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  1. The XYY Man

    Avocado seeds

    Turds are the only things that grow in my rectum. To quite staggering proportions... XYY
  2. The XYY Man

    Avocado seeds

    There is no shame in confessing that you take it up the Gary Glitter. You are among friends here. Obviously not me - but I am reliably informed that several avocado guzzling chutney ferrets hang loose in these parts... XYY
  3. The XYY Man

    Avocado seeds

    I am incapable of hate. The most negative emotion that is humanly possible. I can do pissed-off for five minutes or so, but never hate... XYY
  4. The XYY Man

    Avocado seeds

    Accountants know the price of everything - and the value of nothing... XYY
  5. The XYY Man

    Avocado seeds

    As opposed to being a boring as shite accountant.... XYY
  6. Canny spotting trip in Easington early yesterday afternoon spotters. First up is this 1990 Golf Cabriolet. It's on a SORN, so not road-legal. Next up is a house near where I used to live, that has old cars front and back. Wish I still lived there - it's old car heaven. Next up is this road-legal Vauxhall Carlton 3000 GSi that's almost 30 years old. And next up is this road-legal 1984 Land Rover... And on the way back home, I spotted this 1989 Escort that's on a SORN. And as I was on the way to pick Mrs XYY up from work, I was overtaken by this un-taxed 1985 Ford Escort speed mobile... Watch the video for more old car fun... Until the next time spotters... XYY
  7. No, I didn't. I had a date with a bottle of Whyte and Mackay on Friday night, and I couldn't have driven down there legally on Saturday morning. I promise that I will go there real soon, unless you want to deliver some to my door... XYY
  8. "Robinson" is a knob. Anyone who hides behind a nom de plume is a wanker. My name is Andrew Robson - who the fuck are you...? XYY
  9. Smoke always follows the cunt... XYY
  10. I prefer to call him ''that dozy cunt Tommy Robinson'''. That he is worshipped by some otherwise reasonably intelligent folk on this forum speaks volumes for how this simplistic piece of shit operates. He is a con-man. A shyster. A bell-end of the highest magnitude. The only thing ''Tommy Robinson'' cares about is Tommy fucking Robinson. A false prophet who is up there with the best of them - and a person who speaks to miniscule minds in their native tongue. ''Tommy Robinson'' can go and suck my cheesy cock - alongside Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, and all the rest of them duplicitous cunts we get to choose as our so-called ''leaders''... XYY
  11. Posters in this thread keep using the initials TR. Is this some sort of code...? If you are referring to that wanker who pretends to be called Tommy Robinson, then please say so... XYY
  12. The XYY Man


    She does everything for me. Everything you dare not even ask your bint to do for you - in case she takes your children and all your money off you. Soft cunt. Go and do the fucking ironing... XYY
  13. People get "funny" about it because they can't drive. The rules are very simple. But most people are very very very simple... XYY
  14. No need. The cat does it for me... XYY
  15. The XYY Man


    See that word you used in your second sentence after the word ''All''...? I've highlighted it for you just in case you are too stupid to understand. The folk on here that use that word are exactly that. Search my posts from day one, and you will find that I have never used that word. Because I am a man. And my tea is on the table every night. The bottom line is that this webforum is populated by a bunch of soft cunts, and your criticism of traditional women proves that you are a pussy-whipped cunt beyond any shadow of a doubt. And the same applies to all of you ''red-pill'' mongs. All you have to do is be a man, and set your stall out accordingly. Anything else is fucking bent... XYY