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  1. Here’s an idea for a new reality show for the So-Called BBC to be called ‘Life or Death’ where a panel get together and decide live on air whether a person lives or dies, has an operation or special drugs to save their life. The person or persons (sic) must be quite ill and in danger of dying so this is really the ultimate ‘game show’ prize. This is really life changing, even more so than winning a million pounds which will barely buy a two bed flat in London. Oh NO beaten to it … by the So-Called BBC as they have already commissioned a 'show'. 'Ibrahima Ndiaye, 50, brought his daughters Marieme and Ndeye (family pictured together) from Senegal to the UK to ask for medical help. The girls have separate brains, hearts and lungs but share a liver, bladder, digestive system and three kidneys. ‘The father-of-six faces the heart-breaking decision of whether to separate the twins knowing that Marieme, who has a weak heart, will not survive the operation. However if he doesn't go forward with the procedure, both girls will die. Great Ormond Street Hospital help him make a decision in a BBC show.’
  2. satch


    Come to Kingston there are loads of new cycle paths but these are rarely used by cyclists who prefer to use the old footways (pavements) and pedestrian only areas. The police and civil enforcement no longer patrol these areas on a regular basis and if they see someone breaking the law they look the other way. Consequently all the pavements and pedestrian only areas are now treated as cycle paths. Some cyclists do walk their bikes but I have never ever seen a cyclist ask a cyclist to stop cycling in a pedestrian only area. I suspect it is because the standard cyclist answer seems to be … ‘fuck off I will cycle wherever I fucking want to cycle’. Still there is more joy to come as more people save the planet, the cyclists are being now joined on the pavements by the electric bike riders and powered skateboards. When some ‘important’ person or MPs kid is killed then maybe the law will be enforced until then pedestrians will just have to watch their backs … and their fronts … and their sides.
  3. satch


    Well well well knock me down with a feather .... 'Figures published by the Department for Transport reveal cycling accounted for just 2 per cent of all journeys made in England last year, with the overall distance travelled on bicycle the same as in 2002. The national travel survey also found the number of cycling trips made per person each year dropped from 18 in 2002 to 17 last year. The stagnant figures come despite millions being invested in new cycle lanes ... ' So millions spent, car journeys made longer as roads are changed / narrowed to accommodate cycle lanes, and of course more pollution as cars crawl along or sit idling while the drivers enjoy the view of the empty cycle lanes.
  4. Interesting ... we have masked men dressed in black with banners saying 'death to the nation state' and 'london is anti fascist' ... must be the dress code to attend a TR family rally and do these people not think that this will intimidate shoppers ....however this is probably the idea. Fuck with the peace loving anti-fascists and we will kick your head in and we wear masks so can't be identified.
  5. As Shania Twain would say ‘Nah!’ The problem is that people can’t be bothered. Last bit of real civil unrest was the poll tax riots back in 1990 and there was a decent hate figure then; Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher. Today we have large number of gangs raping girls … not really bothered. Roads blocked in London by Greta and XR … oh well never mind. Pension age increased for women by seven years … a few old biddies had a march. Emergency interest rates for 10 years because of bankers’ greed … just the way it is. Mass immigration and falling standard of living so people voted for Brexit … when is X factor back on? Anyway if we stay in the EU then we can all have gap years in France and no mobile phone roaming charges and no need to buy visas to go to Ibiza (if young) or Benidorm (if old). UK is great in Europe and anyway that Nigel Farage gives them hell and one of them EU blokes looks like Hitler … and anyway there are now going to be two series of Love Island every year so that is the young sorted and to keep the boomers happy they can bring back Foyle’s War.
  6. So with the Brecon result we see that a vote for the Brexit party is a vote to Stop Brexit … and now the No Deal exit law can be repelled by the 31 October, we get and extension from the EU by ‘parliament’ forcing Boris to go and grovel and ask for one. We then have a General Election on a Remain or Leave stance. Leave win on the number of votes cast by 52% to 48% but lose as the 52% is split between the Tories and Brexit party and the LibDems because of ‘first past the post’ rather than ‘proportional representation’ system win and have the most seats. Labour also splits to form the London Party and the Proles Party. So the LibDems form a government and reverse Article 50 so they Stop Brexit and we remain in the EU and we all live happily ever after. The End.
  7. So just the seven years … so that is say 7k per year pension for seven years, so call it 50k. And you will work and pay tax NI (for you pension) and tax for another seven years. Unsure of the exact figures but if you used to retire at 60 and die at 81 and now work until you are 67 and die at 81 (probably sooner as working when you are older is IMHO bad for you (well most people)) then the government have taken away a third of your retirement and made you pay for the privilege. However there are vast swaths of people who will be basically unaffected … those who do not work for example.
  8. You lot are so negative. The majority of Mohammedans are law abiding tolerant citizens, well Sharia Law abiding, and are fully integrated into and supportive of our diverse and multicultural society. Consequently the person concerned will fez up and say they are sorry as they were having a bad day. Alternatively the other followers of ROP will bring the offender to the police station to demonstrate their true values and beliefs. Anyway I am off to the mosque to ask the Imam what she thinks … I am pretty sure that Mohammed PBUH was fully supportive of gays and was sexually quite liberal, what with all of his wives, goats and such.
  9. Brilliant, just brilliant. The illegals can become legal in time to receive a state pension and ensure they are able to use the NHS more and more as they get older plus all the other freebies. Excellent idea that is worthy of Jezza Corbyn himself. Petition signed ... also signed by Mrs Satch who is a legal immigrant who came here 50 years ago and whose family went through all sorts of tests to get UK citizenship even though they were also a persecuted minority in her country of birth (similar to the Ugandan Asians).
  10. satch

