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  1. My son-in-law is a renal nurse who weighs upwards of twenty-five stone. He married my youngest daughter - who is a kidney patient. Being fat is not good for kidney patients. I won't clap the cunt or any of his mates as long as he keeps buying her pizzas... XYY
  2. The only knocks on my door these days Frank are from delivery drivers asking me if I will take a package for next door or two doors away. Emma, Trish, Leanne and Danielle sure do order a huge amount of shit from Amazon... XYY
  3. I haven't either Frank. The only thing I have heard about it is on DOSBODS, and most of that will be a load of fucking shite... XYY
  4. I don't. Assuming that's her natural hair colour, I just wonder how delightfully black and hairy her fanny would be... XYY
  5. Er, give us a few clues mate. I have absolutely no idea what "Geoguessr" is... XYY
  6. I was a bit harsh on you last night. Reading back your comment again today, I can see it's meant to be funny, and you did not deserve to see my horrible arse again for it. As a show of good faith, I will be OK with you posting one reference to my arse that will not be automatically reciprocated by me posting that infamous picture in reply. And if you make that post particularly funny, you may earn further generous concessions... XYY
  7. Why don't you fuck off and have a nice day somewhere else... XYY
  8. So it's Sooty and the Wailers now is it...? Betcha Showaddywaddy are shitting themselves... XYY
  9. That you daft cunts fell for this bollocks in the first place is not the insane thing. That you dozy bastards continue to do so is the really mental shit... XYY
  10. That's my "arse-end", and not my "front tummy"...!!! Fuck knows what you've been shagging lately Rodge, but even I appear to be slightly more human... XYY
  11. Shit. Bastard. Fuck..!!! I've finally figured out what you cunts hate about my arse picture. DOH, why didn't I see it before...!!!! Apologies to everyone on DOSBODS for me being born left-handed... XYY
  12. You may well be right Shammy. Perhaps we should take a closer look... My finger nails certainly needed a trim... XYY
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