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  1. satch

    HS too much

    HS is being built mainly for the Directors and Shareholders of large construction companies and the big six consultancies, not for them to use obviously, but for the easy money … £100 billion up for grabs apparently, fill yer boots time.
  2. First ever selfie from 1839 taken by Robert Cornelius
  3. satch

    Avocado seeds

    Yes, that is strange but I never had avocado sweets at anytime never mind in the bathroom. Lemon or strawberry or even barley sugar or mint if you want to freshen your mouth but avocado sweets … don’t see the attraction and they never ever made it into the Woolworth ‘Pick and Mix’ as they would taste of very little really and so I am not surprised they are no longer available.
  4. Meghan’s mother is a woman of colour and so she is wonderful, kind and lovely. Meghan's father is an old white man and so he is horrid, misogynistic and racist.
  5. So they have given up all Royal duties and will become plain Mr and Mrs Harry Windsor … well no, not quite. They will still be Duke and Duchess of Sussex just not HRH so they will be able to use their Dukenesses to endorse everything with a SussexRoyal coat of arms or logo such as; Harry’s pork sausage … good enough for a Duchess, Meghan tissues … soft for your bot after a hard day on the yacht, Meghan’s Justice for Girls necklace, a snip at £1300 and a fun game for the children called ‘Find Harry’s backbone’ plus Meghan’s book, ‘How to make millions and become a Princess’. Anyway no public money … but dosh from Charlie, couple of million a year and we taxpayers will apparently pick up the security bill of £600,000 a month. So looks like a draw M&H Spongers 1 Liz Royals 1.
  6. 'With it being Asians, we can't afford for this to be coming out' said a Police Chief some 30 years ago. And as per the original post from 2017, still no police officers have been identified. ‘'It is unfortunate no individual officer has been identified …’ Ah, I see ‘unfortunate’. It is just unfortunate that not one police officer who covered up crimes for the past 30 years has been identified, not a single one. When in that time hundreds of Muslim (the article says Asian) men raped 1400 plus children (the article says youngsters). Later the police investigation was canned as they found 100 Muslim rapists and so the rapists were allowed to continue as some crimes are just too big and too sensitive to deal with. So just ignore them as it is only poor white girls being raped and we, the police, don’t want to be called racist for arresting and charging the sons of Islam as pensions may be lost … not quite how the article phrased it. So still no justice ... the cover up continues and the pensions continue to be paid.
  7. Strange that’s exactly what I do. I fuck your wife and drink lots of your whisky.
  8. Ah Yes, Bruce Banner, the man all landlords feared, the ultra renter legend, the master property non-buyer. Bruce Banner’s renting skill was feared so much that Landlords had to offer him special multi-year deals. Then after year-on-year property price rises the great Bruce Banner bought a small house (his words) and it was probably all he could now afford. Bruce Banner will never admit it but he made a massive very costly mistake and ended up buying a house out of desperation as he could not stand the uncertainty of renting and the fact his capital was draining away as returns on cash went to basically zero. Yes I know it is so sad that Bruce Banner the renter is no more, now it is Bruce Banner ‘look-how-much-my-house-gone-up-in-price-since-I-bought-it’… and yes he really did say that.
  9. Meghan’s signature is in fact true Illuminate in style and needs to be looked at in a mirror. If you do this and take time to research the inverted and reversed letters to discover their meaning you will find they are images and words translated from an ancient language. For example the loop on the M is used to create a D to signify Divine or Death etc. Anyway the hidden message reads … I am Divine, All is mine, Death will back in a minute someone is at the door.
  10. His father was a toolmaker, he made one tool, named him Keir
