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  1. I don't have time to partake in more than one forum. I do occasionally browse pistonheads but that can turn into 'considerably richer than yow' more often than not. I'll have a look at reddit too once in a while but that seems overwhelming populated by teenage pearl-clutchers and woke foot soldiers so I don't have much patience for it. In short, just this one.
  2. This influencer abuse has to stop.
  3. 150k for a weekend. For you? 50 grand and we can keep the lights on.
  4. If someone offered me 100k to bum a ladyboy it'd certainly get a moment's consideration. If I was advertising myself as being very attractive to ladyboys, wearing skimpy clothes that ladyboys love and deliberately making myself an object of desire for ladyboys, I'd be less than surprised if some of the more well-off Mister Sisters amongst us offered me a few quid for a bit of action.
  5. It would be interesting to see the actual numbers of those 'influencers' who think being propositioned by rich men is 'just, like, not ok' and those that will quite happily accept 100k for a weekend of sitting on some rich Arabs face. Call me cynical but I don't think the latter number would be the smallest.
  6. Karen Matthews is a weapons grade moron. Any lump sum given to someone like her would be pissed up the wall in very short order, you'd be better off setting it on fire. Would I leave for 50k in her situation? Probably. It's the only chance of her anonymously starting from scratch with a few quid behind her. Chances of success? Somewhere south of 0.0000000000000000001%
  7. They completely removed that character from the film? WTF? That said, I don't know if Macgregor was having a bad day or something but his acting in that movie was the worst thing about it. He was singularly terrible in an otherwise outstanding film.
  8. I think - deep breaths - I'll do that. Gives me an excuse to visit that shoe fitting shop in Whalley posted above at least.
  9. Well, looks like I'm in the market for some new mountain boots. After waking nice and early to go climb a mountain I was already put in a stormy mood after checking my pack to find that the stuff I keep in there - compass, crampons, maps, headtorch - all the essentials, had been liberally distributed around my house by small sets of hands. After gathering my bits through a flurry of 'for fucks sakes' I went to put my boots (scarpa manta pro's) in the car. There was only one on the rack. After some protracted questioning it seems like one of my boots was put in a bag and chucked into the clothes bin at the tip. Of course I responded to this with the zen-like calmness and restraint that I'm known for and after re-laying the patio flagstones I've come to search for some new boots and possibly, a new wife. Any recommendations? (for boots, not wife)
  10. Genuinely just about soiled myself laughing.
  11. I read that and it fucked me right off. It did so because there is a pretty horrendous bullying culture in the FS, I saw and experienced plenty however it's a general problem. Absolutely nothing to do with fucking diversity or inclusivity it's to do with bully-boys put in leadership positions behaving like arseholes, ridiculous bureaucracy levels and box-ticking exercises put together by the sort of people who wrote this article. There is a story here however it really didn't need to go down the 'diversitai' route.
  12. Has it been a while since you went there last? It's had a massive refurb and is now very bright, airy and modern. To be fair they have done a good job but I personally preferred it the way it was. I saw the sunken village at the Ladybower reservior when the water receded early last year. I had no idea what it was at the time and remarked to my mate "I say old boy, that looks like a sunken village at the bottom there..". He said I was full of shit. I was vindicated when it's appearance made the news soon after.
  13. Was it a medium sized bin?
  14. Elon Musk's lawyer who defended him in his recent case should be able to give a good answer to the OP's question. Also: Shamima Begum, and any concerns relating to her wellbeing. There really is no coming back from some things. Literally.
  15. Quite breezy a few nights ago. I opened my door to find someone's ex-christmas tree in my drive. There's always some idle fuckwit who puts their old tree on the pavement as if it's going to be magically whisked away by the Christmas tree collection fairies. Lucky for them, it was whisked away except it was a gale rather than fairies that did it and it came to rest in my driveway. Grumbling, I stuck it in the back of the van and took it to where the non-lazy bastards take their old trees for council collection. Anyway...windy.