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  1. It's something like 85% of all households are claiming at least one benefit. Men aren't net contributors until then earn over £30kish. Women...fuck knows, i'd imagine 99% of them will never pay in more than they take out. Top 1% of all earners pay 27% of all income taxes. Top 10% fuck knows but wouldn't be surprised if it was something like 75%. Largest share of the money the government steals off us is via PAYE. So basically employed men on PAYE who earn say over £40k are paying for scummy mummies, gimmigrants and the rest of the feckless scum bags to live the life of Riley.
  2. So how long until all the huge "scummy mummy maximise your bennies" FB groups and mumsnet will just advise people to select the rape option and one of the few laws that tried to stop them shitting out babies for cash was all for nothing?
  3. In that case what's stopping all the scummy mummies who are maximising their bennies just putting down any additional children after 2 being from rape?
  4. LOL @ a house price crash....yeah like the "crash" in 2008 when they took 4 years to return briefly to their historic mean...for about a month...before shooting back up again. We got fuck all in this country apart from housing and finance. 80% of all money creation here is via mortgages and all the growth in them since 2008 has been via BTL ones. There ain't going to be no fucking real crash. Why do people keep this delusion up it's just fucking boring now.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if house prices actually increased. Govt will bring in new HTB, covering 90% of the loan.
  6. Been enjoying my e-bike on the empty roads! Already want more range though, I reckon with pedal assist most I get is 23 miles, so only really can go 10 miles in any direction. Also the last 5 miles or so the voltage drops and it becomes a bit of a slog. Reckon I can build an external 10ah battery pack like in that photo for about £50 and more than double the range. Gearing is shit on it. Need to put on a bigger chainring as with the current one I can't pedal faster than 12mph. Gonna swap it for a 58T. Got overtook on the flat by a non-electric brompton which I wasn't happy about. Already found a lovely route yesterday which is nearly all cycle path which takes me past a quiet church on the edge of the city, perfect spot to chill out in the sun and read my kindle in the church yard without a single chav nor yummie mummy with kids in sight.
  7. Forget she was the lead on that. Amazing you can fuck up that badly and still become top dog.
  8. 17.5% VAT on £100 would be £17.50, so just half it right if you're working out VAT on £50 so £8.75 VAT. £50 - £8.75 = £41.25 right? Then again your maths looks fancy so I'm probably wrong. Can someone who can add up please tell us the real answer?
  9. E-bike? NHS is the new religion. Don't know why they should be so revered for doing their jobs, how many tens of thousands bright things every year miss out on a place on a medical degree course. Doctors aren't doing us a fucking favour, they are lucky to having the chance to get paid fucking well to do an interesting rewarding job. Yup less coppers on a night shift in most cities than there are McDonalds workers. Remember that poster child copper in Devon who quit saying that 2 of them were expected to cover half the county on a night shift.
  10. Does it matter? They'll just continue to extort money out of council tax payers. Their disgustingly large pensions to staff will be paid even if it means people can't afford to eat.