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    I find this sort of much more sophisticated "Hats" is good for getting the ladies in a romantic mood. Great background music for a late night, good, slow, long love-making...
  2. And yet it is women who are the most vocal and supportive of inviting letting them in.
  3. Yep, I mentioned this as part of a fatherly chat with my 19 year old daughter who's just started uni. I told her we men call it "riding the cock carousel" and that men steer clear of such women for serious relationships. She said, "yeah, we call it 'the ho years'". They know what it is. I'm under no illusions that my daughter might well get up to that. It was ever thus mind, number of women I've dated/shagged who said they "were wild" or "always chose the wrong men" when younger. Majority of women were/are like that in their twenties, and always will be.
  4. Yep, I've just got back from my fortnightly assignation with my friend with benefits (known her 4 years, we dated seriously first 2, split, had a break from eachother, then started the FWB thing). I go to hers, she welcomes me with a drink, shag, she makes me dinner, shag. Wake up, shag, she makes me a cooked breakfast breakfast, and I head home. Good looking girl who looks after herself, she's good company, sex is good, and she's a good cook. We're both single parents with busy careers and get our needs met. Works very well for us. I still date other women but having her means I don't have to compromise on some nutter to get laid: I had a couple of dates with a really hot burd recently, sort of woman every bloke stares at when you walk into a bar, and who probably in retrospect hadn't bought a round of drinks in her life - she expected me to pay for everything. She was all over me (obvious love-bombing). After the last date I told her I don't do unhealthy transactional relationships and a woman in the era of feminism should pay her way - she was completely stunned that I turned her down.
  5. Agreed. If I need a lawyer I'll use females - you want the cunts on your side.
  6. The genders have a different way of thinking, it is only natural: Men think rationally, women think emotionally. So we get rational truth v emotional truth. Facts v feels.
  7. I've been thinking along the same lines. I don't think it's a game plan, it's just the way their minds work and the media have become extremely feminised, as has politics. This means unfortunately that the extemes of personality, rather than the reasonable, sane women (as on here!), are overrepresented, which is why we seem to be getting a lot of BPD-like, cognitive dissonance. hysterical, projecting, gas-lighting behaviour. The only response to such people is to enforce boundaries or get them out of your life, they cannot be reasoned with.
  8. I've been wondering about posting the following or not, but here goes. These are taken from recent text conversations with an ex (from a few years ago, I dropped her after a few weeks as she was obviously mental - and I have no intention of shagging her again despite her repeated attempts!). She's a real DOSBOD:
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    Oh the irony (BBC News homepage):
  10. That bloke is fucked. Busting a gut working months offshore to pay for "her dream wedding". If that's how the marriage starts...
  11. Indeed. So the next step will be to force all companies to employ 50% women.
  12. We had one we called "Biffa"!
  13. Isn't that pretty much all marketing these days? Stats are something like 80% of all purchase decisions are made by women.