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  1. mooncat69

    Resident Parking

    A neighbour has widened their drive area to hold more an extra car, but has made no alterations to the kerb. When I parked opposite their extended space they left a note telling me not to park there again. It looks like they choose to drive over the kerb and pavement to get to their new space and hence claim exclusive access to the road outside their house.
  2. the So-Called BBC are still banging on about this. Apparently, her story is one of grooming and abuse.
  3. the So-Called BBC are really pushing this. I'm more sick of this than usual.
  4. I used to follow a Western YouTuber who moved to Japan. She posted lots of videos of her daily life and attempts to fit in and be accepted by the Japanese. She failed to get citizenship, but even with that she would always be a gaijin (外人) or foreigner. Recently, she has converted to Islam and married a Saudi. I suspect it's another attempt to find acceptance. She now only appears in a hijab and has deleted all of her old videos that show her hair. This morning she posted on YouTube about people who committed suicide after online bullying. She wasn't very happy about one reply: What she has become, and the speed at which it happened is terrifying. Don't forget, this is a Western woman, brought up in a Western country.
  5. A new winning thread title?
  6. mooncat69


    Cowley Road, lovely! I saw some great bands at the Co-op Hall, though.
  7. mooncat69

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    After Ginger Balls' departure and Simon Mayo's constructive dismissal, both the Radio 2 flagship shows, and many more, are mostly women. What are the chances of that?
  8. That's got to be a spoof, surely?
  9. mooncat69

    Great tits

    Tits like pancakes ... sometimes
  10. mooncat69

    Thread title of the year (2018)

    I went back 66 pages and only got to June! David Lammy Wets Himself Did Rosa Parks have a camel toe? Inappropriate music suggestions for Joe's date Getting groped by G4S private security at airports Hillary's big book of cunts I predict a riot. A pussy riot Mostly @spygirl, as per @spunko
  11. mooncat69

    The big bloody clit thread

    I heard the item on Radio 2 news. They used the words FGM and 'cutting'. Cutting is something you do to your hair, not to a young girl's private parts with a rusty blade. Fuckers.