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  1. Satch Presents - The Big Fight Live Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden v Don ‘Mr Orange’ Trump 'A big welcome to fight fans around the world to this contest for the undisputed Presidency of the USA. In the blue corner representing the triple alliance of Big Tech, Big Media and the Swamp is Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden and in the red corner, representing American Low Life is Don ‘Mr Orange’ Trump. You join us with just two rounds to go in this thrilling contest and it looks to be all over for Mr Orange. Beijing Biden is according to all the media well ahead on points even though he has spent most of t
  2. White Supremacist Woman Humiliates Black Man An oppressed black man was forced to kneel before a far-right white imperialist supremacist and bow his head to show his servitude in racist humiliation ritual. The Queen who is descended from a family of slave owners, whose family also plundered Africa and other countries for slaves and treasure, today humiliated Lewis Hamilton in the bizarre ancient ritual that made Hamilton swear allegiance to his white owner as she brandished a sword while he was on his knees trembling in fear.
  3. Biden said Trump was endangering lives by refusing to hand over power. Trump says he wants to investigate the fraud and ensure the election was fair and accurate. Dominion Voting Systems software is central to the accusations of fraud. Dominion Voting System have refused to answer any questions. By answering the questions and proving the integrity of their systems they would torpedo Trump’s charges. Trump would need to concede and hand over power to Biden. Biden has said people will die due to the delay. So has Biden told Dominion Voting System they must come out of hiding in the basement and
  4. And this is why the courts will not over turn the ballots. Say Biden wins by 20,000 and Trumps shows that there were 10,000 fraudulent votes by multifarious means; dead people, paid for ballots, votes counted twice, new votes added by counters, Trump votes not processed, totals changed by the software etc. Still not enough to overturn the result because you will not be able to find ALL of the fraud. And because the envelopes (ie the signatures) have been separated the votes are in effect just used Pizza money-off vouchers and can not be traced back to be validated. The hand re-count is a
  5. satch

    BLM UK

    I think I saw a similar advert for Lee Rigby … oh wait I didn’t as the colours are the wrong way round.
  6. Hope you managed to keep looking straight ahead at the wall while peeing and did not let your gaze wander. She was probably finding it difficult enough peeing stood up without some random bloke at the next urinal staring down at her fanny.
  7. I agree with Big Mike, let’s put an end to the game now. Mad conspiracy theories by mad people on the interweb. Joe Biden is still alive, just, and is the President. There is no fraud. It will not go to Court because there is no evidence, well maybe a bit of fraud but that will not change the result, those extra 2 million votes will never be found. Fat Checked by Satch. Anyway they are making a film … You Only Vote Twice SMERSH plan to steal the USA Presidential Election to install their own man as the President. With help from SPECTRE, the agents from SMERSH have infiltrated and ta
  8. Denzel Washington’s character in Training Day said ‘It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove in court.’ And sadly I suspect that the people in power, including Judges, will not even let this massive fraud get to court as it is too big a crime. The only way it will get to court is if the Democrats know everything has been fixed and they can humiliate the Republicans and Donald Trump. But having seen how quiet they are on things like ’integrity of the voting process’ and saying or rather not saying ‘we agree there must be an audit of all votes, signatures etc in all key states’ and ‘we ne
  9. Satch Investigates - President Obama’s 10 Secret Things To Do List Write January 2021 Inauguration Speech for Slow Joe – needs to be short, very short. Write February 2021 Press Release for Slow Joe stepping down for ‘health problems.’ – appoint Kamala as P and Hilary as VP. Increase number of Electoral Votes for California and New York, by 70 and 60 respectively. – secure all future Presidential elections. Mandatory Mail-In Ballots for all elections. – secure all other elections. Pack the Supreme Court. – remove citizen freedoms and change constitution.
  10. Priti Patel sent me an email. Wayheeeyyy. Free Movement has been stopped. The government have introduced a points based immigration policy. All well and good but the illegal immigrants just come in on boats from France. If they do not get caught they buy some documents to become legal; passport and NI card (quite easy to get and I know personally of a case where a large company of over 5,000 people, employed someone with false Passport and NI Card for five plus years) and then off down the benefit office for a house and dosh plus a form for the wives and kids to gain entry to Benefit Land.
  11. And now we see that the USA would have a crooked, bent election that ignores the will of the people and the constitution rather than admit to organised fraud by the Democratic Party. Having a recount of illegal votes is a sop and does not legitimise the election, if anything it reinforces the fact they have something to hide. Still they deem it best for democracy if any wrongdoing is covered up. What would the world think if there was wide spread systemic election fraud by people who are responsible for a free and fair election in the supposed standard bearer for freedom, justice and integrity
  12. In the election there will be minor vote fraud by individuals who filled in a vote for their old address or used previous tenant’s ballot for Biden. It is both wrong and illegal but episodic and not systemic vote rigging. Even if there is evidence available it will need to be collected and processed and in my view it should be done over the next few years (as a separate process) and people should be punished if found guilty and jailed. The two major fraud issues that could have materially affected the outcome, where there looks to be organised systemic fraud through abuse of position are
  13. Wrong, that is not a Mail-In voter it's his first wife .... every vote counts especailly the dead peoples' votes.
  14. So what will happen? The evidence will be that, Yes the Hammer / Scorecard software used by eight states could be used to change the number of votes but there is no proof that it was (would you really have a transaction audit trail in software used to rig foreign elections? The video seems to show +560 for D and -560 for R as it updates). No proof, just a one-off. Yes, there could have been four million illegal Mail-In ballots but they are mixed in with all the others and so it would be a massive task to examine them all. Can’t prove within a suitable time frame. Yes, probably
  15. Dateline: 1 April 2021 – 100 Days after the Dawn of the Dead President 10 Top headlines from the first 100 days of the Biden Presidency. USA enters month three of the total nationwide Covid lockdown with no end in sight. GDP has fallen by over 40 percent as unemployment reaches record levels especially amongst African-Americans in the cities of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Madison, Baltimore, New Jersey, Detroit and others democrat controlled cities. In Philadelphia and New York, two out of every three African-American men have lost their jobs and been made redundant in the las
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