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  1. Mate of mine had a startup. Trustpilot's salesmen kept calling him and trying to blackmail him he told me. It was basically along the lines of "look if you don't sign up and pay us £x,xxx per year we can't help you with any negative reviews you might start receiving" He eventually told them to get fucked.
  2. With you on the damaged women heading to seeking.com. Think we're the deluded ones on here if we think it's full of hot young rational high class 20 year olds who are only fucking chads for money and dinners rather than a bunch of damaged money hungry whores fucking dirty old men. Would love to know what % of women use tinder et al. Impossible to know I guess. Did find this stat which is enough reason to never sign up as a bloke unless you're a giga chad: Do you know how hard it was when typing that not to mention him? Was going to include "60 year old semi-tramp who tak
  3. Why I got an e-bike and not a scooter. We need more exercise not less. Scooters are also shit for going up hills. Had a commercial bike share thing around here, not sure if it's still going. The students would cycle them from their campus at the top of the hill and then dump then at the bottom and walk/bus back...cause "effort". Instead of having all these bikes spread around the city they all ended up same spot at the bottom of a hill. The scheme is pretty much abandoned. They are now trying to bring in a e-scooter share scheme. Exactly the same thing will happen. Fucking morons.
  4. There's a lot this. You have to imagine how fucked up a hot 20 year old girl must be to go on the game, who could have life on easy mode with the halo effect, but decides fucking some obese never washed 60 old semi-tramp with half his teeth missing, shit for breath, cock covered in god knows what for £100 or so is a better alternative.
  5. The entire video was anti-white, could only watch 7 mins of the shite. No wonder there's a generation of brainless 20 year olds who hate whites in the US if they have that shite forced down their throats. Hmm I wonder ((( who ))) owns NBC... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_L._Roberts Every. Single. Time.
  6. gibbon

    Crazy markups

    Spain and Poland, so you can avoid paying VAT + import duties while in the EU. I assume the Chinese sellers pick these two countries as it's easier to smuggle in shipping containers and bribe officials.
  7. I know loads of birds who are well into 30s refusing to get off the cock carousel. Once they've had that much dick I assume they get addicted to the buzz of new relationshits and have destroyed their ability to pair bond. Add in their shitty personalities which they've never been called out on, for a guy who dates one means you can't win. Don't call her out on her BS and she'll eventually consider you a simp and ditch you. Start calling her out on it and you'll spend the rest of your life arguing. It's like a dog which has spent most of it's life mistreated that it can never be rehoused.
  8. gibbon

    Crazy markups

    I'd imagine a huge part of that £1200 is solely allocated to marketing. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if it cost them £300+ to acquire 1 customer/sell 1 pram. They'll need to be paying off a lot of influencers, mum magazines etc When looking to buy something my buying process is aliexpress -> ebay -> amazon to try and avoid the "brand tax"
  9. Could be the guy? https://www.facebook.com/blagovest.hadjigueorguiev.7
  10. I'll add, one of the top tube sites, which is part of the same company which owns most the studios, did a AMA on reddit. Someone asked why they were pushing incest porn, they replied that it was an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. "oh vey! not wanting to watch incest porn is ANTI-SEMITIC goyim!". No one even mentioned jews. Hard to take advice from someone who produces this...
  11. I paddled down the river Avon with my missus once. Isn't what it's cracked up to be.
  12. Yup sitting on your tod drinking a cheap can while staring at the tv isn't even comparable as going to a proper old school pub where people are more than happy to have a chat and laugh with you. I reckon the lack of male spaces like pubs are really fucking over young men. Nearly every young bloke I see with a girl the bloke is off the scale effeminate. There's no difference in mannerisms between the them and the blokes always have high pitched "gay voice" and seem over-excitable just like the bird. Instead of going down the pub and being surrounded by other men including older more "
  13. I remember having a drink with one of the last Cockneys when I lived in London early 2000s. He must have been in his 50s/60s. He was a tiler from what I can recall. Was telling me how they watched their communities getting colonised by blacks. How when you saw the fried chicken shops getting closer and closer you knew you had to move again.
  14. Happened to most the pubs round here. Used to be some quality drinking dives. Now all £5-£6 pint "craft" bollocks full of skinny jeans wankers with "gay voice". One place even has the balls to only do 2/3rd pints at £5 a go. I found one, full of regulars and old timers. £1.50 a pint. Hasn't been re-decorated since the 70s. Like something off the Sweeney. No food apart from some rolls (if you're lucky). Darts. Karaoke on weekend. Most the chat isn't any different than on here. Sick of gimmigrants, the violence etc. Working class ex labour voters, even some ex labour councillors/activist
  15. Fonts are an improvement. I don't like how there's no longer any shading between different elements, posts etc everything is now white and merges into itself.
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