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  1. I'm the same age as you, and I do get the feeling I've missed out by not having kids. The dad bod thing is funny - I only just realized it recently when I looked at the shape of the other guys my age in the office and middle age seems to have hit whereas I'm at the gym 5 days a week now and as lean as ever. where are you thinking of emigrating to? I'm sitting on the best part of 200k which could take me anywhere in the world ....or buy me a 2.5 bed semi in rainy belfast!
  2. Yeah I remember a few years back a workmate telling me that I should be buying a house rather than a flat because my owning a house will look better in the eyes of women. Both my little brother (who recently bought) and my parents are really really anxious for me to buy something - my brother even more so than my parents for some odd reason. I think it's an unspoken understanding by all parties that both me and my brother are Beta Bucks who should own homes by this point in case we get chosen by an Epiphany Phase woman. Fair enough maybe; as the poster above has said, owning a nice family home is probably the best thing that my brother or I could do for our relationship (I hesitate to call it 'sexual') market value.
  3. Well indeed the issue here isn't just whether the man is happy to devote his life to someone who didn't fancy him, but whether he'll get that far.... ....anecdotal evidence suggests that women who 'settle' pre-baby tend to grow tired of settling post-baby and ditch the husband. My mate used to specialise in banging mid-40's women who were on the second ride of the carousel between their first and second marriage. He mentioned recently that there's lots of 30 something women on the dating sites now with children younger than 5 they're waiting for less time than ever to ditch the beta bucks.
  4. LOL @ her asking how much you earn. Not wasting any time, is she? I have a sneaking suspicion that a bloke I know who's about 30 is going to get together with a girl he's been friends with for almost 15 years. If he does, everyone will be thrilled as like many men he's had trouble finding anyone, but me being the cynical type can't help but notice that perhaps him owning a house, a nice car and a good job has suddenly made him attractive to her at age 30 for the first time in 15 years. That's life I guess...
  5. Don't the ladyboys provide their own as part of the service? (I jest of course - enjoy the trip!)
  6. Yes I hear it when I'm out and about and find myself walking or standing beside groups of younger women, we're talking about 14 and older here - the aggression in them frequently surprises me. But then again I'm a lanky folk guitar loving Al Stewart listening ponce Should been born in the 50's!
  7. Whilst it's harsh to socially ostracize someone for being overweight, I've heard several examples here in Belfast of fatties in social groups telling women they were 'too thin' and encouraging weight gain. In once instance it was a young woman who is already fat, but the older women in her office are all really obese and telling her she's 'too thin'. Utterly mental.
  8. Why do you think this is? Do you think there is a fundamental cultural difference; that being fat is seen 'not ok' over there?
  9. She didn't 'settle' for a loser, but she did however have his baby...
  10. I saw two examples yesterday of young men who were obviously gym goers, low bodyfat with some muscle on them, full head of hair ect.. arm in arm with obese shapeless blobs of women. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and then I saw it again with a different couple. It's getting more ridiculous than ever in Clown World.
  11. I find it hard to convey how much I detest the archetypes shown in that video. Obesity coupled with arrogance/aggression. It seems to be that being a total arsehole is what passes for 'self confidence' these days. I just hate it. Fair enough they're probably not into lanky computer programmers either so it's no great loss to them
  12. I'm noticing more and more of the staff in my gym are significantly overweight. Particularly swimming teachers/lifeguards - big massive guts, and one who is really obese. I guess they can still teach swimming but I'd have thought that surely someone involved in the exercise/fitness industry wouldn't be fat. Obviously I was wrong.
  13. Holy shit!!! Christ any wonder dating is difficult!