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  1. Why is nobody asking how Malia and Sasha were conceived ?
  2. Trump win. Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry. #BidenHarris2020
  3. C4 News Washington Correspondent, Siobhan Kennedy reminds us that the Democratic Party holds socially distanced events to keep their handful of supporters safe. By contrast, Donald Trump recklessly holds rallies, attended by thousands of his base. Putting millions of voter lives at risk.
  4. C4 News breaking... US Vice-President Mike Pence and his wife have tonight both tested negative for COVID-19.
  5. Very good. Impressively authentic Chinese vernacular.
  6. The Andrew Marr Show 25 October 2020 Marr tried so hard to bag a scoop Dr Fauci quote against Trump. Fauci telling Marr he knows what Marr is doing, and why he has to do it, but please stop doing it. At one point it was clear Marr believed he caught out Fauci, almost reached for his lad. #DefundAndrewMarr
  7. Ours were the AWD 3.0 R Spec B Estate. Never put the radio on, listened to the engine instead. https://www.theaa.com/allaboutcars/cartestreports/2006091.html
  8. Made In Canada. Aha..the Touring name seems to have been applied to the sedan, previously it was the estate. I looked them up on your Autotrader link, can see plenty of recent sedans but estates seem to stop around 2010. We have 300s in Wales, diesels often used as taxis, V6 and V8 as wedding cars, and maybe stretched as limos.. I have seen a good few go 300k miles. Too old for you I guess. I'm wouldn't buy a Suburu much as I love them. We had Legacy 3.0 at work, because they were cheap new, AWD and massive load area. Fantastic cars but engines suicided.
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