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  1. Yes, I've seen him on TV before too, playing the incompetent, dodgy Brit toff in family guy:
  2. What a complete bunch of cunts they are.
  3. Yep, but we'll get an even higher proportion from shitholes outside the EU.
  4. I dunno. Maybe this is good. Sounds like the "acceptance" stage of the grieving process for Remainers.
  5. It's just capitalism. LGBTetc don't usually have kids so have more disposable income to spend on tat (and tats).
  6. Indeed. My two kids, late teens, only watch YouTube and Netflix. They watch absolutely zero live broadcast stuff on the TV.
  7. Indeed. Considering how often the So-Called BBC show gay/lesbian couples kissing, trans people being outrageous (Pose on BBC2, quite entertaining), even in trailers, I'd imagine most Muslim households don't watch it at all.
  8. Bring back rationing?! Didn't realise she had tattoos. Seriously, visible tattoos as an actress? Mental.
  9. She works in a very narcissistic industry surrounded by "you look gorgeous" sycophants, so you're right of course, especially as an actress gets older (but then she's never been a looker or relied on her "beauty"). However, as you and I both know just by frequenting online dating sites, there are plenty of women who just look completely weird and they're of a type - either botoxed/platic'd up like her (and Carol Vorderman recently too), or covered in tattoos/piercings and brightly coloured hair, or with ridiculous eyebrows and yellow skin. One could argue they are all mentally ill in some way, but I do think there's something about the female herd mentality that means they go into a sort of group conformity even if it's a stupid one. ETA: You're absolutely right it will make things worse for her! Shame.
  10. Indeed. It's almost like she's gone to the plastic surgeon, looked at the catalogue, and thought, yes, I want cat's eyes, and I want this nose, high cheeks, and that chin. Quite sad as it was nice to see an actress (or do you have to say "female actor" these days?) on TV who looked properly natural for a change.
  11. Spain and Italy are pretty similar for people in their teens/20s/30s - "social circle game" in modern parlance. A good way of meeting decent people. Sounds good.
  12. Link from that BBC article, really is quite insidious:
  13. Yeah, that came after my post. Inevitable I suppose. Are the media all Catholics? - seems we have constant guilt!