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  1. gibbon

    British Yellow Vests

    If I was closer to London I'd go. Does anyone have any links so I can see if there's any regional protests?
  2. gibbon

    Gaming addiction

    Not that I can think of. One of the last PC games I played was Medieval Total War so around 2002. Every Total War game since has been exactly the same from what I can tell just better graphics. Do fancy a go on Company of Heroes & Men of War which passed me by, however no chance i'm upgrading my ancient laptop or installing windows though so that's that.
  3. gibbon

    Gaming addiction

    Same here I tried to get back into gaming but it feels quite empty playing games these days. I spent most my life from the ages of say 10 - 18 playing games. Lived through what I reckon was the golden age of gaming: C64, SNES, Amiga 600/1200, PS1 and some early PC stuff. Every computer/console was a massive leap forward. Games were so different. There was a lot of experimentation. Looking at the stuff around now we've exhausted all are copies of each other but just look a fraction better than the year before. Same old shit though. I tried playing the witcher and latest resident evil on a friends PS4, was bored within 5 minutes.
  4. gibbon

    Yellow Vests blocking London bridges

    Any know how this is being organised? Facebook group somewhere? I'd like to join in if there's a yellow vest protest near me
  5. gibbon

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    Let's be real, this has nothing to do with men being portrayed as idiots in ads, that'll still continue no problem, it's to stop ads like that beach body one on the tube, as it makes all the short haired fat disgusting excuse for humans feminists pissed off. How dare men want women who are attractive and slim. Fucking patriarchy.
  6. gibbon

    Books on George Mallory

    That fucking Doctor...attempts 3 times putting lives of dozens of Sherpas at risk then after she actually completes it starts lecturing others on the morality. Typical rich liberal "do as I say not as I do" cunt.
  7. gibbon

    Starting your own business

    You sure about that? Quick look on google maps for their reviews, if you sort by lowest score to filter out all the fake reviews from people with 1 review, i.e. their social media company creating fake accounts to post, it paints a different picture. Would you honestly buy a second hand car off that nasty little dwarf who runs it?
  8. gibbon

    Starting your own business

    Yup loads of my mates are in the trades, only one, a plumber, has managed to scale up and that's to the dizzying heights of 3 vans and a lockup after 20 years. The only person I know, relation of a family friend, who's massively scaled, 100s of vans, is Jehovah with lots of large contracts with the NHS, council, schools etc from what I've been told contracts all arranged by other Jehovahs inside. Good luck competing with that if you don't have an "in". All deals done beforehand with a wink and a nod in the hall or on the golf course. There's no competition. I closed my last business down a year ago, was 50% online and 50% offline. The offline stuff was killing me, dealing with sacks full of paper every day. Couldn't automate it anymore. No way I was going to employ someone in this country. Was miserable. Decided to close it down even though it was profitable. Moved on to stuff which is 100% online building web/mobile apps, SaaS etc. Still struggling and haven't got a pot to piss in but am very happy, spend most hours working. I'm also convinced there's light/bags of money at the end of the tunnel so I'm still ploughing on. Luckly I don't have kids.
  9. I've got more sympathy for the poor buggers who had to witness her getting her head taken off. She stuck her head out a moving train it got taken off. Same as if I stick my hand in a blender it will get blended. Cause and effect. You do stupid shit drunk it's still your fault not the drink.
  10. gibbon

    Books on George Mallory

    It's the absolute arrogance that does it for me. Same type of person who goes to some shit hole country then gets raped/murdered. Sherpas get to die so these rich pricks can walk up that mountain (the same one some 90 year old went up the other year I believe) and then pretend they're some expert climber. A few years ago some 30 year old middle class cycling obsessed twat who's company I was unfortunately in got his phone out in a bar and started showing me pictures of some fucking meal at a expensive restaurant he had recently eaten. I couldn't believe it was actually happen. That's the same type of wanker who would climb Everest.
  11. gibbon

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    It's the same as all these tech companies, they specifically don't make any profit because once you make profit you can be valued, and in ubers case that would be quite low. Instead they are a ponzi scheme running the greater fool scam, initial investors sell to the next round of investors and so on. If one quarter they actually made a profit the shit would hit the fan and the game would be up. I'll add, it's well known every journey you take with uber is being subsidised by it's investors. Once the investors have had enough and they have to charge market rates they are fucked. Can't wait.
  12. gibbon

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Got one of these BIDs on my local high street. Which has been getting shitter every year. They have a vote every year for their continued existence, allocation based on business size and then extract many thousands from each business. Anyway the largest business this year voted no and wasn't going cough up. With their share of the vote meant that the BID should have been dissolved and the nice little earner for the directors taken away. So what they did was remove that business and run the vote again, to win. Oh and what do they do for the local area? Get some local kids to paint some bollards once a year, which apart from a few quid on paint is free. Where does the rest of the money go? Nobody knows.
  13. gibbon

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    It's game over, demographic time bomb
  14. gibbon

    Women football - Twerking outrage

    Why are we constantly being pressured into liking women's football and banging on about their "stars" which nobody gives a fuck about. Men don't watch it. Women don't watch it. Nobody cares.
  15. gibbon

    prince to wed

    It's mostly undiagnosed. I'd say easily half the birds I dated suffered from NPD/BPD or both, and thanks to social media it's becoming increasingly common