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  1. Would be interesting to see the sick rate in profession with actual stress like say the army, where in a war zone you've got the risk of being shot, blown up and maimed vs the police farce where you spend most the time in the station policing mean words on twitter. And that's just their co-workers
  2. Senior so i'm guessing over 30? Over 30 single female copper (possibly with tramp stamp). I'd be running for the nearest exit. Talking about police, there's a good channel called CrimeBodge if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to deal with them: His latest vid
  3. I dated one who was going through training in my early 20s, fucking nutter ratbag and thick as cows shit. After the first fuck trust me me you'd be on the first flight home.
  4. She might be being singled out unfairly, mate of mine has been good mates with a copper for yonks (i wouldn't talk to one let alone be mates). He has a year off from the police farce "on the sick" to go travelling every 2-3 years routinely. I expect it's quite common.
  5. FB I don't have much of the problem with, wouldn't use it myself mind. Instawhore, yeah massive red flag. Same as Twatter. Just seen she's 33, let alone the red flag of instawhore it's just fucking cringey doing that at her age. Guaranteed to have snapchat too.
  6. Yup wouldn't go near that with a fucking barge pole. Can take a bit of solace that all those added with instawhore addiction, using up your limited time on this planet to take pictures of yourself to try to control what others think of you is often a cry for help and can be indicative of a few mental disorders to boot. I haven't been on holiday for years and on paper obviously have a "poorer" life vs her, but I wouldn't trade my life for hers, not even for all the tea in China.
  7. excellent adverts

    My bets are on lots of 3D animators worked on that along with keyed out actors. Where as now they can do that procedurally, no animators/graphic artists required
  8. Indifferent Indians

    Same as me and my missus, rather a have pizza from a decent independent place down the road. If I do get a take away from my usual place just get a main curry to share with two nans then do the rice and poppadoms myself (and use jars of pickles from the supermarket). Have found a decent sit in BYO Indian though. Still reckon I have an Indian every other month now at best. The appeal of pretty shite half-arsed curry is wearing thin.
  9. Wetherspoons large breakfast

    Agreed once you're a certain size social media just means you're going to get harassed by the minority of SJW virtue signallers who shouldn't even have a platform. Where the other 99% of normal humans only really care if the pubs are clean and that the beer is cheap and decent. Some stupid London twat, one of the many who are infesting Bristol, recently complained all over social media that a local restaurant served her Camembert starter accidentally in the original supermarket packaging, chef ended up being sacked as the story got into the local and national newspapers . Instead of just having a quiet word with the waiting staff or manager like a normal person would. So now this chef and maybe their dependants are fucked just because this cunt wants a few more likes.
  10. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Lesbian "bed death" i.e. no sex is well known and has been studied for decades as is much higher than all other types of partnerships. Their partnership failure rates are also the highest I believe. I'd go further and say it's not just being normalised atm, but pushed onto young people as being better than straight couples. I have no problem what people do behind closed doors or who they want to shack up with, but i'm definitely feel uneasy why something, which is in the technical sense unnatural, not according to nature as homosapians would quickly disappear, is being pushed so hard on our young.
  11. Universal credits starting to bite?
  12. Universal credits starting to bite?

    Accidentally stumbled on this graph as well so thought I'd share
  13. Universal credits starting to bite?

    Yup especially as taxes such as VAT are a bigger burden on the poorer in society.