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  1. They've already mobilised. Pound Bakery is their new Valhalla.
  2. Not only Sweden but in UK plenty of SJW types across all parties believe they will succeed if they pay lip service to a certain hymn sheet. They all like their MP salaries. Will they stick to their 'principles' or alter their stance ?
  3. Bedrag Justesen

    Islamification of Europe

  4. Bedrag Justesen

    Islamification of Europe

    MEND Community‏ @mendcommunity FollowFollow @mendcommunity More “UKIP has stooped to new lows by calling for Muslim only prisons and special security scrutiny for potential immigrants from ‘Islamic countries.’” 20 AM - 25 Sep 2018 Not sure where UKIP are coming from with this one. Why on earth should potential immigrants from 'Islamic countries' face special security scrutiny ?
  5. Bedrag Justesen

    Test if you're spending too much time on the internet
  6. This is important because elected representatives will take note. Most of them take a view as to whether they'll win more votes by being for or against uncontrolled mass immigration, asylum seekers or refugees. The point they see public opinion against these, is when their positions will change. All about the money.
  7. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    During debate LABOUR LEAVE group accuse Sir Keir Starmer of betrayal. Accusations from other speakers that Starmer's speech was a leadership pitch. Another described the EU as a 'capitalist club'. After which he approached Wilfrid and was met with a warm hug.
  8. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    Yes, unfolding split infinity. Tough crowd for Wilfrid to address ruling out REMAIN. Various dismal advocates for Peoples Vote, not even hiding their scheme REMAIN. Peoples Vote. #1. LEAVE with negotiated deal. #2. LEAVE with ' No Deal '. #3. REMAIN. Looking earnest and archly insisting only the three way vote fairly offers representation, a binary vote unacceptable. They think LEAVE voters are too dense to rumble their cunning plan. Split LEAVE vote ensuring a REMAIN win.
  9. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    I rather like the red flag but it seems to have been replaced by a quite nice green, white, black stripe with a red triangle. Snazzy. In fact there are women wearing kebabs standing on camera behind SKY and BBC presenters at conference.
  10. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    Sir Keir Starmer: " No-one is ruling out REMAIN as an option in a second BREXIT vote. " Standing ovation with notable exception of Mr Skinner, he remained seated and did not applaud. Starmer went on to appeal that conference does not reveal ending of The Bodyguard. Adam Boulton on SKY News claiming Starmer has added that statement about a REMAIN option at last minute. It doesn't appear in text of his speech which is always approved by Labour leadership.
  11. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    Diane announces five point plan to save High Street. #1. Ending ATM charges. #2. Fighting bank branch closures. #3. Fighting Post Office closures.
  12. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    Nope. They don't seem any worse.
  13. Bedrag Justesen

    Job centre sprayed with Nazi Symbols

    ...and a Beetle replacement.
  14. Bedrag Justesen

    Britain - A Country Run by Arseholes

    Migration Advisory Committee report advises we should accept more none EEA and stop favouring EEA. Great news for Bangladeshi chefs.
  15. Bedrag Justesen

    The cult of corbyn

    Behind a sheep in the queue. In fact a sheep would be preferable to any of the candidates. They will enjoy acting the goat.