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  1. Oh Gordon you stupid cunt

    Oh, I fell for it!
  2. Wonder where their council house is going to be?
  3. Guide horse

    As a horse owner I can't even begin to list what is wrong with having a 'guide horse'. The mind just boggles! I also wonder how common this is. Can anyone request one?
  4. Labour abolishes women

    Ahh I see, I thought he was being cryptic 😂 Get well soon TMT!
  5. Labour abolishes women

    Which one is it then, my money's on 2 or 3 😁
  6. Labour abolishes women

    God I fucking hate this world sometimes! There' so much irrelevant shit given credence and importance. Wish that bloody meteor/epidemic/ww3 would get a move on.
  7. Cronyism and too big to fail

    I feel sorry for the 'ordinary' workers who'll pay the price for the top level incompetence
  8. Sticky Thread

    Check out 'sorry I've got no head' and 'horrible histories' totally wasted on children!
  9. I don't know how anybody can look at that poor lad and not have any compassion! I have to try and blot out things like this because they upset me so much. I know this and much worse happens but I can't do anything to change it and it just makes me feel useless. As I've said before though, I will fight tooth and claw to protect my own offspring if that's what it comes to.
  10. Driving Instructors - crap ones

    Driving instructor near us reversed out of his drive onto a busy main road, completely ignoring 2 lanes of traffic, which had no option but to stop to let him out! I won't be recommending him to anyone!
  11. Ullared, Sweden - car drives into shoppers

    God I'm depressed again! I'm starting to feel like bloody eeyore!
  12. Lightning Maps

    Bookmarked it, many thanks
  13. Thank God my kids are grown up with a will of their own! I'd fight that with every breath in my body 😡
  14. THAT is the million dollar question The powers that be are creating an unjust and untenable situation for the indigenous populations throughout the E.U and the only weapon at our disposal is to voice angry opinions on social media! They'd stamp that out as well if they thought they could. I have no answers.