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  1. The McDonalds Big Breakfast was great, kept you going until well into the afternoon and used to be £2 something but now seems to have disappeared from the menu.
  2. What is it about Police twitters that makes them so uniquely irritating.
  3. Royal titles are things like Prince or Princess, so Harry will no longer be a Prince (Meghan was never a Princess in the first place) so just plain old Duke and Duchess from now on.
  4. Is RAF Croughton one of those places that are really USAF bases, little Americas where they drive on the wrong side? If so then there's an easy answer...
  5. Idiots, imbeciles, morons, lunatics and cretins are particularly welcome to apply
  6. Same thing, never heard of him, but now I do, he looks just like his dad.
  7. Weird, I was just minded of a bloke years ago who told me the whole UK Bacardi supply came in on a tanker every month and you should definitely not drink it.
  8. I had a deep fried black pudding once, it was lovely!
  9. That's known as shroud waving. Imagine you have been raped in the arse by a demon then ran over by a roadroller, etc
  10. In hospital a while back listening to a bloke in the opposite bed who had banged his head being told he had a brain tumour. Asymptomatic, small, may never develop but they saw it on the scan so they had to tell him. And also the DVLA, his job was driving.
  11. Swedes are a very highly conformist lot, they move as one.
  12. I preferred to insert a strimmer cord bent to just the width of a 10p (which is the reason payphone slots close and open...)
  13. Bureaux de change or, back on topic, a casino
  14. Would work if you had to explain 1k in your pocket* but not a 100k lifestyle. (* and you wouldn't have to put everything through the machine, several lots of 1k could be 'explained' using the same slip)