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  1. That's because no-one knows what the local accent sounds like any more. [That's true around here -- all the 'locals' think the few actual locals are from much further west, whereas in fact that's just what the old East Wilts accent sounds like. The people who think they're locals don't really have an accent]
  2. Julie was a long time ago. These days even around Tregaron you're not at all unusual if you turn up from London for a taste of the good life.
  3. My family insist I go to Pembrey whenever I'm down. I hate the place, but for some reason keep on going and keep on getting cross.
  4. 30 years ago, yes. These days there have been so many incomers, many of whom are transient, that they've given up saying anything. Of course, they keep on saying stuff down the pub, but that's just interpreted as racism and is ignored.
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    prince to wed

    I don't get it. It looks to me like MM is fine and Harry is just pissed off being there (I'm sure I'd feel the same).
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    Bus bashing..

    It's turned from a nasty little incident on a bus that shouldn't have happened but that we've probably all had*, into some kind of show trial of men. [* it isn't homophobia. They'll have been nasty little twerps that would have have turned on anything.]
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    Oxford street

    Ah -- seems to be a nasty accident, not malicious.
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    Oxford street

    Seems something is going on along Oxford Street (London). A Friday thing?
  9. TSD is a disaster zone. Lampeter (St Davids) is the university that in the olden days that would take all the dimwits* that couldn't get into a proper university but where mum&dad** insisted they didn't go to a poly. Once the polys became universities Lampeter St Davids*** lost their reason for existing. [They've been bailed out by Saudi money but it really isn't enough and anyway the Saudis seem to be more interested in Carmarthen these days] I don't see how it can survive (although the main building is rather nice). [* apart from theology. But that's more of a 'disappear into the wilds' sort of thing -- not quite Lindisfarne, but nearly as good as.] [** Well, there were also the kids where mum&dad wanted them somewhere isolated so that they couldn't get into trouble, but who didn't realise that is where all the LSD came from.] [*** Lampeter St Davids. LSD. Coincidence? I think not] Carmarthen (Trinity) was never an anything, and to call it a university is bonkers. It has a place as a local tech college for the farmer's kids to learn welding. It does have a nice main building, however. Swansea (Metropolitan) was the amalgamation of the teacher training place for crap teachers, the arts school for crap artists and the tech college that actually taught practical tech skills (which they don't do any more, afaikt). I'm pretty sure that people only go because they're too stupid to realise they're not going to Swansea university (itself a place of no hope, but at least it wasn't as bad as Swansea Metropolitan). It used to have a nice building or two, but have since spunked their money on a Barrat style new campus where kids can go to get depressed.g Not only will TSD not be able to survive the coming education maelstrom (which even the UK education industry accept is on the way), but it's demise will only serve to increase the average output of the UK HE sector.
  10. Everything I read about it at the time was critical. Most reports went with the 'help to sell' meme. But yet again this is a 'no-one knew' situation that'll merely recommend actions for the future rather than actually take people to account for what was obviously a bung for the housebuilders.
  11. Not specifically relevant to the running chap who achieved a miraculous improvement in performance while away somewhere where other people might have taken testosterone, and seemed to always be out whenever the drugs testing people called round, and who did take something that wasn't recorded at least once (but that was just a lapse), and who may or may not have assaulted people on a more recent training camp, and who might have had the benefit of the UK taxpayer supporting him but who takes great pains to avoid contributing taxes back, but who most definitely has never taken performance enhancing drugs*. [* according to Britain's favourite non-cycling athlete who isn't one of the actually nice ones, the right honourable Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah, CBE] I see while reading some local rags (that aren't local to me) that Tanzania has decided that Somalia is now a safe country and all the refugees can return. https://www.thecitizen.co.tz/news/Tanzania-to-repatriate-thousands-of-refugees-whose-countries-/1840340-5152910-m13pwm/index.html Now, I appreciate that lots of people have built a new life abroad, but who's going to help rebuild the war-torn country? Presumably we've got loads of Somalis who we've spent training on how to help rebuild their country, and who have been saving up their £s so that they can have a decent start when they return**. Or is it that we now say 'they're ours now, stuff off', and leave the country to be rebuilt by those that struggled to stay. And (without specific reference to the running chap), to those that say 'he's done so much for the country' I'd say what makes it such that Britain can steal him from his country of birth? Perhaps it is important that Somalia gets a chance to get some Olympic medals, and he could help with their training efforts for the next generation. I'd accept that it is 'a difficult moral question', but I'd also suggest that it definitely isn't as simple as 'they're ours now' -- our obligations to the world don't end with accepting people to wash our cars for us and telling other countries to stuff off because they're ours now, no matter how moral their cause. [** sorry, forgot that we don't actually do that. I've no idea why not.]
