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  1. spunko2010

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    It'd help to understand the scoring system. Does village cricket drag on for 6 hours or whatever it is?
  2. I had a magpie in my garden that couldn't use either of it's legs. It just laid there flapping. I had the shovel ready to kill it but couldn't bring myself to do the deed, having killed my injured chicken the day before which was unpleasant, so then i thought, sod it I'll put it in a box with newspaper and leave it for a bit. A few hours later it was gone... checked my cameras and it just flew away. This is my advice to the OP unless it's in obvious pain.
  3. spunko2010

    Mental health thread

    He was a spammer
  4. spunko2010

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    You missed the chance for a poll here Count
  5. spunko2010

    Name that flower

    I'd agree with swampy. Without seeing the leaves or habit etc it's not really possible to know.
  6. spunko2010

    Property Bee - dead or alive

    Thanks @TheCountOfNowhere I don't use Chrome normally but I'll give it a try. Let's hope they bring out a Firefox version.
  7. spunko2010

    Places you'd like to visit

    I was really hoping someone else would want to go to Israel, but it seems not, only me. Lebanon isn't far away though.
  8. spunko2010

    Ahh was pikey

    Does Dolly Parton lie on her back? *Although that doesnt really work because the answer is NO not YES. Nevermind. I doubt anyone will identify them. I wouldn't if I knew them. Since they don't go to school nor work, it's unlikely they know anyone outside of the gypo community who is willing to name them. Even if they do, the RSPCA won't bring a private prosecution against a pikey.
  9. spunko2010

    Mumsnet, are the all there?

    I used to get that (I bought a house about 4 years in the end). It was up there with "When are you settling down?" and "when are you having kids"? If I was in a bad mood and didn't particularly like the person then a short, sharp FUCK. OFF worked.
  10. spunko2010

    Fugly individually designed

    "Architect designed" is one of my favourite EA terms. Find me a house that hasn't been designed by an architect.
  11. Hopefully they'll gamble in the comfort of their own shower-free caravans and keep away from the High Street. That's worth £450M alone.
  12. Surely a bit too black and white. Their removal costs the taxman £450M but wider society benefits to many multiples of that in reduced crime. These gambling shops are hotbeds for the dregs of society. I read somewhere that IIRC ~70% of all fraud cases are committed by gambling addicts.
  13. spunko2010

    Mumsnet, are the all there?

    You're lucky... The average wage where I live is £25k and the average 2.5 bedroom semi is about £500k. Basically more than double the price of where you live. It's a disaster. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-65264623.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-62276020.html
  14. spunko2010

    Mumsnet, are the all there?

    What options are there remaining for the government to keep prices high? Very few now. Maybe tearing up all planning restrictions.
  15. spunko2010

    Salamander (BBC4) - TV programme

    I don't normally like political dramas (or any dramas, really). It's about the fictional Belgian Prime Minster's (thinly-veiled EU references abound) attempts to stay in power, doing some dodgy deals in Africa, political espionage etc. It'd be a spoiler to mention the last episode's plot so all I'll say is, a lot of HPC/DOSBODers etc will probably appreciate it (financial/corruption) etc. The main draw is the acting standards though - the reason I can't watch most TV due to awful ham acting but there's very little here. It also manages the amazing feat of making Belgium look rather beautiful, even Brussels. I have only briefly been , but I wouldn't mind going again now. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/apr/14/saturdays-best-tv-salamander-blood-diamonds-britains-got-talent