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  1. I would say that at the moment there is little threat, there was a bit of a panic a couple of weeks ago but there have been no new cases for a few days now. Maybe a third of people are still wearing masks, and they are still sold out everywhere. I would be more concerned about political instability at the moment.
  2. I'm hungover and waiting for the Fury fight. A major victory for Purple tonight as I predicted. It should be noted that this is a caucus so will naturally be more favourable to the candidate with the most enthusiastic supporters. This is a good day for him certainly. Another absolutely terrible day for Pocahontas. Running as second favourite for a lot of the race, she is now an absolute no-hoper. Sleepy Joe has probably done well enough here to remain credible up to Super Tuesday. South Carolina is voting next week and Sleepy will probably do well there. The disgraceful yellow journalists at the new york times which used to be a respected newspaper are now claiming that the Russians are interfering in the election to support Sanders. How can anyone believe them any more? There are two big issues now. Bloomberg will be entering for Super Tuesday, I would expect him to pick up support primarily from Bootyjudge and Sleepy. I can't imagine Sanders will lose a single voter to him. The media are (deliberately?) obfuscating Sanders' massive support among Latino voters, I haven't seen any other pundit mention this. My South Carolina prediction, Sanders with a small lead over Sleepy.
  3. Yes, I agree with this. Both sides appear now to hate each other utterly and will not back down. It should be noted that it is the government/civil service/far left that has caused this due to their failure to observe objective reality and their hatred for normal British people. We also of course have the additional threat of a radical religion that hates us and wants to conquer us and murder us. Reading recently of a couple who wanted to call their baby "Brexit" brought to mind the competent and moderately famous Confederate general States Rights Gist. That is his real name. Before the US civil war, the hatred really started to develop in the early 1830s. I think that Britain is now in a comparable state to the US of the early 1830s in terms of hatred and resentment, and has been since 2015/2016. Could the US have avoided civil war after the hatred and tension of the early 1830s? I do not think that it will take nearly 30 years for the civil war in the British Isles to start.
  4. I'm due to fly through Singapore soon but haven't heard of this. Are these new?
  5. Holy fucking shit. We have two big problems, low birth rates and over 40s professional women with empty egg cartons who want children. We could solve both of these if women just identified as being younger than the age that society has assigned to them!
  6. With the wuflu going around, I really think it would be sensible for the governments around the world to advise everyone to identify as young caucasian females as they appear to have a significantly lower rate of infection. This could save thousands of lives.
  7. Juhu, Sprachkampf! Keine Adjektivendung hier. Deutsch lernen zu können klingt eher besser. @sukuinage Ja, wir können diesen Iks Ypsilon Ypsilon Typ verarschen und ihn völlig lächerlich aussehen lassen, ohne dass er davon erfährt!
  8. This article names a Tobias R. and states that he had posted crazy right wing videos on the internet. He and his mother were found dead at their flat.
  9. Yes, but this would be of zero interest to anyone outside of our small corner of the internet. I would be going into this fully expecting (and hoping) to be on the front page of the guardian as the new symbol of the online ultra extreme ultra far right hate mob in Britain. Anything less would not be worth my time.
  10. They are very stupid people who repeat what everyone else is saying. They are mostly incapable of logical argument, have not thought about what they are saying and are incapable of dealing with the existence of an independent internet showing what liars they are. I have spent years studying meme warfare, psychological warfare and propaganda. I can get any leftist man screaming with rage, or a leftist woman to the verge of tears in just a few minutes (though I obviously don't do it to men who are bigger than me), I think I could deal with a few BBC bods. @Carl Fimble has highlighted the biggest problem, namely that they are under no obligation for them to show me. I would have to try and set up a few situations where it would be possible for them to edit it such that it would look very bad for me. But then show that such editing had taken place, and that I had said something entirely reasonable. This is quite the challenge and will require some thought.
  11. I'm fully aware of this. It would need several weeks of preparation to think of every possible attack angle they could use and prepare answers for them but it can be done. The best example being Mike Cernovich's 60 minutes special. Him and Peterson were made into major stars by similar occasions. Now I am nowhere near as good as Cernovich but I think I could do it. Pro tip number 1, keep changing your body position and move your hands so that it is much more difficult to use deceptive editing. And always have a backup hidden camera running, and if possible a friend recording it with you in the interview room.
  12. I'm pretty certain that I am one. I have been working in the background for the past few years trying to wreck the media via memes. My life is pretty boring, wouldn't it be exciting to be an internet hate figure? I don't need the money any more. As Saint Enoch said, I do not have the right, not to do so.
  13. I reckon I could utterly wreck these terrible people in a debate, I have been wrecking leftists since November 2016. I have a moderately sized youtube channel where I could put the unedited footage. They will be looking for two archetypes, some Norf FCs, and some cucked soyboy apologists. I would have to appear as the soyboy in the application. I am actually tempted to go for this.
  14. This looks to be certain. And in particular it seems to affect the East Asians more than anyone else, and seems to be spreading much faster in cold weather than warm weather. I am watching three countries in particular. Singapore as it is hot weather and has a large Chinese population, Japan as cold weather and East Asian population (though I think that the figures include the plague ship numbers so are not reliable). Weather in Japan is still cold but will be getting warm in the next few weeks. The third country I am watching is Thailand (and similarly the Philippines and Vietnam). They re hot, had massive numbers of tourists from China but are not East Asian. The virus does not seem to be spreading fast in any of these countries. I am at the mildly concerned level and this is slowly dropping. I have a bit more rice, spaghetti, pot noodles and bog roll than normal at home. Will any smartass come along and patronisingly tell me that I shouldn't trust government figures, as if I wasn't aware of that?
  15. Wow. You would still allow wealthy people to still grant 1% of their earnings to their children upon their death? Surely there should be some kind of top up tax to do away with this privilege?