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  1. Spoken from the freedom that your mam's council house tenancy gives you. And yet you still get the apostrophe wrong, you fucking retard... XYY
  2. What sort of a man drinks gin...? Oh aye, that's right, a wo-man... XYY
  3. Lingerie model...? Bollocks. Fucking Airfix model more like... XYY
  4. Or becoming suicidal after being Miss World in 1987, and then getting married to a boring cunt like @spygirl. XYY
  5. Wow - how did you know I was thinking "is this Option5 bloke a wanker or what"...? XYY
  6. Not at all. Dogs chase cars, but none of the fuckers drive... XYY
  7. Whereas they are queuing-up to chomp on your gorgeous cock...? There's only @spygirl that tells more fucking lies on here than you do Heidi. XYY
  8. You should try their blank DVDs - I put all ten into my player one by one, and they all played a jet black screen. 10 out of 10 Amazon... XYY
  9. Well of course she is. Your imaginary wife is so much sexier than Donna the dog.... XYY
  10. At least the milkman can talk with some actual knowledge about fucking milk... XYY
  11. Can't we just make our chess pieces out of cheese..? There's absolutely no need to turn a simple pastime for poofs and intellectuals into a fucking Barlinnie dirty protest... XYY
  12. Not interested in any bullshit that spews from your gob. You know nowt. You've seen nowt. And you are nowt... XYY
  13. No. You've been called a twat because that's exactly what you are... XYY
  14. More bollocks than has ever been spoken on the subject whatsoever. You know absolutely fuck-all about pikeys. Nothing. Nowt. Nada. XYY