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  1. GARCH

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    How do I copy this?
  2. GARCH

    Smoking Hot Gingers

    Great thread - a secret ‘tickle’ of mine. This bird (niamh walsh) makes my knees a bit weak although not a real ginge sadly:
  3. No sir. Interest only mortgages not redeemed at the end of their term have to be marked as impaired in their accounts. Banky no likey. That’s why Santander has cut a deal with L&G to shoe horn such people off their books and into lifetime mortgages. Sounds like the LTV is too high in this case so these fuckers have two choices: sell or be repossessed.
  4. GARCH

    DPS Ajudication Result

    Always good to see people standing up for their legal rights rather than simply saying “I can’t be bothered”. In the end this is what seperates this country from other corrupt shitholes. Well done.
  5. GARCH

    More WTF sentencing

    My view is that speeding through urban areas like that is not much different to randomly shooting a gun of the window and the sentancing should reflect this. The individual convicted in this case is simply scum who should be burnt. Slight suspicion of inattentive parenting as well reading one of the quotes here regarding “cars and scooters”.
  6. GARCH

    Weird things you do

    That’s fucking gross. Though in other news I too eat the whole prawn and put a pillow on my head.
  7. GARCH

    Van of peace in Toronto

    Hmm... Armenians are not muzzers.
  8. GARCH

    Oh just fuck off!

    Good 3 part doc on the Lawrence murder on recently, think was BBC. Some interesting insights, such as it was likely there was at least one bent copper deliberately fouling the case up.
  9. GARCH

    Knocked up at 48!

    Age 50 with a 2yr old? No thanks.
  10. Yes as above. Common garden antisocial chav behaviour, black/italian of no consequence.
  11. GARCH

    Universal credits starting to bite?

    And I’m supposed to care about these useless eaters? Anyone who is familiar with the areas referenced will understand the kind of people involved here.
  12. GARCH

    Dodgy landlords killing people

    Hopefully a custodian sentance will result.
  13. Not sure it really makes sense to the legal purist, but fuck it, I like these US laws: In the US, you don't have to kill to be a murderer Makes life very difficult for criminals.
  14. GARCH

    London murders overtake New York

    As pointed out above it’s a collage of the convicted killers that I want to see. That is what really matters.
  15. This is how they do it Oklahoma style: Three burglars smoked - getaway driver gets charged with murder by association. Very much a legal framework strongly protecting the innocent IMO.