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    Byron got a reaction from Stunley Andwin in Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria   
    IIRC Trump was entertaining the Chinese Pres at the time.
    Was this done to impress upon the Chinese that Trump really would launch strikes, and thence Kim Jong Un was told face to face by the Chinese to watch himself if he didn't want to get his teeth kicked in?
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    Byron got a reaction from Stunley Andwin in Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria   
    IIRC Trump was entertaining the Chinese Pres at the time.
    Was this done to impress upon the Chinese that Trump really would launch strikes, and thence Kim Jong Un was told face to face by the Chinese to watch himself if he didn't want to get his teeth kicked in?
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    Byron reacted to Sgt Hartman in Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender   
    Article sez:
    Pupils at the school – rated outstanding by Ofsted – have five of these lessons a year, covering areas outlined in the Act: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.
    That's on the curriculum for a Primary School!?
    Sorry but the protesters have a point, those topics aren't suitable for primary school kids mainly because they are subjective and require a lot of critical thinking. If the parents were protesting outside of a High School then I wouldn't be on their side at all.
    Primary school is way too young to be dealing with that level of ideological crap.
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    Byron reacted to DocH in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    As a devout Muslim why can't she seek asylum and medical treatment in one of the lovely, Godly, generous Muslim countries in which she would feel much more at home?
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    Byron reacted to DocH in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    I'd bet A LOT that she's not 9 months pregnant, and that she'll continue to "be" 9 months pregnant until the time she's brought back to the UK. Its a ploy to expedite her return.
    The fucking chutzpah of it!
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    Byron reacted to Alonso Quijano in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Tommy is this flawed man battling the establishment raging against him (pre-Panorama exposé) attempting to shoot the messenger to turn people off. It will be nasty and dirty; TR probably has more integrity than most MPs (certainly the Speaker), but cannot afford cock-ups. The Sun probably going against its demographic - working class types.
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    Byron reacted to stokiescum in Sports what we invented   
    i won a game ironicly against the school bully and for that i got the shit beaten out of me by him in front of 100 people ,i refused to stay down and kept geting back up for some more punishment in the end even he gave up,it was then that i realised it was brains over brawn .within 3 months i was in front of social workers and the headmaster being acused of bullying him phycologicaly has he refused to come to school because of id take the piss and say beat me up etc and provoke him.the school kids had basicly sided with me,after that incident i was never bullied again.he ended up in some sort of aproved school after he beat his dad up over his refusal to go school he even ran away from home and plod turned up at my house asking where i thought he had gone,i replied im not fucking moriarty my dad scuffed my ear the constable looked baffled and the sargent said have you concidered a carea in the police force i was 14 tops.
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    Byron got a reaction from Mirror Mirror in Tommy Robinson thread   
    What utter idiots like this Andrew Owen fail to realise is that the years roll on.
    One day, not to far in the future, this boy will be an adult.
    Then we might just see Owen being sued for child abuse.
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    Byron reacted to One percent in Tommy Robinson thread   
    This for me is the key. I’m guilty of using the supermarket. Do I want to drive round and round, looking for a parking space where I can only park for half an hour, or pay to use a town centre car park?  Or, do I want to drive to the supermarket and park almost at the door for free?  
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    Byron reacted to null; in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I'm a touch envious of those who have ditched the TV Licence. I am now at a point where the So-Called BBC is the lowest value its ever been, in the household online streaming probably makes up around 80% of the TV time and yet costs half as much.
    As the kids get older and more aware and it becomes even more common for people to ditch the licence I'm hoping to be able to join the club. I just don't want it anymore.
    My dislike of the So-Called BBC and its licence goons started around 15 years ago when selling an empty and unfurnished property. A regular stream of threatening letters and visits that to be honest wound me up at the time. How dare they accuse me of not paying my licence, how dare they make these threats to me. In my mind I dared them to take me to court so I could have my day. Of course it never got that far and I now know that the treatment I got was just their standard operating procedure.
    It was also around that time that I started hearing friends talk about the bias on the So-Called BBC. At first I didn't give it much thought but in recent years its become so blatant its hard to ignore. Although the bias only becomes apparent once you start to get information from alternative sources. If you only ever relied on the So-Called BBC then you would be blind to the bias.
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    Byron reacted to eight in Whate event made you take your parents/grandparents license off them?   
    I think the fact that our roads hardly resemble a Subcontinent style trail of destruction shows that there isn't really a generalised problem with driving standards. Most of the bad driving I encounter is still a result of over-aggression/cuntishness so I'm prepared to give the timidity of most pensioners a pass here. 
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    Byron reacted to leonardratso in Ocado forgets who their customers are   
    meanwhile 99% of normal people go 'harumph' and go back to work.
    The lunatic fringe need to be wholly ignored same as anyone else.
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    Byron reacted to Alonso Quijano in American democracy   
    It is an odd thing that we can have leaders who do not love there country and do not seem to want to put it first.
    The whole Brexit shenanigans has been an eye-opener, a majority of MPs who simply do not believe in their own country and people. In France, a President from nowhere who will turn upon his own maligned people whilst kow-towing to Germany... Germany, Merkel (let's diminish our nation with sub-educated migrants), Canada... Sweden...
    Trump is the first leader to emerge who is showing leadership for the benefit of his nation. Poland, Italy, Hungary should give us hope. No Trump, no Brexit and they will get crushed...
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    Byron reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in American democracy   
    I couldn't say, I was commenting on the overall system. To my mind it's not much more democratic than Russia. After the charming, urbane Obama who seemed so "nice", but look what happened on his "watch", afaiac it's watch what they do not what they say. Trump has no charm whatsoever, but so far no wars and some things have got a little better. We'll see.
