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  1. Haha good one. Can we rename the thread to 'casedemic?' Edit - sorry I thought this, was the pandemic thread, they all seem. A bit blurry now..
  2. And the purchasers has to pay a 20% higher cost of entry to the pyramid ponzi scam, hook line and sinker, and they fall for it.
  3. BUT, the governbankment doesnt care about the debt. They arent on the hook like a regular buyer. Its QE printed funny money. It matters not. In fact they would rather write it off anyway.
  4. Im guessing the ads are the pop ups in the lower right corner. TBJ they arent too bad, i think i can also leave my browser open and just keep earning I had it set at 1 ad per hour, now upped it to the max 5 ph.
  5. Ill probably swop all the households users accounts over, and x4 our brave rewards
  6. I can see it becoming a policy going forward. TBH IMO its actually a fair policy, why should you pay tax on your already taxed income to buy a home? Its a bullshit robbery tax. There are much better ways to tax. However, it does add fuel to the housing bubble, there needs to be some other limitation to limit its effects ie higher interest rates to homebuyers, or tigher borrowing.
  7. OK i logged on today, and i have some BA, 0.5 BAT : ) I guess you must get it later. TBH to me it looks exactly the same as chrome. Ive imported my book marks, ive now changed over to Brave. I like the fact you can see all the crap a website is trying to send you. Dosbods seems the best, 0,0,0,0. The onine papers the worst...
  8. So ive won two months on the trot. I have set the prize payment to invest in more bonds, but i dont see the prize added anywhere. Whats happened? Wheres the moolah?
  9. +1 Its crazy prices all the way, 100k stuck onto a lot of detached houses now from last years pricing im seeing. Whats changed? Except the economies screwed and everyones losing their job?
  10. I signed up for it set it all up, but never earnt any money over the time i used it. I probablky should use it, but im back to google chrome again. What sites are you browing to get the rewards, or dont you want to say
  11. Its probably BTL landlords and holiday let owners putting their freebie 10k grants to work. They already have the range rover and the holidays booked.
  12. I think part of the problem is that the newer cars bought after 2010, are so expensive to maintain. Once major parts start failing like cats, exhausts, heads, gearboxes, abs etc, it becomes so expensive that a new abs pump will write off the car, and they are sold for parts. So although a lifespan may on. Paper be much longer in reality its until a major part fails.
  13. Who said anything about trading Buy dips (there are a lot). Roni Roni = Corona Virus