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  1. Her interview with released 'recovered' bloke was interesting. He described in detail, his treatment, his fellow patient not making it, and his noticing so many young people and kids being treated. Suspect that last bit will be edited for repeats.
  2. Tbf they have stated since the beginning that COVID-19 is a very intelligent virus.
  3. It's too easy to criticise our Welsh Assembly Government. Some people are moaning about UKGOV having a list of vulnerable people which supermarkets such as Sainsburys are able to utilise as confirmation to prioritise online deliveries. If you live in England you can register with Sainsburys for priority access. If you live in Wales there is no equivalent service available. Many Assembly Members find time to criticise President Trump, talk about feminism, racism, diversity, LGBTQI+ discrimination, refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants, and all sorts of shit. Yet they have never found time to question why UKGov has a system in place to support elderly and vulnerable people but Welsh Government has nothing.
  4. BBC News keep saying every ICU bed requires seven fully trained staff. Nightingale hospital at Excel having 5000 beds so that's 5000 x7 staff ? 35000 medical staff for 5000 patients ? Clearly that's ridiculous. BBC Maths. Each team of seven will work on more than one bed. Now 4000 beds at Excel. 1000 beds gone AWOL.
  5. Isle of Man closed it's ports and airport to visitors last week. It is now closed to returning residents.
  6. Faulty COVID-19 testing kits Made In China. Spain returned 640,000 to manufacturer. Turkey refused to use them from that maker. Best testing kits proven to be South Korean. Only one world leader so far has approached South Koreans to order them. Can you tell who it is yet ?
  7. BBC Wales News (again) locals in North and West Wales encouraged to report any second-home owners that are in residence. Can guess where this is going. Return of Sons of Glyndŵr.
  8. No the wellies are to save my feet getting wet.
  9. Pretty good but if you fancy being more realistic let me grab you by the ears while I inch it in.
  10. Another test could be your reason for travelling from Wales to England is to save paying the higher Welsh Government alcohol tax. Heddlu (North Wales Police) may not like that so alternatively what if your journey is essential as you can only buy dried avocado soup in Waitrose. The nearest one to Llandudno is Chester, the next closest is Anglesey, they won't let you cross Menai Bridge. Nothing has changed since Edward 1st built his castles.
  11. Quite alarming how so many of the behaviours of WW2 and the Cold War are making a return which proves they never really went away. Police are encouraging neighbours to report anybody flouting the lockdown. Be a good citizen for Erich Mielke. Tonight on BBC Wales News we saw the surreal spectacle of teams of Police patrolling the High Street shouting ' Go Home you are killing people ! ' at pedestrians. Imagine the outcry if some of these pedestrians are Muslims.