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  1. This. The NHS actually HAS been overwhelmed. They bottled it and stopped treating vast numbers of people with serious conditions and many will die because of that. Utter failure. They love their military “front line”, “battling Covid” metaphors - well the NHS is like Sadam’s army - a small group of elite soldiers have been brave warriors, the vast majority surrendered or hid (on full pay) at the merest hint of trouble.
  2. Yes, that's the one! Are you one of my neighbours?
  3. This is what it boils down to. It's not the retailers who should suffer, it's not the business owners, it's not the employees, it's the fucking landlords. The market is distorted and it needs to be allowed to correct with much lower rents, but the reality is the workers will be thrown into the pit rather than the landlords.
  4. Quite right. Lesbian marriages have the highest levels of domestic abuse and divorce rates. Heterosexuals in the middle (fnarr). Gay men the least.
  5. This term always makes me think that they’re some sort of quantum person who can be in more than one place at once - a kind of “Schrodinger’s twat”!
  6. It seems to be within a range where it’s been stuck for a while. It could pop up or drop down. I’d agree that the latter is more likely, but I’ve been buying occasionally when it hits the bottom of the range, will buy more if it dips below until I’ve hit the total sum I’m aiming to hold long term, been drip-feeding monthly since the last 2018 “crash”.
  7. Good grief, that really puts those fees into perspective. Thanks for that! I'm pretty sure he's only been talking about her buying an annuity when the time comes, rather than drawdown, I presume because he'll get a chunky commission. I'm not sure how much is in bonds but I plan to do a simple portfolio sector breakdown (no nice pie charts in his report) next time around to see where it's going - there seemed to be a lot of emerging market funds that caught my eye on the list.
  8. The Future is indeed now! (Terms and Conditions apply. E&OE. Girl may or may not be of gender requested. Batteries not included).
  9. Yes, I was looking through the long list of funds and thinking "just stick it in Vanguard". I'm going to have a closer look at it come next report. She's a tidy sum invested so she's missing out on a fair bit, especially compounded as you say. I suspect the IFA is making a killing off well-off divorcees! The report looks very professional but shows nothing on fees or long term growth!
  10. Date/shag yes, relationship no. Cheaters have low impulse control, so she’ll do it again. I’ve known a few - fun but little self-control and bonkers.
  11. I had a look at my girlfriend’s investments, which an IFA takes care of, as she’d asked me to, and I thought I might learn something from it - it was the same, complete opposite to what I’m doing (or what many in this thread are doing). There were a lot of funds, at least 20, which I suspect were the ones that paid the IFA the most commission. No PM’s at all. I’ve asked her to show me her next IFA report for the current quarter (ie. post Covid from April), and see if he’s changed anything. I suspect not, other than more commission-paying ones.
  12. I have a Tesla Cybertruck on order. I don’t expect them to be released in the U.K. but for £100 refundable deposit I thought it worth it for a laugh, my inner 80s vector graphics child, and just to annoy the neighbours.
  13. So, technically they were black?! I think you're due reparations!