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  1. Celeb boom bust

    Heather Locklear: Actress charged with four counts of battery
  2. Travel insurance for Ibiza

    Ibiza's in Spain, she'll be treated well if she were to become ill, using her EHIC card (presume she has one), frankly I wouldn't worry about the existing pre-conditions and paying extra to cover them.
  3. Integrate

    One to cut off the labia and one to defend the perpetrator?
  4. Integrate

    Absolutely. Occasionally my cousins (who I don't see often, they're one of a set of people I exclude from my life as they add nothing positive to it, only negative) rant about how the homeland is so much better - food, climate, culture, you name it. They've been doing this for over 20 years. I tell them "if it's so shit in the UK, fuck off back then". They've never moved, it's always "maybe next year". They're not short of the cash either - bought cheap housing in London in the 80s. Frankly, I think it gives them something to live for, to rant and object to everything but do nothing to make it better. Some people love misery and to have a cause that gives their empty life some meaning, even if they won't lift a finger.
  5. Integrate

    I'm wearing yellow trousers with a mauve jacket (and suspenders!). My father has very little time for that cunt actually, views his family as fascists (the ones who stayed in Spain were).
  6. Integrate

    Indeed. The obvious thing isn't to at least stop the rot by stopping further immigration, which could be done very easily of course.
  7. Integrate

    Right. Why do you ask?
  8. Integrate

    A little story. My parents came from abroad (European country, exiled by the fascists). So did my father's sister's family (my aunt) at the same time. My parents learnt English and my mum made very sure to learn it properly and get active in schools, etc and be part of the community. They had English friends as I grew up, as well as the usual expat community of friends from the homeland. My sister and I were born in the UK and given English names. We love the UK and I suspect I'm more patriotic than most Brits. My father is eternally grateful to the UK for giving exile and somewhere to bring up a family and the kids to have opportunity (my sister and I have done pretty well). He has more respect for the UK than for his homeland. My father's sister took a different approach. She never really learnt to speak English and relies on her sons for her to get by (no need for translators from the council though, that's a fucking joke!). They didn't have British friends. The sons haven't done particularly well, and I had to bollock one of them some years ago to get a fucking job, which he did (he's an older cousin but a fat lazy cunt who used leftie politics as an excuse not to get off his arse and preferred to sponge off the state). My two cousins pretty much hate the UK and Brits and are loyal to their parents' land despite everything the UK has given them. They insist on their foreign names now, even though growing up they used to use their English equivalent. They're in their 50s now so it's got worse as they got older. And they're cunts. So, it's a fine line about which path immigrants choose, with large effects, and we have to enforce integration - no foreign language help from council translators/leaflets (use the money for EFL lessons if you must), no benefits if you can't speak the lingo as it means it's more difficult to get a job and you're not fucking integrating.
  9. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Just wash your clothes a week after the event, you'll be fine.
  10. Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    Noticed that, absolutely disgusting!
  11. I’ll park where I want me.

    As usual, the yanks don't mess about:
  12. Islamification of Europe

    This came up in a pub conversation today: Is there any religion in the world other than Islam which is currently killing people or at war in the name of that religion? I couldn't think of one, and there are shit loads of religions. Anyone? How many countries have Muslims killed people in in the last year? Must be about 20-30?
  13. so how do you make men

    Always take them to proper men's barbers for haircuts, with male barbers. One of the few men-only places left where boys can hear men talking honestly about whatever the fuck we like and the boy can chat with the male barber and develop male smalltalk skills.
  14. so how do you make men

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I want to teach him next, but with more depth - ie. the red pill view that explains why women are like that, to accept that, and to know how to work with it in a way that suits him. And of course how women change as they get older. I'm wondering whether to just give him The Rational Male book but I think that might be a bit heavy and without life experience it'll be hard for him to see the truths. Fortunately, my son already has a view that feminism = anti-men (helps that his dad rants at the TV sometimes!) and so he's starting at a good point, but these years of initial experience of women are very formative.