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  1. I'd suggest that: All sorts of people for all sorts of jobs should be let in. But, for every job type, there should be a plan for UK self-sufficiency. This should include things like subsidised HE, free training, etc. The length of the plan should depend on the length of training required. So, for eg, for nurses (#lovetheNHS), we should import nurses to satisfy demand, but future demand (at the about a + 5 year point) should be able to be satisfied by UK resources. to get to that point, gov should offer subsidised (potentially free) nurse training so that we'd get to the
  2. Yes. Decades ago you had to get a new pc every few years just to keep up with requirements. These days a 5ish year old PC will be able to do everything that is wanted to be done. I pretty much only buy corporate refresh machines.
  3. This is right. Computers are cheap enough nowadays* to get one each. For younger kids I'd suggest a Chromebook -- they're more difficult to bork and are easier to manage re. virus etc stuff. This won't work with older children as teachers these days can't imagine that alternatives to Microsoft even exist when they set homework. [* by some strange twist of fate I have in front of me a Sharp MZ-80B, a pretty standard computer from when I started computing. This cost about £1100 in 1981, or about £4k in today's money. Computers these days are pretty much free in comparison]
  4. I can't see that you're asking anything special from it. Unless you're doing something very special, GPUs are for gaming. I'd have thought any current 'cheap thing' would be fine (and would certainly be significantly faster than your iMac). Given the graphics thing it would probably be sensible to not get a bargain-bucket 4gb and consider at least 8gb (which isn't much in this day and age). You'd be fine with a laptop, I'd have thought. If you want to do video editing then Kdenlive is free and pretty good for 'normal video stuff'.
  5. Well, I'd say 'the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples' money'. The squeals will be deafening when that money runs out.
  6. The things people will do to get free school meals.
  7. dgul

    Buying a Car

    They don't import them. I was going to suggest Dacia, but they don't import those either.
  8. dgul

    Buying a Car

    Just a few thoughts (rather than recommendation that others have done): When you factor in size of car vs cost it might be effective to buy a folding bike rather than full size (eg, I have a Montague -- 700c wheels but fits in my saloon's boot). I also don't get the issue with taking off a front wheel. A cycle carrier would also sort out the issue (albeit also 'with other impacts'). A FWD car on 'Mud & Snow' tyres will often do better than a 4x4 on 'normal tyres'. If there are lots of potholes to worry about, get a car with wheels with higher profile tyres (rather annoying
  9. People vote Dem because they've always voted Dem. People vote Rep because they've always voted Rep. The only thing that matters is: People not voting because they can't be bothered. People not voting because they really can't bring themselves to vote for their candidate. It has always been thus.
  10. Quite. The solution isn't to give them more money, but to force them to learn the required skills. However, these days I think that gov doesn't actually care about all that. If they give money to me I'll spend it sort-of wisely and maybe save some, whereas if they give it to the feckless they'll spunk it all before the day is out. Ie, give £100 to me and I'll slowly drip it into the economy, give the feckless £100 and it'll be shovelled into the economy by teatime. Hence the economic impact is greater if you throw cash at the feckless. [There is a moral hazard in all that. I s
  11. I can kind-of see why* they might get free meals at school, but I can't understand why they need to have the cash equivalent when they're at home -- parents could cook for them (many are at home full-time or short-hours working) and once in secondary school it isn't outrageous for a child to be able to cook something for themselves. For some reason I'm expected to pay for them to eat in a restaurant every day. This is bonkers. [*Actually, I can't. My children (mid teens) prepare their own school-day lunch every evening. A few days a week they decide to go for a school meal. Oh,
  12. dgul

    trans madness

    I'm sure 99% of them have no confusion. The trouble is, 1% of a big number is still a big number.
  13. dgul


    Seems like a weird choice. 'Designers' like to sell themselves as innovators, but in reality the innovation is done by innovators, and they are good at the 'pretty' bit. Now, this might be necessary, but their problem is their business model (and where it goes from here), not design. I think this is more about trying to support the illusion that there's substance in the over-promises inherent in their IPO.
  14. Everything was today, but for them it was yesterday when they mentioned it was tomorrow, which is today. Except for the stuff which really is about tomorrow, which is tomorrow. And the stuff that's about today, but which is really about tomorrow. Probably.
  15. I suppose we'll have an emergency election next year, then Sir Kir gets some nasty disease and she'll be the one in power. Oh well.
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