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  1. Is this footage available to view somewhere? The Asian guy hasn't done himself any favours chucking the shake (nobody on the planet is buying the "it slipped" line) but we haven't seen the full story yet.
  2. I'd kind of like to know what was going on before the shake was thrown. TR/SYL seemed to be accusing the Asian guy of something and referred to having something on tape.
  3. I read a while back that a couple of minor cults devoted to Princes Diana and Mother Theresa had started to merge, meaning there probably are people somewhere that worship a composite Diana/Theresa character. (It was probably something in Fortean Times.)
  4. Absolutely not picking on you Libspero but... Gee, if only there was something out there that could rip and save iplayer programs DRM-free and without needing an iplayer account...
  5. My bastards, despite paying mileage, require a petrol receipt for the exact amount the mileage works out at, dated on the day the mileage was driven. I wish I was joking. As I mentioned before, my personal car is not available and I'm not helping their survey regarding who's married / inuit / into scat / whatever. Sometimes you simply have to draw the line. I work for a FTSE 100 company that many of you will already have strong opinions about.
  6. Ooh, I know this one - it's so the company can claim back the VAT on the purchased fuel (even though they didn't purchase it and it sounds suspiciously like tax fraud to me). I suffered similar bellendry the one time I used my car on (genuinely urgent) business use. As a result I informed my employer my private vehicle was not available for business use and that I would not make the requested declaration regarding roadworthiness / insurance / road tax etc. You want me go somewhere? Phone Avis.
  7. I had to fill out one of these profiles at work last year - religion, ethnicity, marriage status and IIRC sexuality as well. All fields had a "not telling you" option, so I used that.
  8. Ah yes, friendsreunited. Their problem was fundamental revenue limits. I actually coughed up one year's "membership" fee - I think it was five pounds - because there were several old school mates worth contacting. Once I'd done that there was no reason to give them any more money. I was probably at or near the sweet spot for getting value from that site. Several million punters times a fiver each - twenty or thirty millions tops?
  9. Wasn't this a recent film with Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan?
  10. The message I'm getting from this is IKEA need fake poos in their stores.