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  1. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Well if I you consider what the SNP want, an independent Scotland that can be part of the EU. And so IF Scotland could gain independence from UK they by default are out of the Withdrawal Agreement (as they would leave the UK) and any of its consequences. An independent Scotland could then negotiate the same (advantageous) terms as NI would get from the terms of the WI. Remember Krankie was moaning about the Withdrawal Agreement giving NI an advantage over Scotland. So if Krankie and the SNP vote for May's WI deal and are promised a referendum (which they beleive they will win this time and so leave the UK) then a WIn for SNP with Scotland back into EU and out of UK. May gets her deal through parliment and EU get their backstop. Assuiming the numbers all work to allow this to happen!
  2. satch

    Shooting in Strasbourg: 1 killed, 3 injured

    Personally I have never been shot. But a friend of mine was in SO19 (poilce response who do shoot people), he said the damage cause by being shot is horrific. He said it is not like the films where the hero / baddie gets shot in the shoulder and glances at it and them uses the other arm to continue firing. The now-dead Muslim Terrorist was in his home streets because he was safe and would be protected and would be helped. No matter what he had done 'his people' would help him, as I am sure they did, hide him, as I am sure they did, so he was able to walk about and kill some more kaffir given half a chance. I wonder if he knew that many believe the 72 xxxx , his reward, was mistranslated ... grapes not virgins. Today is Friday ... wonder what atrocity will occure today, all for a bunch of grapes?
  3. satch

    Shooting in Strasbourg: 1 killed, 3 injured

    Brussels This relatively new Christmas market has only been around only since 2002, but has its own elegant atmosphere. A unique offering is the light show at the Grand Place, which is on every night. Brussels is unmistakably Belgian, with wooden chalets everywhere containing a wide variety of shops selling handmade crafts, Christmas gifts and souvenirs. You'll also find traditional Belgian food, like mussels, whelks, Belgian fries and of course... fluffy Belgian waffles. Let's not forget the big hitters; chocolate and beer. Food heaven!
  4. satch

    Shooting in Strasbourg: 1 killed, 3 injured

    So a devout follower of the Prophet has had to die because the French feel the need to have the highly offensive so-called Christmas markets selling alcohol, pork products and probably shellfish. How many more needless deaths will occur until governments wake up and ban all of these unnecessary false, evil and corrupt Religion festivals?
  5. She will win by 23; 146 against and 169 supporting her. Future EU jobs and knighhoods are at stake here.
  6. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I have been worried sick. Leaving with No Deal, leaving with May’s Deal and the eternal backstop, the fact that Tusk, Junker and Merkel all say the Withdrawal Agreement can not be changed, this is the only Deal,. So worrying, I have been unable to eat or sleep I am worried sick. Such relief when the European Judges miraculously said we can just change our minds and stay so quick letter to be sent Dear Don, Barmey and Drunker Probably not leaving so cancel Article 50. All the Best Theresa. Ps regards to Angela The Ballot Paper options have been changed for the People’s Vote, the Second Referendum. No one wants Treason May’s deal, that is dead in the water. Parliament will not allow the chaos of leaving without a deal in place. So the ballot paper will be … □ Remain
  7. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Here are the Ballot Paper options for the January Second Referendum □ Remain – Happy Joyful Lives □ Remain – Treason May’s Deal Boo Hiss □ Leave – Become scum hated by everyone and live horrid rotten lives and die an early death
  8. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    The meaningful vote; let it continue or cancel it, what a dilemma. ( I have secret inside information ... Treason May had been watching television earlier and saw Harry Redknapp crowned as King of The Jungle in ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’. Harry was clearly very clever and popular. Theresa was quickly on the phone, she urgently needed some advice on winning a large number of votes from the general public for her deal wiki wiki as the young people say. Theresa needed to win millions of votes and so who better to ask than the King of the Jungle, Harry Redknapp who had won the hearts and minds of millions and triumphed against the odds. Harry was free with his advice ‘Look darling, you are on the ropes being battered, you need to kick for touch and gain some more time, you are in a bit of a hole with your back against the wall, trapped in the corner being dragged out of shape and you need some time to re-group and plan your counter attack. My advice would be to delay the meaningful vote and then see what the options are. You need to either fall back and create a more defensive line up, that’s park the bus in football parlance, with say a 5 3 2 formation or bring on some new substitutes and have a more attacking format say a 4 2 4 with a couple of quick wing backs to outflank Tusk and Junker who are a bit slow and past it. But the first thing you need to do is gain some time and cancel that vote.’ Treason May cancelled the vote.
  9. satch

