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  1. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I don't doubt it. I'd play up to it, dress up as the quintessential English gent. Have a long stay in EE or Russia. You'd be fighting off the hot young slim birds off vs sitting in blighty on Tinder and getting told to fuck off by fat single mum slags.
  2. gibbon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Worst thing you could do is cold approach women on the street or in bars/clubs. They'd just take delight in telling you to fuck off. "Game" died years ago. If you've got no "ins" to meet women such as hobbies or if you've tried that and didn't get any buying signals then I'd go abroad. While your typical British thot has zero interest in 90% of us mere mortal non-chads, if you've got your shit together and are in shape then there's a lot of countries in the world British men are considered a good catch.
  3. gibbon

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    When you were in did anyone ever wonder out loud what the point was? That all the blokes on the planes on 9/11 were Saudis not Afghans/Iraqis? Anyone mention Israel? Fucking disgusting how many young lads lost their lives and limbs being Israels foreign legion which isn't what they signed up for. I actually have no issue with Israel, but they should fight their own fucking wars.
  4. gibbon

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    * Kill muslims you have no issue with, for Israel. * Return home, get shit job thanks to no skills apart from killing muslims. Enter bedsit land paying 70% of your salary in rent to muslim slumlord.
  5. gibbon

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    That 82% figure looks way off, it's 10% according here
  6. gibbon

    Great Guy's Fitness Update

    Sorry mate but that's just bullshit. I was like you when I was younger, weighed about 8-9 stone at 6'3. Used to have to jump around in the shower to get wet. Looked like a POW. One day I just got angry and fed up looking like shit. Took force feeding myself till I felt like puking every day. Ice cream before bed every night, cooked breakfast every morning, pizza etc I was eating every 2 hours I think. I hated it because I had zero appetite. Combined it with gym 3 times a week. I went from looking starved to being slim with a bit of muscle after 6 months to a year. You ain't going to get fat. Just be honest with yourself and admit you're not willing to do what it takes to change your situation.
  7. gibbon

    Best places to live for Young people

    Yeah the actual city itself is/was quite nice. Lots of problems Bristol now face stem from enrichment, native trust fund hipsters combined with gimmigrants turning the place into a shit hole + BTL landlord scum. Going to be interesting as you say with lots moving across the bridge while still working in Bristol, lots of cheaper tradesmen coming over to work. Will put even more downwards pressure on already piss poor local wages, making Bristol even more unaffordable.
  8. gibbon

    Best places to live for Young people

    Bristol is dump, an on-going fight between hipsters + chavs + students. The rent prices are insane and continue to increase, most these youngsters will be spending minimum 60% of their salary on rent. The rents are high, local salaries low and a daily commute by either car or bus will make you suicidal. Least in London the sky is the limit when it comes to earnings. Why the fuck any young person with any get up and go would want to move to Bristol is beyond me, unless they're a trustafarian.
  9. My thoughts? More propaganda and narrative building. Pakistanis in this country in 2017 were responsible in 83% of grooming cases while making up less than 3 million of the population. Facts tell us sending a young white girl into a corner shop alone is not a responsible thing to do. Cadburys are saying actually it's safe, she won't get groomed via chocolate, she can just pay in buttons. Mr Ahmed and his friends won't make her pay in other ways. Stop being a nasty little racist. Facts are racist. Probabilities are racist. Obey.
  10. gibbon

    Lucky bastards

    aliexpress/gear best. I've wanted to get one ever since I was young, reckon I'll order myself one. yeah @stokiescum what were those GPS co-ordinates again...
  11. gibbon

    Tesco getting rid of folk.

    When you calculate all the hours you put in and days off you'll be forced to work you'll find that £40k turns into something barely above minimum wage. Same at my local Lidl, I reckon they have 100% turnover every 3-4 months
  12. gibbon

    Islamification of Europe

  13. gibbon


    yup they've already done that to a asian ran "off license" a few doors down couple years ago. actually had the loss adjuster knock on my door to ask if I'd seen anything suspicious. they are sick fuckers as there was someone living above the shop next door. if it had spread the poor people could have been cooked alive. need to bring back hanging.
  14. gibbon


    thanks for the links will do that this weekend, also will report via council website and crimestoppers