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  1. Her parents came here as refugees and then attended radical hate preacher sermons, flag burning etc. The SJWs are saying she has been groomed, conditioned, yes to a large extent by her parents and yet not one SJW is saying the parents who have a level of responsibility should be deported back to a Muslim state or to Ethiopia. She wants to come back here so she will not die in Syria as her work is not yet done, the world wide caliphate and total domination by Islam has not been established. She has no regrets about going to live with ISIS and she would still be there if the evil kafir had not destroyed utopia. She would still be with ISIS, not being fazed by decapitated heads in bins. She would still be with ISIS knowing that they promote slavery of the Yazidi, girls and young women not that different to herself. She would still be with ISIS knowing that they are conducting a holy war, jihad against the west. If her parents are / were that worried they would go to be with her in the refugee camp. She will of course along with many other jihadi brides be allowed back and given all the evil kafir racist islamaphobic west has to offer and in a few years the headlines will be about the atrocity (the first of many) that one of these returning brides has committed. The refugees have form, the Manchester bomber was offered refuge and the option to become westernised and instead blew up kids at a pop concert. She and her kind will not rest until the true Islamic caliphate is established, it is the purpose of their life and their death. Jihad. Holy War.
  2. satch

    NHS - envy of the world

    The NHS trust have apologised, lesions (sic) have been learned and most importantly no one is to blame, no jobs or pensions have been infected (sic).
  3. satch


    Que? It seems there are most types in Kingston and in general a massive number of non-native UK. The old people are pretty much all Gammon (like me!) but the young are nearer a 70 – 30 split between UK and Non-UK. There are Spanish but also lots of Eastern Europeans, I would say many more EE than Spanish. Few Afro-Caribbean or African but an ever increasing number of Muslims. In the new social housing the occupants are 80 percent migrants, mainly Muslims with lots of kids and there are even UK jimjam wearers with lots of benefit tokens, sorry I mean kids. In the interests of diversity and multiculturalism the Seven Saxon Kings (white imperialist racists) have now been replaced by Seventy Roma Beggars most of which can be found praying, begging and playing accordions in the shopping areas. Just my guess / feel on numbers and percentages but as you walk along quite often you hear no English being spoken for many minutes.
  4. satch

    trans madness

    In the world of LQBTQQ2SAAKI and trans-morph-inter-intra-gender everything is possible. If you can be taken to task for using the wrong pronoun (now that is a hate crime) then if as a CIS you refuse to fancy a trans then that is trans-phobic hate crime as trans are the same as CIS and if you fancy CIS and not trans then you must be trans-phobic, all very simple really
  5. The Liam Neeson story shows how evil some white men are; he thought bad things about black people and had visions of killing (more likely injuring) a black man. Not nice but a bad reaction to the rape of someone known to him that he recognised as being bad. But the luvvies are nothing if not fair in their treatment of white men. Roman Polanski is an old white man much lauded by Hollywood even though he never visits … that drugging and rape of a white 13-year-old girl and subsequent conviction makes it challenging as he does not want to go to jail. Liam’s career is apparently finished, killed by his own ‘racist thought crime’, however Polanski continues to work with top actors despite the ‘actual crime’ of child rape … lucky for Polanski the 13-year-old was white, I wonder what would have happened if the child had been black?
  6. They rejected my original script for the Cadbury advert. Girl; ‘I’d like a bar of chocolate please.’ Man; ‘How old are you?’ Girl; ‘Five and a half’ Man; ‘Come back in four years.’ Girl; ‘I’d still like a bar of chocolate please, it’s for my mum.’ Man; ‘Is that her outside? Where is husband? Where is male family member? … fat white slag.’
  7. satch

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    The app already exists and just needs a slight mod GPS detects you are Starbucks, Vodaphone Amazon or Google App says "Is there any tax to pay" User presses "no" and app registers this and goes away until next year Optional extras option for "yes" and paypal sends one pound to HMRC
  8. satch

