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    montecristo reacted to Frank Hovis in Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail   
    He had a desperately hard early life but anyone going woke can fuck right off.
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    montecristo reacted to Heffalump in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Through a random turn of events, I ended up at a polo match in the west country, about 10 years ago on a private estate. Was very briefly introduced to both William & Harry, shaking both their hands. One of them was playing, along with the person who invited me. Almost invisible security, with a crowd of maybe 200 people.
    The one thing I really noticed was the way the gaggle of maybe 20 single hot young things, dressed to the nines, often somehow in high heels in a field, tottered round wherever the princes were, or even towards where they were looking.
    From my very brief insight, it's not hard to pull (and some would want to marry) if you're a prince. Many females want to be princesses.
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    montecristo reacted to Austin Allegro in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Indeed I think a kickback has started, emboldened in part by Brexit and the Tory victory. Recently the 'Lewis' TV actor Laurence Fox (son of James) basically told a woman in the QT audience to f*ck off when she accused him of being a racist. No politician of any mainstream stripe would dare do that, but hopefully they will take notice.
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    montecristo reacted to gibbon in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Watched some of their wedding, just happened to be on so thought I'd check it out. The amount of young blonde posh totty turning up was unfucking-believable, yet here he was marrying some almost 40 year old twice divorced titless ex-yacht girl who's taken literally acres of cock to get where she's got and had a shit ton of plastic surgery done to remove her black features. 
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    montecristo got a reaction from gibbon in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Mmmm hard to tell.
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    montecristo reacted to Tdog in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    He traded all those posh blondes that any ordinary Englishman would crawl over broken glass to sniff their farts ... for a darky thats had a mile of cock in her; all to get some role in a shit tv series.
    Poor cunts going to be in the family law courts soon, sorting out how he can get his kid back to Blighty as he comes to realise Canada is a mixture of shit boring, freezing cold and characterless ... and his Mrs is rotten.
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    montecristo got a reaction from The Masked Tulip in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Mmmm hard to tell.
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    montecristo reacted to Roger_Mellie in New labour leader   
    The left are in an outrage quagmire of their own making, it really is fantastic. Not a single Labour candidate can say anything without someone, somewhere being outraged.
    The trick to being elected is really rather simple - good, simple, policies that a broad cross section of people can understand and vote for and don't worry about the outrage porn. That's pretty much it. As Boris has proved: get the policies right and people will vote for you.
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    montecristo reacted to TheCountOfNowhere in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Some shops will do anything to attract customers. 
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    montecristo got a reaction from Conniption in Companies and brands whose virtue-signalling is off the scale!   
    All across SE Asia skin whitening products are advertised everywhere and they are products by the big brands.  Hypocritical bastards.
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    montecristo reacted to choochoo in Defending the morally indefensible, examples of.   
    Gambling is defensible.
    Gambling is no different to drinking, smoking or eating kebabs. No one has to do any of them, but lots of people choose to responsibly. A minority of people are morons and can't control themselves.
    Chattering classes in middle England just like to clamp down on the oiks.
    Ban Gin and champagne and see how that goes down in the Home Counties.
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    montecristo reacted to Vendetta in Most attractive woman on the planet?   
    Meghan has got her foot down and is breaking the speed limit heading towards the imminent ‘wall’. Her sister in law is speeding off into the distance. (And this is still with all the pampering and beautifying treatments they get. (Imagine if they grew up on on a real estate in east London ). 

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    montecristo got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Made me think of this.  Sorry VL
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    montecristo reacted to wherebee in Most attractive woman on the planet?   
    Metart is posh porn - it is tasteful.
    Also shows up how much more beautiful white women are than other races.  The ratio must be 50:1 on there white to non white.
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    montecristo reacted to maynardgravy in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Depressingly, the So-Called BBC and much of the media have quickly forgotten the election and doubled down on identity politics. They really are that removed form society and under the thumb of Soros et al.
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    montecristo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Miley Cyrus is better than Lily Allen   
    My Aunty Mickey worked as a chef in a posh hotel, she was always pissed on Irish Mist and Bushmills, being Catholic, her house was filled with statuary and crucifixes.
    Not long after Alex Higgins died she was watching the snooker and routinely asked two empty chairs if they wanted something to eat, as she had some champ on the go. I found this extremely odd, thinking she had lost her marbles, so asked her if she was OK.
    She seemed surprised why I asked.
    You can't see them ?
    I actually felt my skin prickle.
    "No", I replied.
    " It's Billy and Ernie, they always watch the snooker with me since Ned died to keep me company. Always smart in their tuxedos."  
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    montecristo reacted to Long time lurking in The Police Told Me to "Check My Thinking" for a Tweet   
    It went far further up that PC Gul
    It`s a long video but it is worth watching, he`s fighting for every sane person in the country  ,and the guy IMO deserves a medal for putting hundreds of thousands of his own money on the line initially and it possibly still is
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    montecristo reacted to XswampyX in Titania McGrath.   
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    montecristo reacted to The Masked Tulip in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    Fab salary and pension. Get to travel the world. It is not like covering a war zone or the train strikes.
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    montecristo reacted to Wight Flight in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I am guessing you really don't want us to answer that?
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    montecristo reacted to JFK in The Police Told Me to "Check My Thinking" for a Tweet   
    Remember the guy who found out the Kafka-esque world of 'hate crime' and all that shite, well this is a very interesting video.
    Didn't know he'd gone to judicial review - I'm watching with great interest the result which should be out any day ....

