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  1. Mothercare. Step through their particular doors gentlemen - and your life as you know it is over.... XYY
  2. The XYY Man

    LED bulbs

    Ah. The old coconut between two tractor-tyres theorem... XYY
  3. In similar news, a man was stabbed in Raby Road, Hartlepool in the early hours of this morning. He was knifed less than five-minutes walk from Mrs XYY's mam's house. But seeing as the assailant most likely wasn't black or muslim - then many of you cunts won't be bothered that much, will you..? Which is missing a trick really. A stabby death on the streets of the UK is a fucking disgrace - no matter what the shade of your skin is... XYY
  4. I'd love to think that if I were facing certain-death by knife, that I would choose to nut the cunt just above his eye-brow. But I'd probably just shit my pants - and die like a girl... XYY
  5. The XYY Man

    LED bulbs

    Well of course they weren't, Del-Boy. God knows just how crap the shite you sold the gullible masses was... XYY
  6. The XYY Man

    LED bulbs

    My chocolate-starfish will remain as nature intended it for as long as I've got a hole in it, you cheeky cunt..! XYY
  7. I'm from the North-East mate. Deli's a fucking footballer as far as I'm concerned... XYY
  8. Can you guess whose piss I've drank yet...? XYY
  9. For fuck's sake SNACky, I said it was Sarah MILES about 8-12 million posts ago. Keep up - you doddery old "friend-of-the-stars" cunt...! XYY
  10. Ah. Power from the needle to the plastic, AM FM, I feel so ecstatic.... XYY
  11. How do you get them nice and and golden and soft ..? Asking for a friend with no top teeth, and a three week wait for his new dentures... XYY
  12. What, even the barmaid with the big tits...? A pub ain't a pub without a Bet Lynch character behind the bar... XYY
  13. If he bans all smartphones then I'm there dude-ette...! XYY
  14. I am absolutely certain some do it for the piss-take value, and know very well it's all cack. Like I said, my type of bozos...! XYY