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  1. JoeDavola


    I'm assuming this was posted?
  2. It's a masterpiece isn't it. Never let it be said that I'm not a man of culture.
  3. Was hoping you hadn't seen it yet! If only there was a sequel...oh wait there is!
  4. Free porn, Tinder, Netflix and online gaming access for the masses - that'll keep everyone busy and happy and out of trouble. That's essentially everyone's needs met isn't it. I mean some might call it quite patronizing, or the start of some hellish state monitored internet, but not me. And besides, the folk who do say such things will soon be found by LabourNet....
  5. They money's not enough, she wants attention too.
  6. JoeDavola

    New Phone

    £150 on gifgaff, who are my network anyway: EDIT:
  7. JoeDavola

    New Phone

    Yes along with @Frank Hovis and @spunko I love the look of that folding Motorola Razr - it's the first major phone design change I've seen since smartphones came out that I actually like the look of. Hopefully it'll spawn a bunch of other phones with that form factor. Regarding second hand, would dosbodders pay a bit more for a refurb with a warranty, or take your chances on gumtree?
  8. Yes I know a family in bible-belt Missouri and there seems to be a similar attitude among the God-fearing folk there, that it's your duty to have a big family, i.e. 4+ kids.
  9. JoeDavola

    New Phone

    I might just end up buying something like that myself. I've always had apple and never had any problems, though I maybe just got lucky.
  10. My mum had 3 siblings, and my Dad has three siblings too. Before anyone asks, neither are catholics so it's not the contraception thing. Both were very working class skint. Nowadays I don't think I know anyone who has 4 kids. I know very few who have three, and those that do are over 45 - the younger parents I know wouldn't dream of having a third kid as it would cripple them financially. Mind you my parents did live in tiny houses and shared rooms with their siblings until they moved out, which would not be considered good enough nowadays. Part of it is the cost of living, and part of it is lifestyle expectations for each kid.
  11. JoeDavola

    New Phone

    I'd be interested to know this too, as I'd be tempted to buy one to replace my current phone as I believe they have the same small size.