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  1. The sad truth is that most Sinhalese will not be that upset about the Christians being killed. Probably more upset about the massive damage to the tourist trade as their top hotels and been bombed. The three in Colombo that were targeted are like their Savoy, Ritz and Dorchester. Historically for hundreds of years the Christian minorities, of joint European and Sinhalese extraction, ruled the old Ceylon together with the foreign invaders from UK, Portugal and Netherlands. When the country became fully independent under Bandaranaike in the mid 1950s he introduced the Sinhala Act making Sinhalese the only official language. He was assassinated in 1959 and succeeded by his wife who was in reality far more extreme than her husband had been. She created policies that suppressed the Tamil and other (the joint European-Sinhalese) minorities and promoted the locals Sinhalese. In the mid 60s many people from these minority groups emigrated to UK and across the commonwealth. These Sinhala policies also eventually led to the 26 year long civil war with the Tamils that ended 10 years ago. There are also similarities between the Sri Lanka civil war and the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland in that the Tamils (Hindu) were brought in from India to Ceylon (Buddhist) to work by the British colonialists in the same way that many Scots were brought into Northern Ireland. Sri Lanka had a sort of ‘Good Friday’ peace in the early 1900 with a shared Sinhalese-Tamil government before descending into civil war after independence. (Mrs Satch is originally from Sri Lanka and came here in the mid60s, the views above may differ from the views of MSM.)
  2. Well, Treason May typifies the response of TPTB to different type of terrorism. (For Thessa May you can insert most other politicians’ names, the So-Called BBC, and the MSM etc). In New Zealand it is ‘horrifying terrorist attack’ that killed 50. In Sri Lanka it is ‘violence against churches … truly appalling’ that killed 200 plus. So in New Zealand it is the people that matter whereas in Sri Lanka it is church buildings the hotels that matter. In New Zealand it was a ‘sickening act of violence’ whereas in Sri Lanka is merely ‘act(s) of violence’. 50 Muslims dead in New Zealand whereas 200 plus non-Muslims dead in Sri Lanka. Perhaps shooting people is a ‘sickening act of violence’ whereas blowing people up is just a ‘act of violence’. For New Zealand it is ‘deepest condolences’ which is ‘expression of sympathy, especially on the occasion of the death’ whereas in Sri Lanka it is ‘deepest sympathy’ or ‘feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune’ so higher level of ‘sympathy’ for the 50 killed in New Zealand than for those killed in Sri Lanka. Those killed in New Zealand were in a Mosque where as those killed in Sri Lanka were in either a Christian Church or attending a Christian Easter celebration breakfast. So if Muslims are killed we mourn their death with condolences whereas when Christian or non-Muslims are killed it is a misfortune so we offer sympathy. MSM may say it is just nuances and slight differences in the meaning of words; it is not. Words are important and this shows the real underlying deep thoughts and feelings of the politicians and MSM. It shows whose side they are really on.
  3. So we have a ‘turning point’ when the world sees that Islam is a cancer that needs to be cut out. Well we know of course that this is nothing of the sort and it will be on the news for a couple of days. Kids blown up at a pop concert was not a ‘turning point’ Christian worshippers blown up in church on Easter Sunday is not a ‘turning point’. This is not and will not be a 'turning point'. Earlier this week the MSM had a piece about China and their poor persecuted Muslims but today there were no bombs in Chinese hotels and no Christian worshippers killed in Beijing. In Nigeria the recent deaths of 200 Christians did not even make the UK MSM news. The only reason The Sri Lanka bombings are front page news is because people from the west stay at the bombed hotels. If this atrocity had been in Nigeria you would be eating your cornflakes none the wiser.
