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  1. Bit old car spotting-ist mate... XYY
  2. It's great for me. I've never had me false teeth in since August... XYY
  3. I'm not picking on you mate as many people on here have used the same weird phrase in their posts, but what the fuck is a "line manager"...? I have never heard this expression outside of DOSBODS. Seriously, what does it actually mean...? I have had many different managers over the years, but never a "line" manager... XYY
  4. Sorry folks, but there's only one proper fucking singer that's ever appeared on American Idol... EDIT: Stick with this clip to the end. The power of the high notes from the Glasgow Shirley Bassey will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck... XYY
  5. Yeah, I noticed this a few weeks ago on Prime, and read some reviews. There were many that said it was a total bag of shite compared to the UK version. I know I'm very likely to be disappointed, but part of me wants to give it a go just in case it is any good. Despite thinking I would hate it, I did enjoy the US version of "Life On Mars" a few years back... XYY
  6. Excellent show. Best British TV series of the 21st century. Anyone who hasn't seen it should act like the character Wilson Wilson - and keep an eye out for it... XYY
  7. Next week. And don't pick me up in a Police car this time... XYY
  8. Those thinking of a flutter on Tyson Fury might want to reconsider. Local radio news and The Sun are reporting that he is not interested and the BBC should take him off the list. He says fans shouldn't vote for him as doesn't need validation because he already is the people's champion...! Gotta love the gypsy king... https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/boxing/13359982/tyson-fury-remove-spoty-shortlist/?utm_medium=browser_notifications&utm_source=pushly XYY
  9. Yes, it has been de-bunked several times - but it is still funny as fuck...! ARMAGEDDON...!!!!!!! XYY
  10. I've got a feline this doesn't end well... XYY
  11. Seems opinions are divided over 'Allo 'Allo. Tell yer what, watch the 3.5 minute clip below - and then tell me afterwards you didn't laugh... Go on, I fucking dare yers... XYY
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