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  1. The Indians I've worked with recently are fuckwits. You can see their eyes glaze over as you explain simple stuff and they do not admit that they do not understand. Those with any intelligence have moved out of coding. We have to pay for Visual Studio licences, even though they must already have them for previous work. Or just use illegal versions.
  2. My remainer colleague at work today reminded me * It was a narrow majority * It was advisory * All of the current polls say no-one wants Brexit And they get their news from the so-called
  3. My dad had a C plate Mini Metro, from new. It failed it's first MOT with rust in the footwells.
  4. I like the Aldi sweet chilli sausages!
  5. Speaking of which, I'm off to Tokyo again this Christmas. Copenhagen is full of stunners, too.
  6. This is my current setup: iTube Fatman hybrid valve / solid state amplifier (about £70 from Cash Converters). Really well made Wharfdale Linton 3XP speakers (about £15 from Cash Converters or similar) Gramofon wifi music player (end of line on eBay, £10). Superb Spotify quality, but unreliable Google Chromecast Audio. Reliable. Poor quality, but good standby option (£30) The Fatman has a novelty valve (middle one) that indicates the volume of each side. You don't notice it much unless you crank it. With a decent system, you don't notice how loud things are playing because it doesn't distort or become overwhelming. I used to have a Leak Stereo 60 all valve amp that I bought from a music shop for £100 (bargain). Whilst very desirable, it was very unreliable and I spent a lot of time fixing it. I miss the (literal) warmth of it, but it was a pain in the arse. From memory, the iTube Fatman sounds better - quicker bass response. The Leak had a valve rectifier, so the bottom end could be a bit soft. It came with a full set of Mullard valves that were worth well over £100 on their own. I'd love to find a better alternative to the Gramofon that actually sounds good - just a high quality Spotify source. A Raspberry Pi with extra DAC?
  7. I've been included in a college meet up WhatsApp group to which I never asked to be added. Consequently, I've now got the contact details and personal mobile numbers of some vaguely famous people. This is one of the 'features' of WhatsApp, but I wonder if they're as miffed as me that our details can be shared with any random person without our consent.
  8. My ex was waiting in a Chinese restaurant for carry out, reading Hello magazine. In walled Kerry Katona who suggested she didn't believe everything she read. I met Vinnie Jones on the Thameslink in the early 90s. His discussions with anyone were very, er, robust. I saw Pete Burns get on a Birkenhead bound bus at Port Sunlight in the mid 80s
  9. That would have been 93/94, and yes, we fucked off home as soon as we finished. We also supported The Klingonz there on another occasion and just missed out on supporting the UK Subs.
  10. No-one particularly interesting Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee at Newmarket races (nice enough). Also bumped into Mystic Meg at the same venue Supported (Dr) John Cooper Clarke at a gig at the George Robey, Finsbury Park. He compared my playing to Scotty Moore! Completely off his head Billy Butler (cunt) and Wally Scott (top bloke) on work experience at Radio Merseyside Ted Robbins. Really nice guy, played rugby with my dad and was Santa at the rugby club events. Kate Robbins used to sing there, too, apparently. First cousin once removed of Paul McCartney, but he never mentions it. Ever Ben from Curiosity Killed The Cat (also at Radio Merseyside) Gala Wright (Rick Wright's daughter). No, I didn't. Louise Bagshawe (Mensch). We were in the Rock Society together. No, I didn't either Was in the same year at university as Jacob Rees-Mogg, but never met him (so it doesn't count)
  11. I'm sure I applied to Bradford University in the 80's for an electronics course. I was offered two Cs.
  12. Gosh, that's quite different from the original. And it's got a cameo by Steptoe! How prophetic.