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  1. Green Devil

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Of one thing you can be sure. Its going to be a giveaway to big business at the expense of democracy.
  2. Green Devil

    Hammonds attack on the Self Employed

    Quite a lot of remote computer jobs are offering payment in bitcoin. As long as you spend BTC in BTC shops or suppliers then its untraceable for sure? Everyone take remote computer jobs and stick two fingers to the system ? Its the way forward.
  3. Green Devil

    12 years to save the earth

    You signed up for green energy? Really? Better get used to gales. Once the atmosphere is destroyed we will be living (or our descendants will) in a swirling masses of gases a bit like jupiter. No matter we will all be dead and centrica will keep increasing its dividend.
  4. Last chart, up 2.5x in 5 years, thats what runaway QE money printing, low rates due to tax giveaways to the rich does. Certainly looks like we should go under that EMA, but who knows what props will be thought up.
  5. Green Devil

    Terminator development thread.

    Can we make the first job for them to pop down to Westminster and get rid of all the career criminals, robbers and fraudsters?
  6. Green Devil

    DOW down over 3%

    Dow up 330, haha, what goes down never stays down for long.
  7. Green Devil

    Question Time

    Never been to scotland. Been listening to the media far too long.
  8. Green Devil

    Question Time

    What a load of oldshite. What is it that makes the scots closer to Europe than the rest of the union?
  9. Come on its not that bad, look at the view! You get to watch all the late night muggings.
  10. Anyone wonder why the pound is up? Perhaps its because the markets see the UK as the only place with 0% chance of any rate hikes only cuts.
  11. Dow -3.15% Ndx -4.4% Dow Tran -4.0% Rut is down 10% in 10days Its a bloodbath and its not even friday.
  12. The other 20% is when we agree to free mobilify of people FMP instead of FOM?
  13. Green Devil

    More Tory tax breaks for landlords

    Landlord says to tenant LL "Im thinking of selling my property, would you like to buy it" T "What are you thinking" LL "Was thinking 425K" T "OK, you know next door sold 3 years ago for 250k, this place is in poor condition as you never do any of the work i call you about" LL "Yes but havent prices risen a lot. I can get three agents round to value and put it on the open market if you like?" 2 weeks laters landlord calls "Agent says its worth 450K, but ill still let you have it for 425K as i save 425-250 *20% on CGT and im a good LL" T "No thanks" 4 weeks later tenant moves out. LL put house on market for 450K, tenant moves out and house is empty Tenant is homeless and LL is still dreaming of his 450K.
  14. Green Devil

    12 years to save the earth

    Global warming isn't a problem at present because it wont really happen for 100 or whatever years, and by then we will all be dead. It will however become a problem in 2100, and those alive at that time will address it. Right now, its simply better for the politicians to win votes and big business to keep electric prices cheaper and the profits for shareholders. The question will it be too late in 2100? I guess we wont know so who cares? Its personal thing, do you want to believe it or not?
  15. Green Devil

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    I wasnt thinking along the lines of reliability (though there is that) but more on the case of its fucking french.