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  1. Yeah I think you'd need to offer a potential prize or sell it as a 'members only' thing where only email list folk get news about discounted nights. Like a real-life 'discount code'. Unique discount code generation and management could be part of the software. Then you can fire out a discount of X% on a quiet night and see what happens. Be interesting if you could link it to actual number of people who have turned up rather than observed number for proper reporting on advertising campaigns. I think part of the problem with smaller businesses is that they often don't want to pay much for a service like that, so you might have to sell it for peanuts and one awkward customer asking tons of questions could use up more of your time than is worthwhile. But the overall idea - software as a service for a certain business niche - is the way to go if you're a stand alone developer trying to flog a product. Best to start flogging it to local businesses as well.
  2. Out of interest; do most businesses have a reliable way to measure footfall over time? Say I run a cafe or whatever, do most cash registers for example have bits of software where you can view the transactions in different ways the way a reporting/warehousing solution would?
  3. I'm assuming the only way to get customer's email addresses would be to invite them to put them in via the website? I'm assuming it might seen as tacky or desperate to be asking for someone's email address as they pay their bill?
  4. Nice example of a modern Belfast slave box: The building you can see out the window is Helm sheltered housing for addicts, who ironically get a bigger flat no doubt for free/fuck all. The Dublin Road is a horror show at night and getting worse due to a load of drug users stumbling about at all hours, migration, and Belfast drinking culture including increasing amounts of stag/hen do's. I think a prison cell might actually be preferable to that flat in that location.
  5. Dunno what the rest of the UK is like but commuting to Belfast is getting more and more unpleasent with each year that passes - traffic is just getting more and more congested. Taking ages to travel comically small distances. I haven't had a commute in over a decade (10 min walk to work since then) but even when I did and I was 2.5 miles away from work the bus could get stuck in traffic and it would end up only marginally faster by bus than walking by the time you got there - sometimes slower actually. Accidents are frequent too and they bring the entire system to a stand still - bloke who rents my car parking space off me said it took him 2 hours to get home the other day cause an accident had backed the system up - poor fucker. For this reason a train commute appeals to me more - at least you know how long it's gonna take. I basically hope I never have to commute by car, and can either walk cycle or take the train. Sitting in a traffic jam seems like a hellish way to start and end your day.
  6. Tiny house/flat to live in (or share), commute by bus to job that you'll be working in until your 75, in a country where it rains alot. Well it's good news for antidepressant manufacturers anyway
  7. I've seem this happen loads recently - I work near a uni so lots of students pottering about and I've known a few examples in recent years in service jobs ect...that I've seen pack on the equivalent of 'middle age spread' before they even hit their mid 20's; a good 10 plus years before I thought that was supposed to happen. Five years of boozing and junk food between 18-25 leaves it's mark.
  8. Oh and just realize, by giving it this free publicity, the So-Called BBC is promoting this behaviour and encouraging lots of new women to sign up. Combine this with vigalente groups on Facebook and you could easily have the following: 1. Fake child abuse accusation from nutter 2. Nutter bloke who wants to kick the shit out of someone under the guise of 'protecting the kids' sees it 3. Nutter bloke assaults/kills falsly accused Another reminder not to pay your TV licence.
  9. Don't fucking drag me into this!
  10. I know of a herpes riddled 40-something Chad who is simultaneously dating a girl in her 20's and having an affair with a married woman in her 50's. Plenty of Chad for all ages!
  11. This is far more likely to be used by abusers rather than the abused. So much of social media seems to be for enabling mental/evil people to become even more so. For balance, I'm setting up where you can do BPD checks on someone before you date them.
  12. Now now, perhaps it's just an unflattering angle.... Source:
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    Fat Fucks

    Yes I think frame counts for a lot. I'll never be 'huge' and don't want to be. But I think that a stone in the right places might look better. I also just have very weak arms/chest naturally, but have a bit more muscle on my legs. I can't wear skinny jeans for example because despite my 29 inch waist my calf muscles are far too big for them.
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    UDEMY now doing a python course for free according to HUKD: