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  1. I hope you are right Hopeful. Personally the WEF stuff and interviews with powerful people makes the probability of this supposed leak being genuine that much higher.
  2. The next episode of Supermarket Sweep is going to be a massive let down
  3. Personally I would sleep better if gain of function was banned. But then I read that it is intended to predict natural evolution of viruses and help increase our preparedness and resilience to future outbreaks. I will sleep better now especially knowing that the ultra wealthy are investing so much of their vast wealth and time keeping us safe. There’s nothing to worry about. https://youtu.be/ELP2EFVOOYc
  4. The original clip is from a short BBC video (it’s on their main page). I almost fell off my chair. They then interview three more people who are all for the extra lockdown measures. https://anonym.to/?https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-south-yorkshire-54632619
  5. Earlier in the year, I was reviewing partner’s inactive (no further contributions being made into) pension and was told by the provider that partial transfers were not allowed and the whole amount would have to be transferred. I got cold feet into an immediate transfer because of a fear of (unknown) significant events hitting the stock market and associated volatility. Then came along the pandemic. It seems such a risky process to transfer under such constraints.
  6. Is Biden the new Ellis DeWald? Is he about to get Foley’d this Thursday?
  7. Die Hard taught me it’s the other way round (for cinematic effect at least) https://anonym.to/?https://youtu.be/HY_nkgJG3oE
  8. Fully agree with that. I guess we might possibly differ a little on how much is by design. I’m leaning towards it being a deliberately released virus intended to benefit both China’s global ambitions and the removal of Trump and usher in the great reset. This in turn leads to more control over people, money, power concentration, environmental policies and distribution of wealth in a way that is sold as being fair (whilst those at the top accrue ever more capital). Once everyone has bought into or subdued into living with the new normal, everyone will have much less autonomy. On top of thi
  9. There are definitely opportunists but there’s just too much social engineering, censorship/narrative shaping and political forces for it not have been (at least in part) by design. In my opinion of course. It’s so very convenient.
  10. I agree, but think the environmental aspect is not the primary reason (It would fall under the great reset agenda). - Known/suspected health issues with COVID-19 that are not being communicated because it would scare the public and cause people to wake up that it is more likely to be a bio weapon (fertility issues, birth issues), thus leading to anti-China sentiment. This would also feed into possible population reduction aspirations - US election - Under the guise of a pandemic would be a genius way to get Americans (alive and dead) to vote via the post. The virus also affects t
  11. I don’t think this has been posted yet. Article from the Spectator from 16th October evaluating whether NHS is likely to be overwhelmed. Also comments on the misrepresentation of statistics. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-likely-is-the-nhs-to-be-overwhelmed-by-covid- Worth reading to the very bottom. Says that the proportion of critical care beds in use in the Manchester hospital are not unusual. Reinforces my belief that we are being kept in the dark about something...
  12. Yes and no. No, because it’s not been around long enough. Yes, because it must have been studied by various labs around the world, which you would hope would then feed into government decision making. In terms of examples, somebody on this forum linked to a research paper examining the (apparent) propensity for viral cells to exist for a prolonged period of time in the testicles due to the testicles having a substantial number of cells that the virus is adept at clinging onto. As you can probably tell I’m not an expert in this area! The study was memory holed on social media for bein
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