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  1. Struggle to understand how anyone can see understanding the ingredients of what you are eating as a bad thing! An all round useful social benefit.
  2. Think this point was made earlier on, but goes some way to explain the indignation: “The court heard Mr Pomeroy demanded an apology, replying: 'You shouldn't have humiliated me in front of my kid.'”
  3. Stuck in London? i quite fancy the idea of being a Thames Clipper driver/captain:
  4. GARCH

    Mental cunt

    We had a good debate thread about this on ToS OT. She’s a very weird kid who pretty much brought everything on herself by her deeply odd and inappropriate behaviour during a murder investigation. I don’t think she is guilty of murder but I do think she lied extensively during her account of events (look into the details on this - various contradictions and changed statements). This trip to Italy just sums her up - any normal person would have declined out of respect for the dead if nothing else.
  5. Yes probably a non story that given at a glance it looks less than pro rata population. The benefit related stats are troubling if correct/non-fake news.
  6. Made a little insertion there to enhance your text🙂
  7. I think if you are uncomfortable with the direction of travel of your neighbourhood then moving should be a serious consideration.
  8. Bit disturbing: Article covered in Times as well.
  9. Eh? Where did you go to school. -2 + -1 = -3 -2 - -1 = -1 Fail on the ‘added or subtracted’.
  10. There’s quite a few of these. Balls up/tits up. Jerk.
  11. A policy so excellent you can hardly believe it is true. All these upfront fees were a licence to gouge and exploit the weak/vulnerable. So rents might go up? Who gives a fuck! Paying exactly the same amount of money smoothed over the contract would make life much easier for people. But of course that won’t actually happen in practice, as the relationship between agents and landlords on letting fees is an arms length commercial transaction, so will only rise to the extent of necessary production costs without the fat. A few agents will go to the wall? Who gives a fuck! Fewer agents managing more properties on efficient margins will be the outcome of that - it’s called business.
  12. Peep Show is irretrievably about the male psyche so not sure where they intend go with that.
  13. The Iraqi government continues to play their role: Iraq sentences French citizens to death for IS membership If everybody keeps their nerve, then the SDF can hand the whole lot over to the Iraqis for processing.
  14. Think you are caught on the wrong side of the fact that many goons claim that ‘their card was lost/stolen’ after a heavy night at a titty bar.
  15. Best way to think about it is the quoted YTM of -2.27% ignores the inflation impact. If you add in the expected 5yr RPI inflation of say 3.4% or so then you get back to an effective nominal yield of a bit over 1%. Which funnily enough is what you will earn on a convention gilt of similar maturity. Ignore the coupon unless you are specifically interested in cashflow timing - the bit you have forgotten is that you will be paying a price significantly above par for this bond - the coupon of 2.5% needs to be bought at a quoted YTM of -2.27%. If you are keen on inflation markets the below is a rare public link for detailed institutional stuff: