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  1. TheNoSnowMan

    Hoax hate

    I'm sure I've offered this theory before that social media allows these people with narcissistic personalities to feel like they're actual celebrities. No one really has hundreds or thousands of friends. So when you see someone online with loads and loads of 'friends' or 'followers' - that person doesn't see them as either. They see them as 'FANS'. Fans that want constant updates about what/where/when of said person's daily life. And like real celebs. they don't want the fame to go away. So they are constantly trying to up the aunty to out-compete all the competition. Thus, sneaking a mobile phone into a massage parlor to take pictures of a developing gunt via suspected anal insertion. Pardon the pun, but it's taken shallowness to a whole new depth...
  2. TheNoSnowMan

    Gender pay gap increases in 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't that always the plan? You don't earn as much as men, ladies - so work more!!! And men, you earn more than wamyn - you must have your wages cut. I don't think the elite are actual communists. But they're more than happy to exploit the morons who subscribe to cultural Marxism if it benefits them. Soros is a prime example of this.
  3. TheNoSnowMan

    The new Doctor should be a woman

    I think this pretty much cements my theory that the Beeb want shot of Dr Who. Turn all the hardcore fans away by injecting identity politics. They get to kill the show while promoting their agenda for a few seasons. Win win. I suspect the BPC is slowing getting rid of it's most expensive shows in preparation for the loss of EU bribes grants and taking on the free licences for over 75's. I know there is talk of them trying to get rid of it but the public outrage would be a Daily Mail wet dream and a total PR disaster. Expect programming on Aunty from 2020 onwards to be nothing more than News (propaganda), talent shows (distraction) and repeats (the few remaining episodes of Dad's Army they're allowed to show that hasn't been branded toxic masculinity).
  4. TheNoSnowMan

    Gonda Strange for the Beeb to report this one when they clearly state it's got fuck all to do with Brexit. "Global changes in the car industry" to me means the Chinese aren't buying as much crap since their long overdue slowdown is on the way. While we in the west are already upto our eyeballs in debt and cannot take on anymore. It's 10 years since the scrappage scheme was introduced to rescue the UK car industry. Another on the way maybe? Sorry - didn't see the other post. Delete if you want Spunkers.
  5. TheNoSnowMan

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Thank you @YoungLabourUK. I offer much cheer. You help keep Labour unelectable, year after year...
  6. TheNoSnowMan

    Diet fizzy drinks - just don't

    I don't disagree. I was merely pointing out that most of us, Gen X & onwards don't have much of a future to look forward to. If you make it to 100 with most of your faculties you probably did it accompanied with poverty.
  7. TheNoSnowMan

    Diet fizzy drinks - just don't

    I am someone who drinks a lot of diet pop because I like it. I don't like hot drinks, especially coffee (in fact I hate it so much just the smell makes me want to vomit), I don't like milk and I don't like plain water. I'm not fat as I don't eat excessively. I have sandwiches for lunch and tea in the evening. That's it. There probably is a correlation between lard arses who think that drinking diet coke will mean they'll lose weight without considering what else goes in their mouths. But that doesn't mean the drink itself is the primary cause. If drinking diet pop means I die in my 50's or 60's - so fucking what? What has my generation got to look forward to in old age? All the decent pension schemes are gone and the state pension will be, by then, practically worthless, if it even still exists. And also why would I want to end up like my 90 year old grandparents, both riddled with dementia, and my grandfather pleading to his God to just let him die. I don't understand this obsession that we must all live as long as possible.
  8. TheNoSnowMan

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    Once upon a time I probably would as well. But I find so many of the modern blockbusters unappealing. I think one of the reason is because it's not just one film any more - it HAS to be a franchise. So something like Harry Potter or LotR's is multiple movies. I just cannot be arsed with that. It's also why I'm so out of touch with the current obsession for binge watching American TV shows. Multiple seasons with 20+ episodes per. Sorry, I don't have the patience for that.
  9. TheNoSnowMan

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    I count 7 myself: The Avengers The Dark Knight Spider-Man Spider-Man 2 The Dark Knight Rises Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Toy Story 3 None in the cinema. Pretty sure most were watched while they were still in the cinema! If I had to pay I probably wouldn't of watched any of them. Maybe the Dark Knight films.
  10. TheNoSnowMan

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    Thank you. Shame I cannot find the Spitting Image one. It was bloody funny.
  11. TheNoSnowMan

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    I cannot find either unfortunately but there was an Army recruitment advert I remember from the mid 90's of two young lads, just sat there not doing anything, talking about their mate who recently joined up with snippets of all the amazing things this mate was up to like skiing, visiting exotic locations and combat training. The slogan was 'Be the best'. I also remember Spitting Image mocking this advert with there own. Same scenario, two lads talking about their mate who'd joined up. But this time the snippets were of him being blown up, using equipment that didn't work and getting bummed in the showers by his superiors. Their slogan was 'Unemployed. It's better than being in the Army'. The difference then was you could tell the difference between the two. Real and fake. These new posters scream of satire and mockery. It's getting harder to tell what's real and what's not.
  12. TheNoSnowMan

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    I had no idea that Her Majesties Army had hired Viz to do their recent recruitment campaign.
  13. TheNoSnowMan

    katie price shot down allegadly

    Isn't this the same bitch who is currently working with our government to create 'Harvey's law' which intends to make mocking the disabled illegal just because some internet trolls took the piss out of him to annoy her. Fuck you Katie Price you multi-talentless whore. I don't give a shit if you're offended by peoples ability to mock. The fact you want to criminalise other peoples speech means you're even more in the cess-pit of existence than I thought you already were. And since it's not illegal yet: "What's fat and screams? Harvey Price answering the iron."
  14. TheNoSnowMan

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    I wondered how far you would make it Mark. You seemed determined to see it through to the bitter end. I consider myself a hardcore DW fan but I quit at the end of series 9 (regenerating white man into black woman - get fucked BPC). If you've given up then I really do believe the end is nigh.
  15. TheNoSnowMan

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    You watch all the same channels as me TMT! I find it funny. The complete lack of awareness. Especially now the new Bourgeoisies have embraced Cultural Marxism in a big way. The want communism for us but not for them - it doesn't work that way. THEY WILL get the bullet.