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  1. Does that footprint include all that foreign carbon that went went into making your car, you electronics, food,clothes etc and the transporting of it all here. And if it doesn't, I wonder what the footprint would be if it did?
  2. Why are they so expensive. They seem to be able to build them and put them in aircraft carriers and submarines easy enough.
  3. The Snow piercer. Bear in mind despite all the brit actors(Inc Billy elliot) it's actually a Korean movie. They make some very odd flims
  4. Not only is he incompetent in all matters economic, he is a bad man, a very bad man, a very very bad man. Not like that nice Mr Obama. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jan/30/trump-policy-change-landmines-obama
  5. It should unclip/unscrew out of a base plate so can be replaced. Don't smash it. It contains a radioactive source.
  6. Ah yes. I did know how the Ford ones worked. Reasonably good idea except my eyes keep focussing on the wires plus I bet the replacement screens are pricey. I see some German cars have sort of the idea I mentioned, but heating the water in the matrix would take a while as well. I was thinking of something along the li es of a 12volt hairdryer built into the air ducts to the screen. Schlumberger car parks probably.
  7. Have come up with a concept that may or(more likely) not work. However to build a prototype to test requires software and electronics beyond my skill set. So I need to ask someone to assist but that gives the idea away. Is there a cheap way of locking in my rights to this concept before I've even created a prototype on paper or real life. Ie just patent the concept. Anyone expert in this here?
  8. Never came across a device/car that heats the air electrically until the engine warms up. Thought that would have been an obvious solution to cold cars on a morning. Presumably electric cars have to though.
  9. Shite. No breasts pushed out. No eyebrows plucked to within an inch of their lives and no pouty duck face lips. Fucking amateur.
  10. Yeah, your right. It feels like that long when I'm doing it though. Still the sentiment remains. slow slow and light build up slow. But it takes a real man to go into a gym and slow lift a virtually empty bar in front of a load of muscle heads.
  11. Just do the reps very slow. Very slow. 10 seconds to raise. 10 to lower. You have to start with a lot lower weight, and get your technique correct. It puts a prolonged and low stress on bones and joints and hence build them up with out damaging them. Well that's my theory and it's what I do. But yes I've turned old and spend time in the gym tutting and shaking my head at the young bucks using momentum to throw around a bar loaded with mega weight.
  12. There's more than just the content of Lozzas chat here too. There's the style of it too. Dashing, rebellious, funny, good looking, attractive, in control, master of his own ship . The girls want him, the boys want to be him. The content hasnt changed but the style has. And because people are mostly shallow they love a bit of style.Lozza the poster boy can bring out a lot of views people have been afraid to air before. Meanwhile Meghan and her ilk are visiting groups of people sat around whinging, winning, moaning being victims of climate change, and being fat ugly dullards. People are asking themselves whose side do they want to be on.
  13. Why? Man's got to have some pleasures/follies/indulgences.
  14. How do you know that ? Is there an app that tells you charging current.?
  15. Trainee pilots fucking the landing up.