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  1. Perhaps there is something about the rudders that has upset them?
  2. A bit behind the times in mid Wales
  3. Well, I live in Wales and because I am in the vulnerable group I wear a mask and gloves in Tesco etc. Strange thing is, if they were made compulsory I probably would leave them off!
  4. Nobody has mentioned the smoking ban. I used to play my guitar in a local with other musicians of all kinds. We attracted other musicians, even a raconteur. Most of us smoked. When you think back, most regular drinkers were also smokers.
  5. Honey Ross or? Just a small difference,............... about 45 kilos.
  6. It's always been the same. 60 years ago I had a Triumph TR2 and that was really noisy from the factory.
  7. Worth noting that the second wave of Spanish flu killed far more than the first. How many people that doubted the severity of CV19 are now dead? I know of one.
  8. And my son bought me one 2 years ago. Strap is too short, it doesn't fit.
  9. I still use a watch that I bought in 1969. It was the latest style, a diver's watch. It still works just fine. Hasn't got a battery, you wind it up.
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