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  1. Saw a bit on this guy, thought he was charmless and fairly misogynistic. Very poor example of “PUA”. More’s the point he’s a total cant: The court heard Ahmed had previous convictions, including for drink-driving and a firearms charge, and had previously been jailed seven times – the longest for two years and three months.
  2. GARCH


    I’ve figured this into my finances. I shall work well into my 60’s!
  3. Don’t think it’s mutually exclusive to think that whilst the legal decision is probably correct, the bloke died of scumbaggery with no loss to society.
  4. Nice. I’ll use that approach if I ever sell anything expensive/highly nickable. Reputation is everything on ebay... and life😉
  5. Yes be good understand. Was it collection in person then chargeback? Since they stopped disallowing paypal in favour of CoC only, the risk of this must have shot up. To deal with this if a reasonable money sale I insist on completed online feed back on eBay to create an audit trail before they can leave with the item (with prior don’t like this then don’t bid warning). NB. Generally had great success on ebay - amazing what people will pay for stuff you don’t need anymore. Plus I also often use it to ‘freecycle’ stuff for collection only on a nominal 99p auction. Much better than having to dump stuff.
  6. Far be it from me to take the piss but: Interpreting functional requirements and solving the technical solution How exactly does one “solve the solution”? LabVIEW CLD or able to demonstrate equivalate knowledge How does one assess the “equivalate-ness” of knowledge?
  7. Well... if you make it to 65 your life expectancy will probably be 90 or something at that point. Plus that 2.5% factor is based on RPI linked. So... as a rough example: £1k * 25 * (1 + 3% * 25/2) = £34k Rest is expenses, capital costs and profit margin. I guess the point is you would need to outlive your life expectancy by >10% to break even given production costs. Or take your chances on a draw down portfolio.
  8. Death, only death. But look it in the eye and face it without fear or regret.
  9. GARCH

    Retirement Plans

    Finding a viking stash metal detecting should feature somewhere.
  10. GARCH

    Retirement Plans

    It’s miles off for me to be honest and I’ve a lot of work to do in the interim. I try to make sensible financial decisions as I go along though. You serious about ditching the wife?
  11. ^ To be fair if you just need a car that’s great value. (The Insignia)