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  1. ThePiltdownMan

    The dry and mould free dehumidifier thread

    I don't use pods because the detergent has no bleach in it so went back to biological powder. I don't understand why they keep selling those pods when they clearly don't work in the long run. I also do an extra spin cycle after washing to make the clothes dry faster indoors. Some items like fleeces come out feeling almost dry to the touch. Another thing is to clean the surface of the radiators at least once a year before the heating goes on, otherwise all the dust and spores that have settled get thrown into the air through convection.
  2. ThePiltdownMan

    London - Grenfell House reviews seem quite polarised
  3. ThePiltdownMan

    Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...

    Sounds like his anger woulds be better directed at the rent seekers and their enablers.
  4. ThePiltdownMan

    I'm very worried about this sort of thing Same kind of self congratulatory gestures as we are encouraged to do after terrorist atrocities.
  5. ThePiltdownMan

    Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants

    I get the feeling the elites are really going to use Brexit against us in the future. We'll be importing low-IQ populations that by the hundreds of thousands, and whenever it is opposed they will counter it with "but this is what you voted for in 2016" etc.
  6. ThePiltdownMan

    Bent Archeology

    Didn't watch the programme but it seems like a bad assumption that people killed in battle or in some ethnic cleansing would be given the same burial rites as in peace time.
  7. ThePiltdownMan

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    It is quite strange that after 10+ years as a public figure she supposedly hasn't amassed enough to pay this off.
  8. ThePiltdownMan

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson clearly there's money to be made monitoring public statements
  9. ThePiltdownMan

    Good Obscure Films another Japanese one Outrage (2010) and its sequel
  10. ThePiltdownMan

    Amazon Fire TV stick - pure evil!

    That's strange because whatever it's up/downloading to will be costing them too.
  11. ThePiltdownMan

    Must have smartphone

    Something like that, or home help for the elderly with tax credits to top up the income.
  12. ThePiltdownMan

    Must have smartphone

    Probably not much on offer for a 56 year old white man unless he has some specific skills.
  13. ThePiltdownMan

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    Tried watching that because I like Ian Macshane , but couldn't make it past episode 1. It seemed like they were trying to be clever but went off at the deep end and became bizarre. One thing I would recommend is Succession which is a fictional take on a Murdoch media empire crisis. No nonsense, good plot and characters you will pity and loathe.
  14. ThePiltdownMan

    Islamification of Europe Japanese lad stabbed to death by an asylum seeker in Dublin.
  15. ThePiltdownMan

    VPN questions

    I would go with the assumption that everything we do is monitored, including SSL and VPN (some VPNs may be creations of surveillance states) but if you're just torrenting some media it's still worth using a VPN because they wouldn't give up details to the courts.