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  1. The big bogus hate crime thread

    I watched. And I wept... XYY
  2. The big bogus hate crime thread

    I am not a person who seeks binary answers - and I get that there are many shades of grey to consider when dealing with the majority of life's conundrums. But to anyone of sound mind, the entire concept of "hate-crime" is absurd. I will accept NO argument in favour of this mind-fuck bull-shit. Ever. Under ANY circumstances. And neither should you... XYY
  3. Who do you think actually did it then?

    Ah, so Magnet and Steele were involved all along then. I fucking knew it...!!! XYY
  4. Bbc article on chinese free trade

    Perhaps spy could get stokie to proof-read it before publication...? XYY
  5. A greens guide to frugal living

    My only involvement with princess Anne was on the 27th of May 1970 - when, as a five-year-old, I stood for hours holding a plastic Union Jack to watch her open Hartlepool's new shopping centre. I'm sure she hated the experience just as much as I did... XYY
  6. Great modern tech

    Everything invented since the slow cooker is frivolous shite. And men should get a bonk-on over women - not mobile phones... XYY
  7. XYY's big, fat, word-association thread.

    You probably don't realise how accurate your assessment of me is there SNACkey...! XYY
  8. st patrics day

    It's in the post now. FAO Miss Jean Brodie Dumfries Jock-Land. Let me know when it gets there... XYY
  9. st patrics day

    Please, not pink roses. Anything but pink ones...!!! I promise that I'll be good in future, mistress... XYY
  10. st patrics day

    Well that's where you were thinking wrong, pet. You girls claim to want "equality" - and that's fine by me. Best you lasses get your round in before the rest of the lads just to prove it mind, eh...? XYY
  11. st patrics day

    Well I can afford to attend your party ladies - as I get paid on the 20th...!!! Might even do a bit karaoke - if you lasses shove enough drink down me neck, like...! XYY
  12. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    A flawless, and totally perfect retort. I have obviously taught you well grasshopper... XYY
  13. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    I hope there's no hard feelings there mind Ina - It's simply part of my job as a guardian of the gates of DOSBODs. We don't let any old shite in here you know...! And now that you are at one with us - please do your best to enjoy the plentiful fruits of the DOSBODs kingdom... XYY
  14. st patrics day

    I agree entirely. I started getting letters from the doctor when I hit 50 - pleading with me to come to the surgery, and be health-checked for many of the common over-fifty maladies. Bollocks to that. They will sure-as-shit find something "wrong" with me - and prescribe some pills that I must take for the rest of my life. My daily health check consists of the following three easy steps. 1) Am I breathing...? 2) Can I get out of bed...? 3) Champion - I best get off to work then...! Until I can no longer regularly get to step 3 - I'm staying the fuck away from any friggin' doctors...!!! XYY
  15. Your ideal house

    My ideal house...? Why, a public house of course...! Juke-box. pool table, piano, fruit-machine and a dart-board. Buxom barmaid, and an alcoholic landlord. With complimentary saveloys, salted peanuts, pickled-onions, and Northern-style pork pies available on the counter during Sunday afternoon sessions. And a johnny machine in the mens' bogs. Sadly, such places are rare in these modern times... XYY