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  1. SNACR

    Pathological demand avoidance

    My biggest worry is how much money did a design agency charge the Coop for a 'rebranding' exercise that was just reusing their logo from the eighties?
  2. SNACR

    Black Friday deals

    If you spend nectar vouchers at Sainsburys, at the moment they are worth double but you can't spend them on food it has to be non-food ie clothes/toys/electricals - Christmas chocolates and gifts were included. Maximum you can redeem is £100 which means you can have £200 worth of stuff instead of the normal £100. I came out with £200 worth of video games for Christmas presents but if you bought must have games and flogged them on ebay you could essentially convert nectar points to cash. Very good deal. I'd imagine it's hoped people put the voucher against stuff and pay the difference/buy a load of gifts in Sainsburys but there were a lot of people in there doing the same as I was so I could imagine some of the better stuff might be sold out now. Apparently they did it last year as well but I missed it that time. What's better than free stuff from Nectar points? Answer: twice as much free stuff.
  3. SNACR


    If it's a Deal of No Deal, who's going to decide really? Noel Edmonds??
  4. Why isn't there more diversity in Beauty Therapy? I think the government should give lorry driver's grants to retrain as Beauty Therapists. I reckon Big Dave's grip, honed from years of prostitute strangling, would be ideally suited to massaging too. The tragedy is, in a female dominated industry, I just don't think he'll be taken seriously.
  5. SNACR

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    Have they been on the receiving end of a huge lawsuit from victims of rapey drivers yet?
  6. SNACR

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    Didn't they have some scheme where they financed new cars to Uber drivers, particularly in places like India. I'm guessing they either weren't a good credit risk or the cars went walkies.
  7. SNACR

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    I think they are trying to escape from Brian May. They’re rightly worried they’ll be caught and cast in a musical by Ben Elton.
  8. SNACR

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    Back now had a near miss with a badger who’d wandered into hyperspace.
  9. SNACR

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    I’II be plotting a course for the M4 shortly and engaging hyperdrive or as it’s more colloquially known a 5.0 V8.
  10. SNACR

    Not buying EU Products

    Boris Johnson seems fine.
  11. SNACR

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    I’m sat in Cobham MSA and there’s dozens of transporters full of new cars parked up but none of them look like the sort of thing you’d want second hand. I’d view most of their engines as insufficient to power the windows. I was doing about 100mph on the way into here and a copper’s BMW absolutely flew past me with no blue lights on. When I got to Cobham he was just coming out of the toilets. The moral of that story is drive as fast as you want when a copper needs a poo.
  12. SNACR

    Not buying EU Products

    Foolscap or A4?
  13. SNACR

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    You’re like the Swampy of old cars Friends of the Earth should make you an honourary member. If you’d brought it to my garage I’d have advised getting it painted another colour than jewish racing gold though.
  14. SNACR

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    Nothing that unsortable. If you paid £350 I bet for no more than another £500, if you did all the work yourself, you could have a nice cheap little run around. One of the biggest unmentioned environmental scandals is how readily cars are scrapped
  15. SNACR

    new films

    Watched Last Jedi, last night, didn’t really hold my attention. I do question whether Regarding Henry was actually a high watermark for JJ Abrahams.