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  1. @The Idiocrat think you've broken the system as it won't even let me quote you now! Well mgtow is a option but if I was a young lad I'd box smart and try to find "ins", either through groups, hobbies, sidelines that sort of thing. Put myself in a situation where im regularly meeting young women. Or go somewhere you value is higher like abroad. I could cold approach women all day long, get rejected and not even notice. My results though would still be crap and at the end of the day and I wasn't put on this earth to be rejected by basic bitches and big up their ego. No man is. Your second paragraph is basically you're getting dates from online dating, so doesn't really have much to do with cold approaching. You're in the top x percentage of men as most get the square root of fuck all online let alone dates.
  2. 100% serious. Long gone are the days where you might have been the only bloke to chat her up all week/month, so she might at least give you the benefit of the doubt. Now they are getting offers every second from every chad and minor celeb within 50 miles all from her smartphone. Just because you do an approach in "real life" doesn't mean shit to your average smart phone addicted young woman. She's got blokes, all better than you, filling her inbox up every second of every day. The sooner men keep some self respect and stop cold approaching the better.
  3. If you're talking about cold approaching I don't think that's sound advice anymore. Chatting up some bird you don't know out the blue will quickly get you labelled (in her head) as the biggest creep/simp going and you'll receive nothing but rejection in the nastiest terms "fuck off and leave me alone". This is because "hawt" chads don't approach women anymore, women approach these alphas via tinder/instagram et al or social situations where you're already familiar. If you're approaching birds in a situation you're not pre-selected then you're a complete loser in their eyes. Going up to some bird 1950s fashion isn't considered romantic anymore, it's considered an arrestable offence.
  4. Isn't it called "garden raiding" or something? So is this actually a thing/common practice?
  5. The media at some point changed their tune about Farage and now they love him. Do you lot honestly think whoever the media champion has our best interests at heart? UKIP and Batten for me.
  6. Oh yeah definitely some keepers about, you gotta dig deep to find them though and the issue is you don't really know what they're like until they can use something against you, when it's often too late. Only way to be safe is go extremely slowly and never marry in any case unless she has a lot more to lose than you do.
  7. More power you give a bird over you more your life is going to be hell. Stupidly once upon a time I moved into a gf's place, the niceties lasted about 2 days before she turned into a raging cunt. Two weeks later I packed my bags. Remember going back up the gym afterwards and telling one of my training partners about it, seeing as my head was still spinning and he just said bluntly "You moved into HER place, what the fuck did you think was going to happen?". He was right. Marriage is like putting your balls in vice and expecting her i.e. "the biggest teenager in the house" not to turn the handle.
  8. gibbon

    Money from TAT

    I was at some huge flea market recently while they were filming one of those bargain hunt programs. Was full of overpriced shite sold to gullible boomers with nothing better to do and too much money. The whole basis of these programs is fucking stupid anyway, try to make a profit by buying at retail and then selling wholesale. Anyone who watches that crap must be retarded or something.
  9. Yup that's what I was alluding too with the 80% divorce rate, you'll end up paying for everything and she'll still fuck off. Only way is not marry them and keep your shit. Pay for meals, mortgage, bills etc but no marriage. If she fucks off she fucks off and least you'll keep your shit. Think it's important not to allow them to pay any bills as it could give them a claim on your house. If I was rich this is the game I'd be playing. Zero upside to marriage (for a man).
  10. Same here, I'd be more than happy knowing a woman was using me for my money i.e. security, which is attainable for most men rather than being some Tinder Chad which is 100% genetic, so only for the top 10% of men, while the other 90% become incels. Sadly in this country I'd imagine you'd have to be top 0.5% of earners to be able to afford to have a stay at home wife, secondly I think Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world, something like 80%.
  11. Don't doubt there's load of debauchery with the crews on large cruise ships, just reckon that article is 80% made up fiction writing.
  12. That reads like some 18 year olds interns creative writing project.
  13. I reckon a week long coastal cruise like @Frank Hovis mentions would be fun. On the other hand spending a week crossing the atlantic would do my nut in just staring at the endless sea all day long. I'd love to do one of those flotilla sailing holidays.
  14. Gotta say this S21 abolition is extra good news. Add on the letting agent fees ban coming into force in June (my current letting agents are now charging £400 tenancy fee! try getting that out a slumlord you cunts), brexit and the recession 90% of experts think we're due in the next 1-2 years there's going to be a fucking blood bath in BTL. I honestly can't fucking wait.