey! Bring a cuppa through as that program with Dooley talking to some crusties is on and I feel the need to hear what they have to say as if I didn't already know!' They're clearly cretins but I could point you to a town where half the population are on the take and it would make this greasy-haired ballbag and his brood look like very small beer indeed.
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    I quite like vegans. But I probably couldn't eat a whole one.
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    Lunatic parenting #123.

    Not very good eco credentials as reproduction is bad for planet.
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    One percent

    Lunatic parenting #123.

    These will be those new age crusties that do the one wheel cycling, bit of juggling or fire eating as a cover for begging. Calling themselves circus performers is a bit of a stretch
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    Wight Flight

    30 mins into a powercut

    It is the only acceptable time to get the fondue set out.
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    I've been catching up on PM's Questions from last week. Mr Johnson really wipes the floor with the Opposition, who look like a bunch of inept district-council jobsworths in their open shirts, ill fitting suits and little name tags round their necks, sitting there looking gormless and then braying like a herd of sheep as soon as they get enough courage to do it together as a group. Corbyn glowers there with his gimlet eye beaming hatred onto the opposite bench, then stands up and chunters on about how the PM needs to obey the law and delay Brexit, as if 'the law' was Almighty God speaking to him personally from on high in some rusty non-conformist tin chapel where he reigns supreme over his deluded congregation of inbred halfwits. I am convinced they have no idea how bad they look to the general public. There was also a great moment on Question Time where a lady (who sounded EE) absolutely roasted the politicians on the panel and told them how sick everybody is of their delays.
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    It's funny because their party conference looked hideously White to me.
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    I’m only pedantic about loose/lose. Oh and practice/practise. My two pet hates. only because only about five percent of the population can get the both correct. I want to raise the game of all dosbodders. Try getting your MP into a corner on either of these and I can almost guarantee that they will get it wrong. Dosbodders need to demonstrate their superiority in any and all ways 👍
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    Didnt watch it. Arseholes.
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    No idea what the damage is, but Aramco is an excellent engineering company. Its the dose of reality to markets that will linger. I don't buy the idea that Saudi is somehow behind this, as though a higher price will benefit the IPO, getting the Aramco facilities bombed effectively wrecks it. Whats the point in investing in a company at 100 dollar oil if half their production is prone to being shut in? But the convenient timing is troubling. I struggle to see how Iran benefits, other than seeing a window of opportunity (created by Trump by warming to Iran and firing Bolton) to create a bit of mayhem. Simplest explanation is usually the right one.
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    Never trust the righteous.
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    10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK

    Its nuts. BBC is making a big ufss about this. And the EUers are making afuss, for their own reasons. For a kids, the school would have a record. For an adult, either a NI history or partners NI contributions. Then surely if theyve been on benefits theres a record there. Or bank statements. Its very very very strange. I would guess the home office is using benefit history as a sign that they cannot stay in the UK. Again, all other EU countries require you to register for residence within a few weeks. Or else.
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    Yes, coincidence. Bearing in mind that the apparent sizes of both the Sun and Moon vary because their distances from Earth vary. So they are not the same apparent size, just roughly the same apparent size. That is why some solar eclipses are annular eclipses, and at other times solar eclipses last longer because the Moon more than covers the Sun. We can see about 60% of the Moon's surface from Earth over time.
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    No but the council house, car and bennies have been.
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    Tommy Robinson thread

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    Merkel worried about UK competing with EU after no deal Brexit https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/11/angela-merkel-stresses-danger-of-britain-becoming-singapore-on-thames-no-deal
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 5

    For the moment I think we'll have to see what transpires with Farage and the Brexit Party despite the strong suspicions. I don't particularly disagree with the general theme of your point but at the moment with the downturn in UKIP the Brexit Party seems to currently offer maybe the only hope for opposition even if there are indeed strong suspicions about the motives because of Farage's dealings with UKIP. We have to accept the cards currently given. What is the alternative? and why not ride TBP and it's No Deal policy for a while and see what turns out. At the very least it lowers the turnout for the LibLabCon and that might be a useful point for debate in future years. So far churning the vote over recent years has been quite successful in a variety of ways and not least exposing the LibLabCon for what they really are. Who knows but Boris might still yet come through
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    The Masked Tulip

    Islamification of Europe

    Definitely does not think it is enrichment. She has no children so is just hoping to live out the next 20 or so years without hassle. Does she not like the mass immigration from the ME and Africa? Yes. But then she feels that it some kind of justice. Bizarre I know. But I suspect it is her hard core Labour roots which has conditioned the thinking process. So she has come round to realising what is happening but cannot make the leap - yet - from thinking that white British man with pith helmet is evil colonialist. Or something like that. I had another conversation on the weekend with a Uni professor, mid 40's with two young sons - one of whom everyone suspects is gong to make someone a lovely wife someday, and I watched her face turn to horror when I explained what the demographic changes to the UK in the 50 years ahead will be. She is a staunch feminist of the man-hating kind, and her job allows her to belittle and bully men in the work-place IMPO, so I found it quite interesting to see the penny begin to drop with her. I pointed out, at her age, she may well live to see the UK become a muslim majority country. I left her having asked what that would mean for her rights and the rights of her sons. I don't have kids myself. I study history and I like to see how things extrapolate out. I suspect the vast majority of SJW type open borders people have not thought things through at all. But I have no kids and perhaps have 30 years left tops on this planet so I just observe the stupidity of those around me. A 1,000 years of European civilisation that gave us so many wonderful things all being fucked up by idiots because their parents did not spank discipline and commonsense into them when they were tantrum toddlers.
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    The size of my room limits the screen diagonal to 101 inches, and I am thinking of getting a mirror and mounting the unit vertically and the mirror at 45 degrees to give a longer ''throw'' and a larger picture. Trouble is you have to buy a special mirror with the mirror surface on the front of the glass or you get a double image. They aren't cheap, and it will make the screen alignment set-up more complex. It cost me 399 quid, full HD and even does 3D if you're into that shite - which I'm not. I get a lot of pleasure for the modest amount of money I spent. XYY
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