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  1. Sgt Hartman

    Syria Gas Attack

    If you say so.
  2. Sgt Hartman

    Syria Gas Attack

    This is a country that blew a civilian airliner full of men women and children out of the sky not too long ago. When the finger was pointed they simply shrugged and said 'who me?' Before deploying some laughable evidence in their defence. That was bonkers. Syria's a clusterfuck, I have no opinion on it as nobody really knows what's going on and anyone that says they do is talking bollocks. I'd happily see ISIS wiped off the face of the earth though. Who wouldn't? As for the Russians, I'm sure Ivan in his temement block in Vladivostock is a sound guy. I've met and mixed with monied Russians, oligarchs and the like and they were seriously unpleasant people. Recent events haven't exactly painted them in good light either. That's why I'm not too keen.
  3. Sgt Hartman

    Syria Gas Attack

    The Russians are pissed because someone shot down one of their aircraft? Bless them, the innocent wee souls.
  4. Sgt Hartman

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    I'm no fan either. Some of her tweets were sub-imbecilic and just plain unpleasant. I don't take any pleasure in her being taken to the cleaners though however it's yet another good reason to avoid Twitter. I've heard Monroe talk, she's a hysterical halfwit. Her appearance on Question Time some months ago was atrocious to listen to. A plague on both their houses.
  5. Sgt Hartman

    BBC too shit to compete laments DG

    The problem with most BBC output is that you know exactly where the program is going to go, usually from just reading the title alone. So why bother? If the So-Called BBC employed a little more critical thinking and actually did a bit more challenging fact-finding in its programs rather than tediously toeing the agenda driven line, then perhaps it might find more of an audience. It also relies way too heavily on the opinion of Twitter. Any organisation that does that shouldn't and can't expect to be taken seriously.
  6. Sgt Hartman

    The Wilsons

    Hideous, detestable arseholes, the pair of them. The bad side of capitalism, beautifully illustrated by that fat slob.
  7. Sgt Hartman

    how dead is your local

    It did, at least the old Trout did. I noted on the new website that they've had the sheer brass balls to mention that as a plus point in their if Morse would be seen dead drinking in an abomination like that.
  8. Sgt Hartman

    how dead is your local

    They did. Multiple times too. Absolute outrage. If you remember what it used to be like then you may want a stiff drink to hand...
  9. Sgt Hartman

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    No need to even check out the logs, just sit within earshot of a group of young-ish women getting well oiled in a pub. One thing I've learned is that your performance, build (penile and otherwise) and other general shortcomings will be high and detailed on the topic of loud conversation list. If you've been daft enough to send a dick-pic then that will be getting serious airtime too. Nothing is sacred when prosecco and girly nights get going.
  10. Sgt Hartman

    how dead is your local

    Don't really have a local here as there isn't one close enough to walk. The ones in town seem to be doing a good trade though. Where I used to live, in Oxfordshire the pubs were either dead and shutting down due to second home-itis or the most pompous temples of gastro-wank you've ever set eyes upon. Thirty quid for a fucking quails egg with an ejaculate of sauce on a rooftile. That sort of place. Fortunately, there were a few very cosy, proper pubs tucked away including one about ten metres from my front door which was as great as it was deadly. I've heard on the grapevine that this is due to close and reopen as another gauche tossbox with large laminated menus and a passion for organics. For fucks sake. Another old local of mine was the Trout in Wolvercote, Oxford. I think I've moaned about this one previously as it was literally the perfect pub in every way only for it to be gutted - how they got permission to do this I don't know - and turned into an IKEA showroom that you can have a beer and a mediocre meal in. I went in after the refurb and after having my own moment of utter astonished horror, watched the jaws drop of just about every person who came in after me. I'd have the developers of that travesty taken out and shot.
  11. Sgt Hartman

    Interesting dog revenge attack

    I don't think the guy is in the wrong. A lot of people seem to forget that dogs are dogs and can be dangerous. If someone has a dog and they are unable to control it if it's causing harm, then the other person has every right to stop it, by any means necessary. IMO. That could just as easily be someones kid. It's about time we came back down to earth in regards to dogs. There's only one reason someone wants to own an animal like that.
  12. Sgt Hartman

    Jobs Are Like Dating

  13. Sgt Hartman

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    So she can remain anonymous for 'legal reasons' however she's free to use Twitter to accuse her husband of being a porn addict and general scumbag? From what I have gathered, having the occasional shuffle is enough to make you a 'porn addict' to some women. Proof's in the pudding at any rate, she wasn't awarded custody and for a judge to not award custody to the mother tends to mean that she's seriously, seriously crossed a line.
  14. Sgt Hartman

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    Never saw that one. I'll take a punt at the OA for a bit longer. I'll probably reach max WTF soon though... Saw Brad Pitt had a credit in the producers section. He gets about.
  15. Sgt Hartman

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    Hmmm. I'll give it bit more and then report back.