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  1. Spooks in control. Look at the Omagh bomb. The car was tracked driving to its destination and allowed to detonate. No one was ever convicted of the bombing, funny that.
  2. Looks like some people getting too much benefits.
  3. It's a state which the government/politicians actively want to destroy so that's why they are brought back with open arms.
  4. I drive a banger now. If I washed my car once a week I would be in danger of wiping the metal away. Seriously, driving a banger has saved me at least 5-8k a year which goes straight into a s&s Isa. I wish I could go back in time to my younger self and give myself a kicking for spending money on shite.
  5. Ireland has a 2040 plan to import a million people. Can't have Airbnb taking up all that housing for these million scientists and doctors.
  6. Yep, just like in Dublin now. Bring in a law that you need planning permission for short term lets. Then refuse planning permission in areas with housing shortages.
  7. The NI road safety ads are great craic.
  8. montecristo

    Top Gear

    Yep, the Mongolian episode was great entertainment. 3 non pc mates making dicks of themselves, surrounded in breath taking scenery. I hope the So-Called BBC don't find this show and try and steal it from Amazon as it would be sure fire hit. Oh wait...
  9. Are you sure about that? I find the ROI more expensive than the UK.
  10. Looks like it already has and is being kept quiet. "In 2015, Dr. Rhodes received a panicked call from the Royal Brompton Hospital medical research center outside of London, where C. auris had taken root months earlier. The hospital had no idea how to get rid of it. We have no idea where it’s coming from. We’ve never heard of it. It’s just spread like wildfire," Rhodes was told, before she helped them clean it up. Under her direction, hospital workers used a special aerosol devices to spray hydrogen peroxide around a room which housed a patient with the germ - with the theory being that the vapor would permeate the entire room. After one week of saturating the room, they put a "settle plate" in the middle of it with a gel at the bottom that would allow any remaining microbes to grow. Only one grew back; C. auris. And officials were scrambling to keep a lid on it. "
  11. Yep, boils down to this. Nature always fights back. I always thought it would be some exotic disease, a strain of ebola or something but in the end it could be a simple fungus.