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  1. S/he was on TV during the week. Tragic. Eats meals at the table kneeling on the floor as so big. The mother admitted some blame but seemed to refuse to do anything about it, still giving her/him huge carb-laden meals and snacks. Often in these cases it seems the mother wants to keep a child dependent, so that the mother is not left alone (no dad to be seen) by making them obese. In this case the mother even slept in the fatty’s bedroom in case she stopped breathing. It’s a form of control in my opinion, child abuse. There’s more to it of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the fundam
  2. There’s no way American burds are ever going to turn out as hot as Argie burds!
  3. Lost for ever. You could argue it also marginally increases the value of all remaining Bitcoin.
  4. There is another variable you can change - the idle population size (ie. the 95% in your example). Covid’s a good start
  5. I was once in a meeting with our (AIM) company corporate finance provider, who also had a brokerage. We were talking about business progress. In it was another chap, who I recognised as one of the Market Makers. I said, I thought Market Makers weren’t supposed to be in these meetings (conflict of interest, inside information, basically against the rules), and they said, it’s ok, it’s compliant, he’s part time corporate finance and part time market maker! Funny how the share price and spread moved ahead of any announcements...
  6. Come on Hopeful, you know why negative tweets aren't appearing...
  7. The Idiocrat


    Buy a loaf of bread and a tin of soup probably.
  8. I think a big part of their treatment of Trump is to “encourager les autres”. That is, it’s a signal to anyone else on the right who might follow him that they and their family will be utterly and mercilessly destroyed. It means no long term opposition, and no Trump running in 2024.
  9. Yes, credit where it’s due. My friends and family members in other parts of Europe think their own governments are much worse than ours based on vaccinations.
  10. I've never heard of a place called Black Capitol.
  11. Yeah, we kinda agree. Britain (and France) declared war precisely because Poland was invaded of course. So yes, we should've stuck to that and defended them from a different tyranny, but we didn't in order to protect ourselves, we were on our knees. However, doesn't mean we're cunts when we got 90% of the job done of liberating Europe.
  12. You are entitled to believe what you like, one of the advantages of living in a liberal democracy like Britain (for now, that is why a lot of people on here are angry that these freedoms are under threat - we don’t want to end up like Poland under the Soviets). Personally, I do believe in cultures and the nation state as a means of protection and progress. When people act collectively with positive outcomes, they and their culture deserve credit, even in the future, because that culture and its values and its ability to achieve continue, even if the actual achievers have gone. I haven’t o
  13. Yeah, I read your full post - you don't seem to have let it go either, that was my point. No-one here is taking personal credit, but you know we are taking credit as nationals of a country that did a good fucking thing during WWII. Not perfect, but bloody good. And, you know what, we also can see the same in the future in the world, and I can see where we'll be asked to step up again. The EU countries, the EU that came into being in order to stop killing eachoter after we, the Americans and the Commonwealth countries brought peace to Europe, the EU that was protected by NATO from the Soviets,
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