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  1. If you know her sister, you know her better than I do. I've never met her. They hate each other. I love a happy family.
  2. I did. Now I'm on medication for life. And so is the wife...
  3. And then sneak off to the nearest gentleman's lavatory and bore out a penis sized hole in the cubicle wall before welding your rusty trombone to it.
  4. At least John Humphreys went on to better things.
  5. I remember reading about it years ago. She was uncredited in the show (unsurprising considering she appears on-screen for about 3 seconds) and for years after no one knew who she was. Eventually, someone managed to track her down and discovered it was the only acting role she ever did. And to this day (I believe) it's her only IMDb entry. Nice bit of useless information.
  6. Is Threads the one with that actress who's only credited role is 'woman who pisses herself'?
  7. As much as it depresses me that a show I love (well, the original series) is in such a shit state, I must admit I'm enjoying watching all these franchises infected with wokeness begin to crash and burn. It was always going to take a while to get the normies on side, but it's happening. The latest abomination of Who(ke) is still on a Sunday - which is the most watched night of the week - but it no longer has the boost of being between CountryFile and Strictly Shirt Lifting to help count all those old biddies who either tune in too early or don't bother changing channel and hoover while DW is on. Therefore, the viewing figure are dire this series thus far: Episode 1: 4.88m (on New Years Day) Episode 2: 4.60m Episode 3. 4.19m The Bolsheviks will claim that consolidated is what counts but I know that's bollocks. The overnights are still important as it's an indicator of hardcore interest. This less hardcore, the less incentive to watch later or even again.. And at this rate it's going to be in the 3m soon. That has got to be cancel territory for a show with a budget it's size, in a prime time slot on the main channel. With Top Gear also on it's last legs, what actually does Aunty have left?
  8. They can piss and moan about the pay gap all they want. Economics will always win out in the end. They cannot afford to pay the women the same as the men because the women's game will never, EVER generate the same level of revenue or interest. And if they foolishly do put the women's pay up - the WFA will go bust. It's true what they say "A socialist doesn't understand economics. Because, if they did, they wouldn't be a socialist". I get the feeling that this sudden push of everything feminism is because TPTB have noticed a trend of women getting sick of the workplace, realising that second wave feminism (that their mothers were fed) was bullshit and are wanting a return to what came before. And we can't have that.
  9. You really didn't need the 'IMPO', TMT. If 'saving the planet' actually took money out of the elites pocket, they wouldn't give a flying fuck about it. The useful idiots are mostly socialists who see it as a means of taking more freedoms away from the people. The rest are middle class wahmen because 'feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelz'.
  10. Awwww. When I saw there was an update to this thread, I was hoping it was Geldof announcing his suicide at 10:59pm on the 31st as he cannot bear to live in Brexit Britain. Instead it's just Patrick Stewart trying to deflect attention away from his new show that he knows is going to tank. As the video the screencaps comes from shows, the show is dead on arrival - and they've already renewed it. Failure is the new success in Hollywood.
  11. Who? I'm guessing another we wuz kangs who's job it is to find racism where it doesn't exist. Remind me again why we allowed these people into positions of power and influence?
  12. We wuz (so nearly) kangs and shiet! Absolute self obsessed, obnoxious bitch. You can tell it from a mile off. Either she had dirt on him or gave Harry the best gobble of his life - I cannot see why he settled for this revolting streak of piss... He's obviously inherited the Hewitt intellect.
  13. Quite. But I suspect that's because it's still new to them given it's only recently they've been allowed access to western entertainment. They'll get fed up of the same old shit eventually.