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  1. Yes, they were following a Pied Piper so had no idea what they were doing, marching in London
  2. Or simpler still, they didn't know why they were marching in London
  3. What my English teacher said I was, truculent
  4. I had a pint three days ago, for me that seems to be the usual position
  5. Like Fulford Hall you mean? not some fucking tradesman's offices
  6. Agreed, and the posh black one too. If Harry wanted a Princess Brownnipples he should have gone for her.
  7. Maybe it had just entered overhead line territory from third rail or unelectrified.
  8. He'd be hiding under the bed, half afraid and half aroused
  9. Spoiler Mike has no willy, it was bitten off by a Pyrenean mountain dog during a freak skiing accident.
  10. When you think about it though, he's correct (but for the wrong reason).
  11. Panther

    Tax question

    It doesn't matter. If you make a loss this year you can carry the loss into next year to reduce taxable profits next year. Simpler still, if you are not trading yet you could just call it 'preliminary expenses' and put it into next year as that would be your first year of trading.
  12. I doubt it's a law though. As far as your business goes it will matter if you are sole trader or limited, what Italian law says about establishing a business and how your customers feel about having to pay into a foreign bank in a foreign currency. Maybe some dual setup using local banks and local currencies through two seperate entities, but the Devil (=Taxman) is in the detail.