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    mooncat69 reacted to eight in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    Do you think Britain should leave the EU?
    A. No.
    B. No.
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    mooncat69 reacted to null; in Milkshake thrower charged   
    This is what I find genuinely a bit scary about these people, they really do believe their actions, and any means ( even as extreme as murder) is totally justified as its against some bogeyman or bad person, as defined by them.
    Imagine if one of them ever had a position of absolute power? The Nazis felt justified in their actions, how many people could some of these SJW nutjobs justify killing?
    Thankfully most of them are such nutjobs and lacking charisma that no one would ever allow them get into power.
    They are modern day fascists that hide behind a self granted label of liberal.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Gloommonger in Milkshake thrower charged   
    I would love TR to win a seat, if only to hear the collective wailing of these snowflakes!
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    mooncat69 reacted to BadAlchemy in Milkshake thrower charged   
    Wise move by Happy City. Expensive tweets from the ginger nut. Good luck finding another job after advocating acid throwing and murder. Who would even say stuff like that under a pseudonym account let alone under their real name. 
    I find it very encouraging that more and more of these lefty SJW types seem to be imolating themselves as we get closer to crunch time. They have nothing else left after hurling insults and milkshakes at everybody like spoiled little children.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Frank Hovis in Milkshake thrower charged   
    And crossing with 1p on self service tills thread.
    What do they actually intend to do with the proceeds of this tax?
    They intend to shovel it the way of charities like this so that they can waste it.  There is no plan, no big idea.  Just more of Gordon Brown's pouring money into the charity sector because that is an end in itself.  Th egovernment has discharged its responsibility for a particular social problem by raising tax for it.
    And then just gives it away to load of badly dressed hair dyed incompetents to waste.
    Scummer (I don't mean Nige!)


    These people would not get an interview let alone a job in a normal company.  Yet in the charity sector they can award themselves six figure salaries because they're worth it.  Like fuck are they.
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    mooncat69 reacted to One percent in Milkshake thrower charged   
    My recommendation is avoid anyone with weird coloured hair. Guaranteed to be a nutter. 
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    mooncat69 reacted to Sgt Hartman in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    IWM Duxford is an absolutely outstanding day out - in fact there is so much there that it's probably worth making it a couple of days. Last time I was there I went for a flight in a Dragon Rapide which didn't do much for my hangover but was great fun.
    Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford is a good place to take the kids. It had a massive revamp a few years back to make it a bit more family friendly. I'm on the fence as it used to be a proper old school museum with little drawers and hidden corners, more like a curiosity shop. It was great then but credit where it's due they have done a good job of redoing it.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Fully Detached in Companies whose products are to be avoided   
    Skittles - I saw them use their cringeworthy slogan again this year, something like, "During Pride week, there's only one rainbow that matters."
    It's a fucking insult to Jeffrey, George, Zippy and Bungle.
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    mooncat69 reacted to spunko in Companies whose products are to be avoided   
    You'd be better doing a list of products not to be avoided. It'd be much easier.
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    mooncat69 reacted to TheNoSnowMan in Milkshake thrower charged   
    Why do you think most of these lefty protesters and groups tend to have female leaders? As soon as we allowed women into positions of power and influence it was inevitable we would get feelz over facts. There are always exceptions to the rule (Maggie T) but most women are not leaders and never should be because they cannot make the hard decisions that are sometimes needed, Occasionally, the needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the minority. A typical woman wouldn't be able to do that because "We must protect everyone I tell you. EVERYONE!!!!". And while I accept there are plenty of soy filled bitch boi's out there, they tend to be a collection of life's losers (degenerates, fat, ugly) and are attracted to the left as a way of getting back at the system, especially a meritocratic one (and to try and pull ugly women).
    Feminazi's may claim the patriarchy is oppressive - but it actually works.
    I think that proves my point nicely. No evidence, no logic to it. It's just how it feelzzzzzzzz to her.
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    mooncat69 reacted to JFK in Milkshake thrower charged   
    Fatty soy boy SJW douchebag billy beta orbiter working minimum wage job in a call-centre and pays a fiver for a fucking milkshake.  Five guys - the most overpriced franchise suckering morons like this.  Pathetic.
    ... now I await the same legal treatment of the muzzer who assaulted TR.
    ... in fact I expect the same legal treatment for all the pricks assaulting sargon and TR???
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    mooncat69 reacted to Sgt Hartman in Milkshake thrower charged   
    Jesus Christ.
    I'm no fan of Farage but he's clearly no fascist...let's hit him with a brick anyway!
    Fucking straight up incitement from some hipster brewery who make the sort of beer much loved by fat, unkempt SJW milkshake-throwers.
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    mooncat69 reacted to sbn in Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender   
    In the next 2 years, we are all going to be forced to pick a side.....
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    mooncat69 got a reaction from BurntBread in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    The National Museum of Computing ( is great - on the same site as Bletchley Park, but neither admission prices cover each other. Lots of very old (working) computers and people willing to tell you more about it than you would ever want to know. Of course, there's the Colossus and Enigma stuff there, too. Plus, you can go past the Marshall Amplifier factory, which is just around the corner.
