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  1. Mostly cars it’s reinvented itself as Britain’s biggest port for imported cars. Bigger than Avonmouth and Southampton combined I believe.
  2. Only the specialist ones are made there the cheaper/volume ones are made in Asia. Pirelli produces big volumes in Burton-on-Trent still.
  3. I’m waiting for the first person to green arrow this.
  4. Yeah, decent British born and bred families like Fred and Rose West quietly and competently buried their abductees under the patio without creating this sort of awkward public scene.
  5. SNACR

    Crazy markups

    Certainly, although it depends how good your terms are what percentage shipping is going to represent on inclusive selling price. I can only recall £9.99 because that was the magic price point on ebay, we found, sales volumes fall dramatically over £10 on there. Even at £99 inclusive price I reckon any cost of goods over £35 and it would start looking like hard work to ship yourself and not worth the risk of unsold inventory and storage charges if you farmed the operation out to a third party logistics co. I honestly can’t see there being scope for anything other than direct buying. Bi
  6. SNACR

    Crazy markups

    I wouldn’t know, of course, but one scenario with this type of thing is to offer the branded product rod then for additional amount the option of getting a reel with it then load the reel on the rod which deals with the lack of retail packaging issue. It is a problem online because people are paranoid about fakes, whether it’s justified or not I’m unsure. We had a load of Duracell batteries that were loose, for some reason. Stuck them on eBay and got endless grief about them being fakes because they were loose. Which seems a bit dumb because if somewhere’s making fake Duracells and has bo
  7. People seem to really be losing it over the six people thing, like it’s suddenly the most absurd part of the whole thing when it’s orders of magnitude less inconvenient than most of what’s gone previously. If it runs on to Christmas people are seriously complaining it’s going to fuck up office Christmas parties. I mean, is that those office parties everyone fucking hates, in the offices no-one’s in because they’re all taking the preferred working from home option? When it was lock yourself in your house and only come out once a week to bang a saucepan people were all unquestioningly ‘fuck
  8. SNACR

    Crazy markups

    Well... If you want to get into this sort of thing, without some existing infrastructure, the only option would be something that’s going to deliver a volume of customers to you, so basically ebay. We get rid of redundant inventory on ebay from time to time, so not really the same as the cost is written off already to a varying extent. We looked at selling regular inventory, that there was no problem moving through existing channels. Basically, I think to be worthwhile selling a regular line on ebay for a £9.99 price point, inc delivery, it worked out the max cost of goods was £
  9. Based on that it wouldn’t be safe to ever let you visit my place, your nuts would explode.
  10. Or don’t bother as they typically aren’t. One previously pleasant market town, west of Reading on the GWR, has noticeably gone downhill though. Of course, due to your constant and wide-ranging travels of the UK I won’t need to tell you which one.
  11. You don’t need one for iPlayer because in the unlikely event there was any comeback, on clicking you have, you had someone visiting at the time you allowed use your computer.
  12. On BBC iPlayer presently search ‘twelve’ and it should come up
  13. The service and repair is not very big and has always been there and stayed when the factory closed. The factory site was the other side of Tickford St and I’m sure you’ll be able to guess what’s on there now.
  14. Over the line, in my opinion, in the uncut version. Which actually spoilt it a bit for me when I did finally watch the uncut version. I believe in the original script they did have sex.
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