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  1. Mr Pin, Mr Pin. That name again is Mr Pin(artridge).
  2. That's right up there with: Wife tells her husband, "You never treat me to anything special. I feel so unloved." Husband replies, "What are you talking about? I've just booked us a table for Saturday night!" Sadly, the evening didn't turn out well. After two hours she still hadn't potted a red.
  3. @Frank Hovis secretly thinks you're Alan Partridge. Seeing the Lexus will confirm it.
  4. Frank, you must read the same rulebook for life that I do! My favourite Youtuber is Mister Metokur. Mainly because he makes me laugh. But I also admire him because he understood, a long time ago, that remaining anonymous on the internet was vital to do what he does. He trolls the shit out of people, especially those who've made enormous dicks of themselves. He gets away with it because people don't know who he really is. If they did, he would probably of been sued into oblivion by now. People who post on the internet under their real identity deserve everything they get for being so fucking thick. To quote George Carlin: "When you consider how stupid 50% of the population are, the other 50% are even stupider than that."
  5. Ahh, Mike Stuchbery the little pissy pants piece of shit. Ex subsitute teacher in his home country of Australia who banned banter in the classroom. There's a video of him being interviewed by Sargon of Akkad at a protest where he's constantly trying to back away from him like a passive coward. You can tell he's one of those pathetic beta males losers who was probably picked on a child who now wants to get his own back on the world. Yet he wants other people to fight for him - while he sits in the corner, sucking his thumb.
  6. In space, no one can hear you tinkle.
  7. Not yet. I assume you put 50p in the slot and off you go?
  8. Like yourself Joe, I am inflicted with a regional dialect as I am from the west country. I can almost envision the feedback comments already, "This new bloke is easier to understand than the bloody Indians but I cannot take seriously a chap who sounds like he shags his own sister!!!"
  9. Been there and done it. Did have my own channel for a while but, as stated in this thread before, my hobby started to become more like a chore. I just do stuff for other people now, if asked.
  10. Voice actor. It's pretty much all I've ever wanted to be. Unfortunately, I'm someone who hates travelling so it was never going to happen. And when I was having a stab at stand up in the early noughties, I was informed by a semi-professional comedian that you'll never get anywhere in the business without going to London. Non starter for me... With the advent of YT, I have provided voices for a couple of content creators. Nothing much but it's always nice to be asked.
  11. You should change your name to Minus 6 percent.
  12. Let's be honest, the most unrealistic aspect of the black man/white woman relationship portrayed in the above advert is that the black guy is still there. In the US, something like 75% of black kids are being raised by a single parent. There is also the fact that, on average, white guys tend to earn considerably more. Why would a white woman choose someone who's likely to give her a lower quality of life and is a constant flight risk? Unless he's not actually the husband? The actual husband is in the kitchen doing the dishes and 'Jamal' is the 'friend with benefits'? I don't know what the benefits are but I suspect Jamal is claiming them.
  13. That's something about China I could never get my head around. It's suppose to be a communist country and yet there is no welfare for the prols. Nothing. No state pension, no free healthcare. I'm pretty certain no handouts if you lose your job. And, yet, the Grauniad is full of dickheads who think communism is the road to utopia.