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  1. It is the stupid rules, really. They should have said or about £250k. That would have left the vast majority of people unaffected, but would have ensured that fatcat bosses would have to have pulled their belts in if they wanted support, and would have stopped all this stupid situation with ultra-high earners like footballers.
  2. I have this feeling that they didn't impose an 'at risk' shutdown (and everyone else gets on with it), because they worked out that there are loads and loads of the population who are actually at risk but who would deny it (not me mate!) or then just ignore it (not fair!). Eg, the overweight, smokers, heavy-drinkers, diabetics, the chronically unfit, people who have diseases that are completely under control -- the combination of so few people being actually in the low-risk group along with bad behaviours of the at-risk groups means that an 'at risk' lockdown wouldn't work.
  3. People: Something must be done! Official: But what! We're doing everything we can under the circumstances! People: You're not testing as much as other countries! Official: But that's not the limiting factor -- the tests aren't effective or reliable enough and it just isn't that important compared with other things! People: But you're not testing as much as other countries! Don't you care about our heroes in the NHS! We clap for them and everything! I bet you don't even clap, you evil bastards. Official: We promise to have mass testing for all of our hard working heroes in the NHS. People: Yeah! We're going to have mass testing! Yeah! [bit later on] People: Hold on. People are still dying! How can that be?
  4. I don't quite get this. The 'BCG effect' is that it gives a general boost (boot up the backside) to the immune system for little children that results in them coping much better with disease for about 2 years following the inoculation. There's never been any suggestion that it gives a longer term effect other than reducing the ability of TB bacteria to take hold in the body. So, I might imagine that giving BCG to the population might have an effect. I would also imagine that this effect might be more profound if people hadn't had a BCG previously (as the immune system boost would be bigger in someone who'd not had it previously). But I don't see how BCG 40 years previously would give any protection against a viral infection. I suppose something different might be going on, but that's not what's been suggested in the reports I've seen. [As far as I can tell the situation seems to be: The immune system boost following BCG might help! -> BCG might help -> I've had BCG in the 80's! -> so I'll be less likely to get this virus, yeah! ]
  5. It sounded more like a statement on the nature of the errors in the test, rather than any policy effects.
  6. That's just like the old 'fold a crisp packet' technique.
  7. There's going to be a massive difference in 'value' between indoor and outdoor use. I'd have thought it sensible to get people to wear facemasks inside, but not outside. Given a limited availability (that isn't going to be magicked away) getting people to put them on before entering the supermarket* would get 99% of the benefit compared with wearing them whenever they left the house.
  8. I'm terrified of all the crap art that's going to come of this. Novels about being bored during lockdown, plays involving people not interacting on stage, and, worst of all, documentaries galore about every single aspect of these times.
  9. Nevetheless they'll make us wear them anyway. Anyone moaning about it (let alone caught flouting the law) will become a social pariah named and shamed on social media by people who are still very cross about the cafe at Waitrose closing down. They'll issue facemasks with individualised barcodes on the front to ensure that they know where everyone is.
  10. Will people pay more for a pretty one made out of a native hardwood? If not, he's screwed.
  11. They put them on boats to indicate which way is up.
  12. There's so much moaning at the moment about people who are just getting on with stuff that needs to be got on with. People who are being forced to not do stuff that they didn't actually need to do are very cross about it all. [Brother in law does kitchens. He's not worried about working in the current climate. He's worried about how no-one is going to want a new kitchen in 12 months' time.]