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  1. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Compliment only if she angles for one and seems vulnerable. Compliments are for reassurance only and never effusive.
  2. Which Father Ted character are you?

    Mrs Doyle, it was the tea that did it Mrs Doyle You're loyal to a fault and love nothing more than looking after others. You shouldn’t be crossed though. Someday your prince will come.
  3. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Given that comment, be careful you are not sliding into 'midlife crisis' mode. Those new clothes you got, so slim and tight that they have stretch marks when you wear them? Dousing yourself in that cologne?
  4. Islamification of Europe

  5. Jordan Peterson

    Brand being a vacuous airhead again
  6. How to be lazy

    Libraries, even central libraries, have been massively dumbed-down. I asked for the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary in my nearest central library a while back and got directed to an area full of every language dictionary you could think of except an English one, baffled looks when I came back and asked for it again, librarians ain't what they used to be. More likely to find the collected works of Skepta than anything technical.
  7. Exaggerated buttocks lol, I don't remember seeing that on the Black and White Minstrels Show
  8. On the wicker basket thing, I seem to be realigning myself away from Sainsburys towards the local Polish shop, it's like an old-style butcher, baker, greengrocer and fishmonger in one shop but with some strange choices. Just veg for now but will be going on to meat and fish too I think. All from Poland ffs
  9. DOSBODS Quiz Time - Which one is the male?

    You picked only one but there are three therefore you are really a gay, that seems to be the 'logic'. It's Derren Brown-style manipulation, it can't be one of the more obvious ones because there are more than one of them
  10. How to be lazy

    Save the effort of wiping your arse by staying sat on the toilet in between shits
  11. DOSBODS Quiz Time - Which one is the male?

    This is like an exam that has been set wrongly, what is the point
  12. DOSBODS Quiz Time - Which one is the male?

    The premise was there was one so all sorts of prioritising will have taken place. If you want a scatterg6n then I go for 2, 5, 7, 9
  13. DOSBODS Quiz Time - Which one is the male?

    I went for 5 but 9 was next. Overthinking it maybe, something about the directness of number 5.