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  1. The XYY Man

    When the cost of washing becomes just too much

    You really do make me chuckle mind. Now fuck off you cheeky cunt...! And stop believing everything you read in the papers. I know - and am indeed related to - many a feckless scumbag twat. But 99% of them are decent enough folk given half a chance and a living wage. They just fucking swear a lot...! I must admit though that it is pissing me off that the ex- of Mrs XYY's brother - still a family friend despite their break-up - has discovered the fibromyalgia gold-mine, and has submitted her claim for those highly-lucrative mining-rights. Now I wouldn't necessarily boil about that alone, but then there's also the claim for the "special-needs" (i.e. spoilt-rotten) grand-kid by her "special-needs" (i.e. spoilt-rotten fuckwit) daughter that is also a rich and fruitful seam of gold. But even that isn't what makes be boil with venom. It's the property and the land that her and her brother will inherit when their father expires. Which isn't gonna be long by the looks of it. Let's just say that if the poor old bastard was famous - I'd have him on blobby's 2019 sweep-stake for fucking certain...! And yet she is still milking the system. But she is an extreme, and the only one I know. The rest really are living on the bones of their arses. And trust me, I really do know plenty of the poor cunts. They are not your enemies... XYY
  2. The XYY Man

    When the cost of washing becomes just too much

    Pretty much the same as the majority of us in my experience. Total shite that they don't actually need. Only at very much higher interest rates than us slightly less feckless twats. And funded of course from much lower wages. But they are fed the same aspirations for life as everyone else is - from birth to death - by the same advertisers no matter what their "position" in life. There's not that much difference between "the feckless" - as you and @spygirl are fond of describing them - and the rest of the human race. The poor cunts just don't understand compound interest. At all. Period. And as much as you try to explain it to them - you slowly realise that you might as well try and teach your dog a fucking card-trick. Frankie Howerd often told us not to mock the afflicted. You do as Frankie says pet - and you won't go far wrong in life... XYY
  3. The XYY Man

    A new government income stream

    Politics...? XYY
  4. The XYY Man

    A new government income stream

    His mates have always made money from drugs. It will force the police to buy their own weed though and stop helping themselves to every fucker else's... XYY
  5. The XYY Man

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Sadly, I'm having to sell my entire collection of John Lennon memorabilia so I've put it all on eBay. Imagine all the PayPal... XYY
  6. The XYY Man

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I'd gladly be your "wing-man" on your mission Cunny - but I'm on very strict moderation over there. I can't get fuck-all that comes out of my filthy mouth approved by the hpc Stazi...! XYY
  7. The XYY Man

    Merkel’s Coronation, or the german election 2017

    Used all my options, Worked off my dues, Played all the cards down, There's nothing to lose. Don't want tomorrow to be like today, That's why I'm breaking away. I'm not trying to run, Not trying to hide, What can I win if I'm losing my pride..? Won't let tomorrow be like today, That's why I'm breaking away. OOH-OOOOH, breaking away...! Got to find a better way, Until the good times roll around again, Auf Wiedersehen... XYY
  8. The XYY Man

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Fuck off. You're from Darlo - you must've seen much fucking worse...! XYY
  9. The XYY Man

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Howay man. Mind, some of you David Icke mother-fuckers really do need to pick-up a guitar rather than a bong... XYY
  10. The XYY Man

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    Calm-down with all those pre-Brexit jitters folks. I'm sure there's all the sand we'll ever need in Ghandi's flip-flops... XYY
  11. The XYY Man

    Impostors from TOS

    Possibly. Depends how the first two weeks in August goes... XYY
  12. The XYY Man

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I asked her about that. She claims that you are a little cheesy about such matters... XYY
  13. The XYY Man

    Impostors from TOS

    Shame that mind. I could get you five grand for a fortnight's work during the first two weeks in August... XYY
  14. The XYY Man

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    My wife certainly admires your helmet... XYY
  15. The XYY Man

    Mevagissey fights back against incomers

    I'm sure Mevagissey is from Manchester - and not Cornwall as is stated in the article. But congratulations to him and the rest of The Smiths for getting involved... XYY