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  1. Moral Maze is a bit of a staple of mine. It can occasionally be pompous and up it's own arse but, for the most part, it's excellent debate from both sides of the coin. You do have to know your stuff as a witness as I've heard a few get utterly dismantled when their arguement doesn't stack up. Micheal Portillo is also very good value. There is something about Packham that sets off my bellend radar a mile away. He's absolutely no Attenborough, that's for sure. I think it was listening to him on Desert Island Discs that did it; I thought he came across as a complete weirdo to be honest. I think the difference between him and Attenborough is that, if you were on an expedition with Attenborough and you were about to be mauled by a hyena, DA would shoot it. Chris Packham would let it eat you and would be taking notes as it did.
  2. Top TV Themes

    Very much like this as a recent addition.
  3. Council Tax

    The amount I now pay in council tax per month would lease me a pretty decent car. Frankly I don't know how they've got the fucking balls to keep increasing it as their incompetence and cock-ups are absolutely legion. Seriously, has anyone ever heard the words 'I think my council do a really good job?' I equate it to handing money over to a bunch of ten year olds. That's the level of trust I place in them when it comes to sensibly handling money - and it's serious money; 250 quid a month should demand some tangible fucking results. But no, the roads still look carpet bombed, they are slinging up estate after estate with zero infrastructure to back them up, I have to go to the tip long before the rubbish collection arrives...I could go on. It takes the piss.
  4. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    Very true that, gardening does seem to attract a certain 'type'. A cross between a regimental sergeant major and Hyacinth Bucket. I've binned a few potential customers because of it as you just knew it was going to be extremely hard work dealing with them. Little old dears can also be surprisingly vicious when it comes to gardening. Keep on their good side and all will be well, piss them off and word will spread during the next church coffee morning and you'll find half your business gone by lunchtime the next day. Pays to tread carefully. As for forums, any one that has people attempting to gain the upper hand by correcting someones spelling or grammar gets my vote. Pistonheads is especially bad for this and it ruins a good thread with pointless and wanky grammatical bickering.
  5. Who do you think actually did it then?

    definitely-not-gay Putin did it IMO. Why? Because he doesn't give a shit and he's a cunt, it's just what he does.
  6. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    Absolute speculation, no doubt about it. I certainly wouldn't call myself savvy about most of this. I bought my house as somewhere for my kids to grow up rather than an investment. On the occasion I do pop down to London and peer into an agents window, I think the place has certifiably lost it's fucking mind. I'd now expand that to most of the South East.
  7. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    The emboldened is where they went wrong. Flats are risky, off plan is just mental. Manchester is starting to get silly now price-wise though most of the places around it are still relatively affordable (kind of). You're right about people getting stuck in and snapping up satellite housing around Manchester, I think they are predicting it to 'do a London' eventually. Not sure how I feel about that.
  8. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    Fair point. I'd still say that some of the ones where I used to live were grossly inflated. I watched as they slung up a group of ten, unremarkable semis in the space of about four months. It looked like IKEA flatpack and about as sturdy as it too. The asking price on completion was 600k. We looked around a couple of others before we thought 'fuck it' and moved, even with help to buy it was taking the piss.
  9. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    Probably depends where you are. In the North, I'd say older, sturdier, houses are for the most part, still reasonably priced. As an example the one I'm in is a large 1930s brick semi. This house where I used to live (Oxforshire) would probably be the thick end of a million quid. Here it cost less than a quarter of that. Wages, while a bit lower correspond relatively well to the house prices. New builds IMO, are a mainly a rip-off from the start. Oddly there are many areas here where they are asking more for the shonky newbuilds than the older dwellings, something I'm not sure I understand. Exclusivity or summat. The main thing with newbuids is you'll very rarely get back what you paid for them initially.
  10. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    Agree with this. Demand far outweighs supply just now and any solidly built house in a half decent part of town probably isn't going to slip too much in the face of a downturn. Places like London will always be obscenely pricey as if the locals can't afford it, there will be someone with a turban or a pocketful of polonium who can. Jury is out on newbuilds however. I can see a lot of them tanking as the general shitness of their build quality becomes apparent, plus a lot of them are sink estates in-waiting. My money is on a huge future scandal involving these places as many of them start to seriously fail before the mortages are paid off. Tldr - Old school bricks and mortar will be fine. Don't touch newbuilds with a bargepole.
  11. Jesus H Christ

    It's not quite as alarming as over here but they do have their issues, especially in Melbourne. The Aussies do tend to be a bit more forceful in getting across what will and won't be tolerated in their country.
  12. Mental Health Care Going Now

    I think the amount of seriously mentally unwell people you see shouting at pigeons in town centres all over the country is testament to how seriously the UK takes treating mental health. Mrs H. and I were only recently saying that the amount of very obviously mentally ill people has hugely increased over the past few years. Anyone would think that a treatment centre had been closed and it's patients slung out on to the street. Considering a large treatment centre is nearby and abandoned, that's probably exactly what happened.