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  1. It's more likely it was a bloke tourist who'd accidentally left his hotpoint fridge in there. That's my guess.
  2. I have never heard of any violence eminating from UKIP.
  3. The more I see this film, the funnier it gets. The elephant man at the door! And "What's alfresco?" "isn't that anal?" Brilliant Shane Meadows film. .
  4. I have voted UKIP in the past and would vote for them in the future. I will, vote for anybody except Labour or the Conservatives.
  5. "Fame, fame, fatal fame. It can play hideous tricks on the brain" - Morrissey.
  6. I though he was great in 'Leaving Las Vegas' (top film but mainly for Elizabeth Shue) and KickAss
  7. The only conclusion to be drawn was that it was the power of Jesus that finally got that sucker in the end. Praise Jesus.
  8. Floating turds are the sign of the righteous person. Everybody knows this.
  9. She's trans. She hates white people. Ticks all the So-Called BBC boxes. Sign him up.
  10. Apart from all the jokey puns, it has to be said that anybody that eats Foie Gras is an absolute cunt though.
  11. Creasy is just another Labour feminazi drone. In no capacity could she be viewed as 'sane'.
  12. Nowt to see here. Just another act of violence, potential and actual murder in that multicultural shithole known as London. Move along now...
  13. Thanks for reply. Personally, I'd be quite happy with that. Maybe the other DOSBODERS will have a view on it -they may not want the feature. Anyway cheers if you want to implement it. I always have my twitter in dark mode as I just like the look of it
  14. Have you ever thought of divorcing the cloth-eared bastard?