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  1. I wold rather vote for a one legged goat than vote for any of the mainstream parties. My vote will go to UKIP, an independent or not at all.
  2. I live near this site. The biggest threat is from the loonies who constantly stand in the road and climb onto lorries forcing the road to be closed for hours!
  3. I've had two £50 off them and am 800 points off my next one. I don't sit waiting for polls and just do them as they pop up, it's not difficult.
  4. We were regularly told by our teenage daughter that we were xenophobic and racist in our views, mainly because we voted for Brexit and to control our own borders and who enters our country. She was a true product of the education system, despite our efforts to broaden her viewpoint. She really couldn't understand our opinions or see any danger in the things that we were moaning about. Fast forward a couple of years and she now has a boyfriend who lives in Birmingham. She now totally agrees with us and can see where we were coming from, not saying that Birmingham is bad but it has definitely opened her eyes to the big, bad world outside our small, comfortable town. I don't think she'll be giving us any more lectures now.
  5. Sorry, no I can't. If I were in that position I'd be voting for whichever party came closest to providing a feeling of security, ridding the towns of no go zones and beefing up the border security. Not one that's going to make a bad situation even worse!
  6. I'm a woman. A big, hairy woman, who smokes a pipe, but a woman nonetheless.
  7. £48.26 a month for water here! United utilities.
  8. Another case of monkey pox has been announced this morning at Blackpool vic hospital. One of the health assistants who treated the first case discovered there. That makes 3 cases now!
  9. Thanks for the explanation ntb. Unpalatable as it is, these are also things that have crossed my mind, to be honest it comes as a relief that you don't have concrete evidence. Time will tell if Q has any.
  10. How can you know or even suspect these things and still function normally though. I've always had the suspicion that things are not as we perceive them but have never been able to find any evidence to support this. If I were to find evidence I don't know if I could keep it to myself.
  11. You beat me to it tmt! Go on, please tell us your thought's we can take it!