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  1. spunko

    How's That Remoaner Thing Working Out For Y'All

    Alexa isn't accurate really. plus that's for the USA. Google Trends probably more accurate https://g.co/trends/Aqkhk
  2. spunko

    The dangers of smart motorways

    This is all well and good but it's not fighting the cause, merely the symptom. Anyway, we have quite cheap fuel already compared to earnings in the UK; if you look at say, Poland, their fuel costs are about three times as high relative to the average wage. They don't do car shares over there AFAIK, they just drive less. I don't really understand who these oddballs are that are driving around needlessly in the UK. Are there people just driving down the M25 as they're bored with nothing better to do? You would think so from the way that the gubbermint tells people to only make necessary journeys everytime there's a snow flake...
  3. spunko

    Kingsmen- worth a watch?

    I quite liked that, as you say it was somewhere between good and awful.
  4. Average spend downwards as you infer, but many people will buy fewer presents overall i.e. for fewer people. I know I have, and I'm not suffering from any financial shocks or hard up. Things like presents for the office/colleagues or distant aunties will get cut. They aren't big ticket items but it'll still matter.
  5. spunko

    The second referendum - question

    Nigel is starting to grate. I was a huge fan, I even have his autograph, but his recent cooing about a second referendum makes me wonder if those who say he is nothing but a charlatan that doesn't believe in Brexit, were right all along...
  6. spunko

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Sexual misconduct I think. Probably just looked at a girl the wrong way but still, it's outrageous that they were reinstated immediately before the VONC.
  7. spunko

    Rimless toilet. Anyone got one?

    Well. Most new builds come with those cruddy hidden cistern ones where it's behind a false wall, that you have to remove to get to a blockage or any problems...
  8. spunko

    Bye bye Treason May?

    That's going up very quickly now... Let's hope it gets to 1m.
  9. spunko

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I don't normally get involved with the far-left preaching over at 38 Degrees but they have a petition up calling for a full investigation into the 2x Tory MPs who were quietly reinstated so that they could vote for Treason in the No Confidence vote. If anyone wishes to sign, it's getting a lot of traction. https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/campaigns/4854?utm_source=email&utm_medium=blast&utm_campaign=14_12_2018_oc_leadsomresponsetowhip_flt&bucket=email-blast-14_12_2018_oc_leadsomresponsetowhip_flt (Apologies if already posted, couldn't find it anywhere)
  10. spunko

    No Confidence Motion

    If there is another GE, May the Traitor will lie through the teeth that she is going to go for No Deal. Of course she won't, but enough idiot Tories will believe her, just like they believed her the last time when she said No Deal Was Better Than A Bad Deal with a straight face. Never forget...
  11. spunko

    The second referendum - question

    I am convinced there will be a second referendum now sadly. The gubbermint has been sending out feelers this weekend to their media chums in an attempt to try to gauge reactions, most of which are nowhere near as angry as they should be or very complacent. Very disheartening that the top comment on the DM on this was asking the French to come over and protest - FFS, we are incapable of protesting now apparently. So depressing. "What I find interesting is the term 'People's Vote'. Who do you think the first one was for, then...? Androids? It's ridiculous. (- Alan Johnson).
  12. spunko

    Rimless toilet. Anyone got one?

    Are electric toothbrushes IP6* rated e.g. can they be submerged in water? I assume so but then most outdoor lights are only IP44 or similar. Sorry this is slightly anoraky. As for which toilet id steer clear of those integrated ones where the cistern is behind a wall that needs to be removed. Utter ballache and impo they're quite tacky and look dated in a few years.
  13. spunko

    Rimless toilet. Anyone got one?

    To be honest the toilet rim is one of cleanest places in the home IIRC so don't suppose this will make much difference and seems overkill. Looks nicer though
  14. spunko

    Bank notes not celebrating diversity

    They will just reduce the requirements so it doesn't need a scientist. They'll probably put Nadiya on it. Is there a Dosbods bet? She's mine. I'd struggle to know or care what BAME even means.
  15. spunko

    No Confidence Motion

    Corbyn won't be their leader for long after he's PM they'll kick him out and replace with McDonnell, I suspect. Or the Blairites will organise a phony coup