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    The Idiocrat reacted to The Masked Tulip in Islamification of Europe   
    I posted about her in the Another Darwin Award thread. Kidnapped to order by the sound of it. Rogered to death and others innocents murdered along with her. 
    I find it hard to find sympathy. This seems like a new hobby of extreme virtue signalling from such women. How many women like her have been raped and murdered by muslims in Africa now? I have lost count. 
    If you had sat down with her over a cuppa last week and shown her the concerns in this thread what would she have thought of you or I? Who would be the Nazis - you? Me?
    People like her endanger us all IMPO. I am more concerned about the people who get raped or murdered by islamists - as we have seen in Sri Lanka - because do-gooders like her scream racist to anyone who points out how dangerous islamic extremists are.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to dgul in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    I don't believe this.  I think the mess we're seeing is a result of the EU putting every block it can think of to disrupt the process.
    As a 'trivial' example -- the Galileo project (ie, EU GPS system).  The EU announced that the UK could no longer be part of this, as it is EU only.  They make the rules, they could modify the rules to allow for ex-EU members to join -- there is no need to be inflexible about this.  The truth slipped out at one point in this (or might have been EU arrest warrant, or anti-terrorist stuff, or aircraft airworthyness, etc, etc -- they're all the same) -- 'the UK has to realise that there's going to be consequences' -- that's what all this is about, that there are 'necessary bad consequences' of leaving.
    The process could be easier.  There could have been a reasonable way forwards.  But the EU has blocked every 'reasonable' outcome. 
    What gets me is that the media don't want to know.  It is all about how the UK government / leadership is crap.  IMO 90% of the problems have been caused by EU hegemony.
    And to those that say 'the UK were the ones that voted to leave without knowing what it meant' I'll add 'the EU were the ones that started it by included a 'you can leave' clause in the membership rules, without defining what it meant.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Option5 in Witty neighbores   
    I refuse to use self service checkouts, if they won't serve me I just leave the stuff and walk out. If I'd wanted to be a supermarket cashier I'd have applied for the job.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to jm51 in Attractive blokes more likely to cheat, bleats Guardian   
    The 2 most rampant players I ever knew were short arses. One was so-so looking and the other was ugly. The ugly guy had a standard joke: 'If I were handsome, I'd get laid 30 minutes sooner.' 
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Virgil Caine in C J de Mooi   
    The So-Called BBC is a classic case of the poorest being taxed to provide careers, income, pensions etc for the more privileged. As far as I can see only over 75s are completely exempt and the So-Called BBC are actively lobbying for that to be removed . Even care home residents are potentially liable for a reduced charge if they have a TV in their room.  Outside the UK almost no one regards it as anything but the propaganda arm of the British state. 
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Great Guy in C J de Mooi   
    Imho, the So-Called BBC pushes a pro immigration/ multiculturalism agenda that quite frankly is making life worse for native Brits. Why should Brits be forced to give them money?
    £150 is about twenty hours labour at minimum wage. Why should a British shop worker etc work twenty hours a year to fund an organisation that actively campaigns to bring in migrants to undercut her wage?
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    The Idiocrat reacted to mattydread in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    I don't think we need a full b bc article quoted on here thanks. 
    Those cunts & the bb'c make me feel a little nauseous 
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    The Idiocrat reacted to The Generation Game in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    Buying the rest of Scotland?
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Chewing Grass in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    It all boils down to simple maths.
    Idiots + sky fairies + Arab money = terrorist carnage
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    The Idiocrat reacted to XswampyX in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    It's like the clown that hides from gay people joke.
    "Have you seen the sri-lankan islamic terrorists that hide from liberals?"
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    The Idiocrat reacted to spygirl in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    I think youll find if the UK - or any other government - sets a earning hurdle then  these shitholers would not cause a problem.
    US suffers less so as they set a hurdle for being able to support your family - bar the refugee thing where theyve been overwhelmed by Somalis living it up in Minn.
    By setting a requirement that migrants must be able to support themselves with no recourse to beneies I think youll find that only the secular and skilled migrate rather than a bunch of muzzer doley scum, which is how the faith, when obeyed, trends to.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to One percent in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    TR view. I can’t find much to disagree with 
    Christchurch attacks caused world leaders everywhere to condemn islamophbia worldwide, have minutes silence and even stand police officers outside mosques in the UK.  100's murdered in Sri Lanka on Easter by an Terrorost following Islamic Ideology and not one mention of the cause.  World leaders will not even call them Christians who have been murdered but instead 'easter worshippers'.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Sgt Hartman in Bullying at School   
    I was horrendously bullied at school, so much so that if I encountered one of my tormentors, even today, I'd bang them out on the fucking spot.
