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  1. Many things have been done Rodge. Doesn't stop them getting done again and again and again. Hence your sore arse... XYY
  2. Adopt a Scottish accent, and tell them that you have Corona virus antibodies, but Walt Disney... XYY
  3. Agreed. I'm actually thinking of dropping off DOSBODS and watching it again right now. XYY
  4. Yes, thank you very much Bishop. I'm sure Falwell actually played himself in the film "The People vs Larry Flynt". I've got the DVD, that's why I remember it... XYY
  5. No they were not. You're thinking of the naked old bloke on his knees in the garden that @JackieO posted a month or so after "arse-gate". There was nothing sexual contained in my photo at all - unless you get turned-on by middle-aged men soaping down their arseholes... XYY
  6. Didn't Falwell sue someone for taking the piss out him, but lost...? It's a vague memory, but you mentioning his name has set my remaining brain cells up in a fight against the alcohol. I also seem to recall Falwell taking part in a spoof TV or film sketch about the incident - but I may now be totally off my tits...! XYY
  7. Last days of the radged...? XYY
  8. Dunno - but it's a canny score in Scrabble...! XYY
  9. Aye right. And I've got no wrinkles on me bollocks... XYY
  10. Fuck off GBDumbo - you're one of them soft cunts who's pretending to be ignoring me... XYY
  11. Guessing she's the butch one...? Is there something wrong with your eyes madam...? Not only was their lass wearing a fucking wedding dress, but all of her tattoos were spelled correctly... XYY
  12. Eeh, I know. I'm in the top five weekly DOSBODS contributors for the first time since Christmas 2018. Mind, even on the Nash I'm still doing more fucking work than you... XYY
  13. There's nowt wrong with the crack - it's the fucking cellulite that's the problem...! How do you hide yours...? XYY
  14. Weyhey - you never disappoint...! Another 10 Gordon Brown points to you Walter Mitty... XYY
  15. Her work clothes...!!! Where does she work - Chipperfield's fucking Circus...? XYY