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    GARCH got a reaction from crashmonitor in New labour leader   
    Very good - recommended reading.
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    GARCH reacted to sarahbell in New labour leader
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    GARCH reacted to The Idiocrat in New labour leader   
    Thing is, the left have been demonising Boris and other individuals for a long time now. They aim directly for the person. So fuck 'em, they got some of their own medicine.
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    GARCH got a reaction from Snow bird in Protests at Downing Street   
    That‚Äôs it on the nose ūüĎÉ.
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    GARCH reacted to JoeDavola in Protests at Downing Street   
    "I wish him a horrible death......I plan to care about people...."
    Utter nutjob. And yet another spoiled posh kid who thinks of the working classes as her 'pet project' if that makes any sense - i.e. she looks down on them and thinks she knows whats better for them than they do.
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    GARCH reacted to satch in Protests at Downing Street   
    There was an interview, I think last night on the box with an Old Northern Labour voter, 70 years supporting Labour but voted Tory. Was he now a Conservative? No, still Labour but voted against Corbyn. Why? ‚ÄėBecause it was the right thing to do.‚Äô Says the Labour voter,
    So one of the many contributing to the minus 10 %, i.e. the fall in Labour votes (the Tory vote was fairly static compared with the last election IIRC). One of the ten of thousands of ‚Äėloaned votes‚Äô for Boris ‚Ķ sorry votes against Corbyn. Still five years for Boris to win them round. Five years for the Labour party to woke (sic) up and win back all those voters who are totally disconnected from the likes of Corbyn and McStalin. The Comrade retards who are more interested in helping illegal economic migrants claim benefits than helping ordinary working people. Out-of-touch far-left socialists more interested in tax-punishing the rich rather than creating jobs. More interested in protecting the rights of hate preachers than projecting the general public from terrorist attack. The so-called compassionate decent socialist politicians who are more interested in protecting the hurt feelings of child rapists than of the child-victims.
    And surprise, surprise those stupid thick northern working class oiks could see straight through the middle class Marxist schoolboys living in their Ivory London Towers reading their little red books and spouting utopian drivel. The oiks turned round and said NO, even if I have to vote Tory.
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    GARCH reacted to dgul in The 2ND GREAT BIG General Election thread   
    Person who blindly believes something tries very hard to interpret events in a way that's consistent with their views.
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    GARCH reacted to spunko in New labour leader   
    No one is going for Milliband, strange. 22/1 , might have a punt, he's been aching to get back into UK Politics.
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    GARCH got a reaction from lid in The 2ND GREAT BIG General Election thread   
    I quite enjoyed reading this, suspect a few others might as well:
    Something for everyone in thereūüôā
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    GARCH got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in The 2ND GREAT BIG General Election thread   
    I quite enjoyed reading this, suspect a few others might as well:
    Something for everyone in thereūüôā
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    GARCH got a reaction from karelian in The 2ND GREAT BIG General Election thread   
    I quite enjoyed reading this, suspect a few others might as well:
    Something for everyone in thereūüôā
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    GARCH got a reaction from Fischer in Protests at Downing Street   
    Painfully middle class chanting.  The cluelessness and delusion is visceral.  Total retards.
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    GARCH reacted to Loki in The 2ND GREAT BIG General Election thread   
    We are now at a stage where this dumb cunt thinks her views on politics are worth anything other than jack shit.
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    GARCH got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Protests at Downing Street   
    Painfully middle class chanting.  The cluelessness and delusion is visceral.  Total retards.
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    GARCH got a reaction from The Masked Tulip in Protests at Downing Street   
    Painfully middle class chanting.  The cluelessness and delusion is visceral.  Total retards.
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    GARCH reacted to Roger_Mellie in Filthy commie scum who live in a fantasy world and cannot accept defeat trying to overturn the election result   
    They still don't get it, it's bizarre. People in the North know that Labour care less about them and their issues than they do about some Afghan immigrant trying to cross the Channel in a dinghy to live here on benefits. They know it. They know it because Labour have been running their faces in it since 1997, not only do Labour not care about them anymore they are actively and purposely rubbing their noses in that fact.
    Well last night all those chickens came home to roost. Labour don't get it, they'll carry on down the same tired old track and they'll keep on losing.
    One other thing (I'm going to wash my mouth out after saying this)... Labours fundamental message was a good one. We do need to be slightly more socialist, but it needs to be inward looking, investment in British people first without taking the dregs of the world in. 
    There is an absolutely clear way back for Labour, but their politics are all wrong and they don't understand why.
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    GARCH reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
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    GARCH reacted to Popuplights in Two men take pot shots with a sniper rifle   
    I think it's the latter.
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    GARCH reacted to DurhamBorn in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Its Pof i put my mate on.Back in the day i used Pof,but i gave it the least effort.Back then i used Girlsdateforfree.That was a great site.I also used a smaller site called DatetheUk.That was the first one i used and there were much fewer people on it.In a way if was a bit like a community in that i talked to many for years who became friends.I also  dated only around 7 women from that site (100+ from GDFF ) and all were top drawer looks wise (no the GDFF,a lot of them were more average).One from Barrow was probably the best looking woman in the town.Another from Essex was gorgeous,half Spanish,lovely girl as well,bit dumb,wanted to move up to mine so i got shot.A Sheffield one snagged me for 2 years,she got under my skin,i tried to fight it but couldnt.Again she was drop dead gorgeous looks wise.Leeds a few there,very down to earth.One was really poor lived on a terrible estate,really nice lass and good looking.She adored me but i naffed it up when i knobbed a girl from Gloucester.She was really good looking but high maintenance,i shouldnt of done it,but couldnt stop myself.
