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  1. From the actress that btought you https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-36264229 Fgm equality https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6937439/Rachel-Riley-dragged-furious-Twitter-row-Coronation-Streets-Nicola-Thorp.html No comments on the useless bit of skin from the dite harridans....
  2. No. I was a guvnor. I put systems and processes in place as none of the staff, from TAs to the head teacher, had the slightess clue how to organise and manage stuff. Your inability to grasp the elements of having an eye on costs, where teachers and teachers are spending/wasting time is repeated in all the schools ive visited. If you dont understand your job, and where you are spending tine and resources then you are doing a shit job. I get the 'Im a educator' which is more merkin than English, who pull the ' Im a teacher' routine. And my response is the same - you are a badly organised, inefficient one.
  3. You scruffy fucker. I always put trousers on when taking kids to their school...
  4. They were not. At best youd get a teacher shoved to anogher school. For a supposed skilled profession tge number of sackings are suspiciously low. Barrier being set at shagging a pupil rather than being shit. Every Brit on this dite will have had at least 11 years of education. One of the first basic lessons in business is listen to your customers. When was the last tine youve vome across a school really engaging with parents n kids for feedback?
  5. No woman would ever do that to a child (c) Krankie. Lets close all women prisons (c) Wee Kranky and all the Wimmin and right on Women are just as big a cunts as blokes, more so with kids.
  6. One, i stopped the silly arsed paper newsletter. I costed a fortune in paper, printing and handing out. I set up a simple database to collect contact info - hone, mobile and up to 5 emails. Newsletter goes out to the emails and on the website. That alone saved about 2k a year in paper n printing. And about 0.5 TA/y. The next thing was trying to cooridinate a get a pool of digitised resourses - phonics drawings, notes, tests etc. I dont have a surgeon - ive only had 1h of surgery in 48 years. Vompared against 13 years of school. I do work with gos n hospitals sometimes. I do tell them how to do their job. Or at least the automated hl7 bits, as they are useless.
  7. Yeah. I walked by a few today, sat on foorsteps chattering away. Id guess balkan. That was 3 seperate doorsteps in 500m. Again 10m -+2m.
  8. Are the rest of Darlos primary school kids operating hook-a-duck up n down the country? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-47982102 Sad but relevaent . A British couple killed in a buggy crash on the Greek island of Santorini have been named as two teachers who worked in south London. Mr Savill, 26, taught history at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy and joined the Brixton-based school in September 2018 as a newly-qualified teacher. 26. Even assuming a degree, 1 year gap year, then a go at a job, inplies hes given up on competitive work.
  9. I visit a fair few towns on a regular basis. All of them have noticeable voids i.e. same place still To Let 2 months later. 20 years ago, most towns only hada handful of private rents. IN some palces well over 50% of the sales i nthe last 20 years have bee to IO BTLers. I can stand on some streets and see 5 To Let signs. Its that bad,. Or good. Dependign on your view. Keep in mind that 1 months rent is more than 8% loss on the years rent. Its more as you have to pay c tax. If rentals are going to 2-3 months void, which has long seemed the cae then, people who've took on places yielding ~3% are going to need ~5 years rent to recover the loss yield. Of course, what will happen is that the voids will fall turn up i nthe LL not paying the mortgage, which will increase the banks NPLs, which will result i nthe risk being increased for rentals which will increase LL APR, which will give more NPLS, which will raise the APR, whcih will ...etc. Again, banks should have never lent money to LL who could not cover the mortgage payments from their own income.
  10. From todays Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6935737/Judge-condemns-open-benefits-drug-dealer-scammed-21-000-handouts.html Judge condemns open benefits system after drug dealer scammed £21,000 in handouts and used the money to buy a house Iftikhar Sarwar, from Greater Manchester, illegally pocketed child tax credits Manchester Judge Angela Nield criticized welfare system as she jailed Sarwar The 39-year-old from Rochdale was sentenced to five years in jail at crown court https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6935453/Romanian-teen-jailed-flying-Britain-15-000-shoplifting-spree-allowed-return-home.html Romanian 'professional shoplifter', 19, who stole £15k worth of goods in theft spree across Britain is freed from jail EARLY because she promises to go home Madalina Horvath first came to Britain to steal when she as just 16 years old Stole from cities including Cambridge, Manchester and Nottingham in her spree Jailed earlier this month for 14 months but has now been allowed to leave UK
  11. Out of how many? I do know of certain kids who have been took out for a special trip on SATs day.
  12. Burned to death. Thats like being told off isnt it, you know, grounded for a week, no internet or X box. Oh no, Its being dragged screaming out into the outside, beaten, having petrol poured over then set alight, so you die screaming, in agony whilst loads of people stand around looking.
  13. If you think that teachers dont have much control over the kids coming into school, try doing in the private sector where, unlike teaching, there's no legal framework dictating the number of staffing. Seriously. You are assuming that working he in private sector is wel lresourced and they have the ability to pick n chose work. Going back to he thread title, if you think kids are badly behaved and you have to do a lot of paper work in teaching, try the private sector where you are dealing with PE somewhere and you have a large changing set of requirements and people. And very very real risk of being sacked. Again ,from guvnoring, the general inability of teachers to do their job is poor. The lack of ability teachers have to use computers, tools, resources and work within a framework./process is shocking.
  14. Nope, more culture. Bell curve is only useful for big numbers. For small nubmers you can tick off: - Single parent, no dad preent, low education achievment of parent, living in a v. expensive area of the world. Add them all up.
  15. Maths is one of the easiest subjects to learn by books and online courses. Its the easiest as most of the teachers are the shittest. The quality and general 'correctness' of material in a GCSE course book, available on Amazon fro ~£10, far exceeds 75% of lessons given by teachers. Same goes for the scienses, geography and english. In fact all subjects.