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    Charles Carter reacted to The Masked Tulip in Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness   
    I find myself wishing for full sharia for life on such women. Her hoping that some men come rescue her - and men not bothering.
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    Charles Carter reacted to spunko in Chavs: cuddly and lovable   
    Nobody believes Vichy May on anything anymore. The only announcement I want to hear from her is that she's resigning. 
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    Charles Carter reacted to spunko in Storm Ali - yes, they called it Ali.   
    When will we get a Storm Stormy?
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    Charles Carter reacted to Frank Hovis in Which loo for you?   
    Scary, safe?
    Are radical feminists now forming razor gangs to cut up any transgenders using the women's toilets?
    If so I've missed that.
    I have however seen online threats by transgenders to feminists, one hitting a woman and grabbing then smashing her phone, and a building in which feminists held a meeting daubed in graffiti by transgender activists.
    The threat is one way.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Melchett in Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants   
    The problem is people like my strident SJW Corbynista niece swallow it hook line and sinker then shout it back at anyone who doesnt immediately toe the party line.
    These people cannot be reasoned with and they absolutely will not stop until they have destroyed our country.
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    Charles Carter reacted to whitevanman in Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants   
    I don't care if migrants pay less or more tax than they take out. It's our country and they can fuck off regardless.
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    Charles Carter reacted to spygirl in Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants   
    Big hoohaa on this mornigns news.
    EU migrants pay more tax than they take!!!
    'The report said there was no evidence that increased European migration has damaged life in the UK.
    It concluded that EU migrants paid more in tax than they took in benefits, contributed more to the NHS workforce than the healthcare they accessed, and had no effect on crime rates.
    Chair of the MAC, Professor Alan Manning, said the overall the impacts of EEA migration had not had the "big costs that some people claim", but it had not had "big benefits" either.'
    Bullshit. What about all those Swedish and Dutch Somlais FFS>
    Second sent4ence is a bit strange with the inclusiion of contribution more to workforce of the NHS. BS.
    Heres' the report:
    Quick search for tax credits:
    'This publication only contains figures on numbers of claimants and not total expenditure.
    There are ad hoc statistical releases that contain some information on this but nothing systematic.
    We have been unable to access the data necessary to use actual benefit payments to assess whether migrants are more or less likely to be in receipt of benefits or tax credits'
    Then the whole report is a fucking joke then.
    Thre is data on using National Isurnace numbers. You can then corelate that against tax paid - see the earlier thread on here.
    You can then look at whetehr the EUers has dependent kids and put in 5k/kid for education.
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    Charles Carter reacted to One percent in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    I refuse to watch any output from any of the MSM channels. Can’t remember the last time I watched the news. 
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from One percent in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    This is why I despise the So-Called BBC. Not fit for purpose. 
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    Charles Carter reacted to shindigger in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    Fuck them to hell.
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    Charles Carter reacted to wherebee in Syria Gas Attack   
    Hartman - 
    You are correct in that the people at the top in Russia are mostly unpleasant fucks.  Then again, show me a country where that is not the case.
    The MH airliner shooting down is not a black and white issue based on evidence I have seen.  Was it shot down by someone?  Yes, 100 percent.  Who was it, and if it was the Russians was it because enemy warcraft were knowingly using it as a shield (as per this event in Syria just now), is not clear either way.
    The ultimate responsibility for those deaths follows, in my mind, a long trail back to the US neocons who engineered a revolution in the Ukraine to weaken Russia and thus set in motion a conflict over the Crimea.  End of.
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    Charles Carter reacted to UmBongo in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    I don't know much about Owen Jones. I didn't realise he was a gay man until I saw his appearances on Sky News, storming off the set having a huge hissy fit. He's forcing the argument that the Miami terror attack was a homophobic attack, rather than a pair muslims getting their backs up because Westerners were in general having a good time.
    I like this particular video which has been edited to look like a 1990s 'fighting' video game.
    Go Julia!
    "Saying LGBT really fast bonus"
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    Charles Carter reacted to Austin Allegro in Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson   
    This tends to reinforce my theory that Hopkins has been made a target for 'silencing' because she is coming out loudly with the 'wrong' views. 
    My hope is that she will carry on, but perhaps (like Guido Fawkes) move abroad outside British legal jurisdiction; she may have to anyway to live more cheaply. 
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from Funn3r in Syria Gas Attack   
    You normally write good posts. The last one hasn't been your finest. 
