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  1. Theres a hoohaa as its rumoured that FOM will end dead on 31 Oct. Theres this org https://www.the3million.org.uk/about-us Niw 3m is the number of euers living in uk before ee ascension. Even with tgat laughably low fugure, thats still 3x more than ukers living in eu. The issue is purely about access to benefits n public services and the sheer number of lw paid eeers in the uk. If neither side correct that tgan brexit will roll on n on.
  2. No. On one level it was shit. I was doing 3 split shifts - 3h, 2h 3h. Started at 8am. Finished last shft at 11pm. On another i got to know much older girls - 5+ years.
  3. Thats work work. I washed pots at 13.
  4. I started sw at 20, working in summer. Then (90) everyone wa roughly my age. Few were more than 5 years older. As ive got older, so has everyone round me. I went to a HA qcon meeting a while back. I think youngest was mid 30s. Average was 45ish. No skateboards.
  5. Ah. Thats a really wierd place. They have nailed btl.
  6. Great to wotk for sw comoany. I want nice chair, aeron ideally. And a window i can open. And proper coffee mc n water cooler.
  7. What rough area of work n money?
  8. Otherwise known as your mams fanny.
  9. This is the most dammning you can get. New yorker tv review. All high brow n waspy. https://www.newyorker.com/tag/television Rave review about grantchester (itv) Then a feature on love island (itv) Past years were chocker with downton abbey. Some ch4 joint ventures - catch 22, black mirror. Rest hbo n netflix. Absolutely nothing nada thats come from bbc. No fucker watches anything ar dr who. What a fucking useless org.
  10. Grumpy! Ive done really hard jobs - 24h solid work with knives n guts n ice. Luckily the hard bit only last til fish were cleaned, then i went back to lolling in my cab. I learnt there is no link between hard work n pay. I also learnt that share fishing only worked for the pleb for a very short period - 50s yil late 70s. Ive also not eaten fish since.
  11. Thats the crux. The uk has the most nuts generous non contrib working age benefits going - if youve got kids and hit dome magic conditions. Depending where you go, 30-50% of tge population has retired by 30.
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    Nope. Its like a big swiss railway clock - white face, with solid black ticks. For whatever random reason the bathroom one seems to adjust at 545am when im having a piss. I guess my bulk boosts the reception. I do have several casio watches, thankfully not like your joe90-cum-porn star ones. I used to get gshocks with waveceptor. Now i only buy solar waveceptors with compass. I buy a new one every 3-4 years, so have several on my watch tree. I get them b grade off a casio return site, which reduces sticker shock.
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    How many thats did she have?
  14. Yeah. Its a pitbull.
  15. Ah yes. 'staffies' Which are almost lab size n 10stone....
  16. My LA has s propery development arm, providing funding to the LA. And legal centre, where they offer legal advice. They do not seem to be aware of the term conflicts of interest
  17. Pretty much every adopt a dog i see tends to be some mix of pitbull/staffy/bull terrier. The blurbs goes - Tyson is an active boy. Would suit a family with no children or other pets... Bit like human adoption. You rarely get nice, well balanced kids in foster homes. Jaxzon is a lively teen. Would suit family with no sharp objects or matches.
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    Jim's Jalopy

    Ah but it will. You have dealers hooked in and stock managed automagically.
  19. Which donors? You are making the daft assumption LL made. Companies dont vote.
  20. spygirl

    Jim's Jalopy

    In the age of internet, dealer networks are no longer essential. All he needs is a robust transmission and a strong chassis to hang the wheels off. Engines are too specialist. He needs a mount and to buy one in in from Cummins or yamaha. The rest is just coach building.
  21. I would hazard there are a lot of businesses built on TC slush money. With UC being rolled out, there are cuts to the cash being paid out. Lots of tnese inflatable n kids play areas were pure single mum gossip groups. Sshecure....
  22. From a comment from ToS, I joined a FB UC survival group. Going by posters, it really ought to be called young single mum pouring money in a hole in the ground. The money being given to single parents is insane, typical claims on uc alone run from 1500- 2500. Then theres healthcare n schooling. They really need to structure working age benefit as a loan, paid back by bumping up retirement age.
  23. spygirl

    Jim's Jalopy

    Yes. Away from tweedy farmers everyone prefers toyota land cruisers over lr.
  24. Clean up crew to Aisle I(sis) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7367845/British-extremist-known-Supermarket-Jihadi-kills-suicide-bombing-Syria.html
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    Jim's Jalopy

    Jimmy nearly came close to going bust and taking a few banks down ~10 years ago. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-7367423/Billionaire-Sir-Jim-Ratcliffe-close-deal-build-new-4x4-UK.html How will this end? Can you make money from a low volume car production? Id have thought the testing makes small production prohibitive. But then theres Morgan. Will JLR sue? Will he actually make something new n good? Or just a Chinesium knockoff??? WIll it go all DeLorean?