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    Guest reacted to Melchett in Death of a Z lister   
    I’ve mentioned previously that I vaguely know a couple of minor actresses - the type some of you might have heard of but aren’t big names - whose glory days are behind them. One confessed the other week that she had no savings, despite having had a number of roles that must have paid enough to set any of us normal types up for life. And as her chances of paydays that good are now behind her... no more big paydays, no more adulation.... divorced, she has more red flags than a Newquay beach during tonight’s storm, too.
    Celebs are not “properly hinged” IMHO. Best kept at arms length... it’s part and parcel. As Joe said, be grateful for your anonymous life.
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    Guest reacted to Chewing Grass in Death of a Z lister   
    The media are all sending their 'sincere condolences' to her family, however there is nothing at all sincere about anything in the MSM these days.
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    Guest reacted to Bus Stop Boxer in Death of a Z lister   
    If this was a fella who had knocked his girl around, and another former partner had seen fit to fuck off half way round the world to get away from him, the sistahood would now be saying he had it coming.
    Total shitfest.
    Every single throbbing aspect of it.
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    Guest reacted to dgul in Death of a Z lister   
    There's something deeply wrong about our society.
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    Guest reacted to Chewing Grass in Fuckin' Weather   
    That's why hedges are so good but today's home-owner’s and renters are too fucking lazy to trim them.
    A green, living. self regenerating fence that provides a home for little critters, it will never catch on.
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    Guest reacted to TheBlueCat in British culture; the definitive list   
    An immensely broad swearing vocabulary.
    Taking the piss out of your close friends to their face.
    Wonky teeth (it's real).
    Finding Nazi uniforms almost unbearably funny as opposed to offensive.
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    Guest reacted to ashestoashes in British culture; the definitive list   
    caring more about pets than people
    rubbish transport
    british industrial management
    british industrial workers
    church bells
    north south divide
    bank holiday traffic jams
    class bound behaviour
    public school privilege
    lack of ambition amongst the working class
    rip off traders
    excess expectation put on any UK sports team
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in 'Britains most dangerous Man'   
    He gives the impression that he'd kill someone for looking at him in a funny way.
    Anyone who spends the morning inviting other prisoners at random into his cell and kills the first one who accepts the invitation is not someone with a high moral code.
    He's a lunatic.
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    In addition to being: woke, remain, pro mass immigration
    They don't like: Corbyn / Momentum
    They do like: the Royals
    So I can see an out and out SJW picking up on their love of the royals and dislike of Momentum to characterise them as "right wing".
    It is an odd set of views to hold but that's the So-Called BBC who don't get a penny from me and I actually cost them money because of the threatening letters they send to me.
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    Guest reacted to Libspero in The Gaming Thread   
    @ElKapitan84 @spunko @Sgt Hartman @XswampyX @Carl Fimble @gilf @The XYY Man @Boglet @Errol @JoeDavola
    Just because the above deal is pretty good and I’m not sure how often people check this sub forum..  let me know if the link doesn’t work 

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    Guest reacted to unregistered_guest in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    It's a man thing (not asking for directions).
    There's a reason why Moses ended up leading the Israelites for 40 years on a journey that should have taken less than two weeks....
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    Guest reacted to Melchett in Why so many slap-heads?   
    Men’s problems. Nobody Makes a fuss, nobody gives a shit.
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    Guest reacted to wherebee in No more casting couch.   
    The wimmins mags were full of the allegations of him abusing her.  Now it's on tape of him being abused by her.......
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Census going.   
    Let's all just drop any pretence that the government controls our borders eh?
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    Guest reacted to Captain Cavey in Disagreeing with Daily Mail comments   
    I took my lad up Ben Nevis in early spring and taught him how to self arrest in a slide using an ice axe. He was 5 years old.
    At the top, everyone at the cairn were giving him  high fives. He still remembers that vividly.
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    Guest reacted to ccc in Coming out live on air etc   
    Virtually nobody cares anymore. And this pisses off the small minority of gay folk who are just gagging on attention and want to be seen as different. 
    And many non attention seeking gay folk absolutely despise them. 
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    Guest reacted to Panther in Disagreeing with Daily Mail comments   
    Ben Nevis is a particularly difficult place to get down from if you cannot see the path, you have to do a very precise dogleg by pacing on a bearing or get into a situation where an ice axe and crampons definitely are required, or worse. So yes, these people were wankers.
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    Guest reacted to sarahbell in Disagreeing with Daily Mail comments   
    What's wrong with going up a mountain in trainers?

    Absolutely nothing. Just don't ever ring mountain rescue.
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    Guest reacted to Happy Renting in Ruritanian Wankfest Postponed   
    Missed this one - a couple of days ago it was Andy's 60th birthday.
    He left the Navy years ago.
    But on his 60th Birthday it is traditional to make him an Admiral like Charles and Anne. Because Royalty.
    This has been postponed until such time he returns to public life.
    Just imagine it - awarding each other meaningless titles with pomp and ritual, attended no doubt by flunkeys in some absurd and pointless ceremony.
    On a par with Charles's collection of "Mummy's not Dead so I Get another Medal' medals.
    What a load of wank.
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Coming out live on air etc   
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    Guest reacted to Frank Hovis in Gender stereotypes in advertising. Banned   
    Don't suggest it.
    This money supermarket ad was stomach churning; both men and women hated it.

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    Guest reacted to This Time in Fuck. Britt Ekland   
    77 year old woman doesn't look as good as she did in her 20s - shocking!
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    Guest reacted to Popuplights in The BAFTAS 2020   
    Saw a short clip of this pointless ceremony on Sky news. Actors, and even the heir to the throne were whining on that it was too white, and diversity, and all the usual shit.
    When are these fucks going to realise that the majority of people don't care. They don't care about the baftas, they don't care what actors think, and they would not care if the baftas were just canned. I mean, who would be harmed by their cancellation? 
    The only thing I can think of is the loss of business for the Venue.
    Smug cunts should just fuck off back to their mansions. And Wills needs to watch his step too. You would have thought after what just happened with his brother he would keep his irrelevant gob shut. Obviously as thick as his old man.
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    Guest reacted to Austin Allegro in Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......   
    The latest nonsense is that 'British things' cartoon for CBBC presented by Nish Kumar. It drips anti-British hatred and Kumar has such a twisted expression on his face when he introduces it that he looks almost deranged. It was good to see that Andrew O'Neil strongly criticised it on his Twitter feed.  Major change at the So-Called BBC cannot come soon enough.
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    Guest reacted to TheNoSnowMan in You email or text someone, they insist on ringing you back. WHY?   
    I too prefer to converse via email/text/whatever because you have the conversation in writing if you need proof later.  An example: The garage I buy tyres from would always insist that you ring them to order your tyres as 'it takes longer to respond to emails'. So, this one time, I ring them to order a specific tyre that I want. Fitting day comes and it turns out they'd ordered the wrong tyre - and then proceeded to deny it was wrong. Because the order was made via telephone I could not prove that they had fucked up. I refused to have the wrong tyres fitted, told them I'd email the model I wanted when I got back home and would only return when they had the correct tyres ready for fitting.
    They haven't got it wrong since..