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  1. Who the fck would be stupid enough to think up such a hairbrained scheme? oh yeah
  2. Who can afford to bring up a family when a family home costs that figure? Its ludicrious. The only way that sort of property can be afforded is by those who luckily got on the ladder with a bigger semi or those starting out as doctors, consultants, dentists etc.
  3. A cryptic was of saying "we need more props"
  4. Perhaps they should rebuild using the style of design todays plebs need to live in? They could even house some asyslum seekers in the process? haha
  5. Gonna be a few forests decimated to rebuild that roof.
  6. Imagine if everybody had one acre each? The OnePercent (not OnePercent) would have to squeeze their country estate into one acre. What a fantastic and equal society we would have!
  7. If a sale has 'land' associated on the title, it is not listed on the open land registry. Cant let the plebs see what the landed gentry are up to. Land is increasingly sought after as people buy houses with garden only to build on the garden and sell it off. It's pretty much guaranteed now if you have a garden big enough you'll get planning for a new build.
  8. While the world is watching a grotty old church, and pledging vast sums repair it, 200 kilos of plastic are dumped into the sea every second. Id say there were more pressing problems to solve and spend 700 mill plus on.
  9. I have an old 18v dewalt, maybe 10 years old. Still going strong and heavily used. I managed to buy a set of batteries for it, for about 40 quid I think. One of the motors emit a burning smell yet it still works fine. Stick with the main brands and you should be OK.
  10. I think there will be a surprise in the number who vote for farage or ukip. Liblancongreentig are in for a shock.
  11. So in a few days they chuck 700bill at a grotty old church when it burns down. WTF. No one gives a shit when a 200 mill year old rainforest is burned to the ground for palm oil. Go figure out your priorities.