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  1. I absolutely loved them. I saw them many times at university in the late 80s / early 90s when they were at their peak, then in 2004 supporting The Wildhearts at The Junction, Cambridge. When I first heard them, it was a true WTF moment. To this day I can't understand how the band can play stuff that appears random, but be so tight. Frank Zappa used to hurt my brain; I found Cardiacs bizarrely more accessible. Poor sod, but at least his suffering is over. He couldn't believe how many people loved him. Here's a live performance at their best: Tim would be spouting insane rubbish between songs and bullying poor Jim, the bass player, as was tradition.
  2. Is it perfectly normal to take not-quite-perfect photos and then buggering about with the RAW files in an application? I usually upload the jpg files to Google Photos and do minor tweaks there, but suspect I might be missing a trick, especially as I'm not too happy with the exposure / dynamic range on some of my photos.
  3. And within a month she had broken the screen!
  4. It looks like it's already gone from Netflix, but that could be licensing restrictions.
  5. I've had a D40 for years and nearly wrecked it trying to clean the sensor. I got a D300S to replace it; a much better feeling camera, especially with the power grip, but the photos weren't that much better. Photos never seemed in focus (compared to my hyper realistic Pixel 3) which I fixed by swapping the kit zoom for a 35mm prime. I had a Moto G5 but gave it to my daughter because the camera was shit compared to my previous Xperia Z5. I completely agree that the photos taken with my Pixel 3 are generally excellent, mostly because it's always available to capture the 'little' things in life.
  6. I'm watching Blake's 7 at the moment. Seems like yesterday, but it's over forty years old! My IBM keyboard at work is older than most of the developers.
  7. No. They clearly have no idea how lift works, how much energy is required, or weight necessary. They are not creating genius alternative technologies.
  8. Here's an interesting collection of African DIY aircraft designs. Bear in mind, this is for well documented technology that is over 100 years old, available from their smartphones.
  9. But by that argument, everyone goes and it's worthless. Where do you draw the line?
  10. Isn't that because debt earnings for 4000% of a small debt is bugger all, but 1% of a large debt is a significant amount?