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  1. Sainsburys do a family size S and K for 2.50 which is OK.
  2. Now that's what I call a spectacular Bust!
  3. I got one of these courses. For doing 34 in a 30. Everyone on the course was exactly the same small amount over. Took 5hrs of my time including a drive to the centre. Still cost the same £ as the with the points. I've not been asked about it on insurance renewal. Insurance is still very cheap. I had points a few years and and insurance was considerably higher. You only get one go at the course then you get points and a fine. Imo it's worth it not to get the points. I did learn a few things about identifying speed limits. The rest was a waste of time.
  4. Surely now all they have to do is capture the drone, and follow the registration number to lead them to the drone flyer? Or perhaps they won't be registered after all. All the registered drone flyers are probably flying legally. So it turns out to be a complete waste of time registration scheme anyway.
  5. Drone towing a plastic bag?
  6. Costa do a filter coffee for £1. Bring you own cup you get extra 25p off. At 75p, that's got to be the cheapest on the high Street by some margin.
  7. Haha, that's too funny, the slime bags are even fixing the weather now.
  8. The only stuff I see selling at the moment is stuff going to speculators. They buy it, rip it out, and put it back on the market. Everything else is deluded vendor prices. The worse delusion I've ever seen was a property I was interested in last year. It sold for 500. Needed a complete reno. The guy that bought it is clearly a speculator, put in for planning to knock it down and build two tiny eco houses. Now it's back on, exactly the same, at 800k. The guy is deluded. He obviously doesn't have the cash to do it himself. I follow a few areas and all are dead apart from those that are cheap and next to good schools.
  9. You ain't seen nuffin yet. NIRP just round the corner. The only way they can stop you saving for your deposit is to charge you for the pleasure.
  10. I wonder if those knobs who are still displaying the EU flag will finally take them down on the 31st
  11. I expect our Brino means we still have to comply with stupid rules such as banana curvature after big Ben bongs.
  12. Does anyone know of a fund similar to erx that you can trade over here?
  13. Old man had a small layout in the loft. With the mallard, flying scotsman and the IC125 to race. The mallard always won. They must have used a better motor, or was it more slipstreamed by design?
  14. Perhaps selling off the rail companies so they can pay fat cat directors salaries wasn't such a good idea after all. Anything that cuts tourist flights is a good thing in my book. I suspect that the politicians had to keep it afloat so they can make it down from London to each the arse end of the country without having to endure the roads or the trains.
  15. Savers dont spend. They save. For a deposit. The spenders are the boomers, with fat pensions and houses bought for pennies.