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  1. Israel doesn't have nukes remember....
  2. Did a few contracts public sector/councils and its as bad as you describe. Very easy but after awhile you just feel like your life is wasting away while being surrounded by piss taking waste and non achievers in their lovely sinecures who you wonder how they managed to tie their shoe laces that morning....all which some poor cunt on £13k a year in a factory is paying for.
  3. Old Polish saying "The Jew screams in agony as he attacks you" Regarding the US and Iran, way things are accelerating I can't see the US being around in it's current state by next century, its completely divided and morally bankrupt. I'd imagine Iran will still be around in a thousand years.
  4. Weather can change quickly. Even if she just stayed up there too long and no storms easy for a mist to come in and temps drop 10+ degrees. Judging by her attire of a shit jacket which isnt a proper technical fabric I'd say she's not experienced at all. No such thing as shit weather just shit gear.
  5. Picture of her on Instagram up a mountain wearing what looks like leggings and some shit not proper waterproof jacket. People buy some shit "waterproof" north face jacket and then think they can climb the fucking Eiger because they meditate and do yoga so nature loves them. I've been up Dartmoor few times in autumn and when the weather changes its fucking horrendous and that's wearing proper gear. Can only imagine what 2k up the alps is like in a storm.
  6. Look at Beyonce/Destiny's Child in the early 2000s every song about independent women, I'm a survivor, single ladies etc implanting the seed that women should be single baby mommas. Now it's Cardi B with her pure anti male bile. They are merely bit players, there was fuck all talent involved. Picked to play a role by those above who own the media to push a message into young women's mind. A mind virus to destroy the family unit and our civilization. The cherry on the cake? Both Beyonce and Cardi B are married.
  7. Just as the sixth coalition avoided battle with Napoleon himself and took out his marshalls one by one our Marxist white hating media aims to pick off Boris's best marshalls, first Cummings now Priti.
  8. gibbon

    Nigella Lawson

    Nah David Mitchell has always looked liked an unwashed tramp
  9. That actress is incredibly shit compared to the other actresses in the same skits
  10. If she's that decent and you're looking for a relationship I'd give it a go regardless. The only problem is you might come across a bit thirsty if you're willing to travel that sort of distance. I'd still risk it for a decent country bird vs the typical local city dwelling ratbags. If I was single anyway.
  11. Presenters in Need. Vaguely heard they charge £70k each. Might be bollocks but nothing surprises me anymore
  12. Where would you find these English roses then? Country pursuits don't seem particularly welcoming to non-hooray henry types? I'd much rather have a country girl in boots rather than the absolute trailer trash which inhabit dating sites in cities, just seems like a non-starter though getting access to that world.
  13. Most native car dealers who have been around for years generally won't sell you a lemon as they don't want the hassle of you coming back. As you point out its the dealers which pop up and close down overnight which are the ones flogging sheds, just a weird coincidence always happens to be Mo and his mates doing the flogging I'm sure...
  14. Whites are the only race not practicing in group preference. Funnily enough the (((group))) who has the highest in group preference "a Jew will sell to anyone but only buy from a Jew" is also the group who owns 99% of the media, the same media which is anti white and would want you locked up if you tried in group preference. I still feel bad that the day before lockdown I was pissed as a fart and brought a £5 kebab on the way home from the pub. That's the first time I given Mo money in years.
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