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  1. It could just be repulsion at hearing the national anthem of the country she hates so much.
  2. Jan Svankmayer in Czechoslovakia in the 80's did some of the craziest stop-motion animation stuff I have ever seen:
  3. MI6 spy in Afghanistan, establishment scumbag, being promoted by globalist media to be the new conservative leader. Looks like Jo Brand if someone threw battery acid over her.
  4. Come on TrollBot, you are an intelligent poster here, you should by now know: "It's OK when we do it." I must say it would be really funny if someone threw milkshakes over Jo Brand. Mind you she is such a fat and disgusting cow that she would just drink it all anyway.
  5. Oh God, the infamous Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford. The list of graduates of this is like a who's who of utter establishment scumbags. Globalist traitor to the core.
  6. Here are the schedules for the first debates. Pocahontas is the big hitter in the first debate with Julian Castro probably in second place. This looks to be good positioning for my favourite Tulsi Gabbard, there are some real no-hopers in this debate such as de Blasio and Klobuchar. Will Beto O'Rourke's crazy hand gestures move Elizabeth Warren into a spirit zone Night two looks much stronger with Sleepy Joe Biden """Jr""", Crazy Bernie, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. Andrew Yang with his innovative internet based publicity campaign is the outsider to look out for here. How many times will Eric Swalwell apologise for being fucking a white male?
  7. I bet they will claim that it was just an accident. Fuck them. They are itching to ban him and will do it at the slightest pretext. I expect all of the people featured in the "alt right radical" article in Carlos Slim's blog (the incredibly dishonest new york tribune or times or something) will be banned in the near future. I almost wonder why they don't just ban all of them now simultaneously, it would be easier for them than these individual bannings. Bitchute content creators with a legacy presence on youtube could also help in the destruction of that site by posting their content first to other sites and then a day or two later to youtube to make it literally old news. Or they could post just a couple of minutes of the video with a statement that the full video can be found on much better sites.
  8. We need to fight back against the incredibly dishonest and censorious youtube. Posters here could start by not posting links to youtube if the same video has been linked to on another site. We could have plug-ins that automatically embed videos for sites such as bitchute and we could deactivate the automatic embedding for youtube videos. Posters should enable adblock plus on youtube so that youtube does not get any ad revenue. Here is a link to install adblock plus. It will make your internet much faster and fun to use. Don't provide links to their biased and dishonest site!
  9. Two more disgraceful outrageous incidences of censorship today from the infamous youtube. Black Pigeon Speaks with more than half a million subscribers is deleted completely. Here on his bitchute channel is the last youtube video. And Project Veritas has a video which reported on censorship of conservatives at Pinterest taken down. Any chance of a plug in that can auto-insert bitchute videos?
  10. Don't know why all the complaining here, women's football has increased enormously in standard and Spain-Germany last night was pretty entertaining. If you are still watching the So-Called BBC then you deserve everything you get. Now twenty years ago things were rather different.
  11. "Burning votes is OK when we do it."
  12. That really is a disgraceful thing to say, I would fully support the police getting involved. They won't though. "Inciting violence is OK when we do it". This is so much worse than the Count Dankula affair for three reasons. Dankula was a private joke among friends, IIRC his youtube account had six followers when he put the infamous video up. Dankula was referring to violence that had taken place nearly a century ago whereas this is an ongoing affair with I am sure large amounts of people who would be willing to carry out such an attack. It would be completely improbable for a person to start rounding people up and build facilities suitable to carry out such an act, but it would be extremely easy to carry out an "acid milkshake".
  13. I just cannot believe how stupid these people are. It seems to be a new branch of philosophy or something. Where the actual event didn't actually happen unless someone talks about it. Hundreds of thousands of girls being gang raped can be safely ignored as long as no-one talks about. But if someone does try to talk about it, then they shall be persecuted illegally by the state. If hundreds of people are killed and tortured in the most barbaric means possible, then this didn't actually take place as long as it is called an incident. It's the actions that people are scared of, not the fucking words. What fucking planet do these freaks live on?
  14. Footballers dying young always particularly shocks me. Just 49, a very successful lower league manager and seemingly with no known history of alcoholism. RIP Justin.
  15. Holy Shit, that's the best joke on here today! I have only been out with her twice for 2-3 hours each time so I don't really know her. She is slim, well presented, seems funny and has money. She just doesn't turn me on though. Think I will try to arrange another couple of that type of group date before I make a decision. That works really well incidentally, and is something that the west could learn from Asia. The Japanese call it "gokon", it is a far less pressurised, safer and more fun form of dating for everyone involved.
  16. Met a girl while out drinking last week and then she actually asked me out. It was kind of a group date as she was there with two of her female friends. It was actually pretty fun and didn't feel at all like an interview, though I could tell they were talking about me, and at one point about an hour in, it was decided that I was a "good westerner". The pretty girl there already had a Japanese boyfriend; with the strength of the yen and the continuing fall of the western currencies, the Japanese are now the kings of the castle over here. What is the DOSBODS opinion on sleeping with girls who you are not really into?
  17. I feel almost personally hurt by this, some of the key people in our "nationalist-populist" movement are nothing more than money-grubbing scumbags. Good riddance to that disgusting Robertson fellow. He used to be really pretty. He is only 24 but he is already starting to look like an early 90's Brian Clough. This should have ended his career. I think that this is probably the worst thing to have happened in the past year of our movement. At least it is all over now. Even if she didn't believe a word of what she was saying and was just looking for money, Lauren did achieve a lot for our side.
  18. Holy shit, that is a pretty devastating article. There is an occasionally linked to video on /pol/ where an obviously inebriated Southern is sat on a bed. Was she a fraud the entire time? Are we allowed to start a guessing game here? I have my suspicions for at least three of them. Edit: the video Edit: Fuck, I have followed this fraud for years.
  19. Let's create an acronym like the LGBTQ2SAIIP+. So far I can think of straight, toxic, cisgendered, heterosexual. STCH. Can we possibly make it to spell a swear word, or the word cock or dick?
  20. My first ever meme. I am going to try and be more toxic than ever from now on.
  21. This is some absolutely top grade trolling of the far left, I am sure it will have them screaming and reee-ing in rage. Boston is to host its first annual Straight Pride march. The host of the march is of course to be my favourite fabulous faggot Milo. Now frankly I am a bit gay but I still identify as straight, I hope that I won't be oppressed and can express myself without fear of judgement and hate. On a more serious note, this is an excellent way to get the left to show their seething hatred for normal people. Like "It's OK to be white", this is an entirely normal and acceptable message that will cause the left to react with their usual extreme unpleasantness. I have also been toying with the idea of creating some kind of "toxic pride" identity. Edit: Nurse, my sides!
  22. Is there a mosque or islamic community centre nearby, areas near mosques tend to be very quickly colonised. And things like unused churches and old libraries and town halls tend to be favourites for conversion to such buildings.
  23. There has traditionally been an agreement that there is no serious campaign against the speaker so they can win the election essentially unopposed. Of course we are in completely new territory now.
  24. She makes The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail look like a cowardly quitter. We need to change the laws quickly to ensure that something like this can never happen again. Any photoshop experts around?
  25. This filthy woman just defies belief. Fuck off and die will you.