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  1. Green Devil


    Just visit the other site and start browsing the Brexit thread? Second thoughts don't risk it! You'd lose the will to live.
  2. Green Devil


    Yeah, thats the bit i saw. When they call to get the final location. "CCTV and various other bits are a replication", so in other words its a complete load of staged crap then.
  3. Green Devil


    Watched this recently. They get access to your phone, phones social media, contacts, police cameras, council cameras car tracking, phone tracking triangulation, card details? All linked in a seamless system? Can't be true. It must be gifted access to go on the show? Otherwise now come our coppers are so inept?
  4. What you think doesnt matter though. I expect she will be welcome back to britain, and sold as "We are so welcoming to people less well off than ourselves".
  5. Green Devil

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Sorry I reposted this but couldn't delete it. Brexit has wiped £40 billion from Britain's annual economic growth since referendum, top Bank of England official reveals | London Evening Standard Well who gives a shit? My question is how much of the 40 bill has been seen by the dosbodders?
  6. Green Devil

    Canadian House Price Crash

    Population over expansion affects quality of life. At least in Canada or Australia you get a decent house and garden for you bubble money. UK you get a rabbit hutch about big enough to swing a cat if you're lucky for your bubble money.
  7. Green Devil

    Breaking bad basement

    Quite. 1.5mill to live in a shitty ex water tower. Ffs.
  8. Green Devil

    Breaking bad basement

    I reckon cutting holes in 2ft thick reinforced concrete for windows might a bit of a task!
  9. Green Devil

    Barbarians at the gates

    Problem is we aren't a great civilisation are we? What we got to show for it. A few shitty tower blocks that catch fire easily.
  10. Green Devil

    Breaking bad basement

    I expect they bought it for 50,000? A bit of a touch up, new bathroom, lick of paint and its now worth 1.5mil? No wonder its been on 9 months and unsold.... I think the basement is actually the water tank. So its on the top.
  11. Green Devil

    Good places to live in UK

    We went there for a holiday in early summer one year and it rained solid (heavy) for a 7 days. We gave up after 5 and left early. Id suggest heading west from Herefordshire, Mid wales is nice and quiet but not dead and such shit weather as pembs. Also be closer to hereford if you decide to return for a day/weekend.
  12. Green Devil


    Holy crap, crypto just woke up.
  13. Green Devil

    Thank god we sold it

    JLR are on a decline. After all look at all the tossers that drive range rovers, nuff said!
  14. Green Devil

    Question Time

    I like Remoan TV better!