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  1. No, they are. Any EUer not visiting needs to have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance. https://www.freemovement.org.uk/comprehensive-sickness-insurance-what-is-it-and-who-needs-it/ This was brought in by the EU because of the NHS, where theres no element of private/wage contribution Confusingly, EEA citizens and their family members are allowed to use the NHS in the UK, but according to the Home Office the NHS does not count as Comprehensive Sickness Insurance. In the one case that has been decided in the higher courts on this point, the Home Office won its argument. For an EEA citizen or family member who needs Comprehensive Sickness Insurance, therefore, they need to show something more than merely that they can use the NHS if or when they need it. The EHIC is only valid for people visiting, not resident. Any resident Euers - one with a job or kids or with a resi address *needs* CSI. Any EUer without CSI is breaching the European laws. Im reasonably hot on this as years as I had to sit with HR and go thru this years ago, mainly for visiting yanks (it was an American company) and they wen thru the saw laws for Euers in the UK too. I have met a total of 1 - count them Euers who had CSI, an anal swisser who went thru all the paper work.
  2. Thats an Object Id. The MIB is the config at the other end.
  3. If the UK is such a waste land of poverty and despair then how come 10m Euers -+2m are here pus another 7m misc. other countries.
  4. https://undocs.org/A/HRC/41/39/Add.1 BBy The Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, undertook a mission to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 5 to 16 November 2018. Although the United Kingdom is the world’s fifth largest economy, one fifth of its population (14 million people) live in poverty, and 1.5 million of them experienced destitution in 2017. Policies of austerity introduced in 2010 continue largely unabated, despite the tragic social consequences. Close to 40 per cent of children are predicted to be living in poverty by 2021. Food banks have proliferated; homelessness and rough sleeping have increased greatly; tens of thousands of poor families must live in accommodation far from their schools, jobs and community networks; life expectancy is falling for certain groups; and the legal aid system has been decimated. The social safety net has been badly damaged There were no austerity policies introduced in 2010.
  5. Philip Alston, the UN rapporteur on extreme poverty, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_poverty In 2018, extreme poverty widely refers to an income below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day (in 2011 prices, equivalent to $2.12 in 2018), set by the World Bank. This is the equivalent of $1.00 a day in 1996 US prices, hence the widely used expression "living on less than a dollar a day".[3] The vast majority of those in extreme poverty — 96 percent — reside in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the West Indies, East Asia, and the Pacific; nearly half live in India and Chinaalone.[4] As of 2018, it is estimated that the country with the most people living in extreme poverty is Nigeria, at 86 million.[1][5][6] Extreme poverty is a term used in people doing disaster and development work. Think skeleton kids, eating grass. This bloke is making it up, and taking the piss. Someone in the UN crisis/proper poverty team need to blast him. Immiseration is very strange word to use. In Marxist theory and Marxian economics, the immiseration thesis (also referred to as emiseration thesis) is derived from Karl Marx's analysis of economic development in capitalism, implying that the nature of capitalist production stabilizes real wages, reducing wage growth relative to total value creation in the economy, leading to worsening alienation in the workplace.
  6. UC is only being trialled, for some claimants, in some areas. Hes making it all up.
  7. Ive just had a LibDem 'Vote remain? Vote libdem' ad on FB!!!! The responses do not bode well for either LibDem or Remain.
  8. This, basically. See my brexit post 2016 ToS. Browns idiot tax credits and Labours idiot migration open door. Rather than offerign a sane fix - TC reforms (which was blocked by a LibDem - an unelected LibDem peer FFS), simple 5 year to claim benefits, and a bring in a simple register of all migrants, Eu or not, , resident in the UK.. EU has it hand in that. There's no way those fucking idiot cannot see that the UK is getting lion share of all intra EU migration.. SO, what next? Do yo u think the UK will move to a more open door migration policy? Or will it swing to a very hard migration policy - no benefits, charge for schooling? 99.99% of EU mgirants are here ilelgally, under current EU laws - they need to have bought a CSI policy to cover healthcare costs. Ive onyl met a single EU migrant who has bought CSI. He was Swiss.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48363772
  10. No, these are not the green carders, prentendign to program computers These are the Indians and Pakistanis who are coming in, illegally from the south. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-indians/indians-arrested-for-illegally-entering-u-s-nearly-triples-idUSKCN1M82SZ
  11. Well .... large number of of people turning up at the US's borders are Indian and Pakistanis, as well as central Americans. It seems the reverse is true - places where the US is not bombing throw up the most migrants.
  12. Assuming they are correct - and the DM does tend to get some things nailed https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7057365/Banks-food-supplier-pursue-Jamie-Oliver-personally-debts.html Revealed: Jamie Oliver's restaurant empire lost £29million in one year - £5m more than it made in an entire DECADE - as banks 'plan to go after TV chef personally for millions in debts' Personal guarantees .. maybe the bit about being dyslexic is true then. Im not sure ow you manage to lose so much. I guess they had management and finance leaching off the business.
  13. Im OK with normal porn and just have chips n beer.
  14. "I ask what wrong did we do?" the family told us as they packed up their bags. "But we won't give up. We know that God will deliver. Err . Not paid rent. Not having right to remain. Why not go back to Nigeria and let God deliver there? I bet its not God paying for those kids to be born in the NHS or school. And, assuming they had 'processional jobs' then why could they not have rented a house?