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I was looking at pictures of the demonstration and was draw to the banner and poster of each side. (well done to all who attended) The Brexit marchers generally had hand-scrawled banners; BBC Fake News, Fake Views; May’s Brexit is not Exit; Leave EU Now. The leftist Socialist Workers had much more sponsorship and so had much nicer classier banners. They were all colour co-ordinated with pink or yellow backgrounds and crisp black and white lettering professionally printed with lots of different slogans all nicely finished off with custom made poles. Every individual poster spell checked and with the correct words being used to denounce the anti-Brexit marchers who are all; Nazis, Fascists and Racists, a minimum of two out of these words used on each poster. And by avoiding the use of the colour green in any of the posters and banners the messages will never offend Islam.
  10. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    ... which is why I can see May's deal getting passed. Most MPs really want a nice easy life with their noses deep in the trough followed by a nice well-paid EU job and pension finished off with a gong and a seat in the plush Old People's home called the Second Chamber. I was surprised that they only voted to see the legal documents by 18 votes (IIRC) considering there must be something hidden in them or they would publish without being forced to do so. Legal ranifications for decades if not longer and nearly half the MPs were not bothered enough to vote to see the details and this given that many of the MPs are lawyers and know that the details matter in law. Their loyalty is to their wallets not the voters.
  11. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    WE ARE ALL SAVED. The most senior judge at the European Court of Justice has concluded that Britain would not need permission from the 27 other states to halt the process - and could retain the same membership terms. WE CAN STAY and on the same terms and so the last two yeasr have just been a bad dream. The ECJ of justice says we can stop Article 50 and no one has seen this until today. Thank you Treason ReMayn
  12. satch

    Hug your colleagues and clients?

    Dear Harley, I hope I can refer to you Harley or would you prefer Worried No wonder your four-legged friend and colleague is upset. First you hug without establishing whether or not this is deemed appropriate and then you assume a gender based purely on physiology. And that is not how it is now, gender is a spectrum as I am sure you know and you have committed hate crime by assuming your colleague wants you to use a masculine pronoun such as' he' or' him', shame on you. I suspect you also use terms such as ‘good boy’ yet more hate crime. Your four-legged friend may self-identify as a female or intrasex. So you should be at least sued if not taken outside and shot and fed to you colleague for his (nearly commited hate crime myelf there!) dinner. You may think this is a bit extreme but we are trying to establish a thoughtful compassionate society and there you are perpetrating hate crime and so you need to be removed as an act of kindness to stop the secret suffering being endured by your poor colleague. I hope this advice helps to reassure you. Regards Gender Non Binary
  13. satch

    Inciting debauchery

    I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, but what has been the attitude of all the female SJWs. I assume and expect total opposition to the prosecution and support for the actress. However I suspect many will support or accept the prosecution as it is anti-Islamic and she should respect the de facto faith of Egypt. If the actress did the same in UK and was prosecuted as it is anti-Christian and she should respect the de facto faith of UK these very same people would apoplectic with rage, but because it is Islam it is different. The SJWs could look at how women dressed in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan and Iran in earlier decades say 50s and 60s and see how they are forced (sorry how they choose) to dress today. And in Turkey today the same process, we have friends who are Turkish and they were shocked when they visited recently as their 25 year old cousins were now wearing veils and covering all skin, which they did not do a few years ago. Once in power the ratchet starts to tighten and rights get restricted using either direct force or the threat of force. How you dress, what you can say and do and what you are allowed to criticise and more importantly not allowed to criticise. Now look at what ,in the past, far-right and far-left dictators did and what the EU and Islamic run states are doing today and surprise surprise there is no difference.
  14. satch


    Very disappointing thread, I was hoping for racy rumpy pumpy tales about Jacob Rees-Moog, Call-me Dave, Bonkers Boris and their chums at public school; lots of thrashed bottoms, ginger beer and other jolly japes.
  15. satch

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    18st slippery eel with a boxing brain, tap tap tap (if you think being hit by Tyson Fury is a tap) and being smothered by 18st is not going to be a good night for Wilder, all he can hope for is a lapse in concentration with a windmill connect and hope he can finish. If Fury keeps his focus and boxes and does not get drawn in he will win. I hope so as his comeback from the depths has to be admired.