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  1. Completely. A straight forward confession that she remains an islamic extremist.
  2. GARCH

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    I dindu nuffin😳
  3. GARCH

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    Boo hoo.
  4. GARCH

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Stokie is in the top 1% of guys... ... who DGAF.
  5. Your logic is sound. However, the point it is that these people are massive fucking hypocrites. If they weren’t, how could they bear to come back here, apart from to cause trouble. They use our values and societal norms against us at any opportunity. This is what really boils my piss. Osama bin Laden didn’t particularly fill me rage, he was just an enemy who needed to be dealt with. But then he preferred caves in Tora Bora to sponging benefits in Hackney.
  6. A murderous, traitorous, enemy combatant wishes to return here to spread their poison, and raise new potential enemy combatants within our midst. Funnily enough I’m not up for that.
  7. GARCH

    Islamification of Europe

    ^That link says “Fuk-wales” in it. Bit rude.
  8. GARCH

    trans madness

  9. Re: this whole thing. Very silly by LN - a classic case of TMI/over-sharing. Just don’t bother.
  10. GARCH

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    One of these two clubs owned a £15m player who is now dead. If the owner didn’t have life insurance cover in place at the time if death, tough shit. If you signed a valid contract you will have to pay whatevever is specified. That said, if there is some liability linked to the airplane then a damages claim might be made against the plane owner.
  11. GARCH

    Lucky bastards

    What a buzz that must be! Or beep... innit.
  12. GARCH

    Killing Twitter’s toxic influence - how is it to be done?

    Do you ever consider that might also apply to this site?
  13. GARCH

    trans madness

    That’s pretty much the practical outcome. Seems like a smart move in order to get to the front of the ASS queue TBH.
  14. GARCH

    The thought police have arrived

    ^ I rate the fuck out of that comment. Further to my comment on edits, it doesn’t have to be a free for all. Time unlimited edit rights could be linked to member status, ie number of posts, time served etc, with Spunko’s right to withdraw at any time if abused (subject to ex-post appeal). I personally think that the ethos of this site should respect an individuals right to control their content (as opposed to g00glian data capture and control).
  15. GARCH

    The thought police have arrived

    Company wifi using his personal device maybe. Any tech wizards that can explain how posts etc on here might be traced? I do wonder if in these strange times Spunko needs to build a handy “fire” switch (like on DuckDuckGo) to irrevocably burn all the site history, ready to begin again anew, at any time. I recently raised a mini debate about the lack of user freedoms to edit/tone down old posts with these kind of ‘thought police’ actions in mind. By denying users this right, IMO we are playing into their hands somewhat.