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  1. SNACR

    Camping Gas

    Students... Not as lol as this - and they should definitely know about water making petrol run
  2. SNACR

    Camping Gas

    Recent cost is £1.20-£1.90 pack of four direct from the manufacturer in Korea. One possible answer to the question of why Poundworld went into administration. Some festivals ban gas stoves so those awful solid fuel burners sell surprisingly well. TBH not sure I could be arsed fucking around with one of those trying to cook beans half pissed.
  3. SNACR

    Fountain Pens

    I do and I am right-handed.
  4. SNACR

    Camping Gas

    Was that recently?
  5. SNACR

    When the cost of washing becomes just too much

    I have regularly donated inventory to them in the past- I think I wrote about it extensively on TOS. I came in contact with them through The Prince’s Trust who I think they’re tied up with. They have a big warehouse in Telford, one many private logistics companies would dream of. I believe the charities that use them do actually pay for the products, albeit a massively reduced/token amount, and this is where the income comes from. My gripe would be that although it is expressly forbidden in their terms and conditions presumably charity workers with access to their inventory of dirt cheap goods do re-sell the stuff on car boots and ebay which is problematic. It would probably raise a lot more and be more useful to charities if the companies involved cleared their obsolete inventory themselves and have the money to charity
  6. SNACR

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    The Ming Dynasty must have been really fucked off when tin foil was invented after they did all that work for nothing.
  7. SNACR

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    If you put it in bulk bags and then on ebay you'd probably get rid of it, I got shot of loads like that. You really need some way of moving or loading the bags on to builder's Transits or to other people's gardens. Are you going to have some sort of plied RSJs and railway sleeper thing or concrete retaining wall? And BTW that digger looks a bit small for the job.
  8. SNACR

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    Thought there hadn't been a good old Dosbods reverse willy wave for a while.
  9. SNACR

    Mevagissey fights back against incomers

    I blame Howard's Way.
  10. SNACR

    Impostors from TOS

  11. SNACR

    Fatter and Longer than a Transit

    Might even by taller than the Transit in off road mode.
  12. SNACR


    Cricket ball damage?
  13. Did you drop the Mary Rose spatula on it after its heavy engineering work?
  14. I can’t decide if it’s as binary as with socks bad, sans socks good. Perhaps it’s all 1984 style social conditioning.
  15. I see I’m not the first to benefit from your ‘advice’.