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  1. Yeah, even the fat Indian burd in the red dress at the back is looking at him in disgust.
  2. Anti-diet movement. The only non-porker is the one bloke. No fat blokes welcome. Or normal/thin birds.
  3. There's a chap who imports them into the UK.
  4. Happy new year all! Fecking enjoy 2020!
  5. Indeed. And the father is where precisely?
  6. Yes, it's wonderful seeing this. the So-Called BBC have been siding with the left for so long but it obviously wasn't appreciated by them - "no good deed goes unpunished".
  7. And France, and Italy. The unintended consequence though is that it's extremely difficult to get permanent jobs in those countries. Which also makes it difficult for people to get mortgages. And massive youth unemployment. I know a talented early 30s Italian guy who works in a company at a good level but wants to leave to be near home - can't get a sniff of a permie job, all contract. He's desperate to settle down and buy a house with his girlfriend, can't get a mortgage without a permie job.
  8. At last, we folically-challenged Dosbodders have a law just for us! Viva la hairvolución!
  9. The Idiocrat


    😄Was that designed by the same person who created the weird volt meter thing for Scientologists? Nutters the lot of 'em.
  10. The Idiocrat


    So as I suspected, a stick to beat people up with. Thank you, that's much clearer!
  11. The Idiocrat


    No matter how many times I read a definition of that word, I still don't know what the fuck it means.