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  1. I only ever choose monsters: Over 75: George Soros Under 75: Angela "Shakin' Stevens" Merkel
  2. The Lude Media guy who met with Giuliani and Bannon and who first reported the Hunter Biden laptop story has now claimed that Biden has gone to Mitch McConnell to promise to concede if Trump grants him a pardon. This would seem to tie in with Biden being given an ankle bracelet injuring his foot while playing with his doggy. Edit: Twitter instantly deleted his account after the laptop reveal, which increases his credibility in my opinion.
  3. This year was particularly bad because very few international drivers were there and it was mostly inexperienced Chinese. It's just stupidly dangerous, an extremely long start straight going into this corner produces accidents like this. Or just the entire track being blocked like this. Then the other half of the track is so narrow that overtaking is impossible, which causes crashes like this blocking the track. Or carnage like at 1.40 mins here. This hairpin is so tight that drivers are now forbidden to overtake there.
  4. More carnage at this year's Macau GP, the stupidest race track on the entire planet.
  5. Ali, who is one of the main Stopthesteal organisers talks about it here. I think the idea is that were she to be working officially for Trump, then she would be placed under greater legal restrictions. Who knows though.
  6. Wow. All of this lockdown bullshit has been completely and utterly pointless. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-19802-w Someone else on here found this. Starting at about three minutes, Dr Fauci announces that Trump will face a pandemic in his term in office. Not possibly, probably or highly likely. "But also there will be a surprise outbreak". Has this all been conducted just to remove Trump? I have been trying to find out more information about Dr Andreas Noack. There is nothing out there. I listened to the podcast from 30 to 43 mins, it was absolu
  7. Lots of big news today so I shall try to get this thread going again. Do you want to know what it is like to have the German police invade your house? Starting at about 43 minutes, several armed police officers apparently smash down the door and then invade the home of a man doing a livestream on the internet. Horrifying. This Danish study, the world's first RCT looking at mask wearing (though it is of course not blinded) has very little evidence that mask wearing has an effect on the person wearing it. Designing a trial to look at the effect on other people is of co
  8. If they are that desperate, I am sure you could push them up at least another 10k at the very least, maybe 20 or 30k
  9. Trump seems confident. Very interesting to note that this tweet doesn't have the """fact""" check. Now I am certain that there was massive, massive fraud, possibly tens of millions of votes in total. I don't know enough about the US legal system, but just looking at the body language and actions of the two sides, it really looks like Trump will win.
  10. I think it has been obvious for several months that this is not (primarily) a public health care issue. Having this sub-forum be called the "Coronavirus sub-forum" gives it the appearance of being a health issue when it is far more a freedom and civil rights issue. Does anyone else agree that it might be a good idea to change the name to something more appropriate? Some suggestions might be: 2020 global lockdown subforum Coronavirus plandemic subforum What do you think @spunko?
  11. Justice Thomas is a fire-breathing dragon. No cuckishness is to be expected from him. Justice Alito issued the order forbidding Pennsylvania to add the late ballots so will likely side with Trump. Chief Justice Roberts is the most interesting. Another fact check meme.
  12. If we stand up to these fucks, then we will win. Denmark's new epidemic law has been rejected. It's surprisingly hard to find any news about this on google. The pots and pans.
  13. I wish Corbyn had won. Edit: The next PM is going to, somehow, be even worse.
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