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  1. Once the integrity of the ballot box is trashed, we may as well prepare for anarchy and civil war.
  2. What's this woman's problem with bloody Smurfs for crying out loud? They're harmless enough.
  3. It seems that people are not allowed to criticise Israel these days no matter what. I went to Israel back in 1992, (quite a while back so no idea what it's like now). I thought it was fabulous then. The Wailing wall was a bit strange - people just nodding their heads.
  4. Darwin's theory of evolution is just that - a theory. It's quite fascinating when you investigate it. Lots of unanswered questions.
  5. They may have been new to the area. They got caught out. What do you want? For them to all die? Fucking hell. And? It gave the helpers some practice in what to do in a real emergency. It;s nothing they wouldn't have done in training for the job.
  6. That's if it's not rigged.
  7. The problem for UKIP and Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, in this election, was that they were both a victim of circumstances. I would normally vote for UKIP. In this election, however, the ONLY sensible thing to do was to vote for the Brexit Party.
  8. The Legacy Media is dying.
  9. TMT, none of the rest of us do either but REJOICE, REJOICE!
  10. WTF? Old Holborn turned native?
  11. I agree. Sargon has acted with a lot of dignity. Top bloke.
  12. I really didn't get The Smiths when they first came out. I thought 'This Charming man' was great but I heard the first album and thought it was just hyped up. Then I head this song from it which blew me away. Lyrics are utterly beautiful and a fitting tribute those murdered by Brady and Hindley. Guitar playing was great too. After hearing this song and reading interviews with Morrissey, I was hooked on The Smiths. I've seen Morrissey twice playing in Manchester. I would have gone to see him a third time when he was due to play in Manchester before that fucker Dave Haslam created a scene.