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  1. ...has three legs even so.
  2. 2000s music

  3. A celebration of 1970s music

  4. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Few weeks back watched Dale Winton's Florida Fly Drive he looked really ill, he met a fortune teller and spiritualist who really made him upset, genuinely crying. Dale said it was because she mentioned his Mother. Maybe she had other news. It caused a lot of speculation when the series was postponed following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings. Some said his appearance, and related comments caused concern for his health. His mother was considered the English Jayne Mansfield. " Dale was born in Marylebone, London in 1955. He was brought up by his mum Sheree, an actress who starred in the James Bond film Thunderball, after his dad Gary tragically died on the day of Dale’s 
bar mitzvah. Dale faced 
further heartbreak when his mum went on to commit suicide in 1976 by taking an overdose of prescription pills. " Read more at
  5. Most attractive woman on the planet?

    She looks FAB.
  6. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    Having watched Posh Pawn I was surprised to learn that Rolex seem to really hold their value because a lot of people that don't really know much about watches believe Rolex are the best watches and really hold their value. Whereas the Spoons watch geek is quite dismissive of various brands movements but loves IWC. One of the Spoons bourgeoisie works for some very wealthy families, he says they always look at each other's watches and shoes, the nouveau riche will sport bling whereas the old money often wear decades old slim watches with gold cases and leather straps. Longines, Bulova Acutron, even Timex. The rapper mentality with diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, how do you know how much to spend to impress. Hublot 10th Anniversary Big Bang watch costs $10m. Does they hold value ? No idea. Bernie Ecclestone lost his mere $200k Hublot when mugged but then promoted the brand with his black eyes. I didn't realise quartz watches suffer crystal death which can be uneconomic to repair ? Which if true partly explains the logic of buying mechanical or kinetic watches. A mechanical watch could last centuries, imagine how much that would cost in servicing over time.
  7. Islamification of Europe

    That's why BBC Wales News made so much of the daughter learning Welsh.
  8. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Modern Greeks same.
  9. ...or smuggling Tramadol.
  10. I'm terrible at making decisions, takes me ages. Could well take me three weeks to work it out.
  11. I'm not totally convinced she definitely has implants. If she promised to keep me out of her social media pics I would let her take me on holidays and smash fuck out of her to be honest. I'm guessing she has upset somebody, plenty of cops, teachers and DWP etc do the same without censure. She should have kept it off Facebook, it's taking time for that message to sink in.
  12. Mozza Interview

    ...'tis toon Sah. :-)
  13. Dosbods Chatroom?