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  1. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    So would I but not too much I'm thinking total wipeout!
  2. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    Excuse my ignorance but if America fires missiles at Syria does that mean Russia can hit anywhere in the world or will the 'war' be confined to Syria. How do proxy wars work?
  3. Why can't' I read or watch the news anymore without my blood pressure going through the roof!
  4. Trolls Wanted

    It might of been better not to of posted this on the 1st April!
  5. The last male northern White rhino dies

    You're just complicating things now!
  6. The last male northern White rhino dies

    So we agree then "pandas are black and white!" 😁
  7. The last male northern White rhino dies

    Of course they wouldn't they ARE black and white! I think you need to lie down TMT I'm not a tree hugger by any means but just feel so sad when I see another great species staring at extinction
  8. The last male northern White rhino dies

    The rhino would eat the panda, law of the jungle. We are 'supposed' to be intelligent, rational, compassionate beings and as such know the harm and destruction we are inflicting on the earth. Animals only obey their basic instincts. I prefer animals to people every time!
  9. The last male northern White rhino dies

    We humans don't deserve this world
  10. Islamification of Europe

    No wonder they didn' release his name straight away!
  11. Islamification of Europe

    Apparently a car was driven into a marquee in a nightclub last night. The driver was held and arrested, but there are no details as to who it is. Watching and reading the news is like doing a jigsaw puzzle with no box lid to go off, at the moment. You have to use your imagination to fill in all the many holes!
  12. Islamification of Europe

    It's like when they had a massive prayer meeting at that Catholic religious site in Spain. It's just a way for them to dominate and erode free speech and thinking!
  13. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    There was a post on BBC news this morning, apparently the police have said 131 people have been exposed to it. The post seems to of gone now though. Found it. No symptoms Wiltshire Police said 131 people had been identified as potentially being exposed to the nerve agent - but none has shown any symptoms. Salisbury District Hospital has also assessed 46 people who came forward expressing health concerns but they were not admitted.