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  1. Christ on a bike, what a fucking headline.... BBC News - Sally Challen case: 'Mum killed Dad but we get to be happy again at Xmas'
  2. There was Sam Harris podcast not too long ago where he described being at dinner with a high-end London barrister who mainly specialised in rape cases. He asked him, in his professional opinion, how many of them he thought were actually guilty. "Oh, about 40 - 50%". I just about dropped my fucking coffee at that. Never been accused of anything as serious but I have been on the receiving end of some absolutely sociopathic women whose lies did get me into trouble at work. Even my boss knew they were full of shit but had to go through the motions. This was a while back, nowadays, I'd probably be sacked as a potential liability. I've been very wary ever since.
  3. I was never given either of those to read in school. Almost fucking criminal IMO. 1984 is an absolute masterpiece and I'm still astonished that it was written in 1948. That bloke was either Emmet Brown or he had a peerless talent for social perception.
  4. Splendid. That's on a par with Australia's infamous 'Drop bears'. Be afraid.
  5. The state of that. I'm starting to think that there isn't a hole in the ground in the UK that doesn't eventually get filled with shit by littering bastards. The hole can be everything from a ditch to bloody Windermere. As a small but possibly interesting point of note, the last time I walked up Helvellyn I chose to have a circular walk around Red Tarn, the lake at it's base before heading up. It was a hot day and a family was about to let their kids go for a splash until I warned them off where they were about to go. Back in WW2, a fighter crashed straight into the side of Striding Edge scattering bits everywhere. It's a long way to lug out bits of plane so they pushed the wreckage out on the frozen lake and it eventually sank. On a clear day, if you look from the edge just below Striding Edge, you can see a trail of jagged and sharp metal leading to much deeper water. Not good for kiddies feet. I rewarded myself for my deed with a beer later.
  6. I thought it dissolved poo? Equally as handy.
  7. Maybe not but possibly the minerals that make lakes very blue is more naturally occurring over in places like that? I am no geologist so could be monumentally full of shit. It's just something I was told by a guy who liked to dive/swim in freshwater lakes.
  8. Sorry, but does extendo-legs there normally carry around little cards that say 'Tories Out' just in case of random photo opportunities? I mean of course I have to bring my own little cards wherever I go when I get ready to leave: "Let's see. Wallet, keys, where is it? Ah! Here is is. My Corbyn is a galactic cunt card, just in case I get asked for a photo."
  9. Flooded quarry or old mine? I did my diving training in flooded quarry, quite spooky. As has been said, the more blue and inviting a freshwater lake looks, the nastier the shit that lurks within.
  10. Ben Elton back in the day was absolutely bloody hilarious. His skit about motorway bogs and trying to get a seat on the train were classics IMO. He writes a decent book too. I never felt insulted watching his stuff, I might not have agreed with it but I never thought the guy on stage genuinely didn't like me. Unlike that arsehole Nish.
  11. What the fuck is that shite? The second one down is just a photo of the aftermath of black friday in IKEA.
  12. Ohhh! The new Pirelli calendar! Oh.