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  1. Older than 40, what a fucking joke https://mobile.twitter.com/search?q=coventry school asylum
  2. Wrong, in Catholic teaching there is no obligation to receive medical treatment. That's more of a desperate dying atheists thing.
  3. I remember a French bloke complaining about how he brought a fine French liqueur to Finland with him and they just drank it like Coke
  4. If there is any sort of barrier to cross then that becomes a lot less clear.
  5. A lot of them don't seem to understand that a shopping centre or industrial estate is not necessarily a public place.
  6. Well into my 50s and I'm the same size and weight as when I was 21.
  7. Close on a million French were brutally expelled from Algeria upon independence. Time to return the favour.
  8. True, so surely the correct answer to the question 'what for?' is 'in satisfaction of your debt'.
  9. A cone of perfect chips, a chip shop pie eaten outside in winter, a blast of air that lifts the summer skirt of a pretty young woman
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