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    Indeed. There's a bizarre thinking process in many women that seems to go "I find this attractive in men therefore they'll find it attractive in me". Applies to tattoos in particular, but also many women who seem to think bodybuilding, boxing or other activities to build muscle somehow make them more attractive.
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    Looks like the other school kids nabbed him in the bogs, flushed his head down the toilet, and scrawled all over him in felt tip!
  3. Almost bought one of these approx 15 years ago for £20k with redundancy money but let me ex-wife talk me out of it. They're now £250k+ ! Facel Vega II
  4. I think they're still designed in the Midlands though, so that's something.
  5. Assuming you had records showing how you'd tried to call, email them, I 'd like to see them enforce that. Still, any company that evades cancellations is obviously shite.
  6. Just cancel the direct debit?
  7. Men get scammed too, just that it's after the marriage rather than before it!
  8. Brilliant! 😄 Her husband's some tech CFO so no doubt he's contributed way more than £1m to their family through his graft. She inherits £1m from doing nowt and immediately tries to hide it from the husband by giving it to someone she thought was a cuck but isn't. Just desserts.
  9. That's very true. There's a chap who gives them away outside the station near my work and hardly anyone takes them - if you do he seems extremely grateful - as if you'd just given him £10! I suspect his job/pay relies on getting rid of a certain number. I've taken pity on him so now take the paper from him and bin it immediately.
  10. Aren't we, through BAe and Rolls Royce, actually helping Turkey design and build their own fighter jet? 🙄
  11. Yes, those stats are conclusive proof that there is no racism in the UK when it comes to jobs. And the So-Called BBC doesn't like it!