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  1. ThePiltdownMan

    YAY...the So-Called BBC are so happy. They found a Nazi!!

    Don't remember seeing the home photos/memorabilia/books etc of any jihad supporters arrested for plotting terrorism all over the So-Called BBC site.
  2. ThePiltdownMan

    They are coming for your meat

    Red meat production is inefficient compared to chicken. It's the future of our globalised existence
  3. ThePiltdownMan

    Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

    I would ban them manly because bookies are an unaesthetic blight on the high street not because it will help problem gamblers. There are laws in place to limit the number of machines per shop which is why you see multiple shops in the same town.
  4. ThePiltdownMan

    Axes of Evil

  5. I think that behind the scenes they have already got some arrangement agreed that will be along the lines of a soft brexit. The posturing and drama is just for show to the electorates, and come April 2019 there will be minimal difference to everyday life. I seriously doubt there will be any let up to immigration and the handouts to foreigners, EU and non-EU.
  6. ThePiltdownMan

    Additional Voluntary Council Tax

    You can tell how they have spun it about Westminster that it won't be voluntary for long
  7. ThePiltdownMan

    This killer Pret Baguette

    Someone is out to destroy Pret
  8. ThePiltdownMan

    This killer Pret Baguette

    This second death was last December but they are writing about it in present tense. This anti Pret media campaign is so blatant, the only thing I don't get is what's the reason behind it?
  9. ThePiltdownMan

    Germany, a country of non-entities

    Werner Herzog is still alive.
  10. ThePiltdownMan

    Islamification of Europe

    The lugenpress told us it was a bearded white man
  11. ThePiltdownMan

    Cant take it anymore ... Student Union bans clapping

    Clapping is haram. I suspect the health issues listed are just a ruse.
  12. ThePiltdownMan

    This killer Pret Baguette

    the ride never ends Daily mail headline: Special section
  13. ThePiltdownMan

    The "Where Can I Watch.." thread

    There's an active torrent for it but you'd have to watch it in VLC or another media player.
  14. ThePiltdownMan

    Sheffield school riot

    Imagine if you had daughters and they had to go to that school. Doesn't bear thinking about.
  15. ThePiltdownMan

    Sheffield school riot

    Sheffield's getting enriched