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  1. Get off the internet and throw your smartphone in the bin. If your memory hasn't improved dramatically within in six months, I'll buy you a new phone... XYY
  2. Don't worry. Nurse will be round with your meds soon... XYY
  3. This thread is two-hundred and ninety-six pages of paranoid nonsense. XYY
  4. Perhaps they ran some background checks, and found out that you are always on here when you are supposed to be working...? XYY
  5. The XYY Man


    I was stabbed by my ex-wife. She is not a Muslim... XYY
  6. Our lass was on about health insurance for the cat. I told her to fuck off. XYY
  7. All mobile phones are shite. Smartphones are mega shite. Just owning one will make you extremely stupid decades before they fry your brains properly. Throw the cunts in the fucking bin... XYY