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  1. Look ! No single decision will decide this test but FFS!!! to overturn an onfield decision there must be CONCLUSIVE proof that the original decision was incorrect. other than aleem dar there cannot have been a single human on earth who would have concluded that this was conclusive. It was not even fifty fifty, if anything the evidence confirmed the original decision. Yes there was a snick but no hotspot, that combination alone should be enough not to overturn but when you add in the factor that there was an extra glove which wasnt attached to the bat its veering to not out anyway. you add in the fact that it visually looks like the snick coincides with the not out glove then you ate probably in the conclusive not out territory. i never blame umpires for bad decisions as its split second but when you have the benefit of technology and a protocol to follow and you are singly incapable then in any other walk of life you would be accountabke if you were a paid employee. im not saying fire the guy as everyone fucks up but surely they had enough time for richie richardson (referee) or one of the onfield umpires to request he look again. out of 100 neitral fans id reckon 90-95 or more would say out was an imposdibke outcome of that review
  2. Theyll bring him in at the SCG when the series is lost and claim his inclusion was part one of a progression plan. Oh and as theyve begun the progression plan would the ecb mind awfully renewing our contracts as it would be the honourable thing to see the plan through rather than walk away from our responsibilities. Oh and can i keep the car the wages and the expense account?
  3. We are not great, neither are they. They have been better and their selections have worked better. of course we have a chance here despite our record. The waca is traditionally a pitch for very fast bouncy bowlers or for Spinners who get flight. They really only have Lyon so if we pick a fit spinner we can close the gap. interestingly when broad gets into one of his pitch it up spells he might actually get some help. Batsmen who do well here are ones that are happy to play late and let the ball onto the bat. Massive reason to get bairstow up the order and to bring in foakes. A win here would set up an awesome series and its very doable if the management show bollocks
  4. I have long believed that the selection/management policy regarding spin bowlers for england is borderline idiocy. Right now we are seeing the problem as we had no spin to play against smith/cummins (sorry moeen but you are a batsman). Nor will we have a spinner to bowl against aus on a fourth innings wicket. Utter lunacy. You wouldnt take a soccer team to a world cup on the grounds that there werent enough good goalkeepers so youre playing a full back in goal who can play goalie a bit. we need to take who we think is our best specialist spinner ( rashid for example) and play them in at least fifteen tests leading up to the ashes ( that would probably only cover one serious summer series where i accept theyd be carried) but we would have annexperienced test match spinner no matter how limited. Recalling how shit Lyon (relatively) was for years before he got consistently picked for tests shows thats exactly what the aussies chose to do and its paying off. i honestly dont think we cannwin this test even if we put up 300 because we wont bowl them out without at least an adequate specialist on day five. Hope im wrong but its already cost us three days in and will cost us even more before the end of this test. If lyon can bowl oije this at the gabba he will slice through us at the scg when the money could be on the line.
  5. If i recall correctly from the fantastic book ‘the death zone’ about that very climb, he threatened to do that. Its true that blessed is obsessed with mallory and even owns one of his ice axes. He is a great character too, a proper english legend whose only let down is he is from the wrong side of the pennines
  6. Dont think we should turn into those we despise. We fought wars so we could overthrow governments using the rule of law instead of the violent rule of the strongest. Blairs gone and that shoukd suffice. Wishing politicians dead really would mean the end of our country’s values. We’ve seen peaceful transitions of power for over four hundred years and that should matter to us all
  7. There is an old saying and i thought it poignant at the time as i watched Bliar enter downing street as i was on a treadmill listening to the tv commentary about the tory government that had limped from scandal to rebellion to scandal. The saying is “What the Tories do to their secretaries, Labour does to the country” even more poignant after crash gordon’s tenure. tax credits are what have begun and will continue to utterly destroy this land
  8. Never heard the term Mufti day until someone referred to it in london in late 90's. We had them in school in 70's and 80's and was always called 'non uniform days' Recall about the sane time that kids on grange hill ( who never swore which used to irk me) were trying to make every day a non uniform day around the same time. They formed SAG ( student action group) which i recall was the forerunner to todays swj 'up their own arse' type young uns
  9. I think its pronounced 'Weinstein', thats how i say it
  10. Just a general feeling that the first response to unacceptable shows of behaviour by the extreme right is to rant on about the extreme left in a 'he did she did' kind of manner. Apologies if im being over sensitive i just get the feeling thats what kind of happens
  11. Im all for free speech and admire the independence of thought displayed on this site even if i somtimes disagree with the views made. despite this i hope we dont see the type of leftists my ememy's enemy is my friend behaviour by sympathising with racist (real ones) pointy hat wearing thugs. fascists are fascist whether left ones ( anti first amendment thugs we saw at berkeley ) or dixie heads who celebrate the slave owning days of the south we should be opposed to all of the elements of anti-humanity
  12. Dont really watch the beeb for news etc as i know how loaded it is but they used to pride themselves on the quality of their ad free sports coverage. Radio coverage still very good and the athletics has been very watchable with the excellent Michael Johnson. The golf however !!!! First time in my life i switched off the coverage and simply followed the scores from the internet leaderboard. the coverage was like amateur hour almost like theyd allowed first year film students practice how to cover a sporting event. commentary made me want to cut my wrists through sheer dullness and ineptitude. They coukd go for hours without updating scores often just showing the top six or seven repeatedly which didnt change as they were nearly all in the clubhouse. Has everyone with any talent upped and joined sky ?
  13. I grew up in salford. The quays is not really typical of anything in the area, virtually non residential for normal indigenous mancs or salfordians. Locals no longer venture there except for match days. Rip to the kid whatever happened
  14. If they agree to this it would be electoral suicide. They will never be forgiven