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  1. Conservatives won in 2015 promising a referendum and then in 2017 promising Brexit. That puts Brexit 3-0 up. We then have a World Series like alternating of elections and Brexit referendums until the first team gets to 5 wins. Away goals count double after extra time. Sudden death decider is a drinking competition between Nigel Farage and Vince Cable.
  2. Cretinous Owen from Rainbow thought that he could bring in a compliant population of allies to help him destroy the country that he was born in and hates so much and that they would be so grateful to him. He thought that he and his lot could control them. He is about to get a shock and his poor little mind can't cope with it so he has to storm out of TV interviews. Does anyone remember David Cameron telling us that ISIS, whose caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was born and lived his whole life in an Islamic country and who studied for a degree, master's and doctorate in Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Baghdad, that that wasn't real Islam. They haven't got a fucking clue what they are dealing with.
  3. Great, bass players and drummers are always in demand because everyone wants to be the singer or lead guitarist. If you want to join a band, every rehearsal studio (or record shop if there are any left) will have loads of signs up saying something like Or you could hang around smaller music venues and talk with the members of the support bands. Support bands playing shows at smaller venues will typically be willing to talk to punters and may know of people looking for musicians. There are probably also local music websites. You will need to know the bands mentioned, have a good general music knowledge and they will probably want you to play a couple of bass parts. Have a couple of tracks from each of the bands that you can play (not well known tracks are better). Once you are in you should set a regular rehearsal time at the weekend and then go drinking afterwards. Turning up as a band (i.e. carrying instruments) will get the attention of everyone in the bar and women will try to get your attention. Entertain them, tell them they can come to the last hour of rehearsal next week if they bring beer for the band (check with band beforehand this is OK, they won't turn down beer). If you are already a competent player then getting up to a level able to play shows will not take long. We would always record all of our rehearsals, I would make a CD of the tracks we were to play live taken from the rehearsal and then I would play through them at home once or twice a day. Besides this, it is just a great and cheap hobby, even playing a rehearsal together is amazing fun. On a completely different note, my stalker hasn't been around for a couple of weeks now, hope this is the end of it.
  4. You always talk about playing guitar, I am pretty sure he meant that you should start a band. I won't dox myself by saying anything else but it is every bit as good as everyone says, any show with more than about 50 to 100 people watching will have at least one woman ready to service you (unless you're the drummer). And it is an awesome, fun and fairly cheap hobby anyway.
  5. I heard it live when he was sacked in 1997. He said something like "these referees need a good slapping, who would care if someone kicked them up in the air". Broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of football fans who attend what can be a very volatile experience, I think it is perfectly fair to judge that as being incitement to violence, so I view the sacking for that as being entirely correct.
  6. I lived in Japan for a few years and found the women to be generally of good quality, and certainly far better than British women. There were the nutters of course but they would generally treat you reasonably, not start stupid arguments and respect you. I nearly married one and she would probably have been an ideal wife and mother (with the caveat that women's behaviour can apparently change considerably after a wedding ring has been attached. Certainly a lot of the best experiences in my life have been with Japanese. Unfortunately Thai women are not of such a high quality, I have met two who seemed worthwhile (I think I wrote about both of them here) but they both failed completely. I am trying to find an LTR either with a Japanese or a Hong Konger, seem to be a few of them around escaping the insane house prices in Hong Kong and the Chinese government.
  7. Maybe in a couple of decades people will view social media as being as dangerous to mental health as smoking is to physical health and be aghast that it was actually promoted and supported, in a similar way to how we view adverts of doctors promoting smoking from the 1950s.
  8. Highly likely to be true, both Skripal and Christopher "Dodgy Dossier" Steele worked for Pablo Miller at MI6.
  9. Your cross went slightly outside of the box. They will probably invalidate this vote.
  10. Oh dear, Danny is handling this in the worst possible way with a series of pathetic grovelling tweets. As ever, the SJWs will just see this as weakness and pile on him ever harder and more viciously. They don't want contrition, they merely want to condemn and destroy to gain political power. Unfortunately this will probably be the end of his career. I have been a listener to The Candyman's Radio Treehouse for probably 1000s of hours and for the best part of 25 years now so I consider him as a long term acquaintance, this is one of the titans of British broadcasting we are losing he wrote an enormous amount of material behind the scenes, including almost all of Angus Deayton's career. Hopefully he can continue with his own podcasts in a year or two, he should have made a lot of money from his recent books, series and tours.
  11. Danny was at times very funny. At one time he had a feature called "Monkeys dressed as famous people plus fairground music", he did pets wins prizes and his shows regularly featured animals that made silly noises or that had silly or human names. No-one in their right mind would assume racism. That will reduce my consumption of the So-Called BBC by about 50 percent at a shot. Your turn now BBC, can you make the remaining less than 2 hours a week I listen to you so unbearable that I switch off entirely?
  12. Stunley Andwin


    This works extremely well in Germany, reduces the amount of rubbish and gives tramps and the elderly the chance to earn a few euros by collecting the empty bottles outside football grounds and from people having barbecues in the park. Sometimes you see people with trolleys full of empty beer bottles. Excellent idea.
  13. Yesterday in censorship: Bounding into Comics has 250,000 follower account banned from facebook. David Horowitz suspended """due to a glitch""" but then reinstated. AOCpress parody account removed Censorship, it's OK when we do it.
  14. I think the one of the biggest arguments for Tommy is that the actual far right and a certain poster here really hate Tommy and call him an agent of Israel and other nasty terms. Thank heavens they are such losers and so poor at persuading people.
  15. It's a first for me that is for certain. So far all that has happened is that she is waiting at the club when I arrive, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone, walks past me and I ignore her. Why anyone would do this I do not know. Everything I have read suggests not meeting or contacting her or agreeing to do anything. I shall continue to ignore her but I might start taking taxis when leaving the club so she cannot follow me. I am of a very moderate level of attractiveness and at least type VI on the Norwood Scale.