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  1. OK, so you take a very sexy looking ''lass'' you've met in the 'Pool back to her place, and when you stick your fingers down her pants you find a ten-inch cock where her fanny should be. You're already in a place where you didn't want to be - but it is what it is. How do you react to such a situation...? There is no such answer as ''I only sucked a bit of her cock'' - the only thing that matters is what you do next. Bend ''her'' over and get stuck-up ''her'' shite-pipe, or get yourself the fuck off out of Dodge are the only two plausible answers. Time to decide which one you are Rodge... XYY
  2. The scribes and the pharisees...? Damn me, and my poncy Christian up-bringing... XYY
  3. Winston's other famous one was to the barb shot at him by (I think) Lady Astor. HER: If you were my husband Winston, I think I would poison you. HIM: Madam, If you were my wife, then I'm pretty certain that I would let you.... XYY
  4. Try Hartlepool soft lad. The ''women'' there will show you the tattoos on their cocks... XYY
  5. The XYY Man


    We asked 100 members of spygirl's family ''Who is responsible for the gradual decline of Great Britain ever since the Romans left''...? Our survey said... XYY @spygirl
  6. The XYY Man


    Fuck off you daft cunt. Nothing in this game for three million in a bed... XYY
  7. The XYY Man


    Shotton, you daft bastard. I'm the biggest cunt in Shotton Colliery...! spygirl - nil point... XYY
  8. The XYY Man


    No. Just carry on with your knitting... XYY
  9. The XYY Man


    Hmmmm. OK then, here's a test for you. Question 1. If a DOSBODder wanted a lamp to illuminate his/her living room, what kind would they buy...? Question 2. Complete the following well-known DOSBODS phrase: A PS4 and a ___ ____ __ ____ _____. Question 3. Who, according to @spygirl, is responsible for everything that ever went tits-up in this country since the beginning of time...? Question 4. Is @Carl Fimble a Cavalier, or a Roundhead...? Question 5. Do you like being called a cunt...? You have five minutes, and the pass mark is 5 - plus or minus two million... XYY
  10. Excellent, I really like that one. Cheers mate... XYY
  11. The true secret to winding people up is to be having a much better time than them - despite living in a ''shitty'' house, in a ''shitty'' area while owning a ''shitty'' car, and being happily married to a wife who isn't gonna win Miss World. When you are blessed with such gifts, playing ''Devil's Advocate'' - and taking up a contrary stance to theirs whether you agree with it or not - is an absolute joy as you meander through the autumn and winter of your life. Having never set the bar too high in the first place, my disappointments in life are minimal. Theirs on the other hand are brutally soul-destroying... XYY
  12. I have always thought that was the most underrated of the Jam's single releases, and a damn fine tune. Wasn't it their last one...? If so, a fitting ''swan-song'' in my opinion. XYY
  13. Well it depends. Without a model number I can't exactly say, other than being from 1933, it is likely to be only capable of receiving Medium Wave - or AM as folk call it nowadays. It may have Long and/or Short Wave, but there's no chance of VHF on a set that old as that didn't arrive until the 1950s. Converters are available though if he wants to listen to Smooth FM on it...!i It will be made using very primitive devices even by valve radio standards, and could require a lot of time and effort to restore. But there are plenty of websites out there that will point Pinny in the right direction. I look forward to further updates on how he gets on with the restoration - and as it's a portable, how he plans to power it up. Batteries will not be available, but as I have explained previously, that does not deter the serious enthusiast. XYY