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  1. Bastards. Have to be nginx/apache config job.
  2. gibbon


    Paging @stokiescum, she's sniffing around elsewhere mate
  3. Nice one, that's being on the ball!
  4. @spunko Don't know if you've already done it but might be worth blocking the wayback machine via the robots.txt archiving the forum. I imagine more people have been fucked over by that website alone than all others put together.
  5. gibbon

    South Africans

    My regular drinking partner for years was a white saffer. Great guy, always had your back. Hard worker. Very direct and opinioned although still with plenty of charm, so good company. The stories about SA were mental as well. A look into our future no doubt. If I was going into battle he'd definitely be in my platoon.
  6. Most accurate post on this thread I reckon. Never found Brighton to be anything special and London is grim for birds. Yeah theres loads of hot birds in London as you walk around but as you say most are tourists. The girls who actually live there are then either looking for a super rich sugar daddy or the other extreme of a Tyrone drug dealing rapper. They definitely aren't there for a normal bloke. The women it pulls in on are full hypergamy, good luck having a successful life long relationship with some bird who was full on sex in the city in her 20s in London and fucked a few football teams worth of rich Chads and low life gansta thugs. I've done well with EE/Polish women. They seem to appreciate well put together men more, are more open/friendly to conversion, whereas our women at best just act like snarcy cunts if you put any effort in and at worst act like you're raping them if you even dare to look in their general direction (unless you're Chad of course). If I was single I'd be direct to source in a shot and move over to EE if I wanted to find someone.
  7. gibbon


    Dam can't find it, sure it was on the times/telegraph site. However if you duckduckgo it every other site says only 1 in 5 working age Muslims are in full-time employment. Lots of other figures out there however i.e. lies saying only 7% are unemployed. Thing is they don't include economically inactive as unemployed the sneaky fuckers. You've got the guardian saying less than 20% are in full time employment
  8. gibbon


    Agree there's lots of Wayne and Waynettas also taking the piss, maybe even more so in absolute terms but completely disagree with you that Mo and Fatima are scapegoats. Muslims modus operandi here is living off benefits provided mostly by the indigenous of this country. This is proved by the fact 82% of working age muslims are unemployed. Also Wayne and Waynettas might be cunts but least they are our cunts. Can't remember off hand what percentage of muslims want Sharia law here but it's high, something like 50%?
  9. gibbon


    Automation has also played a role. Where say 2 people were involved in a certain process, some automation has come along and wiped out 50% of one persons job. They've then given one person the boot and given the remaining 50% of their workload onto the "lucky" still employed bod, who's now doing 150% of the workload.
  10. gibbon


    They work you like a dog for 30k these days let alone 50k and will put a broom up your ass so you can sweep the floor at the same time. There's too many overqualified people chasing too few good jobs, which isn't surprising seeing as they hand degrees out like confetti now.
  11. gibbon


    I think it will continue, they'll just keep printing money and making everyone poorer. We've already reached the first point in history where the next generations since the boomers are poorer. I think this trend will continue. If the money tap gets turned off Fatima and Mo are going to kick the fuck off and turn this country into the next Lebanon. Yup, as a single man there's fuck all out there unless you're swinging the lead on disability. You're better off disappearing from the system altogether.
  12. gibbon


    Exactly, why work yourself into an early grave as some office johnny being treated like a right cunt for £30k renting a shitty little studio flat you can barely afford while Fatima and Mo just off the boat are bringing in close to £100k a year, free council house etc whilst barely being able to speak English. You either need work hard and go big, £100k a year min employed or own business or just not bother.
  13. Cheers that's made my day. I notice Robin Boardman-Pattinson was in the crowd. Surprised someone didn't accidentally give him a dig in all the confusion
  14. Is that a YT video? Got a link? i've got twatter blocked