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  1. @Melchett I'm on ACE inhibitors. I've seen the letters to Lancet and BMJ raising questions about ACE Inhibitors and covid-19, and also response from European Society of Cardiology saying keep taking the meds : https://www.escardio.org/Councils/Council-on-Hypertension-(CHT)/News/position-statement-of-the-esc-council-on-hypertension-on-ace-inhibitors-and-ang Your statement above suggests your wife has stopped taking ACE Inhibitors. Was this a 'gut feel' thing (which I completely understand) or did you find evidence / data to support the decision. Cheers,
  2. Has anyone come across any data about deaths / serious illness in ‘younger people’? From the So-Called BBC: “Over-70s - and younger people with certain health conditions - will need to remain at home and have groceries and vital medication delivered, the health secretary said.” ... but what are those health conditions?
  3. Intrigued by this, could you elaborate please? I guess you mean something like ‘enjoy a good walk when one’s offered, and otherwise lie in front of the fire and let everything else wash over you’? Cheers, Chris
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    Likewise. Thanks for putting this forum together. Cards.
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