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  1. Many thanks for that TMT, must admit we're a tad worried.
  2. My son is in North Carolina at the moment, near charlotte. Were hoping it's not going to be too bad where he is as it's more inland
  3. Happyhaddock

    That bloke who shagged a monkey to make AIDS is back

    I'm at the hospital on Monday, I'll let you all know if I see any suspicious monkeys.
  4. Happyhaddock

    That bloke who shagged a monkey to make AIDS is back

    They were admitted to Blackpool Victoria hospital before being transferred to Liverpool! Blackpool vic is my hospital
  5. Happyhaddock

    You won't be able to unsee this

    The world has gone mad!
  6. Happyhaddock

    Don’t die on the weekend.

    So sorry for your loss. I also was there when my dad died, first time I'd seen it happen. It's very sad and obviously a difficult time but hopefully you and your mum will give each other strength x
  7. Happyhaddock

    How long is someone a refugee - 70 years?

    Hmmmm I've always fancied living in Norway!
  8. Happyhaddock

    The Labour party hates Jews

    Well I've said I will never vote for a mainstream party again! I'd rather vote for a one legged goat!
  9. Happyhaddock

    The Labour party hates Jews

    Between Corbyn and may WE are doomed!
  10. Happyhaddock

    Can't be arsed anymore

    Yep, it goes hand in hand with no longer tolerating idiots and saying out loud things that should remain in your head!
  11. Happyhaddock

    Weird goings on!

    Has anyone else seen this or any reports of it. It's one of the most bizarre things I've seen, and if Merkel and macron amongst others were there, it makes it even weirder! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu3ij7ZSMiA&feature=youtu.be
  12. Happyhaddock

    Travellers descend on Train station car park

    Driving around in a £60k motor home!
  13. Happyhaddock

    Another pointer to the UK being fucked.

    Jesus, so much to look forward to!
  14. Happyhaddock

    Islamification of Europe

    What on earth is in his nose, in the pic on the right!