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  1. You know that black dogs have a much higher preponderance to violence compared to white dogs, this is proven fact, do you leave your baby in the care of: a) A random white dog b) A random black dog ? No other information is available and you have no other options available, you just have to choose a, or b.
  2. Agree with you there. Blocked bbc, dailymail, guardian et al few days ago. Already feeling better. It's nearly all clickbait cancer/propaganda and all deal in lies of omission. I'd rather not hear or read any of it.
  3. Bad choice for an example... Also all the infrastructure, airport, port etc is being built by the Chinese I imagine China now own their port or have leased it for the next 999 years.
  4. Right so if African's parents were pushier their continent would look more like this: Rather than this: Thanks for clearing that up
  5. You're right, I'M LITERALLY HITLER Yet if I said "Asians have higher IQ than Whites" that wouldn't be considered racist. Funny that eh?
  6. Same as if you mention they are low IQ on the whole...yet they are.
  7. Would be a long nasty court battle I reckon if they take the landlord to court that one. Reading all the issues on that site sounds like you just don't just need good legal advice you need to practically be a commercial property lawyer just to take on a lease. This is another negative for taking on commercial let, if you're successful the landlord might just decide to take over your business (once you've done the building up nice for them):
  8. Doubt this one is covered in the contract:
  9. 83 PAGES of tenants getting fucked over by their commercial landlord This ones my favourite so far Sorry love the council have decided your proportion is 74% of the repair, because that's the number some overpaid jobs-worth council cretin pulled out their arse. p.s. they're tripling your business rates next year. Have a nice day.
  10. Went to a small tourist trap today. Few cafes, tea rooms, ice cream parlours etc. Haven't been for a couple of years. Amazing how many shops have since closed down/empty units. Boggles the mind people are struggling to make shops work in a place like that, you'd think it'd be a license to print money. Maybe they need a cat cafe.
  11. He closed the shop down, couldn't make a go of it. Not surprising really as completely wrong area. Has re-opened once again by someone new as a sandwich shop. Some people must be mental.
  12. Yup those upwards only rent reviews only 4 years in the lease "oh I see your cat cafe is doing great business, that's fantastic, we're going to double your rent". So many idiots out there don't realise if you do well but don't own the freehold the landlord will be watching you and will be extracting that profit from your success. Mate had a sandwich shop, I was walking past late at night and saw the landlord inside sneaking around. My mate had no idea until I told him. Don't blame you, if I had a business where I couldn't hire contractors or outsource the work to some Indian I'd sack it off and stay small.
  13. 60% tests? That sounds hell. Remember I went to some talk on testing, the dev was banging on about how you should write tests before a single line of code. Which is frankly bullshit considering how quickly code changes. At the end I asked him if he wrote tests prior to writing any of his code, he squirmed and said no. Do as I say not as I do...
  14. Did you have a house together? Will you get to sell? Know a guy recently got separated less than 2 years after marriage. Two young kids. He had just brought a very expensive house for them and his family poured loads of money into to buy, which she now gets to keep till the kids are older while he pays the mortgage. She does some 10 hours a week bullshit job because working full time is degrading to her. She's already dating a string of men while he's languishing bedsit land. Young men should be told these stories instead of the Disney shite we're fed.
  15. I've noticed a lot of these male good for nothing scumbags will just go from stupid bint to stupid bint, knocking them up and living rich on the child bennies.