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  1. Thanks for this. I remember reading the percentages before but could find the source.
  2. Home secretary and mayor of London are pretty key positions. You might not like my statements but they are fact. Name me a Muslim majority country with a thriving Christian population? I can't , but I can name you many Christian countries with a thriving Muslim population. Take your blinkers off.
  3. I'm just stating a fact. Once the Muslim population in a country hits a critical mass the native population is decimated. See Lebanon for a recent example.
  4. Thanks TMT, some good pointers there.
  5. I would have got back pain in the morning which would have disappeared as the day went on. I put it down to a dodgy mattress. I will take the blood tests again in 3 months and see what the results are after taking the supplements.
  6. Several years ago I got central serous retinopathy (CSR) which is a blister on the retina. It left vision on one eye permanently damaged (blurry). I was told the condition may be caused by high levels of cortisol, caused by stress. I would not have been taking any vitamin d back then and would have been very deficient. I'm thinking this may now be the cause of cortisol spikes.
  7. wow. Thanks for sharing. I used the multi test kit below for £79. I was curious about my cortisol and iron levels which turn out normal. I was surprise that my vitamin d level was so low (43 nmol). I had severe joint pain in my toes last year for a bout a month and I'm now wondering if my vitamin d levels was the cause.
  8. Did you have any symptoms that made you get tested?
  9. I can see why you don't need vitamin d supplements
  10. Do you know what your level was when you first discovered you were deficient?
  11. I just took a blood test (combination home kit) this week. 3 days after spending 3 weeks in Thailand. My Vitamin D level is very low at 43.1 nmol/L. Proves how effective sun cream is in blocking sun light. I'm now back on the high dosage supplement.
  12. montecristo


    Where did 4.49 come from?
  13. I was still glad to get out of the general area despite the flight path change.
  14. Flew from Dubai last weekend. The flight path has been slightly changed by flying closer to the UAE coast rather than down the middle of the Gulf.