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  1. And that’s us on page 1000. Congratulations fuck face; you win. Goodnight cunts.
  2. Nothing taco? Ok I’m sorry. I’ll keep my mouth shut. .... Right after I post this again:
  3. The real question is will DOSBODS drive this eternal hopium fest to over 1000 pages.
  4. Ok thanks. Glad we've sorted that out.
  5. Phew. Order is finally restored. Thank fuck. Can we all just get along now? Excellent. .... ... .......by the way, does anyone know if @The XYY Manis a homosexual?
  6. Aye and then once he's done that Freddie Mercury's gonna come out and sing a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner backed by Liberace.
  7. I was shocked when I searched in NI. It's all university area HMO slums and a few overpriced apartments.
  8. That sounds like a challenge. And not even that big a challenge.
  9. I think she has rather a large nose but hides it by looking directly at the camera. Not that there's anything wrong with a big nose.
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