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  1. Maybe a bit naive and unwary, but still a sad victim of a hideous crime. Once again, only the gallows can provide true justice.
  2. Why can’t we have these hardy folk back here. Admittedly Russian can probably offer more land.
  3. GARCH

    Lions led by donkeys, updated for the modern age

    Interesting question. 20x = £3m. Not sure how that would work given clearly above LTA.
  4. GARCH

    Undercover in Antifa

    ^Some of that there ‘fake news’ then?
  5. Almost certainly you will need to pay into the company scheme first and then syphon the proceeds across to your SIPP on a regular basis e.g. every 6-12 months or something.
  6. Hard to be sympathetic with that really. Stupid and greedy.
  7. To be honest despite fuming about this aspect for years, I have reached the point where I think he could probably get away with slashing £10k-£15k off the annual allowance. Reality is that if you stick £30k a year, for 30 years, into equity trackers you will probably hit the lifetime* allowance. Smart move would be to scrap the AA clawback** at the same time as a sop to high earners, given pretty much everybody thinks that is a car crash of a policy. *I think the lifetime allowance should also be scrapped but that is another story. **Plus maybe the income tax allowance clawback at the same time.
  8. GARCH

    Islamification of Europe

  9. GARCH

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Why not? It’s a fantasy of mine to shag my cleaner. Must be a lord of the manor / dominance thing.
  10. GARCH

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    Ha. I was on about no time limit. Just don’t see why it matters in a place like this, and it feels a bit weird to be denied the right to edit your own posts. You can’t edit other people’s if they have quoted you so it would hardly be a free for all. Why not give it a try.
  11. GARCH

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Indeed. “I’m seeing someone” —> “You’re seeing me right now”.
  12. GARCH

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    My point is more why are denied the right to make changes later on. Free country and all that.
  13. GARCH

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

  14. GARCH

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    Any else find this feature needlessly authoritarian given the ethos of the site? I’ve got a couple of older posts I wouldn’t mind toning down a bit. Can this feature be changed in the master settings for the forum?
  15. GARCH

    Barlows Annual Tenancy Deposit Recovery Charabanc

    And you wonder why people buy a house... Life’s too short to let all these pricks have such influence over your life. Getting a mortgage from a bank is almost a pleasure by contrast.