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  1. Byron

    Make your own ecig liquid

    Talking about growing! It's terrifying when they reach grapefruit size. After the operation you are left with something that looks like a deflated hot water bottle with a zip fastener (the stiches) all around it. Thankfully it soon shrinks back to normal size.
  2. Byron

    Make your own ecig liquid

    I did, got a hydrocele in the bollocks and had to have an operation.
  3. Byron

    Boiler Insurance - con?

    I have got a Glow Worm Majorca back boiler. Probably 50 years old. I get it serviced every year for £40. Nothing ever goes wrong with it, just needs the dust cleaned out Plumber says not to replace it. Apparently the impressive figures for combi boiler savings are not quite right. The flue of my boiler goes up the chimney and warms the walls including a bit in the attic thus avoiding dampness up there. I leave my central heating on 24/7, partially because being retired I am in the house a lot more and also because it is only ticking over most of the time and I am not too sure that I would save very much if I used the timer.
  4. Byron

    Make your own ecig liquid

    Too late now, but before the wonderful EU poked its fusspot nanny knows best nose in you could buy nicotine at 72mg per litre strength. I have got 1 litre in my freezer. Now it is limited to 18mg strength. You also need propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine liquids. My preference is 80/20 PG to VG. Some places sell a ready made mix. Then you need a flavour, hundreds of different one available. Mix the PG/VG with nicotine to required strength and then add 15% or so flavour to taste. B+M sell 10 mg for £1
  5. Byron

    American Police

    It is just so sad that totally incompetent police killed an innocent man. The instructions being given were ridiculous and difficult to understand let alone comply with. There are so many non lethal ways to deal with this type of situation. A Tasering, even if excessive would have saved the man's life and brought the situation under control. I hope that the Federal authorities can bring some sort of legal sense to all this. Why did the jury acquit? Couldn't they see themselves or family in a similar situation? Compare this to the rapid tasering of the man with a machete the other day. Instant, non lethal compliance.
  6. Byron

    Mr Bercow

    Apparently it means, Зао ми је великог посла, да не говорите лоше о Нац Мац Феегле-у In Serbian Which I then back translated into English as, I'm sorry for the big deal, do not say bad about Nat Mac Macleigh. Still don't understand it though!
  7. Byron


    They were doing it in the 1940s and 1950s. I asked my sister why they did it, never got a sensible reply. This was the Infant school girls. I have noticed that my 5 year old grand daughter who attended nursery school from age one and did her potty training etc. in front of all the other boys and girls is totally unabashed by being naked, even calling me to wipe her bottom.
  8. Byron

    American Police

    To me this indicative of just how awfully dangerous American society is. The Jury acquitted and that speaks volumes if they thought that this was reasonable use of force.
  9. Byron

    Government waste: a moral duty not to pay tax

    What pisses me off is when the TV shows some activist for something or other demanding government action for their pet fad. Never ever do the interviewers ask them just who do they think should pay for it. Look at those South coast tossers wanting to welcome illegal aliens crossing the channel in small boats. They seem to think that the government has tons of spare cash lying around and never understand that governments do not have cash, just a tax base.
  10. Byron

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Probably because deep down they know that they need the Police because of the RoP situation
  11. Byron

    Gatwick Drones

  12. Byron

    New Year Honour LIst

    My father had an MBE. Basically for time served as a civil servant. He also had a long bar of War medals and he wore the miniatures to various functions. He was far prouder of his medals and stars and never bothered to get the MBE added to the bar.
  13. Byron

    I can’t believe it’s not butter.

    I heard that the reason was that Mediterranean countries have a 'Died of Old age' category on death certificates, whereas we insist on a full diagnosis, (post mortem if necessary). That means that we have more 'died of heart failure' than they do.
  14. Byron

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    They are taken. All public sector workers pay for their pension. Apparently, Police pay 11% of their salary. The problem is that the government years ago decided that it would be unfunded and current pensions paid out of the contributions of the workers. As is the OAP. So if you feel so strongly about this refuse your OAP when the time comes.
  15. Byron

    Boxing Day dip

    Wrong. This is on the South Coast, they are illegal aliens who couldn't afford French prices for dinghies.