    Raise it with the school - IME experience schools vary in their effectiveness depending on whether they are private or state - but I'd let the school know in no uncertain terms that if it continues, you will be instructing your son to fight back and that will be on them if they don't sort it.
    Sounds uncivilised and a bit Liam Neeson but bullies just need to be knocked the fuck out frankly. It's the law of the jungle at that age and you're being tested by the swinging dick of the pack. Show him you're a threat and you'll (99% of the time) be left alone.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to spunko in Bullying at School   
    If you want the school to help, then don't immediately go above them or they won't. You'll just give off the message that you have no faith in them from the get go. Threaten to escalate it at first, if nothing is immediately done. 
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    The Idiocrat reacted to lid in Don’t die on the weekend.   
    RIP mum you were the best 
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    The Idiocrat reacted to JoeDavola in Bullying at School   
    Get him a few boxing lessons until he knows how to effectivley throw a punch.
    I'm being completely serious.
    This will set him up for a better life than having to get the teachers in to protect him.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to ccc in Bullying at School   
    He needs to learn to hit back. Doesn't matter if they still beat him up - it will start to ease off. Bullies - like anyone else - don't like a punch in the face. 
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    The Idiocrat reacted to ccc in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    Come on it wouldn't be right for the So-Called BBC to speculate before the full 100% facts are known. 
    Well unless it's a white person Vs non white people. Then they are labelled as far right within minutes.......
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    The Idiocrat reacted to The Masked Tulip in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    Our tolerance and generosity has been used as a weapon against us to destroy us or enslave us. More and more people are waking up to it now. We welcomed people into our countries - housed them, schooled them, fed them, healed them and lots of them appear to secretly hate us and wish to destroy us. 
    Are we fools for being so naive and so kind? Perhaps. But now we need to learn the lesson. Learn it before it is too late. I think only the stupid or extreme virtue signallers have not yet woken up. THEY probably never will.
    Hundreds of people dead. Hundreds more injured. BBC apologists refusing to name the elephant in the room. Making platitudes. Disgusting.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Malthus in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    The current strategy of letting the population take the hits every now and again and hoping the scum give up or die doesn’t seem to be working to well 😡😡
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    The Idiocrat reacted to The XYY Man in Sri Lanka 25 plus dead, 280 injured   
    I have been brought-up in a Christian environment.
    I'm fairly pleased with that...
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    The Idiocrat reacted to billfunk in Rowing   
    Just an update as I can see from the heavy traffic on this thread that there is a lot of interest in one anonymous obese 37 year old's journey from heart disease to health.
    I have mixed up my routine a bit and done a few half hour rows at a rate of 2:15 which gives pleasant full lung opening gentle spikey pains. My 20 minute best is now 4650m or a touch under 2:09 splits. And given I feel my heart is a bit stronger now I am mixing this up with fly-and-dies at 2:00 splits. I have so far managed 10 minutes. Going at a rate too fast is a great way to cut into your lungs. I have to go steady because I don't want to end up in hospital. Oh to be young again!
    I am rowing at 22/23 strokes a minute which is slightly below my standard cruising rate of 24. And I am waking up feeling like I need a row to clear my head - a clear sign of addiction. So all good.
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Roger_Mellie in If this isn't nice, what is?   
    Somewhere between Eaglescliffe and Middleton St. George. It's about 7.5 miles along the river, my youngest was whinging by the end, but still had enough energy to fall off the tarzan that someone's erected in Middleton One Row.
    Seeing my kids playing in such beautiful surroundings, pretty much oblivious to the ills of the world... If this isn't nice, what is?
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Frank Hovis in If this isn't nice, what is?   
    Bodmin Moor as it never is this morning - dry, warm, sunny, not a breath of wind, the sheep laying in the shade of trees wondering what's happened to their shearing.
    First visit to St Austell Wetherspoons for lunch: clean, not rowdy, free parking twenty yards away.
    River and woodland walk on the south coast this afternoon - lovely.
    Lots of happy people about at both places.
    If this isn't nice, what is?
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    The Idiocrat reacted to Malthus in If this isn't nice, what is?   
    Had a lovely walk in Co Down this morning, warmest Easter Sunday here on record and nothing like the broken parts of NI that make the news 😀😀