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    Hoax hate

    This is apparently the guy's twitter account. He seems ready for the shitstorm.
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    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    I have never heard of Egard watches but here is some free advertising for them. Similar to the "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label", any act of stupidity or cuckishness in men should be answered with "I bet he shaves with Gillette."
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    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    They really are disgusting, demented and depraved people. I am terrified what will happen if they ever get back into power.
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    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    They are still working but you need to copy the full address into the browser. Something evidently went wrong with formatting during copying.
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    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Spiked reports that around a dozen GJs have lost eyes due to the Flashballs Some clips of police violence in France Why is no one talking about this? The police brutality coming out of France is fucking insane. In my 28 years of life i have never witnessed such a scene in ANY western nation. How can these be called protectors of the peace? >Smacking someones head into a concrete wall >Attacking an elderly couple waiting for the bus >Attacking a couple leaving who were eating >Group mobs a man and they attack like nigger thugs >Firefighter is put into a coma after being shot in the back of the head with a flashball These videos are even being suppressed by youtube, go and search for "France police brutality" in the last week, all the videos have under 500 views and no news networks are reporting on any of it. If that fire fighter who is now in a coma dies, mark my words the protest will turn into a full scale revolution
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    UNdeluded old NON-scrapper burds

    Happy 60th birthday to the Queen of UONSBs Susanna Hoffs!
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    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Oh dear look at this. The picture in the guy is known as "Carl the Cuck", well known for his duo performance with "Aids Skrillex". You can just about see him in this excellent Placeboing video.
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    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    An ex bought me an electric shaver about 12 years ago and it still works excellently, haven't had to change the blades or anything. It has maybe caused a couple of insect bites to bleed over that time but it has never caused a cut. Takes less than 2 minutes in the morning. I have probably saved hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds from not using razors. Cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would use a razor. Why do you use them?
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    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Things have changed considerably in the past 30 months since the vote. I really think that if TPTSB don't try to fix the vote*, then Leave would get between 55 to 60% this time. Since Brexit: Trump has been great The EU and Merkel had suffered their Stalingrad in the 2015 invasion but the EU was still largely unified apart from Hungary. Now we have Poland, Italy plus a lot of smaller Central European nations in opposition to the EU, and France in open revolt. At the time of the vote, most people thought that maybe the government were a bit incompetent but they were working in the interest of the country. That myth has now been destroyed. The legacy media fake news has lost all credibility with all but the brainwashed. * They will try and fix the vote.
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    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    The Imam of Peace is asking Gillette for help
  11. Stunley Andwin

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Gillette: The razor used by neckbeards
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    DNC Primaries 2020

    We have a third serious candidate, Julian Castro. Tulsi Gabbard has attracted negative coverage from much of the legacy media. That suggests to me that she is genuinely not controlled by TPTSB. There is also a question as to whether she is even eligible to run having been born in American Samoa, and whether that is in America or not. Ted Cruz had the same issue having been born in Canada. Trumpy is continuing to insult Elizabeth Warren about the video she made in the kitchen of her wigwam. Is she actually seen as being a big threat? Beto O'Rourke broadcasted his trip to the dentist
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    DNC Primaries 2020

    Let us look at the Democrat Primaries, the possible candidates will be starting to announce in the next couple of months. The Democrat frontrunners are old, very very old indeed, a gerontocracy. The leading candidate is Joe Biden (lock up your great granddaughters). He is on the left so will get a free pass from everyone on the left and the fake news but there are dozens of videos of him flirting with pre-pubescent girls, a veritable potential Jimmy Saville. He would also be nearly 78 at the election. Then there is our old favourite Hillary Clinton, now older, in worse health and even more bitter and horrible than last time. She will be a heavyweight contender for sure. Then there is Bernie Sanders, even older than the previous two. He has also been excluded from the Democrat party in the Senate. Will Elizabeth Warren be running? She is nearly 70 now so she would have to experience something of an Indian summer, the smoke signals don't appear to be going in her favour, I would give her a 1 in 1024 chance of winning. The party was obviously trying to position Beto O'Rourke, an Irish-American pretending to be Hispanic as the next Obama, but he lost to Ted Cruz in November. Styxhexenhammer666 thinks that Kirstin Gillibrand is a front runner but I know nothing of her. If the Democrats had a lick of sense they would run with my favourite Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, the only consistently anti-war democrat in any position of power. They won't though. Who are your favourites?
  14. Stunley Andwin

