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  1. I signed up for six months. Waste of money beyond the first month. The number of mutual likes and dates has been small, but I'm getting on well with one lady. May have legs.
  2. I couldn't believe the price of whiskey and stuff in Japan. 4L plastic bottles, like huge squash bottles, for about £25. 2.7L of Jim Beam for about £28.
  3. With my subscription, I can get 320 kbps, but I don't know if my Gramofon is using it. Default is 160 kbps.
  4. All of my music sources are digital and, depending on the recording, sound excellent. I'm using an old Gramofon box to stream Spotify to my amplifier and can't hear much compression. The Google Chromecast Audio sounds compressed, even on the high dynamic range setting. A lot of 70s recordings still sound better than modern stuff as they're not squished to buggery. Stuff like the first Black Sabbath album, or Gong's Flying Teapot have much more space to breath, even on Spotify.
  5. I know it's bad form to quote yourself. Imagine if it said "Women - they're worth employing". The language also implies it's from a group that aren't men.
  6. Not demonisation, but surely redundant in any sane society. It's not like men are pandas or other endangered species.
  7. My boss and the CIO took us to a casino and demanded £10 from each of us. He put it all on red and it was gone in a matter of seconds. What a fucking terrible waste of money. I can't see the appeal, though I'm very wary of being sucked into the addiction.
  8. I love that album and have played it far too many times. It's not pretentious at all, honest.
  9. I visited Trawsfynydd power station on my honeymoon. My wife decided to stay in the car while I had a look around. Little did I know that it would be several hours until I returned. We are no longer together.
  10. A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow Not the regal creature of border caves But the poor, misguided, directionless familiar Of some obscure Scottish poet The mist crawls from the canal Like some primordial phantom of romance To curl, under a cascade of neon pollen While I sit tied to the phone like an expectant father Your carnation will rot in a vase.
  11. I saw them on the R30 and Time Machine tour. The power comes from the addition of technology. Geddy's voice had become dreadful, which is a shame
  12. On the plane to Shanghai, with Air China, I noticed most of the adverts were for luxury electric cars.
  13. Rush always amazed me. Seemingly unknown in the UK, but could sell out stadiums.