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  1. Another excellent idea! I think the libtards can go a lot further. I think the next one will be identifying as non-humans, i.e. cats or aliens, then identifying as more than one person, then insisting that your imaginary friends are actually real people. I am not saying this for a joke, I seriously think that this kind of thing will be promoted in what used to be a serious publication.
  2. Excellent idea! If children and OAPs both get 50 percent discounts on entrance to tourist attractions and so, then do children of pensionable age get in free? I think I might be both 979 and 9.
  3. Anyone observing social justice knew that it was just a matter of time until this came along, trans-ageism. Unfortunately this disgusting bigoted ultra extreme far right nazi is claiming that people cannot change their age to be under 18. I am going to be 979 years old. How old do you want to be?
  4. "Let millions more people like me into your country otherwise I will kill all of your children" is never going to be a particularly persuasive argument.
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    I think it is fair to say that this has not been a particularly successful shilling attempt. Especially with you two wankers insulting each other in the foulest language imaginable.
  6. Let us remember him for this hilarious bit of TV.
  7. James O'Keefe is always on the money. I think we all knew it was happening but he claims to have video proof of vote rigging.
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    In case anyone is wondering what is happening in this thread, this article provides somewhat of an explanation. Essentially, they completely swamped 4chan with Yang memes for the week or two, to the point where there was nothing else on the boards. It did seem to be working quite successfully for a few days, to the point where it was influencing betting markets and beginning to turn a couple of people. Now we have reached the weekend however, there are literally no Yang posts at all, all of the YangGang hysteria was 100% artificially generated. RadicalMedia LLC, if you are going to shill a board, you have to keep it going at the weekend, otherwise it looks completely ridiculous. If you want to convince people that you are a wavering Trump fan, you also need to learn how to answer ambiguously worded statements how a right wing person would. A wavering Trump fan would have answered something like "Trump has always talked against violence and has promoted peace" or "The people in the second mosque were saved when someone started firing back, we need to protect the second amendment." Happy to help.
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    You work for RadicalMedia LLC and I claim my five pounds. You guys are very very good though, hats off for that. Disaffected Trump fans will go to Cernovich or possibly Gabbard. You should look to win over Bernie Bros. Here is a photo which will wreck Bernie's campaign.
  10. I cannot confirm that those quotes were exact but quotes similar to those were certainly on Senator Anning's twitter at around 2pm Bangkok time, or about 7am British time. They were posted shortly before the tweet I quoted on page 1. They appear to have been deleted now.
  11. FFS. Now Fimblestein is now posting videos of literal Nazi terrorists and murderers.Øystein_Aarseth No-one is listening to you. Are you trying to get this placed closed Fimblestein?
  12. He was playing "Remove Kebab", the British Grenadiers, told people to subscribe to Pewdiepie and then tried to escape from the police playing "gas gas gas". The guy who did the main attack this was an absolute 4chan meme, internet censorship will step up rapidly now. I strongly suggest that the thread title is changed and that the thread is moved into stealth. Meanwhile, look at this absolute madlad. Edit: The attacker was an Australian white male, I won't link to anything giving his name.
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    2 hours is a long time in politics, and one week is an absolute eternity. One week ago Yang was an almost unknown before his enormously effective YangGang internet campaign started. About three days ago he was suddenly enormously popular and being considered by many people to be a serious contender. He reached mainstream status yesterday. He appeared to be a genuine, likable, eloquent and intelligent left of centre candidate who represented a clean break from the horrible and enormously damaging and dangerous race baiting that the left has used for the past ten years in particular. A lot of right wing people were voicing support for him. Then about 10 hours ago he gave this speech with some very clear race baiting in it. He immediately lost enormous amounts of support. Then a couple of hours later Christchurch happened.
  14. They have already released a picture of the shooter.
  15. As the conservatives won the 2015 election on the promise of a referendum, we won the Brexit referendum, then the conservatives won the 2017 election on the promise of delivering Brexit, when we win the next referendum shouldn't it go to a Best of 9 series?
  16. 1000 posts! I didn't think the 2016 Presidential Election could ever be topped, but this next one might be actually even better! A new major candidate has announced. I would place him just outside of the top tier candidates, I think the four candidates most likely to win at the moment are in descending order Harris, Yang, Biden, Sanders. Let us also consider important independent candidates in this thread Howard Schultz is enormously wealthy but appears to be an enormously out of touch boomer. He could easily win 10 percent of the vote in the final election however. Do people here know Mike Cernovich? He is one of the most brilliant people I have ever seen and no-one can beat his understanding of political campaigning. He is also considering a run, he would represent a more in touch and uncucked Trump. This policy alone would gain him enormous support.
  17. I have no evidence of this and it is just a wild suggestion. If the Panodrama event actually was a sting set up months in advance by appearing to fake a feud between Tommy and his camera operator/supporter Lucy Brown in the middle of 2018. Do we remember the "Soldier X" campaign from October 2018? Is it 100% impossible that this was Tommy looking to get support from the army in preparation for something much, much larger? Is this why the government are now desperately trying to imprison him 1 week before The Traitor Class deliberately fuck up Brexit? Edit: And has anyone noticed that because The Traitor Class of politicians are now justifiably universally hated, that the word "lawmakers" is now being used more frequently? Keep a look out for "lawmakers".
