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  1. Boring and low quality trolling there. You can do better than that. Unless you are developing a new form of trolling which is merely boring everyone into submission.
  2. Second DNC debates are happening at the end of July. There are 20 candidates over two nights, a couple of whom didn't even make it onto the first debates. Mike Gravel, an anti-war far leftist 89 (!?) year old will not be appearing on the debates due to not receiving the poll numbers necessary despite obtaining the required numbers of donations. That he didn't even appear on the polls may have had something to do with this.
  3. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.
  4. This type of report from useless rags such as the Guardian, and in particular the phrase "parity with the dollar" are the kind of thing that get me buying pounds. Indeed looking at today's GBP price action, they look to have timed the market correctly to the day. Whenever you see "parity with the dollar", you know that market sentiment is at an extreme low and that the pound is about to strengthen.
  5. Christ. Where on earth was this? I have lived in Bangkok a couple of years now and have never had a problem with them. Mostly I find them hilarious. You see lots of them working in shops or similar trying to fit in. Out on the town, the good ones are very convincing, at least until they start speaking, the male voice is extremely hard to hide. They typically cannot hide the male gait either, walking around in an exaggerated camp style.
  6. At least this photo looks fairly realistic. Surely the other one is photoshopped, just look at Minnie Mouse, it looks completely wrong.
  7. I thought that this was a joke, but it is actually real! Satire is just impossible nowadays.
  8. Sweden has taken first place in the cuck-off with this inspired court verdict. Just beyond satire.
  9. William Shatner looks in very good health for someone of 88. You're an expert on wigs, do you think he wears one?
  10. Stunley Andwin


    Some incredible drone footage of the island here. Part 2 is probably more interesting but part 1 is also interesting. It appears to me that the "door" to the temple is merely painted on and hence the real entrance is from below. Internet rumours have long stated that there is a massive tunnel system underneath.
  11. RIP Ross Perot. A kind of proto-Trump he gained an extremely credible 19 percent in the 1992 Presidential Election. If the popular internet had existed back then as it does now, he might even have been able to win it.
  12. I have got an audio recorder which looks like a memory card. Get her to tell me what she wants me to do to her. Back it up to a computer and two separate hard discs with name and date in the file name. Then take her out to a cafe the next day and get a photo together.
  13. RIP Eric Swalwell's Presidential Campaign 2019-2019. Meme monster and White House attendee Carpe Donktum made a touching tribute video. Noted for pathetically apologising for what a disgusting (fucking) white male he is, he is known primarily for threatening to nuke Americans. Who would have thought that "Give us all your guns or we will nuke you" would have little popular appeal in the USA.
  14. I quite like Billy Bragg as well [hides]. This is quite a nice football/sex crossover song, she weren't the kind of burd who liked her studs to be covered in mud. He had a famous spat with the Manic Street Preachers, criticising them for visiting Fidel Castro.
  15. Wow! I have just found out that the actor who plays Mads "Bedrag" Justesen was born in the same small suburb of Copenhagen in Denmark as former Manchester United goalkeeping legend Peter Schmeichel and just nine days afterwards!