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  1. GARCH

    Fury v Wilder

    What’s your best guess at ring walk UK time?
  2. GARCH

    Fury v Wilder

    Let’s get down to business. Who is seriously intending to stay up/wake up for this fight? I am in two minds at present, as I am attending an evening event where alcohol will be served 🍸
  3. GARCH

    Fury v Wilder

    You ain’t wired right🧐
  4. Ah Bad Boys 3. Why the fuck wouldn’t watch that - the first is a classic. I didn’t really get the whole “I’m gon git me some quality time...” thing when I was younger. But now I’m married with kids...well...
  5. What a fucking waste. And so sad that people can get themselves into such a state even with family support etc. It would have all blown over and she’d have been back on the box for good money in only a few months.
  6. GARCH

    Which VPN?

    Same. For no particular reason other than they ticked the right ‘must have’ boxes and had a good deal on at the time.
  7. Ok just watched it. Thought it was decent and a genuine character study. Film had a weird vibe and pace to it though so I can see it won’t be for everyone. It’s stayed with me a bit which I generally take as a sign of quality cinema. What was the last movie that you have rated in recent times?
  8. I’m gonna watch it tonight...
  9. GARCH

    Northern Ireland

    ^Intu... something of a canary in the coal mine case. One to keep an eye on.
  10. Fuck me - didn’t realise we had stretched to the glass box in the UK. Sounds like he needs to be in there though, although even I find it a bit inhumane for the guards not to chat to him at all.
  11. GARCH

    Northern Ireland

    I thought this game was up somewhat as the central funding spread for local government is going up from 0.9% to 1.65% or something similar. Or are they just going to keep on borrowing at higher rates (including from private sector) for this bizarre carry trade?
  12. Pragmatism. Humour. A desire to keep the private facing AND public facing parts of their abode in good condition. + As already noted above - anyone lacking a sense of fair play is not a true Brit (= freeloader, scumbag or... foreigner).
  13. Good point - pretty sure that ‘other thing’ fucked me as well.
  14. GARCH

    Northern Ireland

    Reminds me - I meant to bump this thread now that we know how the ‘tough decision’ played out. That is, to kick the DUP and the loyalists into the long grass, in order for the rest of the UK to move forward with Brexit.
  15. I do think that the ‘modern’ type of workplace stress impacts on greying/hair loss. I found my first grey hair in the month after a particularly stressful period. Reckon it has played a role in hair loss as well, although you can never really prove this without living your life again differently.