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  1. Eh? https://amp.theguardian.com/business/2021/jan/21/former-m-and-s-boss-stuart-rose-to-chair-asda-buyer-eg-group-issa-brothers
  2. What pronoun do you want us to use?
  3. Harvard. MIT is a technical/ science Uni. I'd doubt it does sovisa sciences like Economics.
  4. Asset strippers must save Debenhams pensioners: Private equity tycoons accused of driving department store chain to the wall https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-9168857/amp/Private-equity-asset-strippers-save-Debenhams-pensioners.html The private equity takeover in 2003 involved major global finance companies Texas Pacific Group (TPG), CVC Capital and Merrill Lynch. That year, Debenhams had £128million of debt and made a £168.4million pre-tax profit. The deal was organised by Rob Templeman, who went on to be chief executive of Debenhams for eight years and is now chairman
  5. On a roll today. Lockdown entrepreneur Ben Gulliver urges others 'never give up' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-55707027 Pulitzer winning. A 20-year-old entrepreneur who has made up to £12,000 a day during the pandemic has urged people not to give up on something they are passionate about. When Ben Gulliver was furloughed, he started selling much-needed products to people in lockdown. He sold thousands of teeth cleaning devices, which proved helpful when dentists closed, before moving on to gym equipment and even coffee cups. "It show
  6. 'My mortgage has risen 40pc': landlords hit as banks reevaluate city homes Falling rents and shift from city centre living means London property valuers are spooked https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/mortgage-has-risen-40pc-landlords-hit-banks-reevaluate-city/amp/
  7. The takeup by the EE parents at mr spys school is low to non existent. Every single one is one the highest income support -free school meals etc etc. Id guess there'll e rush every month. Then ~2m whinging every stops and they have to leave. This EU numbers/politics are going to go ballistic when someone starts reporting them and makes the connection between TCs dependency.
  8. Crackdown on Jack Ma’s empire gathers pace despite reappearance Beijing increases pressure on Ant Group hours after tech billionaire breaks public silence https://www.ft.com/content/3a7438c5-9fe4-4b8e-94c5-6cf454c38cb4 About to take a vow of poverty. “My colleagues and I have been studying and thinking, and we have become more determined to devote ourselves to education and public welfare,” he said in the video posted on a news outlet controlled by government of the province where Alibaba is based. When he criticised China’s regulators nea
  9. My comments of 'fields ''' was i nresposne to the comment of 'sites like this ... rarely' The area is hardly chuckablock with development. That area is a big load of nothingness.
  10. From TOS: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/eu-settlement-scheme-statistics 400k up from December FFS. up 400k from December the total number of EU citizens (adding in the 400k or so Eire citizens) is now 5.3M or so, well over twice the number bandied around in 2016 The brexit deal will convince many who were wavering to register and stay i suspect there will be some more big increases in the next few months perhaps 6M, this would put the true population of the UK at over 70M perhaps.
  11. Due to the UK's peculiar position, the BoE is not a position maker. BoE is a position taker. The reason why the UK had bad Wednesday - or whatever day - was it was trying to align sterling to the DM. BoE/sterling has never really stood on its own two feet, always getter battered by changes in the FED/$ or DM
  12. The HighStreet Group going tits up will make George look like a amateur.
  13. I take potential bizzyness owners/tycoons round used catering kit auctions. Or just try and get the prices of stuff that was used to kit out some daft fuckers dream business. Nothing like seeing a top of the range commercial oven go for pennies in the pound.
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