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  1. Charles Carter

    Women football - Twerking outrage

    The positive about this is that I now know who this woman is. Regardless of her football skills, she is a very attractive woman and a great marketing tool for the sport. Of course, the Feminazis will despise her for her good looks and would have preferred a Kathy Burke look-a-like.
  2. Charles Carter

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    The daft bastards!
  3. Charles Carter

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    Regardless of the boxing, I think Tyson Fury is bloody brilliant. Total respect to the bloke.
  4. Charles Carter

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Or just say bollox to all that, save yourself a load of hassle and just go MGTOW. Enjoy your life.
  5. Charles Carter

    Bye, UKIP

    I think you are talking utter shite, mate.
  6. Charles Carter

    Bye, UKIP

    Wishful thinking, Mark. One could almost say that you are spouting complete horseshit.
  7. Charles Carter

    Bye, UKIP

    I think you are absolutely completely 100% fucking wrong.
  8. Charles Carter

    Bye, UKIP

    UKIP are still the only party worth voting for. I suppose, Mark, you are still entranced by the Labour/LibDems/Conservative party approach to modern living? If you are, all I can say is Poor bleeder.
  9. Charles Carter

    Bye, UKIP

    I will still vote UKIP.
  10. Charles Carter

    Buying a PC

    I'd always encourage somebody to build their own PC. It's not that hard. Just make sure you know what bits will go with other bits.
  11. Charles Carter

    Dickhead LBC presenter Watch...

    Gawd, I loathe these LBC bastards
  12. Charles Carter

    So Assange Wasn’t Exaggerating..

    Julian Assange is a hero to me.
  13. Charles Carter

    Security services "asleep at the wheel" over Manchester bombings

    Saint Grande hit the jackpot with this one.
  14. Charles Carter

    Sexual Assault - what is it?

    I remember being in a nightclub called Camelot in Doncaster once around about 1989. I had my arse pinched by a girl as I was heading towards the bar. It was fabulous! It made me feel like I was desirable. Today I could have sued her for sexual assault, forced her to lose her job and ruined her life. What the fuck happened to simple, innocent human interactions.
  15. Charles Carter


    The Cult - Dreamtime.