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  1. Charles Carter

    Hoax hate

    Always beware of those that take pictures of themselves via a mirror. They are the uber narcissists.
  2. Charles Carter

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    It's almost Shakespearean but now the Three Witches have gone and committed political suicide, it's time to celebrate...
  3. Charles Carter

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    A more apt name would be the 'Loser's Party'.
  4. Charles Carter

    Fucking RSPCA...

    Moan, moan, moan. Have you ever thought about just staying at home?
  5. Charles Carter

    Fucking RSPCA...

    It seems I've got to stick up for the National Trust here as well. One of the greatest characteristics of this great Country is its stately homes. They are part of our history and if we lose them, we lose something of ourselves. Apart from the SJW madness that the National Trust engaged in a few years ago, they do a great job looking after our heritage.
  6. Charles Carter

    Fucking RSPCA...

    What would be your solution? Would you completely shutdown the RSPCA? Have a free-for-all?
  7. Charles Carter

    Fucking RSPCA...

    Well said, that man
  8. Charles Carter

    Fucking RSPCA...

    Why all the endless hate towards the RSPCA on this forum? It gets very tedious after a while. Might it be due to a lot of posters in this forum being supporters of barbaric field sports? Or is it just a general hatred towards animals you all have? For the record, I think the RSPCA do a great job in difficult situations and I'm glad such an organisation exists.
  9. I agree with that. What has happened, however, is that the Gaystapo agenda means that the gay message has to be promoted 24/7 at every conceivable level ad nauseum. Discrimination of heterosexual people is needed (see bbc employment prospects) and the gay lifestyle needs to be saturated across the mass media. If gays want to have a cock shoved up their arse, that's fine by me - just don't ram it down our throats (pun intended) and don't normalise it in primary school.
  10. Charles Carter

    Anti-materialist heroes

    Frankly, and unless he gave a lot away to charity without anyone knowing, if Benny had all that money and never spent it, well, what a selfish silly fucker he was. YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, ERNIE
  11. Charles Carter

    Songs inspired by "real-life" stories...

    Great song though I always preferred the Ken Booth version. Back to the original posting, I'd say 'Hurricane' by Bob Dylan.
  12. Charles Carter

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    5Live is just as nauseating. Most BBC news output, if not all, is claptrap.
  13. Charles Carter

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    I don't even listen to the Archers anymore. It's never been the same since Nigel was murdered on that roof by David Archer.
  14. Charles Carter

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Hope it's in Manchester.
  15. Charles Carter

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    The problem with Ferrari's show was that he always had oddball guests on eg. Trans bollox. It was all kind of clickbait stuff and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Best thing I ever did was stopping listening to that shite LBC. If I want to hear any LBC, I'll watch an Earthling Carl Youtube video or catch a snippet of Nigel Farage's show on Twitter.