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  1. Darius just needs to get the trial to take place in Portland and then the truth will come out about how Darius is the true victim and deserves reparations from the family for his suffering. And there my learned friends the case for the defence … you have a white privilege child thinks he is friends with or more probably actually owns the black man and misappropriates his lawn; Black Lawns Matter. Darius walks free. As the mayor of Portland (I think it was Portland would say, as she said about building being set on fire with people inside ...' I did not set the fire' and refused to condemn the arson ) ‘I did not shoot the child, why should I condemn the action.’ Fortunately no black child was killed it was only a white kid. Only Black Lives Matter and as it was a white kid killed by an oppressed black man (there always needs to be a term such as ‘oppressed’) the murder can be ignored by the media. Heads up to Lewis Hamilton, what do you think Lewis? Black Lives Matter, Take a Knee. So no comment then Lewis, same as with the white mother who got shot for saying All Lives Matter, go ahead Lewis ... Black Lives Matter, Take a Knee. Only Black Lives Matter. Story (untrue) of a black kid being killed by a white man and there is uproar and mass rioting and looting in loads of cities. Actual killing of a white kid by a black man and … pretty much silence. Black Lives Matter, White Lives Do not Matter, not a jot, worth nothing, nada,
  2. … and the government response is that the number of cases, yes we measure cases now not deaths or hospitalisations but cases. And the number of cases has increased by 789 in a single day, yes an extra 789 cases, back in your box, get that mask on, social distancing, social distancing or we will quarantine you. And 788 of the cases were asymptomatic and one had a runny nose.
  3. We have ex-servicemen living on the streets but the government can reserve 4 Star Hilton hotels for illegal immigrants. One of the hotels is in Sajid Javid’s constituency and he says not a word, not for, not against, nothing, no comment. A free room, no need to work, free money, any hassle just play the racist card and send some selfies to the folk back home from the free tour of Anfield. Those families of the Hillsborough victims must be well jealous with Liverpool having just won the league for the first time in decades and knowing their dead relatives were supporters. A free tour for the illegal immigrants and nothing for the real fans and their families. If you want to see what the UK will look like in 20 years, take a look at any of the towns such as Rotherham, Bradford, Blackburn, Oldham, Luton etc. Actually probably more like 10 years, the problem accelerates as we allow migrants to actually run these towns by electing them as councillors and mayors. Look at what has happened to London. In the DM one journalist says we should tell these migrants about the pointless life with no work in one of our troubled inner cities. The thick journalist ignores the fact that the illegals will automatically double their standard of living as soon as they set foot in UK and live somewhere safer than whatever Muslim shit hole they come from plus they are guaranteed a free hotel room with full board and sky TV plus some spends and no need to ever work. Why would they NOT come?
  4. satch

    trans madness

    There are films that will not work when transgendered … The Godmother 1 2 and 3 Brother Act One and Two The Daddy The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo The Blues Sisters A Fish Called William Raging Cow
  5. satch

    trans madness

    Transwomen are real women and that is an end to it. There is no compromise. There is no need for separate M2F events as this implies that M2F are not real women. Transwomen are real women and if you disagree you are transphobic Nazi scum. For the avoidance of doubt I am by this definition transphobic Nazi scum. If ciswomen can not accept that people without a cervix are real women then they are transphobic Nazi scum. Next thing they will be saying that just because Beardy Belinda has a cock and balls she is not a real woman and if you did you would be transphobic Nazi scum. Anyway I have absolutely no sympathy, non whatsoever for the ciswomen who will get badly injured playing rugby against transwomen or ‘cocks in frocks’ or boxers / martial arts fighters who fight men who are pretending to be women. The real ‘real women’ need to make a stand and walk out and refuse to participate. Instead they allow that Canadian bloke cyclist to win the women’s events and take the records and are happy to come second and third. And by continuing to compete against, and with, ‘transwomen’ they endorse the fact that transwomen are real women or are considered to be real women. There is nothing to stop transwomen (M2F) participating in the men’s events (all of them have but now want to compete against women as they were crap at competing against men) as they have a male birth certificate or they could have their own M2F events, which absolutely no one would have any interest in whatsoever. Until ciswomen decide to act then they are by default saying transwomen are real women and can compete on a level playing field with ciswomen.
  6. … Coming to you live from a pub car park in Scunthorpe the dosbods fight event of the decade. Two undefeated champions meet to settle a score. In the Red corner representing the commies, Marxist and sjw poofters. He is here … he is All Red and Hot To Trot, the undefeated champion of Better Red than Dead, the one and only Ravishing Red Rave. And in the Blue corner all the way from the USA, the President of Mean and Nasty, the Man from the Right Wing, the undefeated champion representing the KKK, Mister KKK himself, let’s hear it for J F K. Both fighters were interviewed this afternoon and Rave said he was fighting for truth, justice, humanity and goodness while JFK said he was here to do what his name says; J F K, Just Fuck-up a Kommie. The referee for tonight’s contest is the man from Stoke, Stokie Scum who will be out here to officiate the fight as soon as he has finished shagging both of the Ring Card girls. The girls are those two dosbods lovelies, Van Lady and Two Cents … so Stokie should be out here in a couple of minutes at the most to get things started. Filming tonight main event will be the XYY Man who has promised not to include any still life art shots of himself or pictures of old cars in the between round intervals. The contest will be decided over 12 rounds of boxing and posting, points will be deducted for bitchy comments and the ‘correct spelling rule’ is in effect, three words spelt wrongly in any post and a point will be deducted. May the best man win.
  7. satch

