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  1. There they are in that picture ... a bunch of smug pro-brexit NAZIS ... oh dear tis the irony of the far-left liberals that everyone is a NAZI if you disagree with them.
  2. Simple mistake on his part. To get banned for 'hate speech' all he needs to do is replace the word 'brexiter' with the word 'leaver'. So we have; 'I hope all children of leavers starve in the street, if I see a child of a leaver drowning in the river, I’ll video it for the money, whistle and walk on by, and there’s nothing you lot can legally do about it.' and this is what hate speech looks like and feel free to select the other far-left bingo words to add and embelish the description of the poster.... racist, Nazi, scum etc etc Or we can have; 'I hope all children of brexiters starve in the street, if I see a child of a brexiter drowning in the river, I’ll video it for the money, whistle and walk on by, and there’s nothing you lot can legally do about it.' and this is now a reasoned argument by a free-thinking liberal.
  3. In the end I think most people will look at this debacle and come out in favour of Boris. So far we have someone putting ‘F*** Boris, F*** the Government’ stickers on her front door even before the day of the row. Numerous posters on her street deriding Boris and the Tory government. Carrie must be fully aware of the violence that the left have shown towards people who they perceive as the far-right (assaults on TR and Farage for example). She has had people outside her flat whenever Boris arrives or leaves. Carrie has therefore been put under massive stress and then her bastard neighbours are recording everything she does, intruding on her privacy and her private life. IMHO people are being naïve if they think Soyboy has only recorded the row. And from the DM article it looks as if Soyboy has been stood outside her front door recording sounds from her flat. Today there are people outside Carrie’s home on the steps to her home, yes it is her home, her home with a banner saying ‘We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live.’ And the police do nothing. And Jeremy Hunt (who I thought better of) takes a cheap shot say Boris should open up about the row. Well actually it was Carrie who was screaming and given the stress she has been living under with the neighbours (proudly) giving Boris the finger. So I am not surprised some trivial matter caused Carrie to blow her top. By all means give Boris a tough time at the hustings but his girlfriend should not be a target and especially not her home, and I do believe she feels she can’t go back there at the moment. Easy to be a far-left Guardian activist when daddy provides the flat and probably living expenses so his little girl and her Soyboy can be ‘artistic’ radicals.
  4. Boris and Carrie need to move out for the next month as there will be microphones taped to every wall and recorders on 24/7 hoping for another argument or tasty bit of gossip. I note the neighbour took his recording to the Guardian, he should have kept quiet and if he was so concerned just given the recording to the police. Boris needs to sue these bastard neighbours ... but after he becomes PM. Anyway the questions have just come in for the hustings. Will we leave the EU on 31 October? Is there going to a Customs Union? But the real questions we want answering are. Did you have make up sex with Carrie? Is she the pure filth that she looks to be? Would she make stokie blush?
  5. But what colour was the man in his 20s who got shot in Feltham? No idea the article does not say, can't even hazard a guess, not a clue.
  6. More vile child rapists jailed in Huddersfield., described as child abusers by MSM, no they are child rapists, let’s not play with words. Age of married men; 33, age of child rape victim; 11. Members of a gang of 21 men, yes a gang ie 21 men who knew each other and passed young girls around amongst themselves. One gang of 21 in Huddersfield which is a largish town but by no means a metropolis.There are many many similar towns in the North. No need to mention many other facts about the rapists but you can do some Islamic bingo with the names; Mohammed, Abdul, Hassan, Akram, Khalid. I was particularly moved by the tragic story of Khalid … sorry I need a minute as I am filling up here… yes Khalid's barrister Gillian Batts said her client's offence was a one-off. Khalid, who is also married, was described in court as 'a caring and compassionate family man' and 'a humbled and focused individual'. TR gets a mention at the end of the article '… Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon celebrated the jailing of 20 sex gang members - and slammed the 'establishment' for releasing some of them on bail ...' What a vile disgusting individual TR is, celebrating yes celebrating the jailing of a large number of hard-working married family men.
  7. SO BORIS WHEN DID YOU STOP BEATING YOUR GIRLFRIEND? The neighbours said they heard the noises from the £1 million property that the Tory leadership frontrunner shares with partner Carrie Symonds. They heard screams followed by sounds of banging and claimed that, at one point, Ms Symonds could be heard shouting 'get off me' and 'get out of my flat'.
  8. So Jeremy Hunt has only known Davies to be decent and honest, Davies was convicted of falsifying two invoices. Falsifying means taking a document and physically and deliberately making changes and committing stealing by fraud. Not a well judged statement for a future PM, Hunt should have taken a stance about honour, integrity and ‘conduct in public office’ as a veiled swipe at bonking Boris. If Davies had accidentally submitted an invoice of say £1000 for home furniture which was a personal invoice instead of the correct invoice foe say £50 for an office chair that would be fine but cheap fraud by an MP is a disgusting abuse and the constituents were right to get rid. It takes a special kind of ‘idiot crook’ or more likely a ‘massive me me me I’m entitled idiot’ to falsify two invoices for £700 and throw away a ‘nice little earner’ … and reduce the government votes by yet another vote and also increase the opposition (Libdems probably) by one
  9. I am sure Greenpeace would prefer a new Wiki entry ... something like this. The Murder of Phil Hammond On 20 June 2019, Phil Hammond the British Conservative MP and Chancellor died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in the Mansion House while giving a speech. A 52-year-old local female with far left sympathies named Green Peace Slag was found guilty of his murder and other offences connected to the killing, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole of life order.. Remember ... if Mark Field has been in Birstall West Yorkshire he could have saved Saint Jo Cox The Murder of Jo Cox On 16 June 2016, Jo Cox, the British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, West Yorkshire. In September, a 52-year-old local man with far right sympathies named Thomas Alexander Mair was found guilty of her murder and other offences connected to the killing, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.
  10. Labour MP ‘Boris is a racist and not fit to be PM he is a racist and talks about bin bags etc etc he is racist about black people ,,,,, etc etc Bruce ‘What about Boris being a racist what do you all think let;s have some comments from the panel and from the audience …. Black MP ‘Boris is not a racist …’ Audience Member ‘What about Corbyn who is an anti-Semite’ Bruce ‘let’s move on ….’
  11. satch

