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    GARCH got a reaction from JoeDavola in Corona-Hands   
    I got this during March. I just stopped washing my hands with soap unless post poop or handling raw chicken. That cleared it up in about a week.
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    GARCH reacted to Roger_Mellie in The economy is totally and utterly fucked   
    Not surprised, anyone graduating this year is fucked. 
    By the time we're back to normal recruitment there'll be at least one other cohort looking for grad jobs, maybe 2.
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    GARCH reacted to Andersen in F1 Hamilton, jumped up little pr**k   
    F1 has very clear rules,regular CV test for everyone, bubbles within bubbles, face masks at all times.
    Guest who the rules don't apply to (photo from Austrian GP) Twat !
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    GARCH reacted to One percent in Escape from LA   
    Why do most of these trouble makers look like they have a chromosome short?   
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    GARCH reacted to Roger_Mellie in F1 Hamilton, jumped up little pr**k   
    LeClerc and Verstappen didn't take the knee. I've two new drivers to follow now. I've always quite liked Hamilton, amazing driver, but fuck him and the horse he rode into town on. You can't guilt trip people into having the same opinion as you.
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    GARCH got a reaction from Chewing Grass in Woke will Eat Itself   
    During Pride Month as well.
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    GARCH reacted to Frank Hovis in F1 Hamilton, jumped up little pr**k   
    I'm not a fan but there is something about becoming wealthy from a particular thing - singing, driving fast, acting - that makes people think that they are experts in everything and their opinion counts for something.
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    GARCH reacted to haroldshand in F1 Hamilton, jumped up little pr**k
    What a jumped up little fecking prick this Guy is.
    For  starters the hypocrisy of what he is claiming to stand up for is off the scales, the brands he has supported and made millions from were big Nazi names, and besides, even if there could be be some minor effects left over from the slave trade 200 years ago, and there really could be, but I am not going down that pointless road when there is so much else to be worrying about in this world, I would just say take the minimum effort and look at the black on black slave trade historically, it's off the scales.
    Hamilton and his tiny little sub 100 IQ brain has now got a perspective about Britain and the past where he thinks we should all just drop what we are doing and listen to him as some kind of racial overlord, who the f*** is he telling people to get on one knee, many if not all I bet who would support him on some level, which is enough to keep us moving forward, who is he to dictate to innocent people what they should do today because of other bad people in the past, we are where we are and on the whole it was pretty good, but in my opinion he is doing the opposite to what he is claiming to want, he is causing resentment among the whites now which could quite easily be abused by the far right.
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    GARCH reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Escape from LA   
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    GARCH reacted to Frank Hovis in Islamification of Europe   
    Isn't this treason?
    A British person trying to kill British people because they are British.
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    GARCH reacted to maynardgravy in Escape from LA   
    Were the protesters who were hit by the car white or black?
    I just want to know if their lives mattered or not.
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    GARCH reacted to maynardgravy in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    Guitars Shmitars. 

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    GARCH reacted to SpectrumFX in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    In capitalism If you're working hard, and you haven't got enough money then you're being given a price signal to do something else. That's how capitalism generates wealth. It encourages people do the things that other people objectively value through price signals.
    Our modern welfare state has fucked up the price signals. People are now doing all sorts of things that are counterproductive to their own and wider societies longer term interests. 
    I don't see how we recover from this to be honest. We're in the bread and circuses phase of the decline and fall of the Roman empire. 
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    GARCH reacted to Bornagain in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    As we said earlier, we are all equal, but some are more equal than others.
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    GARCH reacted to deathfunk in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    To be fair to Marx, it was a brilliant critique of Capitalism for its time. In the early 20th century it would have been moot whether his theories could have been implemented as a feasible political system.
    Thing is, we are no longer in the early 20th century and we know now it doesn't work. Ever. You need the means of production to be largely private and you need private property rights, the rule of law and to uphold the sanctity of human life. If you don't have these things you can't generate wealth.
    So at this stage in our history anyone suggesting anything other is frankly a terrorist. 100m dead is enough for right minded people.
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    GARCH reacted to haroldshand in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    I am a million miles from being a socialist and would do anything to get the UK back to a true capitalist society with as little government interference as possible. But IMO wealth distribution in the UK is way out of kilter right now, any person willing to get up at 7am every morning and do 10 hours graft no matter what they do for a job  deserves to earn enough to live on without resorting to food banks, 2nd jobs and pay day loans etc.
