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  1. For some reason there's a constant theme in the UK press/media of 'everyone can just go where they like' which isn't ever really challenged. I think this is because the UK immigration service believes it and we can see the consequences*. I don't think many other countries believe it. [* not all bad, but certainly not all good]
  2. I bet Kevin Whately is fuming because Lewis is sure to be taken off the 'repeats' circus.
  3. Chinese festival of international air travel coming up this weekend...
  4. This is a really big deal. The official numbers are trivially small, and even the unofficial numbers (1,700 or whatever) really aren't any bigger. But here you have a Brit, one of a trivial number in 'the region' (not even in China) coming down with it. It suggests to me that the spread of this illness is far far greater than has been acknowledged.
  5. I've not got a smart meter because it won't fit. I don't understand how a device made of microchips and mobile phone tech can be bigger than my old clockwork meter.
  6. I don't really mind Huel -- people can do what they like -- but I nevertheless have a distinct feeling of unease about it. I think it relates to our modern society needing to pigeonhole everything into a simple 'rule'. I see this in 'gyms' for youngsters -- I mentioned to a 30ish year old that I'd not been to a gym since they were born, and their response was that I must be so unfit -- they'd so closely linked exercise to gym that they'd read 'no gym' as 'no exercise at all'. I suspect that huel goes the same way (for the affected) -- scientifically mixed food stuff is the way to get a balanced diet, and all other ways will result in you ending up in hospital etc. [This sounds a bit extreme, but the people I interact with who eat Huel are going towards this mindset, if not there already]
  7. I only do one meal in the evening as well. I'm not a martyr for it though -- If I get hungry I'll eat at about 4ish, but I just don't get hungry. IMO the most important thing that's going on is appetite* -- it trumps all other aspects of diet/weight. Fat people have vast appetites, IMO -- mainly brought on by the recommended diet for fat people being highly effective in increasing appetite. [* rather than hunger. I doubt anyone in the west has ever experienced hunger]
  8. It is my theology; nothing inferred about others. [I'm telling myself not to panic even though I like to panic first]
  9. The opening words It is as though these people make bets with their mates about making the most 'black=white' argument they can think of.
  10. It is nice to invest in 'what you understand', but really a decent %age of your investments should be orthogonal to your career -- otherwise you risk losing your job and your pension at the same time.
  11. I usually think it is best to panic first, but in a case like this there's no actual point in panicing -- there's nothing that can be done that'll make any difference if it does turn out to be a nasty pandemic. But I don't agree about the 'one or two deaths' -- we really don't know at this stage (because China).
  12. Inductive charging is a resonant circuit -- easy enough to get efficiencies into the high 90%s. And, remember, copper wires aren't 100% efficient, particularly if you've got to make them nice and flexible. But we accept it when it is what the cables want.
  13. I have never used their titles when referring to them, so I don't think this'll change much for me.