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  1. Not sure about any top UK TV news organisation but Kehinde Andrews has appeared on Sky News, BBC2 Newsnight, and C4 News many times. Afua Hirsch hosts The Pledge on Sky also. ITV News seems to prefer Lawrence Fox's banterbuddy Rachel Boyle*. *SENIOR lecturer at Liverpool University.
  2. Sky News presenter Gamal Fahnbulleh drilled deep into this with Kehinde Andrews this morning.
  3. Billy Bragg interviewed on Sky News heaped glowing praise on Taylor Swift this morning. For her social consciousness. Taylor campaigns for gun control so she's a good egg in Billy's book.
  4. Quiz. 1. Riots are symbolic of Trump's America. Who said this today on Sky News ? A) Kehinde Andrews B) The presenter C) Neither D) Both
  5. "Deep concern" has been raised over plans to cap English student numbers at Welsh universities in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Wales' Education Minister Kirsty Williams has written to the UK Universities Minister Michelle Donelan expressing her worries. Ms Donelan said she was "disappointed" by the approach. Ms Williams said the proposal - which would be temporary - was "not in the best interests of the UK as a whole". Ms Williams wrote: "I am deeply concerned that you have chosen to place a control on Welsh institutions rather than work with the Welsh Government to achieve a solution that is compatible with devolution.
  6. Well done C4 News. Tonight they managed a double-header of having to announce retractions on air. Krishnan Guru-Murthy apologised about a statement C4 News made regarding tonight's Coronavirus Press Conference. Downing Street seeking they clarify the actions of Boris Johnson regarding CMO and CSO answering journalist's questions. Jon Snow apologised for C4 News US Washington Correspondent Siobhan Kennedy claiming President Trump made no reference to over 100,000 deaths milestone. President Trump posted a tweet five hours earlier doing exactly that.
  7. Could some forum favourites be posting under unfamiliar names ?
  8. Thanks for checking in One percent. Good to see you are OK. Let's hope everybody on here makes it through this awful time as unscathed as possible.
  9. Emily is my favourite. I think I love her. Ems said 'goodnight - I'll see you tomorrow' at the end of Tuesday's BBC2 Newsnight. Naturally I was concerned when Katie Razzell presented last night instead. All is well. Apparently, some viewers complained that Emily was mean about Dominic Cummings, who I've never heard of, but it seems he has put us all at risk. BBC scolded Ems and threatened to put salt on her tail if she is naughty again. More than 250 people complained to OFCOM. BBC has reminded all boys and girls about their obligation of impartiality. Emily's friend Katie tweeted that she was asked to stand in for Ems because Ems fancied the night off. Some say Ems was seen out in London playing with her other friends but I don't believe them. BBC deny replacing Ems, and the government did not pressure BBC to do so. Some think Ems didn't appreciate being shouted at so flounced off. I don't believe that either. I hope Ems is back tonight.