    Similarly, there's the UK Computing Museum, Cambridge ( Not as big as TNMOC and not as well equipped with the older computers, but very good for the home computing machines and consoles. There are plenty there to literally get your hands on. They do regular events and games nights. There is a close connection with Acorn / ARM / Sinclair, what with them all being so close, with some prototype Acorn RISC machines, Doomsday Project etc etc.
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    mooncat69 reacted to JFK in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    Fat soy boy chucks a milkshake.
    Gets arrested.
    Loads of violent muzzers, wearing balaclava's, throwing bricks / eggs / bottles of piss at people listening to TR (women and children absolutely shitified) - FUCK ALL.
    LAMESTREAM LEGACY MEDIA REPORT 'VIOLENT CLASHES AT Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon RALLY'
    ...twisting the narrative so you immediately associate TR with violence - yet it was a load of violent tooled up thugs from Halifax who swelled the ranks.
    Can you IMAGINE what would happen if a load of people, wearing masks, gesticulating, shouting and THROWING BRICKS if any of the mainstream political parties occurred.
    I am not surprised at all by the hypocrisy, the lies the downright deceiving that goes on.  
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    mooncat69 reacted to Rowley in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    Can’t wait to see the reaction when the first precious MP gets covered. 
    Culprit will no doubt have the book thrown at them. Talk of MPs needing extra Police protection etc
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    mooncat69 reacted to whocares in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    What I can't understand (apart from that his bodyguards might have been better at preventing this sort of thing) is why isn't there someone ready with a sponge pre-prepared for an attack by milkshake or eggs? (And carrying a spare suit naturally.)
    Then, instead of marching him miles looking stupid covered in milk, (and being mocked as he goes), the bodyguards could have instantly surrounded him physically and let someone sponge off the worst. Then then he could have walked with a lot more dignity to the nearest place to get changed.
    As a mother of 3 kids close in age (many yrs ago) I was usually well prepared for all kinds of mess when on a day trip. So  think Nigel has a vacancy for a sensible wardrobe woman there alongside him ... as well as all the beefy bodyguards?    
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    mooncat69 reacted to twocents in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I believe his version than their version.
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    mooncat69 reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    It's late and I'm tired so I'll probably not be as eloquent as I'd like.
    You are correct I have long had a tendency towards being a negative fucker, most of my adult life actually, and this trait is getting worse as time goes on and I spend more and more years feeling quite lonely, socially isolated, and feeling like I'm falling further and further behind my peers in terms of life achievements. I need to address it and repeatedly complaining about the same things on an internet forum might provide some psychological relief and perhaps even a touch of self righteousness, but it's a bit of a waste of time really isn't it.
    Oh, and on a positive note, I am doing push ups now, in the gym, using a bar at waist height that enables me to do incline push ups since I can't do set of 'proper' ones yet.
    So the pushups are sorted. It's just my fucked up brain and social isolation I have to sort
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    mooncat69 reacted to Happy Renting in Password Management   
    My first rule of password generating and storage methods is don't tell anyone about my password generating and storage methods.
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    mooncat69 reacted to DTMark in Password Management   
    For a Windows machine:
    Also essential to make sure your backups of that machine are working.
    Note this is a stand-alone piece of software and it's not integrated with anything. So you'd still be relying on the browser to remember passwords on your mobile, for instance.
    I don't think I'd want a piece of kit on a mobile with a record of all my passwords.
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    mooncat69 reacted to unregistered_guest in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    If you've got kids, MOSI in Manchester is well worth a visit. Free entry, but check to see what extra 'paid' exhibits are on. There's interactive stuff, demonstrations of how cotton mills worked. A small steam loco costs extra. Worth checking out what's on weeks in advance and plan your visit accordingly. Lots of special events hosted there. Taken the BotLets to MakerFaires there and other STEM things. BotLet #1 was so impressed by cyanotypes when introduced to them at a workshop there when much younger, they mixed their own solution to successfully make their own prints at home.
    But yes, Manchester Museum - what have they done to it? Again, the BotLets loved it to bits when younger - they didn't need it 'trendyfying'. Some parts still stand out, and the 'outreach' room to get a bit more hands-on is a good idea, but the galleries don't need dumbing down!
    In both cases though, the biggest drawback is that certain 'language schools' will often just dump large groups of seemingly unaccompanied kids there for an afternoon because it's 'something to do'. Huge wasted opportunity for these children who aren't in a position to really access everything the place has to offer.
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    mooncat69 reacted to snaga in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    more info and vids on this twitter account  ..
    never seen so many doctors and engineers in one place.
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    mooncat69 reacted to PatronizingGit in Londonistan   
    I note the Guardian uses the word 'home' in their title. 
    Meanwhile if I, or any nationalist said 'these Somali's should bugger off back home to Somalia' we'd be met with a barrage of 'HE'S AS BRITISH AS YOU OR I. BRITAIN IS HIS HOME'
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    mooncat69 got a reaction from Great Guy in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I've donated. Fuck it. Looks like TR needs all the help he can get.