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  1. The Idiocrat

    Venezuala - who gives a fuck

    So true, just as well we didn't piss our own oil reserves up the wall!
  2. So true. As hobby/sideline I help people write their memoirs. I was with a chap yesterday who is 86 and actually wants to write the biography of his father, who fought in both world wars, and he himself was in the army also. To say this chap can't believe the state of the UK and how far it has fallen is a massive understatement. The stories of the struggles of his father in the forces to protect the country is an inspiration - several major battles in both wars. The chap wants to capture these stories because he thinks that that Britain and those sorts of resilient people will never return, and we need to remember that such people existed, or indeed were common, and now are extremely rare. Very sad.
  3. The Idiocrat

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Clearly inspired by the massive increase in viewing figures that Blake's 7 experienced after they killed off Blake!
  4. The Idiocrat

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Yep, I deliberately don't pick it up now after work, but used to do so almost every day. Sick of reading articles insulting me as a white male. Fuck 'em.
  5. The Idiocrat

    Those Magnificent Men n Their Fucking Machines

    Hope he uses a flap valve for his next product.
  6. The Idiocrat

    And Smart Meters weren't about controlling you.

    Stop people with jobs commuting to where the job is: Provide tax benefits to business for their employees with desk jobs to not spend hours/fuel clogging the roads/trains going into the office every single day of the week when they could do the same job at home or in a local workspace at least a day a week.
  7. The Idiocrat

    Sinking with the Jones'

    Best not to smoke in their house, just in case!
  8. The Idiocrat

    Sinking with the Jones'

    Please tell me they at least have buildings insurance? Not much extra to add contents so I fear they haven't.
  9. Seems Samsung thinks there is no future for white men. This ad is getting a lot of airtime at the mo.
  10. The Idiocrat

    Me and my Vulva

    Wot, no diversity?! Is that from some sort of quiz? Is there also a picture with lots of faces and we're supposed to match each white cunt with each white Guardian-reading cunt?
  11. The Idiocrat

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Not a surprise once the manufacture of HP sauce went to the Netherlands! Our politicians won't even stand up for their own sauces!
  12. The Idiocrat

    Special needs kids ...

    Or having kids much later in life.
  13. The Idiocrat

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Sad isn't it. If men had standards women would have to make an effort and behave.
  14. The Idiocrat

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

  15. The Idiocrat

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I think I've just hit peak DOSBOD - just seen Liz Jones on Bumble, inc. skanky tattoo. She claims to be 50! (photo from Daily Mail, but similar to what's on Bumble). I feel unwell.