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  1. To me, it is just another example of the modern preoccupation with 'Moral Panics' I give it six months and it will fizzle out. Wisely, the Police just allowed it to go ahead and piss the public off, rather than attacking it Macron style which would generate sympathy for the idiots. As Sir Robert Mark once said, 'You win by appearing to lose'
  2. My own experience with a carbon fibre fishing rod showed that unlike wood or glass fibre which begins to creak as you over bend it, carbon fibre gives no warning and suddenly snaps
  3. Generally, these 'Grammar Rules' were an invention of Schoolmasters to task their pupils. People don't talk like that yerno
  4. Now exactly who was that previous German Chancellor who had to hold his hands to prevent them from shaking?
  5. Sort of Mother Teresa part two?
  6. Byron

    trans madness

    or as Paxo put it, politics has become a lifestyle choice for deadbeats whose only achievement has been to strike an attitude as a teenager and not to grow up. We have had no leadership to speak of. Mrs May’s secret weapon is that in an age of nonentities she is First Among Equals
  7. Perhaps we are expected to do a Corbyn and virtue signal about these people. You know-----like Grenfell Tower
  8. Doctors will stop charging foreign patients
  9. Can you expand upon this please. Exactly what value do we get? And why is it fantastic?
  10. By keeping quiet, Boris is frustrating the Press (as he would well know) Their normal MO is to reveal a part of what they have, wait for a reaction, generally a denial, then publish further damning evidence. This time it hasn't worked. I notice that Wee Krankie decided to join in the Boris Bashing. She really is utterly despicable.
  11. Byron

    Next PM

    You almost got my vote. But it is fewer FFS. Arguable. English is a fluid language and perhaps the majority of speakers now use 'Less' Much like 'Forensic' together with 'Quantum leap' which have changed their meaning because of journalists' ignorance. c.f Gay, Wonderful, absolutely (which now seems to mean 'yes' ) etc..
  12. Strange picture for laver bread, it is like a lump of shiny wet black slime. They collect it from the beaches around here. I find it particularly good with curry powder in it. Most people find it absolutely revolting, after all it is just seaweed.
  13. The so called BBC know how vital the grey vote is to the Conservative Party (Something that the idiot May was unaware of) This is just left wing manoeuvring by the Beeb.