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  1. I was in Normandy the weekend before last on a little tour of the Alabaster Coast. What they would have seen was a peaceful region, with happy, polite, prosperous (mainly white) people enjoying life and good food, and their freedom, and respectfully tending the memorials and war graves (Brit, Canadian, US) out of true appreciation for the sacrifice. Our veterans would be proud. Now, other parts of France...
  2. Quotes like "no time-wasters" and "no hook-ups or one night stands" are not targeted at the men but at their female friends who they show their profile to - basically to show that they're not slappers. They will of course drop their knickers in no time for the right chad. Watch what they do, not what they say.
  3. Yep. The burd I was with the other night was telling me of a friend of hers who is pretty much doing just this on Tinder. She's in her forties and shagging around 4 twenty-something men a week!
  4. Indeed, I bet none of our politicians have seen Carry on Up the Khyber! If they had, they'd have known not to mess in Afghanistan. Also rather odd that they didn't seem to take in that the full might of the Soviet Union also had a similar experience to the Brits.
  5. Fair point, although one was effectively a blind date introduced by someone. By previous 2+year relationship was a cold approach at a trade show. Thank you for the flattering final comment. I would argue that I've worked at that and not a natural. That's my main point, if you can identify your strengths and find your niche of types of women you like and like you, and work at your spiel (face-to-face or online) and how you present yourself, then I'd argue you can do more than alright, because most men don't put the effort in. You could argue you'd rather put effort into something else such as business, and that's fair enough. Thanks JD. As I say I've just worked at it and researched it. You know about The Rational Male, and that's a great place to start, and Blackdragon too. I don't want to go all red pill in this post but almost all of it is true (including the weight-lifting, which has also helped compensate for me being a short-arse), the hard bit is getting your head around it and changing a lifetime of programming about what women want and how men should behave. We have to understand how women truly are and feel, not how they say they are, or how the media say they are. A common comment I get from women is that I'm very masculine, not just in looks (short beard), but in attitude. My niche market is posh, educated women, also as I like the theatre and want companions for that, and if I'm going to spend hours with someone I want decent, intelligent conversation. These are often ultra-feminist career women. The one I was with the other night said how nice it was to meet someone for a change who is chivalrous - basically I let her go in front of me every time we go through a door or out, and I'd touch her back/arse at the same time (kino). These women want strong, even traditional men, no matter what they say or how feminist they are. I actually told her, after she went on about feminism and going on some march, that I'm a "masculinist". Seemed to turn her on. My experience is with women in their 40s so appreciate your market is very different.
  6. So what do you suggest as an alternative? Can't compete on cold approach and can't compete on Tinder. Not allowed to approach at work #metoo. MGTOW?! It all sounds rather defeatist. And as for self-respect, it's the men with self-respect, which comes across as confidence, who get the burds. If you've self-respect, you don't accept defeat, and aren't embarrased by a brush-off, you expect to get women and believe you deserve good ones, and turn down the crap ones. I like women, physically and for company. I'm no picture, 5'7" balding, but I look after myself and can charm, and I don't accept your "she's got blokes, all better than you" comment. More handsome than me? Very probably. Richer than me? Probably. Better company than me? Definitely not. Better in bed than me? Very unlikely. Last night I was in an hotel with a burd who was introduced to me by someone I'd met online but didn't hit it off with (I'd sent her the usual nice "no chemistry text", she then introduced me to her friend and thought we might get on, and we certainly have done - it was a very nice thing to do by a decent woman). Last weekend I was away with a "friends with benefits" I've now known for 4 years, and we met online. I'm no chad, and I'm a single dad, which brings its own challenges when it comes to entertaining women, but I did used to be a beta simp, and since divorce I've learnt about women and made the effort to change my beta attitude and behaviour. Most men don't know how to woo women, but those who make the effort to learn, or are naturals and exude confidence such as @stokiescum, therefore get the burds. It's not rocket science. Weird, can't edit my previous post and don't know how that "2" appeared.
  7. I presume you're not being serious? As usual with women, don't believe what they say but how they behave. Depends on how you approach, but hot girls like a guy who is brave enough to approach them in a confident, non-creepy way, as so many guys are too cowardly to do so. Also, girls love "fate" and you're never fated to meet someone on Tinder.
  8. New York police arrest man with petrol in St Patrick's Cathedral:
  9. And there are also women who put their bags on the seat next to them so that no-one sits there - nobody calls that woman-spreading and makes an advert with them being kicked in the cunt though! I got on a bus recently and there were about 6 women all with their bags on the aisle seat so that no-one would sit next to them. Sexual equality either works both ways or not at all.
  10. Another one for the boycott list.
  11. We've actually already paid millions to them in overseas aid. This is what annoys me, we pay a comparatively huge part of our GDP to help them in their countries, and then are again expected to help them when they voluntarily leave the countries we are trying to improve.
  12. Wow, so it is. You can see here, £1.88 if you have a private prescription, £9 if NHS and you have to pay: Probably worth the £40 to see a private GP and then order a job lot.
  13. Interesting BBC-esque motto at the bottom of the Indy - "We'll tell you what's true. You can form your own view." I've found throughout life, and especially with employees, that people who tell me I should trust them are lying bastards - trust is the default position so if you keep telling me you're trustworthy it must be to compensate for a lack of it. Same for the So-Called BBC's "We're not fake news, honest" motto.