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    GARCH reacted to Bornagain in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    This point is to state the blindingly obvious and yet the left somehow do not get it.
    It is this failure to grasp the self-evidently true that leads me to wonder what is going on inside the heads of the left - and to think that they like to think of themselves as the intellectuals, from their perspective the right are knuckle headed morons...
    When I worked, I was out of the house at the crack of dawn, I took my work very seriously and did a good job - my employer recognised this and paid me well as I saved him an absolute shit load of money.
    Take away connection between hard work and being well rewarded and I would have simply not bothered. As the working Russians used to say, they pretend to pay us, we pretend to work.
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    GARCH reacted to deathfunk in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    Having lived through the latest bout of marxism I have come to the conclusion that they don't give a shit about wealth at all and only care about levelling everything so long as they are in control.
    Like a medieval despot punishing the population of a conquered country by razing it to the ground. They always know there will be enough for them, personally, to feast on whilst everyone else starves. They really are the lowest of the low - societal vandals. The governments of all counties need to come out and label all marxist organisations as terrorists and wipe them off the face off the Earth. McCarthyism was a good thing. 
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    GARCH reacted to Frank Hovis in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    Yes, that is the root failure of both communism and socialism.  They see "wealth" as something existing independently of the people who create it and think that to get an equal society then all they have to do is bring in rules to distribute it equally.  They miss that as soon as you take away any reward for making an effort people will cease to make that effort and the pool of wealth that they are redistributing gets smaller and smaller until everyone starves.  Soviet Russia and contemporary Venezuela being prime examples of the application of these policies which fail to understand basic human nature.  Without reward nobody works unless they are forced to do so.
    It is as much an intellectual failure as Mugabe's seizing of white farms to give to his supporters.  The problem being that in removing the people who were running the farm it ceases to ba a valuable farm and becomes simply unproductive land.
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    GARCH reacted to deathfunk in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    The key is to encourage the generation of wealth rather than attempting to redistribute it.
    Singapore versus Cuba. Pick one.
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    GARCH reacted to spunko in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    Wealthy people pay more in those other taxes as well presumably. VAT, fuel duty, national insurance. Sure there's the tiny handful who avoid paying income tax but the bulk don't avoid it. 
    I never understood this idea that everyone in society can be well paid if only minimum wages were higher. It's a logical fallacy. There are poor people, there are rich people, and there are the inbetweens; the alternative being Cuba. No thanks. 
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    GARCH reacted to Frank Hovis in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    I really don't.
    My assumption is that so few people will ever take this approach that the government will not take action to prevent it.
    I have noted on here that I haven't paid income tax for over twenty years depsite working PAYE jobs and even on here, with its intelligent finance-savvy membership, nobody else has said that they have done this so there will be no crackdown upon it and the method is still allowed.
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    GARCH reacted to Frank Hovis in The top 5% pay over half the taxes?   
    I entirely agree.
    Those of us who object to "big government"- high taxation and high public spending - on principle have a direct method of cutting it down to size: stop paying tax.
    TV tax for starters - I know that it doesn't go to the government but I regard the BBC as the Ministry of Truth hence its being given tax raisng powers.
    VAT - buy the bare minimum new; keep it second hand.  Especially cars.
    Fuel - minimise petrol / diesel purchases.  Walk, cycle, EV maybe.
    Alcohol - homebrew.  I'm not the best homebrewer but it makes up half the beer I drink.
    Income tax - up your pension, VCTs.  Double whammy here as by doing this you retire earlier and then get out of paying NI as well.
    Investments - keep in tax free wrappers and start accuumulating some PMs in case we go down the Norway route of wealth tax.
    Inheritance - there were several tips on another thread.  Forestry investments, agricultural land (you need to farm it), or unrecorded PMs simply passd over.
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    GARCH reacted to unregistered_guest in White Lives Matter..   
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    GARCH reacted to One percent in White Lives Matter..   
    Dunno where to post this as I seem to be losing (not loosing) the plot with the current madness. 
    however, when thinking that blm and white lives don’t matter so much, let’s just have a look at the numbers on this.