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  1. I tried it in a lake up a mountain in Wales. I jumped in and honestly thought I was about to have a coronary. It was breathtakingly cold and it was weeks before I could coax my bollocks into reappearing. I was in a wetsuit too. Without one I think I would have ended my days looking like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining. Love the thought but it's not for me. 24? That gargantuan tub of chip fat and kebab-offcuts is 24!? Dear God.
  2. I don't agree with everything he says and I'm straight-up not interested in the biblical aspect of his lectures nor bloody diets. I do think he's absolutely on the button when it comes to identity politics, wokeness and the ensuing insanity and in that department, I see him as something of a figurehead. There are others like Ben Shapiro and Milo but I personally find Shapiro quite obnoxious and Milo is just fucking malignant. There's something not right with that guy. Anyway, I'd hate to see Peterson come a cropper, taking him down must be the SJW equivalent of winning the World Cup and I think if he goes, then our defenses against these complete lunatics would take a big hit. IMHO.
  3. It's a good point and I'm a fan of the bloke. To be honest, many of the things I've listened to with him over the past year or so have made me think the guy needs to take a break. He sounds absolutely fucking knackered and all of this stuff with his wife would tip most over the edge - we're all human. There's also an army of malignant SJW wankers just waiting for him to make a slip-up so that they can descend upon him in a flurry of self-righteousness and soy. He needs to take some time away, the more he does while exhausted, the higher the chance he's going to drop a bollock and when he does, it will be like feeding time in the progressive zoo.
  4. I was there too. Thought it was great.
  5. If he's done that as some kind of Youtube stunt then the FAA and the Coastguard will rip him a new one and stuff his head into it. Edit - FAA. Soz.
  6. If that video is genuine, that's a landing Sully would be proud of.
  7. I want one of those as a hood ornament for my car.
  8. That's possible. Every time I try to turn the volume up via my phone a message pops up warning me about damage to my ears. Bless their concerned socks. I'm surprised I don't get a message when sat on the toilet reminding me to wipe my arse.
  9. Which they repeat every two minutes just to add insult to injury. By the time you've listened to the same tinny thirty seconds of Greensleeves and that message for forty minutes you're not in the best humor when someone picks up the call: "Hello, you're through to.... "CUNT!!" *click* "Shit."
  10. Quiet headphones. Just bought a pair (ok they were 30 quid so not a swanky set) and is it just me or are they gradually getting quieter? I cranked the volume up to full and what I got was what I'd expect at about two thirds. Either that or I'm slowly going deaf.
  11. I worked briefly for the NHS too back in the early 2000's and had a bit to do with provisioning. I remember looking through the supplier print outs and bimbling off to query why a sack-truck was 300 quid, filing cabinets 500 and various office guff was about four times what you'd pay for it in WH Smith's. I was told, politely, to basically pipe down and fuck off. Utter racket.