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    Charles Carter reacted to Panther in Syria Gas Attack   
    May will be along soon, to shake her fist at the world.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Austin Allegro in Over 75s free TV Licence going?   
    People paid for the TV licence when a. there wasn't really a viable alternative such as netflix, catch-up TV etc and b. when as a nation we had a common set of values, one of which was that 'the So-Called BBC is worth paying for' and to avoid paying for a licence was a rather shabby thing to do. 
    Neither of those reasons apply now; we have lots of alternatives and the country is full of people with little understanding of or interest in the British way of life. 
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    Charles Carter reacted to Chewing Grass in Over 75s free TV Licence going?   
    Most over 75s I know dont watch the So-Called BBC at all, instead prefering to watch the old stuff on multitude of freeview channels.
    the So-Called BBC like the newspapers is of little relevance to them as it is full of confused shit they dont understand anymore.
    Much better to watch old gardening/antique stuff that has some stability and interest to it.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Film music.   
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    Charles Carter reacted to crashmonitor in Film music.   
    The father of a friend before the advent of video recorders tried to capture this with a tape recorder and microphone off the television in the mid 70s, telling the kids to shut up lest it picked up background noise. Just the click of a button today.....
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    Charles Carter reacted to wherebee in Syria Gas Attack
    This is like watching a bad spy movie where the plot is completely, completely unbelievable.  Al-Assad has won.  Game over.  And the Yanks are saying that he's going to launch a gas attack which would give them an excuse to go back into Syria?  When he can just take the city and kill anyone he wants with bullets and no one will give a fuck?
    Mental.  The MSM are lying, mendacious warmongers.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Alonso Quijano in Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson   
    I like her. Think she raises important and challenging issues. Not everyone's cup of tea style-wise. She does wind up SWJs and lefties so that is a plus. Pity if she is nuked by this, we seem to be losing a lot of these people one way or another.
    The more litigious it all gets the more opinions and ideas will be suppressed.
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    Charles Carter reacted to sleepwello'nights in Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson
    Having read the judgement I cant see how the judge thinks that "serious harm" has been caused to Jack Monroe's reputation. Who I've never heard of until today. He says that there were a number of tweets, a torrent according to Monroe's lawyers, but it did not seem to him that the views were changed by Hopkin's "defamatory" accusation, the views that the Twitters had were probably held by them before, either in support or against.
    Mr Justice Warby then goes on, and on, and on, to say:
    10) National and international media coverage of the tweets complained of, Ms Monroe's reaction to them, "and the matter generally" on 19 May 2015. Nine articles are relied on. Three are in mainstream English newspapers (Metro, The Mirror and The Independent). The others are in the Belfast Telegraph, the Huffington Post, and a range of lesser known outlets. All are said to have been published "within hours". I am invited to infer that their publication meant that anyone with an interest in either party will have become aware that Ms Hopkins had made a mistake, Ms Monroe denied having vandalised anything, and intended to sue, that there was no attempt to justify what had been said. It is also suggested, in mitigation, that readers of these media would have realised that "the claimant considered that she could make £5,000 in damages because of the tweets" (sic). This last contention seems to me offensive in its formulation, implying that compensation would be some kind of gain for the claimant. Otherwise, I would not attach any great weight to this point. The majority of the media coverage was in publications of the left, and it is not likely there was a substantial overlap with the defendant's own readership. The coverage did not amount to an authoritative or comprehensive refutation of the original allegation. As Mr Bennett points out, there was a potentially harmful impact of this publication, as it brought the whole matter to the attention of a fresh audience.
    It seems he accepted that it was the publication of the spat by left wing media that brought the matter to a wider audience and that because they were left wing publications they would have supported Monroe and criticised Hopkins. Potentially harmful does not support a finding of actual harm, to my mind.
    What a shame Hopkins lost. She may be strongly opinionated but I am generally in agreement with her on the harm that uncontrolled immigration is causing this country and Western democracies.
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    Charles Carter reacted to Fischer in Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson   
    I just knew he'd be involved somehow.
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    Charles Carter reacted to OurDayWillCome in Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson
    All of it is due to the simple fact that she attempted to be a journalist without any of the necessary skills.
    🙄 Has anyone at the Mirror got any journalistic skills?
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    Charles Carter got a reaction from ccc in Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson   
    I find Katie Hopkins highly entertaining and I'd rather read one tweet by her than any of the shit the Guardian puts out.