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  1. The main question many should ask themselves is, 'Just why do I want to believe in a conspiracy?' Is it the fact that third world terrorists can turn all our high technology against us, becomes just too unsettling so you cast around looking for another explanation?
  2. Exactly, people talk as the years roll on.
  3. You talking about it proves my point.
  4. Frankly, I think that this conspiracy theory is utterly crackpot. Just try to imagine faking this event, you would have to be absolutely water tight in all aspects. Humans are just not capable of doing that.
  5. Byron

    Buzzword bingo

    Exponent of Appreciative Inquiry facilitation techniques. You missed 'Appreciative' This means that you must not ask certain questions such as 'Will house prices fall?' at an Estate Agency. or, 'Can Labour ever form a government?' at a left wing protest march.
  6. Ah, the so called 'Ghost Notes' that banjo players refer to. (Notes that are not really played, but because they play so fast, it sounds as though they have been played.)
  7. Do you know that as a musician I am not really interested in other peoples' music other than getting inspiration to learn a new tune or run. HiFi just does not interest me at all.
  9. Well I have been to quite a few autopsies and brains are nearer white than grey.
  10. The Scottish Nationalists are National Socialists.
  11. Byron

    Bullshit talkers

    @SkypeSupport @twishaarchie Hi Twisha! Thanks for reaching out to us about the recent outage of Skype services. Our engineers have confirmed that the outage has been resolved. We hope everything is also back to normal on your end. Have a great day ahead and take care! Just what makes idiots talk and write this way? Why not just write, 'Thanks for telling us about the problem, we have fixed it, Bye'
  12. I feel that it is time for Scotland to become independent and stew in its own juice. The spirit of Calvin lives on!
  13. Well I just watched the film. Surely the normal thing to do when confronted by someone with a gun would be to stand still and put your hands up? Darwin award from me at the least.
  14. Exactly where do you find all the rules relating to Wales? I do not watch TV or take a newspaper and have only been vaguely aware of this lock down. I did get a letter from Boris some weeks ago, some of it was in Welsh, fancy Boris being able to speak Welsh, are there no end to this man's talents? But now it appears that he shouldn't have sent it anyway because his rules do not apply to Wales. My son and my daughter did not get a letter so he must have realised before he wasted any more of his stamps. I received an email from my sailing club saying that the club remains closed. It did mention that the R factor (Whatever that is) is higher in Wales than it is in England, so perhaps we are not such clean people as the English.