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  1. Found the detail here - https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/965665/210301_Budget_Supplementary_Doc_-_mortgage_guarantee_scheme.pdf So it's effectively HTB2 with a few minor tweaks. Only available for residential mortgages on primary residences and must be a repayment mortgage. Sorry won't derail this thread any further even though it's vaguely related to the macro theme of this thread.
  2. The current HTB2 of 5% deposit + 20% gov equity loan ends end of this March for non first time buyers. What Sunak just announced effectively extends this to all buyers again without the 20% equity loan part. I haven't seen any detail yet of the new scheme i.e how much are they guaranteeing? the full 95%, 50% 20%? The actual level of guarantee will make a difference to how many of these mortgages banks will be willing to supply. At least with HTB2 it was easily understood that the purchaser was on the hook for the first 25% of loss.
  3. So CGT, IHT and personal tax allowances frozen until 2026. Coupled with a short term SD extension and 5% deposit mortgages I can see quite a few people going over IHT limits on house price rises by 2026. If I was greedy I would renege on the full asking price offer I received on my house and hold out for another year of capital growth gains .
  4. Good, that little authoritarian bint deserves what is coming to her. Not just for lying to the Scottish Parliament, but for trying to stitch up an innocent man, My only fear is an even worse authoritarian like Humza Yousef takes over the reins but I'm banking on sensible Scots to realise it's time to give these amateur nazis the boot.
  5. Only until the Great Reset when they can't service the debt anymore. Then they will be given the 'choice' of signing over their title and deeds in return for the debt being wiped out and becoming fully owned slaves of the state, all for the 'greater good'. If you dissent against the orthodoxy (e.g don't toe the line on LGBTQ, climate change etc) down goes your social credit score and you lose your 'right' to live in that house which will be given to someone more compliant. The proposal for the govt to dole out 95% of the property value in the form of a loan is pointing to this possible ou
  6. Apart from all the exploitation already cited here, you now have all the woke shit infesting professional working environments which if I was still working would have pushed me over the edge. Imagine having to take 'unconscious bias' training and courses as is currently being foisted upon Oxford students on top of all the other shite. Just before I retired, I had a friend at an investment bank who was hauled into HR because he said to a client in an email "don't worry I'm not gay" when he proposed they share an apartment rental for a skiing trip!
  7. It doesn't justify it all, especially from grown men to a kid at the time. The only good I can see it did is that it taught you a valuable life lesson earlier than most other people.
  8. No, but you did say "Jew is great" - Yahud means Jew so I'm not surprised they kicked off, their 'prophet' didn't have many nice things to say about them.
  9. A lot less. Similar properties are around £1400 pcm. If you let it out as a house share when you do the sums as I did above you can see why it would be attractive to the BTL purchaser segment.
  10. Sorry, should have clarified it's a 4 bed end of terrace with 2 reception rooms, one can be used (and has been when previously an HMO) as a 5th bedroom which is what I would expect a BTLer to do to maximize their yield. Don't want to give my exact location away but it's in Kent.
  11. Absolutely agree, I love history so was aware of the background environment of Yugoslavia. It was just the speed of how things deteriorated so rapidly when it 'uncorked' that took me aback when he described it. The 'thin veneer of civilization' quotes came to mind.
  12. A good friend of mine grew up in the former Yugoslavia during the civil war in the 90's. It was frightening to me when he described how from one day to the next former good and friendly neighbours suddenly turned on each other in fratricide. He refused to describe to me any detail of what happened when asked as he was so haunted by what he saw.
  13. Nope. Far too much truth in there of how that happened and what is to come for it to be allowed to propagate.
  14. Purely anecdotal but I've had a sudden flurry of activity of interest in the property I'm trying to sell. It was a 5 bed HMO before I bought it to live in. A couple of the 4 viewers booked this weekend are BTL'ers. The asking is £300K, the potential rental income is £2.5K so a gross yield of 10%. Assuming bills are included monthly expenses (gas, elec, water, broadband and council tax) are £300 per month so monthly income before mortgage expenses of £2.2K. Let's assume they have 25% deposit (£75K), the repayment mortgage @3% over 25 years would be £1.06K per month resulting in £1.14K per
  15. 'There is nothing new under the sun." We're going back to feudal times. Pope Francis will be happy, read his last two encyclicals namely 'Laudato Si' and 'Tutti Fratelli' (we're all brothers in Italian). I'm only surprised the woke brigade hasn't taken him to task as for them it should be 'Tutti Fratelli e Sorelle' (we're all brothers and sisters).
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