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  1. I am afraid that I have not even heard of this guy. This is yet another issue where we have let the left choose the linguistics, and hence the emotional tone of the argument. We always hear the term "crashing out with a disastrous no-deal Brexit" We should not allow them to use this, we should immediately reply "sailing away from the collapsing EU with a WTO agreement." Linguistics are important, and we just capitulate every single time. Can anyone think of a better term?
  2. Working class: your name is on your uniform Middle class: your name is on your office Upper class: your name is on your building
  3. Let us post the original video, from the fabulous Placeboing. Well known on this site for his "I wouldn't go to France" track, there are dozens of amazing videos on there. For the first time in several months, I am actually feeling enthusiastic about Q.
  4. We have a new and very interesting candidate, Mike Gravel. He is old, very very old indeed. At 88, he dates back to the Vietnam War era and was first elected to the US Senate in 1968! He is most certainly not a yes man for the DNC. I like his campaign meme, the Gravelanche! Best of luck to him.
  5. Another excellent idea! I think the libtards can go a lot further. I think the next one will be identifying as non-humans, i.e. cats or aliens, then identifying as more than one person, then insisting that your imaginary friends are actually real people. I am not saying this for a joke, I seriously think that this kind of thing will be promoted in what used to be a serious publication.
  6. Excellent idea! If children and OAPs both get 50 percent discounts on entrance to tourist attractions and so, then do children of pensionable age get in free? I think I might be both 979 and 9.
  7. Anyone observing social justice knew that it was just a matter of time until this came along, trans-ageism. Unfortunately this disgusting bigoted ultra extreme far right nazi is claiming that people cannot change their age to be under 18. I am going to be 979 years old. How old do you want to be?
  8. "Let millions more people like me into your country otherwise I will kill all of your children" is never going to be a particularly persuasive argument.
  9. Stunley Andwin


    I think it is fair to say that this has not been a particularly successful shilling attempt. Especially with you two wankers insulting each other in the foulest language imaginable.
  10. Let us remember him for this hilarious bit of TV.
  11. James O'Keefe is always on the money. I think we all knew it was happening but he claims to have video proof of vote rigging.
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    In case anyone is wondering what is happening in this thread, this article provides somewhat of an explanation. Essentially, they completely swamped 4chan with Yang memes for the week or two, to the point where there was nothing else on the boards. It did seem to be working quite successfully for a few days, to the point where it was influencing betting markets and beginning to turn a couple of people. Now we have reached the weekend however, there are literally no Yang posts at all, all of the YangGang hysteria was 100% artificially generated. RadicalMedia LLC, if you are going to shill a board, you have to keep it going at the weekend, otherwise it looks completely ridiculous. If you want to convince people that you are a wavering Trump fan, you also need to learn how to answer ambiguously worded statements how a right wing person would. A wavering Trump fan would have answered something like "Trump has always talked against violence and has promoted peace" or "The people in the second mosque were saved when someone started firing back, we need to protect the second amendment." Happy to help.
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    You work for RadicalMedia LLC and I claim my five pounds. You guys are very very good though, hats off for that. Disaffected Trump fans will go to Cernovich or possibly Gabbard. You should look to win over Bernie Bros. Here is a photo which will wreck Bernie's campaign.
  14. I cannot confirm that those quotes were exact but quotes similar to those were certainly on Senator Anning's twitter at around 2pm Bangkok time, or about 7am British time. They were posted shortly before the tweet I quoted on page 1. They appear to have been deleted now.
  15. FFS. Now Fimblestein is now posting videos of literal Nazi terrorists and murderers.Øystein_Aarseth No-one is listening to you. Are you trying to get this placed closed Fimblestein?