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  1. Tony Benn died in 2014 ... ' A stalwart of the left, Tony Benn was a critic of tax avoidance measures. As an owner of expensive properties in London and the south of England.' Tony Benn of course took every measure possible to avoid paying tax, gifting properties while continuing to live there .... but paid 'rent' to avoid HMRC problems, Deeds of Variations ... Trust Funds, every trick in the book .... but he was (and made a great play of being) a critic of tax avoidance ... but obviously this does not apply to the great and the good such as Tony Benn. I suspect his son Hilary Benn, Labour MP is an apple close to the tree.
  2. satch

    Ben Stokes - Not guilty

    Seems to have been two cricketer trials going on at the same time; in one trial as reported on by the So-Called BBC, a beefed–up cricketer thug mocked two gay men, harangued a doorman and assaulted some others causing grievous bodily harm (he should have been up for attempted murder) and was arrested and charged. In the other trial, in reports after the verdict, a brave sportsman defended two gay men from some homophobic abuses and attack from thugs and was thanked by the gay men who apologised for the hassle they had caused the brave sportsman.
  3. satch

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    The Swedish PM should know better. Sweden has lots of festivals some well known such as Mid Summer and some less well known such as Kraftskiva (crayfish party). The migrants have modified an old traditional Swedish festival to create the new festival of Bil Brand, pronounced ‘beal bround’ (car fire) where locals gather and dance around burning effigies of western decadence. So nothing to see here.
  4. satch

    Westmister car of peace

    You don't need a COBRA meeting to work out that there are thousands of them who want to kill the Kafir, and yes they are probably mentally ill as that is what the conditioning does and all of the ''refugees' we are 'inviting' in / allowing to return are not all doctor-lawyer-engineers. This will continue to happen unitil some decisive action is take ... no I take that back, it will get worse unless some decisive action is taken ... which TPTB will not take. However this one was a doctor rushing to work after finishing a shift helping the homeless and became disorientated.
  5. satch

    Never, ever take responsibility. For anything.

    What does his father think about all of this? I assume he has one and is not the result of immaculate conception ....
  6. satch

    Islamification of Europe

    Looking at the list of countries you could take out the fact it is sorted by percentage of Muslim and apply other criteria and end up with the same or reverse order. 1. Would I like to live there? 2. Is there freedom to do what you want? 3. Are minorities suppressed and tortured? 4. Is the country a source of innovation and invention? 5. Is there religious tolerance? 6. What percentage pf people would leave if they could? 6. Is there a reasonably fair system of wealth distribution? 7. Is there equality that is independent of gender or sexual orientation? There is no joy in Islam, no innovation, no tolerance, just oppression or submission which is the whole ethos of Islam and violence. There does seem to be a direct correlation (inverse) between whether a country is good to live in and the amount of Islam.
  7. satch

    Islamification of Europe Now let me see, four young Muslim men in a BMW die when being chased by police at 5:30 in the morning and basically the whole Muslim community (thousands) come out for their funeral. '... very decent kids, very polite and were well known around these parts' apparently .. The article fails to mention the hospitals that the two doctors worked in or the lawyer firm for the other lad and no mention of the major engineering firm that employed the fourth lad. This is why the UK is being taken over they always act together ... probaby due to fear of reprisals if they don't 'support' their Muslim brothers. A mass of votes and people controlled by a few through threats of violence and religious fevour. So much for integration as I suspect there were no white / non-muslims at the funeral and if four white lads had died in similar circumstances there would be no muslims at their funerals either; two opposing cultures with one directed to destroy the other and the other destroying itself via political correctness.
  8. satch

    Am I being unreasonable? (Renting related)

    So they want you with no benefit to yourself help them to commit mortgage fraud even though I suspect this would be at a minimum frowned upon by the professional accounting bodies or maybe could stop you practicing (I do not know I am not an accountant) . They want you to live in a HMO with none of the legal or safety aspects … it would cost them money. Suspect they skimp on the other safety checks such as gas and there is probably no proper smoke alarm system or fire extinguishers / fire blanket available. They are probably not paying the due taxes to HMRC … that’s OK as you and I will make up the shortfall. And as they are willing to f*** with the tax people and mortgage people and the legal / safety people, do not worry I am sure that one day when they decide you are no longer required you will find your stuff outside in black bin bags as you have no valid contact to live there … and no reference. Scumlords of the first order, Rachman is probably their role model. Oh and it is highly unlikely that you will be able to f*** them over. (If you watch the Can’t Pay programs you will see that landlords basically get away with murder and sometimes after months and months even get a ’strongly worded letter’ from the council.) Stay or leave, I would be looking to leave and certainly not knowingly signing a document to enable fraud.
  9. satch

    Islamification of Europe

    I suspect TPTB have a good idea of the total number of illegal-refugee immigrants there are across the EU but would be terrified to say the number out loud. Like here TPTB give a population number but IIRC someone did a study looking at eg Tesco figures for food comsumption etc which shows the official figure are way short .... and supermarkets are particularly good at analysing this type of stuff and I would believe their figures above those ot the government.
  10. satch

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    Wonder how long they have known we rescued the refugee-terrorist and brought him to the UK to murder our kids. TPTB seemed to have waited for more than a year after the attack and it is very convenient that the schools are now all on holiday so the kids can’t think about it or talk to their friends about kids being blown up by Islamic terrorist-refugees. Also we have the Love Island final and the weather changing, summer holidays to look forward to. It’s as if they have been waiting for the best time to get this out and bury it quickly. Perhaps they told us this information before and I forgot ….
  11. satch

    Islamification of Europe

    Europe's going to burn? Well yes and no because the UK's going to burn ..... most of those in France are trying to get to the UK as the UK will give them a free house and free benefits.
  12. satch

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    no no no we import more than we export so we should have a net gain. We could have zero import tariffs but the EU would never ever have the same for the UK as unless people have forgotten Barnier and his mates have said the UK must suffer for daring to try and leave the EU. And Treason May has given way on every EU demand so all Barinier needs to do is tell May what she has to do ... she will make some speech and then give way. Remember a Common Customs Rulebook is not the Customs Union, nothing like it, totally different and a Framework Of Mobility is not Freedom Of Movement again entirely different.
  13. satch

    Imran Khan

    Yes in a few years he will either be very rich or very dead.
  14. There are over 1,000 properties (mainly new flats) available to purchase in SW8 ... one postcode, lots of building, no shortage of properties to buy and there are loads of Help To Buy schemes. Short journey to central London .... did I mention the minimum price I set was £500,000 and the average wage in London is 35k .... OK lets call it 50k. Cheapest properdees (did not check but probably a studio flat) at 500,000 is ten times the average wage oh and before you ask there were 30 properies costing less than 500k in SW8 ... oh you say the average wage earner does not buy the average priced property .... but yes 300,000 is the actual cheapest ( a lower ground studio flat) so you probably need to earn 100k to buy even the cheapest studio flat.
  15. satch

    UK acid attacks hit a new low

    Most likely there are other on-going / up-coming court cases. Every case is treated in isolation so the defendant gets a fair trial. Past crimes are not part of the current crime and if you knew eg a defendant charged with say stealing had 57 convictions for stealing that would influence your (the jury) verdict, in this case the defendant could be innocent. At the end of a trial the judge, at sentencing, may list the defendant's previous crimes ..... in one case I sat on the judge said he would just cite some examples from the five or so pages of the defendant's criminal past.