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    Guest reacted to TheNoSnowMan in You email or text someone, they insist on ringing you back. WHY?   
    I too prefer to converse via email/text/whatever because you have the conversation in writing if you need proof later.  An example: The garage I buy tyres from would always insist that you ring them to order your tyres as 'it takes longer to respond to emails'. So, this one time, I ring them to order a specific tyre that I want. Fitting day comes and it turns out they'd ordered the wrong tyre - and then proceeded to deny it was wrong. Because the order was made via telephone I could not prove that they had fucked up. I refused to have the wrong tyres fitted, told them I'd email the model I wanted when I got back home and would only return when they had the correct tyres ready for fitting.
    They haven't got it wrong since..
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    Guest reacted to Chewing Grass in Terrorist Stabbing In Streatham   
    They all have the same, vacant stare when photographed.
    Its all in the eyes, the hatred.
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    Guest reacted to Bus Stop Boxer in Terrorist Stabbing In Streatham   
    Bye bye cunt.
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    Guest reacted to spygirl in No more casting couch.   
    And why should she have?
    Shes young, pretty.... all the nice boys in High are chasing her.

    On initial reading it sounds bad and she sounds a victim.
    Shes a free woman. There are police, courts, mkre lawyers than you could shake a stick at.
    Her she is, Ms Oklahoma 1994 (or where ever) carrying on, under her own free will, with  fat, married bloke who pisses on her. 
    I mean, ffs.
    Grubby consenting adults.
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    Guest reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Rachel Riley   
    Yes, she has similar qualities and failings to Piers Morgan. Both cunts who say some stuff that needs saying.
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    Guest reacted to Melchett in Rachel Riley   
    Absolutely. She's said some fucking awful stuff on twitter, AFAICT. But the tweet she was allegedly banned for seems to me to be nothing but fair comment, her only offence seeming to be that she dared criticise someone from a UK ethnic minority. And that is what is most disturbing about this.
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    Guest reacted to Melchett in Rachel Riley   
    Yep, Ive seen some really, unarguably racist and antisemitic etc stuff directed at people on there that has been complained about and deemed not to be. And I do mean the sort of stuff that makes anything a bit questionable on here seem middle of the road. 
    Its all about who you criticise, who you are able to have private meetings with and whether you are deemed to be 'fragrant' AFAICT.
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    Guest reacted to spunko in Rachel Riley   
    As for Rachel Riley, can't stand her, sorry. Visually yes, but doesn't make up for the fact she's one of those phoney right-wing Jews who's nothing of the sort. Secret twitter meetings with the board? Riiiight, things like that create conspiracy theories.
    Plus the way she ditched her first husband-to-be by text when she sniffed a bit of the limelight, suggests she's a bit of a cunt.
    Plus, she has an earpiece in on Countdown and the answers are fed to her through it, same as Suzie Dent.
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    Guest reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in They've started so they'll finish..... (just for fun)   
    Obviously the idea came from @Wight Flight's Mastermind thread.
    Just for amusement, post what specialist subjects you'd imagine other posters on here would choose......
    Stokie :- The sphincters of the women of the NW Midlands.
    Onesie :- The psychological effects of HRT in the 21st century.
    XYY :- The linguistic origins of the word "cunt".
    Spygirl :- The long-term socio-economic effects in the UK of Gordon Brown's time as chancellor and PM.
    etc etc.....
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    Guest reacted to Hopeful in Rachel Riley   
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    Guest reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in FAKE NEWS, isn't it great?   
    Which is why it's important to have counter-arguments on a site like Dosbods. 
    And NOT to drive people like @SNACR and @Knock Out Johnny away. 
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    Guest reacted to spunko in Countdown to Brexit thread   
    there aren't any remoaners in the office so will have to flash these at lunch. 

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    Guest reacted to spunko in The value of friendship   
    I'm reluctant to say I don't have friends, because I probably do, it's just that I tend to view a real friendship in the same lens as those that I experienced when I was younger, and I've come to realise that's not realistic when you're in your 30s. Once you hit 25 or so, friendships start to change, you see people less, and you can't really be bothered. I made a decision to remove all the users in my life in my mid 20s, which long-term made things better even if I did go out less.
    I'm sure people would say I'm their friend, but I don't know if I'd say the same back. At least, not for most of them. But I'm not that bothered about it. My personality is that I prefer to have 1-2 close friends rather than 20 distant ones.
    Ideally I'd like a group of mates to go down the pub with regularly, but so few younger people go out now that it's just not realistic (cheers successive Governments for decimating the pub scene).
    And frankly when it comes to the opposite sex - if they can be considered friends/mates in the same way, anyway - I I tend to agree with Laurence Fox that ~70% of women under 30 are batshit mental.
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Don't get woke, don't go broke - Chick-fil-a   
    This is a pleasing example of how little power the twitter screamers actually have despite what you may read in the newspapers.
    The owner of Chick-fil-a made comments about opposing same sex marriage and gave money to Christian groups such as:
    There was a call for a boycott for this "hate" by the usual suspects including getting a free water, which they offered, to inconvenience them.
    The most visible example was this entitled tosser lecturing some poor minimum wage server who manages to stay polite.
    So wokeness wins?
    Happily not.
    Immediately following that 2015 video he was identfiied and sacked from his $200k a year job and is now on unemployment benefits.