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    To be fair to the EU they have played a blinder if the Yvette motion gets through. Getting your opponent to refuse to walk away is priceless, they have to accept whatever the EU decide they want. Reminds me of payback for Germany after they lost WW1 when they had to sign whatever deal was put in front of them. The ultimate victory will be if the EU i.e. Germany get the UK to sign the deal off in that old train carriage; revenge served very cold.
  9. satch

    trans madness

    Come on get up to date you lot .... way behind (behind ... sounds a bit rude ) the curve (curve sounds a bit rude as well) ... ANYWAY it is now LGBTQQIP2SAAPK
  10. satch

    Islamification of Europe

    I read that biased article, is it seven men or nine they seem undecided? Anyway nine doctors and paramedics were waiting outside a nightclub in case anyone needed help or assistance or even a free ride home. As they waited they saw things that were so upsetting they needed to react and defend themselves. In the subsequent affray someone had acid sprayed in their face and others had broken bones and fractures. These nine men apparently help to run Hackney so now that they are in jail I am sure we will struggle to replace them and the good works that they do on a daily basis. And people must realise these poor men are the victims and society needs to change to ensure these nine men are not put back into that same situation when they are back on the streets in a few years time. Mr Khan sort this out.
  11. satch

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    The politicians, the So-Called BBC, ITV, the newspapers etc etc are all for Remain. The options presented are May’s deal, Remain by cancelling Article 50, Norway with variants and Canada with variants and of course ‘no deal’. Characterised by the mass rejection of ‘No Deal’ as in no to a no deal. ‘No deal’ is classic Orwellian Newspeak used by the media. No deal is not a deal that has nothing in it. It is a deal, an arrangement that exists already and is used throughout the world as a means, to trade using WTO rules. No deal with WTO is not a blank piece of paper it is a defined framework with numbers that enable country X to sell / trade stuff with country Y using a proven set of rules So the Second Peoples’ referendum if we have one (I do not think we should have one) there can only be two options in a referendum (yes or no, in or out, option 1 or 2) would be Remain or Leave Remain; hitch up to the EU and look forward to relinquishing more powers to the EU, retain Freedom of Movement, join the Euro and the EU army and at the same time have any influence we may have diluted by the collective. Have all laws set by Europe. Eventually become a vassal state to the EU super-state. Leave; adopt WTO terms for now and negotiate other deals in the future. Decide who we want to come and live here (this may be a mute point as we have signed the UN Migration Pact) and retain the pound Sterling. Make our own laws. Remain an independent country.
  12. satch

    Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    With 55 arrests I suspect this will mean multiple trials. Given the cost and the efforts of bastard lawyers to try and get people off on a technicality I would support as little information being given out as possible. If some level of secrecy prevents mistrials and miscarriages of justice then I am for it (I do believe in the principle of justice being seen to be done but in cases like this I will settle for justice being done and hear about it after the trial and after any sentencing).
  13. satch

    UN migration pact

    Treason May's new career as a standup Theresa says ... we are leaving the EU (wait for it ... that is only part of the joke) we are leaving the EU and we are taking back control of our borders and so we have signed the UN Migration Pact which allows anyone from anywhere to live anywhere they want, as it is a human right. Boom boom tish, she is here all week ... well until next Wednesday but the Migration Pact is forever. So we are leaving the EU because the UK people were sick of uncontrolled immigration only for the government to sign up to unlimited immigration on speed (the polititians are saying it will not lead to mass movements of people ... same as they said about Eastern Europeans in 2004) but the Pact has been signed for one reason and one reason only; to change illegal immigration on the small to medium scale of today and turn it into lawful migration for the future on a massive scale that we in the west will fail to grasp ... until it happens and is too late.
  14. satch

    Do Not Stop Article 50 petition

    Signed but will be ignored. And I signed another one some time ago along with 17,399,999 others and that one is being ignored as well.
  15. satch

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    So if I wanted (and paid for) adverts saying THE ONLY WAY FORWARD IS FOR NO DEAL do you think that would be allowed?