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  1. This is fantastic. I will order half a dozen 'Fuck Boris' Bagels, a couple of 'For the Many Not The Jew' Challahs and a large 'I Love Hamas' Matzo.
  2. Premeditated Terrorist Attack or Violent Jealous Hate Fuelled Rage? So was Usman’s attack premeditated Islamic terrorism or just jealous rage? On the other hand it could probably be just a follow-on from some aggro from his time in jail. Usman and his mates giving it large in jail, the big man and all his Musser mates lording it over the other cons ... Outside Usman thinks he is still the man. Usman has been invited specially to London to celebrate how he has been reformed and rehabilitated by the nice white people at the University. Usman looks at Jack and really, really hates the pompous patronising middle-class little rich boy who is ‘down wiv der brothers’. Jack has loads of dosh, nice house, and a lovely girlfriend. All of the things the semi-retard Usman coverts and knows he will never have and worst of all he is being patronised by this white kafir when Usman knows as a Muslin he is top dog. And Usman has had to pretend to be de-radicalised, renounced violence and be ‘ever so ‘umble’ and be a ‘good Muslim’ to get out of prison. Perhaps someone smirked as Usman read out his poem or sniggered when he made a speech. Anyway Usman in a rage says he’s gonna blow the fucking place up and kill everyone. No-one really believes him as he is all mouth but Usman is so angry, he grabs a knife and the red mist descends. The other ex-cons hear the chaos and guess that Usman has flipped, they know they can take the little fucker even if Usman has a knife. They will chase him down to get some revenge for some slurs or disrespect metered out inside. After Usman gets his revenge and kills the patronisers he runs out on to the bridge chased down by the ex-cons …
  3. Or he could have gone to Usman’s home city of Stoke and become Stokie’s lodger. As you say, he would learn far more about the criminal world and real life as well as actually seeing and meeting ‘working people’ ie people who have proper jobs and struggle to put food on the table. And he could learnt other ‘life skills’ from Stokie that would have brought him joy for the rest of his life.
  4. The Story of Mr Nice and Mr Not-Nice So we have nice middle class parents who can indulge their nice son; Mr Nice. He has had a nice easy path through his nice life. I guess (not read anywhere) he had a nice private education and lots of nice toys. He had a nice time at University and had no need to get a proper job. He had a nice girlfriend who helps poor sick animals and he too could continue to be nice and learn about being ‘more nice’ and then help not-nice people become nice like him, to make the world a nice nicer place. Usman was a not-nice but when you have lived a life in nice-world it is difficult to see why anyone would really be not nice. So a few nice words and being nice, and Usman would be transformed from not nice to nice and the world would be a nicer nice place. Sadly Usman was a convicted terrorist with extreme death cult views and in death-cult world being nice is being weak and the weak are there to be manipulated and exploited. Mr Nice found out the hard way that death-cult people are not nice and never will be nice in the same way that nice people like Mr Nice would not become un-nice and go around stabbing nice peopl, which is exactly what death-cult not nice people do. .
  5. Awww sweet, lovely thoughts, straight out of one of those ‘friendship’ type cards. Lovely, I am in tears. Now Jack should have a read of the Qu’rn and see how the ‘others’ view life and what defines their path and values through life to their salvation.
  6. University of Cambridge – Learning Together Lesson 5 – How to shorten your jail sentence and get early release by writing a letter Ushan Khan to Cambridge Grad ‘Bro, I needs like a letta, like for me show like I is no terrorist, can you do it, u no, right (sic) it like I is all good now an’ respectful and wos not finkin’ straight like cos if its (sic) like good yeh I get out an’ do some course stuff an’ get back wiv the brothers, innit.’ Cambridge Grad ‘OK yahhh, I’ve written an opus that is truly wondrous for you. Just copy it out line for line, word for word, dot and comma for dot and comma and sign it … wait and I will read it to you so you know what you have written and how you have changed.’ ‘Dear Sir / Madam … fully aware of … views I carried … Islam and its teachings … Deradicalisation Course … truly appreciated.’ The letter wot Khan rote is online and in der papers and I may be doing him like a dissin cos he cud have wrotten it but I fink it was wrotted by some one elses.
