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  1. Sgt Hartman

    Ok, own up, who is it?

  2. Sgt Hartman

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    That's fucking horrific. Whatever surgeon was responsible for that abomination needs striking off. Jesus wept...
  3. Sgt Hartman

    Khmer Rouge former leaders charged with genocide

    I think the things that got me were the complicated man-traps mainly fashioned out of bamboo spikes held back under tension and smeared with shit just for an added infectious bonus. They were unbelievably nasty and the thought of being on the receiving end of one of them was enough to put me off my pho. Very brutal war all round really.
  4. Sgt Hartman

    Khmer Rouge former leaders charged with genocide

    @Bkkandrew your thread has arrived. I went to Cambodia years ago. I thought it was a wonderful place (much preferred it over Vietnam). I steered away from the killing fields stuff as I'd taken a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Ho Chi Minh where I reached and breached my grimness quota for the year in about fifteen minutes. The bulletholes all over Angkor Wat were chilling....
  5. Sgt Hartman

    NUS going bust

    I remember them from uni. I bought a card for the cheap beer, the only downside was having to listen to the occasional neckbeard try and convince me why I should join his tedious and misguided little circle of activism. "Will there be beer?" "No." "Well fuck off then".
  6. Sgt Hartman

    NUS going bust

    Quite. How the fuck does an organisation go bust selling beer to students?
  7. Sgt Hartman

    NUS going bust

  8. Sgt Hartman

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    The anti-male agenda has reached it's crescendo in the So-Called BBC over the past few days. Article such as 'My husband cut my hands off', 'My boyfriend stole all my cash and took his girlfriend to Paris', 'Grindr cheat killed wife with a Tescos carrier bag...'etc. This is clickbait, agenda-driven shite of the first order and this has been on the front page over the last two days. Fuck these people.
  9. Sgt Hartman


    Yup. It'd erase the Tories from the map. They're a shower of shit but what's waiting in the wings is much worse...
  10. Sgt Hartman

    'Worrying' lack of diversity in Britain's tech sector

    I agree, there's a shocking lack of gender diversity within the scaffolding industry too. This outrage needs rectifying immediately and if women aren't queuing up for the chance to lug heavy steel scaffold up buildings in the pissing rain then we'll make them do it. Of course they will thank us for giving them the opportunity as this sort of equality is clearly what they've always wanted. It's for the good of society, comrades.
  11. Sgt Hartman

    Bye bye Treason May?

    What an absolute clusterfuck.
  12. Sgt Hartman

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Get that fucking shite off the cenotaph!
  13. Sgt Hartman

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    That's one rough paper-round. She must have been hitting it hard to get that sort of 'look'. See also:- Jeremy Kyle.
  14. Sgt Hartman

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    How very dare you sir.
  15. Sgt Hartman

    Groussaka - real man o the people

    He's a bit of a bellend, isn't he? Groussaka.