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  2. Having to choose between freedom and equality on one hand and religion on the other is a misnomer. That creates a situation of us and them which clearly isn't the case. *cough.
  3. Spontaneous ejaculation.
  5. Classic car values can be hard to predict. MK2 Jaguar values went through the roof thirty years ago. Several restoration specialists were charging £50k+ and finding plenty of takers. Within a few years values collapsed. You could buy pristine originals or one of these expensive restorations for less than 20k. Some cars hit their peak when featured in films or TV series. Generally nostalgia kicks in 30 years after teenagers then, hit their 40s, 50s and 60s. When this generation dies out the appeal for that car can die with them. Safe bets seem to be anything with a motorsport heritage, anything iconic from movies, and anything already having classic pedigree. Picking randoms may be most lucrative but has to be a dice roll.
  6. Jess Phillips asked a protest organiser, who does not have a child at this school, but has a niece and nephew attending, " Why are you here ? " Fair come back from him " Why are you here ? " The school is not within her constituency.
  7. Link has Farage claim 'Remainers have become radicalised' Electoral Commission seek country of origin of donations. IT'S THE RUSSIANS !!!
  8. False flag ?
  9. MSM quiet since January.