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  1. Absolutely not Sir Errol. That would be classed as embracing the patriarchy. In a world where every glass ceiling has been smashed, women can fuck around as much as they want and catch as much antibiotic-resistant-gonorrhoea as they wish - and it'll be the men's fault that there isn't a cure for it any longer.
  2. I saw this on /pol/ under the title of ' Who fucking green lights this shit?' Thoughts?
  3. TheNoSnowMan

    Bye, UKIP

    Basically they clamped down on criticism of anything that was making themselves, their cronies or their parties 'donors' money. Now there's a shock.
  4. TheNoSnowMan

    Serious suggestion for site funding

    Afternoon Mr Izzard. I always thought you might be a 'funny fella'...
  5. TheNoSnowMan

    Serious suggestion for site funding

    Or black balled???
  6. TheNoSnowMan

    Women football - Twerking outrage

    Nice to know we've got someone from the Sunday Sport on these forums.
  7. TheNoSnowMan

    Women football - Twerking outrage

    As someone who refuses to give these outlets the clicks they so desperately want, can you please explain what all this is about? It sounds like another gentleman popping pills and calling himself a lady is attracting attention.
  8. TheNoSnowMan

    Owen Jones

    How rude... Those poor, innocent masturbates who have now been compared to that sack of soy, Owen Jones.
  9. TheNoSnowMan

    Water water everywhere but not to flush the loo

    Am I the only one thinking these 'anecdotes' from aunty are nothing more than "Vote Labour to increase welfare spending"
  10. TheNoSnowMan

    Sorus university eventually forced out of Budapest

    Funnily enough, Israel don't like him very much.
  11. TheNoSnowMan

    Sorus university eventually forced out of Budapest

    The only free speech Soros believes in is his own. From what I've read, the man actually thinks he's God - and is making the world a better place. Hell and him cannot combine soon enough.
  12. TheNoSnowMan

    Jim Davidson - out of place in 2018?

    Same. FS can be an extremely funny chap. He was also decent enough to let Chubby Brown on his chat show (when he used to have one on ITV). Yes he did virtue signal a bit at him - but it was just in a agree to disagree manor which is fine. Frank would be better off if he ditched the So-Called BBC and just did stand up. Could you image him trying to pitch Fantasy Football to them now??? Far too much 'toxic masculinity'!
  13. TheNoSnowMan

    Jim Davidson - out of place in 2018?

    That doesn't surprise me as I don't think I've met many, if any, alcoholics that were partially nice people. Addictive personalities tend to lead to arsehole people. However, I've never met the man in person so I cannot comment. I just know he's entertained me and made me laugh.
  14. TheNoSnowMan

    Jim Davidson - out of place in 2018?

    Like it. I'm nicking that!
  15. TheNoSnowMan

    The new Doctor should be a woman

    Glad you agree. Only stain on Season 25 is Silver Nemesis. They put the extended version on VHS which helps improve the story a lot. But they never realised it on DVD!!! Just the televised version. I'm lucky I found a VHS rip on a torrent site years ago but the extended version is much better at explaining what is going on. Battlefield kind of stains Season 26 as it's pretty boring. Oh, and the daft motorcycle duel in Survival. Everything else... Golden!