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  1. I went to a Bill Bailey gig a few weeks ago and there was the highest concentration of tidy girls/women, not there with any boyfriend or partner, I've seen in one place for a long time. Unusual because I've been to plenty of other gigs where it's been all grey haired people or mostly all blokes. I guess his stuff, while I personally didn't find any of it uproariously funny, is pretty female friendly with no effing and jeffing or smut type stuff though.
  2. SNACR

    Flying Kites

    Wakerly Woods in that area is a better country walk than Rutland water I seem to recall. Very well served for country parks in that area though East Carlton, Daventry, Ferry Meadows and there’s Pitsford water as well. Personally Kielder’s my favourite reservoir because I can ride my motorbike around it. Elan valley are probably the most impressive.
  3. SNACR

    Where Am I?

    Ok, well it's a sign for the Canton Fair complex - which I've been to hundreds of times didn't recognise that bit but assumed it must be some entrance/exit somewhere.
  4. SNACR

    Where Am I?

    You're at Chinaplas?
  5. It's people like you that mean we'll need more immigrants on tax credits to man them. I bet you use EE car washes too.
  6. SNACR

    Flying Kites

    Pretty sure watching Red Kites being fed is an actual tourist attraction in Wales.
  7. SNACR

    Game of Thrones

    TBH I wouldn't analyse it too much as plenty makes no sense at all. Tearful Arya about Jon Snow being exiled after his capture by the unsullied when surely she could have sprung him in a nanosecond like Jaqen doodah did for her and the rest at Harrenhull.
  8. If you go in when it's quiet they often give you fries free even if you've just ordered a burger. I don't drink fizzy pop so always get bottled water - which I think is over £2 - but you could easily buy one in a nearby shop afterwards and save. A premium burger meal in Mcds is £6 these days. Neither the food or clientele has ever enticed me into repeat visits to Wetherspoons,
  9. Yeah, what you’re all calling fur everyone else would call it wool.
  10. Totally infiltrated, and a front for security services operations, most likely set up by them in the first place, hence the Rainbow Warrior incident. There'll be plenty of believers though they suck in.
  11. SNACR


    I feel like I'm watching Kuato, out of Total Recall, or something.
  12. Ooh a crime involving two Polish - better tack another couple of million on.
  13. SNACR

    Game of Thrones

    Ground zero for it going to shit was pretty much the Ed Sheeran cameo.
  14. SNACR

    Tourists Fuckoff

    Outside of bank holidays most places I visit are always pretty quiet on the tourist front. Too many on here live a life with the Mail Online as a virtual reality headset.
  15. So we’re cruising churches now, for pussy, because they’re Chad free zones? Really?