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  1. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    Well ...... someone has to pay for all this. And your quote ' I first learned about wee hours circuit design at MIT in the 1970s. There was a subculture there that loaded up on pizza, soft drinks, and junk food, took it all into the lab, and closed the door until long after daylight. I was an enthusiastic convert. ' This is about autodidacticism , a self learner. The lecturers and the faculties input to the process was bothing more than buying stuff of farnell and p[aying the utilities. Did the faculty earn their tenure on this? Nope.
  2. Yeah. Its nuts. Or make work scheme for public sector. Other countries illegal immigrants process is pretty straightforward - they are caught, locked up, kicked out. Im trying to push for a a fix fine for employing illegals. All business have a registered/liable person. Fined 10k for each illegal. Anyone employing an illegal without full citizenship is kicked out - and their dependents too.
  3. Ive only scanned the article - my autism spread condition means I dont concentrate for more than 1s. The gist of this is - Shoot first. You cant jail me, its not me, its my condition ...
  4. On the windrush ting and the like, the people pro-windrush were calling the Conservatives pursuit of illegal immigrants akin to Nazi. Err, they are fucking illegal. The should not be fucking here. Every other country kicks the fuckers out In a lot of other countries illegals end up dead FFS. Besides, Labour where pursuing similar agressive pursuit in 2009ish - as the total fuckup of open borders landed home. And surely this is more about the sheer competence of the home office/public sector in general.
  5. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    The FT has an article of the barrister Legal Aid strike. 'Oh terrbile. Woh is me!' https://www.ft.com/content/301728a2-4316-11e8-93cf-67ac3a6482fd And the cases affected? 'Edgaras Petkevictus, a 33-year-old Lithuanian accused of receiving stolen goods, had brought a letter from his solicitors explaining they had been unable to find a barrister for his case. Two hours earlier, Akisanya Borode, 56, a Briton charged with conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration, had shown the court an identical message. After contacting 20 chambers, his solicitors had failed to find an advocate for their client because of a strike by barristers.' The second one needs his citizenship.right to remain removing and kicking out. Why in cunts sake are we paying for this? No other fucking country in the world does this.
  6. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    No, realistic. If I didnt operate a filter Id spend my life going to different orgs and companies, listening to their moonbeam bollocks on who they want to do this and that. All for stupid cheap money. To avoid wasting my time,. Ive streamline my process: Gett a job description, location pay and benefits and T+Cs down in writing. Then a telephone interview. Then Ill come in for a face to face. Most orgs/companies fail on the first step.
  7. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    These sort of reports dont work like that. Its social science/economics; its junk. They pick someone to write a report. Anyone with half a brain will look at the facts - EErs with ~30% fothe income of the West - and say 'Somewhere between 0 and all of them' I bet the report did not even consider tax credits, which is why 90% of EEers are in the UK. Then the report would be reviewed and someone like Alasdair Campbell would say the numbers are too high. Its not the message Tony wants. The academic would protest. Theyd threaten to pull funding. Report is re-written. Then filed. The pint is the whole process and the people employed are a fucking waste of time and money. There's no fuckng point trying to guess stuuf, whether you are a professor or not.
  8. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    On no. These are companies interviewig me. Ive always took the line that interviews are two way processes - they hit me with questions and I hit them with questions. On a number of times Ive exposed members of the interview panel to be so shit that theyve lost their job.
  9. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    My interviewing and interviewee-ing ar fun! Ive managed to get a fair few interviewers sacked in a week or two after my interview.
  10. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    There's laods to do, always is. Problem is hte government is trying to pick whats to be done and who does it. In the case of the semi-retarded, Gordon Brown decided that EEers would come over and do thoese jobs. And be paid ~25k in benefitsto support them. We've basically got an expesnive, centrally planned economy. Of idiots.
  11. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    Well, then we run into the dumb degree premium. 30 years ago, a degree was rare and carrierd a bit of mystique.. In the 70s/80s people recruiting would have not had a degree, so might have given a grad the benefit of the doubt - 'Well hes a degree in scoiloiogy, he must be bright ..' Now, if the places where Ive worked, where everyone has a technical degree or two, there's no benefit of the doubt - 'So, if yiou are so bright why did you study Eng Lit?' Id add we dont interview non voc or any degree outside of maths + eng.
  12. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    This was the argument on the ToS, mainly by Whatits Bulbagri. He was a history lecturer/researcher. His pitch was good - he thinks there s demand/use for History graduates. Just not the not the number studying history. Ayatollah Bulgari
  13. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    You just shift the unemployment from ~18 to ~23.
  14. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    I got shot down for this on ToS. Make getting an A level Maths a requirement to enter HE. Poof! ~40% of students disappear. I choose Maths as its hard and abstract. Only a studious hard working person is going to pass. Im good with a graduate tax. m not good with pointless fucking, non vocational dgerees. There's no feed back between useless HE study and miney. This needs sorting ASAP - refer to the Bmouth Uni lecturers in sci fi films.
  15. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    Im not sure it is about hiding youth unemloyment. Bets case, you just delay it for 3 years. I think its all about the blind beleif that 'eudcation is a good thing' and public sector 'investment'. Both very much core to Browns bullshit. It seems to be back firing, massively. I know a large number of people n their mid to late 40s+ whos kids have gone to Uni, come back with ~50k of debt - some real, some student loan deferred tax, and are doing fuck all. Most of the parents never went to Uni. Some did, but did jobs unconnected to having a degree. Im not hearing 'Oh xxx went to Uni, hes got a really good job, doing really well' What I am hearing is 'xx is 25, has 50k of debt and no job'. To put this in context, most people know who have Uni age kids at ~45, started working at 16ish, popped kids out early to mid 20s. And would have bought a house by 25. They are looking at their kids who, at the same, age, have nothing. ~10 years is a fucking long time to delay going into the workplace whne the kid still has no fucking idea about what they are going to do, workwise. Also bear in mind there's three sets of disgruntled voters here - the student, the parent and the tax payer.