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    Hardware (network) advice please

    For a business server (as opposed to home) you probably want to worry about longevity, of both the hardware and the OS. For a drive that's connected to the internet* you really, really need to ensure that the OS is up to date. In practice, this either means going for a decent NAS, a computer running Freenas, or a proper full-capability server. Decent NAS probably = QNAP -- it doesn't mean any other of the consumer grade NAS. Well, I suppose consumer grade would be okay, but I'd give a life of about 3 years before I'd start to worry about it being connected to the real-world. You've indicated that you don't like to mess with things that just work, so this suggests Qnap (or equivalent) to me. Freenas -- bit of a faff to set up (compared to COTS NAS), but hardly difficult. Arguably no cost benefit over buying Qnap unless you can find a cashback offer. One will come along soon enough -- if you're not in a hurry just wait for a decent offer. Roll-your-own -- up to you. I'd suggest there are pitfalls with connecting to the outside world if you don't know what you're doing. [* only do this if you need to.]
  2. dgul

    Boohoo bans wool

    Sheep aren't kicked/punched/etc while being sheared -- they're worth cash and you don't want them injured. In addition, sheep need to be sheared -- if you don't then they'll run the risk of heatstroke when summer comes. Sure, you might not want to eat lamb/mutton, but if there are sheep around because others want to eat the stuff you might as well wear the by-product. [Wool isn't worth much. The reason it exists is because sheep were bred to hold on to their fleece when the warm weather came, rather than have it moult. Because wool isn't worth much (it can be worth less than the cost of shearing) sheep are now being bred to moult again -- I think this is a bit mad -- the sheep are there anyway, so the deal is that we're happy for the wool to be grown and discarded, rather than grown and used] Oh, and it is nice for Boohoo to stop using this natural product with amazing warmth and longevity, and promote all their plastic based fibres that'll be discarded at the end of the season. [And the ones doing the discarding will be all the girls out today clamouring for action against climate change. Funny thing logic]
  3. dgul

    What is it?

    Note, it is a steam engine but it is difficult to run the things from steam. If it looks 'usable' (probably just 'if the big wheel rotates') then the usual way to 'make them work' is to run them off compressed air from a compressor. The air needs to go into one of the holes on the side (the 'exhaust air' comes out of the other hole). [it will need an adaptor of some sort to mate the compressed air hose to the engine mounting flange]
  4. dgul

    What is it?

    Stuart engine. Possibly 10V.
  5. dgul

    Hungary for sex? Get paid for fourplay.

    Seems sensible. I want to ask our politicians -- how come you decided to fix our demographic problem using immigration, where Hungary's solution is fairly obvious and would seem to hold far fewer potential pitfalls?
  6. dgul

    How much for a box room? 😳

    Complicated. There is definitely a 5 year 'thing' (which has lots of legal stuff to it), but it wouldn't necessarily cover this error and he's possibly outside it anyway. You'd think the council would do some bare minimum checks like 'go round and think about the value', but, no. Then again, it isn't their money, so why should they care.
  7. dgul

    Pikey v Muzzer

    £1000 fine. Given that this is the only one where he was caught and there were very likely far more incidents, I'd suggest that this actually suggests that fly-tipping is probably a decent way to get an income, even if you are caught and fined on occasion.
  8. dgul

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    I've changed my mind. With that attitude they can have the museum.
  9. dgul

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    And this is how it works. I think the argument is that while we do give the EU loads of money, we get most of it back. That makes it sound as though only the net sums should be counted. Except what happens is that the EU decide that the best place to spend it is on are things like the sausage museum. Someone's got a sense of humour, that's for sure. [well, they didn't spend it on sausages -- but there are plenty of similar enough examples where that is how they decided to spend my money on my behalf]
  10. I don't see the downside. We had years and years of gay (mostly) men marrying beards, and both of them living an unhappy life with the potential for embarrassment with the husband being caught cottaging. These days homosexuals can just be happy, with the nice side-effect of having fewer unhappy beards and slightly more girls available for the straight guys*. And the idea that 'taking about the gays' can make a child gay is facile. Sexuality is really deep and talking about how nice boys asses are won't turn a straight teenager gay just as much as going on about the feel of pussy will turn a gay straight. These people are arguing that their child-who'll-turn-out-to-be-gay should jolly well live a sexless life with a wife, while she gets depressed and he gets a bit of cock down on a Thursday night. Oh, but that'll be fine because God won't see the unhappiness or the action on the side. [* There is an asymmetry in homosexuality -- more men seem to be gay]
  11. I mainly agree, but I do wonder about homosexuality as a special case. See, kids these days see a full range of the variety of the UK's population. There's no real need to educate about different religions or races, because the kids mates will likely be all sorts of different races and religions. But the special case is homosexuality. Most kids learn about heterosexual relationships because of mum&dad, kids stories, etc. But you don't get to have a gay mate until he/she comes out at 15, which is arguably a bit old (or, rather, you'll have time to learn your prejudice). So it does make sense to say to children 'and sometimes men love men and women love women, and that's okay'.
  12. dgul

    Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    Fake News. Very popular atm. What is the fake news here? The original story, pushed by all the media? Should that have been stamped on? People told that there wasn't certainty in the story, that there might have been at least some bits that were embellished to one extent or another? The original rumours about it being staged? They were fake news at the time -- I'm sure the current 'fake news laws' would have stamped on these stories hard. The original rebuttals of the rumours of it being staged? There wasn't as much reporting compared with the original story, but there was definitely some reporting of this. This guy's post? He's just one guy mouthing off against consensus without presenting any actual evidence -- surely a sign of fake news being posted. The lack of any response in the media to the guy's post? He suggests that there's been 'some understanding' of the situation for some time. Fake news is fake. Or, at least, in a world where there is no understanding about who's being played by whom, you can't start suppressing some stories without a very real risk of living in censorship.
  13. dgul

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    Internal error = ignoring the d-notice?
  14. dgul


    'Career' is a mug's game. There is, however, such a thing as 'happy with your working life' -- that one is very important. If 'career' makes you happy then go with it -- but don't expect it to get you happiness after you've done the 'slog' bit; that's the carrot they dangle.
  15. dgul

    Diet fizzy drinks - just don't

    There's practically no sugar in beer.