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  1. dgul

    Malaysia Bans Import of UK Plastic

    The way local councils have been behaving re. 'recycling targets' and associated handouts (or lack of punishment), through the apparent 'not our problem any more' policy is tantamount to fraud, IMO.
  2. dgul

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Oh, the system is properly broken. In every sector expenditure is vastly more than it used to be, without any obvious benefit (eg, education spend is 2x per pupil than 20 years ago, but I don't see the youth as being 2x better -- slightly worse if anything). Contribution based welfare would solve many problems (and would have stopped many of the problems that have emerged in recent years) But the solution to this problem isn't to say 'sure, we'll give you a rebate if you find a better alternative', the solution is to fix the problem. Anyway, the way to think of education isn't 'if/when I have children the 'education' share of my lifetime tax contribution (before and after) pays for their education'. it is rather I live in a country where there are benefits all round if people are educated. If I'm poor I'll be one of the educated. If I'm wealthy they'll work in my factories and offices. If I'm middle class they'll be my suppliers and customers. Some of them will become innovators and get me great benefits from the fantastic products they invent, others will become artists and entertain me. Scientists will push forwards the boundaries and the guy who comes to fix my boiler will be able to read the documentation to fix it and follow legislation. Some will squander their education, but I don't know which ones will need it, and the majority will need it, so I'll have to take the risk and provide it to everyone. I have no choice but to pay out for this education for others, otherwise civilisation will start to fall apart. The great thing about this education is that children get it for free -- in fact, it is crucial that children get it for free. But, if I choose to not give my children access to this free education (for them) I don't get the money back, because I don't pay for them, I pay for everyone. [And that is why I oppose student fees. I do, however, disagree with HE for everyone -- by 18 you know which ones are likely to provide value to the country with having a continuation of education]
  3. dgul

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    You don't pay taxes to get the benefits of the state -- you contribute so that all can get the benefits of the state. In particular, this is the point of progressive taxation. There is no place for pick'n'choose in this system. [eg, maybe I don't care about welfare -- I've been unemployed and there was nothing for me, and I earn enough to be out of the tax-credits system. So perhaps I should get to save the 25% of taxation that welfare makes up?]
  4. dgul

    Vrooooom, vrooooooooom

    It's been a bit easier since they got rid of the grid-girls -- they kept getting in the way.
  5. dgul

    Vrooooom, vrooooooooom

    That's difficult to arrange in F1.
  6. dgul

    I can't find the good advice thread

    Just because you did it doesn't mean you're guilty.
  7. As always, if you have to ask 'who's the mug here', then it's probably you.
  8. Can't someone somewhere please make local councils stop speculating with my cash and get back to old-fashioned service provision.
  9. dgul

    Postcode lottery

    That isn't quite how it works. However, quite how it works is also complex, and not worth going into. Suffice to say: You might win a big prize You might win a small prize You probably won't win at all Whatever it is that happens to you, the organisers definitely will get cash every week. Ie, just like every other lottery.
  10. dgul

    New Moon on Monday

    The news media is clearly filled with gullible idiots. RT did this linky, but the So-Called BBC and others were the same, simply regurgitating the news release. There's so much 'unbelievable' in this, and I don't mean 'wildly enthusiastic' but actually not believable. For a start, it would need to be at 23,000 miles up, not the '500 miles'. Then it would need to be absolutely ginormously vast. Then the angle of reflection would have to be held accurate to tiny fractions of a degree (not the 'close enough' of normal satellites. It isn't that it can't be done -- it is that it is so bonkersly far away from what is possible. I know that it is an amusing story, but where is the role in the news media is at least nudging towards 'you know that they're mad, right?' [My mum would believe it, but she thinks the moon is a few miles up and made of cheese anyway]
  11. dgul

    No rose gardens

    The war on drugs didn't start until '77.
  12. dgul


    Ah, okay. I'd presume the internal thermostat has borked. Probably best off 'till fixed.
  13. dgul


    Put the fuse back in and look at the meter to see if it is drawing electricity (even in the 'should be turned off' period). If you've got an economy-7 timer near the fusebox then look at it to see what your 'on/off' times are -- it isn't unknown for them to lose sync and end up with the cheap bit during the day -- in which case, just ignore it as you'll be saving electricity during your 'peak' periods [The 'taking long time to cool down' is, of course, normal for the technology]
  14. dgul

    A glimpse of the youth of today

    It's said that you can either love poetry or prose*, never both -- and I'm a prose lover so I'm happy to keep to the periphery of this debate. [* and it must be true because when I have to listen to this sort of thing -- whether CardiB or Eminiem -- all I hear is mindless gibberish, mixed with random snippets of profanity and aggression for stupid people** to think it is profound] [** Heaney? He was just trying to get down with the kids. This never works, but everyone thinks they can try -- I guess Nobel laureates aren't immune...]
  15. dgul

    2000 Hondurans

    California Highway Patrol?