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  1. My prediction is that there will now be continued extensions until 2022 with a completely ineffective government achieving absolutely nothing (although in a Cooperthwaite kind of manner, that might not actually be such a bad thing). Frankly the leavers deserve to lose, remain has just fought that much harder and dirtier. They will ruthlessly exploit any trick, they can get massive numbers out on marches at the drop of a hat. There were moments when a massive march would probably have provided the impetus to achieve Brexit, or simply refusing Royal Assent for the Surrender Bill would have achieved it. We didn't force Treason out for nearly three fucking years. The absolute shitshow that now lies ahead is far worse than what would have happened from refusing Royal Assent for the Surrender Bill. Leavers are pathetic cowards and losers.
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    I would go for a Captain Hastings style.
  3. Get the fuck out the way extinction rebellion! Everyone hates these wankers.
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    Your response would indeed be correct if two things were different: 1. There appeared to be an option to reform the system towards something more sensible using political means 2. The system wasn't deliberately destroying the country by importing hundreds of thousands of people who hate us and want to destroy us every year Maybe 20 or 30 years ago this would indeed have been true but I think that reform to any kind of sanity is now completely impossible. With the system now wrecking the country, the quicker it collapses, the less horrific the final collapse will be and the stronger the base will be to rebuild the country. Call me an accelerationist.
  5. I can't be the only person on here to wonder this. Why do you always spell "as" as "has"? Is it a Stoke thing?
  6. These are some of my favourite videos, I always enjoy watching a filthy commie have something unfortunate happen to them. Let's collect videos of filthy commies getting reckt. And the one true masterpiece of the genre.
  7. This discussion got me thinking about the HPC legend and edgiest of all edgelords Bruno P (and provider of my signature). It turns out that he is still inspiring youtube creators even to this day. Behold one of his greatest videos, with a poignant piano melody.
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    500 dollars a month for electricity alone?!? The bill for my 120 square metre condo is less than 500 THB a month. Is electricity prohibitively expensive in Cambodia or something? Thailand certainly is not cheap anymore, cost of living with the pound at these low levels is not much cheaper than Britain. Renting a one bedroom condo in a slightly old building and moderate location, taking the minibuses and a moderate Western-style lifestyle could be done for maybe 800 GPB a month in my opinion.
  9. The absolute madman has got footage of today's CNN editorial meeting! Veritas youtube channel. Should be released in the next hour
  10. Learning from history should show us that powerful industries have been able to suppress facts about health dangers for decades in the past. It is entirely possible that this is happening here. I don't really like them either, I try to keep mine at least a couple of metres away from my body and out of eyeline most of the time. I wonder if they might also be having an effect on the falling sperm quality in men as well. My phone is probably a couple of centimetres away from my genitals for at least a few hours most days of the week.
  11. Do you think there will be another election if momentum get into power?
  12. To Pocahontas's right hand side, I think this is the first public appearance of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg clone who will be taking the Supreme Court position from the original Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  13. Holy shit, I have just watched a few minutes of that and I have seen more nimble and skilled driving in the Russian Tank Biathlon.
  14. I have not seen the film yet, but it seems essentially to be a reworking of the Honkler origin story.