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  1. A big part of me wants to give that guy a standing ovation. What he did was a dick move to his wife though but maybe the responsibilities trap becomes too much for some people and they deal with it in ways that are rational to them but irrational to others. We're all complex in our own ways.
  2. One of my favourite beers. The best pint I've ever had was an ice-cold one of those in the Stoep Pub on Lantau Island in Hong Kong after five hours of walking in 35 degree heat and almost 100% humidity. I became one...with the beer.
  3. I saw some absolutely spectacular sights today in that department. There were also hambeasts a go-go but, to be fair, there were quite a few lardy blokes wobbling about with saggy tattoos and sans top. There was one girl I saw, crop top and yoga pants...I won't lie, I nearly crashed the van.
  4. Sunderland? Area 51, surely?
  5. Otherwise known as 'showing brain'. Speaking of which, some of the hot weather outfits on the girls round here. Jesus H. Jumping Christ, I think I had a vague lob-on for most of my working day.
  6. Is Denise - 21, from Sunderland giving us her opinion on Boris Johnsons rise to glory while dazzling with her magnificent tits?
  7. Lad. I've just inhaled a pint and, to my delight, am now semi-shitfaced. I love how quick a beer takes effect after exercise/graft. *burp* Edit - pissed spellink.
  8. You should see the ones in Blackpool. I think they've evolved to supersize owing to an endless diet of chips, lager and puke. I've had them swoop at me before and I just about shat myself. I'd quite happily see them culled but your going to need some anti-aircraft guns and some surface to air missiles.
  9. 'Tis done. I think I weigh about 4 kg less than I did previously. There is only one further activity possible today, a magic trick. I'm going to make an ice-cold beer disappear in an instant.
  10. Sat in the van and have just peeled my balls off my shin. Considering fucking this off for the day, I've got three tons of topsoil to move this afternoon and it's stinking hot. That said, the only time I'll be able to do it is thursday. Might just man up and get on with it...