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  1. G204 Communities and regions should have the right to restrict inward migration when one or more of the following conditions are satisfied: a)The ecology of the recipient area would be significantly adversely affected by in-comers to the detriment of the wider community (eg. National Parks, Antarctica); b)The recipient area is owned or controlled by indigenous peoples (eg Australian aboriginal people) whose traditional lifestyle would be adversely affected by in-comers; c)The prospective migrants have, on average, equal or greater economic power than the residents of the recipient area and they or their families were not forced to leave the area in the recent past. So, Abos get to pick n choose but Dave in a Leeds tower block cant. And only poor people xan migrate. If youre rich you cant.
  2. Theyve pushed out Labour voters. The Labour ones that are are going to vote Con for Brexit, to get rid.
  3. Cuntbin, ready to serve https://expressinformer.com/jeremy-corbyn-tries-to-brush-off-revelation-that-his-nhs-dossier-was-part-of-russian-campaign/
  4. spygirl


    And get dads to kick in 300 maintenace. Plus cash in hand for 10h work. Easily 3k. Remember housing allowance
  5. One thing to keep in mind is the flood of EUers mainly roma into central Sheffied, pushing out Labour voters. Th numbers in sheffield are eyebrow raising.
  6. There was an abrubt stop in 77 when the Labour as was, as the party of the worker failed, with Labour pols failing to act as an intermediate. Despite claims otherwise, the lates 70s chaos n Thatcher had their roots in the oil crisis. Ted Heath failed could not manage, neither could Wilson. After winter of discontent n thatcher, Labour were destroyed, clueless. Having the loon Foot as leader just piled on fuckups. Kinnock came n headed an effort to nake Labour a centrist left party ala Europe. Most of his time was spent dealing with trots marxist and cretins. Cuntbin is a left over of that time. Not down to him being anygood but everyone inc the Trots thought he was thick n useless. Cons fell apart after 91 - black monday, david mellor... john smith was lined up to complete the process ..... sadly scotsman life style did for him. Enter the two idiots stage left.... Compare n contrast Labours cabinet in 97 with what makes up Cuntbins - thickhasbeens n laura pidock types.
  7. Uk working class are not left, in a dovialist sense. The Labour party used to be a big bag for a large number of people - collective workers coop, socialists, a few lost communist, methodist types, vegetarian, etc. Over time, some views held by core groups are quite right wing today i.e. tough love collective insurance. Labour have never been far left. Neither have they been aligned with Russia. Every working class Lzbour type thinks Cuntbin is a russian owned commie, in vlads pocket. Mix in hes islington and IRA and his interbational solidarity - total poison.
  8. 2009 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/fameandfortune/4272377/Former-Blue-Peter-star-Peter-Purves-talks-money.html Offset mortgage. Prime IO mortgage. Hes coming to 15 years, whuch us average io term.
  9. I dont know know a huge number of people, to tge extent i know the ins n outs of their finances. But i know 2 families, both with good jibs i.e. not suddenly redundant who had to sell the house to clear tgeir debts. Both had had the house 20 years. Neither were divorced.
  10. spygirl


    "They have a video of me walking from my front door to put out the rubbish in the bin and used that as evidence because I didn't use my walking stick," stunned Tracy said. Sooooo..... she knows theyve got a video. Dss dont tell till they confont the person, do shell know the exact reason why its dtopped. The money dtopped a couple of months ago. Full-time carer Tracy has severe arthritis and Darren has Spina bifida occulta as well as a non-alcohol chronic liver disease, which makes prolonged movement difficult. isnt it lovrly that people barely able to move can find love together......
  11. Over 75: Nicholas Parsons Under 75: Shane McGowan
  12. Putting a young kid on ritalin is like sending them off for random trial surgery. *ABSOLUTELY DONT DO THIS* It shows how fucked the and lazy the entire social work and NHS, and how they avoid the most fucking obvious reason - some fat munter whos on her mobile all the day rather than parenting the kid. Fuck knows what ritalin exposure will result in, 20 years down the line,. I doubtn itll be nice.
  13. Back to UC FB opage ... Pretty much every single poster has 'mental health issues' What they need to do is take the kids of them, give them to their partner or parents - better safe then sorry - and put the mentalist on JSA or in an asylum. The 'mental health crisis' is because you have millions of work dodgers pulling the 2010's bad back - anxiety.
  14. Benefits should providei a basic income whilst you sort yourself out. They should not encourage people to make stupid choices From UC FB Help, my ex was claiming the children's money, after two years of fighting I find ally got my first payment last week!! But after living on just my income support and the food banks for two years I need to know own who and how I can get some of this money back dated My ex has 2 children with him, 3 with me yet he was claiming it all and not handing a penny over. Do I go the benefits? Or do I have to take him, to court somehow? I have all the evidence etc and am now being paid but what about the last two years? Have taken out 2 5 grand loans with amigo, with no way ogpff paying back u less I get back dated money! Plus owe everyone, parking g fines, council tax credit cards, family and friends. I have a newborn baby, 3 teenagers. 1 with a brain tumor and myself have mental health issues. My social worker is trying but she hasn't a clue either. Any help or advice will be great.
  15. spygirl

    Pubs in December

    You joke but when I go into a Waitrose its now full of the doddery OAPS that stopped me going into MnS. The free coffee attracted the freeloading cunts like flies. Now they'll have to get rid of the,.