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  1. I hope you told them you are a fellow key worker. Mates rates.
  2. You can buy a complete watch for £3 here. I bought a nice one in LIDL as a Christmas present. It stopped working last week. I took it back with the receipt and they replaced it straight away.
  4. CNN rolling Mamala propaganda " Who is the man behind Kamala Harris ? " Mr Pacilio ? No, a super soppy loved up Mama and Papa advert showing how they love each other, and love their children. Whatever happened to the concept of paid coverage vs earned coverage. We now have free coverage. CNN loves Kamala.
  5. BREAKING... BBC News Geeta Guru Murthy joins Komola Harris pronouncing cohort.
  6. C4 News Krishnan Guru Murthy joins Komola camp. Memo must have gone out to BBC, ITV, C4, C5, and Sky. All now terrified of pronouncing Kamala wrongly so flee to safety of Komola. #DemMediaComplex
  7. " Attempt to drown. " ? It's not exactly fucking difficult. Twats.
  10. Tumbleweed from AOC, Ilhan Omar. Minnesota Primary win predicted for Omar.
  11. I don't smoke so only going on what I'm told. Camels blended Turkish and Virginia tobacco ? Turkish cigarettes are strong, like the old Woodbines and Capstan unfiltered ? No idea tbh. They are cheap here though, like Polish lagers.