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  1. Rape is culturally normal for them. Women are second class citizens in their country.
  2. They don’t make them like they used to

    Happiness and boredom never go together. I just don't think you'd get bored working that hard 7 days a week, stopping only for church on a Sunday.
  3. They don’t make them like they used to

    I can't imagine running 80 acres by yourself! That must be one of those 18 hour days, 7 days a week setups. No wonder she couldn't find the time to get married etc. Of course nowadays you could just approach Redrow, get outline consent, and sell it for a couple of million.
  4. Center Parcs

    Don't know where you live but try Wales. In remote Carmarthenshire where family live you can go days without seeing a car. Anyone else noticed that many of these companies boycotting the DM are "European" owned? Center Parcs is Dutch, LEGO is Danish.
  5. Steptoe and dead child abuse dosser

    At least if Dustbyn does get in to number 10 there are going to be so many gaffes. Theresa is a cardboard cutout of a real person .
  6. Center Parcs

    Center Parcs is a load of bollocks. I'm already boycotting them because the thought of paying £2k a week to rent a 70s prefab in a resort in the woods surrounded by screaming middle class kids doesn't appeal.
  7. Steptoe and dead child abuse dosser

    Updated thread title as appropriate
  8. DOSBODS Quiz Time - Which one is the male?

    I am as confused as these trannies are. So are there 3 transgendered people or only 1?
  9. I wish, but so many debt bubbles will implode and I can't see any politician pressing that button. More likely what will happen is Shariza tears up the planning laws even further and lets housebuilders run riot.
  10. Halal food

  11. Halal food

    There's a great one in the US called Mercy For Animals, their adverts are matter of fact and not anything like PETA et al. It's a shame we don't have them here.
  12. Targeted press release carried across all MSM outlets simultaneously... I'm suspicious, Shariza is planning something.
  13. Someone report the So-Called BBC to the Diversity Police, these people are all hideously white. How on earth did this get through???
  14. Steptoe and dead child abuse dosser

    I guess but can they pay cash? i just assumed tramps didn't have bank accounts maybe they do though and just register it at a hostel.
  15. Mass shooting Florida

    They all seem to think it's a false flag... And that he looks like he's a Foetal Alcohol Syndrome sufferer which may be true.