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  1. Which version? Is it the F-35B Stovl - also known as the flight deck melter.
  2. My God... They still use the Eurofighter??? It was obsolete in the 90's.
  3. I hate to break it to you, Mr Equality. They didn't even invent them.
  4. What do ITV even do anymore apart from Godownon Abby? I couldn't name a single programme they've made for about 10 years. Probably even longer. It can't be much longer before the once great terrestrial stations start collapsing.
  5. Even though I'm sure PedoWood is brimming with commies, I cannot help but feel that the recent adoption of SJWism's and 'wokeness' is less about actual social justice and more about deflecting criticism - especially with the rise of independent critics on platforms such as Youtube. These people are only accountable to their audience (who, very often, are also their financial backers) and said audience want to hear the truth about what's going on in pop culture - not the sanitised version from the MSM. So HollyWeird starts heavily incorporating BAME and feminist issues. Talentless blocks of wood masquerading as professionals (yes I'm talking about you Cheese Larson) are instructed to spout Marxist nonsense, normally just before their latest movie is released. Film comes out and it's badly acted, poorly written and boring as fuck. The studio, the actors and the MSM then brand anyone who complains as an 'ist' or an 'ism'. Rinse and repeat. It's hardly surprising that main stream entertainment is so awful today. Affirmative action putting people into positions based on their skin colour or crotch rather than actual ability. The death of independent studios thanks to the centralisation of the industry into a few mega corporations (Disney, WB, Paramount) so risk and artistic integrity go out the window. And a MSM packed full of ideologies so detached from the ordinary people they may as well be living on another planet.
  6. You really think this privileged bitch cares one iota about minorities? Move a few into her street and watch the hypocrisy shine through.
  7. Not in modern English exams. Just turning up gets you an A*. Until you walk out because you don't like the story they based the questions on.
  8. This is exactly what you get when you bow down to the wants of a minority. What percentage of 15-20 years olds have eating disorders like snowflake Poppy-Willow Kent claims? I'll bet it's only in the single figures. Allow every freak and mentally unstable loser a bit of slack and you end up with the shitty society we have today where anyone can claim to be a victim and some make a lucrative career out of it. This entitled little shit should of been given an instant fail the second she left the exam hall and roundly mocked and ridiculed by her peers after.
  9. I'm sure I've read that gays never make up more than 5% of a population. Therefore, they cannot possibly have the numbers to compete with the ever growing number of ROP'ers.* *I have a proposal for an updated DOSBOD acronym for the caliphate crew since ROP'ers is clearly outdated and bigotted. How about the "Religion Awarded Protection" or RAP'ers for short?
  10. It's called 'The Wall'. I don't know where the term originates from but I've heard it used a lot in MGTOW circles. It's when a woman begins to go into decline - normally around their late twenties/early thirties. The slim, trim looker of just ten years ago becomes a fatty almost overnight and the looks begin to fade just as fast. That's why you're seeing these older women with money filling their faces with that botox shite to try and even their skin. But to me it just makes them look like a constipated baby.
  11. Did Annjala write that in crayon on her office wall before one of her stuff put it on Twatter for her? Poor thing needs her warm milk before afternoon nap.
  12. This is partly why I'm not bothering to pay into a pension scheme. The main reason is because I cannot believe there won't be a massive stock market crash in the next 30 years wiping out most peoples pots. But I also suspected that someone like Corbyn would come along and we would get a nasty dose of actual socialism at some point - especially as the culture marxists have now taken control of the educational institutions. The millennials, especially the offspring of the real privileged (like that fat lump of shit that was screaming 'Nazi Scum') deserve a taste of what this destructive ideology actually is. Once Corbyn's government is taxing them at 80-90% we'll see how much they love their new messiah then.
  13. Who said anything about wanking?