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  1. The coin I earn is neither here nor there. I am the genuine article when it comes to being working class, and you Madam are not. Not ever... XYY
  2. I distinctly recall bullshit. Of which you are the queen... XYY
  3. I have never called you anything. Ever. Your lack of belief in yourself speaks volumes about you... XYY
  4. The world as we know it is fucked. Time to get used to that fact faggots... XYY
  5. So you can tune your guitar to Radio 5...? XYY
  6. Deborah West seems a bit of a slut. And also a bit of a cunt... XYY
  7. The XYY Man


    Fuck off. Let burning coals be poured upon them all...
  8. We took London King's Cross easy... XYY
  9. Today, the good people of Hartlepool are out and about in Barrow-upon-Furness. Dressed-up for the last away game of the season as knights of the realm. It does not get more working-class than this. Proud to be a Poolie... XYY
  10. The Labour Party are my drug of choice. I'm as "working class" as they come, and they have always floated my boat. But now they are ran by a bunch of cunts. Will some cunt please give me someone credible to vote for...? XYY
  11. Again, I agree with every word you say. Surely a bigger bunch of mongs couldn't have been assembled purely by accident...? Diane Abbott for fuck's sake... XYY
  12. Agreed. It's a simple enough concept - stick up for the rights of the working class at all times. But somehow this bunch of nobheads have ended up representing no fucker worth a shite. The real working class don't want fucking diversity - they just want cheap tabs and beer. It's not fucking rocket science... XYY
  13. I have the best hair of any soon to be 54 year old man on this entire planet. I am not boasting, I am simply stating a fact. I didn't get the looks, the money, the massive cock, or the "ripped" body. I just got the hair. And it is truly fucking gorgeous... XYY
  14. Fucking bent this thread is mind. Seriously, if you think about it, it truly is fucked-up... XYY