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  1. And how come, over a timescale of 15 years or so, the sum of the seasonally adjusted figures don't match the raw figures?
  2. dgul


    I suppose it might depend on how much they get in their PIP -- but if it has been calculated as covering things like getting someone to put the bins out, and they can put the bins out themselves, then there's clearly trouble coming. Part of the problem, though, is that PIP has become normalised within certain communities -- so their 'just putting the bins out' is actually equal to 'we're just doing what everyone else does' -- whereas most people just struggle on and give them their money. I'm also sceptical of their claim anyway -- 'Spina Bifada Occulta' sounds bad (Spina Bifada!) but isn't usually a problem at all (NHS on it: spina bifida occulta doesn't usually cause any problems and most people are unaware that they have it). Of course, they might be dreadfully ill, it is so difficult to know.
  3. dgul

    Free canapes

    You are, of course, correct. It is just a shame that they didn't manage to create a UK vehicle that didn't rust, didn't break down and that was price competitive with the jap pickups. [It would be nice if Grenadier did manage to get something competitive -- but I fear that they'll create their own special expensive lifestyle thing]
  4. dgul

    Free canapes

    Canapes. 40 years ago anything Land Rover would be fresh sandwiches and a decent cup of tea. Still, Land Rover will rue the day they nailed their colours to the luxury mast when the economy goes into disaster mode next yearish.
  5. dgul

    Forever Young

    Pretty much every large town has their own Hafod Hardware, and pretty much everyone goes to B&Q anyway.
  6. dgul


    I have decided that this is a USA vs UK problem -- in the UK paedo isn't an insult, it is a death sentence -- whereas the US seems to be rather more sanguine on the matter. The fact that Musk was very happy to unleash private investigators to unearth evidence for him actually being a paedo just to prove himself right is evidence enough for me that he thought it was a possibility. Frankly, without Musk's efforts to discredit the guy* I'd even have thought it was a possibility that the guy was dodgy, so I don't understand how the this case was decided upon so clearly and quickly. [* ie, if Musk couldn't find anything then there isn't anything] [the $Gazillion thing is just the way they do things in the USA -- it shouldn't be thought about using UK logic]
  7. They don't say if the guy passed his training or not. [Maybe he failed the US training, but passed the Saudi training at the last minute...]
  8. I think you mean Jessops gone again. I find it an interesting business model -- find a business that doesn't make any money in a sector that is in structural decline, and then buy it thinking that it has only failed because it is run by idiots. And wait a few years...
  9. On the flip side having a job end and then getting cash to see you through a month while you sort out the next job is convenient.
  10. Quite. The sentence seems a bit harsh for thoughtcrime, but he doesn't seem like a nice chap so I'm not going to defend him. But there are plenty of others on the other side of the fence who are at least as vocal/nasty, but there never seems to be anything much done about them.
  11. dgul

    ZIRP 4 ever!

    I find it amusing to note how TPTB keep on going on about low/zero interest rates, but haven't actually noticed that the actual cost of loans (outwith mortgages) is pretty high -- if they wanted low interest rates to stimulate the economy they'd ensure that low rates were passed through to customers. [Not that I particularly want this, just that low interest rates only available to megacorporations (for share buyback) and mortgages (to prop up prices) isn't going to be that stimulative]
  12. dgul


    If you want 'industrial chic', go for an old full height locker unit (or a few separates) -- they're tall enough to be used as a wardrobe, and will offer a handily compartmentalised storage if you don't like mixing your suits with your long-coats.
  13. Oh, it'll just be that someone didn't read their brief.
  14. Why is there an assumption that the 'right' cost for a given school is a number from the recent past? Is there something magical about 2015 (say) that makes it the 'correct' value? Why not 2009 or 1989 or 1969? Or maybe the monies paid to schools should always go up (inflation adjusted), because of some natural law*? An alternative hypothesis is that there is 'right' number, but that it is quite hard to hit, and about half of the time a given school will be costing too much, and half too little. And another hypothesis might be that there isn't a 'right' number, and that schools will spend what you give them, with the proviso that if you give them more then the education might be a little better, and if you give them less then the education might be a little worse -- but the impact of that better/worse education needs to be assessed at a country level (ie what educational levels are actually appropriate/needed). And yet another hypothesis might be that it doesn't actually matter that much, and for the most part kids will work it all out so long as they've got someone to sort-of teach them. Of course some might do badly because they need lots of attention or something (but what is the incremental cost for those few) and there might be a bit less 'extra' stuff like school shows, say (but what is the incremental cost of those shows), etc. Anyway, how much should schools cost? I don't know. I suppose I might say that they certainly cost much more (in inflation adjusted £s) than when I went decades ago, and there don't seem to be loads more genius kids running around, so maybe the extra money isn't worth it. I might add that some of the additional money is spend on child welfare classes, citizenship classes, mental well-being classes, mindfulness classes -- and while that all sounds lovely I have a suspicion that it is correlated with the increase in child self-harm and general mental illness in recent years, so perhaps those additional classes aren't offering value for money. [* well, the natural law that is 'all government departments and agencies will always spend all their money, and then ask for a little bit more'. But that's just based on observation rather than theory]