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  1. It's all sounding like forced jollity isn't it, you will all laugh in clockwise sequence.
  2. Does the fat bastard never look out of his car window?
  3. Just have a lie in then a nice McDonalds breakfast
  4. Just had another chat with my A&E nurse neighbour (regional hospital, A&E is corona only). She says there has been a big increase in admissions recently. This is not one of the places on the longer lockdown list.
  5. Panther

    Escape from LA

    Rifle would have been good for taking out the leader, pump action shotgun for the advancing mob, handgun for closer up.
  6. Panther

    King Cunt

    On the face of it the film is a simple story of skinheads and nazis but, more deeply, a story of second generation immigrant alienation and belonging - it's even in the title This is England, in the sense of 'not where I'm from'. Stephen Graham was ideal for the role.
  7. It's just a swap of fixed for variable.
  8. Panther

    King Cunt

    Also, Combo in This is England is a mixed-race character. It all starts to make sense doesn't it.
  9. In Christianity God doesn't make everything happen, he lets things run and observes our reaction.
  10. Cheeky bastards, like they ever paid you for commuting time.
  11. One of my teenage mates looked just like Lewis Hamilton, he was always getting grief from nig nogs.
  12. Panther


    What if libertarianism/authoritarianism exists on a cycle and all you get to choose is what flavour.
  13. Yes, everything is a 'black box' to them. I remember once doing some important calculation on a post it note, real back of a fag packet stuff, when the black box failed and everyone was amazed, truly amazed. Someone even framed it!