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    Lone Lurker reacted to Long time lurking in Would you vote for UKIP   
    Curiosity is in our DNA those warnings don`t dissuade people they encourage people ,i find it hard to believe that the people deciding to put those warnings on the videos can`t see this ,can these people really be that stupid/deluded ?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Long time lurking in Would you vote for UKIP   
    Nail on the head ...but i would add the left go mental over something trivial and make even more of an arse out of themselves,it`s a win win, if you ask me GB is playing them like a cheap fiddle 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to the gardener in Would you vote for UKIP   
    Yes this could be a bit like Trump.  Trump says some controversial things that wind the left up but he's not speaking to them, he's speaking to a different audience.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Fully Detached in Would you vote for UKIP   
    Agreed. Personally I found the rape tweet thing rather unpleasant, but UKIP have identified that they need to go in a new direction here, and while they might be stopping at some ropey diners along the way I think they probably have the overall route about right. They will make mistakes, the test will be whether they learn from them or not.
    Another thing that occurs to me is that I think Batten may be playing a much longer game than many of us are thinking. Sure, an 18 year old Sargon subscriber might not go out and vote this time around, but in 4 years may have a wife, kid and mortgage, and feel invested enough to care. We keep being told how Brexit voters are dying off while remain voters are being replaced with every passing year - I think UKIP have identified the demographic they need to be targeting, while Farage sticks with the dwindling oldies.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to onlyme in Would you vote for UKIP   
    If you are going to break the three party system there is no point in fighting them on their terms and their turf. Some basic no shit common sense will expose the state of the others if the message can get out.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Caravan Monster in Would you vote for UKIP   
    It's certainly risky but I think that if they stick with it, there is a good chance that they will be able to bypass the MSM smearing and make the media look hysterical and not trustworthy. More and more 'normies' are turning off the tv and the MSM and looking to the web for news and political opinion. The establishment will attack strongly because UKIP have identified the weak spot of the current system. It will not have the same impact as an obviously damaged TR being released from  prison and refusing to talk to sky news because they are liars, but if they keep hammering at it there's every chance of some success. Dankula might be a bit radical looking for some voters, but Sargon will appeal to a lot of people if they get to listen to him directly and not through the filter of the MSM. Could be interesting.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Hail the Tripod in Would you vote for UKIP   
    Sargon has about a million engaged supporters, of which I would think more than half are U.K. based. Not only will that translate into significant numbers of votes, but also hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) getting positive information about your campaigns. UKIP simply cannot disseminate their message accurately through the deeply partisan MSM so these kinds of channels may prove crucial.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Southmartin in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I genuinely wonder what would happen if you sat her down, and gently moved toward this topic and asked that question to her? It maybe that in the middle of all the 'career/stress' lifestyle she's never had anyone to talk about it with - at least no one who's not "one of the girls" who are themselves trying each to pretend career city life is all it's cracked up to be...
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    Lone Lurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in Amusing or interesting local news stories   
    This happens in Wales if you try to tune out Welsh language TV.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Great Guy in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    I can get the point your making. However at the same time it's not fair that certain industries in Europe are struggling because China and India have fuck all worker/ environmental regulation. 
    The EU brings in environmental taxes making steel production uneconomic. That means efficient steel production is closed in Europe and we buy steel from dirty China.. 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Chewing Grass in Extinction rebellion?   
    The trouble with air-travel is its full of low caste/class germ ridden cattle with which you are forced to share the same air.
    Co workers brother contracted TB off a flight to Geneva 20 years ago which sums it up to me.
    Currently sat at home being gently warmed by the glorious spring sunshine in an empty estate, all the knuckle draggers have fucked off to sit on the motorway or are away for the weekend.
    Marstons was on offer at the supermarket, the Mrs is fucking off to the Rugby this arvo to eye up and scream abuse at young men and I'm taking it easy after typing this by doing whatever the fuck I want in peace and quiet.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Long time lurking in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    They are not there to look the part,
    They are there to talk their followers on social media into geting up off their arses and voting UKIP that is their ONLY purpose ,these are people that the likes of Farage would never influence ,whether any collateral damage is greater than those masses, only time will tell 
    I think the only way anyone will beat the establishment and MSM combined is by thinking and playing outside of the box, will it work who knows .it worked in Italy   
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    Lone Lurker reacted to TheBlueCat in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    It’s beyond irony but that is their name. There’s the obvious cuck connotation but, that aside, it’s a party called Change UK who are campaigning to......maintain the status quo. Fucking imbeciles.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Austin Allegro in Notre-Dame   
    Very interesting theory. As always, the generals are fighting the last war, and the western idea of terrorism is that it is violence used for a particular political end, ie the independence of Algeria or something. It's possible that now most of the 'terror' is being done by persons with no connection to 'cells' or organised terrorism, united only by their dedication to a fundamentalist version of Islam and the desire to propagate their own barbarity. They aren't claiming responsibility because that would require some sort of organisational structure, and would risk a backlash. The only aim they have, I suspect, is to see Europe turned into a version of the sh*tholes they have left behind.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Hopeful in Dying for a holiday 2019   
    When I work I am very productive, I can be very productive for a few hours or I can be non-stop flat out for a month to a year or more if I have a goal, and I'll beat pretty much anyone in productivity -
    I can't see the point in being 'at work' when I'm unproductive, and being in work around unproductive people sent me mad. I can be unproductive from a few hours to a month or more.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Hopeful in Dying for a holiday 2019   
    Yep, every day is a holiday
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    Lone Lurker reacted to JoeDavola in Dying for a holiday 2019   
    Well I've got 11 days in a row off from tomorrow - and I'm very happy not to be flying anywhere.
    Apparently the weather's meant to be good next week so I'll be going for a cycle every morning, then spending the rest of my days gaming, reading, playing my guitars ect... bliss.
    I've taken some wonderful holidays over the years, but I can't help but wonder if those who are obsessed with constantly traveling do so because they haven't set up a satisfactory home life or don't have enough interests and hobbies.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to JackieO in Dying for a holiday 2019   
    Very stressful here...

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    Lone Lurker reacted to Castlevania in Dying for a holiday 2019   
    Does anyone here who’s married go on separate holidays to their partner? I always thought it was a bit odd, but I’ve met a number of people over the years that do it. It’s generally a case that one person wants to sit by a pool doing nothing for two weeks whilst the other is horrified by the idea and wants to be doing “stuff”.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Hopeful in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    You don't mix much with religious people, do you.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Caravan Monster in Extinction rebellion?   
    hemptastic! I'm increasingly of the opinion that people attracted to such groups find a security in the identity with the shared appearance, clothing, language and good feelz from the outwardly benevolent concerns. The ideology and the security it creates become a significant part of the individual's identity, hence they are less self conscious about making twats of themselves in public (see video) and the crazy when challenged as it represents an attack on the person as much as the ideas. The group security is probably also a big part of the appeal of such causes to lost souls such as public sector woman and weak no identity man.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Libspero in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    I quite like Sargon and Dancula..  I'd probably vote for them as MEPs.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to gibbon in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    The media at some point changed their tune about Farage and now they love him. Do you lot honestly think whoever the media champion has our best interests at heart? UKIP and Batten for me.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to man o' the year in Where then?   
    In my experience those were the ones becoming OFSTED inspectors.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to snaga in Age ID check comes in 1 April - missed opportunity?   
    So the politicians will end up doing more harm than good, as parents will now wrongly think that little jonny will be protected from porn and let their guard down?
    in reality, free porn will be freely available, and more likely to appear on free and non porn sites?