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  1. Agree with @Vendetta, it's a great movie. I have the DVD, and it's that long it's split across two discs...! But considering you thought The Irishman was over long, you might have the same problem with this one mate... XYY
  2. So you couldn't get out of Whitby quick enough when you fucked off years ago - and yet when you came back decades later, you are surprised that it isn't the same as when you left. It would seem to me that you did not use due diligence in moving back up North, but rather you relied on a romanticised and rose-tinted view of the past. I could move back into 8 Cowper Grove, Hartlepool tomorrow morning - but I doubt that my red Raleigh Chopper will still be in the shed waiting for me to reclaim it on my triumphant return... XYY
  3. Your constant whinging about people coming to visit your town is wearing a bit thin - not that it contained much fat in the first place. Spending a large chunk of your adult life down South has certainly made you forget the culture and morals taught where you originally came from. You're the stranger in town Marie Antoinette, not them... XYY
  4. We are - at least according to the BBC that you claim to despise, but seem to quote an awful lot... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-54199947 The new measures for north-east England include: Meeting people outside your household or support bubble in private homes and gardens is banned (exemptions include attending a birth, visiting someone who is dying, work, education, registered childcare, emergencies or care issues, moving house and child contact arrangements) People are advised not to socialise outside their household in public venues Residents sho
  5. Depends. If I drive all the way down there, pay for the ferry, and then find myself at chez fucking Icke I'll not be too pleased... XYY
  6. Wighty's invited every fucker on here Miss Brodie, not just me...! Not quite sure if he realises exactly what he's letting himself in for... XYY @Wight Flight
  7. You are Paul Daniels, and I claim my five fucks off your widow... XYY
  8. Hiya spotters. Today's mission took place in Durham - a city brimming with MX5s... SPOT 1: Pulled the XYY Mobile over next to Saint Mary Magdalene Church in Belmont for the first MX5 - from 1997. SPOT 2: As I got back into the car after the first spot, a 1990 MX5 drove past us. It's an import, and is registered as a "Eunos Roadster" with the DVLA. SPOT 3: 1998 Volvo V70, Dragon Lane Retail Park. The plate indicates that it was originally bought in Hartlepool. SPOT 4: The third MX5, from 1998 - p
  9. Not sure if I can figure that one out mind - give us a clue...! Your post reminded me of a card trick me dad taught me when I was about 10 years old. Without googling it, are any other DOSBODders familiar with this grid of letters that lets you amaze people in the pub with 20 random cards dealt from a pack...? D A V I D L O V E L I N Y O N A B B E Y If necessary, I can demonstrate the trick at Wighty's garden party next year... XYY @Wight Flight
  10. Are you deliberately looking for a fight...? I have broad shoulders and love a bit of banter, but you are constantly digging at me in post after post without any provocation from me, and it is starting to get on my fucking tits. Pack it in now, or I will unleash verbal hell on your sorry fucking arse... XYY
  11. I'm not. Unless COVID can be somehow be linked to Glenn Miller's plane landing on the Moon... XYY
  12. You cunt. Not accepting the conclusive result is an act of treachery. Square avatars matter... XYY
  13. It wasn't my ring piece, it belonged to some tart on a porn site...! Anyway, I made my point - and Don Henderson is now back, albeit it in that god-awful circular mode. XYY
  14. The XYY Man

    Real people

    I had a bet with myself that some cunt would come up with a quip like that...! And sure enough, some cunt did... XYY
  15. Nice to see you Lenny, you cunt. No need to call me sir though. Call me Snake.... XYY
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