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  1. You don't do pest control with a crossbow; either the animal is too small and you can't hit the thing, or it's big and you won't kill it. You'd use a proper rifle (perhaps FAC air-rifle for small stuff). Also, bolts are expensive -- or, rather, you don't want to be letting them loose without a decent chance of picking up the bolt for reuse after -- so you won't likely start firing into the air on a dark night just for a lark. And they don't have the (lethal) range, and they're a pain to use, etc, etc. Frankly, I don't see how he would have been hit by accident. I'd suggest he's either made enemies who've got back at him in a quiet manner, or he's done something to himself (I can't imagine what) and he's gone with the 'I was shot' so that people don't know what he's been up to.
  2. The cost benefits of diesels aren't obvious -- sure, they're lower tax and higher mpg, but otoh they're usually more expensive to buy and will have higher maintenance costs. I'd say just look for a car you like (which in my book equals 'rich person getting rid of well maintained car that they bought for wifey but she didn't like the colour' (etc)) and don't worry about petrol vs diesel.
  3. I don't believe this. I think the mess we're seeing is a result of the EU putting every block it can think of to disrupt the process. As a 'trivial' example -- the Galileo project (ie, EU GPS system). The EU announced that the UK could no longer be part of this, as it is EU only. They make the rules, they could modify the rules to allow for ex-EU members to join -- there is no need to be inflexible about this. The truth slipped out at one point in this (or might have been EU arrest warrant, or anti-terrorist stuff, or aircraft airworthyness, etc, etc -- they're all the same) -- 'the UK has to realise that there's going to be consequences' -- that's what all this is about, that there are 'necessary bad consequences' of leaving. The process could be easier. There could have been a reasonable way forwards. But the EU has blocked every 'reasonable' outcome. What gets me is that the media don't want to know. It is all about how the UK government / leadership is crap. IMO 90% of the problems have been caused by EU hegemony. And to those that say 'the UK were the ones that voted to leave without knowing what it meant' I'll add 'the EU were the ones that started it by included a 'you can leave' clause in the membership rules, without defining what it meant.
  4. This is important. It is the bit missing from analysis about 'nasty people'. See, it is easy to become a lone wolf mentally ill person -- just get your gun/knife/whatever and cause mayhem. But you'll find that if you talk to anyone you know about your plans they'll look at you in horror and say you're mad, then after the conversation call the police. It'll be incredibly difficult to get a single helper, let alone a dozen of you to go out and kill. Yet there are sub-populations where it appears relatively easy to get a gang together to go out and kill. There needs to be far more conversation about this.
  5. I'm not sure. I remember the whole 'people are sifting through your trash -- shred everything!' times. I'm convinced now that this was actually the banks haemorrhaging personal data through poor internal security*, and using the 'ah, but you didn't shred before chucking that letter' as their cover. This is probably the same -- dodgy site security and appalling control systems, so they've invented the 'password not good enough' as the excuse for all the problems. [* probably related to offshoring, but there are plenty of native scum that would steal the data]
  6. Charity is complex. Plenty believe that the obligatory charity (Zakat) can't be distributed to non-believers. A good proportion of the rest believe that it's okay so long as it might result in some converts. There is a school-of-thought that everyone destitute is eligible, but this isn't that common. IMO zakat is a fairly good idea. The problem comes with a) it only being spent on Muslims (or likely converts), b) there being a complexity regarding state taxation (and welfare) and zakat*, and c) it being voluntary**. [* eg, if the state had a mandated wealth tax of 2.5% of all wealth above £250 but then they went and spent it on Christians and homosexuals (amongst other things), does the Muslim need to donate an additional 2.5%?] [** ie, the wealthy define their contributions differently than other people]
  7. Oh, they're always strong on community work. Sometimes they even do good outside of their own community. Charity is, after all, the third pillar of Islam. [The question is, what else does the sect believe in. Belief, praying, charity, pilgrimage and fasting are fine with me. Killing apostates isn't]
  8. If you'd have bought the cheap knock-offs at Amazon at £2 for four then you'd have £5 in your pocket to put towards some decent toothbrush heads.
  9. dgul


    Well, I got two plain brown padded envelopes through the post today. I think that's the tradition. But I don't feel any better now that I've got a new bicycle inner tube and 4 cheap LED torches. I'll try harder next year.
  10. Thompson has now made a statement: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-47991377/dame-emma-thompson-if-i-could-fly-cleanly-i-would I didn't realise that this was a legitimate defence. Now I know that it is an acceptable logic, there's so much I can do that were denied to me before this revelation.
  11. Quite. There's clearly more to this story than meets the eye: Fixing satellite dish at midnight. Why not just go to bed? (unless it is a special porn satellite dish for older 'can't do internet' folk). Crossbow -- it was a full moon, but even so a bit dark to make it an easy shot. Middle of no-where (strange neighbours?) Why a crossbow? If you wanted to annoy the chap you'd use an air-gun, at least. I'm filing this one under -- it'll all make sense once they tell us what actually happened.
  12. dgul


    But you didn't tell him about the birds and rodents?
  13. I've not washed my hair with shampoo for about 15 years, and even then it was to wash out the muck that I used to clear the nits that the scummy children at the school spread to my family. I used to have all sorts of scalp problems (mainly dandruff), but that went away when I stopped using shampoo. I think my hair was 'wet dog smell' for about a month, but that disappeared soon enough and now it just smells manly (as opposed to autumn meadow with added jojoba). It appears strong enough, and that's without pro-vitamins (I only use amateur vitamins on hair). I do, of course, wash my hair -- just not with shampoo. [I've got lots of hair -- but that's only because my scalp identifies as Dan Haggerty. There's nothing I can do about it]
  14. I gave my dog a bone the other day. She immediately went out and buried it. I've never taught her to do it. her mum wasn't around to teach her (sob). She doesn't have lots of books about how to bury bones, or watch TV shows to illustrate how to do it, or look on internet sites dedicated to bone management. She just buried it, all on her own. In a while, after it has matured a bit, she'll dig it up and eat it. No-one has instructed her about that bit either. We're, as humans, are the same. Sure, we need to be instructed to do some stuff -- refine oil, build bridges, double-entry book-keeping, say -- but there's lots that's innate. Sex, nursing babies, fear of strangers, the use of violence to set the pecking order, etc, etc. I'd accept that 'civilisation' is, in part, the use of social engineering to 'overcome' some of these innate behaviours, however, it is surely puerile to consider these behaviours as not existing. To me, civilisation is about overcoming these behaviours where necessary, but working with them otherwise. So, for example, it is 'obvious' to me that you would work with young girls to encourage the 'looking after babies' innate ability -- working to suppress it will not be in their interests in the fullness of (their) time. IMO these 'gender neutral' people are doing our society a great disservice.
  15. A whole host of problems were made to go away in the late 90's/early 00's by throwing money at them*. The problem with this approach is that while it works in the short-term the cash necessary needs to keep on increasing to keep the problems at bay -- and, eventually, the cash necessary becomes larger than the cash that people would get just by leading a normal life. We've now reached that point -- putting the extra cash in now merely changes behaviours to attract people into the 'bad behaviour territory' as it is an easier bet. So, just like with city knife crime, drugs problems, etc, etc -- we've got a resurgence of violence in NI. [* Note -- it never actually went away -- just that the perps time got diluted because of the cash]