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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Racism in football - what's really going on?   
    One thing it isn't is news.
    Even if somebody is leaping up and down in their £50 seat at a football stadium shouting "nigger nigger nigger" it isn't news let alone the third most important story on the So-Called BBC news website.
    It is given wildly undue prominence because racism is provided as the primary reason why people oppose mass immigration.
    So make racism a hot and urgent issue, when it is actually nothing of the sort, and then you can chuck the accusation of racism at anyone opposing mass immigration and give it more weight by having written more stories about it.  Then the globalists can keep overcorwding the country, suppressing wages, and boosting rents and house prices.
    That is why one player in a football match thinking he can hear monkey noises gets reported as one of the top national news stories.
    Because the establishment wishes to flood the country with millions of immigrants and wants to shut up anyone opposing it by shouting "racist!" at them.
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    Guest reacted to Austin Allegro in News about which you don't give a F U C K   
    - Any news which includes the words 'a new study shows' or 'a survey has revealed'.
    - Most royal news, particularly Meghan 'n' Harry and attempts to make the monarchy more PC. I don't mind reports on the official duties of HM the Queen and Prince Philip. 
    - Any sob story where some hasbeen actress (it's nearly always a woman) confesses some secret about being groped in a lift by some man 30 years ago or having a cousin with bulimia or something.
    - Stories about black-on-black violence in Britain. It sounds harsh, but this is the result of uncontrolled immigration and neutered, politicised policing. Sorry, reap what you sow. 
    - Anything about 'food poverty', 'fuel poverty', food banks, kids going hungry etc. Fuck off to India and come back when you've seen real poverty. 
    - Those 'Sharon Twatt from TOWIE shows off her tanned bikini body at Cannes' type sidebar stories on the DM website. Some of them now even have links to the company that sells the bikini she's wearing, so it's obviously a completely artificial marketing puff-piece.
    - Pathetic attempts at smearing Donald Trump stories, or conversely, those incredibly tedious stories about how 'Trump is about to blow the lid on the CIA/FBI' etc where much is promised but nothing ever actually happens.
    - Stories that apply modern PC/SJW standards to historical figures in order to smear their reputations, eg, 'Winston Churchill was an evil racist because a letter shows he once called a black army officer 'sambo' as a joke' etc. Ditto stories that try to legitimise modern PC ideas through historical analysis: 'archaelogists prove that Trans couples were accepted in ancient Egypt', etc. 
    - Any story about how x is good/bad for you or x causes/prevents cancer. They haven't a fucking clue and they change from week to week so why should we bother?
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    Guest reacted to spunko in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Mrs Woody Allen   
    Larry Fortensky  1952 - 2016
    Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - 2011
    Twenty years' younger.
    They met in the Betty Ford clinic.
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    Guest reacted to Panther in Darcy Dumped   
    So he's boring but she is so very interesting? I doubt it.
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    Guest reacted to Austin Allegro in Owen Jones   
    1984 is not so much a prediction, as a satire on contemporary and historic events. Orwell drew on his experiences in the Spanish civil war, the British imperial service and the public school system and also common knowledge of things such as 'unpersoning' in the USSR and the methods of the KGB, Gestapo etc. For example the scene where a politician is  making a speech about how Eurasia is our enemy and Eastasia is our friend but then changes them round half way through was based on the scrapping of the Nazi-Soviet alliance in 1941. All the technical stuff, bugging, telescreens etc was already going on in one form or another; and the 'thought police' are based on historic ideological enforcers such as the Spanish inquisition.
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    Guest reacted to Popuplights in Trivial Things that annoy you   
    Adverts for cars the don't have a price, just POA.
    Usually on some mass produced shitter from Germany.
    Fuck you you prick, it's just a shitty car.
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    Guest reacted to Reck B in London Bridge Shooting   
    “I feel we all have a duty to challenge the spread of fear, hatred or intolerance within our communities," he added.”
      A quote from Crilley (the ex-con).
    Like fuck he said that.
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    Guest reacted to Malthus in NHS - envy of the world   
    Look at me story 
    10 minutes and no word of flashing lights I’d have got a lift or a taxi 
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    Guest reacted to Alonso Quijano in NHS - envy of the world   
    Is lying on the floor and criticising the government over a poorly performing NHS a thing? (Labour supporter?)
    The photo looks ridiculous, thankfully the enlightened here see things quickly. Why on earth would someone - not dying - stay prostrate on a cold pavement for hours?
    Yet another sign of the self-entitled madness that has taken hold.
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    Guest reacted to Popuplights in Has traffic in East London/Essex become less bad?   
    It's just too easy. Order one day, stuff arrives the next.
    Local councils have killed the high street with their ridiculous parking charges, park and ride schemes a d business rates.
