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  1. Yes - having just done a quick bit of adding all the numbers up to 36 - not really I just did this to save time ((1+36)*36)/2 = 666 Don't encourage him though.
  2. One day something, that you struggle to deal with, will creep up on you and you won't see it coming. It might even be old age, when you realise, having spent your life telling yourself how much better you are at it than everyone else you have, in fact, wasted all of yours.
  3. Might unearth he's got a Polish grandparent, no point letting a good gimmegrant pants creaming opportunity go to waste. What I want to know, with some of the posters on here, who fancy themselves as possessed of all seeing high-powered perception, and an inability to make any wrong turns in life, when exactly does the big payday and life of nirvana kick in exactly?
  4. So, another ex-pat whose hobby is obsessing over immigration in the country they've left. If they stay away too long, it's one group I'm not against us shutting the door on, like Japan.
  5. Word of warning on the soft drink front - don't ever buy Ribena, Capri Sun, Fruit Shoots and a whole load of others they even openly admit on the TV adverts they're full of Jews.
  6. Just in case any of the hard of thinking are still struggling it is the white bits that make the six not the black lines the centre guards don't have the white strips to make them a six.
  7. Yeah they're not sixes either although I can see how you think they are.
  8. Are you talking about the three pairs of lines that form the centre guard of an EAN 13 format, you think these are read as 6s?
  9. No No No No some people still have it
  10. Trust me, as someone with an above average working knowledge of barcodes, they definitely fucking don't.
  11. Or don't bother grabbing anything with a barcode because they don't.
  12. Can you not see, that this thread is no different from that one someone started posting endless links to people who'd had their car stolen on facebook?