    UN migration pact

    Here we go, here is yet another globalist and UN supported deliberate attempt to wreck, bankrupt and humiliate every single Western country in the world. The Intergovernmental Conference will happen in Marrakesh on December 10 and 11. Austria has made the news by refusing to sign this, thus joining Hungary and the US (God bless you President Daddy ) Wouldn't it be great if countries such as Italy, Australia and the Czech Republic were to also refuse to sign it? Maybe the God Emperor could destroy it completely?
  15. A terrible law, the only point that is valid in my opinion is no. 1 and possibly no. 4. We all know that no. 4 will not be applied to certain sections of the community. I wonder if Meghan Markle is guilty under point 4.
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    Islamification of Europe

    Awesome video
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    DNC Primaries 2020

    Here we go, you can't scabbard the Gabbard. She is the democrat with the strongest chance of beating Trump and appealing to moderate voters. Unfortunately as a consistently anti-war candidate going back to the Ukraine and Syrian crises she will have no support from the warmongering establishment Dems. As a social moderate, she will have no support from the morbidly obese blue hair crowd. Before the announcement she was very popular with Trump fans. A not insignificant number of Trump fans are former Bernie bros. She would be the candidate capable of picking up a large number of these voters.
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    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    The first twenty minutes are very good, but it gets very dodgy at around the 30 minutes mark! I don't support any of this.
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    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    This is a pretty amazing discussion on the physiology of sex.
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    Calling Tommy Robinson a Nazi is illegal

    Good video. I think that "nazi" and "racist" and "hitler" are now so utterly meaningless (though at the same time career-ending for people who capitulate to them) that the time is now right to make them completely laughable and obsolete. The leftists know this as well because they are now using phrases such as "ultra-extreme far right". Words such as witch and infidel previously held even greater power than "racist" does (life-ending not just career ending) but they have been defanged. I am going to try to use "racist" as a positive expression, in much the same way as wicked was transformed to mean cool in about 1990. E.g. that was a fucking racist goal. At the same time, anyone who does anything remotely bad will be denounced as hitler. Trivialise the main weapons of the leftists. Their arguments have been so completely demolished that the only thing the globalists and leftists have left is "racist" and "nazi".
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    SCRDS stands for Sudden Clinton Related Death Syndrome. It is characterised by people who have worked for or been involved with the family of Bill and Hillary Clinton suddenly dying in mysterious and unexpected ways, often at times when they were due to release information that would have been harmful to the aforementioned Clinton family. Possibly the most famous of these is Seth Rich, widely assumed to be the source of the "Russian Hacker" leaks. The website Arkancide has extremely detailed information about dozens of sufferers of SCRDS but is currently down as of time of writing. Most worryingly, there have been two further incidences of SCRDS in the past couple of days. I'm sure that this article is entirely irrelevant.
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    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    From /pol/, an interesting new propaganda from the Macron regime. New scandal developing YVs launched a crowd funding the boxer's legal fees, gov is using him an example and prosecuting him hard and fast, 100k donated in a few hours, everybody calling him a national hero -> gov shut down the crowd funding before it could reach more and seized the money, while also launching a counter-crowd funding in honor of policemen instead. Heavy msm propaganda of course, criticizing the first crowdfunding and propping up the gov-sponsored one. It's almost reached one million this morning. MSM already promoting it and calling it a success, drawing attention to the great numbers of contributors. During the night, donations kept being sent as regular intervals, phantom donations of 30 euros every second, even at 3 or 4am, etc. We stayed up all night hitting F5 to document it all. Crowd funding platform (which cooperated with the gov and belongs to a bank) tried to justify it as their servers processing the donations with delayed intervals, but this has been debunked, as we tried making random donations throughout the night and they showed up in real time. Google trends results also show the searches don't correspond to the action, with huge spikes for the boxer's and a flatline for the police's. They're using bots and phantom donations to control the narrative. They thought this would help them win the media war but it just further polarizes and exposes their bullshit. This could be the next big push we need but MSM will try to suppress it if exposed.
  23. Stunley Andwin

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Yep. The actions of the elites over the past few months make revolution throughout all of Western Europe almost a certainty now I think. Good luck everybody.
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    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    A very detailed look at the disgracefully dishonest practices from Panorama from a producer on the program. I well remember this program.