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    mooncat69 reacted to Great Guy in Open borders starting to hurt the elite - Noel Gallagher   
    I think the problem with the MSM is that it's controlled by a Liberal elite that only allow certain messages out and only employ people that think like them.
    Just look at how the media treat different issues: 
    1. Black knife crime. Endless articles about Tory austerity cuts closing community centres forcing black kids to stab each other. Black community activists on telly complaining about racism and windrush. No question that it might be the black community to blame for black knife crime.
    2. Rotherham. Brushed under carpet for decades. Anyone suggesting this was to do with Islam was demonised.
    Then look at the people that the MSM promotes. We have a Muslim woman cook that is constantly on telly. Then we have Tommy Robinson who isn't really allowed to spread his message (despite being popular) without getting demonised.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Frank Hovis in Greta   
    Or the millions of British soldier who risked death at sixteen.
    Sixteen year old heroes are legion.
    Sixteen year old PR sock puppets are both rare and worthless.
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    mooncat69 reacted to spygirl in Greta   
    Which is weird, as Im always being told women have much higher EQ than men, a totally made up concept, to try and compensate on beign shit at maths.
    Then seeing mliions of women, theu the ages, throw their knickers at Liberace, Cliff Richard, Barry Manilow, all the boybands.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Frank Hovis in PC Keith Blakelock part II   
    Go on then; I know you've all been waiting for it:

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    mooncat69 reacted to One percent in PC Keith Blakelock part II   
    It’s not about whether current plod can handle it, more about political will. 
    There are some groups in society that are so special, they are untouchable and operate with impunity. This group is one of those special groups. 
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    mooncat69 reacted to The Masked Tulip in Epstein   
    It is like being married sometimes on this forum - one massive marriage. The make up sex is going to be interesting.
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    mooncat69 reacted to onlyme in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 4   
    Daughter (completed first year uni) been on the books of a local recruitment company for a summer job all summer. Not a single phone call, or single hour offered. Local town full of EE's, suspect that many places english is not even the daily working language and now effectively managed / run so.
    Only on the list for a summer job as in the process for applying for work experience she had multiple tests with large construction company, fuck all feedback (apart from saying she had passed tests), then fuck all comms until she finally got through to someone to be told she didn't have a place this year.
    A complete shit show and piss take.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Starsend in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 4   
    The stupidity is stunning.
    Remainer tards are always going on about how we'll lose all our job rights. I'm always stunned at how thick they all are.
    Let me see, I remember 30 years ago when I was young. All the jobs (of which there were many) paid time and a half for all overtime, double on Sundays and bank holidays. Decent sick and paid holidays. People were treated fairly well by companies, no such thing as bullshit zero hour contracts.
    Fast forward. Many of the youngsters I know (including one of my own children) are on zero hour contracts, no holiday, no overtime, treated like absolute shit because there's a long line of foreigners queued up behind them desperate for their crappy job.
    My own industry, IT, is now shit having been taken over Indians, flown in on the cheap by the hundreds of thousands and taking previously well paid jobs in every single sizeable and many smaller companies. Where is the EU protecting my work?
    And all while we were in the EU.
    I personally want the biggest fucking crash this country has ever seen because it won't make any difference to me, such is the state of this country already under the EU. Might be able to rebuild a better country for my children though and it might wake some of the dozy cunts in this cuntry up a bit.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Austin Allegro in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 4   
    A judge has fast-tracked a Scottish bid to prevent Brexit:
    Odd how no judges seemed to want to fast-track  Tilbrook v. Crown which was intended to prove we actually left the EU in March.
    Funny that.
    These judges often seem to have a common purpose.
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    mooncat69 reacted to dgul in Bikes in supermarket   
    There was a report today of a guy killed in Newcastle by a gang of youths -- just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    The link to 'kids with bikes'?  It isn't screwdrivers (the tool of choice in the above murder) or knives or bicycles in stores -- it is a feral sub-culture that seems to be able to act with impunity.  What a disaster this country has become.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Southmartin in Bikes in supermarket   
    The problem with the "they're only having a laugh / a bit of a dare" mindset is that if you let them get away without any punishment (either by the public lamping them to the ground, or plod arresting them) then they'll continue to escalate it as they've not met any resistance, and i'd rather they got a whack now, then a 9mm from a copper's G36 in a years time.
    Little shits like that need boundaries - they've probably never been told "no" in their lives, and will go on to become involved in serious criminal activity unless brought into line. Ideally quite harshly.
    *apols, meant Glock - the G36 fires 5.56 doesn't it - amateur mistake
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    mooncat69 reacted to goldbug9999 in BREAKING: Armed Police Cordon Off Home Office   
    Not all black people are stabby fuckers, I stayed with some nice ones who ran an air bnb
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    mooncat69 reacted to Carl Fimble in Had a chat today with two Norwegians   
    God no, please tell us you photoshopped that.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Bus Stop Boxer in BREAKING: Armed Police Cordon Off Home Office   
    Chutney or Reverse?
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    mooncat69 reacted to One percent in BREAKING: Armed Police Cordon Off Home Office   
    Bloody northerners. 
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    mooncat69 reacted to Great Guy in Open borders starting to hurt the elite - Noel Gallagher   
    The thing is, what your posting could have been cut and pasted from any mainstream media outlet regarding mass immigration over the last thirty years. 
    We've had thirty years of being told "diversity is strength" and "we need them to do the jobs Brits won't do". Your arguments are now basically old hat.... People no longer believe them.... In an age where kids get killed for going to a pop concert your tired arguments just no longer stack up....
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    mooncat69 reacted to M S E Refugee in Open borders starting to hurt the elite - Noel Gallagher   
    I maybe wrong but I don't think people can legally own machine guns in Northern Ireland but miraculously they seemed to be plentiful during the civil war in Northern Ireland.
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    mooncat69 reacted to eight in Epstein   
    That sucks.
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    mooncat69 reacted to spunko in BREAKING: Armed Police Cordon Off Home Office   
    More youth clubs PLEASE.
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    mooncat69 reacted to MrPin in Extinction rebellion?   
    A Haynes manual for the 1965 Ford Corsair.
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    mooncat69 reacted to montecristo in Extinction rebellion?   
    Could be by the end of the month.  Crossing the Atlantic during hurricane season in a dingy with go faster stripes, sure what could go wrong.
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    mooncat69 reacted to Wight Flight in Extinction rebellion?   
    This isn't going to end well...
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    mooncat69 reacted to maynardgravy in No excuses ladies   
    Bullshit, I found the pre photoshopped piccie

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    mooncat69 reacted to Dave Bloke in No excuses ladies   
    from the other day, and that's eating a packet of hobknobs a day

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    mooncat69 reacted to King of Fools in Carol Phwoarderman   
    Two from the top please Carol.