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  1. We will see UK 2020 portrayed in one of those retrospective compilation documentary programmes with snippets of pop music and a voiceover from Clara Amfo. Aunt May resigning will forever be painted as the end of SJW-ism, the final anguished sky shouting of hypocritical virtue preachers on the make. The time Before Boris. After Boris we start afresh. We see it on BBC Question Time. A year ago, or even months ago, shouty fuckwits spouting bollocks could expect hearty applause, now they suffer groans and ridicule. Thanks to President Trump, across the world Prophets of Doom felt their power ebb away. Crushed by the power of clarity and common sense. No longer able to hide behind the curtains. Be gone foul stinking harridans of bullshit. Away with your stench. Never to return.
  2. Thank you Mr Pin. I do have extensive knowledge of sausages.
  3. Some of the minges resemble a pan of Clonakilty sausages.
  4. Jess Phillips tells supporters she will issue an update on her campaign progress shortly.
  5. Speculation Jess will shortly announce pulling out of leadership contest blaming lack of support.
  6. Conspiracist speculation of a prince death weeks back probably focused on Phil initially, then Andy, now moved to Harriet.
  7. BBC News breaking. President Trump addresses World Economic Forum at Davos. Professor Inderjeet Parmar from London City University summary... Trump is shit. Thanks BBC.
  8. How do we fact check the Orange Idiot on this ?
  9. …for in that sleep, what dreams may come.
  10. These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey Is loathsome in his own deliciousness And in the taste confounds the appetite: Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. They say that great beasts once roamed this world, as big as mountains. Yet all that’s left of them is bone and amber. Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. Just look at what it’s done to you. One day you will perish. You will lie with the rest of your kind in the dirt. Your dreams forgotten, your horrors effaced. Your bones will turn to sand. And upon that sand, a new god will walk. One that will never die. Because this world doesn’t belong to you or the people who came before. It belongs to someone who has yet to come.
  11. The danger is we go too far. Satanic forces will create a world where the truly benign risk ridicule where no good deed goes unpunished. We must not prevent those with love in their hearts from fighting the forces of evil. Try to see the good in the world.
  12. Possibly the scales of Woke have tipped so those warriors calling out social injustice whether real or imagined, in a bid to weaponise political correctness, are now exposed as spreading hate, and hatefulness, rather than their intended targets. Instead of signalling their virtue they are now perceived to be intellectual and emotional extremists whose intentions are not good. The table has turned.