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  1. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yup sausage fest. Pretty typical of your standard club night these days. Those blokes are basically Tinder rejects or haven't realised yet the game has changed. Need to hit the gym, get the six pack, possible get on the juice. Get the insta followers up. That's how you get chicks now. Least via Tinder they don't have to deal with shit beer anymore and if they work hard at the gym they get a good body out of it vs late nights, beer belly, hangovers and empty bank accounts. Obviously they have a lot higher chance now of coming away with nothing, but hey, spend a week on Tinder if you don't get any interest you can put that to bed and spend your energies on building a business or career. Wish I had done that in my 20s rather than chase skirt. As mentioned the photographer really messed up there, normally it would be a few close up shots of the 5 girls in attendance, and they normally they do this blurry background thing so you can't see that club is rammed full of sausage behind them. Told my mate in his mid 20s how girls in clubs used to make it known if they liked you, would keep looking over at you, smile at you, dance next to you etc. He thought I was having him on!
  2. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Modern woman get's her insta deleted:
  3. gibbon

    Operation Nookie 60

    Need to leave Mr Nice guy behind you TONA. Taking someone else's dog for a walk and picking up it's shit? Fuck that. Buying some bird you're not shagging meals? Fuck no. When she started droning on about her ex you need to cut that shit out immediately "i'm not here to talk about your ex". If she continues then you leave. The whole dating thing is just putting too much power in a birds hands anyway. Going to bars is shit. Invite her round to make you tea and sandwiches while you work on your car. Tell her to meet you up the gym, even if she's a cunt you still get a workout. Get her to help you buy a new suit or whatever. Put yourself first. If you have to do drinks make it somewhere close. When I was dating I'd meet birds at a pub (not my local) 2 mins down the road from me. If it's a shit date i'd end it and walk home, 2 mins later I'm back home doing something productive. Worst thing I've lost If they wanted to meet up somewhere else and start negotiating then they can do one. Put yourself first for gods sake.
  4. gibbon

    Architects: a licence to print money

    There's a lot of professions which have it easy/take the piss out of the rest of us: doctors/nurses/teachers/firemen/council officers. Wouldn't put architects anywhere near that list.
  5. gibbon

    Architects: a licence to print money

    Read a article awhile back from their own chartered body or something, most architects end up leaving the profession and going off to do something else. Sounded like a lot end up under-employed. Loads will end up on the scrap heap as well when each recession hits. Quick look on glassdoor shows the majority of architecture jobs pay £30k...after 6 years of study and 2 years treated as a glorified tea boy. Fuck. That. I'm guessing you're dealing with a firm with fancy premises etc? Why not find a one man band working out his shed?
  6. gibbon

    UK - peak gym ?

    New gym is opening 5 min walk down the road from me which I've signed up to. Don't think it'll be as good for weights as my current one but even if it's 75% as good then the closeness factor wins it. Been a member at a small spit and sawdust place for yonks which is great but have to get in the car for it. I go in the morning and it's normally dead and half the time just me. In-fact it's dead all day up till around 5pm - 8pm then it's full of roided up lads so I give it a miss. Only use it for weights, don't get why people join gyms for cardio though, just run up a fucking hill or something. Also if I had a house I'd just build a small gym in the garden: bench, scaffolding poles to build a power cage, few dumbbells and plates job done. I reckon last 5 years there's been about 5 new gyms opened in a 2 mile radius, some huge warehouse ones as well. I blame cheap money. Also the fact if you're a young man you need the to look like one of those Love Island dickheads to get laid on dating apps. Don't really get why birds go to gyms. Just don't eat like a fucking pig and maybe go for a jog now and then. No but when I was training for strength and more consistent best I did was 215kg deadlift and I was a skinny streak of piss. Guessing you're lifting the big numbers? I'd rather try and look good naked now (i'm skinny fat atm) than lift heavy weights. It's also nice leaving the gym and not wanting to throw up.
  7. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yup. My BPD ex is with a stereotypical looking beta soy boy. I walked out on her years ago. I still get the odd message from her out the blue looking to meet up. She's stunning but not worth dealing with crazy again. The poor guy is bound to get cucked by some other bloke though who's happy to put his dick in crazy. Probably her boss or something.
  8. gibbon

    Am I being unreasonable? (Renting related)

    If you've got a good deal then don't rock the boat. Long as they aren't trying to fuck you over with this agreement then I'd sign it.
  9. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    It's funny because women expect you to "man up" and deal with the fact they have kids. They on the other hand won't go anywhere near a bloke with kids. As you say that bloke is going to have a very bad fucking time over the next 16-20 years. Can't imagine the emotional pain having some other guy bring up your kids while you count down the next 14 days till you see them again. Or even worse having your ex introduce them to a different Tinder Chad every week but there's fuck all you can do about it.
  10. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Bars/clubs are done. 60% attendance down since the last recession and mostly blokes/tinder rejects left. The few birds who still go out just do it to compete against each other to see how many guys they can tell in the nastiest way to fuck off in one night. I got mate who's still in this PUA mindset and he regularly gets told to fuck off and has been assaulted quite a few times. Told him that ship has long sailed but he's a bit of a dickhead in that regard doesn't want to accept times change. You're right the ugly one will still have a line of sausage out the door waiting for her on these dating apps. This year was finally the year I was able to get my head truly round the fact that going "out out" is fucking awful for men. You get treated like shit by everyone, bouncers, birds, bar staff and an army of thirsty blokes.
  11. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Stay single and spend your money on yourself instead of others blokes progeny. But yes is a shitty scenario when the best option really is a almost 30 year old bird with kids from multiple blokes. What the fuck is he getting out of the bargain instead of the fucking headache of a bird who's got a proven track record of dumping the fathers and two young kids? His bank account drained. Two Dads who'll always be on the scene. Kids who also may grow up to hate you "YOU'RE NOT MY DAD" All just to rub genitalia now and then with a 30 year old, which will soon be turned off once she's got him wrapped round her little finger. Fuck that for a game of soldiers. If I was in that situation I'd get myself in top tier shape then fuck off to another country. I fully accept that most 30/40 year old blokes in this country are only seen as beta bucks to women. This is the issue though isn't it, most men in their 20s are now being ignored and expected to wife up some 30 year old chick once she's had her fun, often with thug spawn in tow. Loads of my mates are in this situation in their 20s/30s. The clever ones are now just going abroad few times a year doing sex tourism. When life gives you lemons make lemonade.
  12. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Lad I know in his 40s has started seeing some bird in her late 20s with two young kids from two different blokes. He hasn't got any of this own. Told him he needs to watch himself but he's been in the wildness for years so now's he's got a sniff of it he's not thinking straight. Worst thing is she made the moves on him, apex predator. He's already started spending money on her kids. Alpha fucks beta bucks.
  13. gibbon

    US virtue signaller now unemployed

    Off hand it's something like 70% of black men leave their partners once a child is born. Two black lads up the gym have between them over 20 kids all with different partners. You'd think it would put the women off but doesn't seem like it.