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  2. Rover SD1 with Meteor engine from a tank. Surprisingly Merlin and Meteor engines are still classified.
  3. Hand car wash.
  4. My guess is it was sold as a V12 then at some point a straight six 4.2 was fitted.
  5. Is that not a Sovereign ? All Double Six had the 5.3 V12 ?
  6. I can believe man walked on the moon. I can't believe there is a Brexit strategy.
  7. Billfunk on 1st page described it perfectly. Two contemporaneous events. Everything was designed and built for real. The number of inner circle privy to the truth probably fewer than 100, if that. Similar to parliament today, there may be 650 MPs but the number briefed on the BREXIT strategy is probably a handful. If anybody knows the truth of where the moon landings were transmitted from, it could be this gentleman.
  8. If anybody else made them you would think they were taking the piss.
  9. Thank fuck Gareth can't bake cakes.
  10. The amount of GT coverage in Wales is biblical. Story on main BBC and ITV news at 1 and 6. More again on BBC Wales News, and ITV Wales News. BBC documentary, Gareth: HIV and Me, trailer shown before and after every programme. At lunchtime, they showed the trailer, then the continuity announcer mentioned it was on, then the news story, followed by the announcer mentioning it, then the trailer, then the continuity announcer mentioning it before Doctors, and immediately after Doctors, then they showed the trailer again. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.
  11. May as well be. Wash your mouth out with soap.
  12. Oh yes. So far as I know I need a TV Licence to watch it on i-Player.