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    The Idiocy/Futility of Replacement Migration.

    Importing a million to a country to a population of only 4.8 million is mental. The deliberate destruction of the native population. Already a high percentage of the under 30s have immigrated, never to return. Currently approx. 30K native Irish emigrate from Ireland each year and 50K non Irish immigrated to Ireland. The writing on the wall. Of the 84,600 people who immigrated to Ireland in the year to April 2017, some 27,400 (32.4%) were estimated to be Irish nationals. See table 2. Of the 64,800 people who emigrated from Ireland in the year to April 2017, 30,800 (47.5%) are estimated to be Irish nationals. This represents a decrease of 6,300 (-17.0%) on the year to April 2016 when 37,100 Irish nationals left to live abroad. See table 2. Net outward migration of Irish nationals in 2017 was -3,400, which is a descrease of 88.5% on 2012 when net outward migration of Irish nationals peaked at -29,600. See table 2. Non Irish-nationals from outside the EU continued to display strong migration flows, accounting for 29,400 (34.8%) of total immigrants and 13,700 (21.1%) of total emigrants. This resulted in estimated net inward migration among non-Irish nationals from outside the EU of 15,700. See table 2. In April 2017, 42,100 (55.5%) of immigrants aged 15+ were in employment. See table 6. In the year to April 2017 18,700 immigrants arrived to live in Ireland from the UK, 12,100 emigrants left Ireland to live in the UK. See table 3. In April 2017, 1,350,000 persons (28.2%) of the usually resident population lived in Dublin. See table 8.
  2. If this group regards homosexuality as a perversion like bestiality and paedophilia then they must hold the Muslim religion as a perversion also due to Mo's fondness for underage girls? therefore technically they should also be targeting themselves?
  3. montecristo


    Easy if you go contracting.
  4. montecristo

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Welcome by the way. I will cut to the chase. Cut your spending, save and invest. Put yourself in a position that you can spend lots of time abroad (early retirement/mini retirements) where the odds of meeting women greatly increase and you become the hunted by beautiful women. I have given years ago trying to meet women in the UK. I'm now a very happy man
  5. montecristo

    Kiddie fiddlers agree to stop touching

    I remember being at a house party opposite the Islamic center 20 years ago. Can't remember what street it was. That was the first Islamic "presence" I saw in NI. Give it 5 years and the Shaftbury area will be a 3rd world shit hole.
  6. montecristo

    Kiddie fiddlers agree to stop touching

    Guaranteed. The Mosques will be set up be in small halls, rented or bought. You won't realise that there is a Mosque. When there are enough of these small Mosques you will see planning permission going in for a proper Mosque.
  7. montecristo

    Kiddie fiddlers agree to stop touching

    Secular means eventual Islamic. It only February, my money is on spyguy
  8. montecristo

    Kiddie fiddlers agree to stop touching

    Without the money the Church closes and in many parishes the Church is the focal point. In Dublin Mosques are popping up everywhere, no funding problems for them. Would you prefer a Islamic ROI or a Christian ROI?
  9. montecristo

    Amusing or interesting local news stories

    Interesting case. What are the tabloids going to do now as their first port of call is social media when investigating someone?
  10. montecristo

    Stop Fake News

    and this: BBC Producer's Syria Bombshell: Douma "Gas Attack" Footage "Was Staged"
  11. montecristo

    The thought police have arrived

    They will find something and will use it. against you. As @ElKapitan84 said, keep your mouth shut when dealing with the police. End off.
  12. montecristo

    Northern Ireland

    Yep, I was one of those in a previous life. Leasing a car for £400 a month. Now I drive a car that costs £900 . Must have saved 10K in a couple of years.
  13. montecristo

    Northern Ireland

    One factor would be rates. In NI rates valuation is down to size of property, no of bedrooms etc. That extra bedroom could add 100s each year to your rates bill.
  14. montecristo

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Important sentences. The boring old boyfriend got the boot in favour of a bad boy marine. Zero sympathy from me. "She also said scam led to the break up of her existing relationship and left her and her children with "nothing". "As her online romance progressed, the woman's relationship with the father of her children ended."