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  1. It is something I find very worrying. Immigrants have the same rights as the indigenous, but there is a world of difference: The indigenous have a lifetime of checks on them. You can't just do something bad and then disappear (well, it is very difficult). This extends to things like education attainment, work experience, etc, etc. The immigrant has a much lower check rate. They can come to the UK with a complex history and there's a fairly good chance that it won't be identified as they come into the UK. They can make stuff up, gloss over problems and even if you try to check the language problems often makes people give up (eg translate education certificates and understand foreign education standards). So to me it seems sensible to do things like having much harder checks on immigrants compared with locals. But that's seen as racist so it never happens, and when it does (through various means) then the shout of 'racist' is even louder. [Today we've got a great example -- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-48653150/bame-doctors-more-likely-to-be-investigated-than-white-ones: Figures obtained by a BBC Freedom of Information request suggest the GMC is more likely to investigate complaints against BAME doctors than those who are white. Black and Asian doctors make up around a third of the workforce in the UK but are over-represented in fitness to practice cases. Now, UK BAME should have the same investigation rate as white, but the 'third of workforce' tells us that there are loads and loads of foreign trained and experienced doctors in the UK (we knew that anyway), and these will have an element of their history that is unknown or difficult to identify -- thus you'd absolutely expect investigation rates to be higher. But, of course, the result of this 'racist' is that investigation rates for BAME will be reduced, giving a lower check rate than whites once the impact of unknown elements of their history is factored in]
  2. Complicated courses cost money. Doesn't matter if it is surgery or some weird African dialect. I'm happy to sub this money from my taxes to meet actual demand in the UK. The problem is spending this money (and, indeed, subbing cheap courses) far beyond the capacity of the country to take advantage of that education.
  3. dgul

    Power cut

    Dry run for when they attack the west's power grid.
  4. SOAS is the same tale as pretty much all other HE establishments in the UK -- there is no doubt that there is a need for their output; the problem is that they have grown so much over the last 30 years that the supply now vastly exceeds the need. If SOAS had the same student numbers as they had in 1987 (say) then there'd not really be any problem.
  5. dgul

    trans madness

    If she's happy now then that's great. What I don't get is why you'd want to shout about it all the time. Sounds a bit like a sort of dissonance to me. [Not that that's necessarily a problem -- only that dissonance often suggests an underlying problem -- I suppose we'll see in about 10 years time. I hope she remains happy]
  6. Father's day! Yeah! Wife has taken the kids off for the main part of the day leaving me in peace!
  7. That's because no-one knows what the local accent sounds like any more. [That's true around here -- all the 'locals' think the few actual locals are from much further west, whereas in fact that's just what the old East Wilts accent sounds like. The people who think they're locals don't really have an accent]
  8. Julie was a long time ago. These days even around Tregaron you're not at all unusual if you turn up from London for a taste of the good life.
  9. My family insist I go to Pembrey whenever I'm down. I hate the place, but for some reason keep on going and keep on getting cross.
  10. 30 years ago, yes. These days there have been so many incomers, many of whom are transient, that they've given up saying anything. Of course, they keep on saying stuff down the pub, but that's just interpreted as racism and is ignored.
  11. dgul

    prince to wed

    I don't get it. It looks to me like MM is fine and Harry is just pissed off being there (I'm sure I'd feel the same).
  12. dgul

    Bus bashing..

    It's turned from a nasty little incident on a bus that shouldn't have happened but that we've probably all had*, into some kind of show trial of men. [* it isn't homophobia. They'll have been nasty little twerps that would have have turned on anything.]
  13. dgul

    Oxford street

    Ah -- seems to be a nasty accident, not malicious.
  14. dgul

    Oxford street

    Seems something is going on along Oxford Street (London). A Friday thing?