  12. Chris Froome, a cyclist, was having the shakes after being without a 'fix' for too long, and 'fell off his bike' and grazed his knee just so that he could spend a few days with some nice drugs from his personal medic (specially flown in under the therapeutic use exception 'diplomatic' bag) . The media keep saying that he'll have come down from his high after about 6 months, but lots of people think he's fried his brain with this one and that's it for him.
  13. Did you do anything to upset the gods in January?
  14. it has been in breakfast cereals for years. They absolutely have to discuss at the 'summary stage' the other side of the equation, not just the '2000 NTD pregnancies could have been prevented". I find it a bit odd -- every woman I know would take folic acid supplements when they're at least sort-of going for a baby. I know there are the 'unplanned' pregnancies, but in my world there aren't that many of them -- I'd suggest that most deficiencies are because people at risk can't be bothered to take them. So, yet again, stuff is being thrust upon me just because others can't be bothered. [I can't help but think that 99% of the benefit (ie, bring mandatory folic acid to those that 'can't be bothered') could be achieved by adding folic acid to all McDonalds products]
  15. I find this disturbing. People are on balance really dim and unimaginative -- but all it takes is a seed and it changes behaviours massively. I can think of a million and one ways to do bad things, but I don't talk about them 'with an unknown audience' because once out they're out. The problem with JB mouthing off is that the next thing to happen is someone will mix some acid up with their milkshake -- society is better off without people talking about such matters.
  16. not much response in gold and oil yet -- wonder what is going on.
  17. It sounds reasonable to set out this now, rather than the UK's approach of slow-boil where retirement is 'forever 30 years away' and decreasingly viable*. [* for people who have actually bothered to work]
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    One danger is that a sub-population (somehow*) become (relatively) immune to the disease, become a carrier and then wander around like a modern typhoid Mary. [* eg, through vaccination]
  19. Trouble with that option is that you'll need a flight to get to the airport from where you've parked.
  20. Just a made up story in a made up journal. [and calorie counting is nonsense as well]
  21. A few years ago I parked in one of those 'drive your car off somewhere' places. When I got home after my trip I noticed a new dent in the sill. I did try complaining but that car already had a few bashes in the sill and I didn't get anywhere (I know where all of the bashes are on all of my cars). These days I just pay for the official parking, or travel by public transport.
  22. Looks like SOAS is in trouble: https://www.thenational.ae/world/europe/london-s-school-of-oriental-and-african-studies-in-financial-trouble-1.873304 Sounds like a shame -- I have a soft spot for SOAS -- back in my student days it was where you's find girls... Reading the articles on this I was a bit shocked. SOAS always had a small student population -- in the mid hundreds IIRC -- so imagine my surprise when I saw that current student numbers are about 6,000. I really don't understand how the world needs 10 times as many experts in orient and African stuff. I note that it was set up to educate the administrators of the empire, and there's only been a reduction in that need over the last 100 years... They moan about student numbers declining, but I bet that there's still plenty of demand -- I've seen acceptance rates of about 25% for the place. I suggest that their problem is actually demand from overseas students who have the means to pay their fees... [I don't think SOAS will close -- too many wealthy ex-SOASians in positions of power. I'd imagine that they might lose some admin, though. Worst case scenario is it get effectively taken over by one of the London biggies]
  23. The sort of article in the OP makes me cross -- of course they're going to claim all sorts of lovely things. The aim of the investigative journalism should be to say 'yeah, right' to their claims of being a nice person taken advantage of by nasty Romanians, that they're a recent father that's just looking out for their kids, etc, etc. Just reporting their claims at face value isn't just lazy, it is reducing the value of that journalism to zero (and people wonder why there is a move away from the mainstream news). Anyway, this is someone who has gone to a foreign country and immediately engaged in illegal activities. I've got a little time for people who've been led astray, but in this case it can only reasonably be interpreted as deliberate behaviour. The only rational* response would be deportation without any chance of readmission. [and what's with the juvenile detention? The guy is 20! If he needs to be locked up surely he's old enough for a proper jail (or perhaps in a 'young offenders' wing of a regular jail). But, as I say, he shouldn't be in jail, he should be on a plane] [* rational, because the aim of the justice system should be to reduce offences. For native offenders we offer rehabilitation etc, but I don't see why that is useful for a foreigner; the way to reduce people from EE coming to the UK for weekend of shoplifting isn't to send them for rehabilitation, but to stop them coming in the first place]