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  2. Terrorism ruled out, but hard to see a good reason why robber(s) would target a place of worship.
  3. I doubt it. For that money you can get a big detached house not a tightly packed newbuild with small garden. The real value will be closer to half that.
  4. Dundu nuffin, just broke some immigration rules
  5. Europeans are so naive
  6. Interesting facts omitted in the MSM coverage Also according to Doovid on the Luke Ford show the guy spent 2 years in Israel, could pass as a Jewish person and the mother is half Jewish too (about 1 hr 54 mins in)
  7. Doesn't get any more blatant than this
  8. Yes, and if it did happen it was 15 years ago so there is some agenda behind it appearing in the news today.
  9. ThePiltdownMan

    Bye, UKIP

    Don't you think the timing of this is suspicious, just as Brexit is entering a critical period? A lot of strange things have happened with UKIP since the referendum success, and they have all been to its detriment. I wouldn't rule out some secret state involvement along the way...
  10. They never ask the question why are so many women choosing these violent men as partners?
  11. Don't remember seeing the home photos/memorabilia/books etc of any jihad supporters arrested for plotting terrorism all over the So-Called BBC site.
  12. Red meat production is inefficient compared to chicken. It's the future of our globalised existence
  13. I would ban them manly because bookies are an unaesthetic blight on the high street not because it will help problem gamblers. There are laws in place to limit the number of machines per shop which is why you see multiple shops in the same town.