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  1. Apparently the group most at risk from Covid 19 is elderly men. Apparently children and pregnant woman at least at risk. I was until 5 minutes ago an elderly man. I now exercise the right that Rebecca Wrong Daily supports to identify as a pregnant woman.
  2. This is wonderful news.
  3. Recelling is cheaper. I paid £420 which included shipping both ways to recell my battery and it ended up 756 Wh and with top quality cells. True the early models from 15-20 years ago areout of fashion, but their motors remain within the 250 watt limit and newer ones are no faster etc. Much of modern development seems to be around the eMTB. For the ordinary leisure cyclist, the bikes remain viable. Mine is now 9 years old and still going strong. Remember, most of the bike is standard cycling equipment, only the motor, battery, controller and handle bar control pad are electric and easily replaced as long as you buy Chinese and not German bikes.
  4. Tells you all you need to know
  5. Hub motors and controllers are easily replaced with newer versions. The problem used to be batteries which last 3-7 years, particularly those stylish ones built into the frame. Many came a cropper, particularly with the built in variety when they could not get replacements. However, now there a few firms that specialise in re-celling old battery cases. In my own case, a 10 amp hour battery was re-celled and now has 21 amp hours in the same original case.
  6. Somehow, I think that you are wrong, my best guess is that the old non electric bicycle will become a rarity
  7. Unbelievably, butt ended tubes have been around since before the First World War and were initially intended for motor bikes.
  8. And Gaadi tubes ( they are not circular but have butt ends so can be fed in without removing the wheel).
  9. Possibly, but again you are assuming that cycling is only a sport. I have had an ebike for 9 years now and to me it is just utility transport. It folds up into my car boot so if I go to town I can park away from the centre and cycle in easily. I take it in my campervan in the UK and abroad. It is just for going places.
  10. WRONG The problem with UK cycling, unlike other countries is that the Lycras dominate it and the public think that cycling is a sport. For the rest of the world it is , as it used to be here, just a means of transport
  11. Nevertheless, his post is encouraging, why exactly did he do it? Panic? without the UK financial contribution the EU will struggle. We do not want to be France's 'special great friends' we see them as trade rivals. The realisation is slowly dawning on the EU that the UK does not necessarily want a trade deal with them. His post shows the horrible Parent/Child relationship that European elites think that they have with the people, ever having to look after and protect them. We are adults now, two fingers to those patronising gits.
  12. The fool is speaking to the losers. The majority said, as in Dominic Frisby's memorable song '17 million fuck offs'