  4. and the winner is the design with the cresent moon instead of a cross
  5. I heard a busker performing recently and I misheard the lyrics to the old, mid 1970s Al Stewart song, The year of the Cat as ‘The Caliphate’ … here are the revised lyrics. (Year of) the Caliphate Apologies to Al Stewart On a morning from the Begum movie In Syria where they turn back time Shamina strolls around like Mrs Darth Vader Committing no crime She comes out of the Mosque black bin bag flowing Bundled baby in her arms Too stupid to offer any explanation She says she just came here to join The Caliphate She doesn’t answer any questions About her other babies that died It’s not her fault and she has nothing to hide She’s completely insane Severed heads in bins by the market stalls Nothing fazes her at all and she says These days I serve in the Morality Police I’m so happy I came to kill and maim in The Caliphate Now she’s getting lots of UK legal aid So she will be back home in our country soon To bomb and kill with hate for all of you So she hope new Isis will turn the UK Into a Caliphate She works stitching the vest with the suicide bomb The bus is blown up and the tourists are gone She throws away lives like a used and spent bus ticket So the jihad goes on The sound of the call to prayer still remains The proof that Allah is pleased this day No sense or reason for anything that she does But at age 19 she is happy to stay In the caliphate Jihad Caliphate
  6. So Mrs May? What do you say? An extension until the end of the year and we will probably have a general election in a few months. Have a hung parliament with the same divisions, the same two parties with lots of votes for the new populist parties but as usual no seats. So as you were but probably with Corbyn at #10, same EU problem but he cares even less about the people of the UK especially the workers and proved it as he spent 30 years voting against the Labour party while being a member and an MP and would like to make the UK the next Venezuela. Will there be a second referendum? I suspect a strong; No. They have not been able to deliver on the first one but that does not matter as the voters are stupid and got it wrong. But the second referendum is guaranteed to be a victory for remain … sure, same odds as in the year 2000 TPTB saying that Trump will never ever be president … guaranteed. TPTB would never take the risk of another referendum. If the result was Leave again what would they do as we would be trapped in the EU via the Withdrawal Agreement forever and need the EU to release us. And add to that it is illegal for the UK government to Leave without a deal in any case and the EU could just refuse to talk and agree a deal. And this cases the Cooper Letwin surrender bill would need to be reversed by the same MPs that made the law in the first place. The base position of the EU is the WA. The EU have said that this will not be changed and will be the base for any deal. Any deal with the EU will include the WA as it is now. All the UK can hope for is WA negative (WA plus Customs Union) or WA negative negative (WA plus Customs Union, Single market, ECJ to make laws, FoM etc etc). We have no option now but to have the WA and with it the trap of not being able to leave and just say ‘bye we are leaving whether there is a deal or not’ as the so-called ‘no deal’ option can’t be exercised by the UK, only by the EU. Will the EU throw the UK out and force the ‘no deal’ that the MPs were so keen to avoid they put it into UK law … but of course it is not in EU law. Why should the EU throw us out as they can impose any terms they want and we can do nothing about it … we can’t even walk away. The total UK surrender to the will of Germany and the EU is worse than the terms of the German surrender after WW1. </rant>
  7. These things really do make me very angry. IIRC she was charged on six counts of gross negligence. Has any one actually checked her qualifications? I suspect she was qualified abroad at some dubious hospital where the average hospital porter could become a qualified doctor if they have enough ready cash to buy the piece of paper. And not to worry as she will be supervised by another doctor on her return to work as she has not practised for four years. So when she comes back to work she will take away a proper doctor so we are paying for two doctors to treat one patient because we can;t trust the re-instated doctor not to kill another patient. And I suspect we have paid her full salary for the past few years. (As on the news they never mentioned she had not been paid so it is fairly certain she was paid.) The wonderful NHS. IN any other industry with this level of gross negligence you would never be allowed to practise again, but with NHS they go out of their way to re-instate someone who frankly should never be allowed near a patient ever again.
  8. I think Donald Tusk is currently working on his latest statement, something like this: ‘Well my dear stupid friends it is now UK law, you are not allowed to leave the EU … your MPs have decided you can not leave the EU without a deal. We have now decided the terms of your surrender, sorry the new revised terms of the deal based on your democratic decision to stay in the EU and not leave without a deal. The 39 Billion must be paid. The new fees are 26 Billion per year increasing every year by 10%. France will take all the UK fishing rights and UK will have supply the French with a brand new fishing fleet and buy lots of French cheese. UK will only be allowed to drive German cars. Spain will take back Gibraltar and UK will pay retribution for all the rent due since 1713. Freedom of Movement will continue and the UK will adopt the Euro. The UK will have a Customs Union and the Single Market and so will have no rights to set up trade deals with other countries. The new EU Financial Headquarters will be in Frankfurt. The UK armed forces will be co-opted into the new EU army. The UK rebate will of course stop and the old rebates already received must be repaid. As the first of the new Associate members you will of course not have any EU MEPs or be allowed any votes on any EU business or laws. All UK laws will be made by the ECJ including Human Rights and Workers’ Rights. The UK will be subject to EU defined migration quotas oh and finally (well until I get the demands from the rest of the EU members) Northern Ireland will become part of the Republic Of Ireland. This is a very fair deal for both the EU and the UK and a sends a clear message for other EU states that the Fourth Reich has been established.’ Prime Minister Corbyn and Deputy PM Treason May have confirmed in a statement that ‘The United Kingdom isn’t leaving the European Union. We will give back control of our Laws and our Borders while keeping Freedom of Movement. The UK will adopt the Euro and not form any trade agreement with the rest of the world. We will be staying in the Customs Union and the Single Market. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. Brexit means Brexit. We are not leaving the European Union until the 12th of never.’
  9. So what next? The EU has stated the WA is it, the WA is the divorce deal and must be included in any deal and the WA will not be changed. The UK’s unelected leader Bercow and his Remain mates have decided to stop the UK leaving with so-called ‘No deal’ by making it illegal. Yet another blow to democracy. So the options now are. WA plus customs union. WA plus customs union plus freedom of movement and probably Corbyn’s preferred option, WA plus customs union plus freedom of movement plus EU law to protect workers rights. We will see which option is agreed after their tea and lemon drizzle later today. So will it be from the frying pan into the fire, big fire or bigger fire. My MP has stated that in his opinion he ‘believes there is zero chance of the UK leaving with ‘No deal’ permitted either by the EU or this parliament’. The boy Macron has been jumping up and down but Germany would lose too much by allowing ‘No deal’ and at the end of the day Germany rules.
