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  1. Id go a little less, but probably not far off for in much of southern England if you wanted to live in a 3 bed semi that costs £350,000, needing 2 cars as both would have to work thus a need to pay for childcare. These neoliberals and Sunak is one have not got a f'en clue. Build back better seems to mean lets see if we can keep the ponzi going and fluke another election.
  2. OK so the Tories have now spent 400bln, but there doesnt seem to be much set aside for road building, house building etc etc... which is the far quicker route to job creation. Is this likely to begin, as 15 Billion or so for greeny issues doesnt seem to cut it.
  3. Stock markets do, since its been announced over the weekend share of major builders are up around 10%
  4. I take my kid to Brid to criticise all the fat people, she gets embarrassed but my word there are an abundance of porkers displaying their tattoos in that town. Cheap as chips for property though, probably the cheapest and relatively safe place there is oop north. Roads are shite to get out of there though.
  5. Thats not on. I once flew back from Norway in business class. All the peasants were in a huge queue complaining that it wasn't moving. So i casually started walked past them all in my work clothes, then some posh England woman tried stopping me. To which i looked her up and down and arrogantly, with a smile on my face said the words "business class" to her then walked on by.
  6. I suppose they've a few assets that are of use.
  7. Working on doing the same, my brother is the finance director for a company that owns a huge number of high end hotels in Asia. So makes long haul holidays to exotic locations a lot cheaper. My kid looks down her nose when having to stay in a Premier Inn with me, staying in a Travelodge is child abuse in her mind!
  8. I tried negotiating with my ex to move overseas last month and failed. Need to get my head around being stuck here. But yes get them on the gap year and see the world, then they can see whats out there.
  9. Im going to be moving houses soon, would that make me have to apply for UC?
  10. What would make you have to reapply for UC?
  11. A Mrs is more expensive to run than a kid, but its thanks to tax credits.
  12. You become boring and end up spending nothing on yourself to compensate.
  13. Bu last time it did, whilst numbers werent huge this is because it was running alongside HTB1.
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