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  1. To be fair the blokes aren’t gods gift either ... Incelamatics might be more apt. (And yes; it does take one to know one!)
  2. Just stumbled across this randomly - maximum cringe and a reminder why I don’t wanna work anywhere that has the US corporate culture. Tagging @gibbon who I know will cringe extra hard as this is what he chose to escape IIRC. (I know; I’m a cynic...)
  3. Go on. Click on it and let us know what it is. Don't make me do it while I'm on the work VPN.
  4. All evidence indicates that Covid has led to another boom on top of a boom for Northern Ireland house prices. As in, it appears house prices are doing better now than they would have done had the lockdown not happened 8 months ago. See below for a first hand account - people with higher Dublin / London wages moving back to NI to work from home. Shows me for daring to think "well surely this will stop price rises". Sucks for people on NI wages though! From ToS: https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/236117-cornona-effects-on-house-prices/page/12/&t
  5. Yep 100%. The plebs have some sort of weird ego investment in it, even though most of them will never see the money, and it just fucks up the lives of the generations after that have to pay twice as much for the same quality of life.
  6. Joe Rogan/Alex Jones podcast - about to hit 7 million views. I watched the whole thing myself over the last couple of days; very entertaining stuff.
  7. As a software developer, you should be able to write a better bug description than this Pin!
  8. I do wonder how many heads would have to be cut off, how many stabbings would have to happen, when the average person would have to admit there is a problem. No normie conversations I hear ever mention the beheadings, the stabbings, any of this. They'll talk about Trump if he's done something that triggers them. When I had dinner with a few folk during the brief break from the lockdown one of them was ranting about Trump and how offensive he was being for calling it "a plague from China". No discussion of china itself, just the Orange Man and his hurty words. Equally if I were t
  9. ..... notice that in the background you can see four different commercial premesis; 3 of which are empty (the phones 4 u on the left shut ages ago). Only surviving one is Burger King. This is Royal Avenue, the main street in Belfast City Centre that leads up to the City Hall. #NIEconomicMiracle
  10. Up to 5 million views 12 hours later...will get to 10 mil easily.
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