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  1. TheNoSnowMan

    Inappropriate music suggestions for Joe's date

    That would only be a bad thing if the song title was 'Don't let your son go down on me'
  2. TheNoSnowMan

    Who Should I Vote For

    Which one is more likely to think logically and which one if more likely to think emotionally? Doesn't really matter. Both are probably bought and paid for.
  3. TheNoSnowMan

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Just goes to show how much our elite are bought and paid for, Can't have those lucrative arms sales put at risk as well as all that oil money being laundered spent on prime London real-estate. All these wealthy enricher's ask in return is complete surrender to their disgusting religion. Well I say - Fuck your arms deal & fuck your made up sky fairies you camel shagging wasters.
  4. TheNoSnowMan

    Dr Who Bingo

    I think the gist of what you're saying is there's no single reason for the clusterfuck we currently find ourselves in. Bugger...
  5. TheNoSnowMan

    Dr Who Bingo

    I think that's just wishful thinking TMT... As someone who's worked in the industry, you must have an idea about where all this batshit crazy nonsense suddenly sprang from? A lot of people are saying it started when Obama got elected. Myself, I only started noticing it in about 2011-2012 when I cancelled my TV licence.
  6. TheNoSnowMan

    Dr Who Bingo

    I do wonder where it's suddenly came from in the last 5-6 years. It really has been ramped right up to 11, all throughout main stream entertainment. The whole idea of hiring a woman to play the doctor wouldn't of been entertained just 10 years ago. Even though he cannot help projecting his sexuality into everything he does, Russell T Davies (in my opinion) would never of cast a woman because he is a genuine fan of the show. Same with Moffat. I think a lot of the SJW isms that started appearing late Matt Smith era was forced upon him from higher ups. The new showrunner - Chris Chibnall - says he made it a condition of employment that he could cast a woman. That's not a fan, that's an ideologue. As AA said above, entertainment seems to be made now for the back slapping elites one-upmanship: "I've got more diversity than you". People really need to start turning off. And with what the internet now offers it baffles me why there are still those who sit in front of a TV, channel hopping through a list of pre allotted indoctrination? I guess the general populous are really that fucking stupid.
  7. TheNoSnowMan

    The house of Assad BBC

    Wasn't there also a giant pipeline that was intended to pass through Syria, into Turkey and then Europe which would of helped decimate Russian gas exports into the west? With Assad still in power it's, apparently, holding up the plans.
  8. TheNoSnowMan

    Reason(s) for mass immigration

    I actually believe that this is all in line with the idea of a 'New World Order'. No boarders, no nations. And to get that you have to destroy the current world setup. The Globalists whom desire this are using the morons who subscribe to cultural marxism to help bring down the west. Only, this NWO won't be communism in it's traditional sense - it'll be much, much worse. Proper enslavement of humanity. I don't think it'll ever happen though. I predict a civil war will break out in the west and the indigenous population will win. What happens then is any ones guess...
  9. TheNoSnowMan

    Dr Who Bingo

    Strange question to ask on a dating site. You're not trying to pull Jodie Whittaker are you?
  10. TheNoSnowMan

    Dr Who Bingo

    I agree on nostalgia. I've never really been a fan of Nu Who since it started. There's been the odd episode I like here and there but it doesn't really do anything for me like the original series did and that may be because I was a kid when I watched it. And now that it's gone totally 'progressive' they can shove it up their non binary backside.
  11. TheNoSnowMan

    Dr Who Bingo

    I can't believe any of you are even giving this the time of day. Like all SJW infected entertainment now - it needs to be ignored and treated with the contempt it deserves. Eventually, they'll get the message when no ones watching. I have no problem. I still have shit loads of classic Who DVD's to buy and watch. Nu Who is very much dead to me. Ohhh, and the fact they've moved the show to a Sunday night indicates to me what little faith they have left in it.
  12. TheNoSnowMan

    Judge Kavanagh

    Like I said, I hope I'm wrong. But that swamp is very large.
  13. TheNoSnowMan

    Judge Kavanagh

    The fact that bitch Sarsewer has said Trumps claims about paid protesters is conspiracy theory. Really? And to say it's the behaviour of a fascist considering the religion she subscribes to... Get fucked you pathetic parasite.
  14. TheNoSnowMan

    Judge Kavanagh

    I think it's almost impossible to go after the Clinton's without bringing the whole establishment down with them. I'd like to be proven wrong but of the stuff I've read that they've been involved in - the Clinton's won't go down without destroying the republic too.