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  1. Top TV Themes

    And why not?
  2. Is it time to ban barrel organs?

    The one good thing with barrel organs is they don’t usually form inappropriate relationships with children.
  3. BBC + Downs

    I’ve had quite a few working for me, over the years, and they and their parents were happy. Some were ok enough for regular wages but most were paid a token amount as they didn’t really need the money anyway. The government fucked it all with the minimum wage used to get parents begging if we could make up some kind of little job for them with no need to pay them and they just didn’t understand we couldn’t do it any longer. Mostly staff and customers were very compassionate with them but you got always got some cunts and people, who you can’t really be sure if they’re cunts, or if they’re just a bit Aspergers themselves who don’t seem to be able to see they’re dealing with someone handicapped, and make allowances, the go off on one.
  4. Top TV Themes

    Bit populist but can’t really leave out this pair
  5. Top TV Themes

    I was about to post ER always thought it was great theme and a bit like GOT you always knew it was a bit of precursor to something reliably good. At the time it was just so much better than any telly that came before it. Not sure why, as if you’d shown me a photo to rate, I’d have said probably a solid six but there was something about Susan Lewis that really gave me the horn.
  6. Top TV Themes

    One of the small number, along with The Wire and Sons of Anarchy, TV boxsets I never got into and abandoned but, still always thought it was a great intro.
  7. Top TV Themes

    Christ, had forgotten how hot Alexandra Bastedo was.
  8. Murder by self-driving car

    Quite common for electric forklifts to only have one pedal and it brakes by releasing the pedal. Another common feature is like a dead man's pedal, you put your left foot on and it emergency stops if you remove it.
  9. Paedo hunters

    This was my point earlier, paedophiles are those abusing pre-pubescent children. Most of these self-styled paedo hunters aren't catching paedophiles and neither are the grooming gangs paedophiles they're really exploiters of vulnerable young people and conflating the two in the media, and as numerous posters have in this thread, is I think greatly beneficial to actual paedophiles.
  10. Murder by self-driving car

    Yes, for me that comment, even if in shock, is so outrageous that she thoroughly deserved the fairly lengthy, by today's standards, custodial sentence.
  11. Top TV Themes

    It seems like so many telly theme tunes, in the seventies and eighties, the composer must have gone to the director with a tune and they must have said 'yep, that but make it creepier'.
  12. Top TV Themes

    This is great but, Christ is it fucking depressing it's like Manfred Mann on a comedown and the content was depressing as well, it always seemed like the world was going to end.
  13. Paedo hunters

    I think there is also an element that power is a big part of it for paedophiles so it probably follows they gravitate to positions of power. I don't think when they're like scout leaders it's just the access to youngsters angle they often seem to be sort of pompously proud of their scout leader position.
  14. Fake police

    Never been sure unmarked police cars being able to pull people over were a good idea, particularly since they went to an all black uniform too, that's not readily identifiable. There have been a lot of cases of load thefts from lorries after they've being pulled over by fake unmarked police cars. Unsurprisingly it's and issue that hasn't been widely reported in the MSM.
  15. Most attractive woman on the planet?

    It's alright for me I work at a charity for cats rescued from women's arseholes.