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  1. Sgt Hartman

    Would you buy a hair transplant from this man

    You might be on to something there, I had some kind of reaction to a hair gel and my fucking hair started coming out in clumps. It never really recovered from that point resulting in the chrome tome of glory that I'm now blessed with today. I was about 18 at the time so naturally it was the worst thing in the world. These days I couldn't give less of a shit.
  2. Sgt Hartman

    Jordan Peterson

    Give it a week or two and it will pop up on either Harris' or Petersons podcast for nowt.
  3. Sgt Hartman

    Jordan Peterson

    Deservedly so, I thought Fry was the best of the lot by some margin. I particularly enjoyed the barb he threw at Dyson when he dismissed a lot of his purple prose as 'snake-oil pulpit hucksterism'. I thought that scored a direct hit.
  4. Sgt Hartman

    Ahh was pikey

    They're an Irish camorra, have been for years. Apart from their obvious criminality what doesn't get touched upon much is their massive involvement in drugs and human trafficking/slavery, though the latter is getting slightly more airtime. It's fucking outrageous, our government has created legislation that not only enables a mafia to go about its business but positively encourages it. Unutterable bellends.
  5. Sgt Hartman

    Jordan Peterson

    Sam Harris is fatwa-tastic because of his involvement with Maajid Nawaz and his criticism of Islam. Douglas Murray is like catnip to antifa SJW types. Peterson is the SJW nemesis. They'll be protests, no doubt about it.
  6. Sgt Hartman

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Plenty of women in Blackpool who've embraced that challenge whole-heartedly.
  7. Sgt Hartman

    Jordan Peterson

    I'll take the opposite tack here, I don't begrudge them that cost. Between Peterson, Sam Harris and to a lesser extent Douglas Murray, I've been able to listen to literally hundreds of hours of debate, information and knowledge, some of which has fundamentally changed the way I think and I've not paid them a penny for it. Neither Harris nor Petersen advertise on their podcasts, it's all done through donations so I suppose these sort of tours are a way to recoup money. In fairness to them they do a lot of stuff for free. I would imagine the cost of their security entourage ain't cheap either. There is also the possibility that the venue sets some of the costs dependant on the speaker though I can't be sure of that. I wouldn't pay 200 to go see them but I'd happily hand them 50 quid, they've earned it off me as far as I'm concerned. As a comparison, how much would a Uni course on similar philosphical/social science subjects cost per year?
  8. I'm not familiar with Dankula but I did listen to Akkad for three hours a while ago and thought he came across as a reflexive douchebag. Willing to hear a bit more but I don't think his attachment to UKIP will do them much good. That said, if the Hamilton's are still involved then the party is completely dead in the water. If it wants to be taken seriously it needs to lose the mental fringe, rebrand and fire the Hamilton's into lower orbit
  9. I'm surprised that people are surprised that Alan Sugar is a bit of a twat. I didn't find his tweet particularly offensive, twattish, unfunny and monumentally ill judged - absolutely. Makes we wonder if he'd been on the shandies when he posted it as you'd have to be either pissed or a halfwit to think that wasn't going to backfire.
  10. Sgt Hartman

    The normalisation of female obesity

    It really, really isn't. This person must have the dullest existence imaginable if this is what she's decided to focus her attention upon.
  11. Sgt Hartman

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

    He can be quite subject dependant. On some things I find him fascinating, on others...not so much. He also has a bit of a monotone delivery which can be quite hard work. I'm a bit like that with Ben Shapiro, I find the guy unlistenable even if I may agree with him on some things.
  12. Sgt Hartman

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

    The edited version would have been a better shout. That Dyson guy was horribly prolix and tiresome. A rival to Russell Brand in the meaningless big-word bingo contest. His partner was better even though I didn't agree with her on virtually anything, at least she wasn't a straight up chode like Dyson.
  13. Sgt Hartman

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

    I listened to that Munk debate with Stephen Fry and Peterson. It certainly wasn't Peterson's best though I got the impression he was seething at an ad-hom by Dyson (a balls-out racist and typical bible belt pulpit huckster) that hadn't been called out by the chair. Stephen Fry had the mark of the man and threw a few withering observations his way. Anyway if you want to hear Petersen on form, listen to his appearances on Joe Rogan. Sam Harris is also very good value to listen to and the Moral Maze can be good on radio 4 if you like Melanie Phillips opinions. I agree about postmodernism, once you've recognised it, it pops up everywhere and not for the good. Peterson is right about that.
  14. Sgt Hartman

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    Well that shits on my android update theory. It's just on my phone too. Hmmm.