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  1. Hypergamy in action. Women like to fuck around, no surprise there, fair enough frankly. But they like to have a cuck at home too to provide for them. Cake and eat it.
  2. The Idiocrat

    New Car Registrations

    Government scrappage scheme (i.e. Subsidy to car manufacturers) removed a lot of perfectly serviceable cars from the second hand market (i.e. Being recycled to the benefit of the environment) and pushed used prices up. Still, these days so many cars are leased that used prices are pretty decent (although no doubt there'll be leases for used cars in no time, if there aren't already).
  3. The Idiocrat

    Tip shop

    At my local tip the (genuinely helpful) staff seem to look for stuff they can take and sell elsewhere. Fair enough IMO, I assumed it had always been a perk of such a job.
  4. The Idiocrat

    Islamification of Europe

    Holy fuck! This is fascism.
  5. The Idiocrat

    London - Grenfell House

    From the So-Called BBC story on this: "The inquiry was told that investigators also found three inches of damaged wire in one of the bedrooms of the flat." So someone had tried to repair the fridge?
  6. The Idiocrat

    The Fucking is Fucked thread

    Seems the younger generations are emotionally and sexually repressed by social media, dating sites and porn and just don't want to, or indeed don't know how to, get off with each other. I suspect another aspect is women being as stressed about work, careers and mortgages as men, or probably more so, and it killing libido, but no mention of that. So there'll be fewer DOSBOD women online in future! Get them while they're, err...nevermind. Why are young people having so little sex?
  7. The Idiocrat

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I hope I do have to buy you that pint! However, when push comes to shove, I still believe Italian politicians will go into reverse gear, the pushing coming from their EU masters.
  8. The Idiocrat

    Shower proof hair clippers

    I use it for number 1 but for stubble and for general shaving and body hair trimming. Seems people use it on head too (and I'll probably have to soon!). Bought a Wahl one previously but it fell to pieces quickly, but it was a cheap crappy one but perhaps the more expensive professional ones suggested above are better. ETA: it comes with guards for numbers 1, 3 and 5 as standard and their are variants with various adapters too.
  9. The Idiocrat

    Shower proof hair clippers

    Philips OneBlade.
  10. The Idiocrat

    Assumed abnormalities

    I assumed until last year that most people had music playing in their heads. I've almost constantly got background (or foreground) music in my head as I go about my day, mostly made up rather than actual songs. It's just normal to me, and so I thought everyone had it. I mentioned it to someone musical and there said it definitely wasn't normal. I probably ought to learn to play an instrument and write music.
  11. The Idiocrat

    Trump's progress

    Poking a hornet's nest. Hope they do it.
  12. The Idiocrat

    Ex Rugby foward v 16yo

    I initially read your post as "rainbow faeces". Talented those French!
  13. Nah, as usual in Europe it was going to be us or no-one. We got very close. No way the Italians/French or any other country in western Europe will actually, properly stand up.
  14. The Idiocrat

    I demand pay equality!

    Wow, she actually got a CBE for peddling drugs to addicts?! Love how in that article Labour are saying gambling's a problem, considering they liberalised the market and pushed gambling on the masses - remember their "super casionos"? Cunts the lot of them.
  15. The Idiocrat


    At least two of those were designed in Italy!! (sort of).