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  1. Had a feeling it might not go well for Josh
  2. People tend to look at the spires of Oxford and forget it's got Blackbird Leys.
  3. Yeah, he gets a lot of stick but I wouldn't knock him for that I think he was doing some doc on armoured vehicles at Bastion and went for the ride and wasn't prepared for it the adrenaline comedown was always going to hit hard. I've seen plenty of blokes totally lose their shit under much less stress than that. I don't think any of the TV types sold as derring do merchants like Ross Kemp have ever really been in anything as hairy as that, which I've seen.
  4. This whole series is on Youtube - got all the usual reality faux drama schtick etc. but still quite decent particularly due to the variety of vehicles they work on. The Bugatti they build from magnesium is really something quite special.
  5. Had never heard of it until the stabbing incident despite living in Bath.
  6. B&M don't really buy much genuine clearance so the bargains aren't as real the product is imported direct and made to the price point and margins are much more usual ie you are getting a cheap version of a branded or regular item rather than the branded/regular version cheap although of course an importer's margin is stripped out. Same story with The Range although they import much less directly. Buyology is a very small chain born out of ex-Cardworld wholesale people, in Bristol, that traded on the high st as Cardmarket stores as a fair-sized SW based chain. They do buy a lot of genuine clearance and did also as Cardmarket. Trago do buy some clearance but less and less, which is the same everywhere as regular everyday lines that can be repeat ordered are much easier to manage from an inventory and merchandising point of view. The main difference with Trago, and why they have traditionally been such good value, is they do put a very low margin on, much lower than the industry average enabled by owning property freeholds. The problem is suppliers know this and can tend to load the prices if they sell into Trago because otherwise it disrupts their core market.
  7. That's the problem with things like that they take off then there's not enough rejected stuff to meet demand. Biscuit manufacturers can actually have to smash up biscuits deliberately to meet broken biscuit demand, I shit you not.
  8. I've sold stock to them for donkey's years but inline with almost everywhere they don't buy nearly as much redundant stock as they used to Janner's Disney - was there before Christmas might look a bit better in nicer weather but has a very careworn look to it these days, peacock shit everywhere, although it's got a new separate DIY store bit. Rather inbred looking clientele outside holiday season. Not sure if they're from Plymouth or crawled off Dartmoor but it's the only shop I've been in recently where they've had to announce on the tannoy 'we'd like to remind customers that smoking in the store is not permitted'. Haven't been to Liskeard of Falmouth in recent years, Falmouth's obviously much smaller but Liskeard is actually probably the best of the lot in terms of merchandising and organisation. They've finally opened Merthyr which is very sizeable although looks like they may have run out of funds for landscaping. Neither seem to have the unmissable bargains they once did but could be run a lot better the buying is very weak although the petrol prices at Newton Abbot are very cheap. Not sure how they'll fare in Merthyr things are actually not as bad as a lot of people would imagine in the valleys, these days, if anything the regular nearby retail park was busier than Trago. Even now, post-internet, Devon and Cornwall are by and large quite backward/behind the times, despite all the down from London's etc. Wales is similarly afflicted but not in quite the same way.
  9. Do you know if Blue Peter badge winners can get in free?
  10. Took a disabled relative to Sainsburys and parked in a normal able-bodied parking space.
  11. If you keep this up you won't be holding on to that cup next year.
  12. 'Obi Wan, I'm going to be a father' 'Excellent news young Anakin' 'Obi Wan, are you a father' 'Well, Anakin, you know all those boring middle-aged bastards on GS's?' 'Oh, right, I can see why you never mention it, now'
  13. It’s where the download I linked to came from he kept it up whilst it was busily being expunged from YouTube/Liveleak etc. He’s hopelessly naive, and a fool to pull the tail of the tiger though, it was a force higher up than NZ pulling it from the streaming sites the same one that immediately disappears anything related to the Bulger killers or anyone else in witness protection etc. I think, like Kim Dotcom, he’ll find national borders are largely a conceit to pacify indigenous populations.
  14. SNACR

    Comic relief

    Worth noting, for all those who think everything’s changed for the worse the government looted the fund, made up of public donations, for the cost of removing the remaining slag heaps. They wouldn’t pull some shit like that these days (probably).
  15. You’ve been shagging Desmond’s wife?