    Escape from LA

    Well out of respect for the deceased there should be no police investigation and no intervention by any kind of law enforcement. This is what Caleb would have wanted, a true demonstration and tribute to the on-going campaign to defund and remove the police. Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police. Black Lives Matter. All the police are racists. Black Lives Matter. Take it to the streets. Black Lives Matter.
  8. So we are going into full lockdown for the over 50s while other countries are back to normal. All we hear now is the increase in the number of cases. What is a case? Some one who has the sniffles? Who dies? Well not many which is why the emphasis is now on cases, the number of people who have caught the virus. Many, 99% of people can catch the virus and be unaffected or have a bit of a cold. Is it still the same profile of person who dies? They do not say so it will be average age 80 with co-morbidities who will be dead in a few months in any case. They, the government, those that control the government, are using a bad flu virus to change the way we live, to re-structure society. There is something very evil behind this whole thing as the virus is nothing more than a bad flu. Are healthy 30 year olds dropping like flies? No, then why are their lives being destroyed? We are heading towards total economic collapse and the destruction of our way of life. This response to the virus has no logic and makes no sense. Madness, Incompetence or Evil. I think Evil.
  9. House prices are a function of a number of things but one is the level of housing benefit. This is not a constant across the country but is dependent on your area and rents in your area. So in a Northern town the average may be say £400 per month but in London it will be say £1,200. The £1,200 paid by the taxpayer (and workers who rent) keeps prices high and provides Scumlords with their 3% ROI paid for by the taxpayer. When we rented a few years ago we tried to negotiate a rent reduction on a new place, the benefit claimant offered the full amount as they were not actually paying … ironically as a taxpayer I was funding their rent as they outbid me. Paying tax to allow rents to rise, so I had to pay more rent; a taxpaying worker outbid by people on benefits. So one benefit of immigrants who claim benefits is in keeping rents high and more profits for scumlords. Housing benefit (in broad terms with the 30% quartile etc) is a function of local rents paid, so if local rent average is £1,000 per WEEK or £50,000 per year then housing benefit would be say £40,000 per year and average house prices £5,000,000 … OK extreme but the principle is consistent with how housing benefit works, the higher the local rent the higher the housing benefit and it therefore feeds itself. Also if you can get £1,200 as a landlord from rent (say a 3% return) then where else would you put £500,000 (or any amount of capital other than in shares) when savings rates are 0.2%. More immigration creates more demand for housing and increases the level of housing benefit payable. Property is seen by many as a safe investment like savings are rather than shares which have a higher risk (I said seen). Immigration increases overall GDP (consumption) but decreases GDP per Capita (quality of life).
  10. CBBC – BBC starts LGBT indoctrination for 6 year olds. CBBC is our (BBC) brand for 6-12 year-olds. Its tone is funny, entertaining, energetic, unpredictable, clever, and infused with laugh-yourself-smart appeal. And now with added LGBT for six year olds … CBBC has had the first lesbian kiss. So now DOSBODS children what do we want to see next on the BBC? Let’s remake of all the old classic kids programs for the new Woke world.. A sex change for Andy Pandy who transitions to become Randy Mandy and pegs Looby Loo while wearing a strap-on. Bill and Ben in mutual masturbation giving Little Weed a pearl necklace. Hot man-on-boy action between Big Ears and Noddy with Mr Plod in bondage gear … at first watching and then joining in the fun with his large truncheon. Anyway Camberwick Green needs to be banned as it has no diversity or multiculturalism so the new version will be set in Bradford with a mosque, fast food take away, taxi firm and a grooming gang instead of the Post Office and flour mill. Happy Woke Viewing Folks.
  11. satch

