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  1. Im not sure about that. Our standard of living comes from people doing things with raw materials, technology, oil, other forms of energy etc etc. Debt is just a figment of our collective imagination. Its used to motivate us to continue along this way of life. They use other things as well at the mo, but debt seems to be one of the larger and most effective. They used to use things like force, religion, patriotism in the past. Debt seems way cleaner and more easy to impliment than the others.
  2. Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    You know, there is no other reason needed to have voted out of the EU than Bliar wants us in. I am utterly passionate and for Brexit on all sorts of democratic, constitutional, and historical grounds and not to mention my understanding of human nature and where it leads us in these situations. But if that cunting potential lampost adornment came out and said in that cheesey fake way. ' you know guys, I think brexit is the peoples choice and yeah I think we should leave' I would be straight down to the referendum office demanding to change my vote or pleading for a second chance at getting Junckers forgiveness and letting us back in. I just dont get how anybody can be on the sameside as that murdering twat.
  3. CIPD - Labour market outlook Feb 18

    And what would they do. Build more cars, more roads, smaller usb sticks to store more porn on, better looking breast enhancement, more natural liposuction. Christ theres a glut of shit out there to be consumed. And no hunger amongst the population for a better world. We dont need any more, if any smart cunts, thinking about and questioning the realities of our lives. What we need, and what we're getting is a bunch of thickie consumer drones who've been given degrees so they know they're really really clever, and just in case they might start questioning things, at least 25k debt to stress them out and get them working for the man. See the educationx3 thread for details.
  4. The Russians just need to spank a couple of 100 grand on twitter posts and social media, they can have whatever general election result they want. Clearly they've burned comrade steptoe for their own reasons. They just need to awaken another of their sleepers. 'Jacob. Ze crimson cow rises in ze west. Go forth comrade'
  5. Companies ... exploiting women...

    Im not really seeing any exploitation here. A grown woman, seemingly clever enough to go to uni has been asked to do something, not forced, to see if she is suitable for something she would like. She has agency. She can say no. Its not as if she is living in a tenement with no running water and 8 kids shes trying to keep fed and alive. 6 hours of moderately easy work in the life of a young person to prove something. Its not the biggest of trials is it. And again she is easily able to say no if she doesnt want to do it. How many of us on here are reading 12 rules by JP. Doesnt he say as much self responsibility as possible could be the cure for a lot of modern problems. I think the bigger picture here with this article is the cry for bigger government, taking more decisions for us so we have to THink less for ourselves. In fact according to this article,theyve spent 25 million of our money on trying to get more regs for people in this matter. Personally I rather they let us make the choices ourselves and spend the money somewhere wiser. Yes sure the whole process would be a lot easier and probably more fiscally worth it for young Zoe here if there wasnt a wall of cheap hungry eastern european labour prepared to work harder for less but ultimately for more reward than Zoe, and allowed to come here to do it. But a lot of people want the EU and FOM, and who really wants the free choice of whether to pay that bit more for a takeaway coffee or cafe meal, to pay better wages to the workers, or not, it is a choice after all. Okay we are all forced to pay a little more in tax to subsidise these companies wage bill, but thats what we want right. Okay Im not happy with that FOM bit, ot the tax credit thing, but I am curious as to where Zoe the student, Macdonald the SnP guy and Bryan Simpson from Unite stand on the EU and FOM question.
  6. These stories are a Daily Mail staple. They build up your hopes but it never materialises.
  7. The Slippery Slidey Olympics Thread

    Until she gets to 27 then turns into some big fat babushka dressed in black with a moustache. Nah.... probably not.
  8. The Slippery Slidey Olympics Thread

    I'll see your Kaitlyn Lawes and raise you a Anastasia Bryzgalova (Rusky Curler) Stunning absolutely stunning.
  9. Doubt its got fuck all to do with protecting young vulnerable minds. Like they really care about that. Id say its more to do with normalising TPTB controlling the net. They're feeling their way first with this. Thin end of the wedge. Full net control here we come.
  10. Dangerous things we do every day

    . I mean 2 deaths by toasters and 31 desths by dom and ind electrocution of other means.
  11. Dangerous things we do every day

    As my electrician said when he came to check my electrics, after I replaced everything with rcd's "Cant go wrong with modern electrics and rcd's. You could throw a live toaster into the bath when your misses is in there, and it would have tripped the circuit before she realised you were trying to murder her" He actually said hairdryer but to keep the thread consistant I made it toaster.
  12. Dangerous things we do every day

    Reading or watching Jordan Peterson. Dangerous acording to this pile of steaming copy from our good friends at at The G. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/feb/07/how-dangerous-is-jordan-b-peterson-the-rightwing-professor-who-hit-a-hornets-nest Not .'is he dangerous'. Thats clearly a given. The question is how? At some point the answer will be 'very' . And all dangerous things need regulating*. *except Toasters.
  13. Dangerous things we do every day

    Mmmm. Best I can find is stats on electric shock in uk from 2010. 33 deaths in 2010 Presumably all deaths from toasters are electric shocks. And the 33 deaths must include all industrial and domestic electric shocks. I reckon if its more than 2 I'll be shocked.
  14. Dangerous things we do every day

    Are you sure. I dont believe that. 45 deaths a year would be an instant ban on toaster s that have live wires in them.
  15. You're all black originally

    Well they're touting this early man as a reason for open borders (and also a reason why brexiteers are racists. ...er you what). I wonder if they ever considered this fellows attitude to immigration. I wonder what his tolerence levels were to someone he didnt know personally or could be vouched for, let alone from a different tribe.