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  1. Aldershot then. How many EU do you think are in UK? 3M?? Has the number gone up or down in the last 3 years? For all he talk of brexit this n that, the number of Euers, mainly EE, has gone up over the last 3 years. Alershot has pop of ~40k
  2. Now compare that to reporting about Rohinga, who are nothing more than BDs.
  3. And Rafal's ex-partner Karolina Beresford, 35, added: "When he didn't drink, there were lots of laughs and jokes. He looked after others but could not look after himself." Comes to uk. Partner runs off with someone else - brits are a catch compared to the average Pole. Fates cruel jokes https://uk.linkedin.com/in/karolina-beresford-649a41176 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3210861
  4. Its fizzled out, thats all. Hard to prove cgarge. Wont happen again as all the human traders are getting the boot. And no banks are trading currency on their own account as needs too much capital. And its forbidden.
  5. Yes.. they could call it Battery Powerstation redevelopment.... The amount of shiny shiny crap new build flats that have been thrown up in London over the last 5 years is huge. Crack down on funny money coming into uk. And crackdown on funny money leaving china.... Chuck in an ott crackdown in HK and a full on ban on chinese money.
  6. They dont buy 95% of uk houding stock. They buy the new build shit.
  7. Whats holding london/se up? The meduan wage was not hugely more than tge uk average. The main high paying jobs - funsec - has been reamed and will vontinue to be reamed. Remember in 94ish london fell below 3 x earnings. 95% of lonfon isnt posh places like kensington. Its pretty average houses in burbs.
  8. spygirl

    trans madness

    From the So-Called BBC link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2366260/Body-Integrity-Identity-Disorder-Chloe-Jennings-White-58-disown-legs.html Sounds like 75% of DLA.
  9. spygirl

    trans madness

    Oh dear. The responses are fun. Even funnier as the base of the claim us that a crap male is better than the best women. We dont mention tgat. Just concentrate on stroking the lush beard, the hot busty chicks it attracts then drive off in a fast car. Manpon - be the man you know you are ....
  10. spygirl

    trans madness

    Did the Labour Soc lady have huge tits?
  11. Well........ theyve yet to dig one with a hole at both ends.
  12. My advice to spyjr is to run away from horsey girls. Ms spyjr had a mild unicorn phase, where she was teetering on pony vlub, as thats what her friend was going to. A few weekends down the arcades n eateries cured her of that. Best £500 ever spent - 5 weekends, arcade n pizza. Dont buy a horse, dont think about a horse unless you have a farm. Even then itll cost a fucking fortune. Just get a quad bike.
  13. Interesting reading sunday papers on woodford. Started with a reasonably good, critical ft feature. https://www.ft.com/content/2f077ae2-f19e-11e9-bfa4-b25f11f42901 Followed by various plug pieces in sunday papers - sunday times one was trying to blame the director oversigh co for shutting the fund down too quickly. And stuff like this. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7592583/amp/Fund-manager-Neil-Woodford-knew-toast-took-savers.html I doubt uk investments trusts will be same again. Too many people skimming too much money, adding fuckall value.
  14. The money spent on benefits is huge, more than enough to build a rail link. My thinking on uk towns is that youll have regional employment hubs, plugged into public transport. These will normally be existing towns where retail has been cored out. The problem with uk employment is getting a criti al mass of peoples n skills within 40min of a centre.
  15. I disagree with that. Get yourself to Switzerland and check out trains n terrain.