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    Where Am I?

    Nice little market town. Cycled there a few times. quite a slog to get up there from durham side
  2. (6.40mins ) Trump wins on the 3rd 'thats when the war starts'
  3. Nothing new here. Well, orcas instead of sperm whales is new I suppose. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essex_(whaleship) Recommend the book. 'In the Heart of the Sea' . Believe it was the inspiration for Moby Dick.
  4. Who is actually being tested now. Is it random? Or people volunteering. What's the selection process.?
  5. Remember from the 2016 election there were reports of some Soros funded groups paying homeless, drunk alcoholics, drug addicts and mentally ill people money to go disrupt Trump rallys. Looks like they're paying the same people to pretend they're BLM and smash the place up.
  6. Like to go to le man's. Easy to get tickets do you know?
  7. Buying opportunity. Unless those sharp cunts are pricing in a second wave.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/hughegthompson/status/1297541940423032835 Mmm??
  9. Wrap it in cling film for the bath. Gives it a fighting chance of surviving even if you drop it in.
  10. Funny. Everytime she appeared in the media/news (which was about every 5 hours) I thought with the husband situation she had really lucked out on the publicity front. Turns out it wasnt luck at all. See he's knee deep in the New Labour machine as well.
  11. Not Scottish. Lived there for a good while though. Edinburgh is probably the finest city in the UK imo. I work with many folk from all over the world and take phrases and words from them that seem to work better than the ones i grew up with. Ganting is one of my favourites. Wasn't aware it was Scottish. But there's no word I can think of that quite matches it for meaning. I truly believe this has been a self induced crisis caused by mass hysteria. People have always been inclined to emotional responses to events and situations and despite the efforts of great men and women to de
  12. Not too bad actually all things considered,Carlos. Thanks for asking. You've managed to keep shit together too I hope. When I say 'not too bad', that's all down to maintaining a positive state of mind when considering one's situation,and maintaining perspective as well. It is after all just a house and a pile of debt. Does it matter it the big scheme of things. Lifes for living and not getting too hung up on shit like this. I have managed a small level of build through this summer. I managed to get a roof on just before lock down. That was close. The guys that did it couldn't sou
  13. These girls don't need Le tour or F1 or any of that legacy stuff anymore. They've got Instagram, tiktok and all manner of media for making a buck or two out of those young fit bodies. Plus the added benefit of not having to do 'favours' for some old fat sweaty frenchman to get a shot at the podium gig.
  14. Given that we measure covid deaths the same way. And If you factor in levels of general health, levels of obesity, how we deal with older and sick people(ie do we keep them pumped with drugs and alive long after any sane person would, as we do in UK) and most importantly age of population, I would contend that the death rates from COViD are identical between every country regardless of lock down or not or other government actions* *Exceptions, for now are, fascist governments like N. Zealand where they have temporarily stopped the spread. It's still in the post though.
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