    I actually cut my teeth on a chat programme called ICQ.It wasnt a dating thing,but probably the first instant messenger im talking when the internet just came out.A guy i knew who retired bought a PC and had it and when i saw it and went on i thought wow,this would be great for pulling.I got talking to a lass in Canada on his and went and bought a PC that day.I ended up spending a week in London with that girl,she flew in for a week,she was called Jennifer,she ended up a tv/doc/news producer for Canadian TV.Was watching something on TV a couple of years ago and saw her name come up on the credits.I used to send her tapes of rave music with Es inside when she was at uni.She reckoned she was a legend on the campus for having this amazing underground music and pills .Still message each other now and again.
    POF is better now for my mate as he is almost beyond help so it gives me time to get him around to it a bit slower.Im trying to get him sorted in himself.get his flat right,tidy himself up a bit,change the outlook on life from the most boring person who ever lived,to a bit more positive.I must admit,i think the reason i helped him is because i miss that life.Im very happy now,with a fantastic partner,but back then it was like a secret life.An amazing dream world.People need to man up though.Women are nothing to be scared of.They are amazing,cunning,strong and exciting things.I cherished every one in different ways,even the one nighters.Im glad they were all part of my lifes story.The best way to get them is to learn who you are yourself,and be that person,the best version of it.One things for certain,without the internet and dating sites i wouldnt of knobbed a girl who ended up playing netball for England,a Canadian TV producer,the manager of two of the biggest pop acts of the late 90s,or even the girl from Glasgow who worked in Greggs and brought a bottle of vod,bottle of irn bru and a few pies to Gretna Green on our dates.I wish id stayed with the last one 
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    GARCH reacted to maynardgravy in Mum with just 14p to her name tells full story of desperate Universal Credit plight   
    Wiping old people's arses.
    I come from a large family - the youngest of 5 over a twenty year spread (not for that reason - the old man was always in full-time employment + overtime - a real grafter). Second eldest sister became a professional sponger much to my parent's disgust. Three kids by three different fathers, spread over ten years. 
    When she was facing up to losing all her bennies due to the kids growing up, she was more or less forced to do an NVQ is care work to get her a guaranteed job in a care home. But the thought of work was too much, so she hooked up with the thinnest waste of space I'd ever seen in order to try and get pregnant again (by this time she was in her early fifties(!!!) and grossly overweight - approaching Gilbert Grape proportions). 
    Anyway (and I shouldn't laugh, but she was a spiteful cow to our mother so I don't care), she died in the process -heart stopped trying to pump blood around her bloated body. 
    We tried to get the death certificate for months but her other half kept saying it was being delayed, until one of my other sisters threatened the police on him. Turns out he was still claiming her bennies somehow!!
    Sorry - bit of an anecdotal, but it was like something straight out of 'Shameless'. An entire community of wasters created out of thin air. 
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    GARCH reacted to Frank Hovis in Mum with just 14p to her name tells full story of desperate Universal Credit plight   
    It would.
    But wouldn't you both be in favour of issuing benefits in food stamps, clothes vouchers and rent paid straight to the landlord so that they're not spending it on scratch cards, lager and fags?
    Well the closest you can get to that without having to set up a system of vouchers and tokens is to pay more frequently; in practice that means weekly.
    This is at the root of why benefits should be paid: it is so that people are housed, fed, clothed.  If you have a cost free way of making that all much more likely then you ought to be taking it.
    The only comparison to her situation for me would be running short at college but that's a protected environment and if my parents couldn't help them the college would have. I have lived on benefits on career breaks but that was a conceit to see what it was like.
    I'm all in favour of UC and benefits being less remunerative than working but pay it weekly and stop the initial four week delay and the legitimate demand for foodbanks would go away.
    It seems daft to make things deliberately more difficult than they need to be.
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    GARCH reacted to Malthus in Mum with just 14p to her name tells full story of desperate Universal Credit plight   
    The non working working class never have any money 
    To be fair she is a victim of a system that let her away with not working for 19 years  and now expects her to find 35 hours a week of employment
    Would any employer pay someone of that age NLW with no experience who will whinge constantly over a smart 18yo or an EE migrant worker ? 
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    GARCH got a reaction from Heart's Ease in London Bridge Shooting   
    Have you considered that he was a thick as fuck inbred twat with no imagination beyond copying what he had seen before?
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    GARCH reacted to spygirl in London Bridge Shooting
    Xavier Thomas, 45, from Loire-Atlantique, France
       Xavier Thomas. Photograph: Met police
    In a statement read to the inquest in French and English, Thomas‚Äôs father, Philippe Pesez, described his son as hyperactive and said his mind was ‚Äúalways full of plans ‚Äď for himself, his children, his work.‚ÄĚ Thomas loved his job at American Express, where he had worked for 25 years; in 2016, he was voted the best agent in his department and honoured at the company‚Äôs head office.
    The inquest heard that Thomas had a strong bond with his children, No√©mie and Nicolas, of whom he had sole custody. ‚ÄúHe was very caring, they were the apple of his eye,‚ÄĚ his father said. ‚ÄúHe looked after their education, their sports and other activities and ran the household, always in good spirits, without complaining about the problems he might have to face, and always managing to keep smiling during the most challenging times.
    ‚ÄúOn 3 June 2017, barbarians who can in no way be described as humans took his life and destroyed that of a family, leaving his two children, his parents, his partner and her daughter in inconsolable despair and with such a violent emotional shock. We have been totally devastated by the way in which he was taken from us, in a horrible and tragic way by this blind and heinous act of terrorism.‚ÄĚ
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    GARCH got a reaction from crashmonitor in Suppose Johnson gets into power   
    I’d rather die in a ditch!!