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  1. If they ever call, if, then Say nothing Believe nothing they say Close the door The end
  2. I started doing that two sleeps thing, from around mid-40s I think.
  3. £13 per person, half a weeks food, not exactly a stockpile.
  4. I understand the bottleneck is not manufacturing the mask but weaving the fibrous raw material. The machinery is very specialised, almost hand made, so it doesn't scale up quickly as expensive machinery like that needs to be running long hours even in normal times.
  5. That sounds like the BCG vaccination, which is said to have a protective effect with Corona (graphs posted earlier: countries with routine BCG vaccination have around 10x less infection rates) [snap]
  6. Shopping today. On the bus home a bloke in his 30s crying, 'she just had a cold then her heart stopped', seemed like his wife/girlfriend.
  7. The Military Police are the soldiers wearing red caps
  8. Everyone with a slice of the the value-added* (shareholders, HMRC, employees, landlords, suppliers) need to be made to understand that there is no pie to share out for the time being. Economic activity has ceased and that's that for a while, you're nothing special, pass it on. * price - raw material cost
  9. Maybe it will end up like that zombie film where they are on the roof of a shopping centre and on the next roof someone holds up a placard saying 'Grrrrr, Aghhhh'
  10. Need to change the bearings on the washing machine, sometime...