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  1. No. On one level it was shit. I was doing 3 split shifts - 3h, 2h 3h. Started at 8am. Finished last shft at 11pm. On another i got to know much older girls - 5+ years.
  2. Thats work work. I washed pots at 13.
  3. I started sw at 20, working in summer. Then (90) everyone wa roughly my age. Few were more than 5 years older. As ive got older, so has everyone round me. I went to a HA qcon meeting a while back. I think youngest was mid 30s. Average was 45ish. No skateboards.
  4. Ah. Thats a really wierd place. They have nailed btl.
  5. Great to wotk for sw comoany. I want nice chair, aeron ideally. And a window i can open. And proper coffee mc n water cooler.
  6. What rough area of work n money?
  7. Otherwise known as your mams fanny.
  8. This is the most dammning you can get. New yorker tv review. All high brow n waspy. https://www.newyorker.com/tag/television Rave review about grantchester (itv) Then a feature on love island (itv) Past years were chocker with downton abbey. Some ch4 joint ventures - catch 22, black mirror. Rest hbo n netflix. Absolutely nothing nada thats come from bbc. No fucker watches anything ar dr who. What a fucking useless org.
  9. Grumpy! Ive done really hard jobs - 24h solid work with knives n guts n ice. Luckily the hard bit only last til fish were cleaned, then i went back to lolling in my cab. I learnt there is no link between hard work n pay. I also learnt that share fishing only worked for the pleb for a very short period - 50s yil late 70s. Ive also not eaten fish since.
  10. Thats the crux. The uk has the most nuts generous non contrib working age benefits going - if youve got kids and hit dome magic conditions. Depending where you go, 30-50% of tge population has retired by 30.
  11. spygirl


    Nope. Its like a big swiss railway clock - white face, with solid black ticks. For whatever random reason the bathroom one seems to adjust at 545am when im having a piss. I guess my bulk boosts the reception. I do have several casio watches, thankfully not like your joe90-cum-porn star ones. I used to get gshocks with waveceptor. Now i only buy solar waveceptors with compass. I buy a new one every 3-4 years, so have several on my watch tree. I get them b grade off a casio return site, which reduces sticker shock.
  12. spygirl


    How many thats did she have?
  13. Yeah. Its a pitbull.
  14. Ah yes. 'staffies' Which are almost lab size n 10stone....
  15. My LA has s propery development arm, providing funding to the LA. And legal centre, where they offer legal advice. They do not seem to be aware of the term conflicts of interest