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  1. The Idiocrat

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    I posted a chart up-thread.
  2. The Idiocrat

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    5-fold in 20 years?! Nah, my last two girlfriends have been private school teachers - they're on about £40k, one of those in London, the other in a posh town in the South East. Now, at the top of private schools it's different - the heads are on huge salaries with lots of graces and favours, such as free housing in huge houses (I also know the head of one of the top private schools in the country). Private schools have done what unis have done - milked the market, especially foreigners, as much as possible and spent it at the top and the owners/shareholders, with a bit of infrastructure spend to justify it to the parents and the state.
  3. The Idiocrat

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Private school fees have gone up pretty much in line with house prices - ie. an exorbitant amount. They're priced seemingly to what the market will bear not what is reasonable or at cost+. If the schools weren't so greedy prices wouldn't be so high. I can therefore understand why the Treasury might want a piece of that action. Shame they don't apply the same logic to LVT.
  4. The Idiocrat

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Yes, I've noticed that. It must be deliberate. No other religions, including Christian, get much of a mention, let alone a daily propaganda story. Someone is pulling the strings.
  5. The Idiocrat

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    I used the words "gonads" the other day and my teen kids had no idea what I was on about. Can't get my son to read Viz at all!
  6. The Idiocrat

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Good for you. They all monkey branch so this is hardly exceptional. Good luck with it.
  7. The Idiocrat

    Lions led by donkeys, updated for the modern age

    Is this guy still in a job? Spineliss shit.
  8. The Idiocrat

    Is Marriage Contract now fraudulent?

    Only 6 months?! Either one or both of them are bonkers.
  9. The Idiocrat

    Comments on this piece are premoderated...

    I'm a great fan of same sex marriage/civil partnerships, but not for the main reasons given (I don't care if people are gay or not). I can see it completely messing up pensions: it will make sense for blokes to marry a mate just to get widow's pension, tax breaks and other benefits. It'll be like that Scottish comedy "Still Game" or Morecambe & Wise - two mates living together might as well get married. Unintended consequences are great!
  10. The Idiocrat

    Attenborough: 'Population growth must come to an end'

    You can be sure Labour will reverse that at the earliest opportunity.
  11. The Idiocrat

    Sciatica and lower back pain - it bloody hurts! Any tips?

    Sadly I've been cycling about 4-5 hours a week since the beginning of summer (knees are buggered from side impact injuries so can only do low impact stuff). Was feeling great due to it. I miss it already.
  12. The Idiocrat

    Sciatica and lower back pain - it bloody hurts! Any tips?

    It came on after I mopped the floors! (however, two nights earlier I did it standing up briefly with a burd whilst she hung on to me - that may or may not have contributed!). ETA: Right, off to the pub (very slowly but it's only 200 yards) for medication!
  13. The Idiocrat

    Sciatica and lower back pain - it bloody hurts! Any tips?

    Yes, that was what I was thinking from my research. Cheers!
  14. The Idiocrat

    Sciatica and lower back pain - it bloody hurts! Any tips?

    Lower back very painful, can feel line going down my right leg. Will be a few months' wait I expect. Thanks everyone for your replies! Some great info there. I have a good physio I've used before due to knee injuries so I'll visit him. Cheers.
  15. Got bad sciatica which came on a couple of days ago. I've been doing a few exercises I've found online and trying to stay mobile, but have to spend time at my desk and of course in bed. The pain's awful and it's debilitating. DOSBODDERs are good at coming with alternative treatments and solutions - so does anyone have any tips on recovery and pain relief? TIA ETA: Bugger, typo in title - @spunko can you correct please?