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  1. In my part of Wales everyone was miserable anyway.
  2. The book of Christianity is the New Testament. Most of the quotes are Old Testament and not directly relevant. The quote from Matthew is sort-of relevant, but should really always be quoted in terms of the verses that follow (because it is misleading on its own).
  3. I just don't drink at home. Will happily drink in company. [It might be to do with coming from a Presbyterian area, but I'm not sure]
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    And in real life: She looks quite sweet there. Apart from the skull.
  5. That's a very misleading headline -- Screwfix is giving up on a few countries, but in the UK it is a star performer that'll they'll probably expand more. Re Screwfix being expensive -- Toolstation is the new Screwfix.
  6. For all of her supposed smarts, she doesn't seem to understand what it is about tits and ass that makes them attractive, at least to men. (I accept that that kind of look might be 'attractive' to females, possibly from a misplaced jealousy but I don't fully understand why)
  7. I really don't understand why they told us he was Senegalese -- they could easily have presented the whole story without mentioning it, and it would still make as much sense. Perhaps they've got someone new in. Temporarily.
  8. That's nonsense. There is almost certainly exactly the same amount of stationary being bought as 12 months ago (and 24, 36). The issue here is that businesses (and people) have realised that OD aren't as competitive as other sources. This is IMO the same effect that killed Maplin (and others) -- it isn't that the trading environment has changed, more that a significant %age of their customers have worked out that they're being ripped off -- and the thing about realising this is that you'll never go back (no matter how hard the retailer tries). Another thing -- They say additional growth capital was required to continue delivery of the next stage of the management buyout business plan -- so why not just stop here? It is nonsense to say (effectively) 'we can't grow any more, so we're going to have to close everything'.
  9. To be fair to the gormless ones at the So-Called BBC, I think it is official policy 'from high' to ensure ordinary people continue to think that is how banks work.
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    New lap top

    As a comment and I suppose a warning -- I've bought a few used hard disks from CeX (complicated reasons for s/h) and on each occasion as a curiosity ran a data recovery on the drive (main reason is to check that the drive hasn't been in a server*) -- every time the drive is full of the previous person's data. In one case, I extracted a few naughty pics of the owner/gf (who didn't look too horsey) before I got bored. I think CeX claim that stuff like HDs are securely erased, but they clearly aren't (or at least aren't always). Frankly, I don't know why anyone would sell personal drives to anyone -- I keep mine when they're redundant, and, at the point where I might want to dispose, use a sledgehammer for secure data erasure. But, if you do want to sell, do a proper data-wipe and don't rely on them doing it for you. [* ie, server drives are knackered when they're disposed of, household laptop drives usually less so]
  11. Methodology: But this approach just makes a list of relative expense of city for people earning a wage in New York. Surely the only way to judge costs is to compare against average local incomes. Their approach essentially only identifies 'expense of city relative to weird international earning people'. Hence you end up with weird effects, such as Caracas being the cheapest city in the world, despite no-one there being able to actually afford anything much.
  12. So, she goes on and on about being innocent and how her side of the story hasn't been heard (or allowed to be heard by the press, presumably) -- yet she doesn't take the opportunity to give her side of the story. Just that she's innocent. I find that weird.
  13. It is irrelevant for 'normal people', because for most of the stuff on the list either you, the gp or the pharmacist will say 'it'll be cheaper to just buy that yourself', so the prescription won't exist or be put through the system. Oh, sorry, forgot. Normal people with jobs who pay taxes but don't get free stuff are in the minority. So, this is basically saying that it is ridiculous for people who get free stuff to get more free stuff that they should really just be buying themselves . Sounds reasonable to me. [eds -- it isn't reasonable. It is absolutely horrific that this is what the system has become. And this sort of action will only sort out a tiny fraction of the abuse to the system that has somehow built up over the decades]
  14. I do wonder about the stats. I think there's actually quite a lot of variance in the data, and what we've got is a population of frugal water users with a significant sub-population of wasteful users. I think that these wasteful users actually dominate the stats, even though there might not be so many of them. Worse, when there are utterances like in the OP link, the ones to actually change their behaviour are the ones that have already changed their behaviour, the already frugal users. These can only reduce consumption by so much, leading to only minor improvements. The wasteful users, as before, just carry on being wasteful.
  15. dgul

    New lap top

    Computer exchange often have nice enough machines at lowish prices. Ebay refurbished would be cheaper/better, but CeX have a warranty that isn't completely crap. [it isn't a good place to sell tech, IMO, but if they don't want the thing (like a crap laptop) they'll sell it on cheaply enough] If all you do is web stuff you might be best off with a Chromebook -- I think they're great. There are plenty of cheap ones in Argos etc. [Obviously, if you get a Chromebook then Google will own you forever, but I assume that I'm not worth owning, so don't worry about it]
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    Tax question

    If you want an easy life just delay the payment.
  17. The thing to do now is to email the bank telling them that you've had a £400 unauthorised transaction. They'll then email back telling you that it was reversing a previous error, and if you're lucky will send a £10 voucher for your inconvenience.
  18. Crazy country. We've got a massive problem brewing because youngsters with jobs are living in cramped accommodation and putting off having children, and even when they do have kids they'll only have one or two. At the same time we've got people playing the WTC game and having loads of children, and then demanding massive houses from the council. And at the same time we've got families that have kids for weird ideological reasons that end up in terrible cramped living conditions. It is all backwards, and made worse (encouraged) by government policy over the last 20 years or so. It could probably be resolved (ie, stop the problem getting worse) in an instant, but there's no will to make these hard decisions.
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    St Patrick’s day

    It has already been.
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    Comic relief

    takings are down because we've all given all our money to the bankers and there isn't any left.
  21. 1. Keep the UK bank, but 3. Get a UK bank euro account for all the euro transactions 2. Nightmare. Get proper advice.
  22. Soldiers are good at shooting (in hostile environments, etc) because they are trained. Training is not the same as practice.
  23. It is certainly an interesting one. They need funding, and if it doesn't turn up the value is zero. People believe that the gov will fund it, and I think they will eventually, but not necessarily in the lifetime of the current ltd company. It is nice that they're solving the problem by merging HBOS and Lloyds. Oops, just got stuck in a time loop.
  24. They're confusing 'violent mad racist' with 'terrorist', IMO. But they're clearly got a list of what constitutes 'terrorist' now -- so perhaps they could publish this so that we can apply it to all further attacks.
  25. + simulator hours. Simulator hours are particularly important for type ratings for commercial pilots. [Lots of people don't rate simulator hours as they're 'not real', but simulators are actually very good (now) and that's where the pilot gets to practice the important stuff like engine out landings -- I'd suggest simulator hours are harder and 'worth more' than real flying. But they've got to actually have real flying as well -- simulator isn't enough] [Oh, and simulator flying is also important to practice flying new airports]