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  1. FFS You shouldn't take advice on american rights and law system then try to use it here. We don't have their 5th amendment (nor do we have their freedom of speech). Sadly "don't talk to the police" doesn't work'll just be go directly to jail, do no pass go, do not collect £200. You missed out the "it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned anything you later rely on in court". They aren't saying that to scare you, it's true. Think it was Bliar that changed the law so that you don't have any right to silence. Sure if arrested give no comment to questions, I would, but you should give a prepared written statement or enjoy having the prosecution and judge fuck you ten days to Sunday. Slim to none.
  2. Wrong country. Freedom of speech doesn't exist in this country and never has.
  3. Always the same. The blokes always look like soyboy cucks with subscriptions to The women look like lesbian "edgy" sarcastic twitter twats with "she/her" in her bio and loads of pictures of her with some african kids in Mozambique on her gap year, because you need to know what a virtuous person she is.
  4. Cheers will keep them in mind when buying my next kit. Going to do some blackcurrent jam wine next, god knows what that'll be like but 6 bottles for £2.80 it's worth a go! Yeah I've quickly realised I need to constantly have a brew on the go to build up a reserve to let everything age. Can't wait for summer and I can start making fruit wines for fuck all.
  5. I read a study (wish I could still find it, no doubt memory holed) where they asked people in this country to order certain ethnicities in order of most to least trusted. They then correlated this with the likely hood of those people being in prison. It matched perfectly. Peoples ingrained suspicions/survival mechanisms fitted perfectly with stats i.e. what used to be called common sense, something we're no longer allowed to use (cause that's racist init). I'd imagine Roma would have been on top.
  6. White and male means you're fucked if homeless. You'll be #832,234,233 on the list, Fatima and her 7 kids who rocked up 3 days ago, doesn't speak a word of English (but that's ok, there's charities who employ social workers and translators to enable her to work the bennie system, paid for by us tax payers), will be #5 and will receive a £650k 6 bed council house.
  7. We need to get Morgoth over here
  8. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Hur dur hur Bogdan who's been working a minimum wage job over here and paying zero tax for 3 years should have more say over brexit than pensioners who spent their entire lives paying taxes and have the audacity to spend their retirement in the sun hur dur hur....this is the fucking best we can produce?
  9. Sadly they won't go away. Their Learning Together org will just get renamed and continue their mission to get terrorists released early so they can continue to rape children and murder us. Look at the fucking state of them, their soy filled smugness, they are our true enemy, without these fifth columnist filling up the civil service, quangos, media, academia we wouldn't have these jihadi's walking amongst us:
  10. Can't make this shit up, talk about pathological altruism
  11. Had my first bottle of Wilko Merlot the other day, was ok, had a lot worse from the supermarket. Not bad for £1 something a bottle. Only let it age 20 odd days so no doubt the other bottles will get better. Ordered an aerator to improve the next lot when opened. Need to keep a batch on the go constantly I reckon to build up a reserve to allow it all to age. Heard aging for 3 months is the number to aim for. Currently got a Youngs Black Cherry wine kit on ferment along with my second batch of turbo cider. See wilkos got 25% off all their homebrew till the 4th. Might pick up a Dark Mild kit.
  12. Black men = Tough. White man = Ginger/Geeky
  13. It'll mysterious burn down in a few years with all their apparent stock worth millions kept out in the back up in flames.
  14. Nah I don't buy that. Trump has had everything money can buy, even has his own 757. Pretty hard to buy off a guy who's had everything. Money would become pretty meaninless to someone like that after awhile. It's the dem senators and scum like Blair who are brought and paid for with a few dollars from Soros and the Saudis.
  15. I've got a easy solution, forget porn blocks lets instead make it illegal to create porn for monetary gain, lets go after the pornographers, throw them inside for 5 years per video. Oy vey!