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  1. spunko


    How young is young? (early 30s) Can it be there's someone younger than me? Impossible!
  2. This MSM borefest is going to run and run. It's up there with those other stories that nobody normal actually gives a fuck about, alongside Grenfell Tower, the Windrush martyrs and Saint Jo of Cox. Here's the original report of them going from 2015. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11429775/Schoolgirls-joining-Islamic-State-are-not-victims.-Stop-pitying-them.html These are intelligent students who all got A grades, it says. Now they're vulnerable, silly little ex-children who didn't realise what they were getting themselves into apparently. Hmm
  3. spunko

    Boohoo bans wool

    Interesting points and post and generally agree. One thing though, thinking it through. Wild sheep will shed their wool naturally as you say , while commercial stock has been selectively bred to not do this therefore they need to be shaved or they suffer and die. They cannot survive without human input quite simply. The solution then from a welfare perspective would be to breed them back to moult surely...? Many people apparently don't realise this, but whether you agree with it or not, the crux of veganism is that animals are not here to suffer the ills of human avarice and they are not here to simply serve us. I can agree with that although worth stating again I'm not a vegan... Agreed on the environmental angle, polyester clothes will be in landfill for centuries, but don't overlook the methane output from sheep farming either.
  4. spunko

    How much for a box room? 😳

    Easy to get out of, just delay the legal process until their costs exceed the claimed value. All the better if he can find a pro bono solicitor, with this level of press coverage they'll be jumping at the chance. Council money is the easiest to extract from a solicitors point of view.
  5. spunko

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    Korkers sausages a local Kent delicacy if you ever see them being sold give them a try... https://www.korker-sausages.co.uk
  6. spunko

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    I read the title as a Brexit theme park. Damn!
  7. Depends. Is it really that idiotic to suggest people can choose their sexuality? I used to think - yes, very much so, how ridiculous -- as if "promoting" (discussing) homosexuality in primary schools would lead to a child choosing to be gay, what a load of bollocks! - but, with the passage of time it does seem to be becoming apparent that human sexuality is governed at least partly by nurture ; granted not as much as nature. Of course this opens up a whole new can of worms as to if you could choose be gay/straight/etc would you. Regardless, the hyper-sexualised world of today (straight or gay) I am sure most agree should be shielded from 4 year olds. I am not a parent but it seems obvious.
  8. Surely a solution to the "problem". Let's have a drive to recruit openly gay activists into all primary schools in Muslim areas.
  9. spunko

    Slug pellets to be banned

    Haven't you got chickens though? Or am I getting confused.
  10. Top comment: O my goodness wish i had the time to protest about anything actually but alas I have to work :-(
  11. I love it, hugely hypocritical. Let's all protest about the hyper-sexualisation of kids but use our Islamist religion as the reason, neither of which should be permitted in primary schools.
  12. spunko

    Waiting for the Scooby Doo reveal ...

    If he does another term (which I think he will) then Trump will surely go down as one of the top 5 Presidents.
  13. Your argument to let her back in and somehow convince her to see the light assumes good behaviour - is there a difference? We can argue the toss but she's demonstrated already that she has questionable judgement; and at best an indifference to western ways. Why should the onus (and cost) be placed on society to reprogramme her? Why not let her rot in that hellhole she continues to defend. If she were to apologise and accept the mistake then perhaps she'd solicit some sympathy from me. You cannot rehabilitate someone who thinks they've done nothing wrong. Frankly she can stay where she is and with any luck a MOAB will wipe her out. Ps. I've never denied being prejudiced - I certainly am, as we all are. Many people jump through mental hoops to avoid being "prejudiced" that they forgo common sense...
  14. I am not sure what sort of warped mindset lays the blame at the would-be victim's door. This is no different to arguing that the abused wife is heartless for not welcoming back her violent husband.