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  1. Bedrag Justesen

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    Pilot landing at night, lit by Moon, on sea like Chesley Sullenberger possible. Dinghy on board possible. Rescue by passing Iranian migrants possible. Still hope.
  2. Bedrag Justesen

    OMG! Thats is so like 1990s!

    Her hair definitely is.
  3. Bedrag Justesen

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Seems a lot of anger from LEAVE and REMAIN caused by Tony Blair and Roland Rudd, in particular, telling EU leaders at Davos, that a Peoples Vote is a certainty.
  4. Bedrag Justesen

    Car Flipping

    Only Mercedes rust now. Would you a buy a used car from this man ? I can't decide whether Wheeler Dealer renovations have thousands of Dollars (these days) of undisclosed work carried out, or they are lipstick wearing pigs. Maybe it varies. Counting Cars seem more realistically priced. Danny buys a 1966 Buick Riviera GS for $15k from a retired postman, Count's Kustoms sprays it candy double flip, re-chromes everything including the wheels, completely overhauls suspension, brakes, transmission, and drops in an engine from a Corvette LT-1, brand new interior, and a new vinyl roof. Then sells it online to a dentist in Fresno for $150k. All out of a tiny garage in the arse of Vegas, while feeding his staff In-N-Our Burgers and charging The History Channel to advertise his shtick on Network TV. Mike Brewer.....Pah !
  5. Bedrag Justesen

    trans madness

    Cracked Actor - David Bowie - 1973. Nothing has changed.
  6. Bedrag Justesen

    trans madness

    I've come on a few years from my Hollywood Highs The best of the last, the cleanest star they ever had I'm stiff on my legend, The films that I made Forget that I'm fifty 'Cause you just got paid Crack, baby, crack, Show me you're real Smack, baby, smack, is that all that you feel Suck, baby, suck, Give me your head Before you start professing That you're knocking me dead Oh, stay, please stay, please stay You caught yourself a trick down On Sunset and Vine But since he pinned you baby You're a porcupine You sold me illusions for a sack full of checks You've made a bad connection 'cause I just want your sex Crack, baby, crack, Show me you're real Smack, baby, smack, is that all that you feel Suck, baby, suck, Give me your head Before you start professing That you're knocking me dead Oh, hey, Uh, stay for a day, oh yeah Don't you dare Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, yeah
  7. Bedrag Justesen

    Fuckin' Weather

    My spider plant looks exactly like that too.
  8. Bedrag Justesen

    Question Time

    ...also good presenting Top Gear. ...and dancing with Morecambe & Wise. ...and on Rip Off Britain: Holidays.
  9. Bedrag Justesen

    Question Time

    That's spot on. Fiona is trying to be dominant, making clear she is in charge. Like a small man would. Same as Speaker Bercow in many regards. Instead, she should be using feminine charm, listening carefully, thinking on her feet, relaxed and intelligent. BBC has many presenters doing this routinely, best of all, Samira Ahmed. On Antiques Roadshow Fiona is relaxed because she is with her peers. She's fine on that. Still no Arthur Negus of course.
  10. Bedrag Justesen

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    A kettle !
  11. Bedrag Justesen

    Question Time

    I've been trying to place where I've seen Fiona's QT presenting style before. I think she's similar to Clare Balding doing her chat show, but slightly less manly. It could be BBC training them to be like that. Doesn't work on QT at all.
  12. Bedrag Justesen

    Question Time

    Labour Activists Target Fiona Bruce.
  13. Bedrag Justesen

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    Well done C4 News. Covering Gilets Jaunes protests in France more than any other UK MSM channel with several brief reports lasting literally minutes, including interviews with protestors. Intrepid veteran investigative correspondent Lyndsey Hilsum has a shocking report on the security services response to protests. Terrible Police brutality only a few short miles away in France. Oh, my apologies. Lyndsey went to Zimbabwe instead.
  14. Bedrag Justesen

    Twat of the day.

    BBC News The Papers 21/01/2019 Ros Altmann explaining to LEAVE supporters why they have no reason to be against either of the two proposed amendments from REMAIN calling for a Peoples Vote. Let the people have their say. If LEAVE supporters still want to vote to LEAVE and they win again, that's fine. We will accept the result next time. Here's an idea Ros, just accept the result from last time you smug Cuprinol coloured cunt.
  15. Bedrag Justesen

    luxuary items

    Any pics ?