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  1. JoeDavola

    The DOSBODS Weekly Weigh In

    Thanks for the post, and also welcome to the site. I hope you'll hang around; new posters are always welcome here and you won't be moderated! I have oats for breakfast every morning with some blueberries and a kiwi and a few nuts - really love the taste of them just plain, however I decided to do a calorie check on 'em - I have one cup of them every morning which is 80g which according to the packaging is just under 300 calories. So it would probably do me no harm to double the portion to 2 cups worth, which would bring my breakfast to a total of about 800 calories. For lunch I generally have one very large sweet potato with a can of black beans and a mix of vegetables and a few nuts. Dinner varies. I'm trying to get back into making smoothies too - easy to drink calories. I agree protein shakes aren't necessary for what my needs - I should be able to achieve a healthy weight using 'real' food. It's ironic that 'health' stores seem to be full of various tubs of powder these days as if that's the route to health! Exercise-wise a typical day will be: - 10 minute stretching routine followed by 40 odd minutes of resistance training in my flat before I go to work (I enjoy that much more than the gym because I can do it in front of the telly and don't have to wait for anything) - walking for about 30-50 minutes over the course of the day (commute, walk at lunch, walk to gym - some people mightn't class this as exercise but I'm going to) - 25 minutes cardio every other day after work (rowing machine/cross trainer/exercise bike - depends what mood I'm in), on non-cardio days I go to the sauna for a while ....I did all three of these today (sauna, not cardio), and I've been stuffing my face all day. Had breakfast an hour before working out at home, and by the time I'd finished the workout and walked to work I was starving again. Bought a sandwich and had that as well as my normal lunch that I bring to work. Reckon I'll have had 6 meals before the days over; I like routine though so would rather simplify it to 3 big meals. Do you find it easy enough to keep lean, to not carry too much fat, as a former skinny bloke who's put on a few stone?
  2. JoeDavola


    Think of it as a high score! Something to be proud of. Happy birthday!
  3. JoeDavola

    DOSBODS mugs

    Am I witnessing the birth of a new anti-SJW merchandise store? T shirts, mugs, keyrings, the usual shite... How about a range of T shirts/vests/boxer shorts/socks i.e. clothing that you wear under your work clothes, so your co-workers can't see them, that effectively tell your co-workers/your boss/the HR department to go fuck themselves?
  4. JoeDavola

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I remember a long term friend of the family was going out with an alpha bloke and then dumped him, and ended up marrying a very beta dude. The reason for dumping the alpha bloke was, in my mum's words, 'because he wouldn't commit' - bear in mind they were living together at the time, so I'm guessing commit means that he wouldn't marry her. So fast forward 5 years and she marries the beta. My admittedly pessimistic post Red Pill self looked at the situation and thought 'well if she'd really wanted the alpha as a person, as a partner in life, she'd have stayed with him regardless of marriage; what she wanted at that point was a husband, and Mr Beta just a bloke that fit the prerequisites for that position at that point in time'. I kept my thoughts to myself, but then after 5 years of marriage, and with a very young son, she's split up from Mr Beta. She had her big wedding day. She had her baby. I wonder if Mr Beta is surplus to requirements now.
  5. JoeDavola

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Exactly. It's the fact that it's not even satire; it's just shockingly honest. If I didn't know any better I'd guess that the person who wrote it was a closet MGTOW-er.
  6. JoeDavola

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    It appears to be - there's loads of comments under the video from women saying how much they love the advert.
  7. JoeDavola

    DOSBODS mugs

    I don't want any DOSBODS branded tat, lest it lead to the normies around me finding this website and knowing what goes on in my head. I'm always more than happy however, to throw spunko a few quid to pay for the hosting and maintenance of this, if a gofundme or something like that could be set up to allow anonymous donations.
  8. JoeDavola

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    OK; now I've seen it all. This advert just appeared before a YouTube video I was watching; it's not being ironic or's a wedding ring company selling wedding rings to Beta Bucks whilst referring to 'Jose', her alpha fux from 5 years ago. It has to be seen to be believed:
  9. JoeDavola

    I think we'd better be going home now, Johnny!

    They'd let me go and hire contractors from the other side of the world to do the job (badly) at the cost of hundreds of pounds a day. They don't do pay deals on permie staff; never have never will.
  10. JoeDavola

    jails taken over by the inmates

    Looks like my local Weatherspoons on a Saturday night. Or any other night.
  11. JoeDavola

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Funny how she thinks of herself as having some sort of high socioeconomic status (and therefore entitled to a man who has even more high status), yet she only had 6 grand in savings at the age of 50.
  12. JoeDavola

    I think we'd better be going home now, Johnny!

    Yes I do something very similar - I usually only do about two hours of real work a day, but that's two hours of proper no bullshit flow state work; and I still run rings around most of my co-workers because of how lazy and/or incompetent they are. I could probably be 2 to 3 times as productive as I am, but I'd not get any more money for it. I spent my 20's as a stressed out workaholic, so trying to fight against that now. As it is, all the most difficult work comes my way, and I don't get a penny more than my peers for that either.
  13. JoeDavola

    I think we'd better be going home now, Johnny!

    I like that idea. In the last 3 years, 3 people I knew have died suddenly at a young age (all under 35); two suicides and an accidental overdose. I think of them quite often, especially when I worry about shit that doesn't really matter e.g. getting worried about work politics and whether I'm being 'ambitious' enough helps put things in perspective - I'm basically trying to perfect the art of not taking things too seriously. Easier said than done!
  14. JoeDavola

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Cause of death: Multiculturalism.
  15. JoeDavola

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Yes I read a while back that for many (most?) men over say 70, when prostate cancer is detected they would never have lived long enough for it to actually kill them. Diet and lifestyle interventions have been shown to lower PSA levels, so taking steps now to keep your PSA at it's lowest natural level sounds a better bet than being biopsied (which comes with significant risk) and then operated on (which comes with a bigger risk).