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  1. Those fuckers are up to something I can tell. They're trying to keep us weak. While it may suit some for them to make us leave with a no deal, it won't clear the air here. That's what's needed as well as a no deal leave. We need to have a massive clear out, a reset if you will. If they make us leave with no deal, the remainers will still be around in 20 years trying to bring the thing down.
  2. Boris loves a performance though. We would all love to see(including himself) him being marched into the Tower of London in handcuffs. How fine would that be.
  3. Poseidon


    depends. I mostly work outside 12 mile limit. much further usually. Don't get phone signal. Ive declined to protect most of my accounts with a text message security number so hasn't affected me that much......yet
  4. Laura Koonsberg interviewed outside no 10. Crystal clear sound, no background noise, nothing. Boris J comes out to talk...... Chanting booing, from a remainer demo outside Downing street all suddenly picked up by their BBC super microphones. Back to Laura. 'you can hear the chanting... blah blah..... large crowd..... blah...... very decisive.. split country...... blah......blah........' Cut to overhead shot of "large" chanting crowd outside downing street..... Actually looks like about 100 people milling about sort of bored looking. Twats.... BBC. Do you really think you're fooling people.
  5. There was some sort of display there today. Didn't have a camera but this was there And a load of other stuff. Bikes and military stuff.
  6. For those in the NE. Darlo. There'll be a moderately rich seam of classics for spotting and other bits of mental by the lol of it. I wouldn't go too far out of my way, but if neer, worth a look.
  7. Poseidon


    More like a westie if you ask me.
  8. Probably some diversion while he's up to something else. Always noticed it with Stormy Daniels. Whenever she became big news he was up to something way more serious in the background. Of course maybe the deep state have found a way to slip something into the white house water supply and The Donald is going bonkers and doesn't realise it.
  9. Except that time when they gassed all them Indians.
  10. Poseidon


    I think Boris wants his airport on his Island.
  11. Try using Resolver. It's something I found on MSE when have no luck with TAP for about a year. Used them and had compo within about a month.
  12. Ive heard this theory before. Didn't really agree with culling the badger but still if the hedgehogs thrive maybe it's worth it.
  13. Did my Padi on a tropical Thai Island All the dive instructors were bored stupid with the paradisness of it all.