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  1. Panther

    Khmer Rouge former leaders charged with genocide

    I see, they were a postmodern Hitler, doing it with irony, therefore not genocide.
  2. Panther

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Just needs some gormless teenager to ask why he cannot go to Benidorm now
  3. Panther

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Agreed. There is a total failure of vision in all factions, clinging to one union or another no matter what.
  4. Panther

    Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    Al Murray is a posh twat, talk to someone in UK insurance about 'Indian fire' for the real story.
  5. Panther

    Bye bye Treason May?

    That's fine, the Loose Women can sell these British workers some of their nourishing cupcakes
  6. In other words, the response was: 'mansplaining'
  7. Panther

    A world without empathy

    Wasn't it that Belgium was forced to take over a colony held privately by the King of Belgium because of the appalling way it was being administered.
  8. Panther

    Fruit flies

    If you mean those little flies then yes, there always seems to be one somewhere near a sink no matter how many times I put 'it' out of the window.
  9. Panther

    TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    It's to do with something she said that you didn't hear so didn't react 'correctly' to.
  10. Panther

    Remembrance Zealots

    He forgot the 11 seconds, what a plonker.
  11. Panther

    ASK FRANK...!!!

    My money is on some brown asbestos he got fromt' pit, an Arthur Scargill.
  12. Panther

    ASK FRANK...!!!

    Brian Ferry wants his hair back
  13. Panther

    Remembrance Zealots

    I had a neighbour who I caught on local tv news a few years ago at a Remembrance parade. The reporter asked him live if he thought it was all worth it, clearly expecting a different answer to the one he got...
  14. Panther

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    'and here is a lost ballot box full of votes that I found earlier...'