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  1. satch

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    We have friends in Basel who we visit and there are also borders where they can inspect and you have to queue to get through so sometimes it is easier to get back to France by turning round and going through Germany. For those unaware there is a place in Bale (see what I did there) where you can walk round a post and step into France, Switzerland and Germany. Many people live in France and commute across the border into Switzerland and one of the companies even has an underground tunnel so you can walk from the office in France to the production plant in Switzerland. So Chris Philp MP is wrong as there can be and often is a hard border between Switzerland and France and we always had out passports in case of a check. People always go on about the 'technical solution' but never actially say what it is exactly. But the Irish border is really much more political and seems to be rooted in a united Ireland and the NI people wanting to remain in UK; a long standing historical mess that has to a large extent been resolved but could unravel if the Good Friday agreement is breached.
  2. Huddersfield has around 160,000 people, so 80,000 female, assume 1,000 per year old (well you get the idea) so 6,000 gilrs aged 11 to 16 reported 120 offences against 15 girls by one gang of 20 (and the rest of which there will be loads more ... more likely to be 12,000 offences against 150 girls by over 50 men). Apply the same figures to X number of other towns, many of which are larger and still the MSM do not see this as massive abuse. My figures are very rough and the MSM could do a proper anaylsis but the totals must be hundreds if not thousands of girls abused by hundreds of men. So best to ignore these real, nasty, very damaging crimes and concentrate on hurty word crime on facebook and twitter.
  3. satch

    Islamification of Europe

    '9-year-old Yasmin is so happy. It is her Wedding Day. Her new husband, 53-year-old Uncle Mohammed waits inside.'
  4. satch

    Bye bye Treason May?

    No need to be undocumented, quite easy to get a National Insurance card and number that is good enough to fool the HR department of a major employer (10,000 plus employees) and fake passport which again fooled the employer and you are good to go. I saw exacty this where the illegal immigrant had worked and paid taxes (and collected various benefits) for seven years. This only came to light because the person was stupid and ended up in court having tried to defraud the employer.
  5. satch

    trans madness

    Usain Bolt could come out of retirement as Ursula Bolt and competing as a woman and I suspect he she could easily win 10 or 20 gold medals covering practically every track event and probably even a few field events as well, and 'Andrea' Joshua could be world women's heavyweight boxing champion for the next 30 years.
  6. satch

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    Google Ultimate Guitar, a website that has lots of music and tabs and chord sheets. Paul Simon has a massive catalogue many of which you will of course know. Eg. For Sound of Silence there are simple strum chords and finger picking for the same song. I would recommend trying out ‘Power Tab’ which is free software (not protab) which gives proper music and an associated TAB which you can listen to and follow on screen to get the timing right. Learning to read proper music is difficult but worth it in the end, TAB has its place as of course do basic chords. The site also has the finger picking versions of Fast Car and a Power Tab for American Pie.
  7. satch

    Northern Ireland bakers - case won!

    The Equality Commission a non-departmental public body in England and Wales, .... so that would be the tax payer who will need to cover the £200,000 in legal costs ...... so far. Very little reporting on the Muslim and Jewish cake shops that the gay man also went too.
  8. satch

    NHS - envy of the world

    Come on you lot the NHS is fantastic. The NHS has committed £50,000,000 to help the Grenfell victims with future health problems due to possible asbestos exposure and mental health issues. So if 1,000 are aftected then that is £50,000 of specialist health care on average for each victim. On Mental Health day the NHS has committed to spend .... well nothing for the victims of the Manchester bombing.
  9. satch

    Islamification of Europe

    Yes and they continue their drip drip of propoganda .... remember that girl (GIRL) in Rotherham 'who had sex with 100 men', sounds like she instigated the assignations when in reality by the time she reached her 16th birthday she had been raped 100 times. The two sentences leave two totally different impressions. Well in the DM article 'the teacher flew to Bangladesh to marry a 13-year-old woman and then had sex with her.' Which probably explains why he has been banned from teaching but is not in jail for raping a child; it is not that bad as she was a woman not a child. At 13 she is a child. So really. 'The teacher flew to Bangladesh to rape a 13-year-old girl.' You could argue it is sloppy writing, it is not, it is deliberate and planned. If you know how to grammatically use the ' -' to link together 13 year old to form effectively as single descriptive word you know she is a 13-year-old child not a woman. On the ITV news re the migrant camp in Lesbos ... apparently has refugees from 58 war-torn countries, yes 58. There are 193 countries in the UN so refugees, not migrants from 58 countries which are affected by war. Drip drip.
  10. satch

