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  1. Even CD-ROMs are becoming problematic on modern computers / laptops, assuming you've even got the hardware. Bit rot on the disks means the lifetime is quite limited - look at the So-Called BBC Doomsday laserdisc (!) degradation. I've got thousands of photos stored in the cloud that could disappear at any moment, but boxes of negatives that can be read by the human eye for hundreds of years.
  2. My son's autistic and I've had to remove him from events because he's become too excitable, or just bored. It's just good parenting to assess the situation and decide the balance between his enjoyment and everyone else's. But evensong for a nine year old?
  3. One of the saddest bits of television for me was George in the final episode of Drop The Dead Donkey. He'd escaped a loveless marriage where he was treated with contempt and found a new love. He was due to emigrate to Australia with her and finally be happy. The scene here, around 2:38 where he appears to be happy in Australia, watching marsupials, only to reveal he is at a zoo pushing his bitter ex in her wheelchair. It's stuck with me all this time, how people choose to be miserable or feel compelled to help partners in toxic relationships. And I speak from experience.
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    Next PM FFS 
  5. I really liked Bad Education. Not seen him in anything else.
  6. Other similar words from my dad: * Dhobi - to clean * Jildy or Jildy, jildy - hurry up
  7. "Happily, however, things are changing gradually. No one looks twice at a guy with a man-bun or a man-bag any more"
  8. They used to terrify me. Were the creators on drugs?
  9. I really fancy one of these. Looks a bit pricey, though. You get the opportunity to expand it and write software for it.
  10. Seen in Cambridge yesterday, displayed prominently to passers-by:
  11. Oh, I thought it was from Fungus the Bogeyman