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  1. Nah too lizard people.... when its more about scamming agri tax breaks and eu subs.
  2. Article about him rewilding Scotland https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/mar/21/danish-billionaires-anders-and-anne-holch-povlsen-say-plan-is-to-restore-scottish-highlands I did assume he meant introducing bears beavers n wolves. Maybe hes just going to open a Mosque and house some refugees.....
  3. Wishes someone had sat her down and gone thru cost... Google. https://www.mumsnet.com/conception/ivf-costs 5k a pop.
  4. This could have gone in several threads esp. Tax credit ones. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48008635 Caroline's story: 'Am I throwing away my money?' Caroline, 40, wishes someone had sat her down and given her a realistic cost for her IVF treatment but says that often medical staff do not know for sure. She was originally led to believe the cost would be £5,000 but it is now at least £16,000. "The list of treatment costs is just jargon and there are so many options. I think I needed someone to sit me down and say to me 'this is you and this is what it will cost'," she said. The cost is not the only downside of IVF treatment for Caroline - the hormones have added negatively to the experience. "I am taking some time off from treatment as I find injecting all the hormones really messes with me emotionally. The injections have bowled me over and made me completely lose it." Adding: "When you're crying your eyes out at work it's not a good look." However, Caroline, whose full name we are not using at her request, thinks she will continue with the treatment as she has two vials of sperm left and will likely spend another £10,000. 16k is nothing. Shell 'earn' that back in a year. Maybe she could split cost with her partner.... What sort of loon thinks 40 is an ideal time to start a family ffs.
  5. Whats Russian? Seriously. Those inept spies came ftom a region that was further away ftom moscow, than moscow is from london.
  6. Yeah. Id agree. For all the percieved wimminlyness, you are just a meal ticket. Im sure shell smike when she knifes you in the back. Literally. Anyone who goes to another country and comex out with crap about tge wimmin without being totally fluent and understanding the culture is a naive idiot. Mrs spys from the civilised bit of italy. You can get a bus to it from london - or could. A very very very long bus trip mind. Even then, some of her - and other italian wimmin - attitudes and opinion and reactions are waaaay different to uk wimmin. You are talking about a country where the average brit would struggle to ask for a beer, never mind grasp the culural complexities.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/29/channel-4-news-complains-to-labour-over-tulip-siddiqs-threat
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/dec/04/tulip-siddiq-bangladesh-disappeared-abducted-prime-minister Tulip .?. More deadly nightshades. Aunty is one of alternating wimmin pms in BD. Her aunty is the most blood thirsty. Think idi amin in a sari.
  9. I think youll find if the UK - or any other government - sets a earning hurdle then these shitholers would not cause a problem. US suffers less so as they set a hurdle for being able to support your family - bar the refugee thing where theyve been overwhelmed by Somalis living it up in Minn. By setting a requirement that migrants must be able to support themselves with no recourse to beneies I think youll find that only the secular and skilled migrate rather than a bunch of muzzer doley scum, which is how the faith, when obeyed, trends to.
  10. spygirl

    thirsty work

    No it didnt. It fell to bits i nthe 70s. Mind you, so did the Cons. Then it lurched from one lunatic to another. They picked pathological liar who was then followed by a blundering idiot. Now theyve stumbled into picking someone who should have drowned in the 70s. Until Labour decide who tehy represent then they are going to permanently have this problem. As it stands, Labour core elements are public sector wimmin doing pointless jobs and migrants.
  11. Tell them. Most school are very very hot on bullying. Id not bother escalting it right away. Kids primary were very hot on it. The oldest secondary when presented with bullying tendfs to kick the bully out if it doesn ot stop.
  12. Was he from a place with a large Muslim population? And you were not?
  13. Its a good song. When i was a kid 8ish, i used to stay up with my older siblings when there was 24h music telly specials, this would be early 80s. They always showed tge long version of tge video. I was put off he was fat and wore a frilly shirt.
  14. spygirl

    A TV first..

    Yeah. Im thinking of people a bit older....