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  1. We've got a population that is all #ILoveScience but doesn't actually understand the science.
  2. So, they have a problem with kids being taught engineering by engineers, using tools like small robots: But they don't have problems with young children being taught about complex sexualities (long before they reach the age of sexual curiosity).
  3. So, Scotland is moaning because the envelopes with the invite for vaccination are white, not blue. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-55781951 I bet they spent ages deciding on the colour.
  4. The trouble is, there an asymmetry in the response vs punishment for getting it wrong. Ie, No-one will be fired for removing a bench. Someone might get fired for not removing a bench. What's more, you won't be able to be fired in the future for removing a bench in the past (ie now), because you've always got the defence that it was 'best policy' at that point in time. So, as far as 'management' is concerned you just can't do too much at the moment. [There's a name for this sort of thing -- I can't recall, but it is a known phenomenon]
  5. And they're still not presenting the data from these ongoing trials. We're not even getting updated data from the original trials (ie, how many of the trial participants have had covid between the original trial results being released and now).
  6. Alternatively, perhaps they know that there's trouble brewing and this approach maximises profits before they're forced to stop...
  7. IMO it is fairly simple. Male, Female, 'it's complicated'. Same with sexuality -- males that like females, females that like males, 'it's complicated'. The problem is, people who get paid to worry about all this in the minutiae seem to think that everyone, including children, needs to know the details of their pet academic theories. [and that's exactly what they are -- theories. But, as is so often the case with academics, they seem to think that they've actually found 'fact'.]
  8. Agreed. I've been doing RTOS on TI hardware recently -- 'simple enough' but it all has to work. They say they're going to put RTOS on the Pico, but it hasn't been done yet.
  9. I have a feeling that a broken 'appetite' is behind all of our obesity problems, rather than a simple 'stop eating so much'. IIRC many anti-depressants have the same effect as a constant post-cannabis munchies, and I think that Tim Noakes says that diabetes is the end result of an appetite regulation failure.
  10. At least your foot will be protected against Covid19.
  11. That's excellent. You forget that it wasn't that long ago that it actually made sense to build your own simple radio receiver (sort of). I made a Mullard 20w amp years ago*. But it never really worked that well -- I think I'd do a better job these days, but there's just so many other things to do. [*You can even get the original book online -- http://primarywindings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Mullard-Circuits-for-Audio-Amplifiers.pdf. I had to borrow my copy off a friend (I've still got it, and he's long gone. Oh well).]
  12. NZ seems to be planning to vaccinate April-June or so -- which will probably only be the vulnerable ones (in that timeframe). As they seem to be the location of the NWO bolt-hole, I'd imagine that the flaws in the vaccines will become apparent in July...
  13. That list doesn't include watchdog-timer which is pretty important for a microcontroller -- it has one, so that's okay, just odd that it isn't in the list.
  14. I think people will be surprised how many heroes there are in the management positions of the local council.
  15. There seems to be an entire class of people that aren't living in the same world as me. During this global pandemic where I'm not allowed to do something simple like have a haircut, you have a couple spend 4 months travelling around Spain and the Netherlands, come back to NZ do a short spell of quarantine and then spend a week travelling from Auckland down to the south of North Island. Isn't there a middle ground that would work?
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