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    Byron reacted to ad_ceng in American democracy   
    Trump is the first president a while to love America. Hence why they all hate him. 
    I read last night about his support if the patriots owner. When his wife died he called him every week for a year just to talk and invite him to things.
    While she is right in this video AOC is a communist and should be treated as such 
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    Byron reacted to Hopeful in American democracy   
    For many, the following may seem like a naive and idiotic comment, but personally, I don't think Trump is 'in it for the money', first and foremost. Money is a bonus but a bonus that he doesn't have his eye upon.
    Now everyone will view every post of mine from now on as complete tosh, so what's new
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    Byron reacted to Austin Allegro in Radio 4 audience falls.   
    I hear this attitude sometimes. They are putting the cart before the horse, thinking that the Referendum created all sorts of nastiness that would never have happened if we had not been given the choice to leave the EU.
    They don't understand that the Referendum was like taking the lid off a pressure cooker with the EU as the heat underneath it. If they had just left it on eventually there would have been a massive explosion.
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    Byron reacted to spunko in Radio 4 audience falls.   
    Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving. Three years of being told you're a racist Little Englander and it takes its toll. Now that I have seen the mainstream media in this tarnished light I will never go back.
    I don't consume it, have no desire to, and am much happier as a result. Fuck 'em!
    People like Portillo and Andrew Neil - who I generally respect greatly - say the referendum should never have happened, that it was a mistake and so on, do not seem to grasp that Brexit was a gamechanger not just in politics but in every day life. 
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    Byron reacted to Frank Hovis in I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero to snap the end off of the knife   
    Useful yes, but strength, size, and determination are what will actually win you the fight.
    I like martial arts and have been looking at taking one up again but the only martial art that will actually give you a massive edge in a fight is IMHO boxing.  Which I won't be doing as I don't want somebody hitting me in the face for half an hour.  Bruce Lee was one of my heroes as a kid doing kung fu but I don't think he would have lasted five minutes against Mike Tyson in a no rules fight.
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    Byron reacted to Happy Renting in Someones going to get the sack at the So-Called BBC....   
    The lady's not for Turing, as they say.
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    Byron reacted to Austin Allegro in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2   
    I doubt Tusk meant it in a genuinely religious way.
    It's an odd turn of phrase though. Imagine if he said 'there's a special place reserved in hell for those Islamic terrorists who tortured and killed innocent people at Bataclan'.
    Impossible to imagine such a thing. His career would be over instantly.
    Yet, it is considered perfectly acceptable to say such a thing about people who exercised their democratic right to request their country leave a political union.
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    Byron reacted to Austin Allegro in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2   
    Tusk says the fiery place is for those who pushed Brexit 'without a sketch of a plan' of how it would be implemented.
    But who are these people? I don't recall anyone saying 'We're having Brexit but we don't have any idea how to implement it'.
    The British people gave its leaders the mandate: leave the EU, and we will trust you to work out the fine details accordingly.
    The British people were not asking for the impossible - they were not saying 'build us an interstellar starship' or 'develop a system for time travel'.
    They asked to leave a political and economic union which they believed was a reasonable request to make and something which, albeit not without challenges, could be reasonably carried out by their leaders.
    What Tusk seems to be saying is that eternal damnation is for those who dared to try to leave without the consent of the EU!
    It also makes me think we could be nearer to a WTO Brexit than we think. It shows he is worried - if a Brexit Betrayal or fudge/delay was on the cards, he would know about it and would not need to start waffling about hell and damnation!
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    Byron reacted to Frank Hovis in Rolf's free - Why aren't we discussing it..?   
    I'm sure TONA will answer for himself but the rumours that circulated about Savile at the time related to the same aged girls with which Rolf was mostly charged: 13 - 15 together with being a sex pest towards adult women; particularly the nurses and trainee nurses at Stoke Madeville and Leeds Hospitals.
    All of the organised paedophilia in childrens homes and schools looks like it was grafted on afterwards by fantasists in that febrile climate after his death under which "Nick" (the NHS maanger and fantasist in chief) was able to claim that he had been sexually molested by pretty much and man of consequence in the polictical establishment.  And now he has been charged for his lies.
    Entirely my opinion but there seems to be a huge absence of hard facts about the extreme stuff.
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    Byron got a reaction from sarahbell in Corbyn Cluster-Fuck Continues   
    For all her apparent ineptitude, Mrs May is likely to deliver a no deal Brexit, just what all those 'Traditional Labour' supporters voted for.
    This will be a huge blow to Corbyn and probably benefit UKIP.
    Personally, I have doubts that May is inept.
    1 The vote of no confidence in her. She won and is fireproof for 12 months, more than sufficient to get through Brexit.
    The question is, was she manipulating it?
    It certainly came at exactly the right time and she may have encouraged it behind the scenes.
    2 The vote of no confidence in the government that Corbyn thought was a winner, he was preparing for a GE and expected to be PM.
    Dashed to bits because  she deliberately put her Withdrawal Agreement to the vote knowing that it would lose. She was buying time and it was becoming apparent, so much so that she had to deny any such thing when she spoke in the house after it was defeated.
    Corbyn was pulled onto the punch.
    And that led to all the silly remoaners amendments, likewise defeated.
    Tony Blair's so called 'Peoples Vote' bit the dust for lack of parliamentary support
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    Byron reacted to spygirl in Corbyn Cluster-Fuck Continues   
    Cuntbns always praparing for an election.
    Except when there was one and he did not prepare for it. Or really turn up any where bar the places that Labour were 100% likely to win.
    He's pretty useless at real election campaigns.