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  1. Single mother plus mong child tends to be a very unhealthy relationship.
  2. Reminds me of when I had noisy neighbours in an apartment block. After a while I adjusted the fire door next to their front door to slam shut with no hesitation and massive force. I even heard them discussing in cowered voices why the fucking noise was so loud
  3. Panther


    That looks like a nice office chair, for one of those 1970s TV offices with a decanter of whisky and a view over the Thames.
  4. Panther


    Compare the shit map to a Christianity in India map...
  5. That was a great night, I remember posting this on Facebook about 4am
  6. Sadly that's true, nobody is interested in your innocence, only your guilt.
  7. I was arrested for a serious offence back in the 90s (more serious than rape) and you really do begin to doubt yourself once in the Police Station. Interview after interview, sat there in your Tyvek paper suit, hallucinating with tiredness and shock in your cell, trying to stay 'no comment' when every question is crying out for you to reply. I can believe that people make false admissions. But his mother and his friends asking him 'did you do it'. That is disgusting behavior, I had that just once and nearly hit the bloke.
  8. Yep, Stewart Lee is a lefty cunt (or is he?) but he's a good comedian.
  9. If there is nothing growing on it there is usually a reason.
  10. I got one of those too, I guess we live in similar areas.
  11. I remember being driven around in those felt like being driven around in your bed!
  12. Christ, what a load of nonsense that was. Normal bloke here, does nothing for me.
  13. According to the Daily Mail, as his mentor and having a special bond Merritt was first to confront Khan. I can imagine how that went You are not just letting me down, most of all you are letting yourself down...