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  1. She clearly wears the penis in that household.
  2. I'm not so sure about that, there are several different types of Moroccans, the Berbers in the mountains seem a bit more relaxed about things than some northern/city types. Morocco is complex.
  3. That's some very expensive peace of mind, peace of mind for British Gas that is.
  4. There are three separate elements - boiler, hot water tank, central heating radiators - why change a boiler when your radiators need cleaning out?
  5. Well I hope they are tougher than that last lot of RN puffs who started crying
  6. Panther

    Nothing much

    A young man, maybe 24, straggly beard, girl's hair, not just long - it has a wave in it, 'trousers' like girls' pyjama bottoms, flaccid, patterned, foil-wrapped packed lunch he made himself but it's tangy foreign muck, eating it like a squirrel gnawing on a nut, fuck off
  7. No, recognise that correlation is in fact significant and invites experimentation.
  8. But that's all bollocks though. Whatever stats you might come up with the mantra will always be 'correlation is not causation'. But you can never show causation as economics is not a science.
  9. Club sandwich is a vaguely American BLT with chicken
  10. With those angles she has actually made a chair that positively demands that her cuck spreads his legs as wide as wide can be - yet he hasn't. Her chair on the other hand, how exactly does that extra bit of wood make her throw her legs our like that - it doesn't.
  11. I see she found Ed Sheeran's tattooist, seriously sub-prison bodge quality
  12. I think manslaughter is an option subsequent to a murder charge
  13. I think that's a Personofcolourjack table