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  1. Ive always thought the £1 a day was the least of it. How can a company that has to pay for a workers health and social security, their retirement, environmental regulations, their safety at work compete with a company that doesn't. (And especially shameful is the excuse we've done it to reduce our carbon emissions)
  2. Teaching is run by the government. If teaching was market led ie school vouchers or similar, then the way to get teachers is to make it attractive. i. e. Raise wages for teachers
  3. Are we saying warehouse workers shouldn't be paid more than teachers? Why not?. If that's what's required to get people to work in a warehouse than so be it. Presumably teachers will start leaving the classroom to drive forklifts, and then they'll have to pay more to get teachers. I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  4. The Beamish Museum is a historical record of mining farming and railways. Its not to do with the beer/stout Beamish. You may have been aware of that but just making sure. But while you brought up the subject of beer, the Guinness museum in Dublin is worth a look.
  5. The Beamish Museum near Stanley in Co Durham. Great place, but don't rush it. Try and go when it's drizzley and cold and they have the Coal fires burning. Also the staff there aren't just dressed for the part in their clothes of the time, they are worth asking questions to as They know their history. The Beamish Hall Hotel just outside is worth doing dinner and a pint at afterwards as well.
  6. Thought that Covington kid s lawyers were going after them. Don't know if they have jurisdiction but the threat was there.
  7. You better deliver this Donald. Am I and lots more hanging for this storm. Been promised to us for a while now. And a real storm too. Criminals revealed and fuckers going to jail kind of storm.,
  8. Yes. But isn't it a Just In Time Business model. Everyone's going to be hanging for about a week, until the next shipment gets through. God knows what effect it will have. I'm sure the 2007/8 banking crisis was caused by a large shipment getti g impounded on its way to London.
  9. I watched the first a few months ago. It makes sense and he sees CO2 as a good thing. Would be good to hear your opinion of it
  10. Free energy. Great. Even easier to extract the remaining resources left in the planet.
  11. Was told years ago by a Yank, (when Ron Paul was going for Pres), was the way to tell who the best candidate for the job, was the one the press hated the most.
  12. She's a woman! . Very much doubt underneath she's soft. And even if she was, Dad and her brothers could guide her. Carry on The Don's legacy and make the Libs head explode having her as 1st fem pres. But in all seriousness I'm worried that 8 years is not enough for the Don to complete what's necessary. Although The Supreme Court is locked in Conservative for a good while.
  13. My Hope. He carries on with this. Makes huge strides. Success all the way and a stonking win for 2020. More achievements, more jobs, more tax cuts for the common person. More Conservative judges appointed to the supreme Court. And then the cherry on the top........The lovely Ivanka going for and winning 2024. The first female president of the USA......... a Trump. Haha ha ha ha. Imagine a Lefties face being laughed at forever.... Ha ha ha
  14. It's the fuckers who have those wheeled handluggage trollies, who get off terminal transfer buses or at the top of escalators and just stop to bend down and pull the handle out to wheel them along. There's 200 people behind them in a hurry. Just MOVE to the side you bellend. I'm 100 kgs. I don't stop that quick. I have momentum. I've injured myself before rapidly moving out of the way, I don't move out of the way now.