  7. Reading about the London Bridge terrorist and how similar the ‘story’ is to all the others. So I thought a template may be useful for all the future terrorist attacks over the next few years. Fill in *** with the new name and ** with the number of victims … *** was second generation. *** did not have a job. *** was incapable of doing any thing useful in society. *** taught by and followed an Islamic hate preacher. *** plotted attacks with several friends. *** was convicted of multifarious crimes. *** was further radicalised in prison. *** loved the fact he got benefits and did not work. *** hated the country and the people that fed and housed him. *** would never change and would always be a risk. *** read the Qu’rn but also took drugs. *** killed ** people before being killed by police.
  8. From the Metro .... 'The Liberal democrats have pledged to fight crime by introducing a legalised cannabis tax if they win the general election. Jo Swinson’s party confirmed they will create a regulated market for the class B drug as they unveiled their manifesto today. They slammed Labour and the Tories’ ‘prohibitionist attitude to drug use’ – saying a cannabis tax could raise £1.5bn to fight crime.' So cannabis can cause psychotic episodes where people kill others in nasty awful ways and 'do not remember' but is also a class B drugs that should be legalised. Really I mean really. Bastard polititians ... liars to the last one of them.
  9. . I am sure there are some important points that Jezza will raise. Why did the police not speak to the man calmly and then arrest him rather than shoot him. And why do all the SO19 police seem to be male, surely there should always be 50 percent women in any armed response or anti-terrorist unit and there seems to be a lack of ethnic diversity as well. These are three very serious issues that do need to be addressed as a matter of urgency particularly those concerned with ethnicity, diversity and equal rights for women and transgenders in our armed and terrorist response units.
  10. Zionist Imperialist Nazis – Desmond Dekker Transgender of the World – Fleetwood Mac Hanging on the 5G iPhone – Blondie Leave an LED on for me – Belinda Carlisle Sharp Dressed Soy Boy – ZZ Top A Non-Binary Pansexual Named Sue – Johnny Cash Robert De Niro’s Calling Trump a Misogamist Fascist - Bananarama
  11. Harvey Proctor to get £500k plus £400k in legal fees after false allegations by the police. Still no police persons are guilty and no police pensions have been harmed. Just a massive bill and waste of time to be funded by the tax payer. Plod to plod on as normal.
  12. Matthew and Gender Non-Binary Small Adult – Cat Stevens Honky Tonk Transgenders – Rolling Stones Paint It Beige – Rolling Stones It’s not raining men anymore because of climate change – Weather Girls featuring Greta T Mama Weer all Mussers Now – Slade Japanese Capsule Pod of Fun - Madness Last Ramavan – Wham
  13. John McDonnell solves to problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party John McStalin 'I'm so saddened by this running sore in Labour party. I just want to reassure everyone that we're doing everything we can. Everything I said we would do we are doing in terms of the Labour Party in terms of eradicating anti-Semitism in the party. And I expect within a few days this problem will be completely, totally, utterly and finally eradicated, solved once and for all’ Marr ‘How? How can you in a few days totally eradicate anti-Semitism in the Labour party?’ John McStalin ‘Well it’s quite simple really and I am quite surprised no one thought of it before. We will expel all the dirty Jews from the Labour party and then the Labour party itself will not be anti-Semitic because we will have no Jews actually in the Labour party to be anti-Semitic against will we?’ Marr ‘What about Jewish people outside of the Labour party?’ John McStalin ‘Look I’ve said we will eradicate anti-Semitism IN the Labour party, if you are going to get picky in your normal Tory biased anti-working class, ivory-tower BBC way then I am off, not talking to you anymore.’ Marr ‘Ok, let’s move on … Donald Trump … a bad man, do you agree?’
  14. Labour and Corbyn are being mocked for their unrealistic spending plans. Removing tuition fees just like all the old boomers had in their day. Women retiring at 60 like the old boomers have done. Having proper jobs rather than the ‘gig’ economy just like all the old boomers had when they worked. Greater rights for renters just like all the old boomers had before the AST and recent changes to social housing contracts. And who will pay? The big companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook who make money in the UK but pay next to no tax. Go Jezza. Strange how we had all these social benefits and rights in 60s, 70s, 80 and 90s when the boomers were in receipt of them but now they are anathema.