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  1. This'll be my 8th year. It's a nice feeling knowing I spotted the So-Called BBC's biased bullshit long ago - even before Brexit and Trump. Just goes to show how long the globalists have had a stranglehold over mainstream content.
  2. No no no. That's so 1990's. These days it's decapitation followed by coroners report stating "Death by natural causes" So don't mess with the Clintons. You'll loose your head. Literally.
  3. Since Spunkers has not been given a gag order, I hereby wish to place an order for 3 bags of chips and a side dish of coleslaw for my big old poofter mate XYY. He loves that girly shite.
  4. Tell your in-laws to fuck off. It's not your responsibility to help them maintain their lifestyle. And make no mistake, that's what this is really about.
  5. I am quite nerdy myself. I collect retro consoles and have done so all my life. I have some movie/TV show memorabilia such as figurines that live in a display case. I do like 80-90's pop culture. BUT, the difference with me compared to the soyboys is I keep it to myself. I know it's pretty sad for a man my age to be into stuff like that. I certainly never discuss it with work colleagues. I do it for me and me only. The rest of the world doesn't need to know. On the other hand, I work with a lad who's about a decade younger than me who fulfils the above definition perfectly. Neckbeard, overweight, low T, loves all geeky shit and won't shut up about it. Thinks Trump is Hitler etc etc. He once told me that he thought The Last Jedi was the greatest Star Wars movie ever and that the detractors were "a small group of NRA's". He genuinely believes fans have no right to complain and should accept what they are given. Very much the mindset of "I'd rather have bad SW than no SW". Very strange. He is married to a pretty ugly bint he's been with since school as it was the best he could of ever attained. And she fully wears the trousers in that relationship. I have no proof of this but I'm sure she pegs him too. If you saw him, you'd instantly agree..
  6. Less than the Eurozone. WuFlu could be the end of the Euro (one can only hope).
  7. Hit, nail, head. The worst thing we ever imported from the Yanks was the fucking "I going to sue you" culture. And Mr "you killed my dad" most probably isn't going to court because he wants retribution for medical malpractice... He just wants money.
  8. Only two so far. One from my energy supplier and one from Santander. Was hoping the latter might also apologise for dropping the savings rate of the 321 accounts prior to all this nonsense. Nah, just telling all the oldies to use Internet Banking as branches and call centres are now a thing of the past.* *OK, that's slightly exaggerated but they're not going to miss an opportunity to get everyone using IB and then, AC (after corona), use that as an excuse to close more branches.
  9. I love the argument some clueless remainers use that the EU (in it's many guises) has prevented war in Europe for the last 70 years. Nope. The 1 million degrees centigrade redecoration of Hiroshima has.