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  1. mooncat69

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    Fuck, I thought someone was impersonating 1%
  2. mooncat69

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I've noticed recently people at work saying they wouldn't believe anything the So-Called BBC says.
  3. mooncat69

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Real Ale Twats?
  4. mooncat69

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    I use the word 'splendid' all the time.
  5. mooncat69

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Oh, fuck off with your virtue signalling.
  6. mooncat69

    New Car Registrations

    I just traded in my old Passat for a newer Passat. On paper, I was favouring an Octavia, but when I tried one it didn't feel very well put together, glove box wouldn't close reliably etc. And secondhand, not a huge price difference.
  7. mooncat69

    Lions led by donkeys, updated for the modern age WTF? We have a trial to see if it's legal to kill terrorists?
  8. mooncat69

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

  9. mooncat69

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    They seem to be making a big deal about ethical development now. Quite how ethics comes into shift registers, I'm not sure.
  10. mooncat69

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Clearly, being good at your job is no longer a requirement. Mozilla drops “meritocracy” from its revised governance statement and leadership structure to actively promote diversity and inclusion
  11. mooncat69

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    I had an RXS100 many years back. With a long commute, I had to fill the tank almost every day.
  12. mooncat69

    Tommy Robinson thread

    These comments aren't too positive:
  13. mooncat69

    Inappropriate music suggestions for Joe's date

    A new one to me:
  14. mooncat69

    The Ginger Whinger

    Jo Whiley has been sick, so couldn't do her show. Instead of letting Simon Mayo do it by himself, because he's probably more than capable, she was replaced by Lisa Tarbuck. What a coincidence that she was replaced by another woman. And I really like Lisa Tarbuck's Saturday show.