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  1. I was walking through town in Belfast today when I passed an alleyway; this one for anyone interested:,-5.93271,47.61h,-2.43p,1.91z I approached it I saw one Muslim family after another leaving it, with bags full of food. One of them even had a pram filled with food. Many of them were examining/going over the food as they left, as if they'd just picked it up. This is the organization: I'm presuming it's some sort of Food Bank, albeit only for Muslims. Or perhaps I got completely the wrong end of the stick.
  2. I know, right? The other day we thought that Megan had her over a barrel. Evidently not.
  3. I kinda meant gym vs walking in terms of being better for overall health. Walking 3 miles a day vs the average 3 days a week in the gym that most people put in. We're in complete agreement that food is very important, and that most people's diets in the UK are total dogshit. I have basically cut all processed sugars out of my diet, nearest thing to sweets that I eat is my little bit of 85% dark chocolate that I have with my daily coffee. I'm practically teetotal too because I never was a big drinker and historically prone to depression so better off the drink. Any meat I eat is the best quality I can get my hands on (no sniggering at the back) - wild salmon, organic chicken ect.... Congratulations on getting healthy....but isn't is shocking that your doctor had 'never seen anything like it', as if eating healthy was some sort of miracle? Says everything about what's wrong with medical care these days.
  4. ....because you don’t wipe your arse?
  5. My new phone has a step tracker thingy built in and it turns out I walk an average of 3 miles a day as part of normal day to day life. Id imagine that’s higher than average but 50 years ago would have been lower than average. You don’t think of it as exercise as such but it probably does more to keep you skinny than the gym.
  6. JoeDavola


    Exactly - I’d be impressed at someone declaring they wanted to be a mother and housewife if: 1. They were 25 or younger. 2. It wasn’t yet another avenue to fuel the endless fucking narcism that plagues women these days.
  7. JoeDavola


    I watched the vid and whilst I wouldn’t want to marry a femnazi I also don’t think I’d want someone who made a big thing about being a tradwife. Both would ring alarm bells. Anyone who has to identify with a movement does. And anyway, the woman in question mentions she has the London career girl life when she was younger - it’s just another case of a woman hitting the Epiphany Phase, wanting a family, sand discovering that actually most jobs are shite, so expecting someone to swoop in and fund her life, be it a man, the government, or a wee non-job somewhere.
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    Richard O’Brien’s let herself go...
  9. This is the thing, so many of these 'family houses' only have two useable bedrooms. For 200K. And here's a good summary of the economics of NI:
  10. Another mental example, this would have been £130K in 2013, now it's £ furniture cause they don't want you to realize how narrow the living room is:
  11. My father and I have been reciting that one to each other for decades Bloke starts out all friendly....."hey jake, free man what's new....what's happenin'....." " got that money you owe us motherfucka...?"
  12. "Gonna look pretty funny tryna eat corn on the cop with no FUCKIN' TEETH...."