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    Charles Carter got a reaction from Van Lady in Dead by Christmas   
    Who gives a shit?
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    Charles Carter reacted to SuperTramp in THE REMAIN TRAP   
    A second referendum would be political suicide. I don't think it will happen.
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Windrush   
    Superb. From 1992. Visionary.
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    Charles Carter reacted to The Masked Tulip in Asia Bibi - UK afraid to grant her asylum out of fear of islamic violence   
    There is much talk on social media about a Huffington Post article that apparently claims that the UK did not grant Christian Asia Bibi asylum out of fear of enraging the islamic population.
    If this is true then this is both disgusting and shocking. It is also a frightening example of how much power the muslim community has in the UK already.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Carl Fimble in Asia Bibi - UK afraid to grant her asylum out of fear of islamic violence   
    Exactly the type of person we should've offering asylum to, an actual refugee fleeing persecution, and a Christian too. 
    Aside from all that, we should be flushing out anyone in the country who is a threat, and certainly not changing to appease them....
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    Charles Carter reacted to Libspero in Question Time   
    First time I've watched it.
    The first issue is the quality of the audience..  wastes a lot of time listening to Joe public make obvious and uneducated comments.
    The second issue is the panellists. Same as above, though to a slightly lesser degree. The thing that makes it boring viewing is that when people start waffling because they don't really know how to answer the question, they still just let them waffle on for minutes at a time instead of cutting it out.  The Tory MP was particularly guilty. Never really answered a question, just immediately jumped in to vague political speak on every subject.
    In fact, I bet if you re-edited it you could randomly swap his answers around so they match completely different questions and you wouldn't actually notice any difference.
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from The Idiocrat in Question Time   
    Why is anybody still watching this shit? C'mon people, wake up! Last week and the week before that, you ended up smashing your head against a brick wall. This week, you STILL ended up smashing your head against a brick wall. What for? Are you masochists?
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    Charles Carter reacted to null; in Is it coz I is black?   
    Recently had another debate on a SJW forum about 'gammon' being racist (which I think I won because they backed down when all of their arguements were shot down with reason and quoting UK law). The same people who would probably say the horn beeping was racist will defend the use of a racist slur against white people.
    But on here we all know that these so called liberals and the far left are nasty people who do not believe in treating people equally, in fact they actively support and encourage treating people inequally and of course spending other peoples money.
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    Charles Carter reacted to spygirl in Is it coz I is black?   
    Yeah real propertion.
    2 black kids have been stabbed to death this weekend.
    Not they they record them as black - you need to look at the photo or the african name.
    Its not tennage stabbings, its black on black stabbings.
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    Charles Carter reacted to XswampyX in Is it coz I is black?   
    Is this now the new benchmark that all other racists attacks will be graded against.
    "He looked funny at me officer. Arrest the racist pig!"
    "He farted in my general direction officer. Arrest the racist pig!"
    "He gave his one hour left parking ticket to a white woman officer. Arrest the racist pig!"
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    Charles Carter reacted to Alonso Quijano in trans madness   
    I wonder what the ratings were for the recent schoolboy trans drama on ITV. Imagine it bombed. Perhaps they thought the needed to pander to the madness... I normally like Ana Freil. Imagine the Doctor's sex change has hit audience figures. People aren't interested.
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    Charles Carter reacted to spygirl in Is the EU just an emotional attachment for Remoaners?   
    The mess that the EU has created in the East esp. The balkans has to be seen to believed.
    Most EE countries have been emptied of the under 55s who might have had an interest in the growth and nomalusation of their countries.
    The EU has then poured money into these corrupt countries and made them even more corrupt.
    Rather than having a 20 year normalisation period, they fucked it up. This was Blair too.
    Keep in mind that greece and portugal pop have really not benefited from EU nembership. Their Pols and rich have.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Byron in Is the EU just an emotional attachment for Remoaners?   
    I get the impression that many remoaners do not truly have any solid reasons for clinging to what is clearly a decaying project and that many of them, particularly the older ones have a sentimental attachment.
    Hence the tears and anger at Brexit.
    They remind me of that naïve 1970 group, The New Seekers with their soy boy guitarists,
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from Byron in Adoption Falls Because of IVF   
    It's the So-Called BBC innit! Who gives a fuck about what they report. It's all fake news anyway.