    BLM UK

    They / he had a BB gun which is not illegal but he would need to be supervised when using it as he is under 18 (he is 12). BB Guns are often replicas ie look like a real gun. She says it is a toy gun, well I disagree it is IMHO not a toy it is still a weapon. (Judge Judy says she would never allow any child to have a BB Gun). The mother of course supervises him when he uses it in a designated shooting range, he would never use it in the street or the house where people could be injured. Maybe the father supervises him … anyway he was waving the (replica) gun around inside the house and the police should have knocked on the door and politely enquired if the gun was indeed just a BB Gun and not an illegal firearm. Having been told it was a toy they should have gone quietly on their way and not intimidated the poor black boy. It seems that according to Channel 4 and the mother the police really need training in how to deal with potential firearms … I have an old friend who was in SO19 (armed response) and he will tell you that you do not want to see people who have been shot. It is not like the movies where the good guy looks down at the small hole and carries on as if it is a scratch. If you are the police you will have seen people who have been shot and you will make sure that you are not shot and if that means upsetting some kid waving around a replica gun then so be it.
  12. Satch Reports – The Joy Of Buying – An Estate Agent Rights From the Sun ‘Now, we pay less on our monthly mortgage repayments than we did in rent for the flat in Clapham - our mortgage is £1,156 a month and rent was £1,720 a month.’ And there in one sentence is why there is a massive property boom at the moment. The poor young couple missed out on Nik Naks’s stamp duty holiday and lost £8,000 (the sellers paid the other half of the stamp duty total which was £16,000 as an incentive to complete). But these canny buyers have not really lost because the house will have gone up in price by the full stamp duty so they will have already gained £8,000 as soon as the moved in. Plus no rent to pay, so they are saving £600 per month as the mortgage on their three bed roomed house is cheaper, yes cheaper than the rent on a two bedroom flat! And no more worries about being evicted in two months with an AST letter or massive rent rises as Landlords exploit the housing crisis. Peace and serenity in their own, owned home. The couple also now work from home and so needed extra space but no longer need the convenience of a flat close to London. Buy now. It's a Win Win. Buy now. There are government schemes to help; Help To Buy ISA, Help to Buy equity loan, Lifetime ISA, Shared ownership are just a few of the dozens available. Buy now before prices soar, there has never been a better time to get on the property ladder. Buy now. Even in normal times prices double every ten years so in 2030 this couple will be millionaires. Buy now, you know it makes sense. Buy Now or 'mange tout' as the French say.
  13. Passenger average age was 69, 14 died. And 2% of those infected died and 98% survived. There were 2,700 passenger and 700 of those were infected so about 25% of the passengers got covid and 14 of the total number of passengers numbering 2,700 died so about 0.5% of the passenger population who had an average age of 69 died with / from Covid. Crew average age was 36, 0 died, so 100% of those infected survived. There were 1,000 crew and 145 were infected so about 15% got covid. This was in a confined space where transmission would be quiet easy with large restaurants, air conditioned cabins etc. So not the death sentence even if you are old and get the disease, here the mortality rate was 2% so like a bad flu virus. We never worry about flu killing people but with this bad virus we should perhaps have locked down or isolated the vulnerable. We did not and instead put in place draconian stupid measures that only really affected those who would be unaffected by the virus. And conversely did nothing to protect those who would be affected by the virus. In fact it was even worse as the potentially infected were moved to care homes to infect the vulnerable who lived there.
  14. And I suspect it is the same here in UK and that they are tightly clustered around 75 to 80 and anyone younger will have co-morbidities with an increasing number as the age of death decreases. So at 75 you could just need one additional serious ailment and maybe a compromised immune system from lack of Vitamin D, if you are 70 and dead you probably had a selection, say three problems and throw in some obesity to push them over the edge. To die with covid at 60 you probably need a combination of four co-morbidities, say heart, cancer, obesity, diabetes and then covid will kill you. You see the ones who are 90 and have survived covid they are all thin but may have a number of other relatively minor or less serve aliments. So I think covid will not kill you on its own until you are well into your 80 and then it will need some help. And even then the vast majority of the over 80 have survived. The MSM seem to pretend that covid is a death sentence when in reality it is nothing of the sort. So why have we destroyed the economy and thousands upon thousands of peoples’ lives to stop people with an average age of 80 dying a few months earlier than they normally would have done?