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    Bumpity. Ethereum which was once the second largest cryptocurrency made a high above 1400 dollars and is now at 154 dollars, very close to joining the 90 percent club. Will it make a 95 percent fall as I predicted? Bitcoin is now down by about 75 percent, I am actually considering wondering about thinking about buying some now, but I expect there to still be great falls ahead. I still think that Antshares, now called NEO, is the one to go for with its explicit backing from the Chinese government.
  2. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Are you kidding? Tommy Robinson would still be in prison is not for the protests The media are completely discredited, it is terrible optics for them to go around calling everyone Nazis. Nothing could discredit them more than describing photos of a young Polish family celebrating Polish Independence Day as Nazis (why have I called myself the ultra extreme hyper hitler, and why does BKKAndrew run TrumpetSilencer?) How is writing to MPs going in this Brexit issue? To me it looks like we will be completely fucked. Demos only work for lefties because only they do them. We deserve to lose because we just don't even try. The left could get thousands of people in every large town out to protest anything at a day's notice.
  3. Stunley Andwin

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yeah, alongside the side saddle motorbiking, you see ludicrously dangerous things like this and this all the time. Must bump up the fatality rates.
  4. Stunley Andwin

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I have been wondering about whether to buy a scooter or a small 125cc motorbike. I am in my early 40's and live in Bangkok. I would only need it for short 2/3 mile journeys a few days a week. In decent health, but knew that I should give up playing football against 21 year olds a couple of years ago. How dangerous is it? I have never seen an accident here but motorcycles do look really dangerous. I have never ridden a motorbike but can drive and have cycled in large cities for many years. Is it easy to learn to drive one? What would be a good small motorbike/scooter? Here is a Thai lady riding on the back of a motorbike taxi. Very dangerous. And the motorbike doesn't exactly look safe.
  5. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I tried to encourage this on here a few days ago, maybe 10 pages ago. Absolutely zero interest here or on gab. If we cannot be bothered even to spend a couple of afternoons protesting then frankly we deserve to lose.
  6. Stunley Andwin

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Fuck me. Every year the Macau GP is absolute carnage, make Monaco look like the old Hockenheim. Accident starts at 1.45 mins. .
  7. Stunley Andwin

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    I've watched so many of this guy's videos in the past few days that I have started to think in Australian slang. Watch this yer wankers!
  8. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I think that this must be near the end now, dozens of MPs are openly talking about her removal. Like Merkel, there seems to be an invisible force field propelling her forwards and protecting her. They both just seem to be politically indestructible, no matter how catastrophically stupid and/or treasonous their actions are. I wonder if the fact that they are women has helped them to survive, people are just generally nicer to woman than men. Would PM Trevor May or Kanzler Albert Merkel have survived as long as their female counterparts?
  9. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Any chance you can contact them with the idea? Time is really of the essence now, we shouldn't have let May get this far without protesting. I am sure that your voice would hold a lot more weight than an internet random.
  10. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Well there is this thing called the internet..... i have contacted PJW and Sargon of Swindon on gab. Can other people contact important UKIP members on twitter, I am not on there? We need to contact Nigel, Gerald, Dick and James Delingpole. Catherine Blaiklock is good. Count Dankula? Who else do we need to contact? Can other people contact Sargon and PJW with the same idea? Edit: How could I forget Tommy? The establishment is hanging on by a thread here, one good push and we finish them! Never give up, never surrender
  11. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Yes, large scale peaceful protests really work, why does the left do them all the time? UKIP should be organising these in every town in the country right now, though I would suggest avoiding the football kick-off at 3pm. Would early Sunday afternoon be a better time? Isn't @Southmartin fairly high up in UKIP? Has there been any attempt or discussion about something like this?
  12. Stunley Andwin

    Judge Kavanagh

    Remember our old friend, the Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti? It seems as if he has just been arrested for allegedly hitting a woman. It seems as though a woman who was not Avenatti's wife went to police with bruising around her face. Now of course if a conservative such as Justice Kavanaugh is accused then we are to believe all women. Now that a Democrat is accused, then the liberals will instantly switch to there being no evidence and it being a vast right wing conspiracy.
  13. Stunley Andwin

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    Pffft. Have you forgotten the government telling us in 2009 that scrapping cars was good for the environment?
  14. Stunley Andwin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I truly believe that the EU is one of the most evil polities currently in existence, I think that they are far worse than Communist China or Russia: They have started or caused numerous wars over the past few decades, they encouraged the collapse of Yugoslavia, they carried out nearly all of the bombing in Kosovo. Britain and France were the main agitators in the collapse of Libya and very nearly got us involved in WW3 in Syria, they caused the collapse of the Ukraine with their proposed trade association deal. They carry out enormous amounts of censorship and brainwashing on their populations, often to promote utterly whacked out crazy far left causes Their taxes are enormous, far far higher than in China Their utterly failed economic policy has wrecked the economies of all of Southern Europe They are very obviously looking to also take over North and Central Africa (Barcelona Declaration, 1995) They completely ignore the enormous and ever-growing social problems cause by their disastrous immigration policies. And now they are forming an army to crush any dissent. Have they done a single good thing in the past quarter of a century? They must be stopped.
  15. Stunley Andwin

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I like German girls as they tend to do a lot of sports and activities and keep in very good shape. Polish and Czech girls are similar. Sadly there aren't many German Jewish girls.