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    Charles Carter reacted to dgul in Wheels coming off HE bubble   
    Well, first of all 'too late'.  The harm has been done:
    An entire generation has learnt 'not fair', and that it was the oldies that did it.  It wasn't done in my name -- higher education is done for the good of the state, not the individual -- but I'll (and everyone else >35) be crucified when I'm older by that generation getting their own back. They extrapolated 'HE is good if 20% go, therefore it'll be fantastic if 50% go' and in the process removed the point of HE for most people (ie, for many jobs requiring HE the market is now saturated) And, in the same process they encouraged the impressionable young to spend money where there couldn't possibly be a return. And gave a huge splodge of cash to the universities to spend on expansion and paying (much) more to their senior management (which they had to, because they're running a rapidly expanding business that's raking in much more money under their leadership). And, most importantly of all, all this is a one-way-street.  The young won't forgive; HE is a right, not a privilege; the young are committed to debt; HE costs money; University VCs are worth 2x the Prime Minister... Anyway, your point is incorrect -- in the article the shortfall will be made up by the treasury.  So the fancy lifestyle of the senior management will continue to be funded.  That said, it probably will work out neutral -- by reducing debt by 1/3rd and presuming that they keep repayments the same, they'll just end up with a lower debt write-off at 25 years for the majority of students.
    The other point in the story is 'Some expect the final review to recommend that fees be varied for different courses'.  Glory be -- that was the whole point of the original exercise -- for some reason they allowed the universities to just apply the maximum for everyone and everything.  IMO there should be a forced 'cost-plus' methodology for courses, as the current 'what the market will bear' approach is ripping off the young, taking advantage of their enthusiasm for life and lack of experience.
    Oh, but then there's the other half of that sentence -- 'as some degrees such as science are typically more expensive to provide'.  Look -- what is the point of higher education?  Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes a nice-to-have.  At the moment, we've got a whole pile of 'nice to haves' coming through the system -- dodgy degrees where the individual gets a job because their degree shows aptitude.  Sounds to me that those individuals will have a lowering of costs, while those who need a degree to function* (STEM) will have their costs maintained?
    And that takes me full circle -- what makes most sense is for the country to work out what it needs to have -- the number of nurses, chemists, civil engineers, astronomers, historians, etc, etc -- and provide a free education (and living expenses) for the ones that show most aptitude in the chosen field.  We could call it a 'grant'.  Anyone else would be free to go, but they'd have to fund it (perhaps through loans).  Doesn't that make much more sense than the current 'everyone goes, everyone pays, don't care if it makes sense, supply != demand'.
    No, scrub that.  In these enlightened days, it couldn't possibly be done on merit.  There would have to favours for the poor, strange %ages of ethic minority, and definitely no rich (middle class), however clever they were.  We'd end up with an entire educated class of morons**  (actual morons, not the socially awkward morons who are actually very good at understanding the calculations we currently get)
    [*well, lets say where they need to have at some point been taught specifics, and then have been checked on their capability -- could be done a few ways, but HE is a way that works and we've got it running now]
    [** look not saying poor people or ethnic minorities are morons.  But being academically clever so that you can engineer a bridge isn't normal.  You absolutely want the top 10% of 'mathematical engineer' type to be doing that job; if you remove 80% of the population from the equation, then it doesn't matter if those left have an identical profile of 'cleverness in that field' across the sub-population -- you've got to accept that you're no longer going to be getting the top 10% with that 'skill' in the country -- you'll end up having very average people doing the job that needs above average (and run the risk of many more who are sub-par)]
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from whocares in Steve Bannon (in Munk Debate)   
    Let's hope so.
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Trump's progress   
    The bloke looks pissed or something.
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from whocares in Steve Bannon (in Munk Debate)   
    Let's hope so.
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from whocares in Steve Bannon (in Munk Debate)   
    Let's hope so.
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    Charles Carter reacted to JackieO in Trump's progress   
    Looks like Trumps unhinged Obama too and aged him 10 to 20 years!
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    Charles Carter reacted to M S E Refugee in Racist sees racism in non racist ceremonies   
    What about the non-white people who fought for the Axis powers against the Allies.
    I wonder if we will hear more about the Muslims who served in the Waffen SS now that some of these poor downtrodden ROPers are now interested in the First and Second World War.
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    Charles Carter reacted to BLOOLOO in Racist sees racism in non racist ceremonies   
    Indeed, it represents how they still are unintegrated 99 years after WW1 finished.  And somehow, that is the white mans fault.
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    Charles Carter reacted to PatronizingGit in Ipswich school reports '30-year-old pupil' to Home Office   
    Theres a level of SJWism I can kind of understand, if not agree with...the accepting that blacks in the US might be discriminated against because they just don't do so well might seem reasonable if you don't have the time or inclination to look at the deeper context.
    But then there are things like this, or all BBC presenters coverage of the 'migrant crisis' when we can all see the horde behind them are invariably men, aged 15-40, who do not look desperate, injured, starving or anything else deserving of asylum.
    It can only be explained by a kind of tyrannical groupthink. Where all BBC presenters know they are broadcasting utter shite, but are so afraid of being ostracized by their group, they dare not say what they see.