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  1. Nowt. I've been back at work since April 23rd. XYY
  2. Of course I can. No fucking bother. But my cig might occasionally burn their piss-flaps... XYY
  3. Me too. The palms of my hands have never looked so good... XYY
  4. I have noticed this too. But I have been smoking 60 tabs a day since this shit kicked-off... XYY
  5. Well done. That excess chest hair did make you look a bit Fatima Whitbread... XYY
  6. I will buck that new trend slightly. But then my "commute" is only six minutes each way... XYY
  7. Too right it is Francis. Fucking filler for poor Italian folk who can't afford decent potatoes... That's a fairly compelling refute of my "poncy" comment - but a real man eats crab "straight", and does not cover it with poofy lemon juice and that fucking mayonnaise shit.... XYY
  8. Some of your food choices are a bit poncy, but that smoked haddock does hit all my buttons. And I agree that all smoked fish is good. Cod is also spot-on, and traditionally smoked kippers are superb. Manx kippers are probably the more famous, but the ones from Craster on the Northumberland coast are well worth seeking out if you don't mind "roughing it" in the North-East. EDIT: They are available via mail-order if you're too scared to venture that far North... XYY
  9. Good call Pinny. As ever though, there are exceptions to that otherwise pretty reliable rule of thumb. "Little Boy" in 1945 being an obvious example. That was mainly Uranium-235. And Buddy Holly was only 80% water... XYY
  10. Agreed. I've seen funnier fucking funerals...! The infinitely superior "Phoenix Nights" was its main competition in all the luvvy award shows back them - and somehow that Office shite wiped the fucking board. What a bag of shite... XYY
  11. I simply love it that you keep quoting me - thus ensuring that bunch of turd-burgling nob-jockeys get to see my posts anyway...! Cheers mate... XYY
  12. Fuck them poofy capacitors and your gay ham radio power pack - surely a lead-acid battery would deliver the most "bang for your buck"...? Trickle charge it when your system isn't being used, and then when you listen to your music you can enjoy its ability to deliver all the current you need instantly - even if you chuck a spanner across its terminals...! XYY
  13. Happy birthday mate. Why not make your Japanese theme-night even more authentic by playing the Colonel Bogey March on your trombone, while erecting a fence around your wife and not allowing her to have any supper or medical supplies...? XYY
  14. Ditto on both mate - especially the last one. There are about half-a-dozen bell-ends on here who are currently ignoring me, but not actually ignoring me since it became trendy following arse-gate. Cocoa-shunters the fucking lot of them... XYY
  15. Ignoring me and yet mentioning me again then GBDumbo…? Fucking coward... XYY
  16. I think you have misunderstood my little joke madam. Have some more gin and read it again... XYY
  17. Yes indeed. York, Selby and Doncaster if you travel far enough South... XYY
  18. You are mentioning me so much these days that I assume you now have me on ignore... XYY
  19. As well as the tobacco product, In certain parts of the North-East, this would also be used to describe an annoying and argumentative person - particularly in drink. As in: That XYY is a canny lad when he's sober, but he's a right chew bag when he's had a drink...! The word chew on its own is used to indicate trouble / bother / grief in adjective, noun and verb forms - particularly in Hartlepool. That cunt is a right chewy bastard. He was giving me a load of chew, so I punched the twat. Stop chewing people pal, or you're fucking barred...! Very educational this forum of ours... XYY
  20. I thought I sounded more like a woman saying she had to work three times harder than a man to get the same job. But yeah, I guess your version holds some water. XYY
  21. Whatever. I once paid twenty pence to enter a "Super-loo" in Scarborough - so in your crazy world, I was presumably sold a taking a shit experience...? XYY
  22. Even an old lefty like me is forced to agree with that. Stereotypes can only work if there is truth in them - otherwise they wouldn't make sense. The old joke Q. 'What do you call a Pakistani without a corner shop?" A. "A doctor" only works because of the truth in it. No-one would get it otherwise... XYY