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  1. Photo 12. Poor kids. The only colour in the house is their soft toys 😂
  2. Good call, YRS. I was waiting for a pullback to 690 ish, to buy a chunk but we were saved by the vacinne, good entry, congrats to all that loaded on oilies!
  3. Its starting to look like this whole pandemic scam is just an excuse to print money and extort more tax from middle income England, while leaving the 1% with more and more.
  4. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-hits-the-front-page-of-the-wall-street-journal
  5. If you drive all the rich away you're left with just the bunch arriving on dingys 😂 There's too much tax to be made, which is why they'll increase the taxes, not outlaw IMO. The more you look the more you see the UK is just broken beyond repair. They ought to be encouraging people to stay, not driving them away.
  6. Your hard drive isnt currently residing in a tip somewhere with 20,000 btc on is it? Won't happen. If they did all the high net worth crypto individuals would move to Panama or some other tax haven. Apparently you can get residency just by depositing cash in a bank account there same with Costa Rica. BTW ledger have a 40% off black Friday sale on for those who want to try a cold wallet.
  7. Are quite sure it's not only for those just on universal credit? 😂 I can't believe a UK gov would give free money to people that could actually be spent without some form of social selection!
  8. No need to worry yourselves. RISHI has a magic money tree with an infinite supply of money.. Maybe they'll be a Help to Repay Help To Buy HTRHTB scheme?
  9. My target on the gold dip is 1750USD. Silver and gold have a place for sure, but bitcoin's where its at right now.
  10. I use blockfolio which allows to see your total portfolio in ££, $$, BTC and ETH. Its quite interesting to look at the monopoly money valuation (ie fiat) then revalue it in BTC and ETH. Recently my BTC value has been climbing as i added some alts.
  11. Its coming but it will be as you say- digital. Itll be completely traceable and your average builder wont be able to work for cash. Itll be traceable Gov BS DC. So itll be much worse than the existing fiat. Printable at will but integrated with the latest digital payment systems, ie swift, credit card machines etc. Impossible to avoid taxes. The best case is that bitcoin keeps going and keeps increasing (hard money etc) and gives a few of us a chance to keep ahead of the printing press just for a while...
  12. Then if the oceans are warming would it be expected to see the UK islands warning up as the sea temps rise. Warm temps mean rotten weather and rain 😂 no shortage of that.
  13. Hmm, 5 months til the clocks change and Easter. That's usually when the weather and temps usually improve. Until then you're right it's grim 😭
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