  11. The ‘system’ taxes income or earnings and does not tax wealth (I know you know this and the rant is general) and so the workers pay a higher percentage of their income as tax than the wealthy because the wealthy have wealth not income. And the government are always keen to mention that high earners who make up 1% of the workforce pay 30% of all tax. So in your example the 100k in property is wealth (untaxed) and the 50k is income (taxed). The Queen pays a bit of tax as she is only worth about £300m (stop laughing at the back) which IIRC is less than Paul McCartney and a host of celebrities. So consider how much would you need to earn to afford to be able to live in Buck House (value £2bn) plus Sandringham plus Balmoral and have some small cottages like Frogmore, Clarence House, Kensington Palace, your own train etc etc So if you really wanted to have a fair system for tax you would need to tax wealth and this would need to be for everyone. Our ie mine and Mrs Satch’s wealth, not all but a large part is our home, and our property would rent out for £24,000 per year so equivalent to say £40,000 salary … NO NO NO screams everyone you can’t tax me based on imputed rent. And do not forget if you had a mortgage on say half the property you would still pay wealth tax on the half you owned / had access to. So the Queen would pay tax on the imputed rent (assume rent of 4% of £2bn) on Buck House etc etc. Then the argument switches to the amount of tax on imputed rent and it should not be part of the PAYE tax system so let's say 1% of the property value per year … but the retired boomer in their £1.5m London terrace would get a bill for £15,000 a year, NO NO NO. So then you exclude OAP boomer from the wealth tax and before long you are back to excluding wealth from the general tax system.
  12. I don’t normally (never have before in fact) quote myself. But on 5 Jan I posted … ‘So if we assume the Iranians take down a US commercial plane or some similar action what will Trump do? Well a politician would rant and impose sanctions, get a UN resolution passed etc etc. But Trump is not a traditional politician and may just decide to really fix the problem and destroy Iran’s economy and stability by wrecking its entire oil industry and blowing up all its nuclear sites… he won’t as the politicians will hold sway and it will all continue with the tit-for-tat games. So as you were … don’t forget we need the oil.’ So the Iranians now admit they accidentally shot down a plane taking off from the airport, many planes had taken off in the previous days but Iran ‘accidentally’ took down a Ukrainian plane … Russia is still at war with the Ukraine and the Iranians (are Russia friends with Iran? sorry daft thought, irrelevant to the situation) … the Iranians accidentally took out a Ukrainian plane … what a coincidence … oh dear, what a shame, never mind. It was accidental, honest guv easy mistake to make … cruise missile coming in and a plane taking off, I am obviously not an expert, but I am sure they must look the same. But in any event no Americans killed in any attack, some UK, some others and some Iranian- Iraqi-traitor-Canadians died, hey ho. Trump is apparently going to impose some sanctions. So Tit-for-Tat game complete. As you were … don’t forget we need the oil.
  13. Mr Mrs Windsor’s road to billions. Should be quite easy as all they need to do is copy some ideas from their celebrity friends with a seven point plan … seven is the magic number 1 Needs to be Megan and Harry like Posh and Beck 2 Sex tape needs to be found (Megan’s not Harry’s) to break the internet like Kim K 3 Massive number of perfumes to be launched, Sussex Royal, Squaddie Sour, M&H Fetish Nightmare, Megan No. 1, as per Paris Hilton and Cristiano R. 4 Star in Real Housewives of Vancouver as Queen Bee like Dawn ‘Jog on’ Ward in Real Housewives of Cheshire to improve Meghan's image. 5 Make up range, shoes, crap cloths and cheap tat for persecuted people of colour and like Puff Daddy and Beyonce. M&H will make billions. 6 Become the most popular couple in the world by both transitioning like that athlete ex-bloke Caitlyn Jenner who is now the most popular single celebrity. 7 Megan and Harry to unveil their secret energy saving and energy generation invention based on the work of Nikola Tesla that will save the world and stop climate change to win them the Nobel Prize for Physics like Hedy Lamarr.
  14. The UK is morphing into Sweden … drip, drip. As according to the DM the Koran teacher was Welsh … there’s lovely, he was really Welsh, a lovely Welsh boyo is or was Mohammed Sadiq, 83, from Cyncoed, Cardiff, taught in the mosque for 36 years. Abused a few kids but claims he was innocent and it was due to an internal row in the mosque.’
  15. If it is a unique SussexRoyal and is a genuine Harry and Meghan then it is worth a fortune maybe even millions, if not then it is just a mucky print.