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  1. Panther

    Weirdest/worst job interviews.

    Interviewed by a woman in a short skirt, maybe a bit too short, while talking she suddenly says 'cock' then looks a bit confused.
  2. Panther

    What colour babies?

    Is that the one who looks like she's been in a fight, then creosoted?
  3. Panther

    Driving habits that annoy me intensely.

    I expect he had a beer in the cup holder too
  4. Panther

    Guess whose house it is

    Rod's house is actually quite tasteful, from the outside anyway. Most of the others look like a fucking Harvester
  5. Panther

    Driving habits that annoy me intensely.

    Now that's excitement
  6. Panther

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    File alongside Twycross Zoo and Drayton Manor Park. I remember those 'Wicksteed' steps being on just about every slide in every childrens playground in the 60s and 70s
  7. Panther

    Protecing customers.....

    Maybe the NHS should start asking why it cuts off the balls and tits of perfectly healthy people instead?
  8. Panther

    Chinese, Not SJW, Just Get on With Shit

    Yes, I don't mind the Chinks at all.
  9. Panther

    Yellow Pulped

    Got one a few weeks ago, I might recover it from the recycling bin. Anyone seen a Thomson directory lately? Can't remember getting one of those for years.
  10. Panther

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    I would have thought that simply 'people not in the police' were the single most underrepresented group...
  11. Panther

    American Police

    Those cunts need to get a life sentence for that. Crazed with power and out of control. It's like they're playing Simon Says with him.
  12. Panther

    Trump's progress

    Trump is truly a master of trolling
  13. Panther

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    The first thing you do in a riot is stand under the streetlights with a brick and aim straight up.
  14. Panther

    Freelander of Peace

    He'll get Markle, next time
  15. Panther


    So your teachers and the boys from the school next door saw your knickers, who else :p