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  1. More to the point, What shadowy figures are putting them up to this nonsense? And I suppose we are paying for it all.
  2. Thank you for the link, rather than the ones used for hay, I think that the one for manure will be more suitable...............................I'll ask my friend.
  3. I am so angry. I have supported May throughout, always expecting her to deliver a no deal. Obviously she is a remainer and this is treason. Asking for a friend, how much do pitchforks cost?
  4. It's not a real word, it is used by disgruntled lefties to explain to themselves why the electorate have rejected their policies. It is similar to the other lefty catch phrase 'The Far Right is on the rise in Europe and America' which of course means that the left is out of date and no longer wanted by electorates.
  5. Idiots. They already know that there is at least one unstable person in NZ. Just because they have him in custody does not mean that there are no others. Are they deliberately trying to cause outrages?
  6. Frankly, I don't think that would have made any difference at all. Two thirds of the MPs are remainers and more than happy to gum things up as much as possible. A hard Brexit would never have got passed them.
  7. I cannot understand why you say this. What would you have done?
  8. I fail to understand why you say this. She has done her best, but we have a Parliament where two thirds are remoaners are doing their best to reverse Brexit. I wish she had done nothing and let us crash out on the 29th. This has been an absolutely disgraceful exhibition by so many politicians who have thumbed their noses up at democracy. Did you see that despicable creature Dominic Grieve being interviewed. All talk about not being bullied etc., but really desperately hoping to reverse Brexit.
  9. All the ones I get are claiming to be from Talktalk, they are recordings which as k you to press 1 to speak to a technician.
  10. Why did all those Moslems get murdered in Christchurch? Because they were there is the answer. If they had not been there, they would be still alive. But in the emotional politics that passes for common sense these days, rather than logical pragmatism, Politicians who to me seem to be over feminised let enormous numbers of basically alien people with a different religion, different moral codes and different life aims into their countries. Why they did it is not clear, the only thing that you get from them is that these people were fleeing from something and it was the right thing to do to let them in. They ignored the lessons of Northern Ireland and blithely stated that there is 'Strength in Diversity' and all the other buzz words without actually being able to explain just why they believed these ideas. Guess it just gave them a warm cuddly feeling. Did they ever consider that some of the indigenous population would object? Unlikely. Now the NZ PM states that actions such as the shooting have no place in NZ. Worse, she seems to believe that all that is necessary is the usual condemnation speeches, probably a march of concerned citizens, lot of flowers, lots of candles prayers and then after a few weeks, forget about it. Politicians such as her and others are gambling that in a whole country, all of the indigenous people are completely mentally stable, will never blow a fuse etc. Everyone of them no exceptions. Now they know that they guessed wrong. Speeches, candles, carefully considered resolutions, restrictive laws will not make this go away. They seem to think that bolstering up the Security Services. Questioning why this man was 'off the radar' Resolving to spend more on monitoring Far Right Extremism will suffice. Looking again at the Northern Ireland situation, there is every probability that they have ignited a struggle that will continue for centuries to come.
  11. Byron

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    1000 hours bright sunshine in Swansea
  12. I thought that it was speculative nonsense. 1 Shadowy figures decide to assassinate Jo Cox. 2 They get a shooter from the Army. How, just ring up SAS and ask for an assassin? 3 They get the local Detective Inspector and Sergeant involved. .............Yeah..... 4 They get a 'Patsy' Why? Just get an anonymous shooter, the Police would never find him. 5 Mair is in prison and does not want to talk. To suggest that he got there because someone else went to court and pleaded 'Not Guilty' but got convicted in his place anyway is stretching belief too far. 6 The Press are guilty of fake news.....................agreed, some of their 'Far Right fantasist' coverage is beyond belief.
  13. Compulsive Virtue Signalling Personality Disorder