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  1. Thing is they're all (like me) 40s-50s, no actual elderly. The biggest protagonist is of course the staunch Labour-supporting hypocrite - a more sour person you're unlikely to meet.
  2. Just venting: I set up a neoughbours' WhatsApp group when this all started. All good, a few tips on what supermarkets had stock, some helping with bits and pieces. Most people pretty silent though. Today we got a letter through from local developers about a large housing scheme nearby - it's been going on for years. And now suddenly everyone's really active and saying we must all complain to the council and block it. NIMBY wankers. ETA: I actually haven't opened the letter - it's in quarantine for a couple of days - so had no idea it existed until it all kicked off in the WhatsApp group.
  3. They already have a trademark? Usually takes 3 months to get one?
  4. The Idiocrat


    Indeed. It has a real Blakes 7 feel about it - he has his gang now, they'll be off doing shit around the universe. I think there are more than 7 of them but I could be wrong.
  5. My teens are cooking me a chilli tonight. There's a lot of arguing taking place! Still, I get a night off from cooking dinner for the first time in ages, so I'll enjoy it, and am in the meantime supping some draft beer from a keg and some proper Black Country pork scratchings.
  6. My local kebab shop (excellent kebabs) only take cash. Do they wash their hands between handling cash or food? Do they fuck. All home cooked at the moment, used to do a weekly takeaway but no more. ETA: One thing I can't beieve is that food preparers aren't made to wear masks currently. Would certainly provide a modicum of comfort.
  7. I cooked our last Italian sausages yesterday - me and the kids' favourite pasta dish, lovely:
  8. What did he say? (or not say).
  9. Got in touch with an ex who's a community nurse in that London. She mainly does home visits related to "vulnerable" children and pregnant women - so some quite scummy areas. Seems NHS isn't good at protecting its own staff, has no masks: ...and now I'm angry again!
  10. This makes me quite angry. It was bloody obvious what was going to happen, we knew on here, I wrote to my MP saying it weeks ago, and the economic impact will be worse for not nipping it in the bud. Cunts the lot of 'em.