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  1. In the DM today Michael Gove has said ‘we are leaving’ with the Boris WAB deal and ‘the EU want us to leave’ which is fantastic. Farage says in the video, we are not really leaving as the Boris deal; WAB is not really Brexit. What Gove really means is that we are Remaining not quite 100% Remain as in revoking article 50 but remaining with the new treaty. The treaty does not have an Article 50 but has an ‘end date’ where we ‘crash out on WTO terms’ if there is no free trade deal signed. An ‘end date’ which I am sure is as fixed as the current leaving date ie can be extended forever if need be. The New Treaty seems to be 95% Remain so we have most of the obligations to the EU but no votes. WAB is May's WA with lipstick, all the same but with a new fudged ‘real Brexit date’ and a border between NI and the rest of the not-now-United-Kingdom. So who to trust for a real Brexit … Gove or Farage?
  2. All fine and dandy but what if the EU do not want the UK to leave ... ever. If we leave the EU will need to fund Ireland, lose £10bn per year, show les autres that countries can leave etc etc
  3. From the Act If the European Council decides to agree an extension of the period in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union ending at 11.00 pm on 31 October 2019 to the period ending at 11.00pm on 31 January 2020, the Prime Minister must, immediately after such a decision is made, notify the President of the European Council that the United Kingdom agrees to the proposed extension. So Boris has to agree to the extension on behalf of the UK, but that may not be legal as he is supposed (according to the Supreme Court) be allowed to govern and in this he is being dictated to by parliment and the Law. He could of course just after accepting the new extension date remain silent, withdraw his team from Brussles and wait for teh EU to lose their rag ... so really I haven't any idea what the hell is supposed to happen next ... does Cummings have a plan? ... where is the fragrant Carrie?
  4. In the longer term, maybe even the shorter term that is exactly what the EU will do as the EU Super State continues to evolve. Lots of people do not like Guy Verhofstadt, but he is totally correct when he says ‘… and that is the real problem colleagues why there is such a problem in this crisis because member states are reluctant to transfer new sovereignty and powers to the European Union and we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and to the European institutions.’ So even today in the EU Super State, we have or are moving rapidly towards having one Law making body; check. One currency, the Euro; check. One EU Army; check. One Tax system; check. One department to control migrants and issue quotas; check. One set of Customs and Import/export Rules; check. So soon there will actually be nothing for national governments to do as every thing will be decided by the EU. Even the leaders of the EU are decided by the EU. So parliment will be some empty talking shop that has no power and is basically irrelvant as everything of importance will be decided by the unelected Masters of the EUniverse. If the people like Cameron, Farage etc had been dealt with like the Catalan separatists then we would not have this Brexit problem. I expect Article 50 to be revised soon so that joining the EU Super State is less like joining a golf club and more like becoming a member of a Mexican Drug Cartel or LA street gang; a one way ticket with absolutely no way out ... ever ... ever.
  5. Not really, the left see absolutely no problem in screaming NAZI … TRAITOR … NAZI SCUM at these two because clearly the 12 year-old is a Nazi and his father is also a Nazi Scum Traitor White Supremacist Racist. So this is not hate crime, far from it, it is a reasoned measured response as both deserve to be taken out in front of the House of Commons, the Mother of All Parliaments and Seat of Modern Democracy and shot or hung in the defence of freedom of speech, liberty and democracy.
  6. Oh Lord when we stay in the EU please Lord answer my prayers. Let Krankie be jailed like the Catalan separatists. Conscript the grandkids of Britol-arrested-13-times into the EU Army. Combine the NHS into an EU wide service and privatise it in a deal with the USA. Get rid of the Pound and make us adopt the Euro. Double our membership fees year on year as penance for our sin of trying to leave. Give us a mandatory migrant quota of one million per year. Make the UK adopt the inferior maturity leave rights of the EU workers. Let the EU make all our laws and replace our parliament so we are ruled from Brussels just like Verhofstadt wants as part of the EU Super State and so the EU can sack all the MPs. Lord Drunker, our cry comes out to you Tusk hear our prayers. In the name of Shaky Angela the Merciful.
  7. Why do people go around carrying knives or committing multiple criminal acts, eg the Rochdale Muslims or the XR lot? Simple answer, is there is no or very little deterrent. I don’t carry an illegal knife, many of our enrichers do and this ‘can carry a prison sentence of up to 4 years’. But if they are caught nothing really happens … if caught carrying again nothing really happens. If first offence was 4 years jail, no parole, not up to but minimum 4 years it would stop IMHO 99% of them carrying and second offence is 20 years jail, no parole, there would be no knife carriers bar the really mentally ill who need locking up in any case. Take the XR the guy dragged off the top of the train … already banned from protesting on public transport, so not a first offence or probably even a second. Old c*** from Bristol been arrested 13 time IIRC. No deterrent. If the XR train guy was in prison for previous he could not commit his latest crime. If Old C*** have been fined £1,000 for 1st offence, £2,000 for 2nd, £4,000 for 3rd, £8,000 for 4th I don’t think he would reach 13 arrests and have to pay a fine of £1,000,000 plus. (I read that the vast majority of the XR arrested were released without charge … so the just carry on.) One of the reasons this country is going down the toilet is law enforcement is wrongly directed. The focus is on hurty word crime and making sure police officer use the correct pronouns when talking to offenders. And for maintaining pubic order … well the police just join in, dancing at Notting Hill and skate boarding at XR demos while making sure no demonstrator is hurt when being arrested (before being released shortly after) by having six officers carry them … aahhh sweet. And when some commuters rough up people stopping them getting to work (stealing their money if they are hourly paid) the politicians all come out and condemn the ‘violence’ and state that perhaps XR are not helping the climate change cause. They should be calling for tough action on crime but that is no PC and they are not affected so issue bland comments and platitudes. No wonder this country is getting worse and worse as a place to live and call home.
