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  1. Looks like a daisy cutter explosion.
  2. Docklands bomb was 3000lbs. I think you can add a zero to this explosion.
  3. Have to disagree. The majority of a certain demographic don't work so it is clearly all about the benefits.
  4. Bank of Ireland now charging negative interest rates on cash pensions. Ulster Bank to follow it seems.
  5. None of the trials included zinc. Trials were designed to fail. Orange man bad.
  6. I haven't checked yet but I seen someone posting on a forum that this move is following the same pattern as the last halving.
  7. One of the more recent weddings i was at, I was also at the stag weekend. Most of the stag party were married men and most of them were cheating left right and centre that weekend. A few weeks later they were playing happy families at the wedding. Fuck I need to leave NI asap!!
  8. Not in my experience, but I do live in NI so that can make slim pickings. I'm usually thinking I have taken a day of work and spent £200 quid for this shit. That's the same cost as a few nights out in Pattaya, swimming in it.
  9. One of the comments. Joey Dunlops famous quote, "There's a green blur, and there's a grey blur, you try and stay on the grey blur!"
  10. Yep, back in the 80s/90s it was the US. The ones I know that have emigrated have done very well. Started companies and are multi millionaires now.
  11. No , lots of Irish and Polish working there with the Polish getting out of dodge fast. The young native Irish are emigrating and not returning, mostly to Australia. While the scum of the world fill the void.