  15. COmented on another thread. Its most likely tha tthe trustee is very ver yconfused about the maths. and libailities. From comments: Something very disturbing in this article. The Scheme Actuary advises Trustees on the effect of the actuarial basis used for the valuation, but the Trustees decide on the choice of basis. That is the law. Deficits are not based on "Actuarial Rules", but emerge as part of the relationship between liabilities, which depends the basis chosen, and the assets. The Scheme Actuary would have indicated the expected deficit on more than one basis to the Trustees. Such bases have to be prudent, and therefore should tend to overstate liabilities, rather than to understate them. Read the Pension Regulators' bulletins on this, if you doubt it. What Professor Hutton describes as "an error in the retirement rate" in respect to early retirements appears to have been a margin of prudence. If such margins manifest themselves, the Trustees can choose a basis which removes that margin. However, if what Prof Hutton has spotted is a blip, then by weakening the reserve, the Scheme will actually under reserve, which is imprudent. One wonders if Professor Hutton has adequately understood the Regulators' TKU requirements. Any scheme can, in theory, cut all its margins to the bone. That is reckless, and can put you in "BHS Land". Acturaries are many things. Fly is not one. It is scandalous that USS beneficiaries are bleeding the HE sector dry with 25%-plus employer contributions (ultimately at the expense of students and the taxpayer) when we mere mortals (who pay for them) in the private sector have to manage on single figure contributions. High time it was stopped and brought into the real world. Same thing goes for unfunded public sector PAYG pension esp. Teachers, Police and FIre service pensions. We'll reach a point within 10 years where the pension have to be declared involved and defaulted on.
  16. And another Nigerian. Again, the HE sector is fucking over the tax payer with this sort of fuckwittery https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/asylum-seekers-evicted-christian-church-16304181 A Christian church has won a legal battle to evict a family of asylum seekers who have lived there rent free for two years. All Nations Church in Hemlington has housed the Nigerian family of five in its adjoining four-bedroom caretaker's house since 2006. But their status as asylum seekers only became known to church authorities a decade later, in 2016, with the family living for free since then until they were turfed out on Monday. Home Office rules mean their status as asylum seekers prevents them from paying rent to the church. "I ask what wrong did we do?" the family told us as they packed up their bags. "But we won't give up. We know that God will deliver." The eviction has divided the congregation, with one member telling Teesside Live she is "saddened and sickened" by the church "turning their back". The family includes a married couple and their three children, aged eight, nine and 11. They moved here on a student visa, achieving university degrees and working in professional jobs. Oh the irony of the church getting. They dont like it up em, do they? http://www.anc-middlesbrough.co.uk/welcome/mission/
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-48315469 Middlesbrough has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in England and Wales. But for one 16-year-old from the town, getting pregnant saved her life. Robyn used to "get mortal" (drunk) and "end up at random parties". But when she was pregnant, she vowed to change. She stopped drinking and smoking marijuana, saying: "I used to be pretty crazy. Being pregnant has calmed me down." Teen births have been falling nationally but rising in Middlesbrough. Robyn's mother Shelly recalls one night when the police arrived at the house - yet again. "It was around midnight and the police knocked on the door - they were bringing Robyn home from a party. "She'd drunk an entire bottle of vodka at an unknown man's flat, passed out, got into the bath and was found sprawled naked on the living room floor. She was 15." . . . Shelly said: "Robyn is actually the fourth generation of teen mams in our family. Robyn says society has a double standard when it comes to boys and girls There is in indeed Robin with a Y. Boyd are meant to pay tax for all your work dodging fuckwittery
  18. He's still living, unlike several 100 UK squaddies and several 10k of Ayrabs.
  19. I dont. Too close to boro to know how this stuff pans out. This isnt some poor drafted marin out in Vietnam, whos stumbled into smack. This girls will have bunked off school and be pissing around. Im guessing she was addicted under 16. That takes a really special kind of dosser. She should have been sectioned then and there.
  20. You might want to get yourself a large beer https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/206806-tax-credit-sad-face/
  21. Suppressed wages, as wave after wave of EE keeps wages down to NMW. And they get subbed by TCas and HB. A large number of plants are pure EE only. Any other EUer or UKer has zilch chance of getting a job. And, yes, the flood of mainly EEers is mainly why the Brexit vote happened.. Heres one of my posts from 215, where I correctly guess the vote, use Brexit for the first time (Id only seen the term usd in obscure ue bond bulletin boards). https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/210123-the-official-brexit-remain-thread-all-new-threads-will-be-merged-into-this-one/
  22. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/17453107.ferryhill-mum-fraudulently-claimed-12000-in-child-tax-credits/?ref=fbshr&fbclid=IwAR3kU34nIgCDM6wnTk1HRNDMA6rGJnvEmIZ5g_Ob-vMkeY_9AgwdZKJHa6Y A MOTHER-of-three has been handed a suspended jail sentence for continuing to claim thousands of pounds worth of child tax credits despite her children being taken into care. Gemma Wetherell, 23, became eligible for the benefits to help raise her children in 2011 from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and also claimed housing benefit from Durham County Council. Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court heard this week that Wetherell, of Lightfoot Terrace, Ferryhill, County Durham, received a total of £12,167.19 in fraudulent benefit claims between 2016 and 2017. Wetherell, who is expecting her fourth child to be born next month, accepted she had made no attempts to adjust her benefit payments as her “head was not in the right place” after having her three children taken into care. Keith Laidlaw, prosecuting, said: “She was in receipt of child tax credits from 2011 on the grounds that her children were living with her and in her care. She was also in receipt of housing benefit. 23 - (2019-2011) = 15 Maybe its a cunning plan to get around the 2 child limit?
  23. Cough *his relations* cough
  24. Why not have checkouts staffed by attractive topless 21yo girls? Then I'll willingly use the tills. I like self checkouts. Ive yet to have one confused by me offloading load of copper n silver into the machine whereas the average TEsco till monkey loses it with a few bits of loose change.