    Next PM

    I am still going to be hanging in their (sic for Wight Fight (also sic) to have a rant!) to be the next PM. One weirdo is out but I am willing to step up and replace him. I have also changed my mind about nuking China and India to stop global warming and create a zero carbon world by 2020. I was not being inclusive and could be seen as being Islamophobic so I will now also nuke Pakistan. Having sorted out climate change to win the youth vote and committed to building more mosques to win the Islamic vote I feel I need to get the So-Called BBC and the Labour party on side. So I will now answer any question presented to me with just two words, whatever the question. What are you going to do about Brexit? What about threats to privatise the NHS? How will you solve the London knife crime epidemic? What about all those rough sleepers? What about university fees? The answer to all questions is ‘Fuck Trump’ pretty sure this will get me into the last fore (another one for WF!) Just think about it … after four or five questions and massive ‘fuck Trump’ answers the So-Called BBC would support me even if I changed my name to Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon II, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon II. Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon II who used to be known as Satch whose real name is not Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and not to be confused with Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.
  12. satch

    Next PM

    So it seems that words do have consequences and now the Conservative party five have all agreed to have an investigation into Islamophobia in the party prompted by a BBC plant, a Jew-hating Imam preacher. Anyway the tweets about relocating Israel to the USA and women needing to take some responsibility for being raped are five years old … Emmerdale Asian actress (19 when racist tweets sent) was sacked for five-year old tweets using the N word, Imam has just been suspended (until the fuss dies down). But to be fair to the So-Called BBC it would be difficult to find an Imam who did not share these views and they are short staffed. I suppose they could have had a Sikh, Hindu, Rabbi, Quaker, Mormon etc but that would not suit the So-Called BBC agenda of inclusivity.
  13. satch

    Next PM

    I am still hoping to be PM and given the performance of the last five I think I am in with a chance. As I said to my granddad’s Muslim bus driver friend ‘ … we must invest more in education, the NHS and in building mosques.’ And I have also a way to stop climate change and the global warming emergency … I am going to nuke China and India. There will be a short increase in temperatures due to the bombs but with three billion less people to feed global warming will disappear overnight and I will deliver a carbon neutral world before 2020. This also sends an important message to the EU, re-negotiate Brexit or you are next. Given that all Tory party members are far-right old white men it is now me that is the shoe-in not Boris Johnson whose real name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
  14. satch

    trans madness

    Just what you need, gangs of 14 year-old boys hanging around in the gender neutral toilets to see if some girl or fit bird is ‘on the rag’ or farts like boys do or some pervy old bloke who keeps ‘dropping his pen’ and needs to check for it under the cubicle doors. SJW stupidity on speed.
  15. satch

    Next PM

    I have spent a lifetime delivering. Even when I was seven, at primary school I could deliver. The outside toilet in the playground had a six foot plus high wall and I could still pee over it … a feat only accomplished by a few of the older boys. So yes I can deliver. As I said ... a vote for me is a vote for wee, so vote for me and you will get wee … loads and loads of it … delivered over the dictators that run the EU. What we need is a Prime Minister who is willing and able to piss all over the bureaucrats of the EU … and I am that inclusive non-gender specific adult.