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    Lone Lurker reacted to Frank Hovis in trans madness   
    All legal lifestyles are equally valid.
    It's the tolling bell of a collapsing civilisation.
    It is a civilisation losing confidence in the values that had made it successful and abandoning them so descending into the void of failed civilisations waiting to be put out of their torpor into extinction like the Romans.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to McKay in trans madness   
    Mental illness and child abuse celebrated. What is the root of this unfolding hell?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to One percent in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Agree but I also don’t like the behaviour of Farage. He should have stayed in UKIP until we left. Instead, he walked and let the party implode whilst there was (clearly) still lots to do. 
    Batten has at least brought stability and vision to UKIP. If Farage returns now with a different party, all he will do is to split the leave vote. 
    He needs to go back in to UKIP and support battern, at least until we leave. Then, he can do what’re he likes. 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Harley in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Farage trying go split the Brexit vote?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Caravan Monster in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    The persistence of the GJ is impressive. My opinion of the indigenous French has gone up a good deal.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to One percent in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Why is there even talk of an extension?  We were told in the lead up to the referendum that “leave means leave”. We were told the consequences of leaving (the sky would fall in). 
    We were then told that triggering article 50 was a one way thing. There would be no going back. 
    Seems we have been lied to yet again 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in Brexit Betrayal thread   
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    Lone Lurker reacted to M S E Refugee in Chinese, Not SJW, Just Get on With Shit   
    The Chinese in the UK never ask for any special treatment, bother anyone or bleat about how much racism they encounter.
    And crucially usually any Chinese person born and educated in the UK would have no qualms in marrying a native Brit unlike some other diverse cultures we have imported.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to M S E Refugee in Mr Bercow   
    Not sure in hindsight I would want to be a child hanging around the So-Called BBC in the 70s.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to One percent in We are women, we are strong ....   
    I was going to go but decided it was far more important to knit some new shoes with my leftover spaghetti 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to BadAlchemy in We are women, we are strong ....   
    Oh dear. Like so many, they havent worked out that to end austerity they should be supporting both Brexit and Trump.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Democorruptcy in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Greece is the word.
    All 27 EU states have to approve any extension of Article 50. The ERG should approach the Greeks to block any extension.  The EU is largely under German control and this would be the Greek's chance to gain revenge for austerity, the war, etc.
    The 5 Star Italians might help?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to null; in Censorship of the Internet by Google, YouTube, Facebook, BBC, Daily Mail & Others   
    Absolutely, could not agree more.
    Especially when there are alternatives that are just as good. I find DuckDuckGo for search to be very good.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Hopeful in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Yes, while remainers are like yorkshire terriers, yappy all the time but cowards when push comes to shove, leavers are the opposite, they'll lie quietly in the corner until they can't tolerate it anymore, then 'chomp'
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Panther in Protecing customers.....   
    Maybe the NHS should start asking why it cuts off the balls and tits of perfectly healthy people instead?
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    Lone Lurker reacted to dgul in The Demonisation of Masculinity continues   
    I've had to have a chat about it all with my son (not the advert, but 'stuff in general').
    All he hears is 'special stuff for girls' -- special visits to scientific places, special talks by inspiring women, special conversations about how girls should be going to university.  He (and all the other boys) gets none of it -- there's a real risk that he will start thinking-down his own capability because no-one ever tells him that he's any good, if anything is said it's that he's a risk to himself and others, and they do visibly tell a different set of students that they're marvellous.
    Sure -- it'll all work out in the end (he's an 'average' balanced boy), but it is a very strange game that they're playing.
    [I just told him that he's his own person, and is capable of doing what he wants to do -- but i'd prefer it if the school would assist in ensuring that he's got a positive mental outlook]
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    Lone Lurker reacted to One percent in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Did anyone listen to the mogg hour? 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to wherebee in Islamification of Europe   
    neither - they are outside of the analysis spectrum, and anyone that tries to investigate the religion is automatically far right.  natch.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to JFK in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Well I know why I don't listen to him or LBC.  What an utter moron (O'cunt-face) - a man with an intellect to match his face.
    Seems to have tried the Channel 4 way of 'discussion' - straw man arguments, taking things to an absurd logical conclusion, constantly and incessantly  interrupting JRM, talking over him so he cannot finish a point. 
    It was embrassing, he just sounded like a petulant child with his bored tone of voice and sarcastic sniping.  Utter drivel.  The level of schoolboy debate - which matches his intellect.
    JRM on the other hand just served him up on a plate, very impressive.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to whitevanman in Online Demonetisation   
    The SJWs are just drones for the power behind the scenes. Patreon has stated that the reason they've kicked people off their platform is that they've been threatened with withdrawal of support by the likes of Mastercard.
    Elite financing powers are pulling the strings.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to SillyBilly in Online Demonetisation   
    The internet scares the s**t out of progressives. After all it is a place where people who don't buy their s**t can talk among like-minded people without (up until now) fear of reprisal for holding non-conforming SJW approved views. I do think we need greater competition to Youtube/Google, that is one company that really worries me. 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Libspero in Online Demonetisation   
    Not sure if we ever had a thread on this..  but it seems to be becoming increasingly common now.
    First it was Patreon and the Sargon of Akkad fiasco which affected many including Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin.
    I see now that Count Dancula has been demonetised on Youtube..
    There is a concerning trend emerging of moderate conserative / libertarian speakers being deplatformed/demonetised with little or no reason or explanation.
    Fortunately Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin are looking at ways to create an alternative platform to give the moderate right a voice..   though if this censorship is rooted in government departments I expect they will face an impenetrable invisible barrier.
    The idea of social media becoming more of an authoritarian left-wing echo chamber than it already is is really quite disconcerting.   
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    Lone Lurker reacted to wherebee in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    If they have a second ref I'm flying back again, and will probably help ensure others (who I know didn't bother last time) do as well.  Those remainers I know who might also travel to vote - I'll just add them to a no-fly list for a couple of weeks. 
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    Lone Lurker reacted to null; in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    I never listen to James O'Brian and never will again after listening to that. What a complete and utter twat he is. Rude as well. Everytime one of these twats shows themselves up for what they are then its another point for Brexit.
    And JRM has just gone up another notch in my estimations. If JRM didn't look like Walter and talk so posh he would have to be PM by now. I have a lot of respect for his intelligence and debating with facts and truth but unfortuntely many people don;t vote based on such things.
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    Lone Lurker reacted to Panther in Freelander of Peace   
    He'll get Markle, next time