  18. The vote will be held by the European Council, the group of the heads of state of EUrope. Their next meeting is to be held on the 21st and 22nd March. Strangely there is no mention of the issue on the Agenda. They will be discussing increasing censorship tackling disinformation. The heads of state most likely to vote against the EU are in descending order the indomitable Viktor Orban of Hungary, Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic, Sebastian Kurz of Austria and Giuseppe Conti of Italy. Is this the right time to reveal that I Was a Teenage Armchair Honved Fan? Does "The Generation Game" not live in Czech, does he have news?
  19. I hadn't previously considered Andrew Yang a serious candidate, I don't think I have even mentioned him on this thread but he has by far the most effective internet publicity team. His YangGang have completely taken over /pol/. He is now a serious candidate as shown by this betting market. He appears to be an economically left wing and socially centrist candidate, his biggest policy is a universal basic income of 1000 dollars a month. He particularly recognises that the threat posed by the automation of huge numbers of jobs and has enormous support from computer programmers. Joe Biden is running. It is absolutely vital that right wing sources do NOT attack him on his horrible chatting up of children. That should be fed to left wing sources. The left are completely without morals and would unite around anyone for a chance of gaining power. Meanwhile Elizabeth Warren is censored by facebook and is now campaigning to break up the tech monopolies.
  20. Just imagine a person of unbelievable stubbornness and stupidity who has somehow inherited a billion pounds. Let us call her Theresa M. No, that is too obvious, let us call her T. May. With all that money she wants to buy a really nice house that is on the market at 1 million pounds. Her first act is to tell the seller that this is the house she really wants, she promises that she will not buy any other house, that she has a billion pounds in the bank and that she wants to pay 39 million pounds to sign a first refusal contract allowing her to purchase the house. Indeed, so vital is it to T. May, that she will offer to buy the house at any price the seller wants and that T. May will pay a fine of one billion pounds to the seller if she purchases any other house in the rest of her life. The seller agrees to the deal. T. May is so proud of her deal that she goes and shows it to her family and her solicitors. Every single one of them call her a fucking idiot. T. May is unfazed by this and makes her first offer to the house seller of 999,999 pounds.
  21. It is one of the greatest what ifs in all of history. What if Chamberlain had supported Czechoslovakia and put sufficient pressure on Poland to stop them from attacking. Czechoslovakia was a fairly large country with excellent defensive terrain, strong fortifications facing Germany, the mighty Skoda group to produce military equipment, excellent tank designs that were every bit as good as the early Panzers and a large but slightly obsolete air force. I think it is entirely possible that they could have held against Germany for a year or two to give Britain and France enough time to mobilize. It is entirely possible that what we know as WWII could have ended in 1941 with around a million dead and Hitler abdicating. Anyway, I think today's Moggcast is essential listening.
  22. No, I don't actually think that, but it is a method that a shill would use. I saw you repeatedly attacking by far the most effective, powerful and popular anti-establishment voice in Britain (indeed maybe in the world) with the flimsiest of evidence such that you appeared to be actually changing people's mind and I had to attack. I identified the line of attack that would trigger you most and in three short posts with no profanities completely won the debate. You are continuously going on about controlled opposition, maybe you should consider why you are saying exactly the same kind of things that would drive normal people from this website and turn them against the "DOSBODS" political view.
  23. Exactly, lying convincingly and acting convincingly are extremely difficult, that is why actors are paid so much money to do it, and that is why convincing liars are so dangerous, Owen Jones is one of the best liars I have ever seen. You would need to be Laurence Olivier to be able to act as convincingly as Tommy if you didn't believe it. It is also things like this that convince me that Tommy is right; the real genuine far right hate him. Likewise, when searching for Xurious music after he got banned from YouTube, I found myself on a real far right website. It was so horrible that I couldn't even bear to be there for ten seconds. Edit: It's too late now Fimblestein, everyone knows that you are JIDF trying to shill against anti-establishment voices.
  24. Why would someone agree to be beaten up so badly that they lost all of their teeth, put themselves and their family under a non-stop risk of being killed, spend considerable stretches in prison in solitary confinement such that they appear to be physically and mentally ill when they leave it merely to act as controlled opposition?. Why would the government completely destroy the credibility of their propaganda platform merely to create controlled opposition? That is some mighty convincing Jewing. Edit: The real controlled opposition such as David Duke or Richard Spencer receive massive press coverage completely out of line with their popularity. The real controlled opposition doesn't have their social media accounts banned.
  25. No, absolutely not this. This is a terrible idea that would return us to the 18th Century and rotten boroughs within a decade. You also should not remove the right of people to vote as it would leave people considering themselves out of society. Every adult should have at least one vote, but people who pay a certain amount of tax get maybe two votes. I wouldn't even put the level very high, maybe someone who pays tax on 40 hours a week of minimum wage. Even if they re net recipients, they would consider themselves as taxpayers.