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    Guest reacted to Calcutta in Kids' toys   
    Gave up on toys age 4/5. Nowadays they can have clothes, tablets, Xbox games, outdoor equipment and books. Stuff that's actually going to prove useful. Toys are just expensive plastic that I have to sweep up once they've been smashed down the stairs. Those little surprise toys are the worst, they tend to come into my house with great fanfare and leave via the bin within a week. As soon as they hit the floor they're landfill imo.
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    Guest reacted to Popuplights in Kids' toys   
    My kids are all grown up, but we had a decent collection of Lego, some of which was mine in the 70s and 80s, some second hand, and a few new star wars sets for my son. It's all packed away now waiting for the grandchildren I suppose!!
    Knex is also good as @JoeDavola pointed out.
    The best thing they ever had was a ride on Jeep, built by me on an old mobility scooter chassis with wooden body work. It was a real beast, capable of carrying 2 kids on lengthy expeditions round the local paths!!

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    Guest reacted to Libspero in Kids' toys   
    It is insane..
    At Christmas it is partly unavoidable,   but our eldest gets them all year.
    Every kid in her class has a birthday party which every kid gets invited to.  Every parent buys a £10 piece of plastic shit from poundland and suddenly you've got 30 toys on top of the normal birthday toys and on top of all the crap that gets handed out in party bags.   
    I spend more time trying to get rid of shitty plastic presents than buying them.
    Fortunately all the other parents at the school seem to be nouveau riche large German SUV types so at least it's all super environmentally friendly with paper straws and hemp knitted napkins 
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    Guest reacted to Hail the Tripod in Kids' toys   
    When he was a preschool aged toddler, my son used to go and play with his cousins (both girls) at my sisters house. He often used to come home dressed in an sparkly, pink and purple fairy costume with a little tiara and a magic wand.
    He would stamp about the house pointing at things and say: “die” or “explode” and laughing maniacally to himself drunk on his magical power. He liked dressing as a fairy not to look pretty, but because in his imagination it conferred previously undreamt of powers of arbitrary, wanton destruction. 
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    Guest reacted to Roger_Mellie in How many years did your parents' slave for?   
    My old fella voted for Brexit. Started his working life having just voted for the common market, spent 40 years seeing things go down the shitter for the working man then voted to leave. Apparently that makes him a thick racist.
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    Guest reacted to Popuplights in What is your class?   
    I have to work for a living. I am therefore working class
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    Guest reacted to lid in Trivial Things that annoy you   
    "Viewing advised"
    really? i was actually thinking of making by far the biggest purchase of my life and not looking at what i was about to buy
    and ATM machines that ask you 2-3 times if you would like balance slip/advice when you clearly
    just want to get your dough out of the cunting thing to go and buy beer with
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    Guest reacted to Chewing Grass in Xmas present (for 11 year old)   
    These, with extra ammunition to balance, they will have a smashing time.
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    Guest reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites
    "Just go up and talk to her, bro...what's the worse that can happen?"
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    Guest reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Yes, there's a great channel on YouTube that details the 'Forever Alone' phenomenon from a man who in his early 40's who has experienced it (but now has an attractive girlfriend, ironically in part due to the minor fame from said channel) - a link to one video of his below...
    One thing that is discussed is that most men who face this problem are told that it's their fault (rather than it just being bad genetics that makes them unattractive, especially in a post-Tinder marketplace), and are told they need to go on an endless road of "Self-Improvement" in order to be worthy of a partner (whereas we all knew weed-smoking wasters who had tons of girls and never needed a career, a fancy car, or a gym-hones body to be 'good enough').
    As you say, a big part of the problem is a harsher dating marketplace.
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    Guest reacted to LC1 in The normalisation of female obesity   
    She looks like a rough council estate mum in those photos.
    Which, to be fair, is what she is. 
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in The Olympics   
    I'm afraid it's a meh from me.
    Sport is hugely over-valued.
    As Churchill said; all that following a rolling ball makes you good for is following a rolling ball.
    I joined in with the national enthusiaism for football in the 90s, along with many other people, but don't give a stuff these days.
    The London Olympics passed me by and I couldn't tell you who won the FA Cup or the Premiership last year let alone any European football tournaments.
    I have recently abandoned the club side I have been following and supporting since 1979 since there is not a single local player in the team.
    Panem et circenses.
    And I make my own bread.
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    Guest reacted to Chewing Grass in The normalisation of female obesity   
    Size 12 is optimum, size 8 is bullshit and size 6 is a dwarf-child.
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    Guest reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in The 2ND GREAT BIG General Election thread   
    So basically the best scenario possible is that a lying charlatan Bullingdon boy obtains a mandate and majority to rule for 5 years. During which time he will enrich himself and his friends and entrench their power further while shitting on the plebs as usual and accelerating the nation’s general decline.
    How did the country get itself into such a state where that is the best that can happen because the alternatives are even worse?