  10. Well a start would be to have a vote on the ones that Bercow said could not be voted on. This includes the one that is currently in law; leave with no deal. But considering all eight of the proposed options would be democracy in action and as we all know Bercow does not do democracy. There was a vote on 'cancel Brexit' which was rejected and not included in either of the main parties manifestos as both parties committed to take us out of the EU in line with the referendum vote. Ken Clarke whose motion was accepted said the other night on Hardtalk (I paraphrase) the manifesto is irrelevant and he had not even read the Conservative Manifesto and his judgement was really all that mattered. So a vote on a motion excluded by both parties was allowed by Bercow and no vote on the motion that is in law was rejected by Bercow (leave with a deal or no deal ie WTO terms on the now revised date). Democracy is dead and hopefully people will wake up and make the MPs pay for their arrogance at the next election.
  11. WHAT THE F***. She was employed as a Racial Equality Manager ... and she is a racist. What's more is she is a black woman and a white man brought a case of racism against her, she is supposed to manage 'racial equality'. How stupid can she be, being paid £100,000 per year, as a racist she does not have the sense to zip it and racially abuses someone (and I guess this is not one off the cuff remark) and to cap it all she compounds it all by being critical of someone's sexual orientation. How did she get the job? After all she is racist and anti-gay but was still appointed to manage racial equality in a public sector organisation. I am baffled as to how she got the job (well not really!). To say she was not the ideal choice would be a massive understatement. I think we all know how she got the job and I will guarantee that if you go and look at 100 NHS trusts and check all the 'Racial Equality' managers you will not find one white man, not a single one. Racist plays race card to land NHS racial equality manager's job. So the question is how many more racists have played the race card to get public sector jobs that they can't do because they are both too stupid and racist. My guess is, lots and lots. Political correctness on steroids across the whole country in every walk of life; selection of MPs, non-procecution of rape gangs, cushy public sector jobs, allocation of social housing and benefits, the list is endless.
  12. I have complained ... Jon Snow said 'he had never seen so many white people in one place' would he have mentioned race about people in a Mosque in UK or at a rally in Kenya? No and neither would any normal person. Disgusting comment that has no place on a news broadcast. My wife has Asian heritage and voted Leave.
  13. AS Tusk will say 'Well my friends as you are not allowed to leave the EU … even your MPs have decided you can not leave the EU without a deal we have now decided the terms of your surrender, sorry new terms based on your democratic decision to stay in the EU. The 39 Billion must be paid. The new fees are 26 Billion per year. France will take the UK fishing rights. Spain will take Gibraltar. Freedom of Movement will continue and the UK will adopt the Euro. The UK will have a Customs Union and so will have no rights to set up trade deals with other countries. The new EU Financial Headquarters will be in Frankfurt. The UK armed forces will be co-opted into the new EU army. The UK rebate will of course stop. As the first of the new Associate members you will of course not have any EU MEPs or be allowed any votes on any EU business. All UK laws will be made by the EU. The UK will be subject to EU defined migration quotas. This is a fair deal for both the EU and the UK and a clear message for other EU states that the Fourth Reich has been established.'
  14. All this talk about May resigning and then the deal will get through. It makes no difference if Treason May is PM or not, the deal is the deal and whether she is PM or not does not change the deal and does not make it less toxic. I have always had this nagging feeling that May went and negotiated the deal on her own ignoring all advice given, thinking she knew best. She came back with her Withdrawal Agreement and then someone read it (a lawyer) and said something like ‘PM you do realise that this backstop is permanent and there is no way out. It must be removed in its entirety. The UK can never leave unless the EU says we can leave. It is a trap, a crude trap but a trap nonetheless, whatever you do, do not under any circumstances sign it. This deal is not a deal it is worse than the WW1 German surrender document. I repeat, whatever you do, do not under any circumstances sign it.’ ‘Oh bugger.‘ says May ‘I have already signed it.’
  15. satch

    DOSBODS Academy

    I have invented a course for all those considering a career in main stream media. Lesson 1 - How to read the news by Julie Etchingham ‘Donald Trump could be impeached when the contents of the Mueller report are published later today.’ Happy smiley face. ‘The Mueller report says Trump has done nothing untoward and is innocent.’ Angry face. ‘People are dying in Africa due to a disaster’ Sad sad face. ‘People are dying in China due to a disaster’ Blank so-what face. ‘Troops are on the streets in France to confront protesters.’ Concerned face. ‘Troops are on the streets in Venezuela to confront protesters.’ Very angry face. ‘A right wing racist Nazi white supremacist terrorist has murdered 50 Muslims in New Zealand.’ Sad sad sad with eyes full of tears face. ‘A pious religious mentally ill lone wolf Muslim has killed 200 Christians in Nigeria.’ Puzzled why-are-we reporting-this face. ‘Come Dine with Me star spared jail after conviction for sex with boy aged 15.’ So-what face with smirk. Football player released after three years in jail after conviction for sex with girl aged 15. Very angry outraged face with snarl.