    Dr Who Bingo

    No there is some spoof of Dr Who on now with Jennifer Saunders doing her usual daffy self impression and Bradley Walsh acting as Norman Wisdom plus by a bunch of SJWs running around chased by a marvel comic baddie reject.
  11. There were 138 'families' to re-house (the tower itself; 116 plus the low-level block next door; 22) however theses people now need 203 new flats so basically 1.5 flats per 'family' 'And from the So-Called BBC ...... And as of 13 June, 364 days after the fire, the council has committed over £235m to secure 307 homes, most but not all of which has now been spent. The survivors, who lived in 138 of the flats in the tower and the adjacent Grenfell Walk, have now split into 203 households - 116 from the tower and 22 from the walk.' and so .... ' The council says it has committed to securing 307 homes to provide the 203 households with a choice of properties.' I will do the sums for you ...council committed to £235,000,000 to secure 307 homes so £1,700,000 spend for each 'family' or £750,000 per new home, I have of course ignored the hotel bills as to be fair they needed to stay somewhere but probably not for a year as most of them kept turning down flats that were offered.
  12. satch

    Barlows Annual Tenancy Deposit Recovery Charabanc

    The landlord can of course pay back the deposit at any time, when we rented once the LL paid back the deposit before we moved out saying you probably need this for the next place. You are doing the LL a favour and so an inspection on the day you leave with deposit before or on the day is feasible. If the LL is selling then in reality he cares not a jot about the property condition (bar massive damage) but may be a c*** and want more cash. The LL can and should insist the agent does the one hour inspection on the day you move ... really the agents are that busy they can't find an hour, bet they could for a viewing or appraisal of a new property to sell/rent. I guess saying no viewings until deposit back is an acceptable position as the viewer may tramp oil, tar, dirt around the place. One other thought , if the check is done by a seperate company why not contact them directly. in a couple of cases when we rented the agent used an independent company to do the checks.
  13. satch

    jury service

    I did jury service a few years ago, on a case that was to last several months ... people were desperate to get out of it. Very difficult as you need a real and strong reason, and the Judge has heard then all ... So JackieO says the judge ...' you are essential to your company and irreplaceable.' JO ; 'Yes Sir irreplaceable.' Judge; 'And if you were injured and in a coma or got another job then what would happen.' JO' .... they would find a new person.' Judge '.... exacltly, see you on Monday.' If you have a holiday already booked that would be OK, working abroad OK, own business only you working ... may be OK but there is lots of time not in court so you can work some days and also at weekends. Health issues, probably not as they will try and cater for them in court (frequent breaks etc). I enjoyed the experience, it was probably three short days (10 til 4) a week with lots of breaks .... 'points of law' which the barrister says will take 10 minutes but the jury have to leave .... they always take 30 minutes to an hour. But the trial was nothing nasty just money.
  14. satch

    CCTV needed at Foodbank

    So let me get this straight, I (they, the volunteers) give up their time and travel to a food bank to help out and then suffer abuse from the people thay are trying to help. Either the rest of the people getting the free food should act and stop the abuse or the volunteers should stop volunteering. In any case at the first act of abuse they should close it for the day ... but I guess like the prisions the are scared of the consequences of more violence and accusations of wacism. They should just close it down overnight permanently. End of. Society is falling apart and TPTB do nothing, I suspect that if bacon butties were being left outside a synagogue or mosque the CCTV would be up toot suite.
  15. satch

    Unexplained wealth

    It was in the Tory manifesto, the plebs' property will be taken to pay for their old age NHS care after they die. Maybot had to drop it as it was toxic and would lose votes, but they will bring it back in the future. The aboration of the plebs owning property that started after the war has been reversed now and needs more work. The young have already been priced out and the NHS charge on their parents' property will stop them inheriting, The masses should really only be allowed to rent as then their generated weatlth can be easily taken by the land owners. The chancers who have benefited from BTL are being hit with s24 and the older BTL will at some point be hit with a 'windfall property tax'. It will take a while but property ownership (land) will be back n the hands of the 'deserving' in a few decades. That is the problem with wars, the plebs can get stuff that they are not really entitled too. Same with populations when they fall (black plague etc wages rose and the rich got poorer) so better to have mass immigration to push down wages which makes sure the rich get richer.We live in a democracy controlled by the 1066 French invaders families ... as May say 'Nothing has changed, nothing has changed.'