    And the company as a whole?

    I do like a happy ending
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    Guest reacted to Horrified Onlooker in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    As posted elsewhere, we’re in our mid 40’s, 4 kids, youngest about to turn 9. Our neighbors are a similar age and she is due to give birth to their 5th in March. 
    Words can’t describe the horror I feel at the prospect of being back at day 0 again. It’s hard enough doing justice to the kids we have at the ages they’re already at. Raising kids is a young couple’s game. 
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    Guest reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    It's not harsh, it's realistic. While kids bring joy, in particular aged 3-12, your life is not your own and each new child pushes the job out another 20-25 years.
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    Guest reacted to Hopeful in Lawnmowers   
    The secondhand value is usually a sign of quality in most things
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    Guest reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I'll state the obvious here, that they'd not have an 80 year old geezer on joking about how he managed to bang a 35 year old woman from a poorer country using viagra cause it's been such a long time ect... with Holly and Phil having a good ol' giggle at the thought.
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in The pleasure of smoking (not a giving up thread)   
    Pure poetry
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    Guest reacted to Sideysid in The pleasure of smoking (not a giving up thread)   
    Ahh yes some posts on here bring back memories. Those bright coloured cigarettes with gold tips were smoked by the girls in our group as teenagers, I always found them bloody awful.
    I started off on B&H gold like the majority of street-cred kids in the early 90's, no one smoked anything else except Silk Cut for the weedos. Any self-respecting wide boy would have to resort to covering the air holes in the butt if they were faced with no other option. The going rate was 20p a B&H and 10p a Rothmans at my school. You could even get 'singles' from the dodgy local shopkeeper.
    I then went to college at 16 and started smoking Dunhills in the posh red packet (like Frank mentioned earlier) because I thought I was the 'Don'. There was over 16 nightclubs back then, and as soft drinks only were available, everyone smoked. I remember looking up at the ceiling and rolls of smoke were wafting across it and your clothes absolutely were saturated with it.Then got in my first long-term relationship and she was a smoker. She used to bum cigarettes off her mum, which were JPS Blacks.
    Now those bastards were something else. They were stronger than anything I ever had, so used to have to resort to only smoking half with the bird. I was always the 'twos' however so got the stronger half. After a year or so I then started to find that my B&H gold wasn't strong enough for me and began to actively buy JPS Black, until I started to suffer with shortness of breath. I knew something had to change and eventually me and my then girlfriend broke up when I went uni so I reverted to roll ups. Used to then smoke a tobacco called 'Raw' before moving on to Amber Leaf.
    After uni, I got my first job and had a bit of money so went onto Marlboro Lights (Gold) like many other former B&H Gold smokers did at that time. That was what I was on until the smoking ban came in at the end of the noughties. Probably the best thing that happened for me, as that was me done  after that, I hated smoking outside in the rain and cold, the main draw for me was smoking inside with a pint in the pub (as well as the classic after sex fag - something truly majestic about that).
    After that (as well as the ridiculous price increases) I gave up point blank, I've never really gone back since. Nowadays I occasionally only ever smoke a decent cigar or a pipe. I have a decent pipe that I enjoy a handful of times a year which I usually smoke with Clan tobacco or a vanilla or cherry tobacco blend (which you can only get from specialist shops nowadays).
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    Guest reacted to dgul in Barbershop Residency Scam/People Smuggling?   
    I find it extraordinarily troubling that I'm not allowed to say 'there's a problem over there' when it comes to anyone who isn't of British heritage.
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    Guest reacted to Libspero in The pleasure of smoking (not a giving up thread)   
    I can relate to that first fag and coffee of the day..
    My fondest memory was getting drunk on Southern Comfort and smoking roll-ups in a dimly lit French-themed restaurant/bar..  drink and fags was my Achilles heal.
    I stopped when I realised I had gone from an occasional smoker to a 20+ a day man.     I've not smoked at all since.  I'm not pious about it..  I love other people smoking around me..  they just never seem to taste as good as I remember them anymore.  So I just don't.
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    Guest reacted to The XYY Man in Barbershop Residency Scam/People Smuggling?   
    I couldn't possibly comment.
    Other than to say that on the 2nd of October last year, as I headed out of the shit-hole I live in on an old car spotting mission, I noticed a vehicle parked outside our local Turkish barber that really caught my eye.
    This is in an ex-colliery in County Durham, where a car that's taxed and fucking tested turns heads...!
    I cannot recall ever seeing one of these ''in the flesh'' anywhere - never mind in a place twinned with fucking Beirut.
    I do not think the driver was in there for a hair-cut...

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    Guest reacted to ccc in Barbershop Residency Scam/People Smuggling?   
    It's drugs. Not even subtle. 
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    Guest reacted to Hopeful in Lawnmowers   
    A few models have a decent metal blade. Those clip on plastic blades that either break if they hit a twig or  fly out to be lost in the bushes are a pile of shite.