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  1. The XYY Man

    trans madness

    The traditional family unit was destroyed twenty years ago. The most important measure of human society is the family unit - and it is currently broken and battered beyond repair. Until such time as this is fixed, we are all fucked beyond redemption. XYY
  2. The XYY Man

    New Car Registrations

    Hyundai engineers kick my arse during their visits to our plant - and my experience of the reliability of their vehicles over the past 13 years suggests that the cunts are on to something...! XYY
  3. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    Sweet, isn't it matty...? It's the room I want to die in. And with the aid of my projector, I can watch the porno on the back wall at 101 inches should I so desire... XYY
  4. If you want John Lewis to survive - then fucking shop there. If you don't - then keep using the internet for your purchases, and accept all the shite that goes with that decision. But please don't bemoan the death of the high-street when you are an integral part of it... XYY
  5. There were three of them in the photo I took twenty minutes later... XYY
  6. I still do every now and again. Canny fish and chips when we were there last month - and an opportunity to get a photo of the really rather charming art deco bus-station... XYY
  7. Are your tattoos spelt as badly as your fucking posts...? XYY
  8. Now that is a low blow mind - and I must confess that I have never been so offended in all my life. I'm left-handed for fuck's sake... XYY
  9. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    Fuck off you daft cunt...! XYY
  10. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    I've already explained that you daft bastard - it's an insurance policy against my phone getting nicked. Pay attention you Norwegian cunt... XYY
  11. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    I'm still fucking laughing at that post Lenny - and I am going to do my best to get the word "umgowah" into the conversation during bait-time at work next week. When you first rocked-up on here, I thought were a total cunt. Well I was wrong. You're just a bit of a cunt...! Welcome to DOSBODs, you mad bastard... XYY
  12. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    I'm not too sure about them things either. I'll have a listen to my crystal-set this afternoon to get more informed about such matters... XYY
  13. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    Cheeky cunt. That is an original 1965 North-Eastern left hand in show-room condition. 100% original - and with slightly less than 100,000 wanks on the clock... XYY
  14. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    But that's where I box clever my friend. I wear a thirty-five quid Casio watch to distract them from the real treasure. And a pair of Hi-Tech trainers just in case they are greedy cunts... XYY
  15. The XYY Man

    Must have smartphone

    I am seriously impressed. Nice to know I'm not the only one who won't let a slab of plastic rule my life... XYY