  8. satch

    trans madness

    I used to think … well OK so what it is only in minor sports … but I have changed my mind and am totally against any transgender competing for their new gender as it is always one way in sport. Ie men becoming women. Is there one woman who has transitioned to be a man at any decent level in sport? There are few sports where women have a natural advantage, in fact the only one that comes to mind is gymnastics and then only in some aspects. In other sports like boxing (and remember a male boxer, Patrick Day died this week after being knocked out) women being hit by transgender men is allowing potential deaths in the name of political correctness . In cycling, tennis, athletics, football, rugby and other strength type sports, ie most sport, it is pointless women even turning up as they can never win the prize money … and that is what it comes down to; money. These transgenders are generally inferior men who can only win money by transitioning and so stealing prize money from ciswomen. That said, women just need to start boycocking, sorry boycotting these events 100%. Let the transgender be the only one in the event and see what happens to sponsorship and ticket sales when suddenly every ciswomen competitor is injured or sick and can not compete, they can not win anyway so why bother?
  9. It is not a deal ... it is an International Treaty which can not easily changed at all, which is why TPTB always call it a 'deal' as this implies it is something like a golf club membership where you can change your mind later. If we sign this Treaty (see Barrister Summary earlier in the thread) it ties us to the EU and its rules and its laws and its tax system with undefined massive annual costs for decades which is why all the EU leaders are smiling, they have won and have a vassal state that can't even really sign its own trade deals without recourse to the EU.
  10. I wrote this a while ago and wanted to understand what the deal actually is ....'Something is not right. The new deal gets the Irish Backstop taken out and the DUP get thrown under a bus. Every EU leader is happy even though they are losing £10bn per year of income; the North (Ger, Fr) loses its control in terms of votes to the South (It, Sp) and the East (Pol, Rom). So what exactly is the deal? Forget the NI border issue it is irrelevant.' The above summary which I assume is accurate, explains why the EU leader are all smiles ... 100 Christmases have all come at once. And Yes any MP that votes for this should be in the dock for treason nevermind geting their snout pulled out of the trough at an election. I would hope that on Saturday even Boris would see the support he would get voting down his own deal and it is either this deal or no-deal according to the EU with no possible extension even if Boris complies with the Surrender Bill and asks for one ... so Boris voting down his own deal much as Jezza has said he would do with a re-negotiated Labour deal.
  11. The EU have said there will be no extension if the MPs reject the New Deal … they said the WA would not be reopened …they said the deadline for negotiation was set at Tuesday … they have said this deal or no deal … they have said the WA was the only deal on offer …
  12. Am I just really thick … quiet at the back, but no one wants to admit the Irish border problem can not be solved (bar a free trade deal)? It is actually not possible for NI to be fully part of the UK (ie not be treated differently) and also not have a border with the Republic unless NI and by default the UK remain in the Customs Union. If the UK remains in the CU we can not have our own trade deals. Or we have the Irish Sea border fudge in which case NI is treated differently from the rest of the UK. And with a time limited backstop unless there is a free trade deal agreed we will have exactly the same situation as we do now as the time limit is reached. I thought the idea of a backstop was that it was a default position in the case of no future agreement and it was always argued that the backstop was never really going to be implemented in any case … so how can you time limit it … why not time limit it to one month? The solution to the Irish border / Good Friday agreement is of course to Remain … if we leave with ‘no deal’ all the UK needs to do is refuse to do anything with the NI border and let the EU tell the IRA they want to put a hard border in place to protect the integrity of the EU, which is what Drunker has said …
  13. The Brexit Saga is getting to be hilarious, Bariner no where to be seen with Merkel and Tusk calling the shots and no word from the other member countries. Parliament has passed a Law that says we can not leave without a deal. So the EU, sorry Germany have said that NI must remain in the Customs Union forever and if this is the only deal on offer then the UK Law says Boris must accept and sign it or we Remain … whatever Remain actually means. By Law we can only Remain or sign any deal Germany puts on the table … like the WW1 Surrender in reverse.
  14. The reason the MSM are now openly talking about Sharia Patrols is because they are now widely accepted and no one is outraged at Muslim vigilantes imposing Sharia law in UK; it is quite acceptable and should be expected in our new diverse world. In fact now the reverse is true as you are a Nazi scum racist if you criticise Sharia Law patrols in Muslim areas. Remember what Frau Merkel said about the million plus migrants when they first came to Germany (I paraphrase) 'Sure, a few native Germans may suffer and a few may die at the hands of migrants but the migrants will over a few years adopt German values and our German way of life'. Merkel needs to go and spend some time in Rotherham and Bradford to see the results of Islamic integration some 40 plus years on … which by coincidence is twice the time in years between the two world wars taking place.
  15. and when found guilty, if on appeal you are found to be innocent then the the Attorney General can simply change the original charges against you for some others and get you back in court again to find you guilty. Which is exactly what Cox 'the Great Man of the Law' did with TR and now Cox says he will resign if Boris does not obey the Surrender Bill which is a law passed by a corrupt parliament that goes against the will of 17.4m voters. Typical lawyer, totally untrustworthy and the higher up the greasy law pole they go the less they can be trusted. Boris must not sign the current deal ... or any deal that constricts the UK because the deal is not a deal it is IIRC an International Treaty which is an entirely different thing.Which is why they keep calling it a deal. If it was just a 'deal' than Boris could sign it under protest and after the election simply un-sign it and thell the EU ro 'go away' as any UK government is not bound by any decsion / law made by the pervious government as they can push a new Bill through Parliament and overturn the existing bill / law.