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    Make your own ecig liquid

    Is the £shop fluid any good?
  2. Fair point -- I was thinking along the lines of 'what the heck do you do with a place like that?' -- it only really makes sense as a place to live if you really want to live in a place like that -- there's not much else. The only think left is to rent it as a 'speciality place' for someone to have a few days of weird so that they can tell all their friends of Facebook about how wacky they are.
  3. To be fair AirBnB is going to be a great option for these sorts of 'speciality homes' (with the presumption that making it an actual 'holiday home' would require more hoops to be jumped). It is the use of AirBnB for your standard flat that won't make sense for the masses (it does for the early ones).
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    Tablet Remorse

    It is the Apple thing -- but you have to go all-in. It is very frustrating to mix and match. I find the Google integrated-data thing excellent too. [With both you have to accept that you give the company access to pretty much everything about your life.]
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    Tablet Remorse

    It (mine) is one of those strange compromises that shouldn't work, but does. As a tablet it is huge and 'surely a bit heavy'. Yet I use it far more than my Android tablets. You'd imagine that the touchscreen wouldn't work with 'normal apps', but it seems to just work out most of the time. I don't do Mac, so don't know about utility wrt the iPad. As a desktop-laptop it is surely too small and the keyboard surely too flimsy -- yet it seems to work out. Perhaps I'm old fashioned enough to have used crappy monochrome 9" laptop displays and am therefore delighted with the 12". I've also used the 10" Surface (original Pro) and that was good enough for me at the time. I'd presume the current Go (10" screen) would be a similar experience. [I actually had (still have somewhere) an original RT -- I thought this was absolutely fantastic, even though it couldn't do anything other than office work and browser -- but that's all I wanted to do on it at the time. I only got the Pro for compiling.] I use it for 'proper work' and in that context use it docked with a proper screen and keyboard -- it is powerful enough for its tasks (office work + compiling) (it is a bit old now, so hardly any power at all, in a modern context -- I guess compiling used to be a complicated thing, but these days 'complicated thing' is having four Youtube tabs open and compiling is trivial in comparison). It pretty much can't be used as a 'on your lap laptop'. But you'd use it in tablet mode for that (want to type? Tough). But I am going to spoil all that positivity by saying that it isn't the thing I use most of the time when on the go, which is a Thinkpad X1 -- the Surface keyboard just can't compete for normal text entry (it is very good though). That said, I think if I only had a Surface I'd be happy enough (but note the use of a dock for proper hard work).
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    Tablet Remorse

    The Microsoft Surface tablets are excellent.
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    Killed by pigeon

    Probably a result of a communications failure: They're going to be buggered when they find out about the Siberian hamsters.
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    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    But it is still just a state of mind. If she'd got together with a few others and practised Mendelssohn's Wedding March, Pachelbels Cannon in D, Wagner's Bridal Chorus and Handel's The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, they'd have had plenty of work. As you say, there is plenty of money in weddings -- it is just a matter of extracting it.
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    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2019

    Sad day today.
  10. I've mentioned before that one more likely possibility is the reintroduction of tax relief for debt interest payments (and all debt, not just mortgage). This is a bad policy for a number of reasons, but allows for some relief on debt without being 'obviously bad' to the general population (ie, compared with writing off debt, even though it has a similar effect). If they do it It'll come in just as interest rates start to properly rise. Oh, and they'll do it just before a general election, as there's no point in doing these things if you don't see the benefit in the ballot box. Introduction for start of FY22-23 would be just in time for the '22 elections.
  11. I read this and couldn't believe it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-46921469 This is completely bonkers. Sure, it is just a meal -- but in this lies a terrible statement about what we think society is. You can't go to college and start saying that 'I'm not happy because things are a bit different'. It is such a wrong response that I just don't know what to think. You go to college, see new people, new challenges, get stimulated, get to question yourself, get to see more than what you had seen. I tell you what, why don't we all just stay at home and watch TV. That way our worlds can stay nice and contained. [I actually think this would be a nice selection method for a posh college, along with fish and chips with mushy peas on day two. If you are so closed-minded that you'd complain about the indignity of either then really you should be going elsewhere.]
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    5 years, no parole.
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    Mr Bercow

