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  1. gibbon

    Immigration Map

    Just incase you miss it Got to spend 5 hours in A&E last night, first time I've been there for a decade. Sitting in there you'd think I was in the middle east or mogadishu. Got talking to some guy in a wheel chair who was fuming telling me he'd been there 3 hours and hadn't even seen a nurse yet. Obviously no link between wait times and the fact we've emptied the entire fucking 3rd world into this country, no sir. Checked where I live on the map, listed in the highest category. Funny as 10-15 years ago it would have been listed as one of the lowest. But hey we've been now got an extra 50k uber drivers on the road locally and extra 200 barber shops (neither of which pay tax)...isn't that what really matters? Diversity is our strength.
  2. A classic example of timing being everything. She was too soon and underfunded (with a shit name). Few years later purple bricks comes along spending £1 million per day on advertising.
  3. Cash business. You honestly think she'll be declaring most her earnings if at all?
  4. He made her look like a bloke in drag snarling like one of her corgis....
  5. Watched some of their wedding, just happened to be on so thought I'd check it out. The amount of young blonde posh totty turning up was unfucking-believable, yet here he was marrying some almost 40 year old twice divorced titless ex-yacht girl who's taken literally acres of cock to get where she's got and had a shit ton of plastic surgery done to remove her black features.
  6. gibbon

    Owen Jones

    Aren't you going to defend Mo and Fatimas council house or right to live off your taxes with their 8 kids? Bigot.
  7. gibbon


    Every single bird I've known, including few of my ex's, who moved to London in their early 20s to "live the London life" became a complete party girl sluts fucking every tom dick and harry. Big cities ruin women. Huge red flag to me if a bird tells me she's lived in London. How the fuck you can then be a trad wife with your beta husband after getting smashed in for the best part of the decade by countless blokes i'm unable to square.
  8. gibbon

    Owen Jones

    And the picture in same article shows good old Owen doing what could be considered a heil hitler... BBC really are absolute wankers.
  9. There's more profit in coffee than cocaine. That cup of mostly hot water with a bit of coffee and milk must cost them all of 2p at the economies of scale they have, yet they expect me to pay £3/£4+ for it? They can fuck right off.
  10. gibbon


    It'll be shit, produced by the same tossers who did STD. Star Trek died after Voyager. All these much loved series of old are just now vehicles controlled by Jews to ram SJW'ism and cultural marxism down our throats. J.J Abrams who fucked Star Wars = Jew, Alex Kurtzman who brought us the Star Trek reboot and STD = Jew.
  11. Who you going to sign up with? From what I've read deliveroo now prioritises scooters/cars so very hard to get any bookings for bike riders. They are even now using some shift type system where you're not even allowed to login for work, basically they only want full time gimmigrants on scooters otherwise fuck off. Round here started off loads of food delivery peeps on bikes. Then thousands of foreigners rocked up overnight on bent student visas riding scooters and barely see any cyclists doing it now. Don't dump a load of money into this before you figure it out basically.