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  1. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    Nice dress watch, the typical Rolex is a sports watch. Day date in gold and two-tone submariner-type models look terrible but a date or datejust with the less showy options can look great, I like the 'roulette' date wheel (alternate red and black dates) for some understatement
  2. MRICS

    A bit of a blinkered view so far. Chartered Surveyors specialise in buying, selling and managing commercial property, a more professional estate agent/letting agent for the clued up. Now, how about Quantity Surveyors...any ideas?
  3. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    That all sounds very Gender Studies to me, non-sequiter piled upon non-sequiter. I doubt such currently fashionable scholarship will date well. After all, by their own dismissive critical method 'they would say that wouldn't they'
  4. Islamification of Europe

    "When I first met the tenants they were very keen to move in, if a little pushy. They were really energetic, and as couple in their 40s they were in the prime of their life. They hinted at trouble with a previous landlord but it's hard to tell what somebody is like until they're under your roof." In a few years it will be 'when I first met the Syrians, etc...'
  5. Most attractive woman on the planet?

    Heysel certainly was a bit of a landmark, I remember a mate stopped his van to tell me and disbelief in the pub later on, and we weren't particularly into football either
  6. So Darwinian natural selection as itself teleological, interesting
  7. Windrush

    So the Windrush was a Nazi troopship... So the Windrush only made the one voyage from the Caribbean... lol of lols, I will enjoy this in the re-telling
  8. High functioning autism....

    I had a friend who insisted her son was autistic from when he was a baby, telling me don't bother playing with him he's autistic, always fighting for him to be treated as autistic, etc. As a man none of it made sense to me, that man/boy spark was there but it seemed to me the poor lad fitted into the mould his mother made for him (she had chased the father away so no correction from there). Now after a childhood spent in special schools he really is a spaz
  9. Very, very poorly

    If the rash is around a cut I would be more concerned about that than by the stomach upset
  10. Indifferent Indians

  11. Roller garage doors

    To a woman, if she has done what is needed to do something then it is done, even if it hasn't worked
  12. Indifferent Indians

  13. Wetherspoons large breakfast

    Most social media postings from organisations seem to be met with apathy anyway, either that or inchoate anger, so yes, why bother
  14. excellent adverts

    I was surprised to see that advert, amongst all the usual shite, on a UK freeview channel. Refreshing, and yes, very tempting
  15. Behind the mask

    Had to look up who he was, was worth it!