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  1. Poseidon

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Had the same thoughts mid discussion with some flabby weak millennial colleague today. Comming out with the same mindwashed arguments, 'brexitteer lies' 'NHS bus' 'young people's right to study work abroad' (yeah right like so many of them are able to get off their arses) Half way through I realised I Don't care anymore. Brexit will have cost me personal wealth. I voted for it for some decent future not for me but for the country for the generations to come. But these millenials have had the States tit in their mouths so long they don't understand anything else, other than more of the same. Some of the older ones are waking up to their shitty present and shittier futures buts it's too late, they're too old and tired now. I believe generation Z are on their way. They're a different bunch. They're going to burn the place down. The ructions brexit would have caused are going to look like a teaparty when gen Z get going. ** ** hopefully. The powers that be are getting better at what they do and may well have bought these lot off too by the time they come of age.
  2. Poseidon

    Onkyo AV amp needs looking at.

    First thing I did. Stripped out all the boards. None of them looked damaged. Put them all back together reseating all the connectors but no joy. Same as before. Yep. It seems the HDMI main chip is soldered badly and disconnects requiring some mysterious soldering technique to resolder it. My big blobby ham fisted attempts at soldering (more farmers trailer welding than soldering) are not going to cut it. But having said that no sounds come out when using the AV inputs which I would assume don't go through the HDMI board. Could be talking balleaux though. Cheers
  3. Mate posted me this as he'd bought a new one.(some while back) Onkyo TX-SR806 THX Ultra2 Plus 7.1 A/V Receiver And parcel force seemed to have dropped it as there was a dent on the corner where there wasn't one before. Anyhow it seems to turn on and work but no sound comes out. Could be a simple fix or not. Does anyone from the NEast(near Darlington) know if anyone looks at these sorts of things anymore. It's prob only worth 150 quid so not really worth spending too much on it. But it's a shame cause it used to be a fine amplyfier.
  4. Poseidon

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    Sampson and Delilah. 2009 Aus film. Imdb overview. "Fourteen-year-old Aboriginal kids Samson and Delilah hail from an isolated community in the Central Australian desert, where - for Samson - sniffing petrol is one of the few available ways of escaping the suffocating grimness of daily life. After a persistent campaign to gain Delilah's affections, Samson steals the community's sole motor car and persuades her to elope with him to Alice Springs." When going to Alice Springs is seen as a step up, things must be bad.
  5. Poseidon

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I do remember this. It wasn't something I imagined. At one point she was making all the right noises. There was even talk from the top people in Europe's big companies telling the EU to back down. They needed trade with the UK, in or out of the EU. The career Left were whining like fuck about us becoming a successful low tax state, even when TM called a general election they said it was tantamount to a coup of some sort. What the fuck happened here. How did they (EU/global/ elite) get to her. Bribe her, threaten her. What happened here?
  6. Poseidon

    George Bush Snr dead

    Quite a bit of generosity to the man on here. Every time I've listened to the Dylan song, ' masters of war *' I always think of George HW Bush and his cohort. The Cheneys, Rumsfelds et al. * always preferred the Pearl Jam version to BDs. Fuck it! ..... here it is.
  7. Poseidon

    George Bush Snr dead

    The one man in America who when asked in an interview where he was when JFK got shot, didn't know where he was. Funny really, when it turned out he had been in Dallas that day.
  8. Poseidon

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    So is he a white hat or a black hat. I think black. Never trusted the fat bastard. Fills my house up with tat every year without fail.
  9. Poseidon

    Thomas Cook

    Thanks. Comprehensive reply. I had an idea that rates are trending up. Not sure why though. My thoughts are money is/has been cheap for so long because there's a glut of it. (a glut of everything else as well). Why there's a glut,im not sure. It could be because governments are creating so much of it, but more likely because money represents the real wealth we create, and we have created an awful lot of wealth in the last couple of decades. Anyway ignore those ramblings, the issue for me is I've applied for a mortgage for major home improvements and am going for a 10 year fix. The sensible way would be a 2 year fix then reapply on a much better LTV when I've added value to the house. But something tells me a 10 year fix is safer. And if it's not, then fuck it I'll pay the price for the certainty. Back to the thread. How do people pay such huge sums to go abroad these days. 4 people for 2 weeks somewhere hot with a load of other twats can't cost less that 3 grand. That's a lot of coin to go somewhere to stress out on a beach because the holiday is not making you as happy as the adverts said you were going to be when you booked it back in January. * * maybe I'm wrong, it's just I hate 'holidays'.
  10. Poseidon

    Thomas Cook

    Can you remind me again about LIBOR. What do you think this means for us. Tend to think the future is told by old crones cackling ominously over smoking pots, but have a feeling the future is signposted to us in seemingly bengnign little sentences like that one. So, yes, can you expand a little on that if you don't mind. {apologies for the 'so' .}
  11. Poseidon

    Daily Mail

    That has to be the most perfect response to a post anywhere on t'internet this month. Well done sir.!
  12. Poseidon

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    I love a street performer and they're probably the only people I give money too now. But I have a problem with the ones who use amps and backing tracks. I feel I'm getting a produced record and not a street performance. Not saying the guys fake or shite. Just feels like it should be in a studio.
  13. Poseidon

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Bloke from outside EU, working in EU is telling the Brits that once we're outside EU we won't be able to work in EU. Yeah right, grandad fuck off you establishment shill, stop fooling yourself you're one of the rebellious youth.
  14. Poseidon

    He aint heavy, hes my moron

    I think he's a climatologist. He may have discovered the sun has something to do with the way the earth warms and not the CO2 we emit. He's quite the anti global warmingist as well.
  15. Poseidon

    The great big Rice thread

    Yes, because it makes the best but apparently with the amount of arsenic in it its now deemed as the unhealthy way. To flush away the arsenic use plenty of water then drain the rice when cooked. I dont do that though as I can't get it to anything but a sticky mess, so absorption for me. As CCC says fry rice in a little oil before adding water to coat all the grains and bottom of saucepan. Add salt to rice for flavour. I add a lot. I use 1.75 volume of water to rice volume. 2 times water I find is too much. Don't stir the rice at all if possible while bring to boil. Once its boiled i scrape/stir the bottom of pot with a spatula thingy as minimal as possible then put the lid on. Put on lowest heat possible for minimum of 15 mins even 20 mins. Then fork through rice and leave for up to an hour on heat ** if necessary ** heat must be super low. I cut a piece of thick steel to go on top of the smallest flame to disperse the heat a little better. Also use as thick as bottomed pot as possible. Or alternatively an electric rice cooker/bain marie type thing.. I always use basmati as I like the flavour, also ( i may be wrong here) the GI index is low for basmati for some reason compared to other rices. Substitute some or all of the water for coconut milk for a different vibe. May have to experiment with volumes a little to get this right. I sometimes add a cinnamon stick or a star anise for other flavour. For a lebanese style vibe,For a pint of dried rice. I add a couple/three cloves, a teaspoon of cumin seeds, tsp of coriander seeds, 1 tsp of split cardamon pods, and 1/4tsp turmeric, a cinnamon stick, and usual salt during the frying in oil stage. Then 1.75 pints of water and cook in usual way. This goes really well with lamb kebabs. and a coriander leaf salsa.