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  1. Sure, that won't happen again. But there'll be something else that they'll take advantage of. The lesson from this is that finance types are above the law (so long as they don't do anything really stupid, and so long as they've got sufficient complexity that their dodgy behaviour can't easily be followed). It truly stinks.
  2. It doesn't need to be. The problem with electric cars isn't the 50 miles range that they need for 95% of journeys. It is the occasional straying into 51 mile range journeys, along with the occasional 200 mile journey to visit relatives. This type of tech can be used with liion to solve the range problem without venturing into shoving fossil fuel engines under the bonnet.
  3. Aluminium-air cell. He's hardly 'invented' it. But it is (IMO) the future of ecars. Except: He's got it backwards. The future is to have a car with rechargable liion for a range of about 50 miles, and with one or more secondary smaller (than his 1500 miles) al-air batteries. The liion would cover the day to day use, with the al-air to remove range anxiety and to allow occasional longer journeys. Al-air are so energy dense that a 20kg or so batteries could be made easily replaceable. This would give nearly all of the advantages of the current hybrid solutions, but would be far cheaper because it doesn't need all that actual engine, and it would give nearly all the advantages of the current ecars, but would be far cheaper because it doesn't need so much expensive liion. Anyway, it is the future, but whether it'll be him doing the provision of this tech is open to question. [it almost certainly won't be because there's loads of teams out there working on the tech, some of which have backers with seriously deep pockets]
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    You tell that to Tommy Cooper.
  5. dgul


    You've got to paint it.
  6. dgul


    That's because of the weird anti-hat thing that came along in the 1970's->. For pretty much forever before then caps/hats were for everyone. Anyway, I think that hats are amazing things. They keep your head warm when it's cold, shade from the sun in the heat, protect from the rain, etc. Yet people just refuse to wear them. Fashion is a weird thing. [I wear a brimmed hat like the cattleman's hat above. Handy thing, really]
  7. It is the normal behaviour -- chasing the market down. If they'd have just said right at the beginning -- 'Sure, you know the market mr EA, but take 10% off anyway' it might well have sold then. The reality is the market doesn't have many buyers, and they're only buying the few places that have sellers ahead of the market (though they're not usually being clever, just needing the money fast). And this is how the market will slide down for ages -- because too many people are chasing the market down, rather than being ahead. [to add, this is a learnt response -- for years you could price it up and wait for the market to catch up with your own enthusiasm. But this learnt behaviour doesn't work on the way down.]
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    Just to say that there is a get-out with hand throttles -- there was a period a few years back when it was legal to have a 250w speed limited hand throttle bike. So if you're stopped this can be when you made the kit. Anyway, the main thing is just to not ride about like a mong at high speed without peddling -- then you won't get stopped. The UK is bonkers in that cycling is nearly always seen as a health thing. Everywhere else in the world (and the UK before about 1990), cycling was/is a transportation thing. The UK would do much better if it removed the 'cycling for health' message, and just said that it was a nice way to get about, particularly in summer. E-bikes can contribute to that message. [We even have the ridiculous situation of organisations like 'cycling for London' (or whatever) being fronted by famous sports cyclists. I think this is mad, or at least counterproductive if the end goal is to have more people cycling. The best advert for cycling as transportation for years has been Boris, but he was ridiculed as an amusing clown on a bike (and he didn't even wear lycra, the idiot). The country is backwards]
  9. But if you moved there and weren't a complete arsehole then you'd probably be accepted by the community.
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    Fair enough (although I have a fear that plod will start getting interested in these things). What I'd add is that even when peddling on steeper hills the motor makes a big difference, not simply 'because of the added W), but also because the motor keeps the momentum up over the 'vertical' part of the pedal's motion, where there isn't so much human input. I actually think the manufacturers are missing a trick here -- for hills they should put out a multiple of the rated output for that part of the peddling cycle, but reduce to zero at the horizontal part (ie, maximum human input). This would make a real difference. (But none of them do this, even though they've got a crank sensor -- that is only used to measure 'human peddling' to modulate the power output) [to add, this is what the supercar ecars are doing -- adding strategic electric power at the points of the crankshaft cycle that have relatively lower push from the pistons, and reducing power during the maximum torque parts of the cycle. This torque levelling is meant to make a difference]
  11. English is probably okay. It is arrogant sods that turn up with a superior attitude that find things hard going with the natives. [to add, there is a correlation. But it isn't because 'English are arrogant', but rather because people who happen to make money (usually just on housing rather than work) in the richer parts of the Union and then early-retire in the poorer parts tend to be arrogant. And those richer parts are mostly in England]
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    I put my own bikes together with 250w* hub motors (at the rear). When people ride them for the first time they're amazed -- it is like riding downhill all the time. It'll keep on pushing to pretty much its maximum speed up any hills that can be ridden up 'normally', and will give a decent boost for those steeper hills. Max speed* is 16mph. Which is plenty fast enough. Many people moan about the UK limits for ebikes, but I feel they're pretty sensible -- it results in a bike that takes vast amounts of the strain away from the rider, but actually remains 'bike like'. [I don't try to push it re the law -- if I wanted a moped I'd buy a moped. My one concession is that I always put in a permanent hand throttle, which is a bit naughty re the law, but it makes the install a bit easier]
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    Excellent -- let us know how you get on.
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    Because if you didn't vote for your lizard then the wrong lizard might get in.
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    I had some spirytus when I was in Poland last. I can only conclude that it isn't actually made for drinking.