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  1. In our morning meeting today, our boss strongly suggested we all get out for a walk today because he knows we're all beginning to feel the lockdown.
  2. I've no idea if things have changed because my order arrived in the UK before Christmas. The fact that UPS took over a week to move it across the country was the main problem. They admitted that everything was running a week behind schedule.
  3. A boot stamping on a human face?
  4. I've not been brilliant for the last few weeks. I'm working from home, but outside this I've got a few interesting projects but really can't be arsed with anything anymore. I can't see an end to this as there always seems to be some new excuse to continue the restrictions. They're not even pretending lockdown will be over soon.
  5. I'm hoping this Daily Mail comment is taking the piss! If so, well done.
  6. No, it explicitly talks about transmission. If you can't control transmission, the final 10% will never be safe.
  7. Doesn't that article rely on vaccination preventing transmission?
  8. I've seen lots of posters around town for a missing person. 38 year old, white t shirt, grey jogging bottoms. Very sad.
  9. This is quite interesting from the recently banned Computing Forever. A film, The Hamburg Syndrome about a fake virus used to gain control.
  10. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/big-tech-join-forces-to-build-vaccine-app-15870687.php
  11. Sky News: COVID-19: NHS eyeing plans to move hospital patients into hotels, as Hancock says end of restrictions 'impossible to know'. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-nhs-eyeing-plans-to-move-hospital-patients-into-hotels-as-hancock-says-end-of-restrictions-impossible-to-know-12186538
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