    trans madness Oh dear poor Jessica, she is either a very deeply troubled transgender person or a pervert who is taking advantage of the law to do whatever she he wishes. And clearly it believes that by hiding behind 'trans right laws' in Canada it will not be prosecuted ... and it is probably and sadly right. Expect more of these to crawl from under their stones when they realise how easy it is to get away with all sorts of stuff if you just wear a frock and wave the LGBT flag.
  11. The diversity education involving the teaching of same sex relationships in Birmingham has been stopped by the schools. No pressure was applied by the government, all they did was to calm the situation, which was denied by the school. A spokesperson for the So-Called BBC said that in the Bible same sex relationships were described as ‘an abomination’. The protests are expected to resume in September. So in answer to your question it must be the well-known anti-gay, anti-transgender religious bigots who are trying to stop the same sex relationship education; Jews and Christians.
  12. Rugby League semi-finals on TV this afternoon, switched on for the build-up as it kicks off at 14:00 … it is on the So-Called BBC so the build-up to the game is all about …. Yes I know it is the So-Called BBC so the discussion is all about the women’s game, nothing to do with the two semi-finals taking place today. the So-Called BBC so focus has to be on the women's game. 15 minutes later and still showing women's games .... my bad it must be the women's semi-final games ... will watch the repeat of 'friends' instead.
  13. She is a woman of great integrity, honesty and principles. Morally untouchable, certainly an example to us all with her wisdom and insight, I admire her tremendously as she represents all that is good about diversity and multiculturalism in our society.
  14. Green belt. Here’s a thought. Do people live in the green belt? I suspect there are people living there, probably well off people who fight to keep the green belt as it is, and they are right but not right enough. The green belt should be really, really green and these people should be moved out, let’s start with decimation. There will be lots drawn and 10% of people will be moved out and the houses demolished to create more green space. The 10% could be single houses but more sensibly to probably flatten some entire villages. I suspect the people living in these greenbelt villages will have all sorts of reasons why THEIR villages should be spared and I suspect also that if their village of say 100 houses would be spared from the ‘decimation lottery’ if they agreed to build say 10 or 20 more houses then they would agree in an instant rather than have to move to a ‘orrible city.
  15. But most people still view the So-Called BBC as the bastion of news, truth and honesty. From the 30s onwards they have been broadcasting the truth to the world. If Fiona Bruce says that Islam is the ROP then it must be true, Islam is the ROP. the So-Called BBC fights for equality and human rights and promotes all that is good and makes sure all their own get 500,000 for reading an autocue. The QT audience is always a fair representation of the population with the odd lapse of judgement … ‘what about anti-Semitism in the Labour party (silence) … man in the pink you have a question …’ and they could not shut down the woman who mentioned the police escorting masked, armed Muslim men to a TR rally fast enough … let’s move on . the So-Called BBC tries to pretend it is neutral but is not and is unmasked by what they fail to report rather than what they report ‘ … some people did something and in other news a dolphin has learnt seven words for fish and can ask for each one by name …’ the So-Called BBC is unbiased and is a responsible organisation full of good investigative, honest journalists who operate just like the Ministry of Truth in the manual by Eric Blair.