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  1. RIP Stephen F Cohen 1938-2020. Blessed are the peacemakers. A key person in the ending of the first cold war and a keen opponent of the second, he was brave enough to tell the truth despite outrageous smears from the legacy media. A nice tribute here. http://thesaker.is/we-have-lost-a-real-giant-stephen-f-cohen-has-passed-away/
  2. https://www.keepbritainfree.com/forum https://lockdownsceptics.org/ These two twitter accounts And I will promote them on here on my lockdown sceptic thread.
  3. The absolute madlad has only gone and done it. Liam Gallagher has (I think) become a lockdown sceptic. And finally, so has Uncle Nigel
  4. I hate to tell you On-Edge Errol, but this is already endemic, it will mutate and become less dangerous and nearly everyone will catch it (or are already immune) at some time. You had better never leave the house again.
  5. Oh dear, it looks like Britain is going back into full lockdown for the winter. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, the government (are the conservatives marxist-leninists who want to destroy business?) evidently wants to do this and the sheople apparently want to be humiliated in such a manner. I fear that this could now go on for years, even decades, more. After all it is already endemic. There will never be an end to the cases. Nick Hancock is apparently so ignorant that he doesn't understand the difference between a type I and a type II error. This is first year undergrad
  6. No, absolutely not. FPTP means that only two parties can win. Both parties are utterly corrupt and irreformable. The Sheople are too cowardly to vote for an alternative. The system is set up to reward failure and to keep competent people away from power. The only choice is collapse like the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia, or a fascist dictatorship in about 15 to 20 years.
  7. If they gave a fuck about this, they wouldn't be importing hundreds of thousands of mohammedans every year.
  8. Yes indeed. Peter Hitchens makes me look like a bedwetter. We have got another one, Van Morrison, as reported in the NME which used to be a respected music magazine. https://www.nme.com/news/music/van-morrison-hits-out-at-crooked-facts-in-new-anti-lockdown-protest-songs-2756262
  9. There is to be a protest on Saturday at midday in Trafalgar square. This looks like being a bit more of a serious even than the Icke/Corbyn affair of a few weeks ago. I am now interested in what governments are trying to get through on the back of this fake crisis. Removing cash payments and ID cards of course. Are they also trying to get rid of cars? Look at this absolutely ridiculous arrangement. A former Vice President at a major pharma company states that the new vaccine cannot possibly undergo proper safety trials. A compilation of people "
  10. Trumpy! For some context, Pandering Biden actually came out and played Despacito on his phone.
  11. It is very brave for a celebrity to stand up against the mob, let us have a thread for normally non-political celebrities who have not drunk the kool-aid. Noel Gallagher was quoted in the nme, which I didn't know was still going. https://www.nme.com/news/music/noel-gallagher-refuses-to-wear-face-mask-theres-too-many-fucking-liberties-being-taken-away-2753484 They are very bitter about Ian Brown formerly of the Stone Roses also being a lockdown sceptic. Maybe he is also a conspiracy theorist, racist and a nazi? https://www.nme.com/features/ian-brown-conspiracy-theory-tweets-
  12. There has been zero deaths and one new case in Thighland for the past approximately 110 days and they are not relaxing measures. This is not a public health issue.
  13. Bedrag's erotic stories normally give me a raging bonk on, but this was somewhat of a disappointment.
  14. This is absolutely essential listening, how the Pedocrats are going to fix the election. https://www.neonrevolt.com/podcast/the-neon-revolt-show-episode-4-the-pedocrat-blueprint-for-chaos/ Edit: Also reading that the lockdowns are to be stepped up all over the US again.
  15. Simon Dolan has a new podcast. He talks about the judicial review here. German Bundesliga football club Union Berlin staged a friendly match with a very limited number of fans. The highlights start at about 20 seconds in. Getting fans back in the stadiums, even in small numbers, will be a major step forwards. This is a good article to see in a fluff magazine, looking at "mask mouth" https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/mask-mouth Dolan is trying to promote a throw the mask away day. This will need to be a global resistance effort. Here is
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