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    Lone Lurker got a reaction from Kurt Barlow in The great crash sweepstake   
    March 29th 2019, Blame Brexit
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Happy Renting in trans madness   
    Did they ever settle that dispute? I may come out as a Bigendian if it's safe to do so.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to DTMark in trans madness   
    There's that word again. "Proud". It is what it is. I don't think there's a need to feel at war with just about everyone else around you.
    I recently engaged with two trans people in an attempt to find out the answer to what I thought was a perfectly legitimate question.
    I tend to be quite open about things, so might have anticipated more of a welcome for trying to engage, and, I thought, phrased my question gently and respectfully. It got thrown back in my face.
    For context - I know I'm a gay man. How do I know? Because I have no sexual feelings for women. That has never happened. I'm attracted to the same sex.
    The "frame of reference", if you will, is abundantly clear. Is that "self-identification?"
    No, I don't think it is. I think it is fact.
    In the same way that "I am a man", "I am British" and "today is Tuesday" are also facts.
    What I'd like to know is: if you're a man, but you think you are a woman:
    How do you know?
    What is the "frame of reference?"
    I'm not suggesting that people here are well-equipped to answer that, but it strikes me that the activists' method of screaming the word "transphobe" at everyone else is never going to work. "Oh, whatever. You're boring me now" seems a perfectly reasonable response to being screamed at.
    It strikes me that acceptance of homosexuality came about because people grew to realise that others are genuinely different, born that way, and no threat to anyone else. Therefore expressing your own bigotry says more about you than it does about anyone else: you don't start making fun of paraplegics on buses, for example, we expect higher standards.
    The activist camp is going in precisely the wrong direction and were it to engage and actually attempt to educate and inform as opposed to insulting people, perhaps it might get somewhere.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Melchett in The normalisation of female obesity   
    The thing about living a healthy life is.... people shouldnt be doing it to attract a mate or because of fashion or social pressure. They should be doing it out of respect for themselves and the desire to get the most out of life. Internal motivation rather than external. 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to TheBlueCat in The normalisation of female obesity   
    The weird thing for me is that I’ve never fancied super skinny women or noticeably overweight ones and I don’t think I’m that unusual.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Anglepoise in Count Dankula/Paul Joseph Watson/Sargon of Akkad 'join UKIP' in order to spite anti-racist campaigners   
    Great speech from Dankula at the UKIP conference. Clearly states the reasons that the police are now reviled by much of the public. Also makes a good point very pertinent to this forum re Lucy Powell MP's proposed legislation:
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    Lone Lurker reacted to This Time in Vegetarians   
    I have a revelation for everyone who went veggie as a teenager due to not liking the texture of meat. You're mother/father/whoever was doing the cooking can't cook meat. It doesn't matter if they were great at cakes, soup, pasta sauce or whatever else, they sucked at cooking meat. Get yourself to a really good steakhouse, order a medium-rare fillet steak and then tell me you don't like the texture of meat. I was a vegetarian as a teenager due to having a mother who can't cook meat but I've recovered now.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Frank Hovis in trans madness   
    I have a degree of sympathy with the MtF because they just want to be women and do what women do.  They're volunteering in youth organizations and would like to be thought of the same as any other women so their feelings (yes, that word again) will have been hurt.
    However I think their hurt feelings are clearly trumped by the need for a safe environment for the children.  Single sex environments, for women anyway, are generally much safer so IMO the safety of the children trumps the hurt feelings of the MtF.
    The vast majority of the MtF are not going to be sexual predators but some will be so to be safe you exclude them all.  You don't put children at risk in order to spare people's feelings.
    Take note Rotherham council.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to DocH in Islamification of Europe   
    I believe so. I find it a bit puzzling - I thought one had to make oneself available for employment in order to get benefits: does Anjem have to turn up at the dhss office every couple of weeks with his log of jobs he's applied for? If not why not? FOI request?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Happy Renting in This killer Pret Baguette   
    This is why I stick to meat. Vegetarians are dicing with danger.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to dgul in The normalisation of female obesity   
    Everyone's overweight, apart from the skinny ones.
    The difference is, men are overweight, but women are beautiful and stop being mean about just a little fat that is actually beautiful, you fat-shamer you.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in The Netherlands is fucked thread   
    So green light given to raping Dutch women if you are a muslim seeking asylum in Holland? 
    Different sentencing for indigenous Dutch and muslim migrants? Surely not?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to steppensheep in Vegetarians   
    Bloody hell. Not only are vegetables try to poison us, they're messing with our reproductive capability. They've definitely got a game plan.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to twocents in Islamification of Europe   
    From the second link.
    I suspect that's the tip of the iceberg maybe even extending upto May, Corbyn and Cable.
    The second link also mentions MPs' sacred oath of allegiance to the sovereign (not to the people).  I suppose then you have to ask what is the sovereign's oath at the coronation ceremony and what, in reality, it might actually amount to.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to XswampyX in Islamification of Europe   
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    Lone Lurker got a reaction from JFK in The normalisation of female obesity   
    I was verging on obese when young, after years of struggling with standard diet advice I went keto, now slim, active and healthier than ever
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    Lone Lurker got a reaction from Byron in The cult of corbyn   
    They've been trying this for at least a couple of decades.
    It's not working.
    It's actually producing "right wing free thinkers" as teenagers with a brain always go against the prevailing ideology.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Long time lurking in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    I went into a book shop the other day whilst browsing the Muslim assistant came over 
    He asked if i was looking for anything in particular 
    I said yes have you got a book about immigration into the UK 
    He replied just fuck of and don`t come back 
    i said yes that`s the one 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Talking Monkey in This killer Pret Baguette   
    Exactly this, if I had a bit of an allergy and came out in hives if I ate the wrong thing then I'd chance it here and there, but if I had a life threatening food allergy, I would always haul my own food around and never ever buy out
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Frank Hovis in Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales   
    It is a very small service to receive in return for the massive amount of council tax that I pay.
    I do not want it made efficient / effective / eco-friendly.  I simply want a lorry to come along once a week and pick up one black plastic sack to give me a token weekly service in return for all the money they take off me.
    I am not asking for the moon on a stick here.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales   
    I was wondering why I keep being offered a cheesy whopper.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Mr Miyagi in Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales   
    Fine if the council want to do it but allow the residents to opt out with an appropriate reduction in council tax and allow them to contract with a private waste disposal company for more expedient collections . 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Hail the Tripod in Aging and Death - the biggest Red Pills   
    I like Groucho Marx: “I intend to live forever, or die trying.”
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Happy Renting in Vegetarians   
    I always check out their Facebook pages before eating them.
    But watch out, sheep in particular are notorious for embellishing their postings, pretending they had amazing holidays in Tenerife, etc.
    Chickens too. They steal photos of other chickens having a great time and pass them off as their own. It's hard to tell one chicken from another.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to spygirl in Vegetarians   
    Have you got the GP to take his pulse, just in case....