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  1. Here's hoping! "Darling can I post a photo of us copulating on a forum full of bald middle aged men?"
  2. Indeed. Glover has been married 3 times - by his own admission his first two marriages were miserable. Some of what he writes makes sense but he's also part of a growing industry parting chronically lonely men with large sums of money (he charges hundreds of dollars an hour for one on one consultations) to teach them how to be 'attractive' to women.
  3. I knew I'd get flack for posting that - yes he's exaggerating I think, but there's some truth in it. One thing that did sober me up somewhat about the cult of Dr Glover was that despite all his advice, he ended up marrying a Mexican single mother who can barely speak English, i.e. after all the advice on how to charm women, he ended up using good old fashioned money to secure one in what's not radically different than those blokes who go to thailand or ukraine to find a bride.
  4. Here's something that Dr Robert Glover (author of the book no more mr nice guy) shared in his most recent email newsletter: "I would guess that in general, my wife has 100 - 150 orgasms a month and I have one, maybe two. I found that when I quit ejaculating very often I began to have a lot more sexual energy and a lot more drive (in all areas of life). I am 63 and my wife is 22 years younger than me. She wants sex all the time. If I came every time we had sex (sometimes 2 or 3 times a day), I would lose all sexual energy and drive and probably only have interest in copulating about once or twice a week. And then it might feel like something I had to make myself do. Now that I don't ejaculate very often, we can f**k a few times a day and for hours at a time. I love giving my wife body shaking orgasms that go on and on. This intensity creates a deep devotional state in her. Because our sex is not arbitrarily ended by me ejaculating, the sex often goes on and on. Maybe my wife and I are unique, but the longer that sex goes, the nastier and more adventurous it tends to get. When I do ejaculate, it is only with my wife and it is given as a gift to her (women do seem to enjoy the animalistic experience of having a man totally let go)."
  5. I think there's some truth in the NoFap idea - I certainly think jizzing 2 or 3 times a day for years on end takes it's toll. As I've mentioned before science has shown that there's a different hormonal response to ejaculating in a woman vs rubbing one out on your own. I'm sure that frequent sex with a partner is good for you - probably best if it's unprotected too. Well good for you biologically if not financially!
  6. My mate threw a bukkake party for his wife a couple of years back. She was so surprised. You should have seen her face.
  7. If somone hasn't set up a global marketplace for verified top tier jizz then they're missing a trick. There must at least be something like that on the dark web or something.
  8. 'The wrong person' = someone not attractive enough presumably? After all, if she could get pumped and dumped by a good looking guy, it would leave the kid potentially fatherless, vs this kid being definitely fatherless as it is now, and with an old mum. When this kid is 20 he'll have no Dad and a mum pushing 70. Selfish bitch. The next stage for this type of person will be a marketplace of designer sperm. The blokes with the best genetic material selling their sperm to those who want only the best.
  9. Yeah I'd guess that most bullies aren't actually experienced fighters, and beyond that aren't even expecting a fight to be brought to them. I've known a couple of fighters and MMA guys and they're the last people in the world who would actually bully anyone. They enjoy fighting other fighters. One or two solid smacks to the face and I'd guess the majority of bullies would shit themselves and not bother you again.
  10. Exactly - you can't fight the bully in the office, so you need to learn a more subtle form of assertiveness, but you'll save yourself a lot of bother if by the time you start working in the office you've gotten yourself to a point where people just know to treat you with respect. At 35 I still get people trying to bully me, talk down to me, treat me like a chump, in subtle and ocassionally not so subtle ways...and I have no reason to believe it will ever stop. We are animals with pecking orders, the world is full of 'bullies', people trying to test you. It's a lifetime battle which is why bullies are actually a useful life lesson, a rite of passage almost, assuming you can deal with them without getting gravely injured or expelled. I'm still trying to master the art of commanding respect from the world; but I'm in the difficult situation where one of the biggest bullies I know is my father.
  11. My logic is more to do with who this child will become as they turn into an adult. If you've never 'stood up' to the bullies in your life, be it in school, or in your family, or whatever, I believe you will telegraph that in the way you carry yourself and you will attract bullies for the rest of your life.
  12. Ah, I never thought of it like that. It's an 'I'm not a slut' diversion for people she knows (like me) who happen to stumble across the profile. Also acts as something of a beta male filter for those who take it literally and attempt to 'court' her in the old fashioned way.
  13. Spotted my mate's wee sister on a dating website tonight - early 30's, pretty and could pass for much younger. Her profile has the phrase 'no time-wasters' which is a familair phrase on the sites and I'm guessing is dating-speak for 'I want a baby now' and/or 'no Chad pump-and-dumpers'.
  14. Our server admin folk have a reputation for being extremely unhelpful and are at very real risk of being outsourced to a cloud provider. I know the higher ups are discussing it as a possibility and I can't blame them. I'm hoping the fact that my job is half and half consulting and development i.e. involves working directly with actual people to figure out what they want that I'm less likely to be outsourced to a cloud service or Chindia.
  15. Yeah the chances are these bullies aren't skilled fighters so he'll win easily if there's no major weight difference. As another poster said, target them separately when they're alone if need be. Bullying carrys on throughout your life in various forms if you dont learn to stand up for yourself. I look back at my own school days and if I could go back there's a couple of noses id have broken and I'd be a better person for it now.