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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to spygirl in And we can’t even win this competition. Quick, import more people   
    Londons one of the least expensive cities in the world ... if you aer a migrant on housing benefit.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to the gardener in Organ Donation Bill is now law...   
    I'm opting out. The principle is one of consent. I will not have my consent taken for granted.
    Therefore, even though I may previously have agreed to donate my organs, I no longer do so.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to One percent in Shooting at mosque in Christchurch NZ   
    The duplicitness of the establishment and press is what does it for me. 
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to the gardener in Shooting at mosque in Christchurch NZ   
    I've not even read the news on this. I'm past caring. Somebody on the other side of the planet has shot and killed some people. I have nothing in common with any of the people involved (other than being of the same species).
    Perhaps it's because I'm in mourning for the death of democracy in this country, perhaps it's the hundreds/thousands of my fellow citizens and Christians who have been murdered by Islamic terrorists. Perhaps its because I'm aware of the constant stream of propaganda and lies spewed out by the media that my first reaction to any story is "why are the fuckers telling me this? What is their angle and what feelings are they trying to provoke?"
    I don't know why really but I don't care. I have no more fucks to give.
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    ThePiltdownMan got a reaction from twocents in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    Just ignore it...BBC have little relevance to anyone after boomer generation no matter how hard they try
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    ThePiltdownMan got a reaction from Bricks & Mortar in When the oil (and sand) runs out   
    Not all sand is suited to building. The particles have to be a specific size and desert sand is too fine
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Great Guy in Pardon?   
    send them home.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Bedrag Justesen in What does Remain mean   
    One outcome nobody is interested in talking about within MSM.
    The growing reality of an EU Army with conscription for 18-24 year olds.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Battenberg in Passive aggressive triggers on the road. Ying & Yang Zen Theories.   
    I make the sign of the cross. 
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to spygirl in Man stabbed on train   
    A young person would not get a managers position at lidl.
    There are 700 lidls in the uk.
    There are 31,000 ft officers in the Met.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Band in Brexit, the uncivil war.   
    Remainers will watch it, theres bound to be some ammo for them in there.
     ... i just started watched Watership Down ... well for 3 minutes before then realising how crap it was ... why remake a movie they got pretty perfect first time round, there really is no point ... they even had some darky doing the introduction in one of those modern day crap London accents (wont call it Cockney) where they have a Jamaican twang to it.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to The Generation Game in Gatwick Drones   
    All that's left is for the Soros-sponsored Bellingcat to link it to the arrest of the Britain First leader or Russia, both showing the dangers of leaving the EU and helping raise support for revoking of Article 50. 
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    ThePiltdownMan got a reaction from gibbon in Hijacked Container Ship Thames Estuary
    Dundu nuffin, just broke some immigration rules
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    ThePiltdownMan got a reaction from mooncat69 in Hijacked Container Ship Thames Estuary
    Dundu nuffin, just broke some immigration rules
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to longtomsilver in Moroccan murders - almost certainly a terrorist attack   
    Actually, if it's anything like Sharm El Sheikh... corrected for you.
    One of my two sisters regularly holidays in Egypt and her teenage girls are attractive blondes. I warned her a few years back of the risks she was putting her family through but I was put in my box and sternly called a bigoted racist.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Carl Fimble in Five year sentence for having a Nazi themed pastry cutter   
    Nazis are the ultimate evil, Hitler is Satan, blah blah blah. 
    Someone somewhere really really doesn’t want people being Nazis. 
    Ridiculous, and quite telling too. 
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to maynardgravy in Five year sentence for having a Nazi themed pastry cutter   
    Taking a devil's advocate stance on this...
    Bearing in mind that these people probably aren't the brightest tools, doesn't their belief system depend upon what their idea of being a Nazi involves?
    If it is indeed subjugating ALL other races to the will of a white master race then that's obviously totally nuts. But, there are those that theorise that Nazi crimes were wholly exaggerated and that most were driven by the preservation of their own culture and that others should do the same (sound familiar).... Everything else is a fabrication by the victors who write history.
    I'm still trying to figure out my stance in all this - it's probably somewhere in between. But to think that millions of National Socialists were all total mouth-frothing nutcase murderers who couldn't wait to shove bodies into furnaces, is equally absurd. After all, we were told that they made lampshades out of human skin and also bars of soap. Then there's the never-can-be-questioned 6 million figure. What else is questionable?
    In the not-too-distant future anyone who ever voted or campaigned for Tory/Labour/LibDem might be labeled a self-genocidal maniac by historians. Doesn't mean that's what they voted/campaigned for.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to spunko in Reddit discusses UK House prices   
    "The fundamental problem in the UK is the lack of supply of new homes"

    No you sniveling, wretched waste of space liberal, the fundamental problem is that 3M people have come here in the last decade and bred like rabbits.
    I fucking hate Reddit. It is full of pious 18 year old know-it-alls.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Bye, UKIP   
    I was never a fan of UKIP but there was a time when up to a certain point they had to be respected and admired as an important and very serious political party which had a wide range of opinions in it.
    That seriousness is absolutely gone, I think from UKIP now.
    They have crumbled into basically a sort of second version of the BNP.
    Adopting people like Tommy Robinson.
    They are moving further, and further, Gerard Batten has the most extraordinary views about British Muslims and the nature of Islam.
    Which I think just have no place in our current political conversation.
    You don' t go around accusing everybody. There is a question of tone. There is a question of obsession. There is a question of the extent to which you treat a wide range of people as having a single unifying, as being part of a death cult.
    He has said an extraordinary number of very offensive things.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to ashestoashes in NYT: Have you experienced a petty crime in London?   
    too many women walking unaccompanied by male relatives
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to wherebee in NYT: Have you experienced a petty crime in London?   
    Yes, my democratic vote was stolen by a bunch of cunts in Westminister.
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to The XYY Man in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    As many of you will be aware, I am 53 years of age, and am fully-functional in all areas.
    So, taking my girlfriend out to celebrate a milestone in our relationship should've been - as I'm sure you'll all agree - a very special occasion.
    But of course, she's only 19 years old - and this prompted some tosser in the restaurant to call me a paedo...!
    I must admit this completly put a downer on our tenth-anniversary celebrations...

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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to whitevanman in Ban windows from trains? Death from head stuck out of window.   
    Lefties have poor risk perception. That's why they want the world turned into a giant safe space, they are unable to take care of themselves.
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    ThePiltdownMan got a reaction from spunko in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    RT stream
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    ThePiltdownMan reacted to Popuplights in Children's Characters You Can't Stand   
    Never knew that 7-twat-7 was an add on. Battle of the planets was great.
    I hated the spazzy little robot in Ulysses 31. 
    And captain caveman.