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  1. The XYY Man

    Help with the name of TV show

    The yellow adaptor is a Blank Firing Attachment - it is required for the rifle to work properly when using blank rounds. They are not trainee guns, they are real ones loaded with blanks and all soldiers use them from time to time. XYY
  2. The XYY Man

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    I saw David Icke at the Brixton Academy in 2005. It was my 40th birthday present to myself. Nearly eight hours of the provocative, thought-provoking, and often funny musings of a man well worth listening to. Much of what he says resonates with my experience of life. I did find a few of his theories sounded right off the deep-end - but I came away from the show feeling that while he may be many things, he is certainly NOT a nutter...! Me and the rest of the audience I'm not so sure of mind... XYY
  3. If you come off the A19 at the Portrack junction of the Tees Flyover, and follow signs for Haverton Hill / Port Clarence, you end up on the Northern side of the bridge, and have avoided Middlesbrough altogether. Now simply ride the bridge to the Middlesbrough side, then do a U-turn as soon as you disembark, and wait for the return journey. Me and Mrs XYY did exactly that last summer - and were only on the 'Boro side for 15 minutes. Mind, we kept the car doors locked...! XYY
  4. May I offer a simple and pragmatic solution, whereby all parties get what they want, and nobody loses face. She should be transported to - and be confined within - the town of Middlesbrough, for the rest of her natural life... XYY
  5. The XYY Man

    Stop and search

    One of my favourite people at work is a machine operator on one of the lines I am responsible for. He spent a fair part of his early life in and out jail. He became an alcoholic, and basically fucked his life up. Now in his late fifties, it's sixteen years since he had a drink, and he has worked in the factory with an excellent work record for over ten years. He is the best operator on his line, and shows all the new recruits the ropes. And he's one of the most respected, popular, and funniest fuckers I've ever met. Prison did eventually work for him - though I accept that he may well be an exception to the rule. All I can say is, that after just five minutes in his company, I begrudge paying taxes a little bit less... XYY
  6. The XYY Man

    Resident Parking

    Maybe. Maybe not. Don't lose any sleep over it, Mother Superior... XYY
  7. The XYY Man

    Best UK City to live

    Ok, I'll explain. Low count poster who starts a thread seeking opinions on a subject. Vanilla posting style, and no real engagement with posters who reply on a thread that's already been done to death several times on here. You are in my opinion being paid to post on DOSBODs, and you are working to a script. I don't think you're a troll in the traditional sense. But you are just as fucking annoying... XYY
  8. The XYY Man

    Best UK City to live

    Well at least us two weren't fooled mate. This site is turning soft in the head.Of course it's a fucking troll. As I alluded to in my post of 10 hours ago... XYY
  9. The XYY Man

    Best UK City to live

    PS4 by-the-sea, or the charming hamlet of Diet Pepsi-ville... XYY
  10. The XYY Man

    Bit baldist mate

    No I can't. I can only offer you and the other DOSBODs milfs a lighter - and yet equally luxurious alternative - to stokie's much darker mane. Please form an orderly queue ladies... XYY @stokiescum
  11. The XYY Man

    Bit baldist mate

    And if the rumours are true, so will your Uncle. What's good for the hen is good for the cock... XYY
  12. The XYY Man

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Thanks for your valuable insight, Professor Stanley friggin' Unwin. Get a grip of your keyboard man - and stop being such a fucking ponce... XYY
  13. The XYY Man

    is joe root a batey boy

    Surely that should be "wurmen"...? XYY
  14. The XYY Man

    is joe root a batey boy

    Fuck off ya daft cunt..!!! XYY