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  1. Altcoin thread

    and Asia is current offline for the Chinese new Year. Lots of money to return.
  2. Altcoin thread

    Bet you're glad you didn't sell
  3. Altcoin thread

    I just bought more
  4. Altcoin thread

    Edit. new tweet update about the xRapid pilot.
  5. Altcoin thread

    Yep, it's unbelievably fast. It will be the SWIFT killer.
  6. Altcoin thread

    xRapid is still in beta I believe. That is why Western Union for example is currently in pilot with xRapid A transaction takes 3-4 seconds so fluctuation wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Altcoin thread

    They already are beginning to adopt:
  8. Altcoin thread

    Yep, but most of it will released in 1 billion chunks every month. Financial institutes will be taking a lot of that out of circulation for their own liquidity.
  9. Altcoin thread

    No, there are 100 billion XRP. 61% still owned by Ripple. Each XRP can be split into smaller units called drops. With each transaction a small percentage is destroyed.
  10. Altcoin thread

    Looking like a good year for XRP.
  11. What drugs was this bezerker on in Manchester

    This is one of the strangest incidents ive watched. What the feck were they on?
  12. They fuck you at the supermarket.

    I used to like a Topic, but not only have the fucked with the size but the recipe. More like a snickers now.
  13. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    His last tweet has interesting comments
  14. Goodbye Daily Express

    Coconut milk or coconut water?
  15. Bitcoin!

    Could there be another dip tomorrow? Possible black Friday.