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  1. A used car unlike a wife doesn't have the potential to ruin the rest of your life or at the very least leave deep mental scarring. The number of her previous sexual partners directly correlates to the chance of getting divorced. Why wife up the village bike knowing that there's a 70%+ chance you'll end up getting destroyed financially, losing your house, seeing your kids twice a week, them being raised by another man and most likely turned against you. Even if you don't get married, you'll still end up with a miserable unstable bi-polar whore.
  2. This is it. She'll still have millions of cucks with zero pride or standards willing to wife it up even though she's be ran through by 1,000s of men "the past is the past dear". But she doesn't want one of those, she wants the "hawt" 30 year old millionaire who doesn't have to settle for a blown out cum dumpster.
  3. Any ideas what? Month or two ago I started doing food delivery few hours a week on my ebike for one of those apps. Quite enjoy it, no stress, bit of fitness...easy money. Before the app update you couldn't see where the customer was when offered a job. Quite a few times I ended up delivering 10kg/£30 of McD Happy Meals and other shit to fat 4x4 scummy mummies in their free council house on a sink estate at 2pm on a Monday. Opening the door in their PJs.
  4. The housing ponzi and sub division of the housing stock will continue. I've seen planning applications to turn 1 bed flats into 2 studios. Aren't we sat on potentially some of the largest tidal and off shore wind energy resources in the world? We could have plentiful cheap energy. Sadly we're also one of the most corrupt in the world. The severn tidal barrage was killed by the owners of avonmouth port buying off politicians. They also manage to buy the entire ports freehold and 5,000 acres for a piss taking £10 million by bunging the local mayor £10k. So no...heavy industry ain't ev
  5. I was going to a dental training school for a few years, it was great, everything gets overseen by a professor, your teeth get thoroughly checked out each time. If there's one near you I recommend going. Problem with NHS is the fucked up incentives created in the 90s. They are basically paid to ruin your mouth i.e. "digging for gold", NHS dentistry now filled with foreigners from low trust societies happy to fuck you over for £££ and disappear back to their own country after 5 years to avoid any comeback. They gamed the system at the expense of patients dental health. Not that our own wer
  6. That scam doesn't work anymore as UC set a minimum income floor for the self employed. Scummy mummies can no longer pretend to be making £50 a week walking their mates dogs (and visa versa) to get full access to bennies, as they get put down as making the NMW regardless.
  7. As @nirvanamentioned I got a small electric folder Fiido D2S. Was only £400 delivered pre covid. Done a lot of upgrades, most off aliexpress. Is great fun, started doing ubereats deliveries on it part time, getting paid to have a enjoyable cycle and improve my fitness.
  8. Just go direct to source and get a battery from aliexpress at half the cost of ebay. Chamrider are the only legit seller on there though. I'm doing a similar mod as you suggest. My controller and battery are inside the frame. Have ordered a extra 36v 10ah battery. Will make two extension leads one for the internal battery and one for the controller. Take these extension cables to a waterproof bag hung on the pannier or saddle post, which will also house the extra battery. Batteries can then be swapped over when juice runs low on one by just swapping the connectors in the bag, avoiding the
  9. I imagine it's the monthly subs where they make the most profit.
  10. gibbon

    Tune Out

    No idea, I blocked it all remember as I no longer give a monkeys either way. Here's the links: BeGone: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/begone/mmenhhmlobbeemaigfgkkaaahgcjahhh Youtube Distraction Free: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/df-tube-distraction-free/mjdepdfccjgcndkmemponafgioodelna NextDNS: https://nextdns.io/ Good work, I used to use AdBlock back in the day to block parts of YT before the custom extensions to do the same job came out. I moved from Google to DuckDuckGo long ago though as like you I couldn't stand all the extra junk o
  11. gibbon

    Tune Out

    Used to..clown world. But it's just not funny anymore and starts to chip away at you. The best thing to say to these cultural marxists nutters who believe the daily shite they are fed by them from some PR twitterarti cunt in London is: I don't care. Kids starving in Africa? I don't care. Economic migrants drowning in the channel? Couldn't give a fuck mate.
  12. gibbon

    Tune Out

    I think covid was the last straw for me. They couldn't even manage to stick to the story, apparently everyone's dropping like flies from the deadly virus with hospitals at breaking point while while at the same time hundreds of tiktok videos of dancing nurses are getting pumped out every day with empty hospitals in the background. I reckon this is how living in communism must have been, you see something with your own eyes yet are told by TPTB the complete opposite. I'm more sick of hearing the lies than the lies themselves. Doesn't matter if you disagree or can prove the PR mind-benders
  13. gibbon

    Dyson wtf

    I'm doing a good job of avoiding the news and covid shit. Please tell me you're joking
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