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  1. Cheers for reminding me about LineageOS. Having the CV tracking spyware service installed without my knowledge or permission was the last straw with me. My phone still hasn't got a custom lineageos rom, but was determined to de-google my phone. There's a GSI version (no idea what that is about) so installed that, worked a charm. On the plus side battery life and speed are now greatly improved. Only one app I use I haven't been able to get working. This has now sent me down the path of de-googling e.g. preventing big tech tracking my every move. Replaced WhatsApp with Signal. Moved to an encrypted dns (nextdns) with built in blocking of privacy invading sites, added extensions such as privacy badger and decentraleyes to brave browser. Currently moving away from gmail, calendar, et al by finding other providers or self hosting. Still a long way to go but I'll get there. Fuck Google and fuck big tech.
  2. Yeahs ago I was wondering why more barbers/hairdressers don't do this. No rent/business rates. Pay a pub £15 to operate from their car park for the day, move around on different days. Keep your customers updated via FB/SMS. However I think most shop rents around the country are so cheap it's not worth the hassle. Business rates probably easily mitigated with a cash in hand business like this i.e. cooking the books. Also most people want to get their haircut at the time and location convenient to them, not whatever time and day you'll happen turn up. Therefore I imagine this sort of set up only really works in rural locations where there aren't barbers/hairdressers anyway.
  3. know where Libya is don't you?
  4. All the Poles i've known over the years bar one have returned home. Can't blame them who'd want to stay in this melting pot shit hole when you could live in the relative homogeneous safety of Poland, which is by the day looking much more civilised than the banana republic we're being turned into. Last Pole I knew went back 6 months ago, PT at my gym, nice lad, I could read between the lines that he was entirely fed up with this country, he actually decided to return knowing he would be out of work for quite a while. Sadly this is increasingly true in all large UK cities. The liberal urban elites white flight from London have brought along their pet gimmigrants and rapefugees and turned our second tier cities into mini cesspit London clones, while pushing house prices round the few good 100% white primary schools through the roof meaning your kids can't go there, diversity for thee not for me. They want to enrich your life by forcing you to send your blonde daughter to be the token white girl in a school full of little Somalians being taught by race baiters on the media and the school teachers to hate whites i.e. your daughter. My next move will be out of my home city and I'll keep moving like you.
  5. See the national trust have fucked over thousands of their customers who've booked holiday lets with them which have been cancelled due to CV. Refusing refunds and forcing booking at a later date. Sounds illegal to me. At the same time as furloughing most their staff on the tax payers dime and god knows how many millions paid direct in free grants. I've been saying for years the NT is a nasty piece of work, a business now rather than a charity running to serve its CEO and directors. £80 for years membership and still having to pay £10 to park? They are still taking membership fees while closed. The absolute brass necks on the cunts.
  6. Yeah fair enough. I'm no paramedic fan. My girlfriends dad got permanently paralysed and the cunts took hours to turn up because "it wasn't an emergency". They park up at a secluded side street by me sometimes, if you go back a couple hours later they are still there same paramedics. They just sit there fucking around on their phones.
  7. I think they do that to improve response times.
  8. gibbon

    Escape from LA

    You obviously know the horse world. If @JoeDavola goes on one of those horse trekking holidays how likely is he to get laid by some young posh totty horsey filly?
  9. Completely uneducated guess but I reckon their main customer would be youngish couples aged 20-40. In practice this would mean the buyers of their tat are men in long term relationships buying their overpriced undies for the mrs who wouldn't dream of paying £50 for a pair of knickers. Now we've entered an age where women would rather ride the cock carousel in their 20-30s, victorias secrets average customer is becoming an endangered species.
  10. My knees aren't too bad. Think maybe it was @JoeDavola who had the dodgy knees?
  11. I'd rather lose my minimum wage job and go live under a bridge. Even if I was earning £100k I'd tell them to get fucked. I'd only bend the knee for god or to get a better aim.
  12. Odd. I'm using Brave but I doubt the browser would matter, html5 is well supported these days.
  13. Yup mudguards are shit, the rear one has a habit of breaking on people. I need to reinforce mine. Got rear suspension on mine, but also added one of those springs which sits between the seat and seatpost. Helps a lot It's completely the other way round though isn't it? The Ferrari being some strava twat wiggins wannabe in full racing team lycra on a £5k carbon vs some casual in jeans "the ford focus" on a £400 ebike. A better car analogy would be more like some estate agent twat in a leased bmw m series who spends his sad life overtaking and riding up peoples asses any chance he gets, finally gets made to look like the prat he is by some 19 year old driving a turbo'd Vauxhall nova.
  14. That one works for me. Is that the one you wrapped in the html5 <video> tag? I tried to do that on a thread before I posted this one but it didn't work. Maybe it's an admin only privilege?