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  1. SNACR

    Car Flipping

    I do think there actually might be money in buying old basic cars that young people/students buy like Corsas/Fiestas/Astras and readily dispose of stuff like that with shagged gearboxes/clutches etc. I did the clutch on a relative's 15 year old Corsa that they were going to just scrap and after I fixed it they put it on their drive with a for sale sign on and some bloke gave them £1500 they'd probably have bitten anyone's hand off for £200 or less before, and the clutch cost me £80 and an evening not glamorous but possibly money in it. The Wheeler Dealers model of slapping a load of aftermarket tat on is a non-starter though and probably always has been.
  2. SNACR

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    These sorts of Youtube videos seem to tap into The Apprentice thing where they're a sort of comment bait that people love so they can tell them how they're doing it all wrong and it's not how they'd do it 'properly'. I can't decide how deliberate it is on the Youtuber's part.
  3. Yes, I'm somewhat dubious on his suitability for such rapid elevation to dosbods people's hero status. He could be a poor down trodden salt of the earth worker, on his uppers, sticking it to the man or just as easily be a chippy petulant bell end with a short fused anger management and aggression issue.
  4. SNACR

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    Animal Kingdom - Aussie crime film with Guy Pearce. Saw it ages ago but recently remembered it was quite depressing. Blue Ruin - revenge movie very well done Both well worth watching in my opinion.
  5. Are we sure this isn't a mini digger of peace?
  6. SNACR

    Northern Ireland

    Strange how it gets handed down the generations even with a major hiatus - as anyone active in the real thick of the troubles in the seventies and eighties must be mostly sat, pissing their pants, in the TV room of an old folks home by now assuming they've made it that far.
  7. SNACR

    Blow Up Dolls

    Oo, she has got a dirty mouth, on her, that one!
  8. SNACR

    Make your own ecig liquid

    Thought I might need some of this, myself, then I remembered I’m not an immigrant driving for Uber.
  9. Yep, on an article where some fat old fuck's managed to hustle getting his bumhole fingered for free, I agree, grammar's the real crime here.
  10. This is like wrongness squared, or something.
  11. SNACR

    moped rider stabbed to death

    I'II probably outsource the day to day running, of the shop, to some ethnics I'II smuggle in by boat, if that's ok with everyone?
  12. SNACR

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    No point, you can't show the truth to people who aren't looking for it doesn't matter what smoking gun you waft under their noses. I'm still going with Russian biological weapons scientist, on secondment to Porton Down, was late to pick his daughter up from the airport and accidentally took his work home with him in the rush.
  13. SNACR

    The Peasants are Revolting, warns IMF

    TBH it's the sort of woolly thinking, that the So-Called BBC can be fixed or has somehow changed, that ensures there'll never be much change.
  14. SNACR

    Freelander of Peace

    I won't be surprised if the Police investigation finds they were recklessly speeding.