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  1. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    Ah yes. Spot the paid reviewer https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Pimlico-Plumbers/reviews Pimlico makes the best version of you Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) – London, Greater London – 21 November 2018 Fantastic motivation strategy throughout the company. Line managers and team members push each other to reach their personal goals and be the best version of themselves as possible. The chairman gives outstanding perks within the company, never seen anything like it. Free Gym and personal trainer sessions On site canteen Free fruit baskets daily Employee of the month awards Paid PP events with food and drink included. Pros Free Gym, Canteen, free fruit, employee of the month, PP events and great pay Cons None that i can think of! Versus Soul destroying Electrician (Former Employee) – Lambeth – 19 November 2018 Terrible place to work - too many engineers with not enough work to go around. If you give a customer a quick honest job your punished by the office and left with no work. You have to pay for the van £600 each month which increases yearly. All engineers are on a leaderboard with the highest earners and engineers that do the most overtime are at the top - at the top you get the better jobs / wealthy customers. Basically if you don’t do the overtime or don’t rip customers off your left with the quick jobs etc. If you want quick money with no outside work life balance , don’t mind being spoken to like a child , don’t mind selling customers work they don’t really need just to make your weeks money up , don’t mind worrying if your going get get enough work each week then this job is for you. If you value your outside of work life do not join this company. Pros Learn a lot due to variety of work. Cons Long hours, ego maniac management, paranoia, stress.
  2. spygirl

    Modern Method of Auction

  3. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    For all the bullshit and mullets https://companycheck.co.uk/company/02012715/PIMLICO-PLUMBERS-LIMITED/financials Thats not a big, profitable company. With this: https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/experts/legal/pimlico-plumbers-case-tax Itll probably go under.
  4. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    Im not sure about Pi,lico. Id guess their success - whatever it is - is down to being in London. The dwarf with the rocknroll mullet seems to be pushing is luck employment practises/paywise. I assume his team of pumbers/self mpeloed whatnot are used by non Brits. And they charge 2x. The way the (few) trademen survice in my rural area is: - Not much competition. There's only a few tradesmen in a 30mil radius. Its hard to survive. - They are reasonably reliable - moving quickly for emergency. - They dont rip you off. - They cna be left with keys to get o nwith stuff.
  5. spygirl

    A fat, black, muslim lesbian walks into a bar...

    She wont be funny. They never are.
  6. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    Its Ponziesque. As far as the North, where I track stuff, the roll out of fast food franchises was ramped up in the late 80s. Some early entrants will get out with cash. Most wont. Sure, people are eating more takeaways than 30 eyars ago - see obestiy thread. But, although the pie was grown, the nubmer f slices has gone up massive. Late 80s ther were a few leftover Wimpys, MaccyD and Burger. Now, youve Nandos, posh burger places, much more pizza places etc etc.
  7. Most EAs will end 2019 blowing off tramps in the park for loose change. Im serious. As it stands, the EAs where ive some idea of cash - big listed ones and a couple of small ones where I know someone who works there - are seriously out of cash. Low transactions are fucking over the selling commissions. Ban on letting fees will see ~80% of their current cash go - poof!
  8. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    Oh I know the pitch they tell themselves. Replace MaccyDs with Debenhams - do you see the big payout for commercial LLs? MaccyD franchisees kid themselves that the burgers allow them to hold a commercial property positions which theyll then cash out. Id like to see a few who've managed that.
  9. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    Have you seen how skinny margins that MaccyD franchises operate on? No. Sales and marketing are very very important. However most people in sales and marketing are shit.
  10. Noone laughs. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6484947/Comedian-pulls-university-charity-event-asked-sign-behaviour-contract.html
  11. spygirl

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Simple answer - General Electric. You'll struggle to find a more managed, 'better run' company than GE. But as always ';better run' means loads of managers/HR/whatnot who ALWAYS blow the business up. The better run business are not managed rather than are hedged and scaled up/down according to revenue and margins. I would guess that the compnaies that are operating a pay as little as they can get away with wuobd be the likes of Carillion, Interserve and Serco. All blown up
  12. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    You pick he most lucrative area and see if theres enough business. Talk to a plumber. As ktem how much billed hours they get and how much chasing around they do. Most trades are very cyclical - feast n famine. You only have to look t the London gazette to see how many blow up. The only pro is the ability to take cash in hand jobs from consumers. Most trades seem to take 30/50 in cash. Possible when you are dealing with a local client base. Impossible if you are dealing with a company.
  13. spygirl

    500 homeless have died this year

    Get rid of the dog. Speaking to someone who tries and magaed this, 80% of the day time beggars are housed. If the police pulled their fingers out and started enforcing vaganracy hen theyd go. The other factors is there are a number of inbetween housed who would have previously lived in cheap plaes. However the cheap rentals have been swamped by ~7M EE tax creditors. Bring the 30k earning limit in. Deny all but JSA to any non Brit - poof! ~3m cheap housing units appear
  14. spygirl

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Well ... theres no such thing as 'a degree' In my line of work, no company is aware of how much it costs to replace a skilled staff member (think degree, 5+ years experience). Im not really aware of many companies being able to plan 5+ ahead, which is what youd need to do for that sort of optimal recruiting. Even the biggest recruiters - and id probably class the big accountancy firms - are clueless about their skills profiles for the next 5+. The likes of KPMG just seem to blunder around, recruiting grads into a supposed high paying jobs, whilst their core business gets more and more undermined, and them trying to get higher margin with their laughable consulting. Most companty of any scale appears to end up in one of two states: - Full of people who are useless, clinging to org for safet, as the org loses more n more money - Id put a lot of public sector and the finsec that was in that. - Found itself in a profitable state but very understaffed. Neither state points to much in the way HR optimisation. Even more? Non vocational degrees are a busted flush. Chatting to mid 20s and 17 yo, the message seems to have well and truely received.
  15. spygirl

    Starting your own business

    Not really. Most trades do not scale. The bets you can aim for is a local building company, managing builds/clients. Most tradesman are limited by fuel/time cost. So, your options are to operate in a ~30m radius and build your business up. Or throw yourself into building companies and take a risk with getting paid as a contractor. Most self employed *could* step up their coordination/planning/calendar.