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    Many happy returns!
  2. The Idiocrat

    Cultural Appropriation

    The is something that people with Borderline Personality Disorder do, a condition which mainly affects women (men are in the majority for Narcissistic Personality Disorder). I've been wondering for a while if BPD is common amongst snowflakes/SJW's and if we're suffering from mass mental illness.
  3. The Idiocrat

    Everything is fine in Greece!

    Bloody top post!
  4. The Idiocrat

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Women are the gatekeepers to sex, men are the gatekeepers to commitment. We actually have a lot of power in that way, but very few men know it and behave accordingly.
  5. The Idiocrat

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I was on a flight back from Spain the other day and there were three girls in front, early to mid 20s, who spent the whole flight loudly talking about their dream of the perfect wedding, in minute detail, especially the ring and the dress. There was not a word uttered about the man they would be marrying, or what sort of man they wanted, or about the marriage itself, or what sort of wife they would be. All about them and "their" day. The wedding itself is the end goal, not a happy marriage. (I'd say me ex wife was exactly like that).
  6. The Idiocrat

    car rams into pedestrians in Spain's Zaragoza

    Yep, it's gone beyond cognitive dissonance to just pure, mass mental illness IMO.
  7. The Idiocrat

    car rams into pedestrians in Spain's Zaragoza

    Very much doubt it. There was a programme I saw on TV there last week about Islamic terrorism, the likes of which we don't see here. It was very graphic in the usual Spanish way, they don't mind showing the actual violence (although not executions) whereas we don't see it here on TV. All the migrant stories, which were on several times a day every day, were about these people needed help and there was absolutely no questioning of why only young black guys needed "rescuing" and what their true motives might be. Also, the usual focus of showing the one women/baby pic rather than all the young healthy warriors.
  8. The Idiocrat

    car rams into pedestrians in Spain's Zaragoza

    I've been in Spain last week, and speak lingo fluently. Their TV is reporting the migrant arrivals in the same, naive way that we and most other "welcoming" countires were reporting them 3 years ago. They're going to have to go through the same learning process the Italians/Greeks did. You'd think it would be fucking obvious mind. New socialist government, forget reality, it's all about "the feelz".
  9. The Idiocrat

    Payday Madness

    They'd still spend it. Some people just can't budget and spend everything they earn.
  10. The Idiocrat

    Operation Nookie 60

  11. The Idiocrat

    Operation Nookie 60

    Ah, now, I did sort of try that on here (DOSBODS thread somewhere I think, some months ago), and there were complaints related to my comment on cervical massage to get burds off! Happy to oblige (and learn from others), but I'd want the all clear first as it'll get graphic. And I didn't even get on to "how to make them squirt"! Maybe best in Stealth too.
  12. The Idiocrat

    Operation Nookie 60

    I'm in Brighton next weekend if you fancy meeting up you hunk! (but I will be shagging a burd who looks like Liz Hurley's twin sister).
  13. The Idiocrat

    Operation Nookie 60

    @Turned Out Nice Again, you come across as a top bloke, but are over-thinking it I think, which is a confidence thing. I'm only a decade younger than you. I'm no expert, but a few tips from someone who divorced 7 years ago. This is what works for me: Date 1: Drinks only, 2 hours max. If you see a lot of IOIs (indicators of interest) such as her touching her hair, touching you on arm, fluttering eyelashes, by all means escalate and try to get her into bed, but if you want a relationship rather than just a shag, hold back. Date 2: Make it interesting, multiple venues, not just dinner. So could be a walk, followed by art gallery/karaoke/whatever, followed by meal, followed by bar. Venues where you can be side by side, not opposite each other, so you can touch (very important!). Be diplomatically tactile touch her on arm, lower back etc ("kino") and if she reciprocates after a while go in for the snog (push and pull - snog but then hold back). You could try to shag her at this point but I usually wait for date 3 as it's the shag date and girls know it. Date 3: Suggest she comes to yours for dinner, or go away for the weekend. If she says no then drop her, there will be no action at any time. If she says yes, then sex is guaranteed. Tips: - Say as little as possible. Women build their own narrative and will create a picture of you that they find attractive. A quiet man is a confident, mysterious, sexy man. Just confirm it. Let her speak about herself. - "Shit tests" - read up on this as girls will test if you are worthy. The best response is "agree and amplify". So if she says "I don't like your car" then reply "I don't like it either but there's room in the back for an orgy". - YOU ARE THE FUCKING PRIZE! Seriously, there are very few good men about at this age (40-60) who are fun and fit and the burds know it, but they try not to show it. - Keep fit, do weights (it's a cliché but it's bloody true) - Be a good shag, very few blokes shag well. If you do that, once you've shagged on two occasions, they're yours. - Confidence: The thing girls are most attracted to. Appear confident even if you don't feel it. Tell her where you're going/meeting, don't ask. Girls hate a bloke who can't make decisions or seeks permission. -Go 50-50 on the bill or take turns. The ones who never pay either won't put out or are crap shags as they're entitled. - Don't stick to one or go exclusive. Play the field. There are lots of good burds out there. Once you've had one or two you'll have that aura that women pick up on that you're attractive. - Do a mixture of dating (local pickups, online, etc), it's a numbers game, improve your chances. - Personally, I don't see the point in whores when I can get good women who are DTF enthusiastically. I want burds who want to fuck me because I turn them on not because I paid. Last week, on the same night, I got texts from 2 good looking younger women (both in very good jobs, not skanks) who both basically said "I want you to fuck me hard, right now". BTW, I'm no movie star, I'm early 50s and a short arse, and I used to be as beta as they come. - If your gut says "she wants it", trust your gut, it's true! Good hunting!
  14. The Idiocrat

    Hunt for TONA's new babe magnet motor

    I hope you're serious!? Looks amazing. Did toy with the idea of adding forced induction to mine but I'm going to keep it as-is as it's a very limited edition (I know there are lots of Mx5 special editions). Do start a thread if you're doing this!
  15. The Idiocrat

    Hunt for TONA's new babe magnet motor

    Good shout. I have a MX5 as my totty car, and also for track days as they handle superbly and are great fun. Cost me £1700 (very reliable, watch out for rust). I don't use it to attract new women, but after a few dates I'll suggest a weekend away and they absolutely love it when I turn up in it, mainly because it shows a fun character. If I get the "hairdresser" comment (it's a "shit test") I reply "I am confident enough in my own masculinity to not give a fuck". You can almost hear their knickers moistening.