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  1. GARCH

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    There was some rumbling against this recently that I saw (to my disgust). Expect the bleating to increase over time as the policy actually begins to deliver.
  2. GARCH

    Ahh was pikey

    My question: WTF are police officers doing picking up gypo shite?? Have we are sunk so low in the application of polite society that the police are picking up shite instead of giving these people a kicking and crushing their cars/caravans. Can you seriously imagine the police in other countries doing this?
  3. GARCH

    Ahh was pikey
  4. Boat ride on the Thames: You haven’t seen London until you have seen it from the water.
  5. Work hard, play hard. Do not convert to Islam.
  6. GARCH

    Personal Responsibility.. Dead?

    Assuming it can’t be disproved that she was operating the controls at the time of impact seems like an accident legally to me. Unless there are some relevant technical reponsibilties for a boat owner which are enshrined in law he could be done on e.g. the equivalent of a boat MOT. The chap clearly a fool though. As pointed out above - hard to do in practice but he should have said nothing to the police and just made a simple statement of events in court in person.
  7. GARCH

    Ever called 999?

    A tough read - one that really resonates as everything you have said is as I imagine it, both before, during and after. We’ve had paramedics/ambulance out a few times for young kids with breathing difficulties but thankfully to no bad end. If you feel comfortable I wouldn’t mind reading that link you referenced via PM.
  8. GARCH

    Ever called 999?

    Please do.
  9. GARCH

    Electric Bikes

    Probably. Hence why the whole thing is tricky. The one that won’t be nicked (cheap old car) comes with a £150 per month overhead for running and parking costs. Tricky tricky...
  10. GARCH

    Electric Bikes

    I have a similar dilemma (1.7 miles) and it is hard to solve. Have been considering all options: push bike, elect bike, moped, car. No clear winner - I remain walking for the moment. Really fancy one of these though:
  11. GARCH

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    I suppose you have to say alcohol (boo). Sunlight is a good one - as a thought experiment, imagine how that kind of UV exposure would be approached in the workplace - you would be head to toe in protective gear!
  12. GARCH

    The one where I offend a staunch leftie.

    ‘Fat or pregnant’ is a daily conundrum for any commuter.
  13. GARCH

    Anyone with pharma knowledge on here?

    I get you dem kemicals buoy of de klass A style innit.
  14. GARCH

    Japanese Demographics

    Yes and it’s a staggering thing - drop of 50m over next 50 years or something. It will be a fascinating social experiment to observe.
  15. GARCH

    Israel arming its citizens - about time we did

    Duelling pistol or bolt action?