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  1. I think she’s just doing her best to hide her double chin. Facing Up stretches the neck, if she smiled it would lower her chins and you’d see them.
  2. I see your point but Jeff Bezos must be pissing himself. They'll just go online instead.
  3. The Idiocrat

    BLM UK

    UK music industry urged to drop 'offensive' term BAME. I love "woke will eat itself" shit like this. They can't have it both ways!
  4. No clothes?! No toys for the kids? Isn't fags and alcohol non-essential? Or makeup? Or a newspaper? I can sort of understand some of the measures, even if I disagree vehemently, but this just seems to be mean-spirited authoritarianism. Or an attempt to drive shops out of business and people to just buy online. What a bunch of complete and utter cunts.
  5. Ouch! My son will end his own isolation just before this is imposed as he’s had it - he doesnt fancy a whole month of it!
  6. According to my son at uni in Wales the non-Welsh students are evacuating en masse this week. They haven't thought this through have they?!
  7. My son’s got the coof and is stuck in his uni house, so I’ve sent him a few beers to cheer him up. He’s seen the funny side.
  8. Agreed. In danger of going down a rabbit hole, but a big part of TSR-2 being cancelled was the yanks not wanting us to have it? Might be similar for Tempest.
  9. Yes, that makes much more sense. Somehow, I’m already getting a TSR-2 vibe about this one.
  10. I’d love them to do it, but no way they can do it for anything remotely close to £2bn.
  11. Maybe because he sees they’re struggling to pay him his rent?! https://www.mortgagesolutions.co.uk/news/2017/09/06/england-footballer-marcus-rashford-sets-property-investment-firm/ Looks like he’s another rentier cunt.
  12. I’ve bought new sofas (last ones 25 years old), although wanting to buy good quality and British has meant long delays as they are made to order and are taking for ever - after the last delay will be 17 weeks from date of order! Hopefully I’ll get them before the sun goes supernova.
  13. Well, for the first time I know people directly who have it and tested positive. My son and my girlfirend's two daughters - all at different universities. One of the girls has symptoms (body aches, headaches, tight chest, occasional delirium) but is now on the mend, other two pretty much asymptomatic. All self-isoating and their housemates seem to all have it. As I've told them, good news that they can it get out of the way without any real consequences.
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