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  2. Specsavers. It is BBC. Girls on bikes doing exercise for sports science. Boys doing make-up. Girls fixed robot boys couldn't fix.
  3. No idea what the article says but have to agree.
  4. Halotus wouldn't swap jobs.
  5. Bar graphs showing LibDems way in the lead by not including Labour and BREXIT Party.
  6. Chuka Umunna and LibDems believe Brits are thick.
  7. Swinson is less humble than Brambell. Wtf is happening with her choppers ?
  8. Old crones ...and blokes. Strictly speaking Kate Silverton was felt to have pushed out Philip Hayton in 2005. The first newsreader to allege older women were dropped whilst older men were retained was probably Joan Bakewell, infamously 'The Bakewell Tart'. Then ITN was accused by Anna Ford of favouring older men. If anything BBC in particular, but also Sky and others have gone too far the other way. Now geriatrics are presenting everywhere, even as a threesome, some look like The Walking Dead, and shout because they are deaf as a bat. Whilst dolly birds are at a premium.
  9. It's just expressing an opinion really. Two different considerations for me. Did I find them appealing twenty years ago ? Do I find them appealing now ? What's interesting to me at least, is that generally the ones I liked before, are almost always the ones I like now, whether posted on here, or if they are in Spoons. There might be an unconscious chemical or mystical response to a certain body shape or proportion, or facial expression that triggers a reaction in my pants, and for others, there is nothing. Maybe as some women get older they change in a way that's significant enough to transfer from one group to the other, in either direction, of course. I've noticed that darker complexions seem to age better than paler skin, people are less wrinkled if they keep out of the Sun, and obviously the biggest change is whether they keep their previously alluring figure, or massively gain or lose weight, or simply alter their figure, changing proportion. I would honestly say, cosmetic surgery has rarely if ever increased my desire, generally my reaction is yuk ! She's fucked her face up. Whether that be a weird pointy nose, pinning back ears, Botox injections, tattooed eyebrows, trout pout lips, fake tanning, or pneumatic oversize breast implants. Sara Cox would get it before, and get it now. On BBC Love In The Countryside recently I think most of the eligible farmers fancied her more than their prospective partners, except the gay bloke obs. Dani Behr was a no before, and she's a no now. The drummer of the Bay City Roller's face, Kenny Everett's legs, and a pair of plastic tits. Nope. To contend they are all women, thus they would all be pursued is as ridiculous as saying all sheep look the same so they should all be nervous. Nope.
  10. Even without Prime, I presently receive next day free delivery on Amazon orders over £20, even if ordered on a Saturday, it generally turns up Sunday. Amazon tv is OK for a free month trial, catch up with all series episodes of interest, such as for me, The Grand Tour. Then ensure you cancel. Netflix is not worth £3 per month for me, once The Crown is watched, that's done with. NowTV looks shocking on 85" screens. Probably deliberate to not provide HD, never mind 4k. BT TV is too expensive for what they offer. Sky is ridiculously expensive. Even charging for Box Sets that were once included in basic packages. For me, the TV Licence is by far the best value. A whole range of foreign drama series on BBC and BBC i-Player, with many more on C4, and available to download through All4. Admittedly we need to make the effort to read English subtitles if not able to understand Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, or Italian or Welsh. The music programmes, comedies, and documentaries, such as Michael Portillo's superb railway journeys, are the icing on the cake. ITV, C4, and C5 are a worthwhile bonus. All for less than 50p per day.
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    Former government advisor Dame Louise Casey tells BBC Politics Live: Epstein network actions as evil as the Rotherham child grooming gangs.
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    American pie. Outlets in New York, Washington, spirit cooking at home.