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  1. Byron

    Outbreak of commonsense in the Army

    Guess it depends on whether you are running towards the enemy or running away.
  2. Byron

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    The only sensible message, same as alcohol is that over eating is a terminal disease. There is no cure but there is a treatment, Abstinence.
  3. Byron

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    We should make the message very clear, the same as alcoholism. So called 'Body Positivism' is anti social because it encourages obesity and is literally killing people. If I was Piers Morgan I would respond to all criticism with 'Exactly why do you want to kill people?' Fat, obese, ginormous? Join Body Positivics Anonymous now!
  4. Byron

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    Well I don't find her 'stunning' I think that she looks grotesque.
  5. Byron

    Spygirl helps airline!

    or Eff off!
  6. Byron

    Big pharma isn’t going to like this, no siree

    I lost my memory with Rosavastatin. So much so that my two children met up to decide whether they should contact my solicitor to activate my lasting power of attorney. To try and illustrate this, I got up one morning that I was going to a friends funeral, my son phoned me as I was going to pick him up to take him as well, I dressed in my suit etc. and then started doing something else and completely forgot about the funeral. That made me give up statins. Took 6 months to truly recover.
  7. Byron

    Big pharma isn’t going to like this, no siree

    Over the years I have been prescribed Atorvastatin, Simvastatin and Rosavastatin. All of them gave me severe problems ranging from sight disturbance, severe muscle pain and insomnia. I refuse to take any of them, yet each year I have a blood test for my Bendroflumethiazide pills and sure enough each year the various doctors in the practise want to see me because I have high Cholesterol. Do they get some sort of bonus for doing this?
  8. Byron

    One for spy

    The logical way to wind back the tax credit and benefits disgrace is to 'grandfather' existing rights to those already in receipt of them and institute tough new rules for new claimants. This will not entirely eliminate the possibility of civil unrest but should go a long way to reducing their severity. The legacy of the Poll Tax riots still clouds Conservative judgement.
  9. Byron

    Diabetes - Public Health Scandal

    I am really beginning to dislike medical people. Having been brought up in the 1940s when we only had the Doctor and God to help us, we naturally gave a lot of respect to Doctors. But the world has moved on. Internet allows us to question and compare symptoms and now medical people are just technicians, not life savers next to God. Slightly off topic, but a nurse I know has for the past 20 years or so quite offensively told smokers off. Clearly she has self righteous, self justification for her behaviour even though she has been told off quite forcibly by some smokers, she obviously considers that as a nurse she has every right to proffer unasked for medical advice at every opportunity. Some weeks ago she complained about me vaping. She parroted the usual well outdated 'We don't know what's in them, they still contain nicotine etc. one of the ingredients is used in anti freeze.' I explained that she was talking utter bollocks. The anti freeze thing was initiated by a dumbo Doctor writing in a national newspaper when he confused Propylene Glycol used in vapes with Polyethylene Glycol used in antifreeze' (Propylene glycol is inert in the human body and is used in many medical preparations including Ventolin inhalers.) What she was clearly unaware of is that modern vapers tend to make their own vape juices and far from not knowing what is in them I knew that mine only contained food flavouring, Glycerine and Propylene Glycol, but no nicotine. Still, prejudices are what they are and she was ably supported by another idiot rambling on about Trump being an imbecile and a moron.
  10. Byron

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    I never understood why they don't put 4 or 5 batteries in smart phones.
  11. Byron

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    And that's how you fracture society. Just by being sooo SJW
  12. Byron

    How has the EU wasted your money?

    You need to point out that the £477,479 actually cost us 3 times as much
  13. Byron

    Urgh AIBU?

    Modern SWALK in RoPer talk is Stabbed With A Long Knife
  14. Byron

    TUC conference

    The heady days of the 1970s are long gone. Just how relevant is the TUC these days?