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  1. spunko2010

    Reading DOSBODS in public.

    Well it'd be nice for someone to sign up who actually was genuine. It seems the last 10 signups have been the same troll who thinks they can slip through the net.
  2. spunko2010

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Whatever username or proxy/VPN you use, BruceBanner, No Duff, TheC0untofN0where, it'll never work. Go away.
  3. spunko2010

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    At first I laughed at it, but if you read it again, it's actually very sad. A good example of how identity politics is massively destructive .
  4. spunko2010

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I found this on reddit. I think it's real. https://old.reddit.com/r/changemyview/comments/885z0a/cmv_as_a_young_white_man_in_america_i_feel/
  5. spunko2010


    I dunno, my views change on a lot of things after reading about them and considering them some more. It's why I like the ChangeMyView subreddit. Example: https://old.reddit.com/r/changemyview/comments/8jzpca/cmv_people_who_have_been_wrongfully_imprisoned/ If the person making the arguments is calm and reasoned I would consider their points at least.
  6. spunko2010

    A good news story. The boys in the cave.

    Let's not forget he partly founded PayPal. One of the most iniquitous companies around and should be shut down. There were red flags for years that Musk was a prick....
  7. spunko2010

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    It costs down here (Kent) about £15 a day for cement mixer hire, and £25 a day for a basic whacker plate. + VAT. I'd definitely recommend at least one of them. It might be a bit cheaper if you're not in the SE.
  8. spunko2010

    Frozen Sweetcorn

    Salmonella probably, that's the one I used to get in my early cooking days. It drags on for a few days and you feel a bit shit the whole time, but until you've had full blown E.Coli or campylobacter poisoning where you're emitting from both ends and wanting to die after 30 minutes of consuming some reheated rice you shouldn't complain too much
  9. spunko2010

    I predict a riot. A pussy riot.

    Just in case anyone like One Percent is mad enough to browse DOSBODS at work I've added a NSFW tag
  10. spunko2010

    Not safe zones

    The format isn't recognised by the DVLA I suspect. Although saying that I saw a BMW X5 with a number plate in this kind of format the other week: J145A , eg LNNNL. No idea where that's from. I reported it to the non-emergency police number as they'd locked their dog inside and the operator was adamant I had the plate wrong
  11. spunko2010

    Changing email address

    @blobloblob I think it's because the person trying to change it is using btinternet.com email, and they don't seem to like DOSBODS. It's probably in their spam folder. Either way I have approved it now so they should be okay to login.
  12. spunko2010

    Twat of the day.

    Never had you down as a twat fan
  13. spunko2010

    Twat of the day.

    Would it help if I also nominated Tim McGraw?
  14. spunko2010

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    If you've not got an angle grinder then i wouldn't hire one, you can get a screwfix erbauer? one for 35 quid.
  15. spunko2010

    Twat of the day.

    Somewhat out of the blue but I'd like to nominate Billy Ray Cyrus.