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  1. SNACR

    The "Where Can I Watch.." thread

    Pretty sure it will work on your DVD player I only ever have a problem with Region 1 which I use a USB DVD drive with a laptop and cast the screen to the telly.
  2. SNACR

    Instant campervan - £500 or less

    The whole thing is a bit like a fantasy life designed for dogs. I think sleeping in my bed and being joined to me at the hip 24/7 would be fairly high up on my dog's wishlist.
  3. SNACR


    We don't have canines because Tofu can be really tricky to bite into.
  4. SNACR

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    To go against the flow here's a BBC documentary that must rank amongst the best I've seen, and a must see, incredible tales about the evacuation and also how the ambassador was written off as rather bumbling but was much shrewder than Kissinger and the CIA had presumed something of a genuine hero really. Also interesting from the perspective of whatever your current disillusionment level with Western democracies things can be much worse.
  5. There's nothing particularly wrong with this but it gets played way too much, more than it deserves I think
  6. SNACR

    The bodyguard

    Shit ending unfortunately. Although some Dosbods denizens may enjoy the anti-roper slant.
  7. SNACR

    Far fewer cars in the future

    I used to regularly see Judith Haan at Waitrose in Cirencester loading her groceries in a Citroen Xsara with no shame.
  8. SNACR

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    Well, I could certainly tell that the staff were much brighter at one university than another even though they were rated similarly - I didn’t actually go to that one because, as mentioned there were scores to be settled on my mother’s behalf - perhaps if I had gone there I wouldn’t have got bored with it. I’ve got a bad feeling you’re actually talking about going in with them to the open day/interview which would really be what I’d consider as pretty well up the suffocating helipcopter parent spectrum but actually I suspect none of these things matter nearly as much as parents worry they do including the choice of university. I do agree with Frank that it’s a good opportunity for kids to be independent and feel grown up. It must have been fairly significant as I can so vividly remember it.k
  9. SNACR

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    Surely it should be based on the quality of the course being offered rather than the parents’ opinion of the locale?
  10. SNACR

    I’m back!

    I suppose technically Harold Shipman could have said something similar about his job description.
  11. SNACR

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Seems quite romantic but thinking practically what happens if they jump on and need the loo? Do Railway staff find a surprise left in the corner of the car?
  12. SNACR

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    What's his typing like on text messages? If flawless, hate to break it to you, he's probably the milkman's.
  13. SNACR

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    I definitely remember a very long walk on one such visit as I'd spent the taxi money on three cans of McEwans Export from the buffet car on the train. I seem to recall I went to two by train and my dad took me in a works van to the third one as he was going in that vague direction anyway. All fairly pointless as the actual visits had no bearing on my decision where to go as I went to the one a cousin had been rejected by as I knew it would annoy my aunt.
  14. SNACR

    PCP for New Cars

    If you'd had your car towed in London you'd realise that if, in comparison to fantasising about petty revenge, some huge breasts entered your imagination it would quickly say 'put 'em away love I've got better fish to fry'.
  15. SNACR

    PCP for New Cars

    Very noticeable that on the motorway it's all much newer cars but go into towns and cities and all the cars for local driving are much, much older. Other thing that's noticeable is the huge decline in expensive big engined cars steaming down the outside lane. Also all the Mercedes Sprinter vans bombing down the outside lane seem to have gone too now - apparently a lot of that was driven by the mobile phone boom (they were delivering them to phone shops)