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  1. No idea now, but was a bit more involved than that.
  2. How is one now meant to draw a black cartoon character? If it's no frizzy hair and no big lips then that's just a white cartoon character in blackface.
  3. I remember once trying to get Visual Basic to find the next empty cell in a spreadsheet. Fuck me, it was like inventing a round thing that isn't completely round but round in only one direction.
  4. Not really. Animals compete, often quite savagely, within their own species while staying on good terms with other species.
  5. Panther

    No Phil?

    He's just shedding his skin, he'll be fine.
  6. Is it as simple as: the interest amount paid on a bond stays the same throughout its life so if a bond value goes down then that implies a higher interest rate is now required
  7. That'll be piss, cigarette butts and arse scrapings then.
  8. A favourite of travelling fairs
  9. He looks like Fred West after some dental work
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