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    montecristo reacted to The Masked Tulip in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    They are deluded. Arrogant beyond belief.
    The DM is reporting that they intend to live in Canada until Trump is no longer president and then they will move to LA. The arrogance is staggering. They expect us or the Canadians to pay for their protection until they move to LA? 
    Their Trump stuff not only thrusts a British royal into the politics of our closest ally but will not endear him to most Americans. What a berk.
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    montecristo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Oh how they laugh....
    For now.
    That'll soon change when they are hit by the thunderbolt.
    Applies same whether male or female* no matter whether they have never truly been in love before, or whether they have thought they have been in and out of love a thousand times, maybe even raised children together with their soul mate. All well and good until ....
    Bang !!!.....they are hit by the thunderbolt! 
    They won't be 'laughing over all the romanticised shit with their mates' any more.
    Excerpt from “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo ~~Thunderbolt~~
    Just short of the grove she poised, startled, her eyes having caught the alien color of the men’s shirts. She stood there up on her toes poised like a deer to run. She was very close now, close enough for the men to see every feature of her face.
    She was all ovals – oval-shaped eyes, the bones of her face, the contour of her brow. Her skin was an exquisite dark creaminess and her eyes, enormous, dark violet or brown but dark with long heavy lashes shadowed her lovely face. Her mouth was rich without being gross, sweet without being weak and dyed dark red with the juice of the grapes. She was so incredibly lovely that Fabrizzio murmured, “Jesus Christ, take my soul, I’m dying,” as a joke, but the words came out a little too hoarsely. As if she had heard him, the girl came down off her toes and whirled away from them and fled back to her pursuers. Her haunches moved like an animal’s beneath the tight print of her dress; as pagan and as innocently lustful. When she reached her friends she whirled around again and her face was like a dark hollow against the field of bright flowers. She extended an arm, the hand full of grapes pointed toward the grove. The girls fled laughing, with the black-clad, stout matrons scolding them on.
    As for Michael Corleone, he found himself standing, his heart pounding in his chest; he felt a little dizzy. The blood was surging through his body, through all its extremities and pounding against the tips of his fingers, the tips of his toes. All the perfumes of the island came rushing in on the wind, orange, lemon blossoms, grapes, flowers. It seemed as if his body had sprung away from him out of himself. And then he heard the two shepherds laughing.
    “You got hit by the thunderbolt, eh?” Fabrizzio said, clapping him on the shoulder. Even Calo became friendly, patting him on the arm and saying, “Easy, man, easy,” but with affection. As if Michael had been hit by a car. Fabrizzio handed him a wine bottle and Michael took a long slug. It cleared his head.
    “What the hell are you damn sheep lovers talking about?” he said.
    Both men laughed. Calo, his honest face filled with the utmost seriousness, said, “You can’t hide the thunderbolt. When it hits you, everybody can see it. Christ, man, don’t be ashamed of it, some men pray for the thunderbolt. You’re a lucky fellow.”
    Michael wasn’t too pleased about his emotions being so easily read. But this was the first time in his life such a thing had happened to him. It was nothing like his adolescent crushes, it was nothing like the love he’d had for Kay, a love based as much on her sweetness, her intelligence and the polarity of the fair and dark. This was an overwhelming desire for possession, this was an inerasible printing of the girl’s face on his brain and he knew she would haunt his memory every day of his life if he did not possess her. His life had become simplified, focused on one point, everything else was unworthy of even a moment’s attention. During his exile he had always thought of Kay, though he felt they could never again be lovers or even friends. He was, after all was said, a murderer, a mafioso who had “made his bones.” But now Kay was wiped completely out of his consciousness.
    Fabrizzio said briskly, “I’ll go to the village, we’ll find out about her. Who knows, she may be more available than we think. There’s only one cure for the thunderbolt, eh, Calo?”
    The other shepherd nodded his head gravely. Michael didn’t say anything. He followed the two shepherds as they started down the road to the nearby village into which the flock of girls had disappeared.

    *Also applicable to sheep.
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    montecristo got a reaction from whocares in The Canada Is Fucked Thread   
    Didn't know where to put this.
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    montecristo got a reaction from snaga in The Canada Is Fucked Thread   
    Didn't know where to put this.