    "Let the poor man keep his job!" said his wife's boyfriend earlier.
  14. dgul

    PC monitor thread

    Go into Currys and find the cheapest 3 that have the inputs you want and don't creak so much when you try to turn them on or adjust them, etc (compare with an Apple monitor in terms of 'what not creaking sounds like'). Pick the one that looks nicest. If it's a tie, choose IPS over TN. Other than that they'll probably all be okay for what you want to do. When you get it home turn the brightness down a bit.
  15. dgul

    PC monitor thread

    The last set of monitors I bought were some Iiyama 24" g-master ones about 6 months ago. They've very good, sturdy, etc. Previously I'd bought Iiyama prolite monitors -- they're always predictable, but I don't know about the current range. When you get a monitor a tip is to turn down the brightness -- they tend to be set high out of the box (I think it is so it looks impressive -- humans are crap and in a direct comparison will usually go for the brighter one), but most LCD displays will look a bit 'washed-out' if the brightness is too high -- lowering the brightness will usually improve performance and not zap your eyeballs so much as a bonus.
  16. dgul

    PC monitor thread

    Well, it depends on the shop, etc -- but for 24" if you find somewhere with the best deals, the <£100 ones will contain quite a few suspect ones, and the >£100 will have fewer suspect ones. I'd imagine that the ones >£120 will be quite good with few exceptions. Except for if they say 'gaming monitor'. Those automatically cost at least 20% more, with no benefit (to you).
  17. dgul

    PC monitor thread

    Cruddy monitors have better image quality than good monitors from only a few years ago. But I'd also note that cruddy monitors are made of cheap plastic that creaks and groans even if you look at it funny -- you're paying for material quality, rather than picture quality. The really cheap ones tend to be a bit rubbish in every way. Resolution isn't that important -- for normal viewing distances nearly everything available will have pixels smaller than you can see. Things like contrast isn't that big a deal for normal computer usage (more of a TV thing). Lovely colour palette range is probably unnoticeable for most people doing most tasks, but could make a difference if you do lots of photo work. Refresh frequency is irrelevant if you're not gaming. For the most part you'll probably want to have an IPS display, rather than TN. (TN might be better for some uses (eg, gaming), but I'll go out on a limb and say that's not you) (IPS and TN are types of LCD technology). The advert might mention LED, but that's just the backlight -- the actual screens will be LCD unless you're in £££ territory. It is getting harder to find non-LED backlit monitors -- it'll probably be LED even if the main blub doesn't go on about it. LED backlight is better than non-LED (which is actually 'fluorescent tube squished in') under every scenario I can think of. Speakers in monitors will always be crap, but if you've not otherwise got speakers they'll allow you to watch video reviews about monitors on Youtube and hear how enthusiastic the reviewers are being. Of course, if you've got a laptop maybe its speakers will be enough for you. Just something to think about. Make sure you've got enough inputs -- which will be 'what you need now' + some other ones (VGA, DVI & HDMI covers everything, plus displayport if you're being fancy. You can drop the VGA if you've not got anything legacy that uses it). Adjustability of the stand might be an issue. Height adjustment is nice to have if you've got a really messy desk. I get really annoyed by simple things like the 'on/off switch' not being easy to press or the input-select menu being buried deep in the options, but those sorts of things are difficult to know about if you're buying on-line -- perhaps best to ignore it and have it as 'something to moan about later'. I quite like LG, and have bought Iiyama more times than I can remember. LG make some cruddy cheap ones, but the good ones are good. I don't think Iiyama make monitors other than at least quite good. Other manufacturers are available.
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    Pink, everything is bloody pink.

    The docking station has worked out that you're female and has changed the colour settings accordingly. You could try logging into a few car-review sites and then perhaps looking at some porn later tonight, but I fear it'll be a struggle to get it back.
  19. Hi DB -- does that mean you're moving away from your up-down-up-upupup model, and into an up-flat-up-upupup model?
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    (Less) Power to the people

  21. I really don't think that it would end up being a linear function all the way to 'catastrophe'.
  22. dgul

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    There wasn't even a tunnel.
  23. dgul

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    Apparently if you cut off his tail he grows a new one.
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    Freelander of Peace

    I think he'd heard it was his turn to be the Royal distraction, and he thought he'd get some mischief in first. It is a never ending source of amusement over the Royal family breakfast table that Queeny doesn't need a licence, but PhilTheGreek does.