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  1. JoeDavola

    Copper stabbed in his back in Portsmouth

    "a mild stabbing"
  2. JoeDavola

    UNdeluded old NON-scrapper burds

    She was sick (plus sk8er boi was 15 years ago):
  3. JoeDavola

    Hoax hate

    Aye like my mate I went on holiday with - every evening back at the apartment when we were having dinner, he'd step on the balcony, holding the dinner in one hand and the smartphone in the other, and strike a ridiculous pose for a selfie for his instagram and/or snapchat (I've never used either). I even spotted him gurning into the camera while he was sat on the sofa one evening. To outsiders it looks like the behavior of a monkey who's been given a mirror for the first time. But it's not a monkey, it's a 35 year old man.
  4. JoeDavola

    Hoax hate

    I think social media has hijacked and perverted some part of women's natural drive (be it for connection with other people or displays of status or some other shit like that) for the worse, in the same way that pornography can do so for some men (hijacking the male drive to want to spread his seed). The only blokes that I know that engage with social media in any way are a couple of my chronically single peers, who think they need to do so in order to 'advertise' themselves to women and be seen to have interesting lives. I have a female friend who I've known for almost 20 years, she lives in the US and has a couple of young children. She's a great person and I've known her since long before the whole social media thing happened. But her own behavior has been shaped by social media for the worse, she now views everything through this lens and there's been videos where you can tell she's basically getting two toddlers to perform for the camera to capture more 'magic moments' for social media. A few months ago there was a 10 minute long video of something involving the kids that should have just been something for mum, dad, and the kids to remember but it had obviously been scriped and cut together, as if they need the world to think they live in a disney story or something. Other photos throughout the years where it's obvious that it's been meant to look natural but they're obviously posing (pretending to be asleep ect...). On a lesser note I have a few mates whose wives always, always post on social media every time they're at a restaurant or heading to a gig or away on an outing for a day.....photograps of the two of them in hotel rooms wearing the hotel bathrobes....and it all seems to me that it's a big status boast to their girlfriends. Recently two couples I know who bought a car and a house had the car dealer and the Estate Agent take professional photos of them and post them on Facebook when they made the purchase, i.e. Facebook status whoring has actually become part of the service offered by the companies who sell these things because they understand a part of why people are buying them. If I was on a day out with a girlfriend/wife and she tried to make me pose for a stupid fucking selfie every time we did something I'd tell her in no uncertain terms where to stick her smartphone. Which is one of the many reasons I'm single
  5. JoeDavola

    Hoax hate

    I think many of the fucked up behaviors we see in modern society can be boiled down to an epidemic of narcissism and endless attention seeking. At the lower level of the spectrum this can be seen with the way many people use social media these days - competing for status (every day out with your signficant other, every holiday, every new house and car purchase has to be photographed and uploaded to facebook to boast), and what I find most objectionable is using their kids in this regard - taking moments that you should just be able to enjoy privately, e.g. opening up birthday/christmas presents and making videos of everything to share on Facebook. At the top end of the spectrum you have nutters like this who want attention via crimes that didn't actually happen. It's good to see that he's actually being prosecuted for this.
  6. JoeDavola

    Doctors are mainly cunts. or not.

    In my experience, GP's are mainly awful. Really, really awful. Their job seems to be to keep you away from the NHS. Specalists tend to be competant, e.g. the consultant who did my leg ops and the urorogist who yanked out my kidney stone a few years back did a good job. But I've found that it's about 50/50 whether they talk down to you like an idiot or not, which I hate. Get well soon.
  7. JoeDavola

    Killer sex bots

    So in the event that science does create a robotic woman, who you can't tell from the real thing, who's stunningly attractive and willing to fulfill every sexual perversion I have at a moment's're saying there's a chance it might kill me... ....I'll take my chances
  8. JoeDavola

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    FWIW I don't really follow politics, and don't really understand what's going on but all I know is: - Northern Ireland's not had an active local government in two years - the Conservatives are fighting with each other and Brexit seems a fuck up - the opposition party are hopeless and have split into a new party which probably has no more chance of being voted in... Doesn't exactly make the future of the UK look great, does it.
  9. JoeDavola

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    The chairwoman of Young Labour isn't half smug is she:
  10. A wonderful summary of the situation from a Northern Irish comedian
  11. JoeDavola

    Gender pay gap increases in 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know from direct experience too, more than once, that the types of women who will latch on to stuff like this and complain about it are actually the least productive workers. Or however many hours you do, via tax credits - full time computer programmer vs 16 hours stacking shelves in Tesco with 2 kids = same wage after taxes are taken from the former and given to the latter.
  12. JoeDavola

    Gender pay gap increases in 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Meaningless statistic used again this year despite the fact that it's still meaningless..."
  13. JoeDavola

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    Don't you dare tooth-shame Joni. She has wonderful teeth.
  14. JoeDavola

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    Here, spend half an hour with Joni. You're welcome:
  15. JoeDavola

    Northern Ireland

    Yeah I used to know a girl who rented a room around there and what the landlords do is they use one or both of the living rooms as bedrooms illegally, but switch the bed for a sofa when the HMO inspectors come around. So really what that's being sold as is a 7 bedroom, one bathroom slum.