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  1. Fuck off spunk-breath. Your sister's gash smells of foisty haddock - and you'll happily nosh on her arse-hole clinkers for nutrients when you've sold all your free dinner-tickets in the Bramble's Farm school playground... XYY
  2. Fuck off you lying cunt. Trawling your sweaty arse around the 'Boro and stinking of fish is the closest that you've ever been to the John fuckin' West factory... XYY
  3. I am no longer able to do my job - having been far too good at it for the benefit of my health. But while I am off work, some cunt else is doing it. Better or worse than me is debatable. But that the graveyard is full of indispensable people is not up for negotiation... XYY
  4. I am in the private-sector - and work harder than my immediate colleagues. Because I am naive and gullible. But folk on the shop-floor work 10x harder, and over longer hours than I ever will. To pretend otherwise is pure folly... XYY
  5. I assume fuck-all but human-nature. I am never disappointed... XYY
  6. You have never worked hard in your entire life. Like me, you are far too clever to allow that to happen. Unlike me, you love to rub every fucker's face in it... XYY
  7. I don't question why you do it. I question why you brag about it... XYY
  8. The XYY Man


    Fuck off you cheeky smoggie cunt. It's either Giro day today - or you've had a crisis loan off the Nash... XYY
  9. The XYY Man


    We already have some Roberts' radios in common - please tell me you don't also have the same IKEA clock as me...? Got it about 15 years ago, and it tunes-in to what is commonly known as the Rugby Time-Signal at 1am every morning, but is actually located in Cumbria rather than Rugby these days. Synchronised by sheep-shaggers... I also have two Casio watches that do the same as my IKEA clock - and a fair few anorak videos of them synchronising with the time-signal have been made by me... XYY
  10. A guy called Andy Park on your webforum is certainly fucking radged. Single-handedly invaded the pitch at a recent away-game, and pinched their goalie's water-bottle before getting locked-up. Bell-end... XYY
  11. Never mind that Bongy - how big's yer cock...??? Pictures needed mind - as every cunt on here makes shit up apparently... XYY
  12. We do indeed. And there are rivalries between the two boards that lead to some entertaining hand-bags at thirty paces from time to time. They are busier than you might think given how shit 'Pools are, though not DOSBODS level of busy for sure. Both boards are certainly busier than Off-Topic on though... XYY
  13. There are no discussions on here, only diatribes. XYY
  14. The lone, dissenting voice speaks louder to me than the roar of the crowd... XYY