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  1. She also discovered what she thought was a box of straws but it turned out to be used catheters.
  2. That is utterly disgusting. But I think I can top that. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KtbIdjx8741G/ If you have the stomach.. Watching it all the way through is worth it.
  3. For a brief second I thought you were talking about Geldoff's bank account..
  4. Probably because they were fighting against strong men back then. The west was still very much a patriarchal society in the first part of the 20th century. If you pitched today's leaders against Hitler, Stalin and Mao - I wouldn't even give them six months. You are right though that the capitalist system has crushed most in it's wake. But all systems have their time. And I do honestly believe it's getting close to it's end game. And then the strong men will be needed again.
  5. There won't be a rematch. Social collapse will take the (crony) capitalist system down with it. Whatever comes next will need the strong men to rebuild. Not the soy swigging neck beards that currently pass themselves off as "nu-man".
  6. The removal of the patriarchal society has not been a natural occurrence. It has been at the whim of an elite who saw profit in allowing women to compete with men in the workforce. They didn't give a fuck about the societal consequences. Sharks and crocodiles design still works because they've not gone against nature. We have. And now we're paying the price for it.
  7. It's true! Black women stand near the blackbone of the white man while trying to pick his pocket.
  8. What do you expect in the gynocentric society we've become. Logic and rationality have gone out the window with FEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and group think now the expected norm. Patriarchal societies existed for a reason. They work. Women have their part to play in society but NOT as people of power or influence. Until that changes, we'll continue on down into a virtue signalling cesspit.
  9. Bottom is my all time favourite sitcom. I was 12 when it started and, to me, it was like a live action cartoon. Still love it now. That said, I understand what you mean about comedy that punches down instead of up. I've always maintained that stand-up started going downhill once the middle classes got their hands on it, which has now descended into a woke shit show. The great irony is that the original 'alternative' comedians, like Rik and Ade, would now be considered offensive with every ist, ism and phobe that you can think of.
  10. Easily dealt with Spunkers. Set up an auto reply email to every reported post containing the infamous picture of @The XYY Man's saggy ring piece. That'll